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Do you play here you'll learn how to make your own beer it's time for just throw it. Brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White. We're placed there. But Saturday morning welcome tonight missions just threw it here on ESPN 1520. Last week we talked while throwing for competitions and we've got news on that chairman wiper right to a few. And it was available on demand of them your website and you can pretend ones all right so the latest on the brut cup petition that we would we would deadline today today. So a few countries through a case of homer competition if you want those big bragging rights have come down and say hey. You know I mean Monica primate beer yeah outward Waco case to buffalo hump. Today's today took to go online take a look at it can't hurt to have something to her in. Thursday Kenny easy form to fill out there she from him the labels printed out with all your information on it the whole entry form. And again that deadline is today so it's close of business 4 o'clock today. At the store a couple of other places and twelve gates' appearance south towns all food drop off OK okay. Very good. Limited categories dole light styles for the most of the website has all the styles all the style holes out there there's no way can tell you posed to him I would like to take oh anything under six and a half percent under. Euro categories 120. Or any meaner and eighteen it's not quite how they haven't been laid out and have the individual styles listen out on the website. And this is the kind of situation where it's a summer quality is cold and you might giving him. You know homes thousand dark Beers it's a competition for the summer so that's while most of styles are light at the Humber you wanna Bruin head up. And they've had problems in the past ago after remember couple years ago. For the Erie county fair the bureau that one was the earliest people to work. Also summer job for those who you don't portable reporters at some vary routes the very dark very high alcohol logger. You just described in sounds delicious like right now right now announcement there. Gergen and summer's going to be targets them. Also coming up the amber waves of grain homegrown competition the deadline for that is march 31 competition is April 13 and fourteenth. This is the granddaddy of western new York and upstate aggressive upstate I mean. I think they'll say yeah western and yeah we can divide New Yorkers topics you can divided into three regions. The bad you know and I mean a does it drive to its hold these stripes India next yeah. And what's that B it's okay upstate and downstate is the city. Well anyway it's a big one amber waves of grain deadline is march 31 competition be pro thirteenth and fourteenth. Are you submitting anything this year on the chart of via. I have some Beers around that I have to take a look at. A bomb in the being or wherever busier seasons so it's hard for media appears together also forced myself to bottle some B I do have appeared on and so. I have some good Beers on tap on the competition deadline rolls around usually throw something to appeared on. But to really forced myself to bottle 55 pierce after having treatment system for years is often so I've been trying to bottle here in the air. So I have entries one competition time comes from forcing myself about a couple actions peppery irked. I got a neighbor OS saw yesterday yes means he he's a big number is the one we get together and brewed a batch and gotta do it soon you know between football season and moving and getting married for me like at and embarrassed to be like how long it's been. But you know. We are happens people and yet I do I do it myself but I think of me becoming full circles Humber. I know how that's gonna happen. They take some time often take couple days off. I'm usually trying to brew at a time so it projects during that time off but I racking them modeling them carrying them brewing. Arms so that when they do have the time to set aside for a hobby like those that I can do it in mass and making it a lot out of my days kind of work. One Saturday and moved one bachelor one catch and finish actually if preferably is completely an example people grew in ways for professional that this if big secret you can go by Goodyear stores to do it but it's a little more satisfying tempering yourself and so. It's yet know if it happens you are way of life events that show you know and I mean you're not able to keep up processor and happens. One more bit of housekeeping wanna keep people aware of march 9. The art of Beers the twelfth annual art of beer. Westerner or regional beer tasting event over twenty vendors over Saudi five menu items 35 dollars for pre sell tickets this is food and beer yet at all or include it is not only. You know drink what you like it's also an eat what you like about. And calm this is one of the few events from normally when you go to something like this you go out usually get dinner with friends first then you go to the event. I would say he carried changer play console hold off terming it happened after work snack. Because there's a lot of food. At this event and so. Go be a lot try to save some space Perrigo so that's the twelfth annual art of beer 35 dollars for pre sell tickets for that proceeds go to the nine there were arts and cultural side yes the knack as they say all right so. Onto what indoor brewing today converting to indoor rowing which I think is great because it's cold and it's relentlessly cold. Yes and cold winter. And in your talking about how sometimes in the ring and weighs one of the things he can stop you from the ruling is certainly the weather. Whether it's in the summer and it's it's Tubal hot or it's in the winter like now and in your just having trouble keeping you know matched arms warm and you know trying to compete you know normally in the summer I would say if numbering. In the garage or propane tank last me through three. The years. Bob I'm probably giving one batch out of jealousy to Thursday after propane tank. If I decide to just out in the driveway and Nicole in a row in the back or remove everything into the garage. If you take me a pool or propane tank. On to keep everything heated throughout the process you've got to get through. Instant for 23 hours. Your spending a lot of heat streak to the outside. And so one of the simple answers to me it not only easier on your propane bill but easier on yourself this would try to bring the brewing in side. You were likely to via a set up in the basement somewhere or it's just a couple of things get up into the kitchen. You're more than likely to brew actors and inside. Warren and so I mean the first thing we have to look at it's I guess. Gonna kind of addressed this issue. You can always grew on the home stealth and I think for a lot of people as they don't wanna go back to doing extra BC considerate sums sort of defeat. And I think after doing a whole process you wanna be here for all steps that have time to set aside he wanted to deal. In La times what happens to Holmes oh. Is obviously just doesn't have the BTUs one strong enough power to boy old befall match. I notes is the problem for me. I have Electric's oh yeah I like it for some of the safety reasons obviously for you know cooking on the top especially small ditches and create some problems with him for the Cole opens he slides around on him for the brewing. It's. Or. If it is the worst it is visibly when those. Being antsy like I'm boldly element of rapper. The glass top electric quick heating stoves and every BTU. In it's horrible for. BI I've brood initially on the gas then went because I moved to a different apartment. Two electric and now back to gas and it's yeah. Mean you you need a badge of honor for brewing on an electric top because it's not just whether or not has the power. If you need to take the heat off it takes time for the heat to come off as opposed to you know killing a flame flame is gone yeah it just. And if you're on the glass top stove you turn them to burn off it's the old going to be top. The heat sources Stiller. And it. I made a couple. You know changes so when they do Peru in the kitchen a groove sometimes altering to Albert three key elements music easily boil so if you're looking for. One way to get it inside without barring miniature equipment. You know lower your bad size arm in this kind of part of my height should be bottling more. You know. Initiative I'm also making smaller bashers are smaller boy also the heat up quicker. I'm done a lot faster was not only be quicker to keep the cricket master quicker to. Boil over quicker to chill. And so all of at all and don't know a lot sooner and getting three gallons which was a little over case of beer but that's the easiest way to to a but most people market except that we've talked to start the program with you know if you can set a tied to kind of grew you want him you know. Maximize your product for the mound trying to put there and so that's why a lot of people kicked out of the garage who do attend Yale batches leaking oil patches. Com just because they don't have the power to kind of boil that insiders it's a lot of people like and bottleneck when it comes towards import brewing. Com and there's a lot more options out there than there used to be ten years ago. So. Ten years go I think I got an independent cooking. Like burner and is similar what you would see at a mostly with the Chinese food restaurant you know when I mean mentally he's a single pot. Standalone unit ran often natural gas. Armpit even that at that time was expensive cumbersome and not a lot of people doing so there wasn't like oh here's a checklist of what you need to do. Before you do that so I think one of the things we're gonna do today is gonna give you a checklist for you're trying to do was natural gas. Or electric inside house what you need to think of besides just. You know whatever element burn that you're gonna need to purchase to get the ball rolling. Okay so another thing we have to address propane. Brewing with propane indoors is really just out of the question. There's for carbon monoxide. You know war in in not only should you always have a carbon monoxide in your house whether your purring and not. He should if you're Briggs or whose natural gesture should have won around you should have a fire extinguisher these are things again. Living beyond a brewing show whichever carbon monoxide detector in a fire extinguisher. In your house near any consistent source of flame on improving is no different. On the other big danger was propane is not only the carbon monoxide. All but it's a fact that you're dealing with a liquid. Gas under high pressure so. If you bring the propane tank in there to Chansi could have a leak somewhere there's liquid propane. Depending on your system all the way from taint regularly so if you have some of those burners that you see. So a lot of big box stores I have to meant none of our scum like this regulators all back at the tank. But the regulators all the way at the Burke that means you have liquid propane over 900 PSI from taking all the way to regulate wherever that is. And so the chance of a small leak the you don't see their coming up. And then turned to build up in the room to a point where could cause ignition. If there and at its height. And you can't really trust troops never say oh there's enough propane here decree ignition now you know so they're really the propane. Is out of the question I use propane choice in my garage partially because I don't have natural gas or any other option in my garage. I'm gonna always have the extra long hose so I can leave the tank outside the garage. And bring the power inside and an always obviously still leaving a door cracked open so that if there was a leak. It's obviously gonna built up and Brent so propane. Is out of the question. However if you have a propane burner that burner the question because a lot of that hurts especially the newer ones from me for home berets were talking about. From the board members were obviously the first ones to do it. In bill burners as well as he liked the purse piece drums are elements brewing series. All of these burners can be converted over to natural gas. So the burner they use outside in the summer and better days in the winter can also be a burn the use inside the house in the basement or something like that. If you're willing to convert it and it's a pretty easy conversion to sticking a pin valve. You're taking it out of the orifice and your putting in new pin valve and larger or fest. For the natural gas so because of natural gas comes your house in gas form at a relatively low PSI. It's able to just regulate the flow was just a simple and off. On your have a shot up Elvis supply line going to Burgess what you would any homes over anything like that on Buchanan. Convert. Andy Burris now one of the jets' star Albert arsonists single flame at the bottom can be converted into a natural gas. And that's. A really cheap easy conversion as far as getting. Your heat. They do need that you know twelve to eighteen inches open space in all directions. You're gonna want some heat shielding was also going to be good as a kind of a deeper shield and near wall above view anywhere so few greens in the basement he still might have to kind of re model small world mostly the bathrooms and mean from and the humidity from or worried opened your floorboards. But the natural gas can be. Use in a propane burns depending on the power checked to make sure who's one of the big communal. Peru brand birders you're good to go but if not. You know he might wanna invest in November. So the natural gas is an option if you wanna bring it inside. Aren't let's get a break in a news that'll talk about all your electric options where there are more options. Some drawbacks and benefits we'll get to that as we continue it is not your traditions and show us through it and yes in fifteenth when he. Moving your operation indoors on the way. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot count Snyder tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew. I'm back here on tiger positions just threw it on ESPN 1520. Converting to in indoor brewing with already gone through propane and natural gas and on to. Elect locker itself. He here. The options are now only a lot cheaper than they used to be there there. On before you head contact welder. You'd buy a regular pot you have them Wheldon making its in court one inch you know thread fitting that you would get for water heater element. To me to control box. And then you could enemy electric cattle for brewing. Now there's a lot more options out there she you have. You know the Whitman electric Quayle as a commuter be purchased in a G two cattle pork and common around there 120 worked through forty volts. In some of these blue men group health and actually heat water faster than some of their burners so summoned vanished are going to electorate. Com. There's the Turbo 500 per hour. So that one's down below 200 dollars there's the green Fokker system that your whole already anchoring system for trying to move that inside. Arm for about 900. So there's a lot of different options on how you can kind of produced electric heat besides just your homes subsides bring a three on Thatcher something like I am. You can also buy one of these kind of electric you know. Couples. They're not like that element like hop played in the cattle are all in one mile commute piece of plywood countertop to sundown. And everything's self contained and again the prices range on the east from under 200 dollars you know all the way up to about 900 dollars. Arm but everything that is popular first for 500 green proper lichtman. Are all very reliable these are you know options have been out there all for over a year now. Arm in have been theory you know. They work as you know I hate to say that but I think for awhile for a lot of light on something called electoral them. Which is basically a pocket with a water heating element on it and some glee buried by Selig wanted regulator and the front of that. And the thing I don't know if they've won it was a feel like a electrocution cancer which you always have when you're dealing with electric cars you always want to be running. Off. You know ground fault circuit in character so it's CI. Want you know deck control that there is leaked some type of you know the water hazard and electricity that it you have some protection in the air and electric shooting yourself. All these. You know things are stainless steel. The older reliable they all have grounds. And didn't ever found fault for wouldn't do me any good anyways. Obviously we use it with a surge protector and affected it was plastic it would start changing shape slightly Jessica to boil and then sometimes start total week. I've been a problem was leaking within a couple of men and you know trauma 500. Any of these set ups the prices are a lot lower I think I paid basically 200 marks for elector from element in a again the prices come wade there's also bring wants if you want a ticker existing pot. And put warrant in there to use your supplement your home stove or use it in replacement but you can do that is Waltz while on the fifteenth into the group. So while there's a lot of cheap options for electorate now you can plug in Q regular you know like he once when he system so a hundred and you know Campbell earlier. On you still. Have to call probably a professional if you're looking to kind of setup a beef for Arnold so weather's doing natural gas. Or your doing com. Electric your creating a lot of heat humidity and you need to get that out of house. You know window if you're doing electric and you have. You know Adrian basement and there's a window that you can put fan and media enough. Beat you need to move a lot of CF arms whenever you're going to be Marines and as one of the reasons why I think I counted the faulted back to catch him. Even when I set up and bringing problems setting it up right on top of this though is because it already has the ventilation which is the one thing it do not have in the basement. Alms in so it's not. Option for now. The humidity Cheney get up in each year you floorboards. In your walls caused pain. Peel this is a lot of water he needs some way to get that here moving their report fractured right here. So that's always a thing for people would be kind of wall that they have to overcome is again giving them and relations were in the house. It to another reason why I think again the Turbo 500 boiler. The bullet meant especially. Brew kettles are very popular if you if you already have an area that has finally should any of these things can be set up at the regular group rock. You know I mean it look like not you could take PO on the mound you can put it. On tour burner but otherwise you can just set and I'm happier stove. Greater need to regular you know ventilation and just plug it into either the outlook that stole was plugged in to. In two separate theory you know 120 volt outlet. And you ready to roll. So a lot of these option for me a lot easier you'll be able to Peru in your kitchen in that comfort. And you'll be boiling especially some of these Blackmon options faster than you would have been outside. A natural gas or something like that. So it's a lot easier and so we have to worry about the revelation there's always mother thinks so if you are making that. On like Peru if you're that lucky that you can make something like that in the basement so you need to worry about mentally should. You have to worry about the humidity still and you want some heat shielding as well as some beeper she'll. You basically have to make them wrongly you would've bathroom. On your awesome in need geez he cries in the room because if you want electric for homes you know for control. You know for a scary. You're dealing with water clothes base in now need to worry about electrical shock. You also wanna have both water in and now in this so. If you are getting water there foresee chilling pulling up from a treasure also would be nice to have it here for rinsing out. For matters for you know when you go to chill for being able on the water off somewhere. On the being able to get removed fraud and stuff like that so you want kind of you know a knife. Area where you can make a little bit of a mass. Again so if you are building emperor of your thinking about a out you know what it means simply treat him pretty much mop the entire place. You know when I mean and fermentation chamber. Would be quite nice as well I think this who have the last cup witnesses program Japan turned into me dreaming about appeasement. I think we're getting a basement room and I would absolutely loved ones like a laboratory basically via the command gave that spears dial. When people have something like that a lot yeah lot of my customers have you been incidentally laboratories yeah breweries as is the right word on whether the standard thing it's again who's your pick room in the area in the basement you know most of us here Western New York unfinished dome basements. You know usually people Thursday he had in the can do where the floor drain majority in the basement that's true they do up there and change. You know two by four walls and change some type you know drywall vapor barrier. Paint it put in the ventilation usually going worried out. Of the basement. And they have a nice little isolated or you can also use this in your fermentation. Season. You know install some cooling or warming device from the air you'll heaters he can keep this Cold. War world colder than the rest of the basement. And it's nice but if your home brewer basically putting a small shrubbery in your basement and exports. And it is I would say it in mind a you know the tree now still battle lifelong. Goal to have that went downstairs and down the room laboratory where consent my stuff won't be in the way. You know the rest of the week when I'm not brewing but for most of us. On including myself and you were still in the kitchen or in the garage or in the driveway and so I think it's best kind of you are not look at the whole basement. Laboratory were talking about but try to kind of plan for the immediate future makes things a little bit easier in the kitchen and and the easier remake a lot for the mass we me yet. The more likelier to brew because it's going to be easier for prostitute in them meeker how's it cool last may. Now of all things that you might want on their it's finally. Talking to guys when they're in a robbery like. You know the of their Bruno appear looks local breweries and I think the floor drain is like the best feature or did this for the spills for grain and anything it's the floor like. You can just tell the rate on the whole watching a valuable tool that usually aren't we have spill you know are short overhear a filter it out and line. I remember when flying buys him. With you know a first assembled over and Ontario I'll bicycle there that. The biggest thing to me as it was common then known these guys is home burst. And early on to recover pomp check out this here on in Mimi asked hunts you know that we have to give in to clean isn't that cool. On the you know check out this fermenter. And for me. Through the fanciest part was the fact that they have up on the wall hot water on demand and then there was a big floor drain so everything that they means. You know anybody who try to take fifteen gallon you know. Cattle in Tripoli turn it into a stink to dump out the trump. You don't knows how much nicer beat if you could just open up the balance spray water at the top and descend all the stuff right out and twelfth ordering. And that means is the Crandall cram a few of floor and you can doctor troubling year sediment into. You pretty much having many more corporate we have that set a line somewhere there went across from like. Amateur home Marie in to me nature microbrewery. I don't think it's a comical fermenter in on I mean I don't think it Netflix dean jacketed. Mash times and I think it's four. I think out of everything for grain is a crime to cram for home now. Our ninety seconds to go any many final housekeeping notes we need before the end of today show no we've heard your coming again two days is the deadline for the pace of awful homegrown competition and again this is a really cool competition. If you never entered a competition before you're still gonna group that wonderful feedback you're gonna get. From two to three judges a full one page report of everything that's good and everything the bad about the beer that you just enter so even if you don't think you're gonna win. It's great to enter competitions is really enemy Q. A better bumper and if you're missing this one there's another one coming. So. You know put the most immigrants on bottle up the bash is painful I know I just did it twice this week. And save some of those bottles and current competition because not only do you have a chance at winning. Your enemy was just about any beer. You also will get a lot of great feedback and that security. All right. That's it for us converting to opt indoor brewing this week reminder of your deadlines today. The taste of buffalo Holbrooke competition. Annual art of your comes up march 9. That's not your unit submitted to you guys gonna go eat drink from march 9. Pointless vendors the heart of fear and amber waves of grain deadline is march 31 central to much more that leading up to. For protester in German like this has been Niagara traditions just brought back next week here on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought you by an average traditional blue. Whether you're seasons brewery or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode it just flew.