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It's. Do you like you're you'll learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. First diced her. It's Saturday morning welcome to tiger traditions just ruin your ESPN fifth when he Jeremy went for Custer. Happy Saturday I'm happy. What if nothing else going on. What's that victory here it goes on all week. Denver. Is in the regional that your case for your kind of sores you have Marines from all across the nation. Shall open down further the kind of the American. Be your competition is there as well armed so if you are lucky enough to be there. And jealous if you've never been you should at least co ones. It's kind of overwhelming when you get and I have been before. Because you have hundreds and hundreds of different Parise each bringing different Beers. And so Europe are approaching. Kind of like four digit bureau and don't know exactly how many they have but it's might as well people there's no way year and entering the mall. But it is definitely the pilgrimage. Of craft beer lovers in the United States a few never gone before. You released got to cope once all other Hastings and stop that you've ever been to really kind of based off of this big taste. Noxious so it's basically like most beer festivals except it's been nationwide one this is the big one you got. House where a lot how long has been going on. So long as you think his idea to get like the national recognition is the nation's beer festival. That's pretty cool. Merkel are to that's going on now. We also have people got a big bickering company today taking appeared to coach certification exam the casing portion. Armed so good luck to all of you taking the exam and hope your palate is ones I saw the big ditch is just put not a new milk stout took the most out or something like that counts with lactose area. I hate. I love south satellite I just don't like milk that's too much well I know I always thought I'd like any of measures like. Hanoi I tend to always try them in May be it's like a mental thing. The other thing about such as when you meet the lactose stow. There's a lot of people up there were lactose intolerant. And you've just taken large portion drinking population. Out of your market for beer but it's still that the fans paper for those who can enjoy it yeah. Now probably gonna try I mean I always try milk snouts and I would say like most times I don't and applauding them but don't dislike them. Too much I anyway last week we talked about cider making. If you wanna learn about that any episode you wanna find is on demand and it's WGR 550 dot com or the ESP in fifteenth when he website as well. This week at night tradition and tennis specials I think people need to know about what you got in what's in stock what's new well we still have galaxy in Nelson so I've been back. In stock we your fully loaded again. On pressures. A year round but especially this time year so we are back to full stock and all of those beat winemaking. Equipment. It's so if you're looking for a press appeared just looking for from enters the airlock and he's. We have you covered as well so it's up on them. And and coming up in a couple of weeks about a month ago bulb a month ago. We've got the two ones there's teacher friend home today and learned a home today and new home during day of the national homered in the spring. In the actually took teacher friend. Ended two years ago they turned it into learned home okay I actually like the teacher friend that it was more inclusive yet. You know it always encourage you to grab somebody particular summit in parting you. Homer so even though they don't call a teacher friend home Saturday. If you remember at home that day. Wrap friend. Teach him to Peru. There will be a fun experience even if they don't start brings a lifelong hobby. It's going to be great to have somebody who at least know some of the process. So that when you start talking about your beer party summoning meatless. So that's always and again for monsters we've mentioned these before their news you have few new accessories that are available yes especially the big one is the little upper so if you're having some promoting your from monster live off. On come on in. Big plastic branch goes over the top and pops the right off otherwise only break up here prior warmup led. But if there's not a hair dryer conveniently kept near home set up. This might be able to Easter and going from the path have you found this to be of a problem for people for monsters are I never had that problem. I ferment in the fermentation chambers and they often called crash in my monster. And that's where teams meet for some UC's at room temperature out on the counter. No problems when they couldn't the fermentation champ app chamber bankrupt attempt on the 38 degrees. I did notice that very quickly it and it'll stock warmed up a little bit came off but the ranch does make it a lot easier now. Aren't soul what are we talking about today what's our what's our what we are about how to meet your extra pierce better. On it's kind of Holmgren becomes more popular and there's kind of an on fear bias that altering your always going to be hurt them extract the oil mystical look like for the but I will leave the third and extra beer. Partially because I don't have the time always through all of I would love lone male equipment you know I'd love kind of funeral. Fueling the man actually about halfway through watching all of a sudden start of Horry. But. Don't always have that luxury like to keep my home Peerman Calgary irks oh. A lot of times in two acts strict and often papering some of the electorate here's my answer at the counter. In usually I do that well nobody knows their acts and two you can make extra year. That is just as good as you or all of and I think will really kind happens here rumors were doing accurate and I'm guilty of this myself. Especially where you know early in the war in case of sobering tend to cut a lot of quarters. And by putting these quarters at extract the who's got a lot of experience would never caught. You end up with a lot of kind of laws. That your becomes old sub par. You do these kind of Ayers so if you can tickle works for time. To you know put together you're. Extra pierce and too little bit more prep work. You're gonna you know appear just as good if not better prepare recipes and techniques. Then all year. In to be quite honest nowadays with the kind of the price drop in Greece actually acts or maybe it's a PayPal. In study for so many years that the you have to really be it could all Graeme were getting really good efficiencies for it to be significantly. Financially. While trees and on so if you say that. Bow. Three pounds effects Rex is equivalent to about five or six pounds the rain. And our hub of three extract takes place about 750. Were. So for five dollars and the entire batch you can save yourself forty hours of time. On in two and extract instead don't. So if you had to pay yourself and has the poorer. Are you worth two dollars an hour relief stressed for time obviously with that hobby doing it was we want to always threatening to opening it by at the time. But I don't. And yes I'm only lose about five to. Tell myself that every time that I hate on its system and the time this morning. Now do you find that the extracts and that. I don't process has gotten better in terms of Lou good what you can get out of it has. As I feel like extra upper would would say they don't have as much freedom to trying to. You know to create the the grain bills that they really wanted to I know there's different types of extract but in that was definitely an excuse 1015 years. Com when Brees only hand to extracts of fail they have a cold. In the end amber and ended a week and the added I think eight pills and when they baht. The ducks small extracting company and he just kept expanding their lines. Two where is now the epic and it's about eight different baseball extra X so few enemy European style they got to cover the Wanamaker pale ale. Multi track they have the copper pills in her regular to grow. Munich as close a couple other kind of more spots. But you premier soccer is available now in any Martin's extra. So it's not just the American multi extra companies are an up being. The variety. Pretty much call for more so. That kind of excuse has gone out the win. And the other thing too is just because you're using accurate doesn't mean you can't use green as well so if there's certain base especially in trying to work in the air and an ex stripper. Absolutely. 04. So just because you're an extra work doesn't mean your limited to all your peers release hearings same pace which absolutely used to be true. And it doesn't mean that you're going to be paying a whole lot more. Operate that so just because you're an actor or doesn't mean you can't give all the benefits. That all. Those from growing around here and let's get a break in and when we get back we'll talk about how to make your extract Beers. A little bit better. So from minerals the water to full boil iris moss you clarify or things like that all the ways to make a difference of extra here is. General advertiser here and Activision just threw it on this game. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need Irish traditional home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. Back Darren I divisions just threw it against him if he's going German light and Lester. Before we get back into how to make her ex directors that are national learned a homer day on November 4 with talk of this before you guys have nick had events that's. So you are talking about entering at home find a friend help improve. Arm if you don't have a friend will come over and help you group come member with thoughts so will be doing in the beginning during startup class. In the morning at 11 o'clock morning and at 130 will be in a tasting of all green bring demo. So that if your interest that in the altering. To show on up and have a appear weaker interest did in the beginning during class go to our website and cryptic YouTube music. From a conservancy homered outcome Graham ticket free ticket right no no don't you hesitate I take it but you get a gift certificate got you okay we wanna make it if you don't show up you don't get the its return on in those seats are valued precedents that course from a shall also consider the palace focus on that's November 4 national and already. A great opportunity to learn something and and I take advantage of of what you guys you guys have gone on and I tradition a guess on how to make extract Beers better. So the first thing I wanna talk about is adding minerals your beer because wanna think a lot of all members for campus to and I know a lot of birds would do you. All the tricks on there are stripped pierce and they're better than a lot of altering Beers that I case that the count all the time and one of the first things. That I see is that the people are not doing anything for the mineral content. It's like having no spice on year food. And have been you know something like chips and will help bring out copy flavors calcium chloride will help bring out suite are calcium carbonate roast the Ian and Selig apps insults the pre so. If you are trying to get licked a certain sleeper profile out of a certain style into your flavor seem muted. Chances are you need to have the right minerals to bring out the flea nurture trying to highlight so again after during like an IPA. On you wanted to tip some if you were having a lot of problems. Giving you more kind of later pierce come off multi suite near manic calcium or if you roast the pierce. Seem bitter stringent and just kind of linger on the talent you're gonna need some calcium carbonate. Thinking about that going online looking at a water profile how you can adjust your local municipalities water which is also available for free online depending where you and live there's a couple forms but also put her friend hasn't peak loads of some of that water profiles so if you don't wanna go through the work he tested. Or to go to municipality and try to sort through your quest to copy and analysis. On. You can just go on line. Go to Burris friend search your municipality in chances are the water profiles that are not true so that's a really easy way to get it and they also have a great tool on there. So you can and he your parts per million numbers. By slowly building up minerals. So the next thing you can do your extra beer or make it a lot better it's at some base mall. On. With home boring. A lot of times I think from people they if they're going to extract into Miller extract to third and two green there and do all blame. Arm in by kind of throwing out those. Ideas you can keep yourself a lot more efficient so by putting a little bit of bringing into your extra yours. You're gonna get more on your specialty malts and clear you're gonna get ferment Haitians from repair operates hold breaks. And after doing super big imperial peers and your already emperor. Kind of adding some abstract at the end to the super happenings ruling can increase your efficiency and Mimi appear cheaper overall. On Sunnis ten pounds of extract plus arms are three pounds of extract wealth compounds agreeing instead of using twenty pounds of brain because the drop in efficiency policy. So and some base smoltz to they're really gonna help free down doctrines and especially during long you can use more texture and worked hosted malt. On end if you decide Houston and creams in all say in all race more earned. Captain Crunch crow experience. It will help break those down a little bit more. Armed you just wanna watch the Temps. Injures keeping times in those two factors ruler and determine what comes on the year. Most perverse when they too steep their critical but too hot and sort of excuse and a lot of you know kind of rest beat spring water to a boil. Ed in the grain clumps that for fifteen minutes ten minutes. Poll right out at the pressure water and bring it up to a boil my can tell you're gonna get much better flavor those dreams if you really watch the temperatures. If you into an animal side lunch cooler nickel meaning naturally giving. All the rest of the water up to boil on just poured and that's gonna make really big difference when you say launch collect pelvic. Not really good oh that's usually the blue kind of handle him I mean I'm doing two to three pounds your rain that's gonna take about. Quart of water for something that could hold court capped two quarts through early all need. Small lunch cooler always seems to work. On next thing you can do. Is he full boil. Arm and the reason that this means such a huge difference in accurate 21 thing pits of public enemy the biggest difference. In the and it general flee pursue your appear. We if you're doing concentrated boils gonna get Heidi meal our actions with happiness sugars are running into each other in their bonding. On in these long. Chains and to meet more car more flavor on meet your old darker maybe we'll metallic. And a little bit sweeter. And in this sleeper kinda stand out trooper who can recognize it. When you're doing all bring you don't have the option to do secretive boy you'd needle that water spark doubt and convert. But when you're doing extract you have that luxury and sometimes that makes a difference of being able to boil to comfort your kitchen and at separate out the Turkey Fryer going to Becker school. But to an a for oil make a big difference it'll help your peers beat Chris. Lighten collar and title and body if you're having trouble with the lighter beer or two there seems to be a crumbling. Hanging within every year. Do awful boy. Nothing can look at is you wanna make sure you're getting a full. You can only really boil as much water Etsy and yet opted 212 the past. On blowing drive Optiem halftime missiles off but this often gives appear kind of vegetable plate and also quake elect pro game keep it clear. In insurers full hockey news station in pasture crisis or war. So if you don't keep the Europe to a full heart rolling boil yep that's gonna foam up. Don't mean what the pot go on attend should be either. You know if he starts to boil over at the heat down ports and cold water on top if you don't boil. You're gonna get vegetable player from the DM mastered yet he easy to read your from all year on proteins. On your gonna have like no top bitterness. And you meet me also get an infection because you can Castro writes a war some teacher. Using a full boil after doing without a home so you might have to split up. The boil. That you wanna make sure that your getting a full and gaps he should lose ten to 15% or the courts have so you're not losing like at least 10%. You mean wanna worry about if you're gaining enough apart welcome and that's the kind of indicator I usually use whenever going with a new system. On use our iris moss every time. I know the extracts we just talked about the beginning of the program have come a long way but they're still not perfect and they still haven't been full op so. If you and iris moss yet clear fires. It's gonna make sure that you don't have any residual from its either thinks he can kind of task force and trying to. You know take samples from here on labor not really that easy of an option as an act stricter trying to see if time anyways. Paris mosque ten cent per batch toss it in there. And guarantees the don't have any protein case in the long which will really make a big difference in flavor profile in the body appear years. On next thing you can do is use a wart chiller and tune in your pitching temperatures. Because you don't often need one with a partial oil because you can fit that smaller pot into the sink was ice water. And it's a fairly big investment policies sixth the the one that I used was seventy dollars in the old way their 200 dollar worked even on a immersed in work chores from 200 dollars now. On you wanna get the temperature down from a boil Bassett Goode. Cold prequel help with more protein regulation but also prevent oxidation. On keeps during the kind of war to an entry have even temperatures. Arm in the in just turn off the water when it your desired temperature really gonna allow you to tune in your pitching temperature usually when you're doing an ice bats you do one. Three you know ice bath and all of a sudden it's like art Ali's whatever comfort services arm after it yeah. And that can cause some under and waste and also are extremely finale labors in your beer. So when he used to work Schiller and and and tune in your pitching temperature and it is exactly where you want it and only that receives a lot listing top pop wart. Arm in meets an old it's safer to have to move the company product basically boiling motor oil. Off the stove and scientists. About global paper he'll work shall tricked it comes to cleaning thing. You just due cleaners know it's a commuter like you just theater right back in the boiling work made you god I I pose that often done with that. I can use the sprayer to trading Kidd often you know it's a protein. Iris moss traders in the stock to outside. But. Acting people look at the work chiller succumb brand new Chinese don't worry you're not expected to keep it that shiny. You know mines cut you know it's of the brown reddish it's from you know green in cannons all over. Every once awhile if I'm cleaning my pot argument works so to just goes on the arrest Robin minutes I I did when I first started brewing I noticed note differences. I've I was spending literally thirty minutes cleaning. My Immersion works. Which is less time in your spend if you got a counterfeit coach if you are float short yes you have to clean it every single topic is gonna get precipitate. On the and it protein stuck in the corners of the plate. You're gonna need to clean one and that's one of the big advances to merchant sorts over four hours I don't think anybody's ever gonna argue that the merchant tortured. Quicker war or water efficient the year all of a lot easier to use natural personal prop. Our next thing is when he wants to works chilled down. You when area. And if you're using regular here and he's in pure oxygen it's really can't. Overdo it too grownups port back and forth between the pocket in the group over and over pants Ehrlich the double pomp and here you know. Don't go ahead sanitize it use it you really can't over do it. Bob and another reason why you can say the are usually better and oxygen oxygen channel which aired he can't meet the will be easier kicks and strikes out takes a couple of from minute spot. It's a little bit safer. You're reading your award. Now we always talk about caring for years east in this hobby and how much the big difference that's enemy can be year. The need data oxygen needed oxygen produce healthy cells. Otherwise have trouble on their release in the peace lol ought to produce new cells in the Caribbean up to that number for the start from a thinks he'll steal fermentation won't start. And then once it does start it's going to be producing some awfully verse you might now want so make sure you theory early while and the next thing is. To a starter even if you're doing right east on. Mix up the east with some extract on hand you a little bit of a starter. Eighth the a lot of experience extra river if they're gonna take some time out of there. Normal process gonna put insane hour someplace else they're gonna do it in the east. In the relief and reap the benefits in this kind of loyalty to the was very clean fermentation reliable and new relations. You know and it just thinks appears locked up. So even if you're only gonna do this rated beaming your current process he bring your work up to a boil take the small sample Sheila pitch he used over the next you know our camp the year going to be lowering. You're gonna get great rehydration. You're gonna start to get a little bit of yeast bonding in propagation. And that's gonna meet your beer hall law. So. If you don't have time. And keep looking brokering equipment there's no excuse. If you follow the same kind of you know stops and in the U really kind of pardon owns all of the deet tails Q are what's your altering your twister are strict pierced. They're gonna turn out justice well. All I always say that saying that all in all you would ever use that breeze extract in it appears it's not as good and to blame. The mall store. Think it's prix the gamble home ever to say that their better bolster the re somebody who's been doing it for over thirty years and is really an industry leader. Not just in you're. But also wallet while market it's in his time overseas the science that they used to produce really good malts. Is greatly appreciated by pollsters and I've heard them. Other animals search compliment breeze. Analysis that they give their customers at their consistency. Their really agree molding company means to Deke and Coopers and potency. Meet and greet products as well and have some recipes extract that just can't mimic. All keen to vote for it. So for some of my recipes I always still make them act tractors because the case. And I guess it's doing that with a couple of recipes always trying to go back and forth between extra altering. Com and just having the better beer B extra points or recipes. Has always kind of cute pins means to do. You know that if they're equal I really don't see with my own peers when he. You know take all the steps to take everything seriously. Too icy quality difference in my extract personal green to eight Felix significantly more flaws. In mind on. Attract now. So if you feel like in order to meet could be years after two altering. We're telling you right now the wrong. Okay we'll have more fun camera and on and you know be a longer per day longer time to sit around drink Beers you know all in years about the same time it takes to watch football game. Which is convenient. On but if you only got a hockey game. Gophers the the extract it. No no frost again reminder on November 4 it's national learn homer day anti homered act comfort tickets you guys have a beginning during class you don't use a ticket for anything else. This or 25 anniversary will have some Pearson kept the beat Lotta people are for the tasting. But if you're just coming in to think about lumbering will still be taker and so we opened during the. Very good enjoy your Saturday. Happy brood day if you're gonna we've grown today now exhibitions just ordinary ESPN fifteenth one. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to work online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.