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It's. Do you like you're you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Earth diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome to act traditions just threw it here on ESPN. 1520 Jeremy went advertiser. And last week we did making Christmas beer. Which. Hopefully people one on me the Christmas yet it was still. Who plays of 24 days to Christmas. Put this ways we can in your thinking about Christmas shopping point four days. But you still have time to get one especially if you keg system but is you get closer and closer to events like this for you wanna have a beer the one thing is. Your poll percent to alcohol goes down to him mr. temple for a man like Paloma displacing is gonna go down in and if you have any problems. You're not really have time to deal. She still time to group Christians here earlier ruling and need to stand top of it might have to. Nickel lower alcohol and wanted to me church ready to be so got three weeks to make Christmas beer. If you so choose. Now while. If that's something you wanna do. On demand at our audio vault odious in 1520 and WGR audio vault as well that's how you can go and find that recipe. This week we to a couple different things we are. 23 days till Christmas that's that is the second so point three reported as a clerk a twenty theory it's creeping up on us. Specials that are going on in holiday hours holiday hours are a little bit later still couple weeks from now two weeks. Before Christmas music or movement into the holiday hours. We do have a new box it so the New England IP box it is ready. This is an extra bucks Kitna still going to be nice light body be put a lot of time and that if you've been coming in the store over the summer you've probably tasted. A couple of variations we've tried to trying to. Perfect this box kitten. I think there's no perfect beer I think we've come pretty darn close Moriarty selling those off the shelves. We haven't stacked up if you're looking to get your number the new boxer you're trying to. Giving new recipe in there and you know this is your fancy we have. So it's new you have inhibit before. We got on the shelf very good. And any timing and anti homered dot com during this holiday season meteorite and a bunch aaron's. You can order online and pick up the stuff that you need to many horror and and it's just went round up you guys help people that we too yep and with when you shop local. Indy shop online even if you can't make it into distort you decide to just say parliament have a sent to my house it's only ten dollars is going to be convenient eight bucks depending on how much the order is especially if you're kind of in the you know you're you're dire counties it's going to be cheap. Hand you're gonna get in two to three days and we're gonna pack it up the same day you weren't it's gonna get into the post office dispatchers imbued next day so. When you do local you don't need to pay for fast shipping it's gonna get to you almost over night anyways so two to three days on all local shipping. On if you're trying to get a gift to America you got three weeks. So he can put it to in store pickup now and then maybe change over to mail order later I'm very good and today there's a big of. It Santas of swig put on by the sultans of swing and that's this afternoon from one to four in awful iron works tickets are twenty dollars it's Obama fund raiser for the Matt urban hope senator. And information is that sultans of swing dot com you can donate an unwrapped toy. With a ten dollar value and get ten free raffle tickets and you we've been point out each week that this is not your normal kind of. Competition yeah yeah we're here looking at classic styles number kinda trying to make a new recipe based on an old classic. This is just a free for all. And so if you are are always looking for new interest seeing Beers are kind of limited release. This is going to be the place Beazer have twining will put it limited release Beers. All this one event you get to judge the winner in the wrong going to be interesting because homer. Often we say you have to brew beer that you're willing to drink fifteen Beers and laughed. In so when your brewing for an event like this beaten a little more off the wall because. People showing up are gonna trickle for it and so what you're willing to heaven for around sample. There's a lot different than what you're willing to drink fifty to rest all right big difference. Welcome to keep that in mind if you got time today get out to the awful iron works the mat urban hope senator benefiting from the Santas of sweeteners to dress like senate and turn UB while nobody is copy the actors signed. Also taste of buffalo homer competitions on the wooden keeping an eye on we're kind of still waiting for further details yet. So they haven't had a complete loss of organ email out. A link to the website as soon as they have a up with all the looks of styles with all light summer styles basically everything light bodied and sections of Belgium blondes. Two. You know kind of session right PA's and Palin else. On and there are deadlines can be early January so if you have some light Beers left over from summer starts setting them aside now and if you you know really. When a plan now for this competition. And employing a time to brew when they put the list of categories up partially because it's all starts. So again. Plan on that star Bruin something for that. The competition will be actually beat the competition is coming up early January and of course you through the star of the show at the taste the buffalo on the gonna do that. All right so last week was Christmas Beers this week what's our what's the meat of our show to begin into overdrive about keeping fermentation war we talked a couple of weeks ago. About what to do it via a stock for. And patient do we have a big cold snap. Well there's not a cold snap anymore it's here to stay so now we need to focusing keeping every fragmentation war. Arm in its weak kind of look at this we often talk poll numbers and they say oh. You know I have finished basement I keep my house that 6870 degrees this isn't a problem. It's a problem. It's only seventy degrees. At chest tight at your thermostat in your living room and once that's where you're keeping your year it's going to be a problem. We often talk about the season two is home growing season. And a eight I think it's gonna funny in here talking about all these problems how it's gonna be too cold for your beer in the basement. Com but there's a lot of other bandage it's great for Bobble storage. Cold tap water so chilling is going to be a breeze. I'll put this cold weather especially in the north east here are cold basements. Provide a little bit of problems for the fermentation. For every other part of the process is better but for the firm in case and you're gonna have to think about someway to keep it warm. On these are not obviously gonna wanna keep your basement to seventy degrees. Every time you decide to appear. On and we often talk about in this hobby that maybe were not. Security listening to show your homework and we we don't have to convince you. To home brew. However we do try to point chewed too little bits of advice or not only meet your year old but better but also keep. Hungry popular in your house. In this is one. Keeping control over fermentation in the senate location on the Q a lot more popular. Then running around with a pocket all over the house trying to find that perfect temperature in them when you do. You know start spraying all over the place. That's not gonna meet you too popular house in a manner Hogan de Bure is people are still gonna be thinking about he spent two nights and cleaning up old quarries and from all over the kitchen are all over the spare bedroom. On its gonna be in the back here had few wanna deal with that a little bit at a time to think about it a couple of days before you group. Come up with a game plan doing anything it's gonna be much better than doing nothing. You mean act it to control you want you mean act it is warm as you want but it it's not from the cold crash out you know 4838. Degrees and so first a look at why we keep the fermentation warm night wind that destroyed in the basement we talk about these tile and metabolic rate. Being really kind of controlled. By the ambient temperature and sort fermentation is too cold treats Koppel for. The yeast mean evil one the government slower but the main app from and out all the sugars that you would like we published under attenuation. On the also mean leave some other flavors and appear if you blow hard which we talk about all the time and I ants. So what often happens as a unit a colder temperature or if you put the beer into the from actor seventy agrees and put into room it's fifty degrees it's gonna start from renting. And then usually after 2448. Hours. He can't can you read any shorter at that temperature and begins to shut down a few leaving their two long peaceful crash all fall to the bottom of the from man to. In this sticks us with the bureau that is a van full of apple flavor some kind of butterscotch. But also is kind of sickly sweet I mean have some other pastors from strikes fermentation as well. So keeping a warm fermentation. It's gonna mean that you're gonna have healthy fermentation from the cleanup and appears in a fully attenuated. So basically means you're gonna get through the primary fermentation without any problems in the kind of timeframe that you would expect looking at the east. So if you're doing in English that bitter and you're able to keep it to sixty degrees ignored an attenuated out of three fort. On. When you're kind of from nineteen with the if you decide okay in the look at the L east chemical for the lower for vacation range from Nottingham and German alt. And go Hamlet from and 5860 degrees. It may take forever mean are fully it annual rate is much if you want enemy be a little bit kind of you know. Apple so. Just because you can get it from and what work actress doesn't mean. It's always going to work. Number now we we talked to couple weeks go mechanical back twit now you have me that this update you have a beer sitting in the basement halfway attenuated. What can you do in it's an easy fix without buying any more equipment right now just like we talked about moving to warmer area. Bring it upstairs given Iguchi to kind of row seat back up into the permanent. Fermentation. And it should start going again. Armed but again this is not gonna be very convenient for you carrying forty pound you know pocket of beer around the house it and to check on it every twelve hours and teachers not to warm not too cold. In nature cents bringing. You know again all over your house so. Their stuff you can do right now bring it upstairs keep the nine desperate. Check the temperature you can always yet another east pack if you feel it is taking off again fast and offers knocking those final numbers that you really want be wanna plant something. For the next beer right on in we talk about the floppy or pre planning with you know. Ye starter looking mineral contents. There's a lot of fund research that can be done with numbering you know two or three days at a time. On I would always had just kind of you're gonna set up fermentation chambers like we're talking about today to do it. At a time because that way you can plug in and check the temperatures so crap a couple of days before. Now if you're going downstairs take your fermentation pocket put some water and look at the thermometer on the side and leave it here for 24 hours this is gonna give you good idea or your ambient temperature is. The fermentation has a lot of capacity meaning can hold a lot of the normal manner to. So it's gonna maintain an average of your basement temperature. It's not gonna be that your temperature. That is when you walked down there it's gonna be an average of the temperature tees over 24 hour accurate. So you're gonna wanna do that at a time now a lot of people say on our bottom just into all martyrs in the basement all winter. And this is viewed moisture and get from your friends who probably know nothing about home amber. In to be quite honest. This is an option but it's not going to be as easy if you think it is you're still gonna have to bring the temperature up. For I asked him not completely out of the award. So you're still hearing the pocket upstairs after date for five or like I mean when it than ever fermentation chamber. I would move the pocket up with the Ayers from my basement once beer. Every day for seven days. And then at the end of that output under the kitchen table by the register on that would be my log in process without fermentation chambers. In that worked really good I can't tell you how many times I forgot the fermentation and stepped to literally. Stepped to the only there for four days and come up to the top of the stairs there will be worried about the attenuation out through rate of Macs that he registered and kind of cute they're a little bit too early I would local work that is impressive that you go to such lengths to go one step at a time like. Yeah I'll. Come home from work every day. Aren't the temperature to either elect moving up one stop all worked out great to your caring laundry into the basement in Elizabeth. And you know with the new finder fermenter. Unexpectedly. So these are some. Things to think about attacking NBC's just do bloggers are maybe not as easy seizing of BC's Sumi to ramp up that temperature you know date I'd. All right what do to a break hold onto the next of the rest of it at some. Adjustments or keep it warmed up hockey and I'm impressed with your debt that dedication step at a time you you really sense the difference in temperature you're you wanna be that gentle. Two to the ideally now. On it and I guess that's the one thing that. If you look at one disadvantage of the moving from mantra around all over the place. Yeast dough like shocking changes and in the tend to go rapidly in it is kind of different here if you bring him up. You know all ten degrees from 358 to 68 in sometimes we'll start producing those females even though you're not expecting them to 72. Seven before just from that jump. The other thing that we don't really think about it is. Fermentation pocket. Unless it's fully agitated lawsuits being impacted by fragmentation. Doesn't really change it's temperature evenly across fermentation. In my in and a warmer but populated with heap all the senator it's Marcum acting does not full fermentation. You can trust that the temperatures seeing the outside the you're seeing at the top of the Foreman Turk is the same temperatures seen all the way and to develop a firm. All right so hockey to warmly give back the the flip side of all this is not traditions just through here and ESPN 1520. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just Pruitt which means either you're home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in tunnel on open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew paid him a visit and remember to just throw. Welcome back Packers and just threw it ESPN. 1520. All right so we've been talking about as a general topic keeping fermentation warm and you. Laid out steps to do that how about. Long this process should take a long he should try to keep this one yet and that's the one of the reasons I won't bring in the winter is because obviously want to be your car near sitting in the keg sitting in the car we. You wanna keep it. COLT or members who still lingering season that time year nineteen to boost off tag it. And shove it in the corner I don't have to worry about it until the basement gets up over the Euro 4550 degrees. So you do have the ability to seller tons of beer without cold space whether that's and and secondary keg or probable. You can just set at some place in chances Parker basements and finished like mine I can go down 22 bottles on the floor. Pick a bottle out and it's party kind of the rate temperature for service. On. But when you're keeping for the fermentation you only need the primary fermentation. Plus a few to an early wreck and a secondary maybe couple Oxford days you don't really need to keep the heat for that long only looking at seven attendees here. So that's where there again that the dedication in moving it up one stop right we have to do this week yet have enough stuff to do ya I have enough they got seven steps found in the basement convenient. Armed so viewing you keep it kind of attention of the temperature for a short time and if you if you do that again and put into a secondary can put into the corner. Of the basement and even a light like beer. I'll say it. Irish style Lleyton alcohol or even light up the year will last a long time sitting in a cold basement ball it's. Oh it's again it is during season. It's gonna be allowed easier than the summer when you have to keep everything cool on now with gonna look at the heat source is because there's Chernoff for our kind of favorite it'll say options from home brewers will talk about the first one which is the here Carter. In this is kind of preferred because it's cheap and it's readily available you can go down. To your local drugstore you can pick one up for ten Boxee employ again and then you can sit there are all night worried that is gonna burn your house style. Armed to others again her prayers are cheap to produce a lot of heat but is completely on regulated. In some of the temperatures coming out here prayers while over 750 degrees. On so unlike some of the other options if it's not providing constant low key tortured have to find something regularly that. And then when it's on your gonna have to worry about it earnings something it's actor for vacation chamber. So for a long time here Pryor's word the standard but I can tell you argues won once and never felt comfortable with that. I was nervous all the time. Indian trouble because it in rundown with CVS and pick up a new hair dryer I just borrow the warm from a household Bryant kind of played dumb when people that are higher. And and ultimate sitting in the box running in the basement I don't know it's. Mac going to smoke let's allow in the middle of the the night I think you'd you'd you'd keep it at a reasonable distance rightly yeah I usually what you end up doing is taking a big boxer preferably. Like a model refrigerator. And put bigger earning corrupt reformist and then you know it's turning on and off on law. In in the big thing when using terror alert to bring Google off topic is you don't wanna put your thermal while in the for meant. You want the thermal while so what's actually reading the temperature to be in the air TV's performance Haitian does equals if you power outage. It might take economic fermentation. Hours if not like twelve hours to warm back up ports power turned back count. In meanwhile you're gonna have that hair dryer spewing out thousand degrees literally. Heat insider fermentation chamber and it could scorched. And again worst case scenario it starts a fire. So the first thing I would tell you it's the go to. You know and heat source for pondering is by our the works of stayed away from here dryer if you can. The next choice because of them as being easily available and fairly cheap. Is an aquarium heater in this is great because it has its built in control for so after looking for the cheapest option. And one re automatically get the temperature controller and when you contrast to not burn you in the middle of the night. Go for the record in the big disadvantages. You have a lol total he'd amounts so if you're basements were really cold it might not get the temperatures you want without line of insulation. And it requires a water deaths in people but Matthew. Meaning you need something the container. They can hold at least like you know fight you know on the water a round here from meant to you have to have your balk to order from monster. Inside all larger pocket. Arm and then you have to keep that water aquarium UBU wanna put it correctly in two B year now and it'll Nazi. The thermostats on the sings. And again so there's not the easiest it's not the most fancy set up at the aquarium heater. If you if you don't live near home brew shop on you don't have a lot of other options this would probably be mine a coat to. Now is gonna talk about the two options that are really kind of meant for fermentation in the first one is the traditional. He helped most is available at pretty much all poll numbers shopped they're fairly heat you know cheap. They have a limited whole heap that there really reliable through these are belt that Paul great insure walked. He stripped them around from actor in the provide its low low amount of heat. Arm in these can be great especially if you're not into anything for temperature regulation. On if you put him into a chamber you can heat more than one for man took. And in the last option is probably the best and that's what I'd started to use now is the heat pat. These are not available at all home shops. Beats you have to be ordering from you theory checking supplying or sometimes a Hydro products supplied. Com wholesaler which not all homegrown shops to in the other thing is and I can tell you this from personal experience. Because these things are being sold relief kind of seasonally for people mostly in whispering starting seeds or camera around holiday time. On there not readily available through wholesalers of your home brew shop cast that thing had and I apart Schiavo. So that when you get into this season of January February where you really need him to open its turn to think about carbon pardoning or incubating aids rate now. You can get your heat pet so there are also available at some garden centers as well as far supplies stores the old ones are usually you'll look bigger. It's first hole area and have a little lox heed the new one and fermentation and the provocation at it 200 and and 120 degrees hole. Where some of the ones for educational kind of the closer 12100 degrees provision meant to put a seedlings right now in the path. Arm so the one for from and it will look better it's oval ones available through ardent honor are going to be. Just fine and again these are reliable low wattage you can leave my overnight cure will be electric bill. Are in again you don't have to worry about them burning down night however if you don't have a way to control the heat. You still have to worry about them bring your fermentation to war. So with the controller it's pretty easy you set the temperature you Warren. The heat source into the controller either put the probe in a while on the from mental Ward Just hate that to the outside of the Foreman to with a little bit insulation around. Controllers turn off whenever you figured player fermentation temperature in its really gonna keep you. Into a desired range with most controllers with everyone we felt tradition as walls and some the other cheaper ones that bond you couldn't control the differential. She can control how long it's a lot of fermentation temperature drop. Before comes back up so if you want one degree two degrees. You know actors shooting at a fail safe and you want that for you can do that you'll be okay. With our controller it gets a little bit harder. You're gonna wanna check on this twice daily to once before you go to work in the morning once when you get home finally at what might blogger on the steps and it's gonna take quite a bit of dedication. So you have a few options on how you can change the amount of heat. One thing it really like doing is putting referring patients into a box to kind of help keep the around him not to supplementation. I can tell you this is really key when trying to get. Really want fermentation in the winter thus far into another home Peru recently I've always shows. In recent history taken might have thrown an intimate fermentation chambers which over key yet though winter and not worry about it. Because I'm using a big medal refrigerator should also have a lot of transferred while it is a lot. Capacity itself and spending a lot of kind of energy he eating an actual refrigerator body itself not all of that skimmed the fermentation. So with Marty and big bad heating and in my fridge can only hit about EDE 85 degrees. When I was talking to another home for who puts his fermentation incited sleeping bags truth that Adam Mair with that he says. Without the controller was able to get up to 420. Degrees the path is sitting in this kitchen. Rapid installation says kitchen with about 62 degrees. So just watching now. While the teaser kind of horror you know old refrigerator fermentation chamber is by far the easiest to use you mean I'd actually get the Friday and temperatures. For. So little trip or sleeping bag actually about that mr. Morgan. Arm but if you using this box or other kind of point of insulation if you notice that the temperatures start to climb past where your looking for. You can start opening up the box opening up the sleeping bag the panel some of that heat out that he's who your control. So I would use the boxing if you to kind of the non Kate fall overreach and tackle quarters into each other. I would start slowly opening up one quarter. And mean and one quarter would drop me down a couple of degrees still climbing an open up another one I needed to eventually that may well. You can also change the positioning of the heat source route from enter this one it was seen that the belts are probably your best but after knock can go with control. Not getting enough he'd start moving the belt lower and lower down the fermentation. On if you are giving too much heat start moving up your gonna compact last you're gonna have less of the beard getting hit with a rising heat. Injured and get a little bit last temperature. If you move all the way to the bottom and it still not getting enough start adding insulation start with the light could be. You know move twelfth ball coat and and onto winter jacket really needed to kind of keep that fermentation war. Arm when you have a lot of options to keep your kind of fermentation warm I would still say that. You know winter's definitely during season because you only have to pay attention to one from inter at any given time and it's always a lot. Cheaper as farmers your energy demand to warmer fermentation state ten degrees than it is to try to chill it. Let's say twenty victories in the summer so. Still bothering season you might need a little bit heat source. And lecture bachelor in that case I would they do what I wanted to put the fermentation right on the kitchen table after copies here edit every morning. You know eat dinner and and keep the fermentation comp it was up to me that's for me but. It's not so it's in the basement and you fermentation chambers. All right. Let's sit all you need to know about how to keep her fermentation. Warm up to taste the buffalo Holbrooke competition again get your Beers and futures rolling for that will be two more details as they go and if you're looking for them to do today. One of four powerful fireworks for the senses of swing we're back next week the beer yet cause severe could cause the matter and hopes senator twenty dollars for tickets of that and bring you toys for ten dollars to be ten for raffle tickets at that brought us here on our traditions just broke. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season brewer or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just for.