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Nov 25, 2017|

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You. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional route here's your host Jeremy White and merchandise terror. Don't know these filled dude who found it fills in the bowl but it still up that got you. Chairman Roy advertiser here with you for and I are traditions just threw it last week into the holiday gift giving guide so if you wanna check that out you volume you're about to hit. The holiday season Black Friday has passed it is small business Saturday you got it because of it specials going on both yesterday and today. And so we've had 10% off beer and lines circuit. And it goes five you know at six on one deal and start it is 10% off. But we the lead in the week gotten announcement. About another sale that's going and there were allowed our and that's the green proper so grandfather for college just for Black Friday small business Saturday. It can be given their retail permission to tee when he percent. Offs on service oh dollars for the connect unit it comes down to about 800. Dollars. So again this little thing if you were looking union homer into. You've been listening to show our ports are gonna go for all in one system. This is one of the better ones ago four. I'm maybe crucial it and that 200 dollars off you know and it all. You lay out exactly again what it is the grandfather is it all in one matched on capitol as an insert mean halftime. It's electronic it's important when he falls. And I believe and ended at fifteen circuit so this is the kind of ring system work. You're talking about. Worrying about ventilation. You know using natural gas and or threes and propane outside. You can stick this in the kitchen table log into the wall at the power button is full of static control. And you can do all of the kinda controls the mansion boy fell in Greece circulation. Fast showing through our float comes with the pomp. That somebody who has spent thousands of dollars. And he home means system or appointment system for yours yours that being mean. And also now. It works. Every time it's easy. That all of the original box so women on paper down here and it's put away. Completely and keep them underneath her kitchen owner but you're making five to six income taxes. All year with a complete system. But again it's under the kitchen. And as it is a noisy is it loudly cows it's the pompous very quiet breathless. It's electric heat you don't him back and in the world wishing them again burgers quiet efficient. In its easy bunker and plug in anywhere else. Options so thick 20% off right now for the grandfather that's something you might be in the market for. Other small business Saturday studies at 10% I'll be airlines start of kids because of all the supplies you need and not alliger hop supply these days. Period got in we have all the prior hops we haven't galaxies Nelson so if you're looking for a little bit of stocking star first you know we don't know that those are going to be around you know and I mean all season so call comment Greg your poorer some of those they might be running around during holiday shopping miners have time to come in themselves. Programs and stockings sufferers who want. Right. Santas of sway we should mention this by the way Santas of swig. A home brewed fund raiser for the matter and hope senator that's on the way it's a week from today its next Saturday wonder for a buffalo iron works a ticket prices twenty dollars to be donate an unwrapped toy to receive a ten dollars he received ten free raffle tickets you find information on that that's sultans of swing. Dot com and this is which kind of competition is this this is one of those. A kind of drinkers choice gotcha and so these are always a really interesting ones from and going to a normal competition. All the Beers are kind of trying to hit historical stock. That themselves and with certain animal when you have a kind of drinkers towards competition like this. The plumber is a lot with completely blank canvas and me whatever you want you can tweet whatever flavors you want you know he's he's from one style ball from another. Hops from different style and you know about a pineapple coconut but that line as well. As long as it he's real good. It works. Don't have to worry about style he just afterward about pleasing round now. Which is canonized its total freestyle for the senate for six for different Beers different criteria. It's going to be vastly different the EC winning this is where you should mention the crunch berries beer. Nice and those if there was any. Right as your says it was popular little wealth. That's the Santas of swig you can find that online sultans of swing dot com tickets are. Twenty dollars online and one more thing before you into the show which is the strategy of like what kind of year you make. We should we do PSA like every Saturday leading up to Christmas holiday season if you're gonna buy a startup kit. Buy one from you guys dole by Juan at you know cards right because the ones that they have there. Are designed to it's it's almost like a novelty gift if you get it from there it's hey look you can bring your own beer as opposed to you might actually take up this hobby. In Thornton always tell people is if you get them back panel novelty gift they'll be lucky to do it once because they'd be usually don't turn out too well in the long. So somebody puts all this time effort you put all this money into gift and Loren kind of fizzles out we're if you give them. Traditional home brewers starter kit if you get them coming into home brew shop war talking to a club so they have a support network as well. Pump it can be really easy relief fund in this hobby that's gonna continue because they see the value in their time in the see the value and their money these evil but money. It's fun to do and you hit a wonderful product Monica so it's really a hobby the kind of you know pays for work. And if it doesn't work out well rate from the get go hard for somebody to kind of see. In addition that I give him any questions during the brewing process could look called the big box store and asking them. They eat what happened or what can I do about this where is that you guys. It's like called wal mart's you know ambassador to right. And tell him it's been forty hours in her east isn't it yeah on the I talk to the brewing department plays that and of the it's gonna work. All right so keep that in mind one more thing the taste of buffalo home brew competition this is actually kind of cool because when the new year hits from the second to the twentieth. There's a deadline coming but you cannot enter appear to be selected for the they the buffalo homer competition. And so this is a work panel like the state fair so if you win your him the official beer of case of awful. Calm fears limiting categories. We'll have a website and kind of someplace to send you take a look at it soon. But it's going to be all light beer categories and there's going to be along with the style. And the deadlines can be sometime in mid January we are going to be a drop off location. There should be more details coming out soon on the that's going to be something that's interesting. To look at it's going to be here that serve communal throughout buffalo and so many of your friends what to try your homers sometimes at duke if buffalo yeah you have appear yeah. He had my career that's pretty good so yeah that's some big bragging rights or Albert now isn't there concern. Were talking beer strategy and for good strategy would be to think are right. The judges of taste of buffalo you know what kind of beer they gonna pick for best in show is it going to be eighty. New England style IPA is going to be looking more rusty chain like you know some multi buffalo lake. Should I aimed to make it taste like buffalo is on trying to say yeah. Well we we've said in 28 best of show grounds and recently and watch with the judges did so first of all it's got to be. So whatever style your entering you've got to hit those marks. But then after your something to give that little two little bit of separation. You know and I mean from the author here's what that's works here at the multi notes release animals like molasses and Roma. It was really appeared that you felt. So even though is that because beer. It just have that little something. Baxter and you know and alls where spears and molasses in the look at them too low with something. We'll molasses is a fun thing to use them through process. It's I've used it once before molasses the gingerbread pork and men like do you go to formalizes out of a jar that stuff is thick you can think it's incredible the robust the last reverent and just kind of structure to the bottom yup jumped up and underscore. Yeah you gotta make sure doesn't settle them. All right so that's the taste all group. There's the buffalo homegrown competition which is going to be going on again once the taste buffalo comes from the entry deadline is coming will keep you up to date on that as you find out more. Over the course of the next couple weeks a couple of months. So a small business Saturday you guys are up until 4 o'clock todays are correct and then the weekend back to normal hours. Christmas hours. We are gonna be opened full aid Clark. In the evenings in 5 o'clock on efforts will be open a little bit later in the evenings as well as in the four weeks after Christmas. We'll start opening up at 10 o'clock not work so that's trying to slow them. And say pick up your. Online order she order starter kit you ordered those cool pop to her gift certificate was cart stock online you can come pick them up in store for no shipping costs. And always let people you can always if you can't make it and you can get a gift certificate online here this cart stock sent to you being bitten email alert email all gift certificate. In your immediate either of those quick so if you're trying to last minute gift idea we have. Those anti home brewed dot com for all that took place orders pick him up online or sent right to feel that good stuff. What they're breaking if the other side which is strategy you're thinking I wanna brew. What do why wanna do it's kind of like the idea tree of how you settle on your beer ultimately. That's coming up next it is not traditions just threw an audience in fifteen point Jeremy White protester with your brewing strategy next. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer American count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in tunnel on open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Okay ready talk strategy and neither traditions just threw it and he is in fifteenth when he would meet your wife and mr. Seoul strategy for. Yeah I think I do so it's. Couple weeks of Christmas now one month is especially if you bottle and limited here you need to be Al. On this is always kind of I think something. One on. To Peru. They don't want that city. And I'll speak and just like. Thanksgiving beard and pumpkin beer can be sort. You want the day you don't move he won the spice beer. C capital's strategy into war one enemy com and Chris beard you won again because others and the actors are not made cinnamon ultimately in there. It's still be your knees that depict the east. To kind. Support that spice in that something that your. There's always kind of in Aussie stout supporter. Males and dark tale. Pomp and really create wouldn't suggest trying to me like Christmas older. One he put something at some hoops that mall and notes that alters. Maybe some laughs that's something that Google background. On beef and really creative with what your definition. It's spears. Arm but he can get back to the strategy. That does intend to directions here the lingo. In high alcohol Christmas beer mango for release. Lowell call it spear or some different benefits and you know from different teams going with either. On if you wanna go alcohol beer. And get to try to Egypt so the idea is this out sparingly mean you'll be in Belgium triple our malt. And you might have some around for the next holiday season and like the same thing with these things giving beer infected humans you meet your home computer gaming. He brought it in you know you didn't vote to increase he was creamed here that means. Really cough up is this Thanksgiving gear you can always break out those bottles again come Christmas and nobody will mole the wise. This does tend to work best for pure real doubts Belgium wives. And kind of early winds to really be the year. The Houston meant to consumed in small quantities meant to be some man's idea yet so. You should have been around for a lot longer and this is definitely not appeared that you want to act. On even if you have that person over there really like Christmas Beers. To really like in 9% Holton and cap if you have people over your house I mean I bring in 9% of the bells and somebody else's house. I don't know I wanna serve my house. The right. You know at least not on draft couple bottles that's okay it's that limiting factor but the other thing is I can tell you that I've spent the weekend dealing with the I had a beer with our innocence in the middle that not me. From. With 2000. Ian and I've given anything to re citric acid losses to PB to abuse little bit of an enzyme launch. In them back around to whine I have to report laying around. In making finally. Finally. I've gotten to. The stainless steel rubber in the next release and hold these sleepers when he spice beer while really. In the last you don't plan to have an and there are long she's okay and Agnes. A week before. Ringgit. All of these through Christmas parties in the whatever it don't have left helped throw repeater and put in the bottle you're gonna be religious about that. It's going to be okay particularly mean. Where these entry to the Christmas party that kind of shoved into the back Calgary there moments ago moved raiders and then kind of birds. It's not gonna be so. That your weapons power. But. What's in the right kind of you know flavors that it once had gotten slightly oxidized really wasn't something I was. Looking forward to. Sit the and is is that the number one thing Middlesex means that the number one real sort of root beer. That's pretty good sticking their cinnamon stuff like that doesn't seem to be so bad in the law. But mean in this story really sticks in the next you know art to the other option is to go for a low Oklahoma quality beer and hope everybody drinks have by the new year. On this really only works if you were somebody in the household relief light spice yours working and you throw that. Massive holiday party intrigue and never braid to drink it all ones. On while this seems like the seat for that and hopefully get revolve appear for a holiday season is over this and often for. The bureau that not consumed by the end of the season slower because you don't have as much two everything's gonna working against you. Even if you beard and you rarely go to Europe meal good marks and station. Next year you come across some Beers are probably going to be so our release may not have there and brightness like the keg that I've found that it had won it for. The route. So. Watch out you know and another reason not to Kagan tried to go through only what you're gonna consume this year. On the best based recipes again usually kind of feel porter's browns amber Ailes. Usually go to English league east they produce some kind of nice dark for north lawn. Maybe with some tangerine in there with some of you know Beers and works out believe while. Arm in but they also have soft finish in a relief passed for vacation time in four weeks Christmas if you're trying to get this thing's settled. So that your not taking the year along with wrapping Christmas Gibson right before you have over your family's house. You wanna get on missile and how to time. The spears gonna finish outcast from renters can clarify quickened its second theory you really kind of the long pole B I'll conditioning. Com or how long you wanna sit in and spices. So. And spices to keep her reserve. Your trying to go through this spear fast. Keep displacing preserved you might wanna goalie we talked about making some. Can picture and armor boiling some sites spices and how water. But keep the splicing. Low and that will help you get rid of this faster. On. Again if you don't go through it all move it into bottles as quick as possible if you if you don't have appeared on in my when apple to open it. Of sugar to the policy kind of renewal of the carbonation. Mean really what are the odds of you drinking in this before next holiday season so you're gonna have to pack it. For the long term. Mine open. So there are couples things kind of stay away from real is that just about any staff was back bone. Bomb but it you'd wanna stay away from pierce was finishing cops. On the finishing hops like in New England satellite PA holiday Beers is really not gonna work you are gonna get some clash there while hops don't really class against each other. In bettering hops really. Don't conflict with the flavor of the spices. The strong sutures he hops will often really. Kind of bite each. Armed you can put some of those you know seem cops and to the boil and you'll be okay but a few strong finishing opt. You're really in the hand of the problems having your spikes come out clean. In you might kind of have if you think of Orange juice with cinnamon. The only means often these kind of you know heavily right copiers are called orange juice as they have. Big secrecy flavor with a sweet bent bone on the missing about human orange juice and sentiment right aren't used to it doesn't quite work. Those Beers at an even think one of yet to table at Thanksgiving Christmas and it just feels like the wrong time a year altogether. In any time too is I would always argued it appears like me the night he is or anything with theory. Strong splicing as well. On our peers that often our best consumed with the meal they're consumed after the in. Their strong flavors kind of mute your entire Pallet from you know everybody wants the case in grimace Ekene casserole with the full force of the flavor. So you wanna keep the beer kind of lightens up your serve this at the table that lower alcohol Beers relief and copy especially again with the lights blazing heat to low local beer. You do lights placing and open roasted notes this is something you could potentially break out at the table he go for more of that high alcohol. Belgian quad with kind of intense flavor of something planned to serve after the kneels over home. All right and so this is a big question that everybody always has is what to do Apollo the spice things. On it and there's kind of usual suspects and cinnamon clove. Not make star and it's been really careful with that star anise on Vanilla. Allspice. But start adding small. And some to the boil a usually work with about the twenty or thirty minute mark with a lot of my spices with some stuff like sweet orange peel. And late edit just a little bit. Later on. But you're gonna have a lot of options before you move it to a tag or bottle where you can try to add some of the spices late. Now this also leaves the potential. To kind of meet quality side projects in just me regular or Porter for yourself put it high and apt when you have people over. Have this little each are ready if your your old spice extract go down full picture put a measurement and EB case that a couple of times before you bring it back upstairs. And now you've brought your kind of single use spikes Porter might be able bottle with spice extract can even use it again next year. Armed so get a lot of options first one easiest one if you walk down that night in you try your bureau secondary degree paper and bottles and it just doesn't have that bluster and you didn't prepare. Take the spices you feel like it means in boil him in a small pot of water on the stove and you're going for about 2030 minutes. Or two from relief you know smell a lot of flavors draw a lot of homeless and incapable sample in case a lot of flavor off of that once you start to get that. Pull it off cool strain it was a sanitized. Filter and then move it over. All right you can also skewed them in the second period so if you move your over secondary you realize it doesn't really quite have especially if it doesn't have an awful month this is for the best option. He and more cinnamon work in law and not many of your trained at right to the secondary is at a spot to be a little more careful about doing it because I want infection infection but also because as you sit in there and get more more flavor you're gonna get the most vault for. Volatile tart. Aromas are first you're not going to get a lot. More so. You're gonna start caring giving bitter when he flee deeper sleep around so if you put him in the secondary wanna go back every seat three days. Take out a little pipe that sample in rye you might have to give the mix because it from your spices are flowing in the occupied. Right Tucker you really. Concentrated. Spice it. Do you have a policy on whether or not putting it you're pretty straight in or in a bag and offer you know you tend to think bags. Are always needed I did and so many experiences were the bags and getting stuff start in the car now afflicts many different from hunter Chapman and Vermont serves on broader yet added that the key ET novels have on wider act like I'm just trying to hold fast with that they had so many. Times are trying to get a bag hop skip back spices out of the small neck of a fight you harbor week it just frustrated me. There's another options this if you wanted to go back one map that I like is doing them. You know back full spices or this also works from New England by PA's onto it in a bag in attack piece you repeat wide mouth she compelling cute it was CO2. I can taste off the pop up. When I feel like I. That kind of flavors I want you open up the topic haggard usually catch the bad for the live with little fishing line and go ahead and just poll the spices Paul hops out and it can use that as Mike and flavor. And that's nice because you can do that really quick one night after work all got to do is believe the pressure. Pull off the list polls spices and I can. You know putter Rick Libre Beckham started carbon dating words if I'm doing it in a hard week. And in doing lose spices I have to racket that bottle in that can be really inconvenient when you have a keg system. Again you're not listening to us you're going for. The kennel or lazy route here you can tournament back into account in poll well displacing advocates just for. But my favorite method economy let's spice. Extract here is to soak them in alcohol flew to give some you know with skiers get especially some Rome. In so displaces in the wrong. And you can even operating this extract out of the table for folks to pour themselves so some really really likes by spears you're looking for a little bit of extra kick you during the pitcher Porter. You bring the small bottle of your extract. In the dual shot you know any means somebody wants just to talk to cap with a meal you Jim justice blaster jewels by sector here. I mean have 81 pint lightly spiced the year with a little bit if you go for relief wheat grown with a little bit and added. And the sweetness and you went ahead. Otherwise. So all of these methods will make sure. You have the right amount displacing in your beer instead of pulling a recipe from online. Trained for all those places where it into the Boyle right into the primary. On the you can use your own taste buds and find the rate spikes in global with all those departments. And then. So that's your crash course and spice. And if you're gonna make of your four. Via holiday season which is a great time to do it. It's also not a bad idea like as you have family in town and you might of relatives that know you rule men might be kind of instant and that you know like if you Berrian town for an extra day. You know you have Thanksgiving on Thursday and on Friday. Stadium and a brew beer let's just let's hang out dad or uncle bill or whatever happened. And if you're if you're doing. But we fed the view doing it creamy now. Will win you over some light beer fans doing Christmas beer strangely enough often when you're over non beer so the people were normally drinking sweet wine. Were you know mixed drinks sometimes despite spears what they need to kind of pushed them. To get them into drinking beer or more times specials for today and small business Saturday 10% off all starter kits beer or wine. On the and that big green proper 200 dollars off 20% off agreeing father that's this weekend. We have some in stock on but we can always get more he can pay for now to the discounted prices and more evident in next week very good. That's at frost we'll see you next week and we wish you a happy holidays is it is that season here and Irish traditions just brought on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com. And be sure to tune in next week for another episode just for.