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It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy wife and Burke dice terror. Good Saturday morning welcome to nod to tradition just relating on ESPN fifth when he Jeremy White and her poster. We're not talking about a bills game this week last week it was good luck build this week it's. Draft talk so I'll go go go you know you can number appears to draft a moment and named some Beers after the prospects and. Have good phone it and then and the mid to competitions is what we're gonna get to today but we don't. How to brew for competition. Last week was ice distillation if you wanna learn about that. Every episode is always available on demand idiots in 1520 and the WGR website as well. So the taste of home brew taste of buffalo home brew competition deadline is fast approaching the. Has one week from today so vote one eons. Of January though if you I have to Marty go take a look online with a cat bird's if you have some Beers. You know that fit those categories Bremen and tantrum I know I'm gonna be looking. Kind of in the basement seen anything that might be buried the ranged center myself lot of styles a lot of style via a lot of light body stopping anything about is going to be summer food and gas summer counting of summer serving for the beer. Arms of their looking for something's gonna go well with a lot of different food on but also you'll be able to be sold in the standard and. It's there right. All right so the deadline for that is a week from we can today said my. So get your entries in mean to be a taste of buffalo home winner would be a pretty big honor for just about anybody insisted that are bigger event. The twelfth annual art art of beer is on the way to that's going to be march 9. This is a different event every year we talk about this you talk about how this one is much different than the others. Well it's the one thing are we say is when you have an event that's for a non profit. A lot more people are putting in time and effort for four. Arm in so you can end up with a bit more I think at the event usually in the little bit different of a field because of that because. Again New York I'm putting in a lot of time for free a lot of their staff are some of these vendors are its walls you know chipping in and give money to help out to the event. Arm so that makes it I think a little bit kind of settle that it is in its twelfth here's one of the oldest. You know beer tasting events I think it's the besides the you know buffalo proved costly oldest beer tasting event in Western New York. Hum ensor our twelfth year in in as you keep going in and you keep having successful balance. You get little bit better and better each year vendors seem to bring a little bit more each year. On so we have over twenty predators over 75 different menu options. I'm not even talking about. And they are always gonna bring some interest in pierced the plan. Think it took 35 dollars pre sell 35 dollar increase over remember that includes your beer injure fruit with just lake Burton bill. Forcing drinks and you've been trying to. Get some money out of your pocket for food we're just giving them money out of your pocket right off the baton eat the food to all you can mean. Yeah that usually me through drinking a little bit better and it goes to support. The Niagara arts and cultural summer. Which is a senator than not only supports. You know local area artist. But also programs for kids and after school programs are able to a lot of great work through the very busy. Building and becoming busier and busier for. I like when the the prices just like up front and so it was a nice thing that I can budget how much I'm spending on food and drink today because of buy one ticket yes that's always cool. I so that's the twelfth annual art of beer. March 9. Coming up amber waves of grain the a walk home from competition which is that the granddaddy debate is the big one especially Western New York if not a crossing and prayers. There's a lot of and trees arms so then a walk season now you when your starting to one dollar and think what what is a circle like pop in your mind like it's they want season. Hope the deadline is coming up march 31 the competitions is April. Well maybe because we're doing a show up on who might be yeah there was during numbering for competition and I might be thinking myself of melodies or during for competition. I'm usually around the first of the year you get through the holidays. You have some extra time on your hands and getting into the cabin you know beaver weather here again. So it's a good time to kind of get to some hobbies and asleep while you're doing my people think about what the next competition is coming or anything like that you can kind of play and had. So as they start from me Pearson now I'm starting to think that the competition. And treat lines. So what glide route today that will be good column march 31 such as the country deadline for amber wearing supreme. What can I Bruno who will really be in the crime at that date. And so that's kind of where I think the mentality of somebody who emperors competitions through your ring beacons to shipped. You're not thinking of numbering cure necessarily for yourself or your gonna ring. You know 52 out of 54 bottles of it. Your thinking about making him for the job. Am trying to fit these classic styles in really trying to. Tweak your home going to try to get every little bit the consistency of your system. Into. So. They walked season out of group broke competition. All comes together full circle and we your landing on this year Uga self. Where he began here if you're gonna. Answer one of these competitions I would think the first thing you've got to do is this planet had his candidature timeline now yeah you know in that I think what I'm talking about weren't going now is. You know what is going to be ready. In really great in about two and half months then you know sort and still strong style social Q so what are we weren't Russian imperial stout Opel would be better except for six months she could still one out there. On a lot of stronger bells and styles stool open. On if you're thinking about doing maybe pale ale English theater German half of eyes and we think about those are pierce would serve better maybe. Anywhere from three to five weeks you wanna wait. You know if you Britain now it's it's in your basement it's gonna lose a lot of those kind of fresh bout of flavor so the pastors from the wheat Beers. The hopper Roma and the pale oil. And that goes all those kind of you know subtle on like that I pass it'll soften the English bitter might slow start to dive back over time it's not going to be. As predictable the plea Bershard gonna get if you are entering an old year. So when you're looking neighboring for competition I think that's the first thing you need to ask yourself is do I have the right amount of time. Or two I have to marched in to approve the style that want to and you might wanna sit down we've always talked about doing this. At the store. In kind of meat may be a spreadsheet calendar the recent plug in the competition date and kind of get the best ranges from making all the different Beers going up to competition. That way if you're looking at a weekend you know two weeks in advance like you to brew that Sunday okay what do I want to have ready when it comes time for competition right. Tito is that a deciding on the style you can almost about the timeline to decide this and also give you along your way yet that any timeline is like you were talking about the German have provides an in those that are pale. Those are all Beersheba and being out in two weeks. You know any meaning in if you have you know if you competitions just passed. In here and you're writing that you didn't plan ahead. Brooke couple stronger group belting quad triple. The and the Russian speaker style early or Scottish Italy it strong or something like that. That you consider round and won't release Daniel come into its own a year from. So if you if you just miss the competition. In no deadline. In Europe's thinking about oh and I garuda have around for next year's worth at least have something gentry took competition star proof that big strong beer now. But yeah looking looking ahead. Timing of the year with the competition is by far the hardest part of this whole competition I think entry process. Being happy we don't always get to centrist party that time we want to ruin for when that acts factor somebody else's competition deadline date. And you're really going to be kind of struggling to find the time was not only do you have to brew and bottle it. You know and means is that especially I think the problematic for a lot of competition overs were often hanging. Arm because finding that time to bottle I know I did last night chaotic we feel the the chocolate factory. Episode from I Love Lucy you know and and he went down in the be from army's shelter beer bottles being knocked over and trying to go from the scene to the drying rack to the bottle thrower. In a moving all round technical chaotic and that's something I'm used to somebody who does all leave early to be your record and one carrier watch it racked over for ten minutes and then done. So finding that time to get all those stocks in line and that could be trouble so. Go take a look at the calendar. If your plan one for a particular style you yourself to weakens to Peru weakened the bottle and look at the calendar at a time through your timing. Right. Otherwise if you surprise Saturday you're gonna wanna look at bats in calendars say okay yeah for weeks went way have a chance super super and I PA. I can still grew style stoop reporter who when he mean. In six weeks away and be wanna hold off on IP so it's nice and fresh when you're entry and so time time is gonna be hard as part of all of us. He'll be more important getting the recipe you know finding the time to actually root beer when you need to Britons by far the hardest part entry competition. Merit now one bring severe for condition what's the you've decided your style do we do you have any. General tips Ernie and he rules you kind of live by ion. On what you're gonna do. Just. Standards to follow whether the the rules whether guidelines but never polite always remember to blind. You know one can't tell you that if I I look at mine Maria. The recipe book I can breakdown appears in two. Two categories pierce threw for myself. In the years or four competition I can really subsite to recipe box. You know I don't be in no way you're necessarily be sobering processes as first treating us to be I think everybody sizzle but they're from the mine is always. Colonel educated candies were kicking out like. You know ball gummy candy as you start taking all my favor malts Truman national. You know and I mean they can look at I'd be used any first style amount of finishing hops all make paper hops into the cattle. Arm in so I'm really making a beer with current healer and meet ought to myself. All. When your breeder competition. If I think there's any kind of tricked you bring the beer for that charge. Arm and the judge is not drinking based on his own preferences these are gonna pick his favorite. He's gonna pick which one matches classic style the best. Armed and soul. When I grew for competition and really brewing to classic style. If not trying to to kind of my own take on a clone. Of form one of the classics aisles listed. I'm trying to at least hit all those marks you know when I mean was regional ingredients to make it appear that again is is not necessarily. Anyone's favorite. But you know. Hits all the check marks that you need to really fit into that classic stuff. In so it if anything irritate people. You might have a favorite house able to call public ailments who don't know whether call a pale oil on the amber bidder IPA. That beer is you don't which is the beer like motor how's that I wanna have you when Amy and I went to your nightly drinker is not your favorite recipe of again that your kid in the candy scorched or kind of beer. Armed that's what I wanna try wanna come over however when you're entering competition. We're judging. Your ability as barber and become an I have to have a benchmark to judge that ability is of poor in sobering tour classics. I feel kind of evens the playing feel awful that. In Seoul. Again recipes for competition are gonna be almost completely separate them recipes and. Let's get a break and we'll come back and continue on how to rule for competition and a group of friends and we're going to. Guidelines the ingredients all that stuff matters. We'll continue with this one return tiger traditions just threw it here on ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military Intel don't wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com Snyder tradition home brew. Pay them a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Back here and knocked conditions just Pruitt and he has. In 1520 getting you ready for. Home brew competition season we mentioned the a taste of buffalo homegrown competition the entry deadline for that is next Saturday. The art of beer that's not necessarily when you're gonna prove your for your gonna going. Eat drink and be merry of the amber waves of grain homegrown competition deadline is march 31 competition is up mid April. So up brewing bears for competition UN over. Burgess there how you're not beer beer brewing for your friends you're you're you're trying to impress judges here you wanna you wanna put something together that's going to be you know holding up to a guideline in fitting in fitting in the box because they're trying to judge. Based on the JCP got. And in the wonderful thing is there's no secret to what you're trying to make when you come to us. Because those guidelines throw up there you can go to BJ CP dot org need to you know look at the most current guidelines. In you're really going to get a great resource that if not the best resource like far out there. Arm for kind of winning competitions in side the BT CP. It is the rubric for greeting. When we're looking at the beer so it's. They are important I mean a judge will rule really just look at the style points for that beer and we'll start going down. And really kind of in their had click chart marking that appear on. You know if it's a Belgian dark strong ale he does that have you'd offered the masters yes some banana canceled a reason you know chuck. On those that have you know kind of you know fruity like resonance Slaton notes from the ha you know malls yes. Does that have. You know a little bit of warmth from the alcohol yes Obama also picking up a little but apple flavor that shouldn't be here and note that as well. But all those things are really listed as a rubric in the PG CP. So when you go to meet a recipe and you look at that guideline in it says you should have a good reason flavor from adult dark mole. Pick your favorite dark moment. An entry below but that flavor and really when you're making your recipes that would deter mark two and look at what you should be putting him. On the other things the BG TP guidelines do get really I think it's the probably the best part for specially people just centric. Obviously lifts the classic example of that it's the high. So the first thing that you can do when your looking to enter competition. Is get a copy of the BJ CP guidelines. Com we'll have flicks serving suggestions. All sorts of wonderful information about how we're Beers and you're treated you know what the judges are going to be looking for but then also that analysts of the classic examples. Take atlas. Go down your local pierced or in trying to grab as many of them as you confined. Now and go home and start drinking. Some fun. Competition for Pearson and trying to take some notes and kind of try to find as many recipes for those Pierce's you can see the you can final look at what you're drinking so if you know you can see it in a recipe you're you're gone for a style make friends with that style moved in with that I'll be become it at least a short term expert in whatever style that is that your trying. To counter suit that you get a kind of idea of what kind of suck sets I'll apart from once. On the that would give you a little bit of wiggle room when you get down to making the recipe. But that BG CP guidelines only gonna have you know what it's looking for as far as kind of in nineteen doubles and you know qualitative. Remarks is often at the quantitative. You know values to its gonna tell you what the IBU green should be what the color should be with the alcohol should be like can you wanna meet sure the your be your fitness. In two goes examples. On injured probably want to use a recipe bit older and make sure you can get their excellent first for and romance software. Bruce Smith we've talked about the youth you know and apps or programs before spreadsheet. They will kind of tell you and consummate. Of what those quantitative values shall be a book tell you the qualitative it will be we'll tell you those intangible. But they will be able to tell you the quantitative numbers are estimate that you get from your recipe so before you improve their first recipe. You can kennel look and see if it's going to fit or everything goes well I think that way to say it if it's gonna fit inside those kind in Europe and for that style. And so by looking at those guidelines seeking nuclear putting in into. You know some type of you know bring recipe calculator you'll be able to know if you're even in the ballpark. You know and I mean Newton for as far as giving. Those pick and those quantitative values and that'll be accused of Peru to make sure that you hit all those marks to get those same. Values and in and yet those are those are also a query tool for. The next great tool is correct here but good homers shop. They were you can go and you can handle ingredients. You can give overall idea ingredient because if you're trying to for an English bitter and wanted to do well competition. Chances are from the will be here if you use UK pale attorney as to varying pills and you use wire until there's going to be a little bit easier picture gonna start to get. A lot of those kind of style through Google while those flavors indicative to style. Are coming from that region to greet guests are gonna stay true to the building blocks of the style itself yeah apps and in this will make life. Easier can be a bootable women are specially what's available new use your use a few enemy from the very impose their. You want your home brew shop and they don't have any terminal to order the you know they don't have any. Are they only have one lecture and pills available. These can be orders and end you know we use what's. I would always encouraging use what's available for you for sort of or go take a look in your basement even after drawing for competition to what ingredients to have. That will work. Com wanna make going to be able to get from my local homer shoppers or anything particular that I'm going to need that I might have to get on line army you know the trip all the way to niner tradition to grab. So that I can get those you know certain flavors. One thing is is a limit limit her can also be kind of I think. Com one of the kind of Inca. You can put yourself aside this is one place were re when you look at lake we'll say you commit these example of American port. Which is a category I've modeled them before. I've made a lot of usually use. For our reporter there American malts are abusing a lot of Reese like western. Arm and I think you know what tends to happen is. My peers tend to taste exactly like a repeal the so we're gonna go down those. Check marks yet you're hitting all those check marks and when the drug goes ordering Tony intangibles and it just our band Mathis early on the list. But are really kind of coming out to them things are sending your beer aside. Com. Making will substitutions and things like malt. Will make it different so with my Porter Wright often use a lot of German dark current. The scene during cutesy in Schwarzenegger also include black molten volcanic nature asset coffee Porter like. You know bite but at the same time when I used to picking and some of my favorites in the heart throwing him an excellent pitcher and kuril Romo fumble but a couple Arafat. Give a little bit of and in readiness and in talky flavor. Arm whereas the public kind of the mayor and like 120 crystals tend to have a little bit of our fleet for two that it don't necessarily want and the beer. Armed so while you're I'm hitting almost classic mark I am switching up ingredients just a little too great try to create some of those intangibles. On because when your steering it leaks leaks exporters all once. You know that one that has like a little bit of subtle difference is going to be the one that the judge keep going to and so while you. Do wanna try to use as many classic ingredients from the region as you can throwing in those little ingredients that meager making substitutions or think it's a way for you know. Match for me after dark crystal for our crystal walker polls for your pills you know roast for gross to pay normal for pale pills are for pilfered. When you make those little substitutions off and those can be anything that kind of again such your beer aside just a little bit. And so what I say yet for use as many classes ingredients is canned and giving you some good device to get to see a score of thirty. I'm kind if I tell you only that I'm holding you back from doing score forty. So. Who can use at your discretion and throw a little bit of your papers and there and you know should really liked the results prepared in the Cadillac of all don't get frustrated when you don't win. All that for a long time you should and terror even if you are. A person thinks it would never win just because of the feedback that job you can ultimately an image and here's the other thing too if in an often mostly people just keep entering the same piercing on never gonna win. Costs surprisingly people that often win this thing people were focused more on improving their recipes in the aren't trying to win the competition. Are the same people who end up winning those big category to win I PA. At eight market you know. You know win a light beer category here you know. Overly strong category out beaten you know ha the beat count the big entries were everybody's putting a lot of entries. The people who win those dots over there are facing off against sixty Beers and a flight of people not focused on the competition. But aren't routinely giving a beard it's a 38 to 45 points. Arm and they don't author when the competition but they're just trying to keep that consistency maybe squeak out another point or two years there every time me and Turk. Arm and that were Canada recipe improvement. Is worsened come from so keep good notes try to match her scorched feet back to those recipes. Laid around so that when you go to brew that appeared and you'll actually know where you have to me improvements this time around. And that can be really key he's often you kind of go back Q your favorite cold recipe it didn't win you anything last year. We are the double that put that score sheet you know trying to remember what you read you know one night. And then kind of put those courts you decide you have no chance the typical score Schuettler and how much information can a first time entrant and yet. From there are first and country and it's gonna be over. They're gonna get three pages. Broken down in lake you know small words of really trying to come dance team from nations. About every aspect your beer from usually two to three different charges. So there common Roma appearance. You know faced melt steel and the kind of their overall impression. Arm as well as these people again that the training course and no I'm going through written. Is you know rigorous for becoming appeared to budget and and there are a lot of unfunny parts of studying. And you know drinking years early in the morning trying to you know pick out certain flavors. In meant every morning but. It it is a tough you know kind of thing to get to be certified beer judge and so. On these people were to have a lot of experience and and most of them not all of them have brewed before. They're going to be able to turn around and say okay here's what I case that. Here's what I noted Q. The kind of effects you know your problems are happening here and there can be really helpful to number. All right. That's about it. That's about it but it's never all the that in there you think you're gonna sit down you're gonna drink a six pack reporters generate one recipe in your immediately the 35 scored. Sadly mistaken and expect to run a recipe to a three time through competition in order to get these kind of higher scores that you might be thinking about winning I'm not gonna say lightning doesn't strike and that I seventeenth on the emperors and her. Our first you know beer first time covering this silent first competition and actually. When a medal there is a lot of chance and that's why I say that the people who tend to win those big category. The people who were always throwing a release could appear in because not only to have to. Kind of be that really good beer hit all of those numbers chuckled those boxes. It also has to have those intangibles and those are the kind of things that. Will come up with a third and it's dug a certain day in certain acts here fever crop that Nike that really came through well. You know those kind of things those kind of things are often as homers just outside her control one although stars aligned. Armed that's going to be when he went. All right. Soul for anyone know what competitions well good news this was that but. Its composition season so I'm sure will touch on a lot of the stuff. As you go forward you'll hear us talking about amber waves of grain for the next two to three months and that's it for us will talk to you next week remember deadlines. Next Saturday for the taste of buffalo home recover competition. An amber waves grain a water is a deadline march 31 lots of time on that one and incurred albeit to go to the art of beer which is the original beer tasting event march 9 2018 the twelfth annual to benefit the Niagara art are you know our communities and cultural yes but there was a lot of policies on culture are right for Jennifer Burch restaurant Jeremy went that's different I traditions just brought here and ESPN fifteen point. Here and you've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season through or just want to get started this from 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to go online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.