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Do you like your you'll learn how to make your own beer it's time for just ruined. Brought to you by now with traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White. Worked oyster good Saturday morning welcome to Niagara traditions just brewing here and ESPN 1520 Gerri what are nicer. All right good. I was Europe and yeah and passed him Patrick experienced it. Last night. Stabilize snow blower. I think he said a couple of weeks ago that. If you wanna pull back out there pulled back out so did the vice hot places that I have ice it short is now back to crisis and so it's been a very bizarre. Which are not kind on any fermentation you have going in the basement him. You know contested that the end anyone wants get out into spring home brewing outside you've kind of had to wait and but hopefully with the amber waves of battle. Amber we supreme deadlines only seven days away and offer me this counts and temperature flocked. Has really wreaked Havoc fermentation so I think Glick a lot of other person trying to rush Beers here on May be recipes that I purchase and didn't have time to Peru there aren't really Wanda I'm trying to competition. And trying to rush to brew goes improbable goes up this weekend. It's been hell trying to keep temperature and because I'm doing all these fears only got one in the fermentation chamber so only have 100 troops control. Moving the other from hunters around the house it is not been fun yeah. Well our rights of the amber waves of grain Omer competition the deadline for entries is a week from. What's it take from today it's a week from today competition is April 13 and fourteenth. So he still time to get those and you can bring. On mark bottles into Niagara tradition to drop them off your off two bottles out to both free country go ahead and sign up online you can pay you can register on line. Proud you're probable tag rubber band into the bubbles temperament. It. So that's coming up so quick thing on Saint Patrick's Day we do a lot about on October fest right before Asian and yours swing. Six months out for October fest Saint Patrick's Day isn't as an Irish holiday. And green beer is Heidi maker MB for food coloring appears. But there's a new thing. Cool what what's glitter beer what's going on in glitter you know I would we are certified as well before the show. Arm and weren't seeing Patrick taking anger fear and that's just completely come filled my timeline for at least one day I had no I've I've parade pictures and shimmering beer a and so I went and watched one or two YouTube tutorials. In this product they've seen before but thankfully never used in the year okay my wife mentioned this that we should go to some glitter beer and the as you mentioned here I don't even know what how does it glitter is it's like oh this debate team. Edit and to get a liquidity and like Barack China mix and you also get it in Haiti on spray form aerosol reform I think it's the most popular. To get the full story can. That I believe has a economically glucose and sugar and if you're with the back to what is causing. But has these little Spike Lee flakes in here though they don't mean holds a lot nice flakes almost like you only global like. A lot nice confetti Coca and they shimmer and there's also usually coloring habit. And so. From like most other food items people decided this year it let's put it in her beer. And so they didn't so we you end up with that this kind of like you know he's the milky Chimerine. Glass of beer. I have to admit that there is some of this in my household. That has never been used for the year with their for baking annoyed did not try it nor to think that it ever will. But in case you're wondering where you the trickiest whose parade be glitter into the pint glass in a tremendous parade on top of the foam and then pour the beer into the pint glass. Give it a light mix and boom. Glitter beer so you know within two minutes you can lose all respect to your friends and I want to feel very easily. Is some is this any natural all star to. Having the look of the year changing. For. You know like novelty stuff like. I'm thinking about. You seem like that's the cause I shops that have like the unicorn fraph which you know is now where people are now and I saw there's a new one coming out today. People are ordering the same drinks but they are fluorescent colors and if beer can now use baking supplies. Lake while up. You know I'm saying like where are we entering a time where someone is gonna make. Here a bears I think always they're Carty cosmetic. Factor yeah it may think there's a predetermined standard Sony you know if you if you open up a beard in you pour out like something that's glittery sparkling. Odd collar it's more shocking than it is pleasing. I think this will have about the same popularity as you know there green Bay Area you know also Adobe like who have this year is the everybody's. Are on the radar worth it. The next year is you know you see it it just about every Saint Patrick's Day party. And then you have that one friend who keeps doing it for the acts like a decade and a half and that will be the progression I think of whether beer. Kind of down a path of a lot of their novelty purer. Okay I'm picturing like. Elect a black and tan has a little bit of that that little more shirts and it's a real here I'm not saying it's it's not a real beer it's just. Then the novelty is the appearance and I wonder if I just wonder if there's. What's next mean did you ever think you would see glitter beer probably not noted not there would seek a letter right so like. Is the next steps something where we're just going to be so I won't I won't even try to go to what impressed at its. Our I hope it's better than there is yeah my experience or green beer is that new one drop food coloring maybe in an entire keg almost to the job yet and in. I have some experiences green beer from my younger operating days when with the unifies guys looking of one house we have light beer aren't happy we didn't give us Albert in time for Saint Patrick's Day. Cycling cool food coloring now so that festive. And we didn't like you know take every guides are. Try to mix a little onto it happened we just put one big squirt they turned to black and we turned for sure you know many and so we we were drinking black beer but it was not you know. Nice rusty goodness that was. Very strange and doing tongs on. Yeah from Germany in. October fest to San predators they were gonna get into gorgeous Kiefer. For Easter and for the new in the polish time of year and a minute but before the forwarded that on most went on at the store anything. Popping in you it's tax return season so you know for monsters grandfathers people on our previously for behalf highlighting another gadget and summer world comments I felt we are highly appear on this week so if you're looking for kids it weights and tax return money on. Armed that your arm is one bit. Is always popular we see a lot of people get it during competition time because there draft for the don't bottle anymore. In the wanna after something into competition and in the wanna get into a bottle clean they don't want a trigger be your. You know have a PO bad Phil under carbonated. And so they they get the beer pharmacy excuses to enter the piercing competition. And for you for those have you not seen appeared on before it isn't the armed with a drawn to the hopes up your tag. That puts beer in two Bobble in and there's something called counter pressure or so that you know flushes CO2. Traps had pressure fairly slowly brings up appear from the bottom of the you have to pull off the sealed cap. In Russia you your cap on there. With the beer garden. It just slowly backs on the pressure on the way to the Phil so it won't do which campaign for you believe me I've tried. On merit how much hosed you put on there what kind of restriction. Elements you put in line but for beer and you know even from low to high carbonation. It does really well putting the beer into the bottle in keeping it happy you don't hit a B and a foam off when he filled bottle. So you can use a full CO2 sloshing into it too extreme sanitary global taken apart and clean and every time. And you'll have beards it will last just Flickr commercial craft beer. Go ahead of Obama. You know a refrigerator shelf and we prepare for a couple of months will be just fine. On but a lot of upper tend to use it as a quick device to fill six pack mentality is that. So we keep it was star sand filled quickly spree off the outside flush it out. And fill up the very quickly sanitize partly very poorly six pack. To bring over to friend's house. Arm and so what I have is a six pack of beer instead of my normal hour. So when you're sitting around with your body and you only consume two Beers each now instead of having the tail end of a prowler that you say well hey you live here I drove we gotta finish that right now man are you put into his fridge and hopefully it sticks around and they you know outreach over the next couple nights. But with a bottle they're sealed the last hole that long or so of the end of the night you can say here put this put in your fridge Toby good for awhile longer whenever you get to it. On you can also use it to you know and kill off the tail on the tag you're bored you need dec XP to compile all the laughs. You know case in order to kind of keep that tag in hand on the having. Draft beer in a bottle the thing to pop the cap you have to find glass and just drink to rent out there really is coming full circles home. You know and I mean when you have clear. Beer no sentiment in a bottle that you can take out throwing the puck and bodies on. There really feels good it's on number Boca southbound a hundred dollars or just under a hundred dollars. Other didn't operate on the model Lance Christmas even more ergonomic corporate should not just holding it by the valves which it's very nice. In for those of you who haven't old beer and they do have an upgrade available. So that you can for a lot less than 400 dollars turn your old beer run into a nuclear room with the camel or I'm thinking about doing that whispering. They do have one of fuel beer balance I don't use it as much during the winter when it comes to summer. I'm using it probably more than amusement tapped him self under and you're more Beers on the back yard more you know picnicking your friend's house. And makes a lot easier to take your portable. All right. And any else but he did catch up on housekeeping around the we have a couple things we always good to be of. Crystal's team malt. In the store now so we talked a little bit about our early types on the last show and couples host before that we talked about the two from the melting process with roasted Barley toasted. And we talked about crystal ball seek what the mall and in the killed right creating a meal our reaction inside. The hawks. On we have Abel and from great western has been steam formalized. Hum so keeping it human throughout the cooking process and instead of allowing it to slowly dry in the cool drawing leader. Means that this crystal ball does not release him any book flavors. It has a lot. Homily flavors lobotomy Allard in there. But it shouldn't have any subtle roast beef flavor normally get in medium low of about crystal. So that's new we have that out of packaged up hobby also while we don't have one in stark at the moment because in order sold. The fast woman has come out with a fourteen Kia went comical. So a lot of folks who've been money comical and there are you know looking at only thing being available in the larger sizes of stainless steel. On in your looking at what you know 500 dollar price range maybe 400 dollars a fast when they go all the whipped over a thousand dollars. The fast from a plastic comical with Saddam fell on it is. 17180. In a very nice option if you're looking for single muscle fermentation and you're doing and Gail batches. It's really great I think introductory price and we know a lot of people where the testament is an in your production mechanical fermentation. The and a doubling up on one thing you're not gonna do a few affable manner and that's protect. You know all kind of suddenly you're gonna have three of you could potentially have won fourteen yellow maybe 25 Keeneland. On testament and you're still well under the price of the cheapest option at the fifteen Yale. So that's a new light and I think we are gonna see a lot more movement of as we get into summer and people are kind of ring speaker match. Very good Ellis good breaking come back we'll talk about. According to skis as we approached Easter being stale that it's so stay tuned Robiskie in Europe yearly trip down. Polonium output of the polish side of this missile. Brewing from home buses Jeremy White protester here and act traditions just threw it yes you know fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home growing supplies you listening to just Pruitt which means. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition homer was your source for everything home growing. Do what I did guess Arctic and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military in title on open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brewed dot com and tiger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. But about an actress and just let and ask him. Twentieth Ria. It closer to dig its day to day you drink. Bruges Q what's the famous for only to enter for sure and I'm I'm I'm a good six months or OK this is just under repair is that the one to ski. Yeah famous one earth and I think that's actually pills. Is it yet because and here's the other thing too eager to really not a famous or biscuit which -- not on a lot of peoples and what we do for faint after taping Tuesday we just he would ever import you know we can normally get. And reserve that for friends or you know carry it around buffalo and a six pack your backpack. I come in that's the kind of tradition. Now there are some more kind of authentic from the year. Arm for the holiday bomb and being. You know strong you know polish American narrative we do see some of that here meddling in our small craft breweries. But also a lot of home brokers make them and I'm always one of them are usually do two batches the year. Wonder try to have some common thing to stay and they usually do and other. These are two really good beer just to have around in the summer and it was always kind of known. And it's the kind of working and to be launched in beer so if you never had this can also be called a rock her. Arm if you were giving in Germany but it's a beer me a 100%. Oak smoked wee small. Thumb if you're not a fan of smoke Beers in you're not and we pierce it would still give this a try because that initial description. Can be very deceiving. Arm it's not like heavier and Twain. With the IU he really passed for yeast accuse he was like German wheat Beers. The Coke smoking is is kind of the deceiving its release smoked like smaltz a smoker like Pete. We're like one pound and five he'll bash can quickly turn and into camp fire. It's kind of I think the better way here more artful way to put it is that opened fire kills. So there's nothing personal floor. You know and demeanor of solid floor completely blocking the mall from the smoke although it's not like cannot. Heavy wedding trying to fully saturate the smoke on letting the humidity out there using the fire to dry it. So they're not doing a truce mocha. And so it ends up with a superior lightly subtle smoky flavor. In its very light bodied and to be very low alcohol so you can see from just the kind of you know terminal staff from the grabbing video call to very refreshing. Beer to ring. On the east is kind of very he's very clean faster and it's always serve with a very high carbonation. And because of the kind of futile peace and then you know bohemian so Poland Czech Republican elected chuck pierce and tells. Have really high mineral content so rude to. Polish Beers. He went up with a light bodied light colored. Almost kind of see Fareed very refreshing. Beer. Arm and so it's one I'd love to have around for that mid day's news and handset and the smoking is in the week and it. Kenny fools who puts a little something in your stomach while being only about three to 4%. You know you can him one and still get your whole you know through your afternoon without any major problems. So the history it appears that comes from grown this up Poland and originated all the way back into the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. But on this kind of polish primaries close and industrialization. And kind of Germans Marreese. Kind of took over the last Purdue skier Prosser was being brewed in Germany in the 1980s. Commercially so bad twilight. Only counting its days really become popular and they you know you know celebration. You know holiday in buffalo. You know. Why haven't we seen this here before because there wasn't one to import for the longest time there wasn't anything. Really to grab it's a traditional style while you're seeing improved their now and smaller breweries and you're seeing improved in the US and strawberry they're trying to start naming a slow. Come back. So it's definitely something a year you've probably not gonna find this out on shelves. It will be a growl or fill temporary only or something that the Peru are small batch of two have around just for you know the kind of whispering season. On but if you get a chance I would highly suggest you try one it's a very deceiving beer very clean theory refreshing. On hand. Ticker. And to brew one Peary cheaper to borrow. On in fairly easy thinkers. Kind of a few Euro Lotto home and doing all we beer. It is just going to be starts march and I promise you I do this without rice hulls every year two batches. And they don't hear of major problems but there's a couple of tricks you can do to get long one I always put in a little bit of six rope pills and Europe's worst ball. Usually about a half pound for pound. Whatever him flying around this tells you mobile it was conversion will that was hospital so little but with body to put those and sometimes relieved proteins are things after. You can also use a knock in Austria. I tell people you're only doing an IPO on venture which we've hitting 34%. You're doing six to you know maybe eight pound green at the most. You're not gonna have a period the match and oaks mall when we also has some good hops to it that sticks around with him earlier you know. 08 putts but still has some good parts to it. And you usually won't have a starts. You'll watch the archery and traded just rapid if your flight departure you know I mean try to go slow. Bought. Action clog up our. That said Amir hammered by two people that have been picked up Russell's. Gotta start part but I figure I have a very simple false bottom perforated steel shall passion and also owed to it this year edited in a cooler. Companies ID blues double brewing in and it worked out just fine with just a PVC a full field who. On so watcher flow rate it will be right. Now I think everybody always points to noble house in while I admit that will probably do you're a little bit better in competition. A couple of years I can went for the court to try to find myself some poll shops. On because here are the couple of different varieties and yours a loved one is probably the one year can be no easy is able to get your hands on. But the one thing I noticed between all of these. Pork chops is they were much more fruity. On an almost sit proceed from here to there German Opel counterparts. So. Yes he can often find size Howard mountaineers all in the group this scheme that would be very good first time. But you would probably be also equally small acumen when he mean altering company sometime in the fourteenth to nineteenth century. Were able find something that also have a very fruity. Trying to finish to the usually the first batch that I do for kings staying competition. Doesn't have any finishing top third doesn't use you know any relief fruity how to keep it normal that's one of an entry into competition. The wondered Peru to just have around on tap for the summer. That one is. Usually cascade for four copter I mean you have a little bit in for dry out. So I actually meet that one kind of like a week hails a little bit more free opt character to it. In the you know the mall bill really backs up and works well for that as well. On the east for the spears is really up for debate. Armed. A lot of people use drum and all her German lager two effects mean. You know kind of try to finish. I actually go for usually a clean Belgian male. Arm of war more forgiving and the temperature. A Liu little more complex of the Knowles. In a bomb a little bit easier to maintain if it's your bureau it's not instrumentation and controls of just sitting out on the kitchen floor or something like that. Generally go spells Sunnis are not going to crash out on you they're not gonna produce high amounts of this eagle help hide. You want this appear to be clean can have some subtle Lester beat do not want it to be died passable. Apple he or you don't want to be extremely from now like and so can be slightly upstream and he wanted to be ouster driven storm mall focused bureau no matter what. But you want a little bit of flavor in there for him you know. Whichever east who won Houston reckoning gives I think it really nice nose to him again otherwise you're giving. All smoke in the nose and so if you're trying to give it to somebody that's only finger smiling office if they don't like smoke Pearson can be kind of tough. How about the brewing process itself complicated brew day EB have to wanted to approaching rest. Arm even those is an all wheat beer it's usually crystal clear. You know dispute that has wheat and it doesn't mean it's going to be cloudy and even traditionally an interment have to revise and it's not the week it's sneaking beer cloudy. It's the condition he sits me cloudy. Armed with a purpose he's the same way. You usually do we had a terrible quake and so you will. Add Irish moss as well you do wonder that protein rest. I will also help out with the efficiency as well so that we are right using you know ten pounds of green trading get this a bureau to 4%. Arm in and keep it's low key vessels wrote recycling keep us closers barge. Arm I think that's always good when you're working with rye Barley wheat. Com I have struck more all borrowing Nash's and I have more weakness right now precious personally because I didn't think it was coming. So I'm thinking I can beat the living daylights out of us I can just open up my ball well walk away with a hole. You know mash barge out all once American you know fifteen minutes to start right oil. In this wanna come back with talks barge that's when the problems come up and. If you do with the Barley beer usually you get turned off the valve cute in their back forceful but stirs things up into kind of pick itself up that void space will return to match. With boo boo. You know wheat rye oats you know or room this is where it gets released to keep once you start beating your point you have to flop it up again to get the sparks going and that's for you start to really get yourself stock. Children so I would highly suggest making the style beer. It is one of my favorites in this one of the few Beers today in Peru year after year. You know I mean over and over I don't always Mika. You know style for Saint Patrick's Day like this here it's reported there was sitting around on suffering but he came over here some dark here. I come in and this is one that I always make there's definitely as soon as you pick one up loosens you smell it taste it. There's no comparing to it so I would at least just me if you ever have before Akron. We got about. Two minutes left here. And he had some stuff about Borg guidelines may be being judged so there. The so there's the BJ CP got arsonist or was this kind of disclaimer. And that's where you're seeing competition for home orders the appeared to have certification program. And has to you know strict set of guidelines for different styles and suggestions. That are based off of commercial the examples. The brewers association which is the trade association from there emperors. A bomb put out new guidelines as of 2018. So I've got a few calls a few people like smears that are there new guidelines are we north it's going to be 2018 guidelines for the upcoming competition. No still going to be the 2015. Tribal and but this kind of change in the style is kind of a note that your gonna see this come to the BJ CP in the next couple years. So they just put out right before the easy I PDA craze. They put out new guidelines in 2050. Heat. And what they didn't him in there were the kind of juicy and easy and copy your site PA's pale Ailes copy wheat Beers. In now those are going to be in the commercial kind of the you know. Craft brewing guidelines for 2018. Is all the kind of contemporary American pills or. Which is like American pills or isn't like you know mass produced you know very light Agile and fill pills or. Australian style pale whales so kind of a tropical from pale oil teasing galaxies and fix secret doctor Rudy. And they're also gonna have goes in contemporary goes. In as separate American styles now. And so if you looking for what you contemporary ghostly on the New York bureau projects they do era passion for coach and some very good. And so they're gonna get outside the traditional Belgians aisles and into kind of some more mixed one. But of course what everybody is really excited about is read do you have insight. Starting guidelines for BJ CP ACP. Nice so is it this is what it does this is what this means either looking commercial interest if you commercial ever stoop. There's generally a better ones in this will slowly. Cycled around and. Us to Newark categories. Such a very cool. All right that's it for us this week. If you miss an episode find an on demand at WGR website or ESPN 1520s web site. On demand at any episode you want will be back next Saturday here on nine traditions just threw it on ESPN 1512. You've been listening to just Bruins. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're season through or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to go online at and T home dot com. And be sure to tune in next week for another episode just to.