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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Heard dye Easter. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight exhibitions just threw it here on ESPN. Fifteen point gym work for dice are on. Today's show we can get you ready for a few things coming up. Couple weeks still two weeks where right for the national home brewed day celebration without Adobe's big celebration beginning anchoring classes tickets should be on. Online now. In will have the tasting in demos afterwards too so after beginning or you might wanna sign up for back class. If you did during for a while you might wanna keep coming out for the dumb don't want to persevere and try some they're. And oh we'll have at least three are on tap. We're gonna have the New England style IPA we're gonna have a Belgian with beer. And we're going to have a English from Porter and all of which that we brood and you we can give you recipes and you can answers and questions about to tasting and all green brewing demo at 130 min and the beginning during class will be at 11 AM okay you take a sign up online for that. And those are free of just a limited number of spots you if you wanna be a part of it to your clocks here welcome to demo that's for its a bit. And he homered I've come from ration their also sign up for. The newsletter to get the email about tickets and stuff like that and teal group dot counts that's for May sixth national home British celebration on the deadline for the upstate New York homers association competition. Is a week for none yesterday a week from today I'm doing the math here. When is that it went through entities I don't know what day it is it's Wednesday the 26. So you don't have much time to get that in. So gunman past the via RD got a big stack OK I think probably our biggest day ever for Unita. So looks like they're a couple of more interest in Western New York so blunt and galaxy hops going going but not gone knock on yet we're still giving us that the supply trickling in so you're looking for in galaxy ops postal holding an element of two ounces per customer. Brinkley because what will get and we can be cleared up by most customers. But we have them in stock and if you're looking to grab some come and get. We also have the Eldorado hop action we talk to them for a couple of weeks should we be saying more about it are you getting a lot of reaction to it here giving a lot of the eurocard reaction so we've been through learned acquisitive I'm curious and the New England style IP that we deferred the national numbered day. It's going to have some of that top ash in the air. Arm as well on so we've tried it out but lots of great smells on that theory in tenths. On Christmas cloudiness mean noticed and having him in further dry out so we don't know if that's the thing yet but we certainly noticed ranger having lost overall plan matter. But. Vietnam smiles very. Looks great. He's great so far you know so people are jumping on two will other cops are doing a shooting and it is going to be a CNN is he some other one thirst there's apparently some Idaho seven out their that we can't hear hands on the and vendors. I know some that are going to be coming out from stop her from YCH. Is while earlier in the summer. So other crime parts which are open different extraction method and so people are really excited about all of so we're in in in whatever we can get their hands and so being you know first year process for a lot of these products availability has been on and off. Armed with obviously from the trial ops and the available via. Hum but we can guarantee use Sunni terrorists will get a man. In some time probably starting late summer expert to seek commercial for a starting to use these products as well because they're starting to human available justice home boomers are the incapable alt click on murder. I look recipes. And see how they affect your piercing the best way to show Casey's new products and then get to appear on the shelves on the B fault. If you really wanna know what they're like now or number you know I sell off quickly as we change seasons to. Last week we talked lawnmowers for secession Beers how about summer draft and borrowing supplies. We got everything your enemy and so we have everything fur draft where you're doing phone number commercial if you wanna. You know serve bureau for pomp office CO2 system out of the you know small. Pocket if you want to convert refrigerator into graft system we want you know drip trays. If you wanna tower you're an effort fought through if you import picnic spot that we have recovered. With options for all that and we can now be given installs wells we have some carburetor are for sale for personal use at the stop. In the so if you wanna check out how we built RC checked out. All right so very good all you need all you could possibly need aren't so today show. We're gonna get Q what convenience trying to make your life a little bit easier the best part yet so I mean in because we would have to start this you know. Making bottle watching all the easier. With the easiest way to. Taker bottle watching it's a bike checking system yes which fueled your your a lot of experience numbers kind of push. New numbers always were buying things systems because. Reno leader and continued cocky if you epic patent system that you leave the fun parts and take out the unfunny parts on there's been much more likely to continue. But if you have decided they're looking for congressman your relief gonna continue to bottling things we can help you out make little bit easier. Armed the first thing that we can probably tell you it. It's gonna make like a lot easier it is really hard to commit yourself to. Is that the end of the night when you're done drinking Beers gold ring tomorrow with hot water immediately keep your. You know bottle washer can have won it tests who missing in the basement. Or just go to saint upstairs and at least rinse out and he cried in the Bure stone any supplement that slot in the bottom of the pop. The more you can do to prevent stuff from precipitating onto the follower you know just speaking on the bottom. The easier it's going to be to keep the bottles mean in the last cramming the last worked him to do all the way down the line. On to get them ready to bottle. Art so one thing you can't release. Skip is the soak in the calcium you know based cleaners something deeper AP beat up you. Having a slot in in the basement where even having independents flocked in just for ring you know a couple of Florie filled up with the the cardinal detachment. Is going to be a lot easier. Then say doing the kitchen sinker past. For the longest while before it basement slop sink I would just use a large problem work toe to put up on the counter. I would put all money rankings up on my bottles in the air and be Brighton and one and I was. On done with a might so it would wrecking two to treat them all into this thing with. Pain and I hit Philip pitchers hot water implement this tote but you like them better than the bathtub better than if you think because you're tying up. Yeah relatively important parts your house in my kitchen sink it's usually pretty tight up are ready whether it's with slate you know only something soaking in the air spurs to frosting clean late pots and pans sitting there trip trying. Mike's thing is pretty much always tight and it's not that big enough. To hold more than probably two dozen bottles. Anyways so I would have to do two to three loads in the sink in or after feel the need to clean out my thing to put my bottles. So based on that note we won't even go to the path to. It's more water than they need. You know it's eight enamel coated cast iron. And it's gonna break a lot of bottles item in the in the bathtub. To a degree that I would never clean it it's so let's just about in the past however these are your only places go to fort. However you can get that big abort tote and put it in to the bathtub. That's gonna make like flighty you control council speaking on to it if you want. Armed but that's gonna make like a lot easier experts in the opposite to electric soak them all. In one beat gloat when they had those big toe to relatively cheaply you know improved fights aren't embargo and yet night I yeah I've I've broken my amended using the Apollo watching one for storing other stuff. In an acre fire box easily. Your local. Olympic park store even dollar store for a pinch. And yet five dollars 160 there's a lot easier. On in the and the brushing. Now I'm not gonna say that I brush every single one of my bureau losses one of the most tedious parts of the bottle cleaning but I can tell you. Any Booker any industry steel girder here anything is going to tell you should be giving them some sort of light breeze of clean. Every single time now for them some people that is let it fill third of the way with a cleaner actually the living daylights out of that. Armed but if you mount your birth to something you mount the you know the brushed aside a sinker outside of the trouble were towed towards Kevin makes firm base to it. Or few mount it in twit droll or I wanna once authority meant to be mounted in to withdraw. Having kind of firm base and something to spin and on its enemy a life a lot easier so if you can mount your rushed to either it's hard to abort instinct. To abort if you can mount it would real. Com or by droll base cleaner economy that process a lot quicker. And that's probably the longest points or Ireland so for half an hour now have to brush sees all while desperately mean. Hum 45 minutes usually. So if you can speed then timeout and then you release saving your awful looking at that down to even 1520 minutes be rendered during the separate two weeks every month. At times and add up. Not of gadgets. You know available for bottle it seems like any like any time you have some inevitable. You know task you don't wanna do cleaning daughters you know cleaning your you know sink trap you know the vacuuming floor cleaning. There's going to be a lot of gadgets that are going to be trying to say view a lot of time and we carry a lot again took and so over operated you know I like the ones that will actually. Save you some time how far are we away from lasers to an all work for us in on it will be an essay about a bottle cleaning. I'm now you know I think if you fight if I can ever robot house I would trusted that only clean bottles. It just fed up on the basement thing and I'll just keep giving a bottles at two keepers in the clean once America trusts us to bottled beer. But all trusted to clean the bottles. But an even meter bottle answer on this things they've to a lot of time it's it's a lot of water currency to a lot of sanitize your solution if you we've talked about this once or twice before so little. Audition and it has a pistons dour you know style pumped that you put the bottle on top. And so instead of filling a hole thing with sanitize error spree bottler bottling pocket and then filling each bottle like individually. On you can take the bottles put him on Top of the Pops up pushed down twice spree sanitize or inside the bottle. On and that way you don't have again missing false advertisers solution you have to you know affiliates one with the bottling market. You can just. Move on if you don't wanna buy Venator filling it with a bottling market is going to be an expects option put two gallons inside of bottling market go to the speaker of the bottle filler. Philip the third the weight shake it in dump it back in to the bottle. Now if you haven't been here that process is going to take you probably about fifteen minutes at two off it to five bottles. To do too bad yep. The next thing that if you're going to consider bottling you absolutely need to have is the jet wash. You want the copper one it's only fifteen box. It's really easy to use a corrupt here saying turn on the hot water in it just has a pocket Elton when he pushed on the bottle it's police hot water up into the bottle and princes from the back out. So anomalies is gonna see the a lot of water but the filling it up and shaking and out three or four times. Really could spend an hour there again with the make the premiere you know in that job bottle washer in these all sanitized and rinse with and fifteen minutes. Compared to the filling it up halfway. Shaking it dumping it in repeating it three times for each bottle only to use a lot of water be wasting a lot of time standing there doing. Armed this is the absolute dream anybody's bottle if you have been discovered these products yet these you haven't turned to the current battery haven't seen them numbering catalog anywhere. Arm wrapped up we have from cheap for under thirty dollars in common in relieve me you're bottling set up a lot quicker. And if you're trying to save some of the mass. Look at Apollo Trier faster. I have about Altria does not in my bubble servicing size so they don't really fit while on the fast track if you purchased all your bottles are you have all twenty twos or twelve. You can go and grip fast rack and stack and the battles facing down up on top of each other or with a bottle tree. You have on two packs around the senate post with a big light base in just put the bottles there. And you let them train now men are really doing it with them clean out for any degrees and doing abuse it and keeps track of you don't have your arm to have a whole people filled with cleaned and sanitized beer bottles one wrong move. And you send among knocking over delegate to re sanitize some beer probably gonna have to mean some from all the ones who operate when you send them flying all over the kitchen and merit. So bottle washing salt. Yeah salt to bother having coming adding it up as we go down here even say you had some help. You'd clean 55 bottles and you have all the gadgets you're still spending an hour and a half in the basement yeah armed tagging. I can be drinking may be worth ten. After now. You are till the cac. But sanitize or in their ticket for that it was one big brushed a dump that think thing with sanitize their dump that rents that racked. Cilic I want it shall immediately put on some iced shaker Cox CO2 into it at twelve pounds of pressure in the drinking behavior. So before you moved on. Two sanitizing. Or bottles. We haven't really talked really much about filling your prohibiting either but I you know it's OK so we've gotten an hour and a half to two hours just to clean the bottles. Now used to film. So I'm Marty two hours into drinking my draft beer. Is India is it when you who are you cleaning the dating your bottling or is that partly all the civic okay. You'd do you believe it's possible sometimes I'll clean ahead of time effect and put him onto Iraq's southern Iraq to collect in the dark that I was gonna say friends through what the surface in the region and with the sanitize or the next day that's he says you OC resent it cousins you would not little bottles sit out for a too long at all I can't clean and today and then I'm gonna Iraq arm and prominent filled bottles and counselor to keep the dust off a gap it is always very important I think to sanitize them right before at least in our standard conditions again these are sitting in my basement. Too great and the humidity control there. On song wanna get a clean service report put them away so that nothing grows on them and one facing down so that note docs gets in there. Hopefully no air moved up into their and then right before they use him to do one assailant as some. Commonly given Marines with sanitized while I am not too great about measuring my starts annum from always measuring a little bit over and never give it fully the timing needs to drip dry. So I always give my quick and some always trust my. Home hot water line sanitary this can catch writes in the taken spinning pasteurized and outlines. Every time I use a fox. Now and I was is there one thing you do is get a big he talked with a big tub to clean the bottles what it unclean and cleanup of the top can I store them in there. To cover over it right back. You can in my father both us and a lot of other people that do that. When you're mixing Starks and with tap water attensa purse communal tracked to precipitate any by carbon that's out of the water so you you're gonna end up with a film. He might have trouble rinsing off what's starts him. If your reusing sharks in water or using distilled pre boiled water armory BR oh you're gonna get locked precipitate needs me to maintain. The great PH. You can use bleach for this as well although you're really gonna wanna put on some glows when you go to get the bottle deplete water pitcher in the region in their 55 times and in in the can be really harsh on your hands and you know your health and general. Hum. But it's the if you keep it covered the bleach should not evaporate out and you should be able do that he could ball sanitize the bottles. And and some right before but the dangerous complete team with the starts and is that you come back to these bottles have been sitting in the basement for months and lead water starts in water you open it up. You lost your you know sanitizing ability whether all the chlorine to separated out or all of the absent in the star Sam has precipitated out soup you know August septic solution. Or Ian possibly precipitate on your bowels so you have to reclaim them him with citric acid or buy carbon benefits per septic from the star Sam. To get to precipitate that's formed over time. If you leave those precipitate time not only do they end up being a source to kind of shield the bacteria and fungus from your sanitize or later aren't. They also add to the bubble nuclear nation point in can force CO2 Abu. The liquid when your bottle so basically those bottles could end up being ushers whether it's sour or whether or just from not allowing the beer hall CO2. On C went on in Brussels wants out right clean them again. All right meet them mistakes hannitizing again this fifteen minutes I've covered my mistake if it it was a clear memory and a two tech. Let's get a break in hurting more than effort to our show here. We get back you talk about how to motorized agreeing mil while back and euphoria also turning kegs. Interbrew thoughts all the way as we continue here on Niagara traditions of just threw it on ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season Braugher and Eric can count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need now Irish mission home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military in town want to open Monday through Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew it. Welcome back and acquisitions just threw it. And fifteen point all of our episodes are on demand. At previous opinion website it's been 1520 or WTR audio vault as well last week we talked. I'll lawnmowers and session Beers and we started the show talking about bottle washing how to make it easier. Up next is out what to look for in a grain mill and actually how you can motorized agreement. Up. So it's we get into summer here and we start outdoor bring the numbers are willing to meet a little bit more from mass vote pretending to look towards altering growing. And we're looking towards me be crushing your grade because when you start crushing your brain. You can buy sex and 55 pound sacks and if you hit to right we'd have to worry about that and we also crossed 55 pound tax breaks if you want to bias act. On it's going to be ten dollars or eight dollars depending on the attack. We'll crush it up zip ties back and a sack four and went straight to pick it up so you can keep your grain pre crushed and even breathe. Put out numbers that they said that your average secretaries. They screen. Stored fairly well and they described it as. Trying to reach seal sack best she can are putting into a tub or container. Should last for about a year to year and Hampton most conditions so if you wanted to reproach brain we can do it for. But if not you're gonna need the rain hail and chances are one that you have for making tortillas or something like that Michael after kitchen a mixture. It's really not gonna cut it when you're doing fifteen pounds occurring for BI PA. So now you need to invest in the primary. Style green mail. And there's going to be too general styles that you see out there plate Knowles purses roller girls. Arm and generally I think there's a lot of people on line pointing you towards the role or roles are the bats are designed for home brewing go with a roar on an I would say. That's it's not a simple. We actually use a mean a lot of people relieve like the pressure off our milk in India the same efficiency with a roller mill. Awful on the plate knuckles on the plea deals haven't are pushes supreme ports the gap and pushes it out through the cap. Which means it doesn't old lie on the Miller itself for the mill we all in the case of a roller mill. Polling the green in through their financial pressure from really put a fine gap now the other thing about. Eight plate male officers known. Jagged teeth through from start to create a lot of flower. Out of people it tends to pulverize the living daylights out of your brain but it doesn't tend to. Make that bad 104 hours you're worried about which sometimes if you have a bad setting under roller bill you can get. On so why doesn't everybody immediately go for plate now they're cheaper rather more readily available there a lot more. Dual purpose if you did Wanamaker own flower or wrongly crips or something like that you'd definitely money's a plea melt. It's because they're theory mass in her little bit. Harder to motorized so if you're looking between the two you're willing to sacrifice a little bit of efficiency for much easier time crushing your brain. I would points reports a roller spend about a hundred dollars compared to seventy dollars for a plate Miller sixty bucks. Arm but it's gonna be easier to control the dust is going to be easier to get everything. In two bomb. Into a pocket in two year national. With a plate no personal hopper for the green that is crushed. So what ends up happening is that it kind of wants a story. All over the place. The roller bellicose straight down and your part that. With a plate mill once this very often marks either have to accompany food grade bags or meeker proper fit on the front of the plate milk. So the dog goes down nicely into a pocket where you can control. Now either can be hooked up Woodrow. Most of the royals a two day have a three eighths spindle. So that means if you have a standard real or union to do is. Open up the truck put it on to the mill injure ago that figured dark. And homeless and roll you know anything over twelve volts is gonna have. At least 17100 revolutions per minute. And firmament pork and it's gonna crush or going for you'd just fine. The only reason we don't use one at a shopping through require it would be easier is because we have to stand there and hold it. And we wouldn't really trusted if it did catch a piece of rock or something like that ya mean. Crux whole sacks of grain we just crushed rocks with that too. Com if you have a roller no homeless in the gym and so with either milk do you promote president when you go to motorized A plate mill. You either have to pull up the sets truths in there. And then put in your threaded rod with a lock not or the ball in to hook up troop with an impact driver. Hum but nature you put on a block outs. The reason you view this is the ball had that your gonna put into there is gonna wanna break profit had. And if you put that had all the way in to the drive of the plane now. When you break the poll you look all the threads and sighed and popped off the hat because you pour it into there. So yes you can simply Coca but Corel tour plate mill as well or if you have an older rural ordinarily pick wanna use it has set. Portland's threat and it. You can still hook up to it make sure you keep yourself it. That way when you break that off there. It's not a big deal who fresh bowl he sold something you can poll that threat out with otherwise you're gonna have to try to tap out. We can't get that many replacement parts quick and so sometimes. You know your life with a obsolete now. So make sure you put that lock about mayor. It will say view whole mill potentially. We've got about two minutes left is that enough time to talk but turning a cat into a reply. No I don't think we should encourage people will get to that next record urge people to buy top prize on miner hugging and wonderfully yeah artery right of first year rise and they Carty have some green economy only planet in about two weeks ago. It's only took about 45 days to start popping up. The ones that work which only two to three years old. We're about 56 inches or party beginning to climb the twine that we have and are already starting to look good poker the highest thing in the home garden. Are ready with the east Apple's plans in new ones are coming up. Anybody who's looking to grow them I would always say they're the free cosmetic. And there are agree climbing vine if you don't want any of the associated damage that you normally it was climbing vines. In the produce and nice big broad leaf similar to a great art but the problem is they if you wanna grape vine to. Kleiner crow as you're looking at ten to fifteen years he pets and climb up over trial. If you want a cut prices on to do it still have the beautiful leaves not seen it you're going to be. You know raping oxygen rice and these happily it would ever tried that. But the growth in one year and have nice cover for your trolls cover for your front welcome back Europe fear they won't do damage to it. We have only four and 99 rise on and then later on you decide to brew. You're gonna know exactly what you're gonna have to keep track and keep track and you can keep track you'll know when you retire tradition. Exactly. What type writes on and you have what appears is good for arms so that if you decide to grew with that later on you know you have an ankle during variety. Right that does it for this week just about again the April 26 deadline for a union hop right on the corner so diplomats are boring today during the party more irony on. Known for the united. But I will ever ready for national arbor day for 25 anniversary slumbering a party guy help. Barley wine Ian Browne port at the source if you wanted to see party sobering come watch me messed up all right very good. Anti homer dot com for more information is on a for the newsletter to look for the email bought tickets as well to the morning brewing class on medicine and if you really like washing bottles you better go brew yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season brewer or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just for.