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It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White and merchandise tour. Good Saturday morning welcome to tiger positions just threw it here on ESPN if he. Nicer morning. Good morning weather finally turned yeah it was beautiful it. A bunch of straight days the answer a little bit of both clearly cooling weather here and then we'll have another nice week you know hopefully everybody will be apple with a weekend stays nice turns out nice useful Serbia. I'm a little bit. Will their rain yesterday or whatever it's been viewed fall lately. Summer draft supplies finally you're able to have picnics you able to bring things out and have all summer supplies you guys are still suck up a bit ago we got. And we will throughout the year so it's easier than a football season hockey season and your looking for that party cap will still happen or not just curing stuff for the summer. So if you wanna put together a whole. No card reader teaser liquor talking about home bar if you wanna make a little Bure shot in the backyard. Or if you wanna make a jockey back to get to a little bit later. We have the soften stock and so you can just come in Europe and and pick up. Column again on NetApp systems run anywhere from thirty dollar up to about 250. So we get recovered and ever and cry I'll hops components soon yes Seoul this is waiting what does this mean what do what exactly is going to happen d.s I think it's going to be game changer rather not only. On full home number but also for commercial peppers. It's partially what customers can expect that your gonna expect. Maurer of the fresh fruit you know citrus the flavors and Roma with out the intense kind of bitterness you get with that if you start throwing in a lot of hops at these fruity flavors. Inevitably you also get some bitterness with. But with the crying oh hops is what is this little blue and then that's what graduates and fruity flavors and the cops. Extract and sold. It's a little question and you know kind of the potency. Incurred in note 212 41 on him. Pumping you're gonna use only Q would for whirlpool in finishing Bruce actually try to hopping. Arm and it should almost instantly give you some relief intent labor again without the bitter so for homer purses is gonna mean you can really you know. Put a wallop on some of your right PA's Pelé l.'s ruling makes them almost pseudo fruit Beers. Bomb but for both homers in commercial. Depending on what the in oil prices on the trial Hobbs going forward. Arm could be a big money state. A bomb. Per barrel some big IPH usually have about. We'll see at a moderate and pound pops the girl. Com and you can go up to a three year more calm for some of these bigger especially the New England start IP it's. This should really cut that down. And so when you're using less injured using an extra actually not only are you getting more out of it but you're also getting more efficiency of your extraction. You should be able to save a couple box here so if you're using one ounce cry a hot you can afford dollars compared to using six ounces. You know flicks and columns from the cautious about fifteen box. That's gonna save via but it dough and fried action but. For commercial. You know that can be saving them hundred dollars you know. A round per barrel depending on the beer what. What happened inspector craft beer prices are you know know your heady toppers or your trolling insists are dropping in price or something like that are. You know packet to all of a sudden be half the price. But it will make a difference for the person who's gonna do an extra money in their park that's okay that the answer my questions are what brought this about why why did this need to happen what was the Genesis of trial ops with the combination of demand in economics so is the kind of appear transco. More foresees you know heavily Roman flavored. I PA's. There with the need for something like that but again because you're putting so many hops into these pierce. Ruling makes economic sense not only for the upper but also for warrants CH. Pompey's they want to have sustainability in a market further on the road. Well in the school this domino homer still gap in and really be quite honest. See if you are you number your gonna release have force shot so if you wanna really you know on the early. Were hoping to get him in the next two weeks on took to be this week coming could be the week after read don't exactly. No we're going to be putting dual packs orders researchers going to be throwing amount were regular order we've already got a ordered we got about fifty ounces coming in the first week of each of the available. Fridays so we'll have plenty for you play with a mean some of the Friday's Ehrlich citrus and oh. Columbus. And a couple of ex did so we still have a top cash that's been popular while. Bomb but the cry a lot thicker going to be a little more. Will more sought after and so your home every wanna play around with these is going to be awhile it's probably gonna be welcome to the fall. Winter actually seek commercial burglaries are putting out. You know bureaus on a regular basis with the prior ops so you wanna try some. You're gonna have to prove yourself you mentioned you want to mention you do you want to get to jockey boxes and later in terms of building them yeah what one of what is some sort of if you're sinking like jockey barks and humility you're thinking of very small man straight suit possibly. Small container. Arm in that act quite what it is although you get a lot of you know being for your buck with the Jackie backs. What is is eighty. Kind of external changer tucked cooler that you pump your beer through. In order to chill your bureau and wait for the ten so we are talking up your sheds her category leaders earlier in the summer say if you do wanna go to. And you just wanted to be able to have. In all year for single use events outside on your willing to bring the keg back in at the end and writer put it in the garage on ice overnight and just finish it over the weekend. On the jockey box might be for you she don't have to be keep the beer called only cool because you're chilling and way. On you can build peace ourselves we seldom pre assembled for about 200 dollars. I was looking at what would cost to assemble 15275. You're gonna get a little bit better than pre assembled once we have or if you have to buy and the side is the cool. So again for the same crisis a premium assembly that again we stock. Armed you could make one for about the same price and have a little bit better. So there's two options when you come to jockey Cox there's coils of stainless steel coils and aluminum shall place. Aluminum chilled plates are high density aluminum plate in the have a three sixteenths on stainless steel line that goes back in force. Just like the oil so both of them and a cooler of ice water and then as you put the beer through it shall sit down tune just above 32 degrees. Deplete tend to work a little bit better part provide a little bit more. A bomb back pressure. MC and it'll open up more flow and you can keep that your benefit it you're keeping your room temperature cool you can keep it at the right pressures he can and try to server over a couple of days and you won't lose carbonation or over carpet. The coils and have some problems with the back pressured the very colosio term pressure weighed down. As you sit there you slowly lose carbonation out of beer com. Both were cruelly while both are. Big saver on your back if your own choosing a big click talk and constantly filling it with vice. Armed and become brilliant. I use mine for. A lot of family barbecues. Having people over I loaned out to charity events all the time. And LC use it for. You know tailgating. Obviously not at the stadium anymore. Not allowed anymore at nothing to do with that and and I use it for Ehrlich hunting camp and stuff like that and it's great because they can just put a blanket over the text put them in shady spot keep them cool and not cold. In an extra one bag. You know gas station ice in their last three days. So it's really. On a big kind of tying Saber. Especially if you're doing like fishing camping trips and stuff like that. It really siege a lot of time you have one bag ice keep all your beer cold for serving the entire week. One thing I wanted to ask you Bob for getting through meat of our topic today. How do you know if some of what I heard this question asked funny know something is a craft beer it's ago as a craft brewery. Is there any sort of way that craft breweries want to. Differentiate themselves or they can play you know like no locally owned an operator or whatever it might be. Have we been seeing a lot of commercials on TV which I was. Really surprised to see him seeing a lot more. Online because my social media feeds are kind of filled. With pierce off. Com about the brewers association. For ever CEO and so the brewers association is a trade association. And what they're trying to convince their members and members to have to do this or obligated. On it but they're trying to convince their members to put all a signed and Bobble kind of stamp on all of there packaging. To indicate that they're a member of the tree association. So. On it's not a guarantee. That if it doesn't have that stamped their peers owned by you know MillerCoors her in about. So you might see appear that doesn't have that you are thinking oh no that's nightly local brewery. Yes soldier local breweries so craft beer. Com. But it's not putting label took could still be brewers association member but they're just not putting the kind of like once a union bug Paterno and the union. Onto their packaging. On the best way to know is look it up. You can go to their website and go to. Be your advocate really quaking at the background information on the beer and don't know kind of whose only and I guess that's a whole other question. If your favour local glory and we've seen this while ago he with the comments with couple others they get bought out you care. Yet that the big payday for them it could also mean kind of you know better benefits and kind of and you morgue guaranteed pay over the long run for their employees and can buy them bigger buying power as follows weicker available. You know previous beat arguably get for a bunch of different suppliers the ball at their base creams and Thompson larger amounts. Arm so. It's and it's a tough sell you know if they get that's a whole nother kind of moral question he would into another show is if a breweries bought out by InBev but they're keeping the same. Staff in the same recipes. Should protests or it would differences yeah I'm not one to really be yelled out upset about it in I guess I understand IPO people caught in one yeah. In one thing Flickr target upper trial perhaps putting more you know. Money into the you know per pocket craft brewers and how many huge hit. Big Italy and even if you look at some of the you know biggest preparers who still hold on to label. These are not you know multi millionaires. And the biggest breweries. Maybe a couple millionaires out there. But again I guarantee you absolutely none of the local operators are thinking. You know additional one person making millions of dollars or maybe even in the you know six digit. Income range so you know the sense of blue collar powered working. Business and so. When you see amber you get bought out BCC staff and team can emperors there. Arm and you know that they might be me you'll put more money and got to wonder and am I being greedy here but I only want the local craft Beers it was roughly sweat and bled over. Or might just looking for good beer made by local people you know criminal. So kind of tough moral questions. Yes there's your million dollar idea for an app here aptly be called is this a craft beer and you just like scan it. And I would say yes or no and give you the info on who owns divisions there's a million dollar different app. One more thing before we get to well over to me to on the other side of the break which is. May he bureau of Berry's dress fairies are in season and anyone that. Say a lot about that how about the fact that water. Out of taps this is something that on the extreme ends of the season we talk about in the winter the water's colder than in the summer Bob Waller is hotter. Because the water lines are of all the different temperature. Ghana and so I remembering obviously that wasn't had a scheduled most murders and the rendering a lot loggers and colds and stuff that really likes cooler fermentation temperatures so when you're chewing gum were you've been boiling it for an hour. Got a little bit of extra work to do because the tap water I think now round. Two upset and he wanted to say it's giving closest Indy five degrees. You're trying to kill appear to 65 degrees your to snack and gift. And really when you get within 1020 degrees of the tap water you relief in a slow down your chill. And so you're gonna have to do something about that and the nothing do with buys second worked chiller user management to kind of read chill your water. Palm and so I do have a second works or I'll use them both in line. On until I get down to about 150 degrees. And then I will take a bucket put back happy ice and then take the first port killer instinct it into the back at the ethnic kind of pre chills my walker turned flow rate down. Really pay attention because you're gonna get those next forty degrees fifty degrees relief fast. Com. Torture and you know obviously in the winter from Western New York. We have some advantages even covering all of our psychiatrist or in the cataloged. Left the pot my driveway Washington's I'd come back without looking anything without sanitizing anything without wasting any water. In my peers. You know close ready to pitch. Summer it's not that easy here. Gotten our basements are solely cool temperature for fermentation and so a lot of times. If I don't wanna make the run don't have an ice maker on meet the run to the gas station never ever exceed up. I'll just get it down to that 75 degrees put on the basement or put in the fermentation chamber. In lot of cooled a little bit more pitch he the next morning. On yes man could be risking. Infection. Yep but it rather have an infected beer months down the road than a full knowledge under annually aided or all of the above beer and it. And so if you're growing if you're having troubles. Ruptured steering around her running gallons and gallons of tap water right back down I think one put that out interior art. You know who will appreciate it. And to. Gives tech more chiller user bottling buck that you sheer mash tonne. And if that preach Hillard pre chilled water going in and you'll save yourself a lot of time in a lot. It back on the other side moved to making beer with raspberries that come into season if you wanna make up your prize berries or blueberries are all the Barry's we tomb. Crunch berries usually to crunch period they're never even heard from experts it's got the crunch. There is there broke her. I mean it's thicker sugar cereal Barry it's not a real you know he's captain street crept country not a post I'd I'd like Captain Crunch Berry. Blogger some consult the please contact crossing nickel on it seemed remember bad memory of deeply. Dumping lots of Cheerios and two and trying. Right. Nine under raspberry next here. Neither traditions just threw it on ESPN fifty. Actor and actress and just what has gone 1520 laws. And he's thinking about the crunch berries here. Appointment brewing with rescuers making bureaucrats there it is raspberry season. And I just saw one low and thinking for looks very good as I know you I'm still on the irony is fruit loops and what else would be good he could do it. You know cocoa puffs Porter went on frosted flake cream Al. That can you make the cream like frosted flaky kinda yeah that'll do that boats. On near I've really taking your mind and Arctic Austria and in death I'm there might be one of these coming out we have another you know it's short workweek here another weekend. Who have gone through a lot of beer seller from hunters that have opened up. And I saw there's one of the brewers is Ricardo rat it's one of the breweries. I forget which one is. The the just released a raspberry appear meteor has very sour or not sure so it's definitely in season because this is the time of year where mountain that's gonna happen so if you. Our focus our peers who are some of the New York pure project and they have it goes com. In with. It was absolutely wonderful soaker unlock important you get a chance to stop down there and tried that. On it was a truce Howard beer they didn't just pump it full lactic acid to use like to excel it's it does have us some fruit and but the fruit is kind of subtle and as bluntly salient than knows there's not a lot of farming flavor and it's just kind of the perfect. Well alcohol. And so. If you're in the air nickel and stop that I have this this past weekend. It was very good so if you're looking literally guitar appear Clinton tried that one in there and don't think they have it out about him to go to America welcome. So on a raspberries it is raspberry season and you could do with so he could do that goes on view. LL you can do. We'd be here obviously readers are gonna want coach whit. Bomb all good choices. Arms let's talk about first now you're getting all these wrestlers over the next couple weeks here we're gonna get tons of red experts sadly they're not. Balkan column and I want. So I would suggest folks to do. What I'm doing your trouble we're in freezer. And every day before the birds between when it ought to have my coffee I go out there and it's fuel for Frist first put him into the freezer. And interest letting him sit there until like fill up this heat corked. Contain hopefully. Arm. This makes little babies you always obviously go out and buy for. But the freezing will actually help the food breakdown hole but it's gonna crack the cell walls in the fruit answer kit yet more of the goodness. Arm and it kind of takes approach rocky and kind of collectible over the next three weeks here. Armed once you have all your raspberries. You're going to need to. Prep that you have to sanitize them and there's kind of two methods. The first method palm is going to be cover with one empty for ours crush them. And then take the volume and mix and sodium or potassium Matta by itself Camden Catholic pre measured four. Bomb. When you do that it's gonna pull all the oxygen out what's gonna prevent them from changing color. Or any of the cannons oxidize hooting in the cardboard you're really for you get more and that leaves. Launch earnings kind of smells off from. And then you're going to let them sit for 2448 hours and you can put them right and the beer primaries. In theory. Tag wherever you want to. On if you don't wanna use this conflict is still quite easy permanent twisting steel potter crock. Pour boiling water over top of them. On the boiling water to secure man should cool down you should still stay below a 180 degrees fuel Bob a 180 degrees. Hearing it kind of some Kuwait bleaching your also gonna get some. A term normally like 31 from what you're doing the pact in protein. On but if you can keep it cool can crush them up that should catch rights and justice fine. Bomb adding on to the beer I really preferred the primary fermentation and a lot of people see get more Roman eagle but more flavor. Out of the secondary I usually get more collar gonna get more. Reliable fermentation by put him into the prime the other big thing about putting in into the primary. I can use a streaming act. Which makes a big difference. So what I usually do is put a stream back over the market over the pot pour all my emotions now into it tie it off and just throw it into the pocket. Now I can let it's at their steepest I wanna come back MP3 kind of poke around make sure. Giving some nice flow through their. I can do that but it Meeks a whole process a lot easier. Also rape for a rank the bureau primary fermentation can put on some nitrate close sanitize social Starks and in really ring the daylights. Out of the raspberries and yet we keep seeing rats birds but this works for blueberries blackberries. Blueberries cranberries. You know wherever you might have sitting around the freezer the backyard. On. As far as how much to use. I'm always first when you're talking about the fresh fruit. Then for the batter. If you went to the just going way overboard and have captured your gravity. Contribution coming from these theories you wouldn't put something like going to switch that be a dad and Yemeni mean it would be candy like it would have. You know intense fruit flavors. But again that's not necessarily gonna be a bad thing that really comes down to how much you can keep your hands and on I did the Linda Minsk on and we did agree. Key elements and I wanna say I use two pounds of fresh raspberries. As well as four pounds of pre made puree. Arm and that wasn't over that. So you can use quite apparent the raspberries are gonna be an even if you don't in Atlanta Cassidy and if you don't. You know put in any elective back so it's ass of malt. In futures when he had a touch of park without perfecting. You know like to back close fermentation which apparently New York pure project has done. You know that's an easy cheap and give you a nice touch of sour on the the rest birds are gonna give you a little bit park on the or. And so you buy an NBA general generally agreeable. Addition to a mere yes because they have a bitter too. Bomb fruits I think the hardest routes to use in the year ones that don't count. Can opening that don't have any heart or bitter flavors because they like watermelon or something like that strawberries. You can notes. Almost no cannons almost no acid spill and journalists like water coconuts a little bit better. There's just tastes like sweetness and there's nothing to edges balance out. And so. Having a Turk fruit like raspberries. Makes little babies here you'll see a bit more for your picking effort you know when I mean in flavor. And then the last of ball. I don't ever considerate cheating. To taken extracting kind of who sows flavor at the end differentiation maybe that's why am so impartial putting it into the secondary. Is that they don't want to mess I know like I always boost to flee for later with the extract. Don't consider achieving. Column always just edit to taste to it in the bottling market to it in the attack at little tripe cattle try it never use a recommendation on the bottle. You're gonna start anywhere start with about a quarter that recommendation. On hold off. Just short of where you think he needs to be because in most flavors of sweeter flavor certain amount over so with the peer kind of mellow. That from fleet will come through a little bit more. Parent or get. She's in second for. And secondary using serial. Serial goes into the mansion or the steep if you're an extra burden that your ex stripper definitely gonna wanna use. Com or journal Greenberg wanna use a lot right holes again even if you're an extra interest beeping in your also going to want to use a little bit of peace molten there. And you're gonna need something to help come for that serial. We also sell Amelie and I've put it. If you go to try this and it looks like the start Sheen mass in the primary you can always throw Amelie send time directly into the primary. On it means. Breakdown some of your strengths and some of broker complex sugars that you created during the boil on who always stepped back up with multiple extreme leader. Hum war lactose. Drinking serial bureau B a lactose will fit in well for kind of a back sweetener. Armed but if you're giving them milky cloudy the earnest now for always and am only sense I'm directly to the primary for education. Try to catch what appears to go from a team that's that we when it breaks down those sugars. The he still has the chance to get edit in you don't cause that yet at least in the primary he can cause you know renewed fermentation. But if you're looking to meet in your current spirit blogger. Arm that's a human to Georgia criminal element I already know next week's show your coming here with five different serial beer recipes and yet Mickey good project for me like little three liter four liter brewing system. You know plus that I get all the serial and a two. Think what else we can do Coco pops Reese's he'd do it now Reese's offs pour kind of deal. There's lot of potential I think there's going to be a lot of talk match. You know get a final dress that story about the Cheerios I remember. Fellows good beer ad and now it mean if he wants who really had it it while at that like kind of a Roma and downtown buffalo. The good Romo don't come off right right. You know not when the winds always blowing you know east. But it had a good but Roma. And it really when you taste that basically can appear. You know similar to O pale ails them and it's up not a super cloudy and you know it wasn't start seeing. In the glass he accurately pricking or chatter anything like that quick it. Well that's it for us but raspberries and jockey boxes and dreams of cocoa pop pills uncle Paul via vocal pops. Opened today in open regular hours and no hole. Telling no more long we can no holidays in the near here oh in his got a couple loose amount. Armed if you wanna brewery crispy you know treat scrolls cobra yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel wonderful online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode of just who.