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And do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins. Brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White. Work diced her. Jeremy White. For dice to review a United Nations just threw it. You guys are back to regular hours we are which is tonight so we're open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday tenth or in close every Sunday closed Sunday to observe the playoff game models and hopefully maybe a couple of more ya never -- never known good future going to be home for that are right so. Let's get caught up on some things last week. We did first time home brewing have you wanna find any episode we have it's on demand at a WGR 550 dot com or. At tie ESPN 5020s well. Taste and taste buffalo homer competition the latest on this. We're getting close to the dental until the deadline is the twentieth of January it's the only have about another two weeks. So current too late to brew something now but if you have some Beers and secondary me wanna try to give him in policy so that time condition. A bomb in and that's about it and liked your categories. Check out other website to see the Kennedy tales was first individual styles but there are a lot of south open. All summer kind of in the later alcohol range. But damn cool price if you win every race and be drinking nuclear case to buffalo. Or ego and soul. Yeah get in on that the taste of home group taste buffalo home recovered vision I know there really excited I got some emails and some are correspondence from the people at the taste of buffalo. And in Arizona from waste they're kind of crank up your vanity home brings great we're doing it for office and I think having pierce traditional for events as a means something to use the around October festive particular beer. Or for real different you know holidays and England will be time to have different Beers. It's we're doing the same thing here that we can have appear particular for fast. One thing we can talk about today. I'll low calorie beer yeah I heard you were trying to take it easy well my wife and I were trying to do the no sugar diet like thirty days and we've switched our bug they were eating and that means. No alcohol. We have exactly 1% adhered to that now you know funny thing happens on the way the bills making the playoffs you'd started diet and ball still alcohol. And you really say well there's a game on Sunday were gonna wanna drink beer sheet and and since we're drinking out of style wallets for Morgan on Sunday may be we just don't start the not drinking part until once the bills are knocked out of the plant itself sole. And a half point and I think it was yeah I mean I. It'll last I. We talked to you were having a growing affinity for pure real style which would probably be the worst of the worse when you're talking about not only calorie content at all so complex and you know simple carbohydrates especially I had. I got a six pack of log in need as coffee style in some sort will cool I don't know. The nice thing about it and he's doubts it you put away now the start of your diet here will have only gotten better by the time you. Yeah and didn't and the Beers and I've brute I think this that my two best ever made were. Ohio supporter and astound me in suburban style that was awesome so I gotta get back to that because. You know if you are style fan like the country in your home probably better but there are definitely better options for lower calorie Beers. Yes just an and we talked about a couple of them you don't have to go to necessarily true bureau that's landed for low calorie because there's a lot of offers styles out there that are. And there's a couple of things and you're trying to look at low calorie particularly low carbohydrate. Beat Richardson's passing wanna focus on more that we're going to be processing. Who really look at the terminal gravity it's in the beer suit rock I finish Beers are going to hit. You know lots overall carbohydrates so that classic examples always Guinness existing comes in somewhere and round ED. Calories. So really not that bad really compare to some of the light Beers but any Bure with a low finishing everything's like roasted malt and hops are not necessarily adding any calories. Armed. And when you look at it so your picture stout say it like 8% you know and I mean has six times a calorie supporting Guinness. But only double B oh so if you're trying to watch that. Sticking torsos later pierce always going to be you know easier in the belly tells going to be easier and that the kidneys and you know liver and and just generally on your high integration as well. So sticking to lower finishing gravity beer will really make a difference. And there are some things you can do when your home borrowing trying to keep the overall called found it intriguing for 5% you're gonna limit. Those that terminal gravity because he yeast attenuation sometimes begins to vote down this should give it more sugar. But it goes all the way back to gnashing national lower temperatures national longer hope it goes dry finish Beers that are going to be lowering calorie. So you don't have to go for big brand you know gimmick low calorie beer in order to get a low calorie beer and a so today what's on the show ice distillation this is a phrase I've never even heard exact opposite. Printer trying to make a beer or of cider higher calorie high here alcohol this is what you wanna do and I figured ice distillation is a good topic. For cold weather spell like this. Alcohol has a lower boiling point in the lower freezing point the water when he distillation we capitalize that by heating a liquid and the alcohol will be in two. That operator begin to a boil Lofton and tendency to. Later Wilmer doing cold distillation ice Sicily and sometimes called a subjecting. You're taking from rented beverage manager. During the temperature way down here working that same difference in freezing point's important point. But you're considered taking off the alcohol you're taking off the water. Arm but we still end up with a panicked concentrated. Average and in the classic that we all think about this is apple Jack and so's was a traditional Barbara should make basically an apple cider and apple juice. In the fall on the when he got to the really cold weather you would begin freezing it to take off the water pumped into would end up with this kind of now Waltz like I would say a pro India it's gonna be high alcohol can be sweet you mean one oak Egypt. A bomb in is going to be great drink for today after dinner. Com and again if you have something in the basement this call smell might be the perfect time try to get something going. On what boasts methods produce concentrated alcohol the final product obviously theory different with heat distillation. You get the alcohol from water. Some female some pastors but otherwise most everything else is left over in the pot and reached all the cannons. Sugars that kind of soft is locked behind. So the final product is obviously clear in all has some sense holes almost being also after but otherwise the flavors are pretty low. Whereas when you do base installation you keep all the flavor if not concentrated just like you do the alcohol. On because you're taking away only the water. Are many of the flavors whether they're good or bad are going to be concentrated of the resulting coverage is going to be sweeter and darker kind of overall Richard Lieber products in which she started. On the most popular styles from this are usually an apple jacked in the cider. Were you Spock. But there's a lot of other freeze distilled beverages that kind of our you know more more popular mean we think of the non place Pearson to collect. Molson ice and ice locker. You think of some our early lines and to becoming likes to try to jump the alcohol is while some imperial stout who worked as well to. Armed and again this is gonna be sweeter it's going to be higher calorie. On the higher alcohol and really something that's going to be first sipping a nice coal nights. Is it's not a coincidence that making it. Ice distilling and it's the kind of thing you would. Making winter and the kind of thing that you would want to drink also. That's easily appropriate yeah sadly you should have served from renting it. In the fall and it's always best start off with an fermentation. Designated for price escalation. And again the major reason is everything's going to be. Concentrated so if you have a bad beer ice distilling take those flavors me and even worse. Com. And so kind of setting out at a time you have a chance to aides appear in the second level goes. In all fifteen alls and all of those Segal I'd die castle. Died back so that when you get to the ice jacking that none of those elements underpinning boosted up overs century stressful all the sudden. Really become apparent. And the reason is once we concentrated the alcohol and you've meal basically frozen dropping out all the east. There are no longer going to be here to Corey down most off. To India to take care of those before the ice jacking purpose of listening to this show today. And hopefully by eight tonight it's warming up a little. And your lol but probably another cold both are trying to start one. On but don't necessarily go into the basement and find your most questionable project in a secondary and decide I'm going to. Likes this in a mountain knock boy what it's for. I'm due to try and small bits with different averages wanted to again Alan here there and you know work quicker. Arm but again you really wanna fully aids mean product before throwing it in the teeth show. Other thing you kind of wanna watch out for is year finishing. Kind of wanna take a look at that. You wanna low finishing gravity start could always boosted up with a few during six fighter table sugar. Apple concentrate if you need to later on which you're doing the year you always boost up that terminal gravity after rejecting. Well humble to texture but you can't bring it back down analysts who are willing to add water act two so. When you are making appear making something shoot low on that finishing gravity. Because again it's going to jump up exe farmhouse sight or low canons you know hi gases the lower sugar content and Miki Corey for apple to. On because that low finishing gravity is usually gonna double on that alcohol content is gonna double post cannons are also going to double. And it tends to meet at a much richer product. Now he can still carbonate these products as well yet at east back in and usually end up with champagne east. I mean carbonated it's much that you like because this campaign needs is going to be stressed. You can throw some champagne east in there and you can get this to harmony again. So I would point you towards suddenly you can still get apple juice makes for a lot of low mills. Again there polygamy but until the end of the cold weather totally run out because the you know freezer keep the Apple's near freezing and then press some antsy eco. So few you know head down to your overture being far Blackmon sorry from tending people. Torch you guys and you're out of sight here ready yet but that they will process until they are out of Apple's. Armed you can still get some. And you don't necessarily have to do call us there are people who to put these in their freezers if you have the space and you can do it there. When it comes to storing these if like say you've done it and you wanna keep the long term although they keep with the apple slugger to like cattle but the costs will be absent. Before I start the you know via crisis selling process. Arm just to prevent it from changing color and that sort of cast is gonna stick around in the bottles this while so that doesn't change color be a little bit brown in the bottles. On the other than that because you're again you're concentrating alcohol you're concentrating acids. Are only taking the preservation. That it would hadn't basically. Amplify. How to do this yet to Avery you for granted something that you know finishing gravity low. You've measured her alcohol seeking nowhere these are gonna end up. Now what you actually need to do it and there's a couple of different ways you can do it on packing them. Easiest and Annika when the most traditional ways is to grab the medal Russell. Usually a stainless steel pot or small spaghetti but and find a cold place to set obviously. This time year ups and work outside. If you were really into this and in you don't wanna count on the weather. People do grabbed a chance trees are small like small sites chat trees it can mean to putting answer a stamp on it usually you don't need it. In now way you don't have to count on the weather in order to. You know maker apple if you were looking at last year in your coming on whether kitty you know maker apple Jack might have never out. In that temperature how soldier going to be able to. Yet it's going to affect how much water you're going to be poll will be able to pull off the product and therefore how concentrated there and you. Night that's an at a site as we continue here are not a conditions just threw it on ESPN for people. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need the Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brewed dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew. Back here I'm not sufficient just bring it on ESPN 1520. Vice distilling ice distillation. Two from the outsiders in tonight's apple brandy style stuff and assorted. Process he's as well how to do it. So first we're what I used to do and I like this massive scrap metal pot. They get a good stainless steel metal strainer. I act the beverage into the pot I don't just a bit in there. And then I take it outside and set it in a clear open spot on the driveway in the colts tonight a fine. You don't wanna period in the snow personal actually practice and sleep thinking when you're bringing your work outside cooled down if you put it in the snow. And create small air gap as animals of all round is gonna keep it war. On social set it out someplace open and usually keep the top on it just so knows no we're to believe blows into it. It would shall faster with output. And were about to us and anything else people. So leave that top bottom in every little while we come back with my strainer. And I begin to mix it in scooped the ice off the top when he's formed you'll float up to the top song will stick to the side walls. Of the bucket they begin taking it off the top with a stream. On this allows mean relief nice control. The other really popular method and usually wanna start this in a plastic bucket. Is it just simply set it out there and let it completely freeze and then hopefully not always but hopefully when you come back. Your gonna find the liquid ball in the summer of a big. Market. Season got to poll out your role pull out a flatbed. The union there hacking or rolling into the Saturday it is liquid and then use week. You know ranking came today and get it out on so it will. Begin to ruin whatever vessel you're doing so. It means not only that because you know. Older earlier frozen but the next time you go to uses baucus is something you don't wanna to a stainless steel when doing the last obviously wanna do it in plastic. In just a word of the wise and me ruined the vessel Mina be pleased to beat him. Source bass so lucky your oldest plastic pocket one meter probably going to replace anyways. Arm and then again allowed to completely freeze and Roland Jews sometimes drifted you know Tebucky Iraq and use again. Opt in and it would after pearl through eighteen inches down to ten inches Yeager is yeah it's pretty much room just. Suddenly capped at basically yeah. And I have done this once or twice and it might be a problem with that is one of the biggest advantages you don't have to be going outside every half an hour all light on the call it in the winter so that's a huge advantage. To doing yards to set it out there and you leave. Again the problem. Is you don't really have any control how it's freezing with the scooping. You know your pulling off two pretty much water. And you can watch the volume you can either take gravity readings and and look into can have a gas if you you know started our finishing every five. Your now up to you know like the canned. You've taken away half the water. Armed but if you're doing this freezing process. You get whatever concentration you get in the law and and you will probably leave some oak hall behind Ferguson in the eighth air and you might have to re hydrated to get it to something palatable. So I always preferred the scooping message even though it send to outside of every fifteen to thirty minutes on the coldest night in the winter. So not only are you going to be cold your American popular because year keep opening up the backdoor over it every thirty minutes tubes and the cold blast and house. On but again I think it really works better because it allows you better tracking. For weir your apt for your gravity. Arm and again that's something you wanna pre plan for how to talk to kind of give you some numbers usually for your time reducing the contents are about 30%. And so 5%. Thirteen I Butte and point to finishing gravity box over it all my number perfectly. I'm able to scoop off about 30% in the water a minute and up with a box that seven point 5%. Twenty I'd be used and a when he. Point to finishing gravity and so that would be ideal I hit all mine numbers. But that doesn't always happens he may have to add distilled water back end. With the cider order hero sometimes a few too. People low acid winery. Sometimes people trained to almost like malt liquor. You might be going a little bit more you mean beat taking off 50% of the contact. Right away here in more than double everything. So again through what you do that that fighter that was five point two finishing gravity that 5% is now 10% and ten points finishing wrapping me wanna have publisher back into it. Armed but that really candy gives you a good idea. We're gonna be if you can do the numbers at a time if you can do the scoop if you can force yourself to get out there. You know I mean every half an hour and start scooping water and look at that volume here and heat your numbers right away our first time. On again doing the Buffy kinda end up always. Freezing it more than you would like the end of the floor but the struggle Pittman out of there and then you have to add distilled water something back to tampering. You know re hydrated all of the two methods whether it's heat or ice which do you prefer the economic that you two different products one thing we can say. Ice is legal thing out so that's a big factor. Where he distillation without a license or for you know consumption. Is technically illegal in New York State. So that makes it one. For not at that. Point for ice on being legal yeah yeah and another point because. We're keeping a flake off and was just keep distillation. You're from renting a chunk product you know like fools think of potatoes and you know Fokker whiskey and corn and and I think there is. Some. Bull saved. How to own Bassett soccer leaders and try to think those people to take something that's. Otherwise for the house you know and I mean in turn it to something that we will put in a fancy bottle and Revere but there's a lot of work and that you really not saving many of the flavor from the original product creating them during fermentation. But especially okay agents. Where's when you do an apple Jack you really bringing through those case if anybody's ever had a distilled apple project that was and what. Reconstituted with apples to really know apple flavor. Laughed. We're assuming an ample deck or something like there's tons of apple flavor all the flavors that you were pulling out in the pews in the Slater now and concentrate especially at Canon's. And you really taste everything. On and that means I think a huge difference from meanwhile I wanna do the ice jacket on again and it's also it's safer. On a lot less money required you need an old pocket bird a strainer into spaghetti pot you don't need any specialized equipment. On hand if you have cabin fever Andrew stuck in the house on this is something you can Hannity for beacon project. As far as hero having one night to racquet and freeze it another ninety and a mostly keep your number for it on for sweetness further you know. Volume and then bottle so it's really good weekend project for a really cold week at the warmer. It didn't really effect has addressed one question I get that people always ask is why not just me a stronger. Coverage and it goes back to something that we talked about always with the the yeast. Yeast have. Better flavors and produce those smaller percentage of our flavors. On one and there are from into the lower temperature which brings or overall attenuation out of their alcohol tolerance. Arm but also in the lower gravity solution. So by making a 10% cider and an ice jacking it to say 18% even though you could have from and today it up to 18%. That ice jacked cyber 18% is going to take a lot better. Because during the fermentation during the ageing you'd did not stressed the yeast so that he had hoped healthy fermentation the produced healthy flavors. And then your just making all those nice flavors stronger. Where's again when you go right for trying to ferment something to 18%. You can create a lot of problems during the fragmentation stress out the east and brilliant it was awfully. Arm now that's not to say that some people don't make cider. Ordered the annals say a Barley wine or something to almost 1618%. In an ice jacket to get it even higher. You need to start to have. Problems. Say after 30% 35% alcohol. Depending on the temperature will stop freezing at that point but once we you know breaking 30% alcohol you're kind of out of the you know normal fermented effort range and into the kind of Mosul core. You know. Alcohol the potential to really good way to jump popular vote in the projects that you meet with us you're gonna be able to sell or receive for years don't tell them. And yet the ruby works the one night so this apple Jack you have around for 34 years will be worth from one night of stepping outside every thirty minutes. And cold. Two minutes left what you say tribute to the bills a bills rule. Eighty. I don't know it's playoff weekend yeah. Now it's it's I think a lot of people heard you know brewing. This weekend that he and other week and plan to think the combination of the weather from the bill's authors Olympia a lot of people staying inside and it setter this weekend Saturdays. In June before football plants are a great time to do some brewing in on them if your pump the bills game on Sunday. Enough and do today and turn it would you do mine until then well broke. I'd I'd maybe because the arms low for the pre planning I have. For tax on tap into bottles. Outline. Radio for the week break the fourth wall here recording everything goes well I'm actually going to be march partly your recording history now. So I will be out there today. We're yellow elements and and so when I come inside and sit inside tomorrow is gonna feel that much heavy. Lake now is this something you've thought about you know we've reaper refer refer war. But I mean like when we're nice and warm as your ice fishing measure out on Micah. It appears to carry enough propane to myself warm out there speaking before an actor Boyle five pounds of water for triggered you know. Want to combine all the best things yes if it's somebody has done it got a few. You know. But that's locked Kerio ice and heat up the end wanna go through writing writers and Colbert actually warmer. Yet in a few critical are right that's it for us enjoy your brewing this weekend enjoy the bills' game we are back next week. Again opened today ten to four closed on Sunday back to regular hours so. Close tomorrow as we all hunkered down but it bills totals. Jeremy elect mr. here on. Nice additions just yet again fifteen point. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started visit from 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to work online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.