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It's. It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by now with traditional blue here's your host Jeremy White. Merchandise there are good afternoon good morning I'm sorry attempt. It's the extraditions just brew it here on ESPN fifteenth when Jeremy White with for diced her last week. Raspberry ice and somehow that got us to crunch berries. And Armenia McCain and I was and I feel like I took over your week we've got lots to get to what you've. Over the next three here okay is what happens so I immediately left the show it and went great to the grocery store. And picked up a lot of kids' cereal. Sadly those cereals hadn't eaten at all in vitro. So the first one I tackled was the crunch battery Lloyd jail. Armed so that was quite interest so first of all would you think of your adding a fool you all pounded the third box of cereal. You're gonna have stuck Star Trek now all floats. Just let your cereals eggs right in its deep hole for about half hour. Kudos kept in crime and then again it's argue that it just disappeared in turn the whole beer green. But it's still bear yet still be here and that there is lot of giggles while laughing we got to the end of the brew Dave. We're taking anti armor sample. We go to that I drowned out sample was really really. It had the kind of late to host the hunt meanness we came we could taste crunch berries. But the actual capping protect and a Pina toast CNET has some combination of almost like basketball and Munich and really came through the sample to work cited about. Basic. It's just starting to finish ferment. I think both a the next day your tooth so a couple of more days and walk protection racket and evident that hopefully it's that. You made solid and only have only one so far but I mean kind of busy. But I gonna make more yes iso I am looking at the fruit loops amber rail and the frosted flakes American cream okay and sinkers the wondering ago. I had told jewel while back my hometown Auburn the prison city brewing they made eight cocoa pop spear and called puff puff shift. And it was like are Coco pops Porter and it tasted like Coco pops like soul. You know you can experimental timing for forks other material don't understand is long after at a breakfast cereal beer kick. You know don't don't sleep on cocoa pops as a co you know when asked wouldn't a cookie crisp style I don't know. The flavor combinations and beginning to realize go released while others for just about I mean beeper. Breakfast cereal and you can pick out a fee for your mansion. You know. Go lucky charms are for real men don't have to meet in this. The limit early and write what they which you ultimately get to you need office pre professional partner but I think he joked. You're talking about. A dead this giddy that honey yeah really it's those. Those secondary or those like what's the term form a meaner of the specialty malts yeah but when you're when you're just. Paulson and a little bit of this little bit of that. Neighborly have these kind of you know complex. Sleepers. Because they didn't hosts an animal tested to a higher temperature higher humidity and you won a match. Based who Boeing's total but more flavor but more cannons. In which is really interested by the kind of flavor of not by accepting crimes if you reduce the white male I held often and especially multi put inflate go to put in week. You know impose term all I held off on and enemies you know biscuit or manic or anything like that still put a little bit of spice. At the end little bit of paradise. Karma on hand. We. Just little about a third of what I would normally do that when copper penny crunch Berry rumor anything like that so we'll see where this leaves. I don't think it's gonna be bad I don't think it's going to. Be a standard of very many households. Arms if you wanna come in to try equal haven't Epson. All right. To all right that's the update on the serial Beers will probably have apparently growing collection on the come on draft. You know lecture on what other colors we get a three match tease out some purple reds. Hoping merry go right so let's get the latest on not what's gone on summer draft supplies you guys are good on that. Whether it's repair parts are building. A taking system you've got everything average needs and if you're just looking to have home draft for four. All season here coming only have so many weeks slot told pre season. And you're gonna have people coming over and say if you have five France each have six Beers. That's thirty empties plus you know your two Beers tonight. Will say you know modestly to Beers tonight he got another ten MD's maybe another five or six here the next thing you know every week you're being back at trash bag full of cans and bottles that have. You don't have a chance to sit there and get sticky. And filled with bugs and really makes sour smell to them and owning kind of like a band that number goes up. You could skip all that. And give it carry things that some. And every two to three weeks you'd bring back one big sealed antique auction house stink. There's no two rips in the back here are on the way in you just exchange it for nice fresh filled called tag bring it home put on. So if you've been thinking about this it's really can exceed a lot of mass from home especially during football season especially if you're that house that hosts the football season everybody's coming over every Sunday territories bringing. You know I mean luckily hopefully bringing their own beer if not a pure providing all of appear that's a lot and these you have to deal so. The counting system to wanna save some money to brew the beer yourself. But if not just give accounting system saved a lot of empty slot amass and Cecil the greener too yeah absolutely reuse is always better than recycle and it's coming back I got given a back. It's more than just like taken him to ease back alike and they just take up so much room after a couple weeks and you know I've got. Trash bags full of bottles and cans in the basement and like you said like. We all noticed there's a little trail of beer that got out of and it's like rolling across the basement like them the remnants is. Everybody switched over like those speak like trash and recycling coats they have money evil old trash cans my old recycling bin. But I do to keep them all out in the two halves out of sight out of mind in three big trash cans in basically all of a sudden when their overflowing. I decide OK got to deal with Tony have three or four bags of ball. And these talks into the truck and you know bring him down and that's the whole afternoon project do you rate that does not just a quick you know. The root of it go. How Friday's distilled. Our rise own season we passed fuel when you we have a few we're gonna be tossing them operate them pretty much it's still if you want to Russian it was a call if you aren't. Q it's almost onto the real deal. But we're certain to get past the point in the season were won and people start to lose interest in gardening we for out of a lot of popular varieties. And I don't know if you're going to be able to build enough glucose enough. You know reserves through that planned for to make it through the winter took curling irons and so if you want some we took a couple of you screaming deal on the but I would just say set your calendar for February of next year kid on the factory orders sale. And you know given in early. I put mine in the ground as soon as I could my first Friday. In that looks like I'm gonna get couple ounces I'm really surprise and I have to say this is not the first time I've grown ups. Arms to probably be about. Eighth time and I'm planning to perhaps between my house friends' house changing out cops at my house. Yen to. This is my biggest boom yup we are rolling nice wet spring with a lot of you know bright sunny days in between. And he really took off so. For your arts and they also got him in early he should probably be getting a first terrorist to money not the you know the right all facets of your looking for yet but it'll still be something to play the next year. I'm expecting a whole hell lot right now. Even a couple of success here meanwhile on the hops train cry our house are going to be coming in this week I got an email. Last night that said they are in their packaged. And the ones coming from LB Carlson are going to be put on our next order so we should be expecting him and to stairway insane not exactly sure. When there. You know comment. Arm if you wanna know exactly when their comments and for the email news. Are we can get too quick and email newsletter too wrapped in to me have little soft like this election now. Hum but we're gonna have a couple varieties coming from old team we have more coming from Kraft leader on the we're gonna have cascades that true. Equinox mosaic and some co champion in the middle of the week. And for those of you who. Haven't been excited and just waiting for this trial opt whose wife CH promoting it for almost a year with nothing actually to sell to Austin which is you know one way to panic. Kick the you know taste buds celebrating but Eaton the where he's from soon. So there are hurt the extracted hop loop one. She can get any of the bitter flavor you're only gonna get the fruity. And Melanie flavor out of topped the American union but after trying to create. And in the East Coast right here in New England satellite PA and you want to peak for par without the bitter. These are due for an option two and a lot of money to. To sign up for the newsletter she can find out stuff like this anti homered outcome. The key link his tight lid on yeah how tough lightly red army solo on your email address and and you can get the latest. Not just on this but on future. Announcements and things like that and we won't Spaniard took so cry I'll hop to get him notification to bury me in crunch period here we won't name. -- them but it's if you missed this last week we talked jockey boxes craft brewers seals. Chilling working hot weather and a rise berries which would make you girls raspberry is it's ultimately got a sunset. The crunch berries wide Allan Robertson obvious serial base spears out wanna give back a different kind of brewing it's it's funny you mention this because. I I'd been thinking about this if you wanna try your hand at. Kampuchea yeah how do you say it by the way. Cam people sick and I think come on blue chip on to like people. Local this say Kampuchea even though it's KOM. Combo chip. Whatever it is I wouldn't consider myself an expert on currency options northern making they have done it once or twice two minute don't have an active Scobee going at home rink now. Arm. Only get back from the break we can explain. Abuja fifa Kobe. Very popular right now you can make it tasted this good and it's more drinks that are made for you by Michael. That's next on just. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need. The Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military into I don't wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brewed dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. Back here on a night traditions just ruined. Point so you wanna make come boot show. Possibly open saying it wrong I've had had more time than it probably set right in my life Gerri what protester here and used in fifty point all right so. And he is something you've done and I we aren't a couple of times we've touched on. Need wine beer. What else we touchdown like and things that you can ragged yeah our we've been all over the map and we've never blunt and I Campbell which is just yet. Yeah there's been popular furlough while on. I get one of the reasons that I decided to practice today just to warn anybody who's listening. We you're out of the scope starters and he had enough people coming in this week there was just like annaly you know we have. Three customers overall doing boot just so. Com. You know maybe we should talk about it on the solo. On so it's becoming very popular me peace is quite easy. Arm and so what is computers usually a key base average. Armed where your having a bacteria to the bacteria sour slightly. Arm that Sowers in the bat late hopefully on the Sowers and a good way that he can think that you thought tart flavors. Kind that you would expect in the current or in need soured the year to think of kind of like warhead. Lemony like Turks. Com. It's open for meant that took the same time years both to get beat bunch of food while micro support and might seize Siegel actor. The Scobee culture itself is whether other things in my team year elected not only Ager digestion but also provide certain nutrients that you can't process yourself. It's fairly easy to me and so it's become. Point popular to meet cute at home on and we kind of ended up. On the command chief trainer because we have all the equipment are ready so you have some old home numbering equipment. Especially small batch stop this is going to be creek primary purpose fort if you started out was one gallon beer making him move down five you still have the two on marketer. One gallon com collapse chart you can use this to me com. Your computer and so we've seen a lot of people coming in looking for Scobee wide mouth last tournament her she's clocked speaker racking equipment. Bottles and yes we apple stuff. On and so let's start with how you make it the first thing the union to me is a batch of and iced tea. You wanna start with how water. And boil the water mixing sugar soon searched the cooldown on this at different temperatures based on different preferences of how can a computer you want me when he entered the in Angola the audit cooled down to room temperature. Arm in Sweden and obviously use the natural sugar because you need to feed the scope. So once you have this now like chilled sweet he and Adam by children in the room temperature on your gonna wanna enter Scobee. Now the Scobee is. Bacteria. On and respect urea lights to kind of the flock it's term homers are used to to each other kind of graft in the meat beat colonies. On and so what's gonna start now usually when you could culture is looking like flotsam and jet some kind of similar to. Vinegar marker but you know little more consistency. Than years yeast that usually sees what's gonna and clump together that look like it's not that what I'm trying to say here and that's OK okay he put it in the air in its gonna grow into a bigger piece this. You usually what you get is a large like hockey puck work at a pancake shaped culture deacons are oh. In and fill the top of the from man to. Who you put that in there you wanna put in some bin occurred about five to one as well. With the banners gonna do is panic kick the PH down while Scobee has the chance to grow remember we talked about during the Olympics war in L com. Doing like a wise old. Fermentation war mashed power. We talked about bringing the PH down below four point fives week in an Indian. Bad bacteria you know pop slows them coal like you're doing the same thing he wanna take about five to once if you have five parts T if you that you know. Two and half cups and money add half a cup of distilled the kicker PH down. You put your scope Ian in their regular audits it from 65 to 85 degrees com for anywhere from seven days to thirty days. So you're just starting out you have a small sample culture you're doing about a half Gail and start your probably going to be closer to thirty days. When you have culture going have a big scoping and there once a week you can drain out half of your sweetened tea. On you compact flee Britain if you want to talk about that in a minute. Armed and and you just add that scene Parton never usually take more than an effort to inserts fresh T minus have been anchor back into it. Ian and it will sour in Twain says the the idea is to you some of that liquid. It's in the air it's the same with with the third with in the initial culture you can keep rolling that's for years. On to a search of other microbes. And it starts to kind of get a little kind of consistently for two. But what you take off. You can inflate Beck's weakness he's an effort to it you can add more fresh key on. In you can also harboring in the policy it'll open the solo look more sugar. Carbonite to what you would be year but once he searched the carbonation one unit in to the refrigerator. Because it's still produce CO2 room temperature actually down so it doesn't create a bottle then. But it's kind of interesting project to do and if you're somebody who and you know. Into recess. If you're going to feel like generally bleak future going to pick up in all. Pint sized bottles of the solve complacency is awful lot of money and some time right. You know making yourself and that doesn't mean in America by its belly US near you beat me appear that doesn't mean we don't buy I hear anymore. We despite weirder pierce. And on not as much you might not save as much as you do on beer boy you might save more whole bottle mean camp from which is expensive now. To buy it Bobble Bobble on really all you have to pay for the future via the Scobee cultures are kind of expects. On because they take so long to culture because it culture kind of a funny way with you simply you know torture water plenty of oxygen. Boom 48 o'clock hours later you quadrupled to a number of cells in easy. Specter doesn't fast. So it takes a little bit longer plea for agriculture and it's a little bit harder Q. You know mass produce so the culture hurled a more expensive than you're used to for yeast Ortiz 35 dollars. For scoping through white laps as our primary supplier for. On but we get a lot of takers. And the price you have a little bit over they think it's from 35 dollars us for Altria for alternate view that might be packed up and you can make it lasts for how long. Ever forever forever and now if you wanna look soft and also if you if you don't wanna. You know foot the bill for your own starter culture and have a friend in you know they have a Scobey that you can like you can literally cut apart. They're scope either marker. And you can take a chunk of that and you and you set to start yours. And if you can take some other starter but if you take outlook for fourth of their starter liquid. That replaces your finger you're just adding key you're worried into the mix and you know. And required cultures and sought that you would. You can open from and that's. It's actually not surprised to close from. Usually people to go with the chief cloths and rubber band on the top of the on from hunter because you want what Scobee and it's a robot needs a little bit of air. You won a lot of pre does it smell itself to be to to be fermenting in I don't know. Oh my my history with this is my cousin Aaron. When she looked across the hall from me. In our apartment she was in two way ahead of she was making it perfectly happy with that being at her apartment and her side of the hallway. So that I didn't have any of those bugs in my apartment where I'm making beer and wine. On. Don't think it's she had a lot nicer house. That's covering something up. But it it doesn't seem to create any off flavors more than that the two would itself. Opponent that how bigger the batches in what size from the people who per gallon bucket so you know you wouldn't use your you and you get up but some performance or one yeah yeah we have one gallon from interest or white government her on the scene with the the bustle and wanna say about six inches. Arm so if you need to remove the Scobee to clean now about or something like that it's gonna be really easy. I usually people take about half of that output after new fresh peace and retired had to musical. Crawler works you know sweet tea. Menu horror you know takeoff grow our port afresh grower and put it back into an area. Not being hit by light again light display can appear one UV kills microorganisms. In two it will really change the temperature of ever so even broker air temperature seventy degrees is your condition. This vessels during a lot light it's gonna you know. A lot warmer. And so anything leave out some. Shall beer wine try to keep it it's on arm but also include. When it comes to the wiggle room here you say if the schools from the 65 to 85 as the Scobee have. Is it much more forgiving me for yeast it seems like your window is smaller based on the distribute it to one that the big event is a bacteria is that picture movements. Don't think Scobee Specter camp but the key consultants floating column which keeps them. Now a lot Cooper if you start for inpatient. On it's usually because he's fifth crashed out early so you have small drop in temperature. The yeast weren't able to metabolize anymore in the beacon fluctuations they fall to the bottom it no wait hold themselves back companies the fermentation to the temperatures get warmer they don't start from NT. And and the numbers probably. You know especially during around here in the winter Nicole Smith says that does happen but you know from entering the basement seventy degrees hole that temperature for the first 24 hour. And all of a sudden drops appeasement temperature 55 degrees 48 degrees in the winter. In these crash course if you call us who we tell him to his move back upstairs wants tickets won just store back up. And then these will be back up there will be back up in the nutrients smoltz from anti. On Scobee keeps itself there. So say if you were going to week veep week vacation and you didn't want to you know they hate somebody you come over feed my Scobee. Because he got to keep beating Ecuador and quite disease city's east. You can just put in the refrigerator that's where you would probably wanna put a hard cap on so you don't get a lot of evaporation. And that's actually I wanna talk about one thing I've had a profound problem with with the computer is evaporation whenever doing an open fermentation and stuff like this. Especially since we go from air conditioning. 2 year old central heat in the winter. You who end up with really dry here to watch out that doesn't evaporate so even if you're not taking from it. He still might need beauties of money need to check panic that we need to rock them off. Because it's gonna start. To check and the levels checked up on an Internet growing any molds and on the top or anything like that. But other than that it's really easy to get a strong culture at the you know. At a good low PH who shouldn't have any infections are normal and on top of. Then we've only got about three minutes left here so. And he thought that we had and the other stuff planned but maybe just cannot. Wrapping up kept you can boot show as the media you know back to appear we carry we candidate just you know and I know you're talking about anybody ever answer real up there. What's your computer. I mean I usually don't put starches known or you see high biscuits line mussina passion fruit ray is bigger by Jim you're trying to do this raspberries or just you know no comments would be good time. Com. Are there any fruit flavors in to work pretty well you can really mix it around with the keys. That you use as well and again the temperature which are soaking Kia. I haven't seen a lot of people in cold group. Palm one of the reasons you'd wanna stay away I think from Colbert to associate producing some type of like distilled. Ehrlich Helen really filtered water is you have chlorine used you know a lot of other stuff that might be coming from fight some. Medals that Solder flocks or something like that arm but your all slow. Waterborne my you as well so if you boil the water kills microbes from the chlorine. And that's going to be better for you just click in your beer. So. Everything you need to know about come to a chair right there you guys tell supplies except for urgency due to do here at work this out now out of the scope before now. But you'll get it you'll be getting it back and others in the senate for the newsletter at home account. The crunch berries white ill will that be on tap out yes or miss I'm not drinking whole keg of this by myself are probably gonna get a growers well. And I think opiate probably go pretty yes. You know we have like yes beef for new yeast or something like that people come in the try one out Michael naturally good bluntly you know. Current note Saturday east and you know maybe they pick it up when we do something weird. On the store. He's there. People are actresses. They like is that this is something's very interesting. You wouldn't want prequel carrier itself. When the recent flight jumped on this is because. I have the penalty to put it on the app at work yup and so I can get rid of more than I can for myself so. If you wanna try. This experiment without going there yourself or maybe you're gonna turn into an all breakfasts here over on either way. You that are coming in trying to appear or roper so. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel wonderful online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just for.