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Do you feel there. It's. Do you like your you'll learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by now with traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Merchandise there. But Saturday morning welcome to Niagara traditions just rookie earning us in 1520 German wife for Meister as. We embarked towards fall and you guys got an event going on today. We do yesterday we have feed you're facing a bottle exchange with consultant this week matters ocean of numbers and bath house reversed. So if you're looking to try some new peers if you're looking to exchange from home bruised if you're looking to join a club the Susie event to do so come on down eagle. Fight over you they give you lots of good voice and Internet trying to toward club. On the very good given opportunity from twelve to three today today all right join a club wanna. A pure game a little bit. I so. Last week we talked about. Starter pack starters getting starters going brightened just how to block a step that is one that can make a very big difference for you in the quality of burger so if you wanna find that it's it's on demand. At WGR website any history and 52 on in if any feedback from the episode to become in all the sudden inspired to make starters. With liquid east. But to an army more splashed with the party Catholics the current and people open. Certainly interested in though and again it's number so if you're in the younger end of the numbering scale. You really never seen Buren these besides like me behind you can recently a bomb to me all bloopers you select the old bulls and Bob appear some softly doubt. That their really useful for what before leader tag. You can cast condition and number from film like you grower from your regular draft system of flexible cap on the bottom. I'm so if you're bottling and you're getting tired of going through a case of bottles every time your friends come over on Sunday. But you're not quite ready to put the money for caring system yet. This might be year. Now while. All right get after right one not as an opportunity to diversify gestured delivery systems. And featured beer night. To crow hops therein now still feel positive reviews and you guys are still locked in La you've got to meet up from cassette. YTH said this is not an Indian. In your regulars archive them. He didn't CV waited awhile released to the public because they won is he what the demand I was going to be like. How many women have fresh crop on the way before they released him so these are going to be in star Euro. However what might not be in stark your round if galaxy and Olson's event which we have. Both of Cory now for trying to meet their real choose the New England style right PA. We got the rape opt for and we always have their choices right now. We have some of the ones really sought after. So pick those up with the if you need to draft supplies. Pump caps when he supplies anything you could possibly need. This time a year as we get into October is any is that during like rush on any sort of item yes and actually wind meetings. So if you're trying to comment in your trying to get pressured to stammer. You know if vacuum. Transfer pump or something like that. Are you might only come and get it soon on the move fast. There's only so many that we can fitness or pro weeks oh. It's yours and you're gonna come in on Friday and get a crusher to stammer we might be able to help you for crushing grip on Saturday but you might wanna think about it the week before give us the call were more than happy to put stuff aside. Are otherwise it's first come first serve. On toes in the news we can fit in the beginning week we put up in the from the store. In the end. They move. You know so if you're looking to get those things about it early thing about what sites you wanna make how many gallons who actually won me even if you have an unlimited. Supplies of great you don't have unlimited supplies of time and you have a limited size your liver so there's only going to be home could wind your enemy. And determine what you want your team to be. So is full service wine shop for monsters have some new accessories as well yup and do you live lovers are really popular so that the from Oxford have screw on bullet. The live with a different plastic in the bottom in the course while people had problems scoring LeBron on the putting their way there are having trouble getting off from the code taken out. You can run it under hot water in it with the hair dryer but if you have a bureau in their from a team that might not be your easiest option total. Blockers include fiscal and over the let's cut to handle the you can pop the little right off. Me lies like a lot easier especially holdings Iraq in two. In one hand in you know you're trying to get this live off with the other wasn't something to do with one hand before. So loud he got shot this makes it so you don't you don't unscrew it no you still unscrew a vicious of a wider base kind of thing you've got a few to be handled them off from being. Kind of wide like a box sent range. And that gives you good grip on the line very good all right so in today's show we're older more specialty today again and cider making two fighter. Isn't season yes it in seasons or in the fall even though it's great ring whether that tap water stirring to chill down. Your basement probably a perfect temperature for eyler locker. Arm. But it's also the time a purpose so as we talked about grape harvest we talked about winemaking couple. Weeks ago hum. Now we're talk about cider because if you're looking to do if you're looking to make for a local cider now's the time here and there's plenty of places around here to get. We do sell on concentrates for both won gallant fight he'll batches of cider become. Purely traditional and apples on the third a lot of places locally that you can give it. If you have a fever place for giving fresh pressed Jews who that's probably where you're gonna wanna get your site. It's fairly cheap as well I think the most expensive I've ever seen at about six dollars per gallon. You know and I think the least expensive ever seen around here about 3350. Akeelah and you know for Jews in. That's really cheap you know when I mean you talk about eaters and meat from east and you couple additives. You're basically pain I hope to re dollars. A Broward. The most expensive and who would who's gonna be about. You know. Fifty and the beer last. Fifty cents a cider. So it's a big money saver something he's in due season we will be ready quick. Arm and the benefit is if you already have one meet your peer making equipment. You don't need anything more in the process is gonna be released similar report injuries two with either beer drinking one enemy sort of theory. Kind of quick exchange right so the first thing that we always assume you comment and with people. The decide they want me insider got the Apple's got the Jews the radio the comment in the first question is what tape it's harder to economy. So just like the year wine. There's a wide variety outsiders out there appears thinking of making 11 thing I promise that he can do with print bunch of different fighters. On who really give you. An idea of what's out there and then when you come into talked Oswalt have a better idea will mean to do Dimitri the UK sector that you want soap first up. Drink a bunch. Fairly easy and second step cumin and I tradition. So what we're going to be asking is a couple of chemical Amber's here to break it down to three program. Where he wanted to Stiller sparkling cider so whether you want carbonation an era where the wanna sweet or try to finish in how high do you want the alcohol beat. I'm in each one of those factors is gonna start. Really changing a process for it to be it. He wanted to know before you get started before you pick out east team before you get the apples you kind of want an idea what you're going to be doing. With. The site. So in this is personal preference a personal proper. IE usually go for lower alcohol carbonated right side. On its a good crowd pleaser it's green and hot summer days and works well if you wanna serve it. It's almost like champagne or sparkling wine. To those who during tiger just like it would appear full time at a time it works well for that too it's only going to be about five to 6%. On the other big popular. Item around here is apple Jack. Apple Jack is first to me and them ample wind Phillies still strong outsider. Still has a little a sweetness to it. And then you put it outside during the winter and you blog it's sort of Greece when he scooped off the water leaving behind sugar cannons and alcohol and so you up the quantity of all close you get more intense flavors Morse weakness. And here. Well concentration. You can get up to about 40%. Doing Jack. About eighty proof or borderline apple pouring in at that point that's smoke from process and I arts of pursing any news we need to. Picked up the Jews and usually gets at the lining of places. On that sell fresh pressed apple juice. Usually mills have to products though have vote lower sugar contents. Joost it's usually blended with some samples that were intended for eating and drinking not necessarily for from meant in. This is going to produce that kind of try your site or with a little book lots flavor. Auction doesn't always mean a bad thing. If you're willing to drop off a pocket and wait. On to combat. Through QE a sanitized pocket. Though usually have a load apples come in there just for cited tiger making the get upon two people accuse waiting to make senator load up all these markets. And then the press at all wants to give you call collection or it's okay and you come pick it up. Morgan so the one question we always get is pastor station okay. Yes. Now there are some forms of come along to our pastors stations hop pastor station can significantly change the flavor that's like me he kind of hard for fundamental way. But pretty much every mill around here is doing what we call flats pasteurized. Which is usually done with UV light. When you see UV light it doesn't really change the chemical content decider to cut me art reaction from cars packed and separation. I'm relieved leaves to choose kind of on optional. I personal preference is for you beat capture station in it even from giving some place fresh pressed. If they say oh did you wanna pastor insisted. Yeah if you run through the UB it's about a problem on your system. Police to a remote places will in this economy light a lot easier yeah. On you really wanna make sure the Jews doesn't have any preservatives in one through we always look at our government I saw fracture. OK depending on the levels arm but sodium Benson in the camp seems sort. It's going to be very hard if not impossible. To get to choose from and if it happens at those two. Armed and again that is sodium d'antoni and the cast him shortly if it's in there it's gonna be and bowl people. Arm usually it will say rate on the front of any local Slater no preservatives and so if you know conservatives. He sees its pasteurized. You're okay ago now. Boca Raton now you have to decide what you were enemy consoles flirt first look at alcohol content. If you wanna take a Hydro murder. And you wanna put him into your fighter in you wanna read the starting sugar content when write that down for your notebook NUM permit our perimeter around and look at the potential oak hall scale. Now are usually choose to add corn sugar peas is neutral nine inning cannons meaning flavors and its high Google so it and so from around out a 100%. Armed but ring. The sugar level up to your desired local channels use apple juice concentrate that's it will risky pitcher putting more chances more camp and he penalties honey. Which is concerned a little bit Thomas keiser. Range and you can also put in a little bit of malt if you want to tune that's becoming popular as well cancel the body will open our mouth feel in a little bit of residual sweetness but also does apple would be your light sleeper and be wary that. Once you get your oak hall potential walked to where you want it you have to choose EXP you have to make sure. The Yankees can handle. The alcohol content that you're trying to do it to promote. So usually we point shoot towards art English dailies. Which is mean it's neutral it's quick from nineteen. Arm is probably the most popular flavor making it think it's definitely my favorite igniting him because he's from ultimate gear turns out analyses from its later. Armed you know and it tends to produce a very mean flavor you can also go Belgian you know he's in particularly sees Chinese are bulge and strong sales. MB will produce. Are kind of some farm near and Haiti. Like notes the cider which arm if you use to French and Belgium South Park outsiders. That's going to be a little bit more you're looking forward looking more for like the strong broke and would chalk. You when I mean a little more towards the English. Palm Beach you wanna check that out called and those keys are usually good for anywhere from nine to 13%. You're going for that brandy for going for that apple one injured and in need of strong east. That he can go with some needs east or from Slater Pacific. Most popular is probably champagne. He has kind of some of the similar advantages of being the Chile's fifth fermentation. Willie crisper mean. But it does have that eighteen to 20% alcohol tolerance which is why a lot of people. Start going for parent artsy guy your juice. You guys you're east. Demolition order to at the second half of the. A citizen everywhere or are have with you're gonna Boston a break here all right so you guys use got used at the end of the show you have your site. So we can do that here and tigers just threw it on ESPN 1520. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just Pruitt which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger's additional be there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military Intel wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot count now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Back here and not the traditions just threw an audience in 1520 get a reminder. If your own home Brooke might wanna join a club. From twelve to three today at story and I tradition. The opportunity to meet some people beer tasting in bottle exchange with the united association of home Burris on the swing. And Doss house brewers as well god until we don't have beard exchange. Feel free to comment that's as we got a couple bags and tapped we got you covered in oil. So will be packed house like lots of people he think it would be fair yeah it's always fair representation can still do your shopping after coming into theory regular shopping. Mostly club. Poked their experience they won't be for the countered the usually wait for you to you're off to side. At some Pearson about they are so. You'll still be able to shop though below but deceit and I'm very good. So or on cider you've got your dues you've got your yeast and now let's make some cider yet. So now you start deferment to editors Easton. And now it's going to be just like your your warrant pending an alcohol content hooker doing like the year. You're looking at one to two weeks if you're doing it with wine it to four weeks it's part sitting from and so put in the basement for about a for a couple of weeks chucked the gravity mean he wants to make sure experimenting. But then your gonna be ready for finishing so it is that this is simple. Take Jews and put into a sanitized bucket yes he can handle in east nutrient if you want noise don't hectic and time either. Nothing just Jews yeast and other. So. If you're doing it still siders if you're going for more the line I really would suggest stabilizing. Answers and amp. Can't seem sorbet that team. You know stabilizer we didn't want in the beginning were edit now because we don't want this performance anymore. In your mini camp sodium Matta myself boy this is gonna prevent further fragmentation. Arm when you're doing the sweet cider it's theory easy appeared to mean he still site because you can. Staple crises when you do that it's not gonna start to reformat and the sugar that you put in two backs week. In when they do that if I usually prefer to add just cable for regular old super. On for as much as you put in compared glucose or something better fructose you can a lot of flavor a lot of sweetness for a little that habit. Com. But it also again doesn't add any can't think list crisis and have any chance it. You can use apple juice concentrate and if you feel what it's missing some apple flavor it's not hard enough. Go ahead it's gonna kind of ring ghostly first back end usually be preferred to use it for was and 100% ample concentrate. Arm because you know what you're giving me area American be watering down product. Arm but that's for your when he used to backs at that point you're gonna leave that operate. Maybe Abby clearer fire if you think it needs clerk are but leave prepare for another week before putting it in two wine bottles were beer bottles. Now after doing it carbonated cider this team get a little bit more tricky. Armed. Because one you can't have any residual sugar on you can use artificial sugars like Suker closers blunders and one votes. Kind of bring back a little loose weaknesses laws we have an all natural. Apple flavoring and sweetener in the sport if you wanna do that usually four ounce bottle that you through anywhere and fifteen gallons for four box. Four ounces here and get through ten to fifteen gallons for trying to back sweeten and flavor. But otherwise you're gonna end up bottling this just like he beer and let the used to. All the work from and tell the senator completely for art in at a anywhere from an ounce soon found some quarter. Priming sugar and the putter right into beer bottles that sit around for two weeks at room temperature once you note to start to carbonate. You can put it in two. Com. The basement into the fridge and it's gonna be ready if you can Egypt either you're doing still or if you're doing bottled if you can agents for a year to. On its really gonna get. Better. Tighter he kind of more like. Wine on the agent. Not only does it kind of refine some of these you know I'll calls and they're kinda lose some habits for FEMA calls. I'm but it also can experience and chances drop whether that mail lactic fermentation or just from NASA it's precipitate things with and becomes moot there. So skier. Over time so if you come put away. A few bottles for the year two years they're really going to get a lot better. Using tagging system you can simply add the sort bait to decider. At any type of sweetener you want to it and put it into the tag and begin serving it right now yet again. Coding system proves soupy. Yahoo! Brian you're saving a lot more convenient now much more convenient. On there are some ways to get naturally carbonated and naturally sweet siders. In the bottles. I have done these methods before but I have to admit I've never. Eighties decider the suite in carbonated in the Bobble for a long time I have left him out at room temperature. But I haven't. Eight Sam for a year or anything like that I know multiple customers that have and it's worked out. Well for them. Arm but if you want a sweet tighter in the bottle you have two options. In both terms revolver on the same promise here you need some sugar to be your sweetness New Hampshire to get the yeast ferment. But yeast to Canada atmospheric science at the capitol remembering they don't care what the pressures giving up two and tiger. Beer bottles they don't care that you have newly finished basement they don't care that they're sitting on the carpet. They're gonna blow up if you give from the right circumstances. So when you're into his you're gonna first put the slider into the bottles with enough sugar backs weakness and that's going to be more than enough to crime and as well. Now I would suggest doing one of the bench in a plastic pop bottle of seeing size bottles that your doing appearance if you're doing the beer twelve or sixteen counts. Follows him twelve or sixteen help pop bubble in that into the mix. What this is going to be is going to be your indicator. So that it's your wondering. How carbonated the patches you can keep going back to this in squeezing it and tells it cites permits how carbonated the entire patches. What you think this one bottle is ready. No you have to stop the fermentation across the entire batch and you have two ways to do. The first is simply and easily the cold crash so take the bottles to come into the French. Giving east below 38 degrees is really gonna Sean now that's not content on the rent embolism. A 100% were talking about while mentally and 99 percentile. So there going to be from entering were talking about extremely flow rate will probably never noticed. But you also have to keep the couple's cold it's sincere warm up they're gonna start from nineteen. So if you decide to bring them camping in the fall or something like I threw them into the back your car you're driving. And they're having their bomb beer you know muffler slowly warming up in the trunk. They're gonna start to blow up. So he's if you do this map that these bubbles will not be able to leave the house. Now that doesn't seem scary enough. On the second option to get the you know sweet carbon it's harder to do the same thing you have one pop bottled squeeze it. Fuel one that's ready when the whole batch is ready you're going to Castro writes it to kill the eighties. Now you don't have to boil it it's only gonna take about a 165270. Degrees. Com to kill the peace. The only danger here is by briefing the temperature. Bomb not only do you put stress on the collide asked because it's gonna be in to expand. The carbon dioxide. Inside the water inside the siders also XP and is also gonna wanna come out of solutions was gonna wanna become a gas in this one expand more. And it could blow. So you're gonna wanna have some eye protection here you have like one votes better screens it's used for deep frying or something like that that's great put Oprah there. We usually what I do is. One and usually doing a technical part but all 1213 bottles. In troop out of a hundred mean the degree water and cut the heat. I let them sit there for about ten minutes with the bottles fully covered if it begins to drop below a 170. I bring it back up and maintain this for about fifteen to twenty minutes. And that's really kind of pasteurized and the beer or on our site you can do this for beer as well although can really changes the flavor specially with and finishing out. For decider really doesn't seem to change the flavor doesn't change color charity CO2 rich environment shouldn't be any oxygen locked in the bottles. And should meet for now the shelf stable. Carbonated. It. We can do all that you BI production gloves out better screen where you're cutting system. A conference. But that's how you do it it's really easy I would really suggest somebody doing it it's agree seasonal product. Mean my cousins usually load up from a pickup truck we go around retry the couple different minerals we never got a cider that we are disappointed with. Different juice is made you know different fighters will be a better whether it's and Belgian style or for really going for more of the apple brandy. But like you said no matter where you ago. To be happy I'm from matter counties or usually and up to mean. Cherie bank in and Blackmon farms a few from the south town of Mir Brothers Rudd Darrell but there really are a lot of these places around were all small family businesses and ponies supporting small family business. You're giving some release. Good beverages at under fifty cent. Now's the time year bomb if you. Feel like we went fifth to fast and we got 26 minutes come on into the store and we can help you through the rest but I really needs he brought so many people on any given year or art. Are coming in to ask you about in specially this time. So now in control late November December. Armed with tiger will be available. Indus continues to be available into winter and spring it's really zones starts to warm up in the beginning of summer that we start to lose a fresh pressed cider. Arm because they take Apple's that they have repressed life hermetically sealed and they put them. In two week trial fact chamber so cold chamber that's usually how building on one of these farms the exit polls like vacuum on. In that prevents the apples from holding from all over ripening in the making just pressed them in two juices need it. So this is something you can get all the way out in 2 February. But the season starting now. So we're giving you fare war he got five months. All right. So good tonight tradition if you need your side are making materials also again one last reminder today from twelve to three if you're. Home brewer looking for an association org group a club to join. Today's the data stopping and maybe buy some supplies meet some people and see what happens buffalo the week as well Andrew weeks off lottery for him right. I did that for us stinks to listen and and again any episode ever wanna find is available on demand at WH ER website or right ESP and 1520 as well. So make your cider have a great day and welcome once and for Rawle. The fall season. Thank god it's here. You've been listening to just Bruins. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether your season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to run online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just for.