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Do you play you're you'll learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins. Once you buy now with traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White. Third placed there. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight of traditions just threw it here on ESPN 1520. Like birth to Meister more your humble host for other Saturday of home growing tips all that good stuff. The we've got home brewing competitions on the way we've got home growing competitions that we've already got some winners and exciting suffer the taste of buffalo which think they kind of crept up on us pretty quickly. None that came in the winners are in. There was an added the big lake you know like three week delay between entry deadline. In the competition in the count the results out there vaccine day so as soon as they were announcing winners are popping up. Which is really nice and if you're not they're parents too worrying if you're helping out the competition. It's a great way for me to keep track it on what's on. Reload to announce the winners yeah we're out there and where they put up so congratulations on third place ten Bell's back it up with a Belgian IPA repels or with a blond ale on second and at a acres. When's it with a color beer which we have not spent too much time talking about calendar which we will today so there is a very interesting silently though it's a very appropriate not only. For the event source summer there can be a lot of food and possibly some hopefully some putts on. But also for Parikh to have on a quick to her and around. On which it is another great things and out the one thing is that they set in this competition is that. The first place when this is what I haven't seen the first place when and isn't necessarily the beer at the emperor for the competition even he won the competition. Is that they are gonna pick out of the best of show. The bureau that they wanna Peru. For the year which could easily be in the second place Lawndale and it's a summer event you gotta you gotta Tim with his ultimate IP enabled more of a long shot though the IPs are very popular right now so if you. You know heaven makes fashionable one can be good choices now. But I would put my bet on the Keller. Arm I Carroll looked again this morning to see if they've announced anything else is first which was going to be the competition bureau couldn't find anything definitive. But. That's a winner so far and so congratulation Evans didn't burn for a long while so it's you know kind of fitting in he sees the logging competitions. Com where you know experience for putting themselves in the winners are also. Sold it to Keller Beers in the second half of the show but in the meantime other things one just touch on this week we talked to Baltic porous. Last week but you've got like a laundry list is quick quickly usual and run through this week. Are not these are just my idea so I don't know if or backup plan of topics of conversations stop that in my head. So people kind of bring up questions to meet. Amen and getting onto the Keller Bure is actually kind of through pre. Things pointing me to the caliber yup the competition you have the time of the year it's a good time your approved collar beer is well one of our friends was looking for appear. Too quickly ferment. Single muscle fermentation move right into attack and rink or possibly problem hold onto for some. And so he wanted to single state fermentation he wanted to be reasonably quick for plantation. Anyone have the option either bottle or Haggis something that would benefit mature with Beijing. Arm in deck and a point meat or color and so we're kind of on my list of things talked about and then you three points and poignant. That we do have a lot of other stuff to order to get the twelfth annual art appear coming up. March 9 you know over a month away pointless 175 manual items in 35 dollar pre sell tickets. This is of a festival it's a little different from all the other we keep saying that it's not exactly on its beer and food. If it's all you can eat. That's a little habit of taking desperate. And I mean there's a couple of other constantly we just had the wanted to Keenan's under lock for a couple weeks ago where this really truly benefits and nonprofit. So whenever you have appear casing that's being. Dubbed by some venues that are for profit should distributor. You know local. Venue orientation or something like that. There's a profit to be made that the people who are here. Attending the Ian Duncan working all the different boost. Are being paid that's over now when you have something like the king and senator or like the or appear. It's a complete non profit of so we're trying to take your ticket sale money. Internment directly. Into a new roof and afterschool programs for kids and stuff like that so. You tend to globally more money is going to charity but also that means that personal loss over for the event in people are doing things because the one to do them. Not because they're being paid. And I think you tend to get a little bit more because of that that these events. So. To date on my trying to dig and other events not to go to them yuck stewards or myself yes. These ones are a little bit more. A little bit more reports say a page in house crowd field because a lot of people work serving you happier there doing these you know our projects are performing music and about like this. Are actually patrons. Select one of two with a bands performing from performing for free they also rent space. At the knack in the will be performing. Right so is kind of stuff like that. March 9. Tickets online pre sell 35 dollars that's the art of beer and it's and ACC got to work is that right you got it. So that's for the twelfth annual art appear a plan accordingly. The the big daddy of them of the brewing competitions is so approaching. You know the case of buffalo one came and went so quickly. Net you know we will of course for him probably talk a lot about this in the next coming months or to the deadline for the amber waves of grain the A want Holbrooke competition. Is march 30 for only 56 days away and cuts so it's still a lot of styles you from Peru but if you're saying you're normal processes about thirty days you appear start to finish. He you're certain to hit some time delay only grew once on the weekend via that means he probably have three weekends Lochte appears ready to and drug apathetic and what you wanna make it might be good you might be right at the edge of make a beer that you think you wanna answer. Evaluated and then make a second version of you know and and you can keep both. But tweak it a little bit and they're only sending them to ball right right so an opportunity to fine tune a recipe. With 56 days out and competitions April 13 and fourteenth deadline march 31 anything. Is that is that the competition ever changing dirty your at all. Our new styles allowed in our son's style sheets out with a BJ CP got. So they always go by the most current BJ CP got excellent last year you saw. The addition of like American wild whale on a Kentucky Tom Mann as walls like a breakup in the styles of IPA's. Armin and some of the only two more traditional south got broken part of what. But otherwise BJ CP competition like this hosted by a club for better or anything like that will cover every single star hill out there. On so cover the Bure that you have to have what ever your expertise is so maybe your expertise if you're like talking about the case buffalo is in later years deceive you or your Beers you do small batch sizes do Walgreen. In eager to an all Belgian quiet partly why our brains in triples there's no place for this competition. But in something like the amber waves are in competition you're gonna have a place for your going to be up against armored piercing your style. I can't really think of many times. They're really all we're there was like a single beer approached. So even like to me like me who interest kind of some of the workers to work in well obscure Beers I still had competition I was still when I enter Robiskie are still going against other group this he says they're taking my beard. Compare this to the panel lamb beckoning goes and throw half of bison in their report one not as close enough and won't conflict. Now this is all single styles usually you might see some. You know lumped together for spurts like you know with the actual awards categories those dispersed judging your flight you're going to be with peers Augustine style you're gonna get a lot of feedback that we always have a lot of judges coming in trying to get their point that cult of fans some. In the PG CPU actually judging Beers. And so you're lot of judges in a lot of feedback. And you blog good information don't you guys tournament just no matter what and her and her because it's that information the U release after. It's not the prices it's you know with there are some nice things asleep on the takes a buffalo brewing you know the winning beard stuff like that but in the long run. Entering competition it. The best thing you can do make your peers slowly get back arm because every time you get one you'll score sheets back even if you thought it was the perfect beer. They're gonna tell you may be now what's wrong but what can get better and they are pushing an after action if your home ever and you feel like you've plateaued. Enter competition for a top prize Gomes yeah start thinking about it now we don't have him in yet returned to get some information on what's going to be available but. People are starting sing about it it's gonna hit you before you think I would say about not there four to six weeks and we could potentially see rise homes off for sale. North a lot of places authority are selling them on line and and I always tell people although you can plant them in June in the coastal survivor of complaining at times. If you plant them in March they're gonna do much better record early bloomer start thinking about now talking about you know where you have the control some. You know what varieties you can use most. In hand you know. They're 20 wonderful plan to broker before mental you get a lot of you know flowers out of buy into your league growing minter partially you don't have to use everything you grow you give an abundance of it. And at some of the more expensive hops pushing four dollars an ounce parking bureau money saver too you know if you're trying to do one big IPA. Music and save you 25 box one ago yeah. And before we get to the Keller beer community beer works what's going on with them and making daily are making the wealthy rendition which they do admit that they tweaked the original recipe a little let me double copier although multiyear. Armed but they will be making. Your core beer. They've been working with the family of the original owners of lawlessness whose he has who if an applicant classic club the your point Simon pure memorabilia recipes except Kurt Sutter. And they are going to be making. A colorful state historic buffalo beer yet again. So you'll see that beer hitting your shopping haven't said exactly one yet but it should become announce him in the history has beer is just minutes from original awful brewing company. Was well ahead of its time not only with. You with its advertising campaign. And really was knocked out by kind of the you know macro Parise can't remember for long as he was bought out. A bomb but eventually did closest or some awful but it a lot of people are still around who used to drink your scorpio I'm sure very excited for return. All right very good to us. Something to keep denial for a community here worked that are right wanna get back let's talk about Keller beer which. First place the taste of buffalo and it never made a killer beer cans and replaced what it is history style everything you need to know about a Keller beer brewing one. Up next on acquisitions just. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means either you're home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger additional be there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot count Snyder tradition home brew. Pay them a visit and remember to just Peru. Back here and neither visions of just threw it and talk Keller beer which took. First place the taste of buffalo growing competition. At a. Acres it's called reeker by the speaker. A calendar and and I love the names here it is often if if you've ever tended homes through competition that they do a banquet or awards ceremony afterwards which they do for part of the year earns are for amber waves of him and always tried to attend if I can. More and more Beers are actually giving named. In the competitions. Which is great news whenever but he standing up and applauding in the announced like you know when I mean you know English bitter number two. It's not that exciting as aid for anchored by the speaker in almost on one guy in the back jumps up and else because that was his beer. Arm so named your pierce. Try to keep it generally. Non offensive because they will wanna see these names out loud right you're given an offensive name there just an act and include it. However if you give it. A good name on May well put it out there and there's not a lot of high expectation. Heard bearden and you and I mean if you had a home run. You know everybody's gonna really love it if it's kinda corny it's kind of obscure it's still. Is better than say Keller be number two right so neighmond. Com I'm guilty of second you know. And maybe don't humid and don't think too hard is nearly every one now called something. Now on our and so brewing Keller bureau the style work homes from the history and took her a little a lot of people are tape at any home robberies take colored beer. They think of all I didn't aids is still there and I started serving. This is Mike come here and yes they got sick and be a Keller has a little more rich history and it's a very. Old Bavarian style the kind of goes back to kind of roots of lock. And kind of storage. On comes from conference he'll be area and it kind of translates into sour beer and each year. So what they were traditionally do it's it would meet appear. They're using kind of were were talking about you know old school during your son no actual law arteries eating an oak barrels nodding cast. There's no pass tracing her self filtering in your malts are probably monopoly modified of much at all. So arm. You end up with the about 5%. Cloudy. And still fruity beer. And what would you do if you put it in case in the winter because it's rootkit kind of in being ground temperature to about 38 degrees. In the which shove it in these camps in the wooden actually do anything to trap the CO2 and there's a little bit of a dispute. Whether they left them open to that your could it end or the left with some type of funding to oh well selecting airlock so that there was no holding rupture. But your conducted. So the beer would be kind of ambling caller. Slightly cloudy soul but fruity instantly a little bit cloudy when it was served. Usually just sealing up the cast not having any conditioning sugars and sending on the way so that you'd have an amber. Blog first beer that was soul cloud the hand was relatively low carbonation and what in English. You know cast your even possibly lower demand but as we often talk about with these styles the kind of change over time. And so that is kind of referred to is like entering BG CP category as the ember cal appear. Then there's also something that they call eight KO power appear works and also be called these Weickel beer. Arm in this is kind of more I think mobile phone numbers are kind of getting out when that thing away of this told her mental Margaret I didn't. Here it is early so what they do is you Mika kind of light beer style. In the German tradition and use blogger used now guess if you want him. On what you serve it Arthur young and fresh. And is partially worth as white hope you're it's listening from his Weickel well you're big into home robbery it's a fun thing to talk about is that little and Alf. On the mass of ferment and then you walk into robbery and you see appeal 4060. Barrel fermenter. And then he sees in theory political team he's staying with steel and LT actually mean by Ehrlich sitting on the side of the tank just take a little bit OK sample. So that's as Michael bell and in both amber and bite you back to tried some Michael beard a fresh beer that's for UB getting it from and so. The kind of more of the pale style more modern style slow but lighter in color so lower and alcohol local lawyer and some of hopping and stuff like that but it's traditionally not aides who yes it's very similar Posner. Kohl's earned all appear. That is kind of serve was out and the kind of cold conditioning or at least not much gives it from your flavor. Handled that or Richard miles feel more usefully as well and arm if you're trying to make one in in this is where it goes back to talking about like when I come up with a show it's usually what people are bugging me about it store. Go back airing this one who says I have a stainless steel conical. I wanna be able to make something that I can brew rapidly as he doesn't want that thing occupied for weeks on and he was thinking about doing. Munich to uncle when he realized might have to keep it in their report six weeks. And keep in the ferment terror aren't just for primary and then bottle be drinking it now also be drinking it during the summer. So I said the color appear here are some nice cheek. And I would make the kind of pills or style Grier opening might change of the east is something that doesn't need that long conditioning time so here's the advantage. You grew your Pillsbury put into the fermentation you put it in the bottles conditioning register poll. As you sir polling heavier supplies are still cloudy little fruity give it to death in bucolic Keller. It's a slowly start conditioning clarifying in your basement and you get into the summer months you can now call pills here. And give the same beard your friends so if you're trying to bottle something lighter sides and he can move through quick in the UK and each piece in hearing a beer is here. Best option. I know I have served from any fresh pills and call a beer on and I think that's a tradition and it can cost numbers keep. But the same time it's not exactly the original. And it'd be interesting to see what Adams. Responses was originally designed to be color beer. Ward did he rush broke pills or decide to enter. Beatrice and other BJ CP guidelines on calendars super strict or is it more evo. I'll run. Coaching under the guidelines are super store and renders well when you look at the guidelines are going to be a lot of different. In LC flavors for appear that it's posting habit and it's a judge you kind of check. You know and I mean. So. You know I PA should have the open at. Copper Roma. Our strong copper much have a little bit of malt flavor stuff like that from the start checking these things off. And then. If I find another flight pairs long has this not not exposed to be fair. In my opinion apply. Iranian and so countries in the West Coast IPA. In his insists that tree it's and then all of a sudden nicer to get content like stone fruits. On the dozens in the West Coast camping at stone fruit yet more for an East Coast style or something New England style. But is ours that has those check marks. To meet those electricians can be pluses token they don't they don't have to be nag identifying characteristic UW you mean you read tell journal signal secrecy opt flavors or should have. Noble popped characteristics only in that case yet connecting. But in something like it collar work. The style guidelines developed error in when I mean. On it is a little bit open category but it doesn't necessarily mean it's easy in white often. Winning or getting good scores and it's kind of more ups your cat where it's gonna actually be harder than something like pale oil because I think kind of like I disciplined as a judge. Armed. Because. So many parallels. Beat it is years so much of what I think the common like drinking syncing with IPA news the popular seller of popular cable for people now. It almost opens up. On because. Often metric pale ale I'm not looking for familiar I'm looking for something. Especially one com. So. He has often having that little extra flavor some of these categories kind of maybe help you will help push you kind of above those other piercing your view of couple extra points it puts you into winner's circle. Armed. Yes it'll be for it a little bit more portable but that's something its way to bit obscure. There and good now than theoretical risk right guy you can't just interest if you're making. You know pillow clone you can't just closer and of Adam and trip you won't do as well as you think OP to familial loss in the middle flight yet you get thirty points if you do everything right beat you probably knocked in four. In a sec yourself aside a little bit from the rest of the Pearson yeah. All right so let's Keller beer. Laid out at you brute killer ever before how often. I'd never purposely. Two to admit I've never purposely brood Keller effects on founder whether yet plenty of time to name a brutal opener thinking oh I got plenty of the year and Appleby pills or what it's in the back of the Calgary for a couple months. And then all of a sudden you go down one might need to start. Zero out taps. Put something on yells of the ideas and I put the pills around. And it slowly start drawing off that and just like telling your dues with the bottles the first one for Keller Beers in the by the end of the tactical vehicles. Might be the same exact year but it's an elite and Dave from you know when I mean two weeks in the from enter the three months in the fermenter. Will be nothing to with the finger and all those extra pro teams will drop out. All the usual drop out on its ways can either I mean extra Siegel wild high people's it would have some other kind of fruity youngsters arm weighed down. A bomb in Koppel mellow out alpha acids in the bad assets. And so just about every flee for a compound of beer including animal. Will change. Over time. On and Q you completely different feel beer. You mentioned one of the beer that the BJ CP added American wild whales women spent too much time talking about those no no in and a one this is what are with I think thinking amber and she's nothing gonna put in a fancy comical offers would be old pocket. You know when I mean in America while Wales candidate to speak on the Belgian wild for the Belgian. You know lamb mix and dog goes with all these differently kind of soured appear to pre the will say straight forward. But me I guess if you had to put a definition amino wild wild opens this another one of those categories it's hard to define. Arm because it's usually a mirror from Peru. Doing some tape on him Belgian. So you have like stone did the old age I create Cherie lamb back to you and I mean that fits into the wild. On basically they're from wild whales and the will save American style or Belgian style you can. An American ingredients but they're still out. On some type of other micro besides. EC can hand the kennel my ICC can lacked a back Celeste. On and he had these kind of fragmentation out for a lot of the reason in some of you're electing row. As well as these new Belgium is also to open from mutations for some of these Beers and they're pulling in true we wild microbes. Most America number. Arm unlike their Belgian counterpart which had hundreds of years and a perfect. The you know the ambience inside there from meditation chamber to make sure they have the exactly. The right kind of bundle Mike broke so that the bill would around the painful fact. The beer with the the right microbes America number for usually doing this and stainless steel in pitching their own. Microbes and but the American wild AO is another one of these style categories that I would say a lot of homeowners. Find themselves in. By mistake by a chance. Often what happens is unique in American style maybe use a from mantra that you all used to me about Lambert a couple of weeks ago. What happens is that lack of excellence channel mice these transfers overture Americans. Stock so what was that three weeks of very nice Chris pail Lil slow he begins to turn into its own kind of Twain mean. Cheesy. Beer. On and slowly works its way into the American while recognizing that this is however beer and up here. Arm and I'm not gonna say there are probably a winner of this category was me like that's. But it is usually American stylish beer. Can be kind of have the spirit Belgian roots to it can have fruit and it. Can be you know aggressively tried opt but the and is also has a wild pitch to fielder bacteria or east trying to make it low but for. So there's another kind of category explanation. Oscar category think we should probably do one every couple weeks here at least one week up until vote. No competition of the more maybe Kentucky common. Next week yeah. All right. Well I don't do it for us here and Iger traditions just threw it on ESPN 1520 back next week. And if you Armas an episode find him on the man at WGR website or yes in 1520. As well for professor and chairman white at brewing. Here and you've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season brew or just want to get started this about 1226 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to run online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.