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Do you like your you wanna learn how to make your own beer. It's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White. Merchandise tour. After Ellis good morning happy Saturday here like for susteren doctors and just threw it. Good morning happy festivals have Mary thought of this yet down to the nitty gritty here with Tom. The holidays yeah you guys are open today contender for tomorrow from eleven to close Christmas and then. Back to regular hours Tuesday through Friday not quite we're going to be open only to 5 o'clock the next week on Tuesday to Friday next week or open till five in the starting on Saturday will be back for a regular. So Saturday tenth floor. Close. New Year's Eve and New Year's Day and then Tuesday. Eleven to seven. Until like I'm back to it OK very good. We got a lot to get to one thing I wanted to mention because we've we've talked about this a little bit. Is the taste of buffalo homer competition heard from the people over the case of buffalo not I think come to get pretty excited about this about. Adding this element to the taste of buffalo which is such a big event in the area as it is in it's it's also you see this a lot and all these different upbeat about what they want him a you know showcase beer. In this might sound absurd immediately but think a lot of our classic styles who we kind of go yeah I four altar for October past Mars and at. Please don't ground. Like you know a festival and I don't think this is that ups or to have. Fears based around certain events are certain times have you here and like you said from home over this is a realty. On one like I wish I would rather win this then. You know me be first place and and campers at big prices mean having. All your friends coated with a band sale by the way I'd be you know at the big break yeah right. Don't sell. So the deadline entry deadline is the twentieth of January. And they have on their website at home grew dot taste of buffalo dot com they have a list of all the styles. So there is limited categories here it's not all the BG eight PP style. What they're doing is they're trying to pick a bureau will go good with the event CU in the summer heat something like Ali. You also need something that's not in extremely heavy in any one particular fever because this is a food about. You need it appears that's going to hear. Well with any food and if you're entering in your kind of thinking like what's my parents for the competition I think that's going to be if you gotta have appeared it's unique it's flavorful. But it can't be overbearing though today you. You know are limited with your food pairings weapon of their lol. Add to this competition just like with the fan favorite competition to people a little over the top but some of the flavor the wool over the top with and the anything Qaeda if you can do outside of the ring so people cocoa beans and coffee prices are. You know running it over like you know through coconut. In at all costs to can give some flavor. For those again most competition words. You pick your favorite with this one they're trying to have appeared paired with them that I was looking at this I would do something that would with. Immigrant. Very good. So that's your plan that's the game plan to an idea than I actually have to brew of beer and get it ready by mr. Edwards went in which is always the hard part now. So for anyone last minute gift stuff anti homer dot com available. You can buy gift aggregates and print them out yet right down yet fuel rate the top of the page would be you know pre two gift certificate in any amount they're if you find the gift certificates is an actual item like in the category. Those are gonna be mailed parts but if you go to the top of the page were ten pre two gift certificate or emailing your certificate. You can get them back in a very short period of time it takes a little bit to confirm but otherwise in an hour to you should get a confirmation emails can contain the gift certificate. In that week and it's forwarded printed out to somebody so if you're trying to get in Africa and AMOCO we got a comfort. Aren't very good so the procrastinators out there. Print it at home. And you'll Broadcom you can pick up orders as well. And any other supply stuff that we should know about whether it's. Vermont stirs the catalyst you guys are still yeah in the last minute purchases and we have from stock they always won them meet this clear to our regular customers when we come for the holidays here. While we do focus a lot over these two weeks on holiday shoppers. It's not like you're gonna come into work or on boxing day and the places going to be stripped bare we have penal from monsters we have catalyst we have com green fathers we have you know tons of just kind of basics and especially the sexy greens and in Newark cops. So that when you have a little bit of time off fine in the quality seasoning. At home with the kids or family medium or other laws and out of town wants to brew. We're gonna have everything that we've been talking about over these past two weeks ready to ego in stock. And this is the big rush I think that we get more excited about. And that's where regular customers come in with money test button and so there looking they're excited to meet some. You know kind of improvements either robbery tried different recipe they've medium they're part of loaded with if certificates. You know to work cited for Beck and after polity times really when we get into the meat of our business people have free time. Of electric spending money after the holidays and this is usually what they're gonna put it felt will be there the F. Everything's dark as far as equipment ingredients. And are rated ago after our time during a beer and we on that Jesus be renewing an IPA we have accrued prior hop West Coast IPA and stole on that little bit of the second keg of crunch berries. Off. Very good trying to think of something I saw something new this week. And I wanted to bring in up on the show all it'll it'll jog my memory help all ulcer from my memory banks but our rights and Hillary talking about vanishing dry out this and you don't mean. They actually vanish yet you just don't they don't see any results for for some reason despite soaking your beer with pops. And dropping process you'd you aren't getting the return on that you've got and then that something that can happen that don't. Yet it doesn't I think we're seeing it more particularly imminent for a point of reference we often do you through mutual numbering friend and he's not here so it's easy to point a finger. As is Aron if he's listening. And he called me today because he had. Brewed beer. An exact recipe for a second time in this kind of rare home rhino for me personally I don't often through the exact same recipe twice always making little tweaks are jumping from styled style. Partially because once you have a keg of fifty Beers on tap it pale oil you know fifty rate ago. Not too excited to get another pale oil behind it usually want something different but he went back to recipe he still had some ground. And he tried remaking the same year in this can be very disappointing. Element is home for because even though what he thought he did that everything exactly the same whether it is starting to use finishing gravity up missing fermentation temperatures. All the same ingredients. And Bure turned out slightly. Different. Arm and particularly at loss a lot. The dry hop kind of aroma and flavor. Arm so he called us and you know we talked a bit with. But this is an consistency. Is one of the things hole number often doesn't have to worry about. In is you know the kind of the relief the realm of the commercial for a as a hole number year old little bit off on your right user little but often color you're probably gonna know. You're not going to be upside and the people who are serving the beer to probably not going to notice especially if it's being seen recipes made six months a year par. It's really going to be hard for them to tell in this case you meet him right back to back and he noticed. That he had a problem with his strike outs and I think is a lot more people make almost exclusively. IPA's especially in New England IPA's. That are heavy on the right now. On this is something that we're beginning to know more people are having problems getting that scene consistency. They're dried up and particularly sometimes. The go to taste of beer racked go to takes the bottle and it seems like they're almost like there was no. Art house added two. And so what we're gonna do is look at today a couple of ways. That you lose the house basically and some of the ways you can kind of fix that are preventive police and the threat you know for those who don't know you know. Strike hops between you and hops to a from country usually post fermentation. You pretty much a Portman walk away. And you come back the designated time later named for doing in New England five to seven days if you're doing like the West Coast maybe ten to fourteen. You come back hand you wreck appear often opts in to retain staff labor. But if you're doing just what I just said don't pops in on top of the country new walk away. Getting consistent union address how flavor Almonte is going to be hard in human and the like your world with sudden you're just. Not getting the flavors that you want. And the first thing he told me is it didn't camp and mean. Off. And and I think still it's kind of pointed to what his problem so we went over it you know where he went back to hops in the freezer. The cheesy Irving mall early oxidized. Not so that he can mean cheesy Romans and he didn't smell like toes. They hadn't turned around owner like you know pale yellow. Arm but the one thing he did notice is that they had lost their flavor in general. As he pulled up this bag of in the world we bought a pound of immortal. New refusing at one to two ounces at a time and he's getting down the end. And you'll thunders noticed at citrus miles from key to your Roma coming off here there's almost nothing so there was no off flavors in his case. But there was no real positive. Person in this case and in his case the crops were old who's buying a tops them all. Arm he noticed later on that the heat healer that he was using. Armed didn't release sealed bags completely and so he thought they were sealed he's putting him in the freezer. But they were opening couple but the YCH bags and the mylar. McAllen Kleiner. On we're a little bit too much for that home he fewer and he didn't realize that they were giving all week sealed off. And so here's what's kind of going on in his case here. The congressional ban flavor but that doesn't mean that the house were aging somehow so. The bad things for crops have been lower humidity heat UV light in oxygen. When they get the humidity plus a little little warmth they're usually economic turn cheesy army. If they get a little bit the view be like a little bit of oxygen are usually Tenneco skunk. In his case the freezer captain Greg. Kept them coal out of UV light but however because they were not sealed it's still exposed to oxygen and although it in France Italy. You know arcs right he did have a little bit woody flavors in their sort show that he was getting a little bit of oxidation. But also if it just let all the nice oils all the nice Roma's out of the back hold out with the humidity while I was sitting there. Inside the freezer it is loss. All that was not sealed and so for his case after about you know 1015 minister quickly kind of Peter out what the problem. That could mean that we didn't look like every other option as well. So if we look at kind of Erin Watson years or for an example just old cops. Arm he did best practice something when a little bit wrong. I think an important lesson Estes malveaux hops boom for use him and dry topic if they don't have any Roma Payer Burton act in him Daniel Romo when you put them into the beer how strong should it be like but and to you barely struck a debate victim like you've gotten via personal reason if you they've been stored while for them not to have that. And it's not a matter of just adding more hand. That wall. Solve these are gonna get a lot of those other woody flavor oxidized flavors who's been more different makeup for the cops being old are also going to be adding a lot. Awfully. The other thing you might wanna consider and I think what he'd talked about. Is he monopolized finishing hops and all and to be quite honest this is something that I've been doing for years. The only topic actually spot in all recently it is warrior. Columbus once we've I knew I was using eight ounces right away and it's also good bickering. Top but I really only by my figuring out some ball. Which I know is not the Prius economics is only using half announced to me be aunts and a half per batch. A company keeps only finishing apps fresh. Arms so in my freezer only find maybe quarter half ounce at the pops it continues for finishing not I'll take those. Oh reuse those for battering and always buy fresh stuff or grab fresh you know homegrown hops on the freezer. For my dry hopper and just to try to avoid vests. Correct so fresh chops. Consider where you're buying him ball we always tell people are buying eight to ten ounces you might as well by the pound in the what reason we say that is because if you go to the second half liter in it is GC it is oxidize it does seem to lose her flavor. It's not worth throwing those hops into another beer. Eight to ten ounces of single ounces it's the same price that pound you can lose any money from truck goes top to use them for bickering and another beer. Don't try to put him into trying to that they don't have that fresh labor. Aren't right so the Max problem we can have is when your drive tops stayed strike. You know you'd think with the dry hopping this wouldn't be a problem Rel you actually want your drive tops to be well what cops are fresh chops it's a little confusing but. Your all to maintain their more welcoming to you want them to be fully saturated inside. On this is another problem we're kind of seeing a more recently when it is when cops kind of form a cake on the surface. Summer most of the cops earned a floating above the surface and held up by the air bubbles trapped in the cops below. He went up with tennis expert cops kind of floating at the top of the fermenter. This usually happens when you reflect that the being a show open up your fermenter. Dump in the cops and walk away so if you're doing New England I. So they come up to the topics they either they don't get that treated you go to rack for eagle look at your card we later on and you just feed them dry it's pretty simple facts. Shake the fermenter stirred from country get those cops in their come back again in fifteen to twenty minutes. In make sure they've all saturated. Arm but this can be a common problem especially when in Mira Brussels on the top carved Louise but they also see in people with comical for renters because again it dumping cops on top. On or and the people who kind of what the bureaucrats from the secondary before putting cops in there and sometimes have this problem. And then the last problem that we can often have. Is top stock in the sentiment and I have to admit this is the one that I usually have a problem and is one of the harder ones to. So if you listen to what we're saying before. You would say okay so it's kind of obvious I should put Hopson is from mantra first rack on the top that will mix them up make sure they've become fully saturated. On them don't have to worry about them staying dry. But the problem comes to ranking leader a little bit early and you still have a lot of sediment falling you still have a lot of yeast flock inning. That protein to meet him dynamic onto the hops. Are the yeast can fly actually to hops and hold them right to the bottom of the ferment Turk and theory government. And so pure dry hopping right out the primary Vista is often a problem the solution is again simple stir. But then he kind of worried that you're not getting the right surface area because you have a lot of hops you know kind of kicked him with the east and are they really giving exposed to liquid. So you mowing that can get that consistency. The kind of solution that I kind of found that this is I will actually. You arrest may be your date early in the secondary and putting those cops in late. Oral actually crash helped the primaries so I have the beer in the basement or on the fermentation chamber of simply bring it down five to ten degrees or take it off. The shelf in the basement put it on the floor. In that should crash out some of the Easter protein. The dear to them Atmel three days to keep most of these columns out. That we when you put in the hops are nothing to cover up putting him into fresh second carrier McNamee gave a lot of sentiment. On hand he should kind of get full exposure. Dry hopping the same way every time. We're really kind of hope mr. consistency but it's not gonna replace that we often say. Coming back and checking up on the beer. You can check and the beer after a couple of days is gonna make a big difference you're gonna had often in these problems from are going to be figuring out of government. Bottling time tagging time when you have guests over for the holidays. You're gonna know about them a few days before he still have a chance to do something there. Trying floating at the top shake your team at the bottom shaking in my wanna come back to sort grab another half an ounce and put in there just kind of boosted up a little but. Arm or if you complacency. On what I don't think it has an off I don't know what's wrong he might wanna check here mineral content. Or do something. We you to break or younger when you to break up before we were done with the show what I'd like that goal ovaries that want to wrap this up let's do a little bit of like last minute gift idea. He'd like it's. Two days before I got one day to buy the thing that outside of I don't do gift certificate just rundown like maybe the top five things that. The date before Christmas here you guys are zone for a convenience sake or whatever might be. So vanishing dry hops and your last minute gift guide when return it is nagger traditions just threw it on his in 51. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in tunnel on open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brewed dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Back here and I commissions just threw it funniest in fifteenth when he finishing up our vanishing dry hop discussion. Which are not getting big the return on on the dry hopping you're doing. And then we have to kind of options locked here rule will face three. That if you have been trying hopping feel like you're being consistent you're still having problems there's a couple of things you can do the first thing we're gonna get to. Is it might be time to start with the U mineral content. One outside factors they think. We usually count time as. Is consistent here are water quality. In the one thing I can say about our water how while he is so chlorine is pretty low and the consistency is a relief DN good when you parent looking for some forums. Colbert talked across the nation we have theory consistent water and it doesn't have a major kind of awfully. But especially with the currently threes over here in the again on the spring. Are we see these flight mineral check engines and also have that old people and worked their way across lake in this those change your water a little bit. So sometimes it might be that the mineral content is too low in the if you don't have enough gypsum cardinals cup team chloride to your camping. The cops are there. The elements he boils everything that you want a taste is in the beer. Bomb but you're just not perceiving and again minerals are currently having salt and pepper of the food they don't have their own flavor they bring up the flavors only there. So if you're noticing that your peers term muted and even though you're consistent you're still noticing little bit of changes you mean one start filtering your water. Remove any exit scoring or remove any solid may be starting. With RO water and building a form mineral content that's going to be the only way to be sure. The you're giving. Exactly the mineral content that you're looking for. And it's always there's also some gadgets can help you do wanna from the we have is called usually. Hop that popped super cup torpedo. In with a large cylinder that we're going to hear from mentored staying with Steele has a screw on top and match side you put it into the Foreman for and it's it's an. Meant halter tops in the hole from the whatever level you want you can you can grab the string kind of bounce of around in the from country can get some fresh beer flowing through there. These are kind of nice also if you're having problems seemingly greedy peers if you're doing all the late competitions are trying to really rush from over. In the bottles are tagged to keep from flash. This will prevent any benefits of getting through that don't have time to settle while later and we'll also prevent against a whole flock to leaving a floating by and keeping them. Almost in the foot kennel shark cage. Insider from miniature right in the middle where you wanna. So those are guys who can also do the same thing. With you know the top bag of marbles but the stainless steel device will be easier clean will be users sanitize. In your work with them and there's a couple of different variations of those and that could be one of your last minute good gift idea. Is Wallis if you wanted to talk about that hops are as well done this might sound bizarre or somebody who doesn't home group. But cops are the primaries place Houston beer they all come to medically really firm one point and that has slight variations. So imagine walking to a story were things easier through with the pepper and there's a 122. Different forms of pepper you know he pretty much like all forms of black pepper. Hewlett and a hundred point 54. And so coming in we have a good poster that has descriptions of all the different flavors of the house bring to the beer and how they might be used. Giving somebody an ounce or two of bizarre cops are cops that sound appealing to you. It is not a absurd and for the bird kinda gives is a little push in the direction to start planning a recipe which is often the hardest week. Have enough trouble as homers deciding what we're gonna group. And when it comes down to picking up finishing after picking yeast or try to ease might be in good gift idea of sport stockings suffer. This will help push barber into some inspiration having given going in a direction they might not have gone before. So. It might be good right to it might be good gift idea to push somebody and haven't found a cop had who doesn't like certain opera anything like that. They'll use it. Could stocking stuffer could talk to suffer yep. Hide parameters to this is another whenever he can never have too many I god they're like the Sox have home it's Sox not only wore out but they also broke every time he dropped them for. If a candidate or if you got a high drowned her. Only says I gotcha I gotcha that you already have on yes but I'll need this one and two weeks yeah as they always put it someplace they forgo remember. And it will be there in the world really help. The other thing that I would like to point out and nobody really likes this idea book it's been done once or twice from mean peoples that they've been on the receiving end of this really loved it. Clean new bottles. Helps it looks kind of lame but when you're giving it to somebody. Here's two hours of your time back you know when Amy and that's really what it comes down to even if they're good about the you know like rinsing out the bottles still got to soak them so ransom. So got to sanitized them right before using an apple cleaning and rushing plays that you don't have to do with new bottles speaks about what. Howard to two hours depending on how excited you are to be there and those are so cheap to you can you can go online order. Or whatever you going to we up clearly going to be cheaper here because they're heavy in the circle laugh right right so in bills online at two dollars a case Sochi and have a bunch of rebels and poultry producers we have champagne for under twenty dollars a case. The champagne are really knife that fancy bottle. Or if you really wanna go over the top given the flip top girls style battle. Those are great if the bottle if they tag I usually keep some around for bottling makes tighter and need it to several scenes here of old school look but analyses a larger ones like growers because you can't lose the camp. It's stuck on if you know it'd be out of the Phillip well acre prowler and you can take them there one leader further about the same size. In. There are mice. The clean new models always a good gift idea because you're basically giving the person kind. Arm which is always. The hardest part to find an obvious that time to sit down and do which you know so by giving them the clean bottles again in giving them that. It's sucking suffers cleaning supplies maybe not a not a bad stockings are kind of thing and something you always and defused yet be bright star labels are being empty bottle cap colored bottle caps certainly pretended differentiate you know what you're batches of everything every color groups on plus. You know like outsider prop. Phones. We have the US flags we have color change cap so you if you keeping your beer seller didn't wanna put in the fridge and no one is called the frankly it's color change after orient. But those are another good gift idea and of course the wind making kits I mean we have a really talk about that too much the last couple we gotta we got a little bit in the fall I think we kind of burned ourselves out like we we'd prefer to keep it to appear we feel agree obvious from the line and if somebody is a beer maker. The party have the equipment they need to me. Wind so if you wanna grab on one of those winemaking cats and give them 33 bottles of wine for what you could buy about 45 bottles of the store for that's another good gift idea if you know their home for. They're gonna have the equipment vice Versa if you notre winemaker be pretty much have everything but the camper that they need to do wine as well so that. Kind of works both ways they're one entry unum appear in greeting can't. If their beer maker can get among wine choose it because they already have the wraps a soft too. Right well that'll just about rapid Frost's hope everyone has good safe happy healthy holiday and again opened today you guys are open today. From well tendon for rights and a four under for today is Carolina luck tomorrow tomorrow. Were closed Christmas Day from them will be open eleven to five Tuesday to Friday next week is they're generally a late rush like. Christmas Eve like right up to it now people are under Ira. We have a couple of people coming in for gift certificates are on the way to a party they know where they're going that would give it were open. On mostly the people that we get our our own customers trying to grab some stuff before heard they have the tail off. That are common India from yeast packet well by the cops the finish off of the year. Maybe some carrying supplies is they have people coming over in the wanna have some extra steals from it varies we do get some holiday shoppers at the end bespectacled Lance stays mostly a regular customers you know have some time off like a seven they know they have some time. They're gonna make some beer so if you are doing some last minute stuff don't panic about it being overly crowded because that generally is. All right happy holidays to all talk in next week as we get set to usher in the new year. Here and our traditions just for. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season through or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode it just blew.