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It's. Do you play you're you'll learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by now with traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White. Earth to placed there. Good morning happy Saturday it is Niagara traditions just threw an audience in 1520 Jerry Y with for doctor here. Back from my honeymoon vacation all night itself greatly thank you thank you married now and I materials. The district you know drink beer talk about beer part of sports watch sports seem kind of stuff one thing I've was on. I was Velika. A question like a philosophical question. Would you wanna live in the most beautiful place in the world if it had bad beer. But it's tough one and I don't have the double sort through living in the most beautiful place. The news here toward the people or give boring and I. I asked because not because a whole life actually but because of Vancouver. So we went to Vancouver first and then Hawaii after that in Vancouver. It took us until our maybe fourth or fifth we re before we found good beer. I I was ready to walk out of that city beautiful city in Al Pacific northwest mountains beaches. I was ready to walk out of there saying they have no good beer and finally bridge brewing company that's good stuff but for the most part just like. It was not good and I thought. Is this a thing like West Coast IPA's you know those are pro am prefer to lift or whatever there's like they're everywhere and. Immediately soon going to the West Coast figured out fine better be you would mean to speaks at the that you're seeing here I mean we really do have. Theory to be your seed we get people coming through the shop all the time they're coming entered a tradition because they live. Way outside the someplace where there's not a large home grew shops they wanna come and they wanna check out all the gadgets they wanna. Rooster are exotic props and pick out a couple of ounces. And there are always theory impressed with the flow yeah. They don't think coming to buffalo think Ari wings beat our way back in all there should be some you know locally Pearson at Columbia they're not expecting the explosion of both. Styles all the way out to the kind of experiment. Yeah I think he can be the same thing and reason the architecture like I you know you live here your whole life if you think. Yes sure we have nice architecture urban everybody does Vancouver does not as another place like it's. New worst city all the buildings look exactly same token the wrong it's a beautiful city and it's fun. But you know he struck pick up on the differences so in Vancouver thought while there's there's really no good beer here Hawaii. Good beer could be a lot of very good beer and also very beautiful. Yes very beautiful and there you shoes now and exactly it's the best of both worlds I did have one of the best site PA's I've ever had and you know. Heidi it's someone asked you which are favored by PAU kind of non US well what am I doing with it might just sipping and tasting enjoin one bottle that net. Are simple question Ryan Heber and when people I think what's your favorite beer clicked. My like historical code to ride what's it like early drinking favored what is my flavor of the moment and so there really. Your beer taste changes you'd drink one beer too much might give or with the lead and and move on and certainly appeared taste and change and that's not a simple answer. Will you ever see Molly brewing companies big swell idea. It's just great. It's like what am I doing it is gonna win awards I don't know what if you wanna drink Beers it's nice outside and you want her for IPA. But I am looking into how I can order from myself. Because it's making one Euro here. I've seen Muller brewing companies coconut and yet seen a couple things and actually talk to a guy yesterday you know appearance he said the problem is it takes two months to get here from Molly. So you know the can be a bit of a problem. So anyway if you ever see Molly Biggs while I PA it's great. That's your that's the review of for anyone else happens that's pretty much it that's that the review betting I noticed the witnesses something we talk about from time at times they pure style. And climate. You're not gonna find our peers and why they're there like a couple but. He's what I think. You're going during community do car is down clone copies template that arm. So when I think there I think of generally darker beard it is my. My Buren temperate now it's actually the honey Porter apparently three point eight per cent in about six points finish and knives so wry. Drier than the pills have next to it now but still dark yet like you if you go to the brewing companies. He'll have one or two or for brown aisles but not a restaurant doctor fine. Never gonna find an anywhere which. You know that's fine there's a lot of wheat slow one and grasses it's every day is summer so everything is light and you know I was probably a lot of pretty tourist heavy places to. But anyway great trip and it's funny now for me used to be I associate a city with its sports teams and now when I go somewhere it's all about the beer. In a go to Florida go to Obama six RC Kona Hawaii go to Margaret I go on a that the deer scene has ever been is as much as the sports scene. Taken over identified a place so. Vancouver if you're listening in on Greg Hoover I did find good breweries and he saved yourself I was ready come back and say there were no good ones. There's one at least one. And those in buffalo travels with summer and you'll appreciate your team a way to yeah I think so we've got some pretty good ones here. Anyway. That's it happy Father's Day from last week's show. Guys emails we've been talking about females now how how's the scheduled in a world we've got fourth of July weekend and put that finger quotes because fourth of July summit Tuesday we. OK because we take off the Monday off so it wouldn't have though the rare times and I tradition we work retail. So it's you know combination of the American service industries you have some funny hours and when we have a Tuesday summer holiday we always take the long weekend off so we're going to be closed. On Sunday through Tuesday that means if you wanna getting supplies need to get in on Saturday this is next week this is next. So we're going to be closed for the second Sunday. This third which is Monday Ian of course fortunes lie on Tuesday won't be opening and once they are regular. Poker but well. This time a year. You wanna get in get stuffed on May be drew something. Over the fourth of July weekend it's you need to supplies for. You know forces line after it supplies his whole ranking system we have that too pumped camp's new line. Cleaning supplies to some new casket. And in whatever you can we we can match up and and help you install or shall we were everything goes and we can kind of pressures that's stuff we need to as well. On to bring unity can we have everything you need the carburetor crowing or you don't ever collaborator to give more ago. They one stop shop public and rip tide pumps one of those eroded public members a lot of different pumps out there right and so. The the big one for charter pomp and march pompous walls work hog and public men's gotten into the game I think everybody when they thought the bullet and pumped him and be over heels three times the price and now. Arms only about fifty dollars more then the charter you're giving a lot more than one it has a lot more low. But to really kind of special part of the Blackman but he but he threw some kind of describe here you have a magnetic motor Jerry and then the actual pump and has two plates. One holds the magnetic shaft goes in tight and meant seals up. Against the in power which sits in the other half of the kind of you know seal canister and move to water. On. You're supposed to take this apart and clean it. Was a regular that is a lot of work you to take off the whole. Then you'd have to Kate are the two had plates that make sure you hold onto the casket and rip it and then clean everything out drive out to back the other. Com and hope that you haven't lost for the with the Blackmun. The whole home head is at the quick fight inch trite. So when you're gonna take it our all you need to do its undue ones clamped them come off into the hole pomp and clean it out and it means. Stone mountain and its proper trump the mean of gotten stuck and recycle. For most of us that have you know march pomp and I have a turn prompt legal of them. Just back blow it with some you know clear some tap water and chemicals that they've hopeful about. With the pump hopefully being able to give them a little bit easier for folks. In that department. Orbit so Blackmun retired pumps that something you might and we have them in stock weeping like a cult about that people ought to special order. On figure a person you know pacts are issues that a lot of numbers we have from stacked up the store and hop rise homes continue to be on sale yet we still have that rule for a couple of more weeks here it's not too late to put him and I fees it's also because I'm procrastinating. From critics won last rise Allman autumn house. I've just kind of started to do some gardening and Columbus and right away into one on the Columbus but I want more cops on solar plants them for the season. The group that this year with a certain rights that start. And talk to him at this New England IP box that's come a lot of people come and we've gotten New England eye Kia and captain a lot of people when it to a parks it. And so we decided we are. The Buren tip now and matches Amal profile. Column that will be used he used a couple different cops muse over hot pants. This iso mode to Africa. In one year in the finish and we want to play around with a top. And while we're happy with some of the flavors that they contributed. They were still couple and one more pilot recipe but then look. New England style right here in the next couple weeks with recipes and viewers. It's it's started out. With mine your credit. Arm in the and Kevin. Or whatever please we talked and we kind of collaborated on recipes. And then we have earned to pretty much news. New England style for. It took a lot of classics aisles too but every other beer in New England that's what he drinks that's it always has one or two on cap. And so we threw a recipe I am. He's at the recipe gave us a couple of little adjustments that he would meet on water chemistry and go from there so we particular box that there's always a bit. Planning on actually just finishing up. Doctor marks. Gold and strong to the box it went from last year in the ways of bringing. Then beer beaten him here percent or multiple strong. Takes a little while to get through a couple of recipes and we do them like you would on a home so we use hot plate we do to you on oil. So that we know when you go home with simple equipment you're gonna get the scene a year. That we eat that takes a couple of tries to whoever whenever parks get this started out with a known good recipe in and we really trite to. Now the perfect that recipe but working in the something works somebody was just the basic coloring kit is going to be able to the next year. And finally before we get into the meat at today's show which we'll do it the other side routes are a lot about on. We used for warmth from indications but Randall's a top rockets what is a Randall. Eager to return to see these a lot more when I think of the one that I feel the time the size won that night using sitting in my basement. I think the one that they have it broken bottle what they do if they feel crawlers and hours that they run through hopper. They'll hop Randall it's something that comes from dark it's hampering company was kind of a little bit of what do you mean key. Thing but it really does improve the flavors of some beer and what it is this a water filter cartridge. That's been adapted to hold ups zones that filtering appears carbon pleaded nylon. Your filtering the beer through nights or leave pops. And usually people you can buy Randall's now from darkness of the companies that they do make them an intimate look cleaner Epson makes graphics on the compared to the enemy yourself but if you're looking to make one yourself we have the water filter cartridges and stock. The only other thing you're gonna need is a piece I think it to you insurers who would have Nazi PVC pipe. In beat we're doing is Paul the bureau out of the Catholic. You're running it through. A filter pops before going to your class you really get this you know rush. On me really into tropical stone fruit and and and and proper Romans. This is going to be for people went the other yourself. They work okay. On you have a lot of foaming issues especially if you're trying to serve. Path through once electorate set them up from big parties and stuff like that. It gets a little futile but all kind of pleased with the you know pressures cops move around there. Bullock man again this kind of upped the game. In the Amy what's called the top market. Hop rocket is an inverted stainless steel column with a stainless steel pot screens side. The beer comes in the bottom come up through the cops and then out to the tea. And how they meet this ruling on it does look kind of like it may need a king. All seamless steel again bulletin loves try to plan fittings you try to clamp pinning at the bottom so it's easy to clean. In because it feels from the bottom up war in the Randall you're coming in the top eager to go down to the bottom in the comeback at the top and you also have risked. Of kind of the you know crossover leak worth of the year chrome right in and ankle right that camp without. Going through if you have a leak casket at the top. The bulletins gonna get away from that and because you're always gonna have overcast floating up to the top with the bullets minutes there a lot better column in. High pressure high flow scenario. We knew a lot of people have these personally but there's also a lot of bars in the area that house one. Op pew to plant has won every location as walls in the movies were on the street. Owns them minorities with the problem promotes and I'm sure there are few other round in the bar scene. Hum but there another. Purely reasonably priced at one theaters just under hundred tuner box. And the you see it is a borrowers. Aren't going. And I CNN just not known and I've seen it before possibly possibly. And with Akita plant they hooked up there was quick humor so they can quickly put it in line that you put out on the RC can see it. On the what you know cops are and visit via fundamentally change the taste of what would you only on a dirt while here's the other things so immediately everything pale oil TypeKey ace. But people put a lot more than just crops into these Randall's a proper. If that's what they were designed for a lot of people put in coffee chocolate coconut seedlings. You know and the tape offers up their pineapple crutch sheer use. Obviously the orange laces online places are very popular. On but it's a great way to kind of spruce up a simple beer. In the Kenneth green novelty if you're pouring it kind of you know our Q. You see these ice cold canisters and you know frosting open you can look inside here either cops. And definitely inspires you go there. Aren't so we have those in stock. We have a hop. Website or worker looking. For the top bracket which I would highly suggest because it's gonna serve a lot. Easier it's gonna be a lot easier means we have those and start as well. All right wanna get back we'll start what could use to warm form invitations because the temperature has been while steam. Summer warmth limitations on the way here and I've traditions just. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just Pruitt which means either you home brew or your thinking about it wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need. Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com now tiger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. I'm back here in Niagara traditions just threw it on ESPN 1520 are. Question about good used for war implementations comes from a they've. Brewing in on them and keep you remember sultans of week long time member very good number arm and she was asking what are suggestions were for our paper east. For release warm temperament patience because it's given to summer. On and we've talked a lot about temperature controls for talked about. You know giving an old refrigerator hooking up a service that too it. We've talked about getting cooler using him as the swamp cooler either frozen water bottles water bath to try to keep the temperature. But say you don't want to do that and you just wanna go for there are plenty apiece that are gonna from man at the warmer temperatures to you'll see inside your counsel during the summer. So let's talk about the restarted think with the hottest and worker weighed down here so we're gonna start. With the Belgian mails and weeks and I think a lot of people think these are their only options. For the summer so you have you know most Belgian trap this fails. And Abbey's. Its policies on some some German half of our instance will ferment at 75 degrees plot. Some of the Belgian cities as particularly Hawaii's Belgians say it's on 3724. Actually relieve Blake sit in the mid ninety's were blown nineties and it actually requires those temperatures to finish out. So with some of these he she think oh it's warm inside my apartment. Take a temperature. See what you're going to get tougher and ever temperature in the fermentation if you can. Filled up with either just tap water you can let it kind of key core earnings per appear to be could also look at the temperatures you get on the side your market. She knew what to expect one to put your bureau there. So the Belgians say about these I was gonna like those nine meter read is the French is gonna likened. The eighties and pure kind of hovering in the low eighties and high seventies. Just about any of the Belgian MPs on we'll work and now also you'd do not have to for meant he Belgian AO. So a lot of people think ominous start brewing in July and August because you know I don't. Like cities and not a big fan and a weak beer so there's nothing for me. Arm you can use some of those belts in the X makes some really great American style IP is in pale sales. My favorite for those are the 1214. The 3787. In the 3522. X we have the ultimate happy the trapped as I gravity is wealthy Belgium are downs. On all fair. All of them are fairly mean as far as Belgium nails go for fermentation. Especially in the lower gravity pierce. Ian you can produce some really interesting right PH with some especially with the art weapons. So if you wanna make a Nike gave on the eleventh they elect a second you know third plot story apartment. Or your two house is really really hot. You can still maker right PA's. Glenn try to Dalton are down and you might get a little bit of pain in the nose a little bit. You kind of fresh cut tape but it's not gonna be overpower not gonna get any of those big fruit farm answers smoky masters. On that means associated with Belgian strong yells you know quads. Inside and he you know six point 5% IP. So go ahead make it no later gravity IPA. Use one of the cleaner balconies. And you'll do just fine. Now the other thing that I made note is I think a lot of people. Don't give English dailies credit for us from renting his Mormon state Q if you actually start looking down. The temperature list for a lot of these English dailies you'll notice that the error in the kind of seventy to 75 degree range. We'll talk about Cooper's Daley's troops for Cooper's piece comes from Australia since English style ale yeast but it is comparable all the way up to eighty degrees. I informant that light American pale health you know 7880. Degrees. With the Coopers L used it finishes out quick in the church pretty fast it to raps like rock and then you still have a fear leak clean. The year. Arm and a lot of personal accusing dry east. And when they think of Cooper's east they think of the first he says the group with from the bought their stark chances are you got to start a kit. Team with the Coopers can't extract kit you did a couple of those before moving on to box it's an all green in liquid east. Arm and you've kind of thing of the Cooper she's as he beginners east. And we think of it as a beginner she's because it's reliably tent waiting. Clean fermentation. In both from men anywhere from sixty degrees to eighty degrees. These are just great properties. You and I mean you don't seem like every professional hockey player out they're using a wood stick because that makes it harder. You see them using graphite and stuff like that it's the same thing with the east. The Coopers haley's really. Clean fermentation wide temperature range arm and very forgiving. You know and pastors and oxygen requirements so if you're looking to get a quick summer brew index Cooper dailies is going to be great. You can do just about any style awards. In new get happy results. Some other angles Israelis that do well that 75 degrees 1099 probably one of my favorite. On thirteen thirty to north wives and thirteen 35 opera hale all will be comparable from seventy to 75 degrees. On some other east that are very kind of introducing acting for summer fermentation and also it up into the 7075. Odd degree range is the Scottish ale in the German alt and these are not. Necessarily regency mixing up have been warm fermentation. East necessarily think of Scotland using. You know you're talking about or munger. As we kind of came in here. And popular supplement appears all Pearson. Adam beer and talk about. The all beer yeast is a quick for mentoring and it's meant to you know fast that your children styles and yeast metabolism it's mainly dependent. Aren't you ambient temperature and so to get a fast bureau Fiji's have to work a little bit warm so the all he says that good. Com east if you so want a clean fermentation to maybe trying to make a pseudo logger. Armed try to get one how quick in the in the 1728. I would just say it's a theory enforcing decent hands. You know very mean almost hurt. Kind of profile when you keep the temperature low but lower in its hampering the temperature optic currently uses that perk and kind of acquires some slightly smoky female. Often we talk about smoky FEMA also is being a bad thing. And if you're getting smoky fifteen balls out of your USO five or 1056. Yes those are going to be bad females. But if there's one common thing about all these peace that we've talked about it. Deceit all to produce females but they're all meant to run at higher temperatures so those FEMA also pastors. Our positives. They're giving out good flavors of banana and she Ares. You know butterscotch or pineapple. Homily the English east again like kind of smoky. Or kind of happily in the German all. So these east to produce answers but their supple. In they're good pastors. On if you take east that is not meant for the heat. And you ferment it warm it's gonna produce some that sleepers worse if you pick one of these east and it does start to get more yes we're gonna get some pastors. But they won't be bad ones so you be patrolling through your state. Well you think about getting an extra effort right leader coming in picking up a service that may actually getting some temperature for you have wiggle room basically you have Michael. Archer. And I would incurred were always Sierra fermentation chamber I have to admit it's the only time in this hobby where I've spent money in pierce got better. Usually when you spend money in new gadgets new equipment you're actually your peers it works for two or three is you can pick through all the numerous states in the the kind of new problems are facing. And in the slow economic comeback and get some good consistency. But a thermostat in and giving an old cards stricter. With fuel economy spent money in my career. Poker. So. The rundown that said. That's all the and that's that's the good that's the best not all of I don't know that it is starting paper over the once I go to Canada have. You know some definite favorites and there are and I really would love to point keeper ports Cooper's news. On the they're trying to make it simple Americans down you're trying to do it. In warm apartment warm house a lot of those West Coast mere pennies are just not handle both high temperatures well. The Coopers that 1728. Common 3512 Belgian curtains of Scottish jail Cooper she's Belgian fans all too. Purely deformities and the high temperatures and stay reasonably going right. Well that's it for us back next week for the you know 4 July edition you guys are closed from. Sunday Monday Tuesday of next we people or mine ever had a vehement or mind yeah Saturday morning actually common future supplies aren't. Art and tilt and Covert yourself. It's. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season through or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.