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Jul 1, 2017|

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Yeah. Poland night. Okay. Tomorrow. Guys. Okay. Tomorrow. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN Radio One 15:20 AMP WW KB. It's. It's. Do you like music you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Perk diced her good Saturday morning welcome tonight exhibitions just really happy NHL free agents it's July 1 so. You can make beer while and it killed him throw they're signing guys to millions. Don't. To be exciting for the sabres will see so anyway. That's out of reach your sport talking beer and home brewing. Jeremy White here Rupert nicer on ESPN fifteen point so open today. And closed until the fifth you've got to not an unknown number of Sundays normally be also closed on Tuesday and you sandwich in the Monday in their nights so without the Tuesday tolerate we feared gonna take advantage we don't get very many. Three day weekend in retail so we're looking forward to this one that means if you need supplies she got to keep in two day. Will be all staff on hand when you'll be busy. Who we should be re declaring two hours ago got aren't very good will host the founding fathers and nick is gathering Beers that are the first already July 4 it's too late to make date July 4 beer. But you know your big unlike history of beer and all that. Around the time of Independence Day experts beer spruce beer you really wanted to have that like. Authentic you know peer to toast to our founding fathers real like George Washington Patrick Henry Thomas Jefferson Samuel Adams Jeanne medicines. Those are just people who were bring rate around the revolution adding going further reading goalie into American history. You know capture independents but they were all poorer. Arm and if you want it to me a beer the kind with some owed to them I would do whispers tip dale. Hum there wasn't any established hops in the new world. Com north there the greatest equipment in so both spruce needles and experts tips. Became entering agents in the kind of false bottom or account like model number reduced rates all sedate kind of lighten up the match. In peace through the pierce that they were producing. Very cool we talked about that before and so you know while Ron Christmas may be we're talking that would be a dinner or Christmas or spruce spears. Moon I can't remember it is if you wanna make a good time whispering to mid summer right to collect disperse tips. Com but it's often appear people do want our analysis that was maybe when you're throwing out your Christmas tree. Wooded area behind me because there'd be a good time as we need opponents spur steps right also sitting around you to smell spruce is due enough all season so I. Well soul. We didn't Moroccan under that rock and crisper spear and much too late in the game to toast the founding fathers that way anyway at the store here's a way to toast the founding fathers make a New England by PA right there you replace our country is. Mostly New England so you guys got an IP box kit on the way Stiller resident. We have one coming on the way we have a couple. One recipe we've pilot that we wanna do one kind of final version roomy one bull become cops if you want a taste of similar appear. Vivus similar appearance at the story now it's not going to be the exact appear. If you wanna come in and try to tell you access they were over in Butte and get to a final product very cool. So new new and and I'd be about it on the way hop rise owns on sale. You got a lot of them we still have some regret or out of a couple varieties oh. Comment I wanna say a couple of the picture meant we always buy extra you know Armenians we know we'll have some. Continuing on the season. Were really getting in the last couple weeks for you to play. We always tell people it's better to plan the year before even if it's really late your immediate. And establish plant and it's really take off and exploring. But starting some point here you worry whether the planet's going to be able to build up enough glucose me through the wind turns start off next starting to hit that worse he got another reeker too if you wanna get him in the ground. Again yet a week or two we still have some good looking right homes in the store. We're running out of time. I see no galaxy on this list finally gone on merit not at the yeah we don't have any at the moment. I believe we have some coming in again but there was a global but the polite and we had a limit of two per customer on time he finally sold out of those who look back and look at the growth and cry real cops coming soon to. Armed so were they have put in a pre order from that. We don't have an exact date of when there going to be coming to us but we've ordered trial so that'll help for those of the peep or order with the trial ops are. They're Alou Oakland extracted power so if you like the kind of big fruity flavors horror you know citrus he flavor she passion fruit. In your years of this stuff is supposed to be ghostly first supercharged. With power and you're the kind of tinier you know really bitter flavors usually from cops. Will be interesting to see our UC's. From the looks of it dumping and you know one ounce for the stuff is going to be like trying opting for. Two ounces of equivalent opt for about a week and soapy who really be keen change comes to some of these weekly New England style like PA's. To be able to open up a package competent Watson almost instantly dissolved in like bear element finishing in Roma. Summer dress supplies we have tons we got tons of you're looking for party tips today yes we have them yes we sell them. No we do not fill CO2 cylinders. You have to had to you know price there or street welding. Or early you know you're looking you're. Really an emergency like big catch beaten technical. Phil CO2 in their bait shops that they have some long hours we're out there on Ontario hand man current. Rick Down by a career criminal but it's 5 o'clock in the morning and you desperately needs you to record Margaret I don't know. Everything in stock it's got a nice that one of CO2 places it's very close to the Praxair could you mentioned many times for the just the retail location you can just. You noted Don there even though that's in such a big place. At nor apartment trunk that walked in the tellem what I got. I go outside Tokyo to rent receipt she's Watson in and out my truck close trunk and a pole and mountain about five minutes. Your Mac and get that same kind of quick service at someplace like people shopped in all. Up our hauler like bait shop which is my goat to emergency CO2. Location arm put those places are still there in a pinch and if you're. You know if your carry greater has run out on July its third you you're gonna be looking for CO2 no matter what the wait no matter what the ports. If you listen the last week shall we talk about using Randall and using hop rocket is well he can find any episode of our show. On demand ESP in 1520s website also fundamentally each year 550. Dot com. As well so today we're gonna get into yeast pitch rate so before Michigan in the nuts and bolts of this but just before break here won't when you were talking about yeast pitch rate. For the home throughout their. What is some I guess why is it's super important to listen to for the rest of the show this this'll start and then next segment that specifics if you. Are brewing. Com. Just average alcohol sales near using dry east. You were giving northern Rockies from what you mean for Petrie you're gonna go through your first and pierce in not realize that you release. Our. Kind of forgetting about something. Once you start getting into larger higher alcohol Beers. Or using liquid east which come with a lot less cells per pack. You have to share worry about your country. These having the wrong amount needs to start especially to little kind of creep snowball effect throughout the beer. In causing problems with fermentation conditions in each step. So not having enough peace in the beginning is gonna cause you problem at each to after the arms through conditioning in through bottling. You're gonna have some problems who got really wanna get the poetry to it's important. For all kinds of yours you got. In and to be quite honest this episode has brought Q by mine mistake all that it. So I've always garden by. The right east recommendation as far as what they think that they're active cells are perk. I was pushing and I'm wondering needed to do an extra pack with a logger. I decided not to anonymous a mystic was just one packed them for renting warm. I think eminent BO OK here and I got a lot of more fruity flavors and I had the previous time on that patch when I'm. Thinking happened here and I mean there's a lot of factors but what I'm gonna. Is that me be. The dry yeast packet did not have the means it's many active cells as he usually does still below you know Bob there a minimum bump below. Will their maximum and that caused me to get a free year lark Kirk and I wanted to. And it was something that I didn't sit down to do the math really put would've taken me five minutes. Which cost me an extra three dollars conceived means a lot frustration. I'm so let's take a break and then give into the nuts and bolts in the meat and potatoes or whatever of Petrie east pit trade it's not traditions just fruit Narnia Caspian fifty point of a side get into that. And not take you through this Independence Day weekend at the alternate universe be safe drink responsible real lakers stuff I used to treat next. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just Pruitt which means either you're home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition homer was your source for everything home growing. Do what I did guess Arctic and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need the Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military in tunnel on open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew paid in the visit and remember to just Pruitt. Back you are not traditions just brought on ESPN 1520. Open today closed Sunday Monday Tuesday soaking needy teacher growing supplies a reminder to get tonight's edition two day. Jack and if you're getting in the or before 4 o'clock we will stay with cheese if you get in the door before fork he had a big green order don't feel bad. You paid by our will stick around. Will wait will crush recurring answer all your questions until you feel confident weakened it's all right so yeast pitch rate. We did little clip notes you told us that brought you by your mistake when we began well let's talk about what you're giving. Morally when your by Cheney's. So normally when your buying say dry eighties. They claim to have won the billions sells her arms are about 220. Sells her packaged. Mr. ordering five key elements that sixty points or gravity. Most calculators for cities should have about that about 200 point 250 billion cells. So your copper have the right amount of no problems even if you to support drop on nutrients. You know iteration you're still don't have a real lead. Creep here. Arm if you start doing higher officer and bigger phones should start doing lockers column. All of these things are really gonna affect how much Easter actually. Need. Arms what really happens if you don't happen. And so the first thing you're gonna see is a slow start to the fermentation. That is not enough total cells to do the work of the fermentation. As a kind of wealth. Realized that after play consciousness as they kind of act economy. To the the conditions. They begin bonding. Arms of the cells you know and they'll pop out new self the pits bulletin have to do that over and over himself side starts getting smaller and smaller and smaller. But the continue budding in Toby reached an adequate population number for the amount of sugar. Once they do that they'll begin fermentation to we normally called the lack of feud in heaven apiece generally have enough variation. You know mr. pierce it's here for you or anywhere from twelve to 24 hours. Not ferment in Q would now what is. Metabolize and that it's not producing call now producing CO2. So once it's starts deferment. You mean noticed he'd Diana subtle flavor kind of buttered popcorn where we often talked about and beer and that's actually by product of them. Body. Armed. In its gonna be mighty he'd eaten up by these later on in my condition now but usually it's fumbling around for quite awhile. Now the fermentation might peace duck. Who made slowed down in might have stopped from mounting its elect 50% attenuation so only release up halfway done before shutting down. The yeast cells are getting old they're giving stress from all the spotting the scarred up there remembering to the point where they're having trouble. Getting nutrients in and out through the littler so this has slowed. Down the fermentation. They're gonna start producing strong females as well they're not gonna go back and clean up their Diana subtle and Siegel old she can if you are talking about with an escalating like snowball effect as you have not enough yeast. That you continue giving problems. Leader on the road. Umps and now. You're starting to get its fermentation going and you vetted and energized her oral debates you've re oxidized reviews added another try packet yeast to try to put some fresh healthy cells in there. Maybe it starts from nineteen gambit really is producing. Some strong fi calls. Are finally get attenuated you get into bottles you go back a couple of months later couple weeks and you find that it's. In fact it. The kind of worst of the worst of all the home problems you have an effect usually bacterial. Arm in what happened here's because of all the stalls and starts the fermentation. Because all of the left over nutrients in October sugar there was a lot more there for the bacteria that there would have been otherwise. Com and so they were people too rapidly. And so because of the or pitch because of all the extra work you put it. The appears now infected it's now. Ruined. So having. Now on that thing every time you under pitch it and yet that's when I under pistons locker. My real effect with a little bit of the fruity notes two and a little bit of apple pine apple in the back for a couple when you're trying to to a very light between German pills are those sleepers or relate to. If I was doing a big imperial life PA would probably be somewhere towards the start for vacation if they pitched I think about half of what I needed to cells. So again putting in enough peace it's really gonna guarantee their fermentation. Obama's in the airing cute as long you can keep temperature that your Mac and it gets dark so make sure you get. Enough tells them so what are you buying when you rights Mary talked global about the strike eastern in about 220 billion cells all. It's funny the all of this makes the sound like it's the most important part of the problem not I would I was gonna say immediately all the different things that can happen make it sound like the east has such a mind of its own but really what's happening is. You're just controlling what it's gonna do and because it's gonna react all these different. Stimulus wouldn't wouldn't the stimuli habits like an aquarium and trying to provide the right conditions but to be quite anonymous. Even if you are right all the rate conduction it's still looking thing it's driven do you. What it's gonna do try to say some yeast is jerks just sums on the cells are just jerks. Belgians essays aren't is that shooter I have had so many stalled fermentation that east like that great run 1995. Degrees. So right when you're sitting here and weakened works too hard to do anything else think. Prominent group Belgian cities aren't sure enough the temperature gets down to the mid eighties and that's just way too cold for about east and just shuts down a couple other East Europe and architecture expert down one particularly. And neighbors had much experience with it and tell you and that's OK okay so art from. When you buy the dredge Easter didn't 220 billion cells will say on average per pack early so they claim. And if your gonna trust that number you better trust should try to these companies and I didn't mind a bit meal open. Now the liquid these companies are little more honest. And they tell you that they're giving a hundred. Bomb billion cells per pack arm and then they have a little bit of a disclaimer. If you go to their website and you look at their pitch recommendations of some of shorthand description we'll tell you one package is good for pier sixty points by guilt. Then if you go over to their pick treat calculator which is actually what I used to get these numbers and it seemed your policy you need to packages. Little bit of you know kind of telling you what you want me here there. A bomb in the truce as you can probably do need two to three packages on most Beers because you're giving a hundred billion cells. And you won deal's close to 250 you're gonna need to packages to get that your movement. Armed. The other thing I like to mention all the time because I'm sure there are some people were standing operating counting on to and tons of 7% IQ is that only use one liquid he's back. I've enjoyed every single beer. And that's great I agree with you I've done a punch to innate gotten away with. On. Sometimes you're pitching low and you're just kind of hoping that you get through other times you pitch low and you're trying to stress the Easter trying to create these papers. On English bidders are one receive that often. Arm as Wallace Belgians say time bomb or are they were ready. We're trying to get those feet knowledge of facts single bit of butterscotch flavor. You can do that through temperature control you can also do that through Petri and so by controlling your Petrie and kind of stress ceased just below the open. And get them to produce the flavors that you won. Com. So while this isn't a required amount is definitely. Recommended amount and know a lot of errors are now starting to see this as an effort required cell count to start appear. Com. Again and if you are a little short the worker and and up with a little bit. More flavor on the east if you're worried short. You may end up with you know a lot of flavor you don't want me including an infection. So kind of how much east do we really need here. Now there's a couple of factors and re release of the war look at what your brewing first and I would always and urged people to kinda Kiki gas longhand. What they think they need and then go ahead and go to an apparently to use so why yeast calculator it's also great when mr. multi. A bomb emperor friend and I go there for a lot of my other calculations. So a lot of times also hop over there at the end of the recipe. And they have a great east calculate from the posts does both liquid east and dry yeast in can help you factor starter as well. So the higher the gravity of appear. More so polar fermentation more cells and obviously the larger the volume more cells. Arm what I used for general somewhat I'm not gonna to a calculation. Is each one of those factors it doubles. So often doing the you know 5% ale and using one package. If I'm doing the locker or higher alcohol beer double to packages if I'm doing a higher alcohol locker quadruple. Four packages of two right east. If you were using liquid east that would be over. Eight packs while liquid east. If there's any sucker out their who's ever had toppled are muted 750 billion cells and you bought the facts of why east please contact us. Radical group could you you need to make stars. You'd. Don't wanna be spending almost seventy to sixty dollars every single. Batch. Are near east has just giving a little bit extremists as much as all the other ingredients your putting him. So after doing these big peers especially strong lockers. You're gonna need to do starters from your peers are gonna benefit but so will one hole. And it's something you really need to think about. Bomb the hundred billion cells in east Mac pac run overnight on a starter. Quickly turns into about 250. To 350 billion cells depending on the starter. So you can very quickly and for about you know two dollars and dried multi extracting about thirty minutes here time the night before. Turn your one package cease and it doesn't have to be liquid into a starter was bright east I do it all the time. Armed annual really jump up count. On new enough cells so to Bucs have tried malt. On on power you're trying to most and you'll have enough cells and you'll save. You're during that toppled box seven packs a one east so you can. Can you make one into was and as bigger batch is you really want to or they're gonna be absolutely I mean large breweries. Employ a whole app to culture that's up and smaller breweries are starting to do the same. We've had a lot of local birds come in and pick up one or two packs of Hawaii's in the able turn them into full. You know eight or fifteen year old Patrick beer. Armed they have to be careful and slow leak culture it up through there during small steps a small step to small step to. Prevent that extreme one time spotting. Arm and threw frontier east from literally getting skirt optional step it up multiple times and mental pitch it into larger peer. Arm but mostly you strains who were using if you think about it have been propagated over and over and over again and and what a really good yeast led people to which I don't think in the paper local breweries have yet to be the start afresh culture. What we call slant. A look at the cells that they want and a Petri drifts. And they will kill any cells that don't. Men with their four so every wants to wallop poll sample culture Michael literally take a Petri dish in I can't. Murder every single yeast cell that is in producing great flavors served great you know attenuation. That they're looking for the great speed to fermentation. How many do this visually in the and the Greek culture and try again and by doing that the continually. Are trying to clean up the culture and this is the job of white labs it's the job of why he's from meant to stand stark. And then to culture up in packages in the night's forum for us. In if you decide the seventies culture McDonnell you're gonna get into okay need to get the right number of cells but promised our cultural needs and safe culture is to re culture. This is something you're gonna notice restraints are gonna start at rafters and start to get. Dry here. Attenuation to critiquing year around. East at a secondary you might get and kind of sharper flavor on the if you take it out of primary. You might get more boundary fruity flavors and lower it. So you'll see these change over time if you start to recall tree yourself immigrant. Some yeast portrait. That everything ever needed no one used their traders are no it's probably about a third of that book that at all we have time to your view today it would got time for about it too tremendously if you're gonna go to the the second and third part of it like what I would refer you over to use. By Chris White whose meals and such a a bomb before that the book called the book yep we sell it at the stork. If you were say either in the culinary arts or the EC EC or even higher college boring program this is one year peak textbooks. Com and as a plumber if you ever gonna read one book on brewing. You were really gonna pay attention read all the way through I'd actually now pointed out of Peru or patrolled the patient I would point you towards this book. Problem when I first bought this book. I kind of knew a lot of what I talked about today but he didn't know the importance and I didn't know that problems that was sometimes giving. Leader on the road like this slightly fruity flavor to this blogger. With actually being caused by things that I was doing immediately and be one or even the night before I was growing. Arm and I also found that there was closeup that was doing the I didn't need to by reading this book release. Chains away prep he's changed the way I look at it going into appear. Bomb not only in my doing these big starters and stuff like that amusing how ceased a lot more. Armed by what they've learned in that book by playing with the fermentation every fermentation control. So using abuse like Nottingham starting cool slowly ramping up the temperature. Pitching. Sometimes to be considered an excess of cells and you'll get that east to produce who'd allow workers. And Pearson and never summit in two birdies I should bomb so read that book it's really. Going to. Hope you can understand what's going on. During those first have ten days to fourteen days in the ferment to reader just kindness you know staring at and hoping as we talk about you since the looking thing. On the don't always do. What we wanted to do but the more you learn about them the more years and know what they tend to do. Connecting that were important especially. Arm for home Amber's. Especially going to holiday weekend when your brewing. I'm you don't have anybody to ask you don't have anybody to come take a look at your treatment for Cory since they like is this right you know it doesn't smell right. Get a rate the first time you won't have to worry about it. Well that a dual Frost's for today maybe. We go further in debt sometimes online but one wish everyone a happy fourth of July happy Independence Day. And enjoy your time off will there physicals for couple days so he need ending from Niagara tradition get their today. Before 4 o'clock. And if not you have to wait until Wednesday because those Sundays usual close Tuesday for the fourth and you to MI it'll take on their brain surgery you know I have to work Monday. Whose actual I'll mention this the eleven a power play which been going on downtown enough it wraps up Monday morning and I'll be at Harbour Centre on WG arsenal were going to be there. As those guys break the record gradually enough of that so let's hope that is very cool have been tuning in they'll look theory rapidly tire well my obvious 1 and if Monday morning if blue. Crack a beer or just pass out what he does have the best of your life that. Now it's going to be the best beer or the best bad whatever they decide to go to I think boasts would be good combination of Borough so that's only a shower to the jags so enjoy your weekend and if you got three days off as well my as pogo brew yourself. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season through or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to look online at and T home dot com. And be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just for.