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Do you play here you'll learn how to make your own beer. It's time for just grew once you buy now with traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White. Dye Easter. Good Saturday morning welcome to Niagara traditions just ruin on ESPN fifteenth wanting today's the day for the dude he cancer. For surgeons at that moment. But. Power hood jurors are German white protester what's up doing good doing good. Staying cool we thought we are going to fall there and then it got hot again got out of real kind of screwed up my gear and say yeah that kicked every single tag on the same night all three taps. Dead of course before you realize this next article logger in fermentation chamber now what's really warm on just sitting there. Staring at the weather reports there might locker something's got to give him more beer and now. We do have the crier hop IKEA and tap their work is walloped the crunch theories white male. Such as Iran is still green notes Acker it anymore to change color in the secondary as soon is a lot of these salads dropped that also. Loss neck and collar and more normal one option and is it tasty. We have eternity alone commands so usually the sockets on Friday night in and we end up. You know. Wrecking so Saturday afternoon the and a nice long day. We usually go to the decorator and has he gears trial hopman tasted yet. The crowd op has been cases and Napa last Friday and you know served on Saturday. Really juicy while people are really happy with the results. We do to be you know eaten half percent right PA. On. And little bit of regrets there re 31 attorney in new beer. Armed with that so common during the IPA we can entry all that ourselves on giving trying to adapt and grow top lawyer. Now parents owed try to two Beers and why are also winless Whoopi talked about harvesting crops. Home hop growers are starting to flowers what to do have to wanna get. Information on that you can find any episode on demand at W shares website or at ESPN 5020s whips out and they also checked mine for a came in today they're starting to seize some nice development. So if you have opt out there in the are established chances are you have some topsy works out all right. So to keep in mind if you want Rosen the whole show that is on the meant. Memorial Day is on the way you guys are closed on Memorial Day so that's a Sunday Monday that you will be closed up to Leo long weekend there so if you are planning to Peru on the longer we can save me yesterday mountains are not immoral in my bed. Labored. It's the end of summer right via. That's the part that's right Labor Day checking my calendar they were able to. Aussies memorial days and it's not the holiday yeah Memorial Day everybody's excited about Labor Day really got a liver failure of the sort of football season. And so you know it loses can closer. All right so close on Labor Day so keep that in mind as your scheduling and on to pick up your supplies whether it's. Draft kept upon taps picnic taps in a football season we I know you guys talk a lot about. Bringing your beer out to tailgate seeking agreement the bills lots which can bring him into private lots and stuff like that so. My hours are about a few caring system you can always felt some pop bottles and it makes it really easy to stroke in the recycling bin before you go home grips and new ones before the next weekend. Arm but if you are having people over your house we would hi Lisa just address system. On the kind of get into this book and hazards of having a lot of different. In a beer bottles especially the ones only have about an intro to appear ultimately around her house on Monday morning personally wants to clean that stuff up on Monday morning before work. So comment get a draft system you'll have one glass for every gases from in the dishwasher at the in the night and Erica. And today marks the start of the the only day of the duties cancer resurgence brewing. Which is a cool event for them I'd I was talk about some my wife I've never been to this event. She has been she'd raved about is those tunnel fawn I think a lot of gold. My question to reverse its. It didn't check before I came initiative calls over their last selling product they have tickets so if you call accuse him and I am I know summer of eleven in the door. Area try. All right called C they've got tickets by today at noon at resurgence 25 dollar donation to benefit leukemia research. And blood that it is buffalo doubt the dude it's cancer. Dot com you were not only going to be drinking beer you become a beard judge forgot to your opponent in the cast and the winner. And then you'll see that your effort there early yet you have to think about style guidelines used it to go and say. Did you and Asian and the crunch period a year when the perfect thing to enter it would have been the right kind of appear for this kind of competition via I feel like since we talked about it there. Did you end up making that are you still thinking about that still thinking about it now so looking at the fruit loops haven't opened the bomb. Democrats agreeing yep oh either solo. As has the crunch period L moved to closer to the fruit loops. It has and it hasn't because while the crunch burial went really well with surprised at how well the mash one to meticulous stocks arts. It also kind of tight up my equipment so now the man sitting in three dead caps I feel like I need to get three. Regular Beers on tap before it start. You exotic. Nine well if you wanna try pierce like that again buffalo dubbed due dates cancer. Dot com for information on tickets that today so if you're wide open today I could maybe had done a resurgence and not donate money for leukemia research. Also before we get to this the topic of the day which I'm thrilled about by the way so there's you'll tees that. The guys are full service winemaking shop ordering him to winemaking season as well that anything anybody needs stop fine Sutton. We haven't from barrels to one gallon fermenter. From from processes somewhere 55 gallons to one all the way down point four leaders we have everything you need for wine making so giving. Into that this fall futures have way too much home harvests of home fruits and your looking for something to do with that meat and line. In come down and talk to us and we can kind of teacher up. Yeah so today's topic we can do most of the show on this right we can always thinks is funny and just ran for ten minutes that you and if we need to. Fruit flies out drew feel Leo my gas I would call them Iowa say some words that I can. He says mayor. On. Their miserable there talked to the top to get rid of with a does that life cycle like it today. No I don't know what they meant that the big. There. About the timing your tickets early cut these things are to pop up everywhere if you you know from order Baffert related heart be your partner year winemaker few duke canning your making Scobee. These guys are around in the ear of the pain in the bought. We tend to associate them was right in fruit so if you think Roy heavily in the room. A basket of tomatoes. Apples in the corner that's we're gonna come from. But they only mean a little bit of standing water and some organic material preferably sugary. And then you all of a sudden. Have a culture so they don't really need much. One of the reasons why we see them it's years ago and seek higher humidity. You're seen. You know higher temperatures. And they've also had all summer to kind of work their numbers up so often food sources are exploding temperatures are all sitting right. And you start to see lots more. Nate you're talking about how the you're always failed to the only live it day that I can that if in I think a lot of people give up because after two or three days of trying to get rid from the back on there's nothing you can do about the give up you know. Lot there is I said is because a big part of frustration is you kill like five or six you think you hear the thing they limit a regular artists must have eradicated you know. Half of them and the next day the roll back and you you just wonder like. You have to keep on it because if you don't keep on it they will return in force. You have all this from the spoiler products fruit flies Cary a lot of different might including like Siegel actor so when a lot of people were about specially winemakers weasel turned your wine vinegar. With finish line and are really going to pretend normally sees relax so Axl is growing in numbers. On what you will casino backer on over time especially for planning future wind for a long time. Armed and we got to ask wallaby there's things people put him in appear to okay its an. We're currently keeping him from giving them from those and it grossed dirty trash lace his via your trash can. You know that the leak in the the kitchen sink the coming from those kind of places. In and you know that's a bacteria that their bring into your beer you know you really don't want mean perch on the north some years airlock than. Every time you are in the kitchen faucet a couple fly I think. And then the next thing you know you go to pour yourself a beer after a hard day's work and then also there's three or four. Floating around of the rankings from them the faucet on your check it. So arm you definitely wanna deal with these before they become a problem and I kind of realized last night that they've become a problem at home because when I'm trying to. Raft made beer and sitting there kind of trying to do air crew ready to defend my right keg in my car -- consultants for the summer acting. Yeah. A big if I have is buried around about insects all the time I feel like. Fruit flies have gone the way of peas and by that I mean bees used to be elbow flowers and now bees are in the trash all the time. I feel like when I was kid I rumor bees being. Trash b.s but ever trash can never. And and replies in this witch who fruit flies used to be I'd I would worry about them being on others bunch of bananas now they're just in my trash. As of the public are you when you say they'll go after anything molds or any more some firemen like I'm seeing that. And the time of year is very specific because we just moved into our house we bought our house last year in August and at the beginning with a very peak through for fruit fly problem. And churn off on until the two weeks ago August again they're back there for one to go for eleven months but this is definitely the time. We're here let's talk about that to her during at all a lot of people they aren't they lived with for a date palm it's kind of interesting. In an ice did a little bit of research online and there's obviously a lot of research out on fruit flies. Genome mapping. Hum but the other thing is very interest thing is they're just station in their metabolism is justly he's greatly affected by ambient temperature. So from eight to adult only takes about seventies. Yet 82 degrees. Armed at 54 degrees so say in the winter you know we appeasement temperature. Com which wash basins sinkers pipes are gonna say that it takes over fifty days but they can do it to grow from eight to adult. Right now the ideal temperature. Is about what we're gaining 7070 degrees it's about the ideal temperature today actually brings it down. Open from the seven days from egg to adult. On so this summer has dragged down we have higher humidity. Tom Meeks for faster reproduction faster development in the air for more flies. And so right now current top and anybody who again has got home food based hobby. You're seeing them in numbers or you might just be seeing amount of trash can until yeah. So this is something I think a show for more than just home for. Right right so they gave. Shall open random beer bottles yep they're going to be. So you I guess you seem less in your basement you basements cooler so you're tuchman gestation period so storing things your basement so a little bit the way to keep them away from them. But it's not going to be full proof. He's talk about the random you know beer bottles and is homer statement craft beer lovers that think this little more understandable. Because you know every problem we drink is just about it. A bottle contingencies end up with a little bit of sediment at the bottom you're not drinking. So every year that you drink every puree bring out of the kitchen and into the living room to you know sit down for that he'd be wet. You know every one UT down into the basement to accompany UN project can become this kind of you know forgotten land and that it has found by fruit fly can turn into 400 replies. You and I mean within seven to ten days. Com and so if your home ever. You know you definitely want to try to cut back. On these they also come from our fresh fruit and this couples retreat you know pretty well no while understand. But the also can come from a couple of the places if you have peace deal. On the stays Hume at me have the right kind of you know community in the room if you spill soda pop some epic its underneath the fridge they've they're slope condensation coming from the average. Tripping down that's gonna be enough to grow some fruit flies. On but the biggest and what what I've always found and if you actually start searching online its first extermination website the first place they always tell you to look is your two Marines especially in the kitchen thing. On you have constant standing water use high humidity beautiful food and you know touring to support down the rain. In your pipes underneath. Saint don't fill out when you say oh flush it through with a lot of hot water. The pipe underneath isn't fully com. Filling with water and our relief flushing out all the fruit flies on in debt Meehan so it's one thing. The biggest place from mean as far as growing fruit flies in the house. That sometimes they're zone is up in the pipes Elliott in the pipes. A at this time your kind of own my kitchen thing. Yeah I guess you would think like I got him their dead now weather's gonna come right back up at night we'll get a break in it. Get a couple of ways to fix it fix the problem I've actually has. Some success with a device that bothered to tell you about. While the boys to do it and so we'll get that on the other side it's Jeremy wiper factory here I'm not just the act went through flight. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle want to open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. Thank Karen actresses. Just threw it I used in fifteen point gently professor. As we. Help you tackle your fruit fly problem you might have so if your home brewer you've got a problem if you're not news kind of found this. Show on the radio gridlock good good good for you you struck gold because we're an antibiotic era flute replies because it is their time of year and maybe there you know taken over your kitchen. Soul all right. So I'm interested to hear about the miracle. I'm I'm I'm very interest aren't himself over and treated and ask anything during the break because. I obviously have mighty you know kind of line of defense that I keep around my stance arsenal. I went online last year and try to figure out how to be fruit flies and I bought off fruit fly trap it is a plastic it about about the sizable with the ball. And its top and a bottom and on screws on the to a lot of comparisons here like like you would like an Easter egg at a plastic bag. The bottom is white and holds when everyone put Mary you put pieces apple and there. And then the and at the top of it there it's Gillick and indented com home. Like commit notre properly maybe ops or trappers and yet that so yeah cheap for them to get into exactly how they go in through the the hole on the on the cone. And then they can't get how because around the outside there's these little slats they can't fit through. So the smell of it comes out and there are not Smart enough. Very often to figure out of the way out isn't at the top thank god that these guys had some clever. So it works. Pretty well. What you do is UH from going there and then if you need to there's a hole on the side hole in the sink in the news filled water into around them. And then dump it. But what I found wanting it that that the trapped suggests using was apple cider vinegar so you put apple cider vinegar in this trap. It in the actually gets into the kind of forced a some idiotic relationship between these evil factor in the fruit flies out. So as the fruit flies Kerio for the seal back brokering breaking down the food source screenings marchers form but it also creates a Seattle asset which is very strong smelling. A bomb and so the fruit flies are attracted to these people arrested because they feared target for flights there there are utilizing its. Food source there's still somewhat from me. And so that that's kind of an interesting thing too so yes it's stuff that's already beginning to turn will attract more arrests were for so. I'll it's better he can put pieces apple in there and no fly to be trapped inside and it's on you want to make sure you kill them and so is the open and trapped. But the apple cider vinegar they fly in and then they landed at an and they just die they drown in it. So by the end of it I've got me on a leave the trap out for a day or two. And it'll fill up with. Fifteen that are just in Aaron and I've flush it and it's it stands now the instinct thing is that I I've wondered because last year was very effective. And this year. Panel tonight clean enough I'll find him a lot of times on the outside the trap not going in. They're Smart and well if you give them enough time they go in. But I'd even resorted to putting this thing in the trash can to trying get the ones that are in the trash can. So like it's been a battle I you know are they not going in because I've got residue on the top and they adjusts satisfied area so I've been trying to clean up a lot. But you know it was a fruit fly trap on Amazon immigrant like ten dollars and it's been very effective for me so far. This kind of reminds me of a lot of via the homey traps that you find online that I admit I give me over the course of Pearson really haven't worked too well I think the classic one is to take a jar. You put in on apple cider vinegar again. He put Saran wrap over the top and you poke a couple holes and the idea is that they can squeeze into those holes and get in but hopefully not work themselves out. On he's found mixed results with you know I feel like wonders I have to check on it every couple days that stuff goes wrong I feel like it could be reading the conflict should be giving them. A nice happy home on but I kind of had mixed results with those. I can rely on fly strips a lot of those work great in the Parikh partially because there's nobody there to criticize. How they look visually. McCain get away with that up in the kitchen and or you know in India and around house plants here. In the pantry or something like that the fly strips are. Not to cuts medically peeling the road we'll cut down on the ones flying around the scented. Humble draw flies in the pocket stuck to it. Comfortable really reduce the numbers if you can height one somewhere I highly suggest that the closer you can get to where they are. On the batter. But the big thing with fruit flies is you'd have to remove the food sources you have to kind of role and an eight. Those places where they can linger where they can fight because they can kind their first we've seen fifty days. You know we talked about her senior to eliminate them. First thing is you need to hunt down any of those rove beer bottles at people over in the week and it viewed you know they went down to the basement here you know. Out with some porch. Find those wrote beer bubbles and you know those little bits appeared in the bottom of politics a couple of weeks to find the dry up. Is a guy and it's gonna be in a waste that's for certain army in your all of a sudden you see them pop up in a room. Armed try to hunt down those beer bottles. As soon as you're done drinking a year. Try to rinse it out. As soon as you can and if you can you know put it in Iran can fast tracked by DoubleTree back into the case of a six pack and turn it upside down to try to let the water if it's any residual sugar in there. That we've taken away most of sugar. All the water. And hopefully all fruit flies. On CO upn means. Prodi's if you have you know tomatoes that you're keeping out off put him into a clear. Trash bag and twist ties them offer put him into trouble where you have like you know with bikini and stuff like that from the guard and profession the fruit flies and actually giving up the food sources and you'll actually caused the food sources to keep a lot longer so a few. Had you offered out on the counter and keeping it sealed keep being fruit flies off of it they won't break the skin of the fruit they won't infected with deceitful Specter. And it will stay longer batter also put in the fridge it's a pretty easy option. What won't question for you part of my problem I think is there. How important is it to close off access to the outside. Because they have to fly in one of them the sort of colony has flying your house right. But one of interns and four on right exactly it's I think it's kind of impossible keep you can jump forgiving in tier house that we're eliminating the food sources. Making sure they get in your house 13 call that do not that. Armed so if you can can become into the house and they don't find foods or certain guys were gonna try to get out. Com and that will kind of prevent the problem. From formed. Obviously they're all over outside and it pretty good garden and an author kinda crazy out there are also seeing a lot of speicher's talked lost my kitchen sink to fruit flies have lost my act works spiders. On getting to that part of summer I guess I'm starting to look for low but to fall another reason falls are great also got. Armed but he had no idea trying to keep you know conceal a moment windows arm that definitely kind of slows things down against the got to eliminate the food sources. No the dreams we talked about this is going to be the hardest part and this is where they mostly come for. Prompts. My reign in general idea is support and we shouldn't in and plug up the trains were quick. On if you just poured bleach and it tends to evaporate. Really quick in and so you haven't really trapped in North Korean their two killed fruit flies are to begin wreaking down. In you know. The ruling being cancellation. On their eggs on he got a trap it and there sirens and hot water portal that police dump both the trains and then I plug that drains to trap it and arm there a lot of products comply that you can spray down your dreams or something like that. And that's a little bit old fashion end fuel more comfortable taking a little bit of you know household chlorine and putting it down they're over some sort of insecticide or something like that. But a little bit of bleached will do the trick but the big thing it's also you know when your done you know seek cleaning bottles or. Are doing dishes. The rock water run for a little longer to let it flush any bits of food debris out. And also when you're done you're not using the thing going and put the blogs and there. On this long you don't have anything empty it's we're not talking about with appeasement think we're you know laundry empties out and did. You unplug the sink and hopefully that prevents them from flying out and finding new places that I've. There's such and there's such a pain. And we decided if you have any of these home base copies there they go from a new wine bottles that are all over wind balls because normally worried public. 15 guests over. Com I have always fruit flies hangs around or just myself I don't wanna be. You know swatting them awaited dinner. On but they also ruin your projects you you definitely want to make an effort to try to keep them away from your from actors in this news. Checking up on all your air locks me true but there's water and all your airlock. When you see fruit flies in your airlock it's not a sign of failure to sign the airlock works that's what do with the air force to prevent organisms that can. Live in airport now water from going in in all the way over an in place first do you also another air gap there are so hopefully prevent organisms that live in water but not here there and carry from the for flights from getting into the fermenter. So if you see an airlock for two or three fruit flies in their it's done its job but doesn't mean the whole batch is infected. In just because you are earning one complexity in the carpool or something like that then and also doesn't mean it's effective. You have to look at and you know we talk about the slot that while we see that we column. We don't really count. OC a pure and and and kind of be as the you're gonna find people argued with no my peers stunt. Completely closed system there's only one micro and they are just seized. On but I think for probably 99%. Of rumors there's a lot about troops in there but their numbers are so small in the because again like with bacteria it takes so long for metabolize. We don't see the effects of our peer souring or anything like that. Com two months and months stone wrote. So if you had a big our early whining and noticed that flight got into something I alcohol it wouldn't be too worried if it was a lower alcohol beer and you saw a couple of them. I would advice to you don't but I would just advice you'd trinket fast. You know which should be good inspiration. All right. From flies. Be on the lookout. The authors told her very out of each shoe in if you're starting to see a couple of and get on it now if you want to build its only gonna get worse until all mid September and so we'll still there and I hit Doumit ICM every once in awhile my health even in the winter and you have a lot of lot projects I have a lot of house plants on the require a lot of water and note that that especially after reading online that they don't just eat. Sugar and it don't just he starts as they can also consumed some molds and funk assistants and bacterial climbs. Yeah I fish tank I hip house plants bombs. So I just don't see as many of them. In the went to. You know well. Good luck out there the lucrative replies and non if you got some some free time today trying to stop by the due to its cancer if their tickets from him we'll see their maybe just you know. Opened say it would open donated money anyway. In Evernote. That's today due dates cancer at our surgeons brewing what says buffalo dot the dude it's cancer dot com for that. And we will be back next week here on night traditions desperate. Do you. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season brewer or just want to get started president at 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just from.