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It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional route here's your host Jeremy White and work diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight positions just threw it has been fifty point your way nicer through morning good morning. Well it's it's exciting time of year for a lot of reasons Maria last we talked about zero I've used here and work your state ranks US fears. Plenty to get to bought. Our company Entercom are stationed just launched of beer gear now game time Al fromm. That you know aircraft spears thing and all that is such a big deal that now radio stations may appear apparently Arum but I Hamburg brewing is doing you know the guys in Hamburg pretty well yeah so. It's it's a beer yeah. And I can tell us like I had a little bit of the problem communal little but it input in the process and I think there should be some sort of like. Like fantasy football is you pretend to be GM and you put together a team and they win and your titans that's. I mean like fantasy brewing I do a lot of in the seat it's and I used the tenth tees. My brother a couple other employees this week and it turned them around to doing the same thing in what I would do is I would start pulling up upon two recipes. And in some type of pouring calculator spreadsheet. And I would start putting these years to gather in in because they would give you kind of an idea of the the final product you'd have a look at these ovals that potential teams here and pairings of you know. You know based malts and busting balls if collar work trying to fit in certain Hopson poll while to mount Nittany blocked over. Ought to get the repairing amount in the new kind of pick one of the couple fancy Beers don't you put your dream team together and critical problem and then. You know pick the one you were. Oh and then like if you're doing an informant individual beer standpoint I I feel like so many different comparisons I think of how the military gets a plane government says like we need to plan the can do this and then all these companies trying to build that point. For this game time help with the idea was. I lot of beer that people will like to drink that tastes like craft beer that taste good you can drink one or two. Or several. Like a little right to the pale right exactly do drinkable LL. And you know went on the first time I had a chance to test it like this is okay this is good initially it was a red wasn't Appel oil. And then over time we got tweaked in yes so there's a game time LL I'll bring one in next week. Because I thought we had in the building but we we don't right now sobering went for you next week and I had a taste in heavy give your view it pretty got to take. Drinking and hampers a grace up at their tropical Villa the root pale oil that one was has been really great this summer but suits all hot weather and it kinda is. On the very similar to what I've been making myself there's lot of new hops with these new tropical our passion for Mellon flavors. Arm I wanna try to new crops they also want something that I can go through fairly fast. In the summer so I've been doing a lot of extra pale ills and small batches at trial in the new. And hoses can say about it anyway. Her ability that's you know that's it he'd it's very easy actor during this time on the that a couple is cool please here. Which you know can you make a preacher you normal Summers so. And we haven't really had a normal summer as far as whether we haven't having cool days ago back some of the bigger stronger Beers. Arm so we've really utilized these light. Pale now and never was a lot of people ask me like what's my fear beer and the answer is I have no idea how Richard picked up. I feel like the more you know about the year the more you tried Beers harder questions yes I am people who don't drink a locker actor don't group. Told to ask yet if you like I PA's so that's what is your feet for pop. Media can get three up on him and our bond of at the moment but I get relief they all you know. The guy I lost out of your herself. No idea. Combine different abide by senior one I'll buy it tries I know a couple of like. On yet it comes down to what kind of mood of mind and for football in organ closer to football season will talk about this surely ruin your older what kind of beer approved for a nugget it's going to be hit with lot of people in jail cells that Basil and apple that bitterness and so you spicy food. It's not going to and back down and clear that you know very good so. Cool look forward on shelves and the people around the station here pretty sediment that and we like support local breweries whether it's Hamburg or resurgence and other do they got their big. Guys are so they're doing. The dude hate cancer counselor hosting that event. On if you're Perot they still have some spots available for entries so what you do is to bring Downey tag or 55 balls that go through all that she bring down a fight in combat to appear. You're donating it on you sit there you serve it to people you talked about it to the people trying it. And they vote on their favorite beer and whoever gets the most votes at the end of the days is totally judged. Just by a kind of proud. Ends up winning and so corporate route doesn't really Bruce dial or you only really weird Pearson's might beat the competition for you but they also neared. Your judges so if you wanna judge who show up with a 25 dollar donation. To benefit the leukemia research. And come to resurgent burning Saturday August 19 at twelve noon. And 25 dollars that door and your beard judged. It's kind of like the taste of buffalo kind of set up where. You if you're judge where you get the taste of mall and a new right don't you like and it's based on that you come out like BJ CP guidelines now judging competition just a flat out. Which one did people that came like the best yes which is cool music journal barely gets an older assailant now. First time I showed up says I brought a traditional English mild nobody knew it was just. Kind of got surpassed by a belief a coconut pineapple beer and appear being poured through the funnel of cocoa beans. So if you have a little bit of you know a stroke show. With your peers that you can do their little bit of showmanship to kind of show off the flavor that might help account. Mission like this to. They're good. Which look at the schedule check on the nineteenth who have got going on and that looks like in my work via the Premier League season starts in on my team plays that morning saw the due dates cancer. 25 dollar donation to benefit the team your research. Two resurgence brewing it's Saturday the nineteenth at noon so still spots available for brewers measured drinker. Dude up. Any updates on supplies. We're talking we talked last week about trial hops those are in. In we have to sell sheet that we've we've learned everything we could learn from them from the manufacturer. One week later do you know anything more about community sort of feedback. Comparable to keep that one thing that we didn't get at a time that we are kind of surprise is who we were looking in not tennis sell seats didn't have a faster time. And so. I had actually not handled much of it myself and so we got out of the show last week I went into work and circuit picking through goes. The L fans that is pulled over. It's part the extraction ops we are worried about the sustainability. Along with Lance and packaged it has it doubled the often absent. The eighties you know normal Pulte types ops was going to be OK it's going to be shelf stable. But it also you're trying to keep clean bitterness this is also an release. So not just for. Finishing in Roma which is where they. They're really sold hops and where they kind of pointed to two and all the cells heaps but once we actually got it in house. A lot Belfast and not sure were were gonna interest to try it out. I was you know talking about making a light pale oil to try to get something on but I think. To go for fall and PA with crack. Wonder why they didn't decide to go all out like that whether focus on the one. Mystic the one end of reverses you know that's what people are excited about that's the kind of the run and will say. And I think that's where homer certain it's not spending most of their dollars and commercial perverse to. Dollar that they don't have to. If you can look on the Colbert talkers and the other such easy exit like commercial pepper to answer kind of able to match up some of that. Process especially from those petroleum. Tree house their merger on forums a lot into you can. See what they're talking about you can get a camp and try to keep it can those two players. It ends up in the long run that home burst trying to get this intentional. Fruit punch in their beer and the throwing in we're talking about. Both pound is crazy. Ten ounces you're giving Kynan normal. On in that slot we're talking about ops that are meant cheap apartment mosaic galaxy right it was haven't stopped that three dollars. Four dollars an ounce practice your two dollar ounces of cascade and Columbus east to be traditional. Armed if you announce its spending thirty dollar shouldn't mention the costs here going. On. To get hot to you want to finish. At mile three dollars at 350 announcement double the potency. In you should also be much more abstraction so you really shouldn't be using I think. You know half as much might be using there're. To try to get the scene flavor has received a lot of money insolvency due appear to be you don't have. Half a pound plant matter like you know crushed leaves basically if you have never group sitting in the top your fermenter soaking up your beer can be wonderful flavor but also taking away Samir beer so that lasts. You know plant manager gonna put in the air the more bureau moral quicker and get in the long. Aren't. Great. Crowd pops in now and deterrent cascade. Mosaics and go soon has him on the equipment. All right very good. So before you know any else winemaking as well we'll certainly get a lot of people coming into winemaking in a lot of wine makers you know home here and say especially online that they wish they could get the advice that poll numbers yet. Now numbering so popular with the load of literature. And the lode of information that you can sourced from other copies on line ought to your whining picture in your looking for that. You must have found a cumin and hired tradition we all make wine as well we don't talk about let me be as much on the radio show person because there's not much. Interest in it right now. Com the week you have a lot of information all in one place we have a good section. Tried and true literature unlike me in some kind of new reports third inning and the real technical aspect of it. It's well some kind of armchair reading and give you the basics and we also have all the equipment in place of your going. With one gallon batches of line from something harvesting from the back yard. Or your buying you know Galen bunking down under gallons from local markets replace like attitudes are great. We have known pressures that go down from four leaders all the way up to fifty gallons. So if you wanna crushed fifty gallons agree tall ones. Andrea fermenter ranging in size from one gallon all the way up to fifteen more. So if you're a winemaker in your looking for one stop shop to get both your equipment. Injured traditionally been the best prices out there. You know stop in two nighter tradition or this up online ticket prices ask this question a minute commute tomorrow. All right. And regular schedule nothing new for awhile on the until Labor Day you guys are open Saturday's. 211104104. Monday through Friday eleven to seven. Let's get a break and we'll come back we'll talk about. Colin wide use of pompano from something you pat on the slate correctly beats him. On why do you go home or your. Well your general purposes. My I don't know how old or wise that's up next here and actresses just threw it here on ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just Pruitt which means either you're home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition homer was your source for everything home brewing. Dual sided give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in tunnel on open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brew dot com Snyder tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew. Welcome back here tonight efficient just threw it gets in fifteen point your white guys are all right so. How and why to use a home that is our. Topic does your the meat of our show today. And so. Pompous something the most numbers don't happen for a long time. There were pumps available for commercial upper too so. An old world commercial during gravity was a peak limiting factor if you look at old breweries especially before electricity. Before like in line autumn like rotary pump. They would be theory hall. Buildings and the reason for that is that. Gravity or it is for doing all the work to move stuff up her down the brewery. Arms so when you want to get the water and you wanted to get the green up you would literally. Use a horse power cream winched. To poll the green up to the top floor and you do horse power on to slowly we you'll water up to the top floor of the cut what thirteenth. Would be in the top floor. The outer part of the rings that kind and nice. The water wouldn't float down. Into the match room louder and then it would code down. To the cattle for an occasion facilities would be under that and then if you had any can. Positioning space it would possibly be under ground in yet again forces were moving. That beer pot a robbery and there's a lot of traditional English spurring companies. That do this by choice one that I were once was cook or remembering company and and they had you know capture for their horses. They have a couple thoughts of on. And they still brought fresh casts around town every morning by horse here. And so you knew. When the bureau is being delivered to your horses walking down streets I was new and most famous commercials yes yes it and don't think blogger Budweiser being well put Bill White horse and I think that's what they want amend McKenna. That's it that's the tradition yet that they're trying to get it and it does still exist police. And again those courses for you know keep the rhythm motor. Of the the ring company in the were often times fed panel looked over green and stuff like that that was coming out of the you know a lot of pampering company. Bought poems kind of changed. Everything. Armed the luxury to kind of move water and then Wharton you know horizontally up round into an author building. Really was kind epic game changer off for brewing companies. Not only did it kind of reduce the Wear on the back of the poorer and and the backs horses as well. On but it also changed that be your it'll also improved appears he'll kind of off flavors from the mess and reduce some of those but also improved the efficiency allowing us to get. More liquid out of their cattle and more sugar out of their match. On so as a home ever will say a pompous can implement those filthy topped your purchases if a lot of other things he should probably be looking yet. His times papers such as a checking system which we are a lot if you're gonna bottle bottle washer stuff like that easy primary fermenter fermentation. Chamber. All these things I would say he should have for you should look at the pump but after all Greenberg and have all these other gadgets. And it's just kind of nowhere in your back on and all including the start Iraq yeah advocate. The match hired and your cattle get hot liquor higher than the man so now you have a table maybe. Three our courts to set up. And you have this kind of tiered system mimicking those in whispering companies in order to get everything down the you have to physically lift up there. It's it's. Homer started using pumps insurgency a lot of these horizontal. Systems east people top setup colts like Patterson of the Whitman we EC's. Or towers at the wrongly two stages. In pumps release what allowed you to do that. So the first thing you can do with the pump as you can begin to re circulate your man. By re circulating in match gonna give yourself better efficiency injured and have more room temperature for. We always say the you don't want to stir occurring in the recent you don't wanna do that is one you're gonna kinda disturbed. The kind of grainy war filter that you made which romance so all that rain is sitting there and it's collecting. It's particles slowly stratified throughout the match so that when you poll the ward off the bench it's nice and clear. Will history disturb all those layers and you put all the solid back into the water. You can re circulate the water from top the you're moving them all tools around. Your increasing the chances am Lisa and sign running into starched and turning it into sharper. Also keeping the temperatures and a stirring it with Al creating friction between the green. This relief in your view those forecasted in kind of overly panicked. Years literally. Husky bitter flavors. On and that really allowed to get better efficiency from the opera I would say. Five to 10% jump. In giving a pump and efficiency. On injure also see a lot. Of more control after trying to do release and Beers you're trying to do you know pierce for your release. I using your master and control your you know finishing gravity these are especially true on pierce on the lighter and of gravity. Com. The pumps relief and help you out. I'm sure and you keep even temperatures and you keep everything circulating. And reduce your chances of stocks barge. When you go to finally open up the national. On it's also gonna help you in the catalyst while the the other thing you see in here a lot of poll numbers to its whirlpool that you can do that if you. He would and they were super paddle and you try to be really relieved temple on but it Saturdays upon. And all you do is you start to chilled Beers or succumbed down he pulled out the bottom and then you put it in the top. Piecing ninety degrees this site to create a world what happens as. All the salads and up down at the bottom of a fermenter answered sitting there coming impacted. They're pushing water out its beer. And that means you're giving a little bit more liquid in your leaving more silence so more mass behind in the cattle not in the torment her to kind of start. You know blowing up. All over the ports. So that's what upon it she didn't now comes the difficult part you gotta I pumped and you gotta hook it up. And they're not all be elders a lot of different ones out there member of the kind of focus on the three that hole number kind of use and that is the on tiger pump which would be will say the standard. The new important and rip tide. End the war Clark. Through a couple of advantages and disadvantages. To both let's first talk about the motor so on the marks pump and and the arms are marked torture pomp and arm people with me and pump they have a brushed. Non sealed bearing motor. So that means that the motor has to be you can change to pump. Head seeking change were inlet now what are at the pump really should be opera. In you're gonna have to oil about once a year depending on how often you Bruins definitely once before the first use. That's fairly easy they are also kinda noisy. You know they have a peek. And polls and air the cool summits waltzing of these rushes in a creepy motor they meet a lot of noise. Which is. Not too from a lot of other things making noise and you know most Bruce set up. But they also require that kind of dealing maintenance and that orientation. Now if you look at like the war heart pump that uses EDC Russell smoker similar to a motor you'd find in mostly power tools cordless drills. That means there's no maintenance and it's a lot quieter you use a little bit of flow little blip pork. But it's a lot quieter a lot less maintenance does have an external power supplies similar to an old laptop. Yeah this kind of you know brick power supply the comforts obviously the 120 EC and twelve full PC. For the motor. Arm but again a lot quieter. Oh. You have the charter pumped it's a standard pretty simple. You have the Blackman a time in the work hard all have half inch MPT fittings. But people with men the hat is it trying clamp fitting. Is well as it has a pressure release though and it went that allows you to do is bleed out any ear that's building up in the pump had. And allowed skewed to prevent any capitation in losing flow. So normally when you hook up upon news of your liquid coming in and in the and you need to have water coming out and you want that either be horizontal. Up in a lot of Perot would put in its second port pierce of the beacon bleed off any year if they keep Annie in the system. On the bulletin handset and it's kind of Paul kept importantly see liquid but the teppco in your flowing down. So whenever you buy it popped are all about a 150 dollar and one of the a couple of minutes a 109 the year 175. Somewhere in the air a little bit more than your average pump. You're gonna have a lot of fitting suit and wanna part you're gonna need to have fittings come out of your match on cattle. On that usually something quick connect to resell CPC's. Arm as well as supporting quick connect which we really like there's also. You know if you want to have the look of commercial ring company you can get mini cam blocks and you can give me any trite clamps out of air. But either way you're gonna need two sets of fittings for human Ashton. To get the water in and out injured in need to set to fittings for your cattle if you wanna use it bears while the other and now and sometimes depending on the fittings you buy. They are actually gonna be the bigger perk to. I went with the CPC to remind her system I wanna say was about a 108 dollars. With stacks has been a 150 dollars one pump I got the charter pump fear I would go with the standard and go with what most perverse or using. And I also want with the CPC which are not is common. And the US. Home boring but more common in New Zealand Australia. Like that their plastic a lot of people they are and they're gonna Wear it's yes. But they don't need clothes to handle on when their 212 degrees taken to comedians. On there insulated. So that's a big damage is policy have stopped toxin as well so that means I don't have to play with my fault valves. Between flow. In the other seniors in need even if you plan to just to host Barbara quote marks you're gonna need one extra ball wealth. To control the flow coming out of a pump if you try to control flow coming out the match turner coming up the title here creative vacuum which is that a poll. Gas out of appear enemy capitation. Going to lose. So there's a couple added cost with the pump they are big back sabres are kind of had eighteen get hooked up the all the lines are right links. On I initially hard cloned. With stainless steel pipe I will never do that again. Wallop looks great and for the first couple times using the word easy. Cleaning it was an SOB. And as soon as I want to change up my match on backed mailed matched on nothing. So I had to. Coach you first greeted post. And then I went to silicone host I would advise workers to go rate this'll almost and skip over the paraded. I haven't had any of these problems appalling the so called host to such a vacuum Horry collapse. And I have debt that is at play at times. It seems like all I mean you're given a lot of information here a lot of this might lead to a couple follow up questions fix things so so people come to store you think you can. Is it easier to help in the demonstrated you can visually show people the differences in like what. Well the alternatives are have them all set up on a shelf you can show how we set our sup with the simple set up in how we clear. On any era out of our system. Com. It's definitely something I would advise kind of doing a lot of research for eco hatton to the pump actually I would say while there at the nice features and the bullet meant. Released parts function and reliability they called just about equal. A bomb person because they'll use some parts. But the really I think it's gonna be tedious as how your hooking it up your current system. In how we're planning to clear out that year so what we did is we just changed he or inflation number that we put it up. So if we he have any airing system naturally flows up in out. Com. Don't see why everybody doesn't do that but everybody's not mean I like that it works easily for me. On you do see some people putting another Papelbon they're particularly for bleeding out airstrip he dealt coming out of the pomp. One controls the flow in one mistress of the leader line vehement near the system. I just go with the corporate orientation so liquid comes in the bottom goes out the top players flow rate up not a systems are critical backwards. All right. How to use upon wide use of home and you asked me if this with him off national orange show that's alive but apparently there's a lot in there. All right that'll do frost were back again next week. And plans for next week it's national media so we actually do have some plan I was gonna talk a little bit which talked about mean making general last national need day. The national media will giving too fast meat making kind of in the new school of mutiny and that is next week we'll see yeah. Then here on Niagara traditions just brewer. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.