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Mar 3, 2018|

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Do you feel it's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional home brew here's your host Jeremy White. Per dice there good Saturday morning and welcome to Niagara traditions just threw it and yet at that point. Mr. duster. What's on morning morning morning back to winter yeah. Excellent yeah we just declared it over yet but we won't do that. Next week but yeah that's what storm and. Yet the idea that good brewing whether to guest in a lot of people come in and picked up ingredients for the storm. And though. Yes I know I'm doing things. Very good and trying to find and or product climate we're doing I think it's a little bit of seasonal brewing shows because last week was I rushed out to Patrick's day and it's an irony it's October fest because yours will it. Now in March. But before it to that let's remind everyone Novo what's going on we've got a week from today from the sorry week from yesterday it is march 9 Friday the part of the year the twelve annual art of beer. Yeah into the big event everything goes to benefit than I Arctic communities honor. On so if you have the night available tickets are still available pre sale 35 dollar from will be up Tuesday the event. Com and we're told yet so come on and pick up a ticket. Come on down not only is this the you know beer tasting of and limitless Beers but it's also food taster. On so you're gonna go home fat and happy from one very good 35 dollars pre sell tickets you can get them again at nine British tradition. On or online at Kia. Now agricultural Niagara arts and cultural senator website as well. Also coming up the amber waves of grain homegrown competition were stole a month out until the deadline for that basically I mean it's it's at the end of this month US and in this is. The point where just about any common style is still easy to make one more week in your gonna be giving it a little bit nervous. But as of right now there's just vote every styled you can make out there. Gotten in a more than two weeks for. You know bring and about another two weeks to bottle condition before you turn and and they'll sit around for another two weeks after that. So not really help you procrastinate anymore. But you have about five weeks in tolls are popping the first bottles so you got plenty of time to brew and a lot of people are coming into Brunell for the competition. And so if you have some beer sitting around or if you were thinking about making appear this week. Com take a look at the recipe take a look at this dial guidelines make little adjustments your recipe to help bring it into the style. And we'll give you a better chance in competition but even if you don't think you're gonna winning competition always stressed. Does a great way to get really could critique on your beer and it's not just I don't like hoppy beer it said. The bettering in this Beers a little bit too hard first I'll try using a lower oh facet or in your gonna get actual voice not just I don't like this spears appeared as buffet style. What's wrong with that what can you do to change. And so again for six bucks. Of competition entry is really an internal give you a lot of help and opera. Deadline march 31 competition April 13 to fourteenth. What's the latest on hop rise owns and how how does that you'll have amend the onetime storm like this should remain an issue a huge deal. A bomb but we should expect from him by the end of the month arms so there are some bright he's up on a website now. If you wanna getting in order to always better plant early. On and we talk about Hiram crop price owns a little bit every shown spurring growth tried to stress even if you are not knowing if you're gonna harvest. They are wonderful ornament over perennial vinyl. Dig into your. You know citing her fancy just wraparound line very nicely. And then towards late summer fall there and they grow these the kind of great cluster of green pine cone flowers and they relive what wonderful. On its currently growing at spikes. At the end of the year harvest what you wanna harvester and get more than you know what to do with the ball more more than most of us would know what to do with. Arm but you've impacted to conceive it you can use that throughout the next year so conceive you've been moaning it's too good Orman told. Arm and yet they're a prime meals is gonna come back next here a lot of work involved. And won a thing you've got in its new is the carbonation Lydia absence of that been very popular the carbonation land. Is a standard Cornelius Catholic exe from for the pact between different types of Catholics in order to Firestone orders Cornelius. Challenger system. You can put announcement and the ankle as long as it doesn't have that race track for that like almost weird lit. It the partners pops out of out of the top yet also the previous options were to install CO2 stoke on your tip to put permanently installed mechanic cost about the same. At the carbon eagerly and in it was permanently affixed to act act so with the coordinator let you in harmony one beer really quick without shaking. In them when it's done you. Switch to live back out of the original can move this look over here next beer. So it prevents you haven't weighed around two to three weeks if you're just letting the beer sit and ambient temperature in the refrigerator. Arm or to prevent then he of shaking the beer hooked up to the CO2 cylinder try to rush card and it. Armed so if you're taking and it's not fast enough. The carbon meter lit. Should be great for puzzle work. Our ball easy one I like to stress but it has a ball locked disconnect the mail post right on the topical and mean that feeds down into a host down to a micron I think point five migrants don't. And what that does is increases the surface area if you look up your regular guest this connect instead of to a normal gas or holds. 21 on this lead and it pushes to get through the CO2 stone. Increasing the surface area in really increasing the raw read it which is CU two dissolves into appear. Arm when you first reported these things up it's surprising the violence of anybody's team when you go to CO2 to carry. Your CO2 hits is for a moment it fills that like you know. Court had space and then stops and when you hook up with CO2 stone it just keeps running. Because just about as fast as we can push CO2 through that stone is actually to solving it in to the beer. In so. It's impressive and it works fast basically hooking up to CO2 over ninety come down the next morning and treat ago. Switch up the loose who knew tag or whenever it's convenient switch up the list to a new kind army can keep it in there throughout serving. But yeah north road game changer because with the carbonation zones making your own product and now we did you have to party have a flickering tool we kind of had to know what you were doing. You know mechanically and then. You were paying him big price through stall and to just one and I know I don't institute. So and speaking of game changer to grain father also something that you've been seeing a lot of sales mentioning because of tax returns yes the gluten to actually systems and in so I think it kinda. Screams how much brewers are loving the electric persistence and only Reese. Doing a lot of sales on the the grandfather connect. But there's also the public men boil oil so there suitable equipment you can get a Blackman hot with the oil oil install. He took just about as fast this error you know gas systems when you're running the 240 like. But they also offer a cat and I was looking at the basic one for for an the other day. For 125 bucks you can get their seven point five gallon. Boyle coil and the 120 system comes with all of this stuff you need to install outside to step that puts all the complete hardware. And you've turned your regular old brute pop scene when you've been using for years into an electric cattle. On the end that Meeks control for trying to do temperature control why he's here after trying to Peru inside that makes life easier so if you wanna go. You know electric marine you wanna go glitzy. On that grandfather throwing nice really popular groups also about a thousand dollars just under. If you already have over cattle around a key Allen junior trying to turn into electrical and it's not all open slots if it's not induction ready. That Blackmon kept 125 box that's going to be cheaper the most induction burners. Enter good to go for electric Korean side and play get into any can camp out. And finally one last thing before we get to our main topic today about bring in October fest what do you hear ball wind it was us. This is something we got pointed out to me by two different people this week. I didn't make it through the whole video I have to admit. On that there was and a video going online that the UK you can meet minding your quick popped. You know an Indian. Arm. Until the quick pot if anybody hasn't seen wonder like of some combination of a slow cooker with the rights hooker with a programmable. In hand of a little bit more control of the heat around the temperature at that time a lot of have timers on him so if you're trying to do see. Sued me it's great thing for quick pocket and yours you know meet in the block bags in there. You save 129 for two hour for you go to yard work in slow cook your fruit you can grow up later. Making rights can do the same things over to boil for fifteen minutes and then walk away and it will rest over the next fifteen minutes. Since there are a lot of greet uses for these quick parts to be really popular yes I've heard of people ruling in them especially if you're doing a one gallon. That should be here. You can use it to do your man Russian control temperature control alone and it really is you know really helpful. But the thing that I saw floating around online this week a couple of people point out to me is making wine in your quick pop. These came from police article not armed. And it's a little so so these quick facts are not cheap Sony lot technology into putts early like I equality you know crock pot at the back end of it they're not cheap. And when years. Doing this when you're making wine and you basically using is a glorified. So let me tell anybody who's read this article and they're rushing out to go get some like Welch's concentrate one we got some better stuff in for you and I truce if you know be about the same price per gallon. But also. You're basically using your quick putt is a pocket we sell them for five dollars for about the same size. And you're winds and have to sit in there for when he took forty days longer. So pure love in the quick partner use and like every other meal. You're gonna have to give it up for a month. In order to basically uses corporate. It's a couple people ask me about this you know hey I have a quick puck enemy line normally you have ring equipment. You have like me in the crowd that night you know to me. Keep cooking your rights in the quick putt meeker wine in the pocket your card week it's cheaper it's easier. And for anybody who's never meet him before and this is going to be your first adventure there's something called the blow off that happen to fermentation. Meaning a lot of foam is created in their phone Texaco some place. Quicktime is electronic. It's been Google Earth so I would not advise making wine in you know. So you can do it you would undo it and don't don't. You be better off using in my opinion just stainless steel pot so if you got like you know six court you know cook pot. Stainless steel your better shape them and quick. And wanna get back. We'll talk about an October fest that is that time of year it's. March. Probably October fest is supposed to take six months tonight so we'll get an of that if you've never done at the right way and yet. What we do it up next here and actors and just threw it. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give saarc it and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military in tunnel on open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Thank you are not sufficient just threw it on ESPN fifteen point we're gonna make an October fest. About this time here. Every year that we do talk about a week that we talk. We we talk about it once in September we tell you in September how quickly. Meek will say it fast beer some type of follow October fest assert your friends. On but really that kind to it because again in the name October fest Mars march through October. You're supposed to be covering it now may feel guilty telling people to keep your fault you're ready. Is were sitting here in a snowstorm. And we're looking at you know well it's Western New York truth it's about five months away from all who were less than half the year away from fall. Sorry yeah. But if you your wanna brew a true October fest. You should be thinking about it now so October fest. It's the appeared the most commonly paired with the German caller and harvest festival actually starts in September. Armed there recipes are all over the place but appears from relief common ingredients and those are kind of focus arm and German malts Munich mall. Pills from all. The animal and you'll see some other roasted malts toast tomorrow bolt and it's really an excuse to. Q artistic with fees and show off your paper like biscuits for a special terror Roma. Arm but this is primarily a mall focus beer. Arm usually using noble hops and there's a reason for us as we look at the two different Beers you have the Mars and this is higher alcohol wrote your beer. And then you have the fast beer and that's when we always cover in September. Lighten body in an alcohol still mole focus beer. Still kind of you know flavored honey Graham cracker. But it's a light burst. Can be made quickly before the event it's more accommodating for those were not looking for be kind of age multi year. For the Mars and Mars and is that beer and alcohol roast the needs for five to six months blogger in the poll out and celebrate the end of summer arm and if you want to permit this. In you wanna use the larger east. These are your last kind of weeks which is why I always when we get to the show in early marquee names using your last chance to get a week. Of primary fermentation in the Wellesley high fifties to low sixties. Started yours needed gas for the rest of another week at seventy degrees. And then if you can you wanna put this into a keg that is in the bottles and troop hardly something that you knew was gonna stay sealed so if you two are we with the water airlock. You're gonna have to check on every once in awhile he wants dash that in the refrigerator in the corner of the basement interest lettuce it. Remember lager means distort age it's your just trying to distort and trying to drink yet. You're trying to store. And if you sit there on this beer for six or seven months. It's going to be. Full disclosure. I have meat in October fest Mars and every single march 13. Tired of law. No one bottle that's ever made it march September. Ever been and I'm not the only homer who has this problem here is yet to give a few bottles to someone else. With the agreement do not let me drink this until October. It's usually this works out this way they just need a Barley wine I gave two bottles to Kevin and even tried one yet and he settled broke those up the other night they were phenomenal from that cumbersome Bartley like one Kevin handled to a those one isolated and work the next morning. And two he was after about two weeks miles I'm pretty proud but I got to try one myself yeah emblems that council for some Beers from religion and age. For other ones with the October but you get too cold August night. You don't have anything you know multi rich on tap and you just and a throwing it. By the end of the month it's. I'll. Fairly. Common problem for about every you know. Year in a couple of your homer arms I would encourage you to bottles try to hide those models it's always abuse that I try to act one have people over one. Serve the whole some time and you know September October never works out that way. So Britain now. I to. Hide at least a twelve pack and yourself you can sit down in the fall relief and joy of the kind of benefits of weaning and your peers there. So before we're done here we should probably talk a little bit about putting a recipe together for. It is our right width. The east. So you can go with AL east or you can go with blogger he's one thing I would say you're gonna wanna speak pitchers either who I am talking about the first. Is you want especially for using liquid east look at doing a starter. They can use elites that's traditional. For this memorable for the 1870s or no such thing as large east bloc during the process was before locker the yeast. He can use an AL east and it's gonna be easy you've done it before it seemed kind of fermentation used to pitch a rated 65 actually 170 from for a week or two. And in the process won't change from using a blogger east excellent color Kagan interest or Nicole place in the basement. And just kind of forget about it but you'll make your. The year a lot easier Wallace and intimidating. On and if you don't have temperature control or basement. Arm it will make it a lot easier for you on how would you and when he appear you know favorite pseudo blogger or traditional east so you can use. Anomaly nodding hammer US five treatment really clean. On worry you can go for something like determine all ease with a more traditional. Arm in just a warning goes will produce a little bit more fruity flavors initially but the guy back over the Asian times what the locker east. On the locker he's always kinda seems to be the big kind of bohemian offer most homers. Arm and they're scared if they don't hold this for for. You know perfect temperatures federal. That there will have an unbreakable others you know off under finished arm or whether it's just like extremely. Bad and I always tell people this. If you take most lotteries and you brutal from intention control and you from meant it. Just like in 65 degrees. You'll still have that drinkable beer that's what it's going to taste like he'll. It's gonna have those fruity flavors on it's going to be a little bit sweeter it's going to taste like the deal he sees it won't be an absolute disaster. Now if you let it sit there and you let it age over the course of five months all those fruity flavor slow start to died back. On in the year will get better so if you are not comfortable with arteries. That's OK go having given it tried. With any numbering the kind of skill comes with the persistence. In trying to have its real consistency for your boring so hitting consistently traits would say he's consistent temperatures. Are consistent guy castle Reston and consistent time for aging to get a consistent flavor. Most homer consistency is one of perks worries so. Don't worry about seasonal arteries. Go ahead if you lose control fermentation it happened I mean many times you'll be okay to be you'll be okay will be more than. Are mostly strains are fairly forgiving but there are some that are. More forgiving them Mowlds and he definitely look at the bohemian logger between one point 43470. On the you can even use something like California Parker arm which likes to ferment a little bit warmer. Arm but those multiplied ether and 55 to sixty degrees with their primary fermentation from people's basements temperatures right now. Cap quarters so Cole will be easy to get down. Go for the troop arteries and even though the styles and all its first group with a true arteries. Go for. We'll have a long time for sit around in cleanup let me be your hurtful help you actually aegis for a couple months how I haven't owners so I'd. And elected. And how important you think it is to have. For a for an October 1 to use as many German ingredients possible or is it just that. I think it's very important I kind of want to go back to hops to toast talk about always use mobile Hopson makes a difference in the each and com. So we go to the hops. Are using the German topsy. Quickly convert into about it after it indeed don't have a lot of other residents compounds in Cuba will inflict some of our American cops. They don't have these oily compounds that great down over time pants from his much. And so what happens is is over the aging process all facets oxidized to currencies that it passes as most people actually think. Our life more pleasing to the Pallet. Arm so when you're using east German noble hops you tend to get better results in this long term agent is first of flavors in the bitter currency you'll have. After five to six months I mean think about what happens to a U American pale or IPA after five to six months in the basement. It's not the beer used to be and then there's very little of those original hot plea for lapped the field changed in the something. With the German noble hops the tend to pay for this regional up better. And when he comes the malt sown years in October fashions are looking at recipes you start thinking about smashing warmer to me that the car auction match. Or you're doing a really big example your gonna need these greens are from a relief well. Com. Not to point away from them the big him how's that big American malls or because it definitely the small partner from pollsters have these qualities in normal. Arm with the German malts tend to match very well. All over a wide temperature range. So anybody who's used primarily. Thursday you know one of the two big name names here American molding companies you'll notice that their. They're green is very efficient so at 153154. Degrees you get really high extract potential. And you get good flavors. But as you start to push those temperatures are pushed a little bit hotter. On the German malts are gonna start producing flavors of honey into in the smaller American travels well to. On their fair cruising honey this beauty flavors in the don't have this very wasn't sweetness. Armed with some of these American multi bigger ones. As you push to temperature. They don't have as much as the Italy's ten times that are are active at that higher range. And so what tends to happen as. Is the tone for murder as much he gonna get this sickly sweet flavor and you just don't get those things kind of character. Of honey and stuff like that. So if you have a sack of American too gross and I'm not trying to. Let's say you have to go out pickup in all new baseball Samie this beer you can certainly use it. But I would be accommodating treaties specialty malts to get those other flavors. Rather than push your base multi multi temperature. So those the German based multi traditionally for the styles and to do well over concoction gnashing but over you know multinational temperatures as well. Where I've noticed some of the larger American malts. Do not do this kind of reversible matches while com. In Seoul. If you're making October fest. I'm not gonna say that you have to use altering greens I certainly don't think it looked at my specialty malts that look at what I have perhaps morning after base. And see what I can throw in there. But I can tell you. The ingredients if you use a traditional ingredients used for October fest. It seems to me the whole process a lot easier in the ingredients just kind of wanted to the right thing. Over the course when when you do cockpit. You get these wonderful. You know post dean rich flavors when you match warn you this wonderful honey flavor. When cops agent appear at the tend to get this mean bad ass and have a skunk here so be a fact. Arm so. Using. Authentic ingredients that style will make life a lot easier and if you are looking at entering this appeared to competition. Judges former us. You know I mean yeah they've done this before. They've they've tried to push that breached two rovers (%expletive) can go on the warmer and and they paid the price and they're gonna notice those kind of subtle flavors and there. You know what's gonna be sweet but it won't have thick white Seymour Roma you know and I mean elaborate collar but it won't. Have the rate mouth feel and the offense and so. There will be a lot easier on yourself if you use Alterman and. Featured the form basically. OK very good well. Get to ruin your October fast and don't developer saves saves one no model than a human. You know wouldn't be a bad idea to sink every home number on this note should have one teed Kohler yeah. You know kind of like a safety deposit box what TV you can leave beer in his basement you know what you should do and is being good experiment would be to make. Your October fest agent till October. Make the same recipe. Three weeks before October now and then say here's the same beer. Age 2186 months and the one that's like the quick October 21 thrown together and see what kind of differences in house on there will be used in two hours what you do you cleaning up hops. Milosevic cleaning up of the fermentation to lose assault Segal of hide. Mom died in hospital as well as some of the animal proteins. Breakdown in fall out in the east and so consumable but the sugar. Palm so the the year ends up with a crisper mean tearfully for those multi two toned com you can. Com so we'll certainly I will guarantee you'll be prepare for parts aren't that doesn't for us back next week and I efficient just brought here and ESPN fifteen point. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by night for traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.