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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like your you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by now have a traditional group here's your host Jeremy White. Bert diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome to Niagara traditions just blew it on ESPN fifteen point Jeremy White and over the oyster. It's it's good data brokers you got rounds four through seven of the NFL draft. All good stuff on TV and force him. Try to help them build doing and in sports or seven you'll hear the names and you got a Google know it and now you know good background whether you like ten minutes. It's been background sounds so that's cool were also a week out from. National home her day's celebration and I tradition so we're gonna have lots going on we ever morning beginning during classes tickets are available online for that. You do have to purchase tickets for the class that's going to be at 11 o'clock in the morning. And then we have are tasting and all angering demo 130 we got a little bit. A tree will get a couple of treat her for one all the staff Purdue different beer and talking about on the show. And we all appear in store and we're gonna bring him back answer from on Saturday. As well as we have Keith the fellow who's teaching are beginning during class and morning hasn't rained Fokker. And yet there is hope to use that for the demo. Then you've been itching to use it more and I had to Illinois if you wanna do the afternoon demo mountain you know we play rooms and talk to him one of those. Inward beeper with the play with if you wanna come check it out action come in and about 1:32 o'clock and we should be starting mention. How popular has that been as an item it's been fairly popular and it's expensive item write the Mac compared to a lot of altered its competitors if you look at buying whole complete bothering system. Other whites and about three times usually about 3000. Glickman. Orally that's us or you know I mean these other independent manufacturers. On your looking at about 3000 dollars for all in one group system went to her pompous or stay on in the war chiller. Where this isn't one unit comes with two heating element comes with a static content the pump it comes with a Cover Flow or chiller. And so there's really nothing besides the fact that it's only available. In if you eat and with a total volume. A lot of people are pushed out by an after six matches with that. Besides the fact that your limited to fight on that isn't. There's known. It be Amish communities more expensive. Persistent so even though we have you know 3000 dollar easy. You should be able it all the same temperatures all the Gingrich of all the same marks. Out of your brain rather. And so you're gonna have all the ability to hit all the technical numbers you want to be at all. In all on gravity and B of re circulate your marriage into an easy sparks the multiple muscles cleanup. On put your paper up there. And they're very nice pack up very easy that's another thing like that highly registering father. Why I think it's so popular storage. They're the only one. That sought about storage wanna consider unit in what it comes down with it the basket he works Schiller. Everything that comes with the system. Can the inside of it when not in use in a couple people putting copper and at a real yeah Amber's system underneath the kitchen sink trio and the price point and grandfather. The wool over south and now now as compared to all the stuff you get in the grandfather. If you had to buy everything else what's the difference in price there you know considering all he could it together yourself. And you ooh. And sacrifice a little bit and some things and speakers chiller he went with one heating element mapped to. You're definitely going to be over the price point of technical problem. Hundred dollars in India probably fifteen or so is basically buy and everything at once and you say. Fifty. Now I mean think about the price might system that's not something I want it up at them and adding to right fifteen years. I don't wanna know what the Caucasus. As you talk but I think like man maybe I should get that the benefit but it party. Got so much that party's method it is perfectly you know in working order them you have to look at the price of assembling a whole new Bruschi and how you change your system around. But then you'll settle the convenience to. And you can put everything in your stored in the kitchen operative Paul claws on and it's going to be tight compact and the way when using that apiece for. You know structure. Iso national homer day celebrations could be next Saturday. Beginner brewing class Enola tickets you've been anti homered outcome to sign up for the email and 10% off all ingredients Tuesday through Saturday this is in store in. And now it won't appear immediately when you cash out what you're gonna do Richard cast doubt on line in the and about twelve to. 24 hours later years he's pulled from down 10% off all ingredients we can't tell the web site to own team. Do things you can eat. And so we have applied the discount and it can't do that your hours if you wanna evidence were picked up the to wanna have a meal order yes he's still get the 10% off all the ingredients that. Bags of mulled specially malt hops YE east additives. Anything non taxable lying Jews. Result from personal. NC campus that corporate line will plug the discount for use it. Tech. Big all grain growing demos at 130. And the getting the last 11 AM and an open and tickets still available. A website or solo okay now we've mentioned a few times hop cash and as it as we continue to mention. Is it. Peking opera more more people coming back when reviews of things say about the Eldorado are Thierry the year you know giving. I've gone through multiple order of Canada the trial order fewer people thought. We've used so low that it's really got a lot of the kind of content for flavor. We're actually in use a little bit in the year that were on the beer per serving and next Saturday. Will have a New England style like US open on com and you'll be impressed with how little pops. You know it takes super athlete do you think you'd be able identify hot Kashmir vs a non not match there. You would have thought about. Mean it's kind of like when he really good CG. You can't help think it is real do you feel real bad that it is gonna be like that because. You'd never ruling on indoor. I think a lot of words are putting in everything I have a little mystery to your party still in. Arm. Just I don't know if if you you'll see it are they might say Eldorado thinker and tell you're top captions appear. In hand it's hard publisher looking at a recipe to say no there's no way that it cut that player out there await them call out somebody at a bar this beer that's up action. McNamee. And but to question these thirteen Easton Beers not a lot of resident not a lot of real bitter hop flavor. But a whole lot of kind of Richard Kurtz and that's going to be the top apps that's going to be to cry oh ops. Yes robbery tipping giving these flavors other ways in electorally and making a lot for do it. Com but it's going to be hard to pick out you know. So there's a limited supply galaxy up still in stock fell yup and we have those in the stores limited two per customer on 315 announce. But they've been moving fairly regular we haven't seen a full order comment so we still have the limit two per customer as soon as we search scene our fault. Orders come in the galaxy will start. Looking element of the program what you want him pounders again. Com pools the other that you wanted to talk today about the rise and you've got to rise on sales are taking off. We're starting to get low on some varieties so that the trees and you're back here in in everything are starting to open opinion of the two out there. There and sort of the debt the bills. Cops should have been an. Ours at. The store are probably a little over need. We've got about eighteen inches of quarreled regarded trend impact once might have to do that again. On but they're taking. So if you're thinking about planning out yes he can do it all the way out early June. But after trying to give them as much advantage as you can. Get him in now which transplant it through we have them at distort we still have Peru's gold cascades Centennial chinook. Columbus crystal boggles holdings liberty Magnum Mount Hood remember nugget sterling tightening. Will limit in time. So we still have plenty of varieties available if you're looking for simple want to plant we always had just. Cascade. Holdings war Columbus are going to be very easy to gross source north or poorer mean apply any of those for you. Come in late looking for those ornamental tops but after coming in looking for even ornamental pop we always talk you. They're very easy to Earl spend a complement its look what cops going to hear paper piercing grab those phones have been back here. If nothing else he can use them is kind of like that declaration of serving with an eye on is the one that's significantly more difficult to grow them the others well they're reviewed but it classification. Of pops up there and that's going to be your kind of eastern European. Cops know a lot of these you know you don't the size and there you see sterling you don't see middle for UC Mount Hood. So they've been kind of naturalize sharks or ways if they haven't been. All crafted or cross pollinated some of hip. But the have been acclimated to works. But still those eastern European rights arms and to have the theory when your rights. So if you're looking here. Cops like a tree in and the below ground portion kind of being trumped him holding a lot nutrients and holding a lot water. These eastern European Fridays have theory Nero. Rights theory small area for them to hold water hole glucose. In the tend to be able more finicky then with how much waters innings this oil. Yeah and opinion dry spells. And acting in the ground early just because he can't. Hold on too much whose coach is much wars and you can view that price helping trial where do you see that hops journal do better maybe you know raised bed and just flat out in the ground. I hit if you're going to be attend an album he got. Better chances and it's bad investment legal or not can we control barrier on the bottom and we control barrier on the millions swamped out you know acclimate the soil. You can and cannot put a barrier underneath the re expensive water reach out its chassis the net and leaching. You know acids and other important nutrients out your soil by over watering them. So there's definitely an advantage to raise bad while I do have some cops pots I don't have any injuries and I do all mine in. I do an app on meet the soil like to mount them the first year. What's kind of allows from the self plant but also keep some of the rice on wallop of the water table specially when we've had rainy weeks like this right in the middle of the kind of first week literally coming up strong. I don't wanna seem flooded wanna see any standing water some pounding them for their first year really helps with that and again that means you're gonna kill him acclimate this oil or. Back to level. And then put the top prize song down just laid down on the ground horizontally in mound about an inch to two inches of soil on topic you don't wanna pack it down to type. Just a little bit. So holds and doesn't get washed away by the beatle wanna push it and you know one pack that slope. I'm gonna talk about when to back turning a keg into a group republic before we do that the deadline. For you Riyadh has passed via rice soul and he should searching results soon open so the they pushed their competition back but they also. Com kind of strong the timeframe between the registration window in the judgment. So you should see nations are coming out and soon. And so you know good luck to everybody that sent peered out from Rochester hopefully represent buffalo. Kind of the open of the an inner city competition they took a couple model's home from. Are you that there. All right very good will we get back turning the keg into a group pros and cons process all that good stuff. Coming up next an actress and just threw it here on his view it. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season Braugher American count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military Intel wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Pay them a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Welcome back and actresses just grew and he has in fifteen point recently complaining if you. And all of that stuff. Again national homered as celebration is a week from today morning beginner growing class email going out about that tickets are good and you won't come. Tasting and all of rain brewing at 130 with a grain father and a three Beers that you guys made and house will be serving so. Good stuff for national home brew day which is actually. Sunday. Which is actually Sunday brightness somebody's gonna you celebrate on this Saturday. Why aid the brewers association. Made kind of a retail holiday on Sunday. Yeah but. Ever breaks and so. Aren't. Before we get to returning to carry into Brooke Barbara pot summer drafting supplies we talked about this little bit last week like things you might need. Sierra walk out to the garage Tribune and a winter brewery or some robbery you're trying to look around suture got. Things for the summer that you might need. Paper password talk. All about that we have burners. We have all sorts of hose fittings. As well as work Childers. On two meter outside the day a little bit easier if you're not looking to reduce wanna be outside we have party apps Calgary eater burst and we also hamper I mean. A regulator. A thing keep gap in a picnic faucet so you get the whole the damage of not acting pump the bureau be good for weeks months if you keep Nicole after you initially serve it. Unlike the party pamper your pumping it in its gonna go flatten the CO2 system for all that more. Analysts receive severe if you wanna throw the keg into refrigerator are eaten coming gravity for urged happens imposed. For 45 bucks later and put that into the for it took you wanna turn this into a reader conversion it's only costs of forty bucks or. So let's. Lauren versions. Turning a keg into important pot the pros the cons and on August on so. Where does this we're on from Everett it back and probably one now anybody who's come in and and looks that. My current system. Which I have around for a long time and always relieve lows. The key goals so that combination of struggle and our cattle and Keck. If you got another. The design of the meetings that word right dampening. But I am. So they're big they're nice thick heavy they look really cool. But there be pain time and time again keep running into problems long after it remembers them. They really are problems early and half with eight. Tackle so let's talk about the first pros. Get really big. And two relief heavy gauge of stainless steel so if you wanna cut and if you wanna have all had in compression noting weld to it. There's a lot of mark and for your cards wallet burns out throw but it burned out saw blades. On its enemy nice clean holes were trying to weld and after trying to put in compression fitting dark and a lot of caring and tends to chip out. All of which makes nice clean holes for arm and he looked really cool. And that's about it that I can really taper the pros they're happy. On their hard to get in. Palm not only just the first time she got to cut the top six either cut the top off from the side and he handles it off you more handles. Hum or you try to cut out the center of the top now the problem is there's because we've heard heavy. You know. Metal heads and talked in. You can't get adequate ranking Leo or anything like that so inevitably leave that left in Kia up in the top of every check. They're probably gonna take a small grinding we on an angle grinder. In a start working out the top of the tab and you'll actually start let me go back and clean up that adds to soften it up. He'll never be able to get all the way out to the edges of the tax you every time you don't green you don't rob. You end up leaving some in the names of the inevitability if you end up in the backyard with the holes are really trying to get into the things soaking yourself. Trying to get all of that span screen pops out of your tackle. Com. And it really drove me insane to latest I went back to the angle grinder after. Spending hours we can tell you how many hours trying to work out this lip out of the inside past I could by just cutting out the center of the lead. On and I cut off on the site. And so that took awhile it was very noisy. You know burnt. Cutting we all and eventually came off so I locked my handles. Bomb. But it's a little bit easier to clean out at the end that I can do it in my sink don't have to take it all the way outside I don't want to. If something back into slots in the basement. But that said they are still super have a so that one is a factor when your trying to move this beer say you know giving into the fermenter. Getting it outside. But it's also a big issue when it comes to heating. On this was apparent to me the other day when I was doing party guy up ahead the economy pole where power. On with seven and a half gallon senate and I had a Mike act when its sudden after. The keg with actually on the better power. Cote did the other Perot by about 40000. BTUs. Jets which beer came up about one minutes to boil faster. The polar where and that just goes to show how much. BTUs and Natalie just deflecting it off that pot into the room. But how Mir takes heed the medal before you would start heating up the Wharton so thinking about this this means that every time they were on this guy in the backyard. And running an extra twenty minutes or propane. An extra twenty minutes of natural gas imagined just turning Hamburg saint. I just want to run for extra twenty minutes because you know access fossil fuel line. So every beer. Cameron and about another twenty minutes to get approved boil compared to use in Nepal where I imagine would take that much longer cooldown also. Yeah like to put it away you're got to wait a long time it's not in the want notices when I have the war children there ninety. A reading of the outside. Usually five degrees warmer. Then the liquid. So the liquid is taking that long is equipment works or are there to chill down the pot itself. Now here's the other kind of disadvantage. Ever you want one of these because you would be. The group American be able to fifteen and and guess what the united going to be a Bluetooth and a fruit that's just because once you cut the live up to relieve left with about thirteen on twelve point five on pot. In Seoul if you wanna pretend Allen's new template and oil law you really need at least about thirteen. Gallons. A starting base platoon meat had spaced program oil. So if you take in the schedule you brought it home all the hours of work into it you've spent all the money. On payrolls and well being in grinding wheels and dust masks and you know paying off the neighbors because you've been in these big metal tags in the garage. You're now Sony can fight he'll. And that's one of the I think the biggest disadvantage as equal to all this work during the keg in troop pot. And you really end up with a thirteen yeah on pot you can grueling sixty gallon batches if you want to beat can't quite Rutan. On and you stills but a fair amount of money getting there. And there's a whole question of where you get these things now I got them from a script. There was some question about whether they were working or not. I bought them for a little bit more than their scrap value on in this was about fifteen years ago. Micro star will sell you tags that are around their scrap wait com and eaten with the idea acute treatment to a group. It's probably gonna be cheaper I would imagine that they thought about this. Commercially and economically. Dear price for broken one I hope it's the last day in your deposit money. Good so hopefully they put some type of incentive in there you know that you just deal. You're old tags and turn them into pot that the Q can you kind of an option to save some money and do it legally. Bomb put something that can look at here's your thinking OK well PM I'm with settlements by keel and don't mind you know all. Earning a bunch of extra propane every single day in getting completely covered with trump and spent current trend you know my. Let's kind of took about price for a minute because the price of stainless steel pots has come we don't know for like ten to fifteen years and on. When we first started there was no manufacturers who was. Making putts just for home or she had Portman pour where now there's probably half a doesn't establish manufacturers. Of pops particularly for home. On. Or where emperors bats are really kind of in competition for the economy line especially on site PC. You know Glickman or where assets in the competition at the high end. On UCE three competition at the lower. So polar ware. Has obviously all the economy series that deal came about five years ago it's been really popular super fast also has its own. Economy theories now. So you can give us an Walt sixteen here on pot from Bruce bouts all stainless steel. For nine being 99. So 400 dollars. In ninety clean pot no cutting required. Yuri have a bigger person. On if you wanna get a little bit him to go on to the boomers beast parts of the Serb bit heavier stainless steel include a really good lit. They have riveted Campbell sip it try and bottom in their induction ready. They come with two hair finch female ports well the Betsy have won six inches off the bottom and one about an inch and half the bottoms of one per thermometer. 11 bigot or he wanted Hewlett Cory circulation system you don't mean that's a robbery in some polls for a ball well. On but an eighteen. So we're talking induction ready heavy stainless steel try clad bottom. Hundred box for eight key element that with the two ports sixteen yen on 150. Dollars. So 150 dollars. And you have a pot that's 34 ounce bigger than mine. It's mine early tag. It's gonna waste a lot less gas and every day arm and he's gonna look a lot nicer and I think. On looks a lot cleaner. Think the purpose built taxi locally many commercial from actor and pertains and I think that's really cool. Mine looks like somebody took a couple of Beers and then attacks on Kerry and the garage you know it kind of while it does have its own appeal. There are you a lot of disadvantage I would not do it again if anybody is listening out there and they wanna pocket. The sixteen yellow emperor beef pot in the wanna trade free for one of my tackle I will absolutely take them up on the offer. I've actually mean that same remark to a couple employees and there hasn't been any. Eight Asia so. Parent Olivia I don't know dress that up put some racing stripes on and put on. Craigslist or something and be left with its massive sum them look at the spot from watching him go out the story very jealous. Com couple over Port Authority bought one. And they you know especially I have a smaller induction so so. That could be at its best luck to the beauty how folks as we go wait for the results of that fury after stuff and and or minor gonna anti homered dot com. National home brew days a week from today what we can tomorrow apple whatever a week from today be at Niagara tradition for the beginner brewing class tickets about that RI and he homered on account sent the email. In on the all brew all green demo 130 tasting 130. And Tuesday through Saturday 10% off ingredients in store and online so happy national home. And start a for summer. And if you're ready go yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.