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#78 Crew Chief Cole Pearn with Dave Buchanan

Aug 6, 2017|

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Sitting here with the crew chief orchards Jeter COLT on a native of Ontario Colin is just felt like a home game treaty of a lot of fans friends and family come down from Canada for the straits. We do I mean you know pretty close home so that slamming at some guys fingerprints on top spot and you know that's my other friends on the mixture. How was the seventy car qualifying today we've missed a little bit still the amount that result so hopefully including better experience. I'd you guys certainly did hit it this year out with the stage points and playoff points what is. The summit hey what you think this works so well between you and Mardy has it taken up these last couple of seasons. Ours continue to get better as team man we. Got very similar personalities and is really able to continue to improve and I'm places we've been in just try and always get better. And it's it's certainly been a long way since I see you race at the 2006 US open at Lancaster speeding in a late model. You believe where you've come from here in these last downtown eleven years since joining a furniture row. Dads definitely surprised I'm until. You know. So similar in its glorious thing in just happy BO do full time we looked they Umar and I think it.