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Dec 9, 2017|

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It's. Do you play you're you'll learn how to make your own beer it's time for just really want to you by now with traditional blue here's your host Jeremy White. Robert dye Easter good Saturday morning happy. Hour. Closer Jeremy like protester here on nine traditions just ruined. Happy holidays reality and I'm at the same I don't know makers to cut elevator after it yet. But it's. And they were in good shape here it's. You know the snow all full flew earlier this week so we're we're pretty much in the holidays last week we do Christmas Beers. On this week. Mo more Christmas here and maybe on Ricardo yeast a lot today about. Was going on that the story guys went your extended hours begin there actually gonna start tomorrow so we're going to be open tomorrow and Sunday each Sunday opener between now and Christmas Eve and so Christmas Eve as well. Eleven to two. Will be open ten to eight during the week Monday to Friday but regular hours on Saturday and four so we're gonna be opened a little bit extra few need to get home get their first before you come into Christmas shopping. Will be there for right. So extended hours include not just extended hours and extended day you at a day of the week with the Sunday edition Sundays from eleven to two and rules are through Christmas Eve which is also a Sunday. Yes they are open element to on Christmas Eve and that will be. Open element to Sunday closed Monday in the opening comment Tuesday regular hours allotments the Monday Christmas I was throws them off via Dugard went all right so. If you on oil while making Christmas spears. You might your time frame might be locked tight. But if you wanna know about it you can. Go to our last show and he shows on the man ideas in 1520. And the BG or audio vault as well. Draft supplies you guys are loaded as usual you've got so if you're looking for your draft applies for holiday party. Futile carburetor you need to get The Who working generator. Oh or if you wanna get somebody in two draft beer with there numbering or commercial we have all the kits pumps taps cleaning supplies and replacement parts yours and then. And with regard to it was hundreds of an up. You were talking about something being in stock of agreeing father which was on a discount for Black Friday yep the Black Friday specials and we have a lot of people who took us up on that's right now is a lot of people were thinking about it did crucible for very good on the rabies in people out there who significant other kind of pushed over the continent so. Here and get that surprise deal later on how about the rest of the inventory like I mean Black Friday can be a timer you in the you know you roll through a lot of stoppages geyser. Restock you're going keep Greece doctor the other thing is I have to admit that we often becomes the place where people go and spend their money after the holidays and mean. You've got then you know verdict if certificate to the closing plays or maybe the restaurant with little but too far. Were the plays when they choose what they're gonna spend for themselves. After the colleagues that they often go two we keep our full stock in supplies so if you get a gift certificate you're gonna have a lot to choose from it's not like you're gonna comment on boxing day. And the shelves are going to be clear where actually usually gonna have more inventory more those art gadgets of relief hoppers won picked out themselves Oca. And with regard to. It was at the what's that one thing we talked about the other day at the catalyst system Reba got it goes hand we have those and parity. Those are nice that it actually because of mine looking at the catalyst. Fermentation we talked about the the advantage of the catalyst fermentation. Is that you can count summation jar rate to the bottom right of the clover that ink so that means. Is we talk about east seeping in Greek culture and today. The catalyst this kind of what kind of bring up that topic for OK it is really one of the kind of perfect comical in general clear conical Murti academies and their two. It's really going to be the perfect. Bustle as far as what you're looking for for. Using your east and so that's actually what kind of me staring at that every day thinking about buying yet another fermentation. Vessel. If if you mention working at a home shoppers can like beat guys who owns electrical Rochus beat a lot. It's got a bunch of cars out there they all work non plumber really being driven. I kind of missing problem with fermenter known. If I get this wanna might be putting money for monster Chapman aside for awhile so I wanted to yet but. If you are thinking about reconstituting if you do need to new fermenter. This is a nice 100 to order box it's comical. Sanitary fittings blocking whether that valve at the bottom up like you have seen it in action you you know people who use this or east I don't know if you people who views that is that relatively new yeah on the back relatively new immune normalcy here here put in Hungary it's kind of plan for this stuff and you work it into your system these are big changes in the moment like me with a great father purchased it healed long time to finally get a batch ready work out warming gets into efficiency fund please house actually. You know upset the sell up. So some of these kind of uses become a little bit to see the online reviews tumbles instantly but the kind of in the degree comes with time and in the catalysts is kinda. You know has pushed through that integrity at it's kind of pass the test and people are going back to. One other reason I ask is because I know that valve they got on the dollar butterfly valve or whether it's called. And I guess it must be strong and well built good because it's holding up. The whole thing and it's pretty big right Philly 2 or 3 inches central and I am up five gallons of your beer basically as it from and so must be. I think it's got to be. Really well built up. And with a lot of pressure down easy about how much you know hard week from backs and if you get a straight line thing is about two feet high agency that three inch. That's probably almost tequila liquid that's like 810 pounds. Via now. Well anyway you see evidence stock that's the catalyst system if you want to know about that you can you know who ruler check out the website it's it's inching its. It's not quite all the way up to the grain father in terms apprised well in and they do different thing and they they do different things are different to you could use your grandfather and your cattle yes what I think about. But in this that the one nice thing about lumbering answers with different steps and you can get involved as much as you want to each steps if you capitalize your time in tempering your recipes. You know I mean you might decide to upgrade your system was supreme Robert giving in to harvesting kind of speed fermentation. Are you may get something like the cap now you know. All right so holiday hours extended a lot of stuff in stock. And information about the taste of home Peru or take the buffalo homer competition Alina we have we have more information they have everything up. If you go to homegrown case of buffalo dot com they have a list of all the categories there's a very long analyst. A bomb in the entry deadline is going to be the twentieth of January. There's a couple of different drop off locations we are one upon. So you have a date he got over a month over at least a lot of styles open like you said that a lot Laker star also appears to you do now. For the competition you can put wait till summer you could country can in a walk. Or later appears to be there. Open faster than what's in his home brewed taste of buffalo dot com going to a tough. Right now is conducive to read a couple of these. Styles but still a lot of lighter style it's gonna be a summer event right isn't so there are judging for summer to some better and that's when they won serve it as well so it will mate yet all while Tuesday or two ago. American life logger America longer cream now. You know German pills. Export peer Munich callous killer beer. Okay Seth it special DI PA's belt tonight is a bit to elect one. And dark stop all light in gravity but they got a lot on now. You know make sure you go on because there are couple that like the special TI PA it's only can only be section strength. That is allowed so. Head of that website homered taste of buffalo dot com for more information judge and Stewart registration who. You know here's some image thing each and every year I get invited to be judged the taste of buffalo and it and if I'm in town usually do it and they're having a home brew element to it. It is a BGC. Sanctioned competition all won't be me it could still be you know it's OB. You don't necessarily. Have to TB. On certified judged to taste and home for competition. Com you definitely don't wanna do this blind you gotta have some experience in I would say and the an and they know you know organizer of this competition any organizer we're kind of put that on themselves. Ought to kind of you know look at who's on their judging panel however you're not gonna do flight pepper on your. Own Ryder certified you will be paired up with experienced people who's like when we did. The one for the Niagara a home. Homegrown homer competition here and here. We had to really experience judgments with thoughts coming through the process. Because in homer competition to me not always gonna certified judged. But there are always be one on that flight touching your peers throughout three score sheet one mean B non certified but. There were always be at least once or part nine. All right so. That's the news on the taste of buffalo home brew competition so on The Today Show on Rainier into you wanna talk about seeding and eventually remanded to recall three yeast that might be on. But different program opening on how much time we can put into today but saving east so you've got to this as a topic because of the catalyst system which. Allows you designed around saving east room it. Really kind of a process that worked out to talk about can be done in the Campbell sent a certain way. Arms a lot of work were talking about would be saved with one of these vessels. So. It is they are very nice it's a big advantage in using and the comical particularly when it's clear you can actually see what you're grabbing at any given time. So as tennis or looked at this so it's the beginning poorer. And especially for just our you know starting home bring the cost of Easter available via difference drain naturally doesn't weigh heavily on your mind yet because everything is new. And Natalie that be a bigger fish fry you gotta worry about recipe formulation fermentation control and trying to kind of streamline the day in general whether that. Something to do with your equipment or just your blue route space were kind of getting an idea how much time you need set aside. So this isn't something you're going to be worried about you haven't been covering for years and you run through every single to right east available news or three times over port. Here also not doing year's super loggers cold fermentation starts. Or release Heidi you know alcohol appears to require high pet treats even if you decide to use a liquid he's. Chances are you can get away with one not gonna be buying two to three. Once you become an experience first things get to change shall in the you buy your screen and extract the ball you points or longer cops are also buying those pounds. Arm in most pierce are gonna come out exactly how you want that means you've also got more streamlined process. I always talk to Kevin when he started out. You mean. All green at five he'll batches. I keep it through to (%expletive) if Katherine Betts is all agreement about the same amount of time. And all mixed up one spot with fear when it went to with that and I knew exactly what I needed to do. The kind of capitalize on every minute I didn't have something needs money hands at that moment. So. That said were once you get really good at something you start to get a little bit. Sports anchor also fair and think about what I wanna keep doing this hobby how can I save a little bit more money. In recalled for a year he says one of those kind of things it will definitely the view we'll say anywhere from seven dollars two to 21 box. If you were doing the rarely. You know strong beer you're gonna go liquid east he didn't have time to recall Ciurciu restarting your buying three of them depending on if you coming in her traditional it twenty dollars. If your ordering a mile line from someplace that scene three east can cost you thirty to forty dollars which shipping. So you're really gonna save a lot of money. Just from doing some of the recall offering but if you conceive samples you really getting used to spout for flowery. And you know back can be kind of an ice experiment on its own arm but it's also stated some money in general specially after buying Europe ingredients Campbell and so the first thing we need to look at is collection. On first and wanna come in note in here it's. You when you are gonna collect she's from from actor or from a starter. You really want to make sure you dot all your rights and cross your keys because you're going to be. Using the scene culture built up you know from media to six batches. Any little mistakes are able infections are going to be in amplifies your goal on mystery paltry process. Armor market we get into slanting her trying to like change trains here. Because 21 what I don't know that there's more than two or three people all Western New York. They really have the know how a lot along the equipment actually do something like that. So the quality of your initial fermentation is gonna kind of judge all the shoes they've. From there now. Also and Heath. Team beat touches this piece needs to be. Sanitized if not even better to beat pastor is Susan where the Mason jars really come into play by the catalyst from inpatient system uses Mason jars. Because you can boil. And so you know Campbell Earl Jones and yet it's 100% and boil it. You can leave it out upside down in on paper towel. Let it cooled down in the immediately hooked up your Foreman Turk you know that there is absolutely. You know Mike. And so and he sample that you polls going to be pure so your not compound in that hole. You know snowballing error of infection whenever you decide to the east. Now the first thing that we get asked a lot about this because there's kind of two opinions out there there's a lot of facts that I think both groups pool permit to. But there's two ways to collect the east won his primary fermentation the other one is from years secondary fermentation. Armed Anderson kind of pros and cons to both from the primary these are gonna be a lot healthier and there's going to be just a lot more of that. And this is why most people decide to go for the primary base overall it's a little more of a cure and he'd as far as getting enough cells to connect. Move on. But there's an awful lot more problems on which makes a washing process a lot harder in the others you go you know for generations six generations down. You may also lose some attenuation because you're taking he's from early in the process critiquing the first he's sick grants. And the lash piece crash from the primary for impatient so you're gonna get a little bit lower attenuation because those he kind of stuff ferment legal Beverly. They flock elation a little bit early. So there was a kind of pros and cons from the primary. From the secondary you have a lot less trump in the east will have. Tiger or at least even attenuation with the original stream that you started with. You can also do this a little bit more at your own. Time scale after peaking at from a primary you wanna take the bureau the primary certain time mean not be seen Dave that you wanted to the whole collection business. But that's not going to be your shorts with the second period you can cushion and other weaker Q so that if you need to put it off until you have an hour to you to do this. You can. Are cons there's going to be much less used available specially if you do believe racked up primary. And they're not gonna be healthy and active associate used in the primaries so if you're trying to. Quickly turn around. Species especially for trying to skip a starter you mean not wanna grab for the second month. Now to the harbor during which which of the two year old scribe to. Wolf whichever I have time for a right choice or do the primary every bit of why am looking at something like the catalyst. Because I can boil the Chara can take its nuclear can drive off only trump can take a sample. And I can move on that seemed only take mean next for 2030 minutes. Where as if I had. Regular pockets for Chapman threw for monsters. I have to pull the bureau over into another Russell too cute at that sentiment at the bottom. Arm in this wryly that kind of not happening to racquet to meet that choice with something like catalysts. The kids do that ability also get kind of a good blind if you wanted to. Where is when you're working with pockets and are always these are tennis breweries split decisions on which we you don't just based on convenience. I personally would always rather to the primary if I could. On because I am looking for volume on but often what happens is I use fees may be very re culture from bottler took from seasonal why he's apt. That your comes out three or four months later I can't get that seen yeast strain again now and trying to preserve something and the secondary. Not because of trying to save any money because they won't be able to get it any way so I wanna be able to. Keep that strange in any form I have to look at doing something in the secondary means I didn't do anything in the partner and so a lot of times that you're kind you have something you wanna do this is true a lot of hobbies in the new we have what we actually have time to do. And so while I say I would always loved to do the primary I often do the secondary because that twice or. I won't go back harvesting Washington. Saving all that we are well into this unknown collecting your. Stating it was culturally. It is not traditions just brew it here on ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I was back. And recalled touring east saving you some more on the part where we're gonna. You talk about harvesting. Whether you primary or secondary. What happens next yeah an anomaly give another disclaimer right here that everything it touches us should be passed tries to not extremely well sanitized. In that actually comes down to any water used in the process to. If you're using tap water you may want to filter and then also boil it. If you're using bottled water I would still boil it and cool it. Sometimes. If I'm feeling brave I will use a fresh jug of distilled water. Just cracked the CLU's at that they would not trucks have for another batch so. Everything that touches this has to be very well sanitize or not pasteurized and all your water really has to be pasteurized as well. So after harvesting from the primary for induce racked that your. And then you're gonna try to use to sanitize Spooner legal hole east off the top of the seven now some people who you know are used to change or multi piece samples and go right over. To the next beer a part of the kind of holes saving and being able to you recall treaties is you won again keep purity. And you don't want anything that may cause the second vehicle ban one of those things that were worried about is all the proteins that starches and kind of what we call a tribe. The sitting down with the east at the bottom of the fermentation. Armed now the first thing and traded do to help yourself as a sort of just scooping into the sudden impact try to skim off the top. Arm how we're kind of separating BC's throughout the entire time with the fact that they want to stay up in suspension they wanna stay up in the public would be that trigger food sources can be. While things like you know bits of hops or protein matters you know start just. They're dance they've been kind of Kuwait deleted in the balls and they're gonna want sink to the bottom faster. And it's really just kind of difference in density that were using over over. Arm so if you can scoop from the top of the primary fermentation you're gonna get a better distribution of cells you're gonna get yourself a lot like stroke which is gonna make the whole washing process. A lot easier. Now after pulling from a secondary fermentation. You party release Don a lot to kind of do some separation wrecked it off the primary probably most food trucks stayed in the primary to me a little bit approaching financial aid that we can take care of but. Arm is ranking from the secondary take the bureau off. Put in your distilled pasteurized water shake the from mantra around and take off that sample to be in Washington. Armed so. Another reason these he would go to secondary more often so instead of trying to sanitize the label scoop it's all off the top rated signed on racking. With the secondary can do with the night I want. I can just wrecked the bureau off cool water in the car week in and move on from there. So let's talk a little bit about washing the east you're you're not really doing any chemical cleaning making that where a lot of people he computer I think they feel like adding some kick sanitize or something to the solution. This gonna kill off other microbes and that's not reviewing your just doing gravity separation here. So the proteins again in smaller denser than the active Easton are gonna fall faster. On its gonna kind of stratified if left in the vessel for awhile so it will be able to CDs different layers as you like this set. So you wanna take your sampled a little bit of clean water again too because it's gonna make it a little bit easier to work with. I generally will take a very large sample to start with so I mean take. Trafficking element. Of total silence to put in psychic gallon jug. And output and about 50% of colleagues hope put in a court of mine and clean water here. Ought to me just everything a little bit easier to work west having less overall stuff and there are more water means that the molecules can kind of fit between the chief. In between each other a little bit easier. And move down. Kind of get their graduation. So what you're gonna do is your particular nation charge your flash growers gallon jugs whatever your music you're gonna mix it up with this clean water and then put in the effort for anywhere from thirty minutes to an. Our armed when you come back you're gonna see the separated layers and seek clear liquid CO global of cloudy liquid then you're gonna see this relief light colored find stuff. That sure east as well also sup that's making that liquid cloudy at top. And then you're gonna see this kind of almost like ho who were a lot and it's looking you know darker bits at the bottom that's all you're. Top sector approaching death to stop you're trying to get rid of so what you do now is you take that container the something me wanna think about how to time he needs to. Port and sanitary manner from one container to another kind of separate. That dark truck but the bottom. The U don't want to keep. So. This may happen once if you have something like catalyst in you can poll we can majority of the trouble off so you're working with a very small amount of solid. Or this meet a a couple of tries each try your gonna be losing will open more and more volume. Arm so you wanna polls larger model equipped. At the beginning you wanna tart toss anything that you see at the bottom you really wanna be ruthless and it would see. Two to three watches about the most whoever wanna give something. He says you do that you are beating up the east you are saturating them with water because as you put this new solution in personal electoral lights. On T can damage the cells a little bit from the Washington process. So it's not something that you. Want to. Be doing over and over and over again in unless you're ready to really struggle to kind of re cultural nonetheless washing you do with the Maurice you're gonna have in year. Sample. And the really the better health it's going to be but the higher the risk of what you're gonna end up kind of as far as infections tribe that could be in the breakdown is succeed. Now you're only got a minute here and I know I've been really rushing through this American to get to quite everything you need to know to use a sample. But now that you have what you consider clear. You know clean niece and a little bit of water on top. Aren't you can in heaven in acid to help. Purse or that sort sort to cast that something like that an awfully kind of stay away from that and I try to fill all the way to a top of a fossil but I can CO. Mason jars and our quarrels balls are often chosen here a period in two and Pearl Meyer last make sure you couldn't hear lock on it. In the new wanna take this and set it in the French. You can use it for up to about will take three weeks with out of starter in just poured over to another fermentation if you've done a whole nation to our fall by the time you get dawn. On you should be able to just pitch it correctly within those first three weeks in your peers should start off just fine. You can save these samples though for longer term and Kenny me yourself a little bit of a yeast pink. In the basement refrigerator that you have a variety of kind of exclusive for antsy and go back to a re culture. And what kind of talk about that little bit more. All right. That's it for us today were ready to recall terrain on another day maybe next week and let's something else pops up to basically be guy you are enough to stick eased into the for a it will tell you what to do with that. Hopefully next week all right the spending to set an hour's begin tomorrow. Right to sit tomorrow at eleven it's due tomorrow and then accident hours Monday Friday 108 Saturday's ten to four. All the way through Christmas he got it into big things to anybody who showed up for the stances of sway weaker back from a it was a wonderful about your wallet and it. You know by showing up and eating and drinking and in giving us your opinions on those here's the help augment urban hope foundation will opt for it very good. That's at frost were back next week happy holidays. I only season continues and we join you next week same time here on ESPN 1520. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether your season through or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.