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Do you play here you'll learn how to make your own beer. It's time for just grew brought to you by now with traditional. Here's your host Jeremy White. Placed there. Good Saturday morning welcome to now I decisions. Just brew it here on ESPN 1520 journey like and diced or good morning we're old now for the suffering Italy. And and anytime you can brew and all weather and perhaps this is keeping you. And drink you want more pulse Coca. And you know find some. Unseasonably cool yeah you know while. Hey hang in there won't get to the summer and eventually in India pick things up more the eight log competition is. Gonna be coming up next week the deadline has passed. Stat line is pass all the entries are and so just a lot of people sitting. Near obviously waiting you know your Beers sitting in Italy Jung cross its basement nicely set aside organize. Everything's just wait. One thing we talked about before is the number of entries you get from year to year and over the last maybe couple years you saw a really big. Jump up and has that leveled off forced a little OK a little still increasing but just not at the rate. Well it's. It's it's it's in Greece but it I think he got up two other top normal or somewhere around 650. Coca one year. In their right around 600 of their entries this year mean I know that only from looking at life. Entry count on the web site it's at thirty tootsie. When that entries were coming in how many they up to him last attracted about mid day on Saturday it was up around 55560. And it went from midnight to use it you know and her till midnight as long as he got register online. And they need to drop off sharply Monday or flying buys and worry that night. So they had a big registration window always helps you would be registration when that was when he advance planning huge blossom trees. So it's while it's it's plateaued a bit too it's so hard for number you mean Intel. You see the next kind of jump in home and and then we'll jump up again it's a one time was that it 200 you know would be Greek here and then all the scientists are ramping up and now 50600. Here. It Jim did you. I enter you did I enter you know you're not allowed to say what you entered I won't say OK I don't know if there's any rules I am yeah you're so we don't have to have right right right right. Yet he's got a thing that. We talk about a lot when you submit your entry there should be no distinguishing. Yet among people identifying factor is very interesting because you know I was sitting down with some people were organizing the competition. In the end there was a moment where we're like oh you're gonna have a beer we O'Connell looked at each other judges. And it was just like wall and we have and so we we have looked like talking around we found out there we're all entering a similar style. And so we broke our appears the most similar styles because. We obviously because in that. Category where the judge that category. Two it's hard even seeing you at around them bowels that he didn't wanna give up what you might have not because you think it's gonna hurt you don't want them help you wanna get that. Full honest you know. Certificate back. While good luck to you thank you and after the judging is over you can tell us what you made an academic be a good thing for future I was today. Bring machine or she can score sheet in all the super to detailed breakdowns that you get an old are bringing either it works for me about scorching. Here. And it so you have. Plea companies or should Steve get the two to three. Don't just get one earlier that the other thing SO. You'll get an entry back from one drug and if you feel when I went over bitter I don't Gillick and you can go over to the other drug you'll start to see very little that. A preference in the judges or maybe a little bit of how they in all set to wonder what might say yeah as the Lola the bitter and from me for the style. You go over the next judge and they say and what I would like it's in style I would like Google more. And so you'll see those kind of preferences since he's the range it's never enter your competition. Only judged by one yup it's always deflated judges. Knew after. Everybody judges and independently. They'll sit down and you talked in kind of come to a consensus on the elements score so to retrieve their approval to interfere independently and they all come back. Handle the abuse or. Niagara brewers dot org for banquet tickets yeah so the banquet tip tickets are up for sale now. If you show up 31 if you win you can walk on what surprises always great food always Greek. I'm usually corporate beat rowdy crowd. But you know on about and the especially if your entry and information on the Central Bank with the event. And our numbers are or I am not sure exactly word it is. This year. Army used to be the bee's and for the artsy moved it to the restaurant off of Niagara Falls. Boulevard last year was also very well you know put together and I think that's where they're doing this now and very good again for more information nagger brewers dot org you anyhow the upstate New York homer association. Holbrooke competition the fortieth annual and and the deadline is may second so that's also sending register online you drop it off. And I tradition me Marty have folks were dropping off country some people in the bringing their you know entries for a war disrupt our unique countries as well. On even though that's a ways out we are ready if you wanna drop them off from. You know happen bears you know the government you can always and for more later. Bring him in won't put amendments takes its content. Very good so may second the deadline for the union on entry. At the storm and what's going on these days we just a proper homes passed. So we were certain to break her inventory and make sure we have everything if there's always some. That are you know got a little beat up in packaging. Works for couples mall itself so we kind of sort those ones out immediately. Com but if you pre order half price arms. He should be giving a caller email for months in the next couple days if you didn't pre order rise on we still get extra of every variety. So come on in earlier to plant in the batter there earlier that you keep your hands on the better chance your gonna handle it the variety. Pump that you want to we have varieties from all your class ring regions as well as the other thing it's we have summarize including some beans which are actually meant to be an ornamental. They've been bred more for the character of their flowers in their leaves for cosmetic appeal than they have for any case. But unlike some of the like comedian red vine or something like that they don't purposely have any horrible off flavors designed to stop you from entering with them. So there there are so good to brew but they are designed to be a cosmetic. Top prize on the for anybody who hasn't ever seen these before you think of them more in a farming cents further there's going straight upon Paul. That they can be a very good ornamental from the backyard gardener a good covering up spaces he don't know what else to do ethic and their perennial vine. On the above ground portion won't eat in sheer you know mortar won't terror part offense that likes to rap and temporal doesn't dig in and route above ground. On it'll come back every year with these wonderful you know yellow to green break Hank homely horse. So if your interest in cops if you like your even if you don't home brew. Grab some opera as ups are always a good talking peace and I think they're still rare enough that if you afflicted garden walk and they're going to be like one of the plants that sets you apart and not a lot of people half. How much are are different varieties more powerful and how much the aroma comes off the likes they like their heaviest smelling hop off of which does he know boo when you smell it sitting here fits me I don't reasonably he's been lights is is Columbus known to be very powerful while Chenault is your get right up next in the flower. No right or camping and running like that that are going to be like that much more pungent. Than the others there are some people who are going for cosmetic suit and think to American or English Friday's. Obviously produced a theory beat cones that open up a little bit earlier. While like the German Fridays tend to Bruce very small cones are small flowers you know it is much. You know visual appeal lot of some of those eastern European bright decency to out of the Western European and the American Fridays we truly can come from mostly English plants you know. Spoken so as. Ornamental or as a little bit of a supplement your garden for the guard Milwaukee thank you I plan and in my house last year couple my neighbor Som. They asked what they were and I know they're giving rise on this year and started to auction. So in terms the aromas though I'm not going to be cinema back porch and all of sudden here law until Lofton think. Not a wannabe are now you might okay go write mine is that a good thing as probably don't have me checking. Tax return season also means you can now maybe. Upgrade some your equipment Samir materials. There were basically giving you a list every week of another impulse purchase. I think it's Goodwin you might it would actually also an impulse purchase that will actually help your programs we talked about Cover Flow towards your columns from monsters Ukraine father. In this week I wanna talk about these thermostat and I say over and over again people arsenal and this is the one purchase. That actually meet my beer. You know and I mean usually giving in new gadget hampering actually causes little more problems than it does help initially. Whereas the service set to control my fermentation temperature. Even at the simple sound. Mead a huge difference for police to do enslaved chamber frozen water battles and then when it was cold output those water bottles into the microwave into the toaster oven and then that would ruin them. Into that team chamber to try to warm up some I was coming back every six to eight hours and changing up these water wasn't really. Practical and a lot of members that do the same thing or maybe you find a room that is a good consistent temperature than here at the mercy of whatever temperature that room is as far as torture and upper orbit room is. You know 58. This week looks like going to be Berea locker Oates in the summer some 75 seasons. In all summer when you have a fermentation chambers and it and the temperature and he temperatures W 12. Regardless of the kinda ambient temperatures in the house and that makes a huge difference which your beer. The have a varying price range in varying functions anywhere from. Safe. If the dollars. On turn to cheaper and was 200. Dollars 820 from and most expensive ones I own now. So there with a long time for me to purchase one and now I can tell you I over Hillary. In the meek a huge difference I can't believe how many times I would start appeared to everything put you know six hours and number date. Come back the next morning the temperature would be way off. Not to say the whole batch was ruined. But it wasn't giving the flavors of one and two so having a service that. Allowing me to have that control wasn't there to watch the fermentation mean huge difference. And it really took a lot of balls out of Beers I mean I wouldn't have these on for seeing problems found out. That I would have sold out every third match. When I wouldn't have fermentation chamber of the recent drop in temperature of a sudden increase. Causing me all sorts of problems as fermentation and something that was really outside my control Somerset brings it back into your control and could very good. So thermostat counterculture or spear guns for monster's greens fathers. A conical. Maybe viewing go that route via communal good options for tax return you have been through talked about this fast Foreman now has a fourteen gallon plastic. Also for under 200 dollars you came did it. Almost. Almost half barrel. Colfer and that it did that this Hughes a big forty gallons I mean you're looking and who bulletin and try clamp probably ten years ago however the whenever but he wanted I unlike several. Kind of long list of things are purchased with 850 to 900 dollars. I don't have to tell you that and never purchased via there was just kinda outside. You know I mean I think the realm of what I thought was justifiable for single from enters specially since they tell you a jumper almost from interest all the time. In and this puts it into that range you know you bring appear first bustle when you do attend in and match every once and while you know split with the body. This is going to be the quite the easy answer for in the look pretty nice you know and Damian on their Ehrlich they haven't nicely come with some ice caps stand. You know and I mean they have that traditional like dump valve on it you can add in a sampling spigot if you want to. Arm but you really have all the kind of features of your team to steal comical now we won't have that their ability over time. But for 200 dollars you know when I mean he could get five of these things. Some for ten years under batches each and you still haven't caught up to the price of a single stainless steel. So that makes a big difference I think for a lot of folks. Yes all right we'll get some months cleaning chemicals and quick recap last week showed his drive and your draft lines we get back an upside it's not traditions just brew it here on ESPN 1520. Jerry white a year for Niagara tradition home growing supplies. You're listening to just Bruins which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it wherever you are the process Niagara traditional brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military into Ottawa and open Monday through Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and tiger tradition home brew paid in the visit and remember to just Peru. I welcome back tonight relations just through it we kind of ran out of time last week when talking about draft line meaning. Right when we are getting to all of the different chemicals all the different cleaners and things you might have so. Quick recap what we gonna cast theater problems by putting off the show topic for today and giving back to the once last week and they'll look at it cliff notes of of last week if you have problems returning near draft lines after cleaning the rough on the inside Asia probably replace them yes draft draft lines are cheap enough that when in doubt just. Replace them so we're re left office it's a you can get ten years out of these you don't mean if you regularly clean them. But if you start regularly cleaning them and almost suddenly return to their same gross state right away. They've become furloughed they they'd leave the east has opened up like some pour out to be inside the hosing it has a place to live you can't get it all out and they're just gonna keep doing them over and over so if you have abused them in the even sit around for awhile there becoming. You know kind of dirty and a seems like an impressive rate. It is time to just switch the Archie. You know I mean 23 dollars a line and so for five bucks you know you can have all new line time your system. It'll make you feel a lot better while pouring beer for somebody especially when you don't have to go down. And take all the first pierce office each tapped every night it's one of the things my lines are getting older I haven't been paying attention in my draft system that mark. When I have people over I go to America for one beer off of each camper a quick just to make sure. They get all the Beers it was sitting stagnant for the past couple days odd couple lines. When you have clean fresh lines really don't have to do that but if you're noticing it's becoming a problem. That it you know a couple of days and it really gets kind of growth that means you have kind of a lot of areas of shielding. Bacteria shielding east insider graph lines in this kind of every once a while ago if you take care from. It is good for India a refresh. There. Yeah so let's talk about some of the different chemicals cleaning materials this flies in and their most effective spots and we'll because a lot of people will be using these things in I think a lot of that book scanning sanitizing cleaning chemicals. And he wants you feel like that's fueling when you meter but there's an all in covering a lot of businesses you know and and he. E&P rarely eat in a release heat using all on one chemicals particularly when in the eighties and all of one cleaner sanitize or not only does it. You know I mean portly if you like it also sanitize or. On words if you're doing v.s just like in your mentally in your bloomers associates and standards for cleaning from fermenter. If you're doing a multi part process for your draft and makes a huge difference as well. So first of all stars and is not a cleaner. A lot of people think it's a clear a lot of people use it like to clean air. In your putting in a lot of oboe Robinette down with a lot of shop now closer you know sponges. To get that saw off partially because starts canisters to sanitize. It might have some work to pacify a stainless steel and so might help keep your. You know kind of I am an imbalance in posting steel suits these stainless arm it's really not a strong enough acid to lie and for that. But it is not a cleaner whatsoever and if you're sitting there and you're really putting a lot of elbow grease and still the of these white films. That's why. Starts and is not a cleaner it's sold in a lot of home brew kitten carrying it is only. Chemical you'd get in the air and it's really kind of leaving it short if you only do it meal for a few times. Sanitize it probably parties need you're not really building up any stone building up an icing on the surface in so. You're okay with armed. But after you keep doing that is after keep using the equipment. It's gonna start building up microscopic layers of stuff the really can't see and that's gonna bite you in the long so Starks and great sanitize her. I'd love it use it all the time. Not a not a clients. But I will say this dark sand and it's kind of sister chemicals sandy clean. Are probably the only sanitize personalities. That I will put through. My draft system. So the other to sanitize or you often seem hampering our chlorine which we kind of do disclaimer to start last so never chlorine on your draft system. Because chlorine. Will this for that I am an imbalance in stainless steel. And it will also wrote some medals very quickly so you'll oxidized or stainless cause or stainless oxidized. And we'll hopefully you know flee coffin for cloture completing his Wallace. Have a chemical reaction with any rats element bring you know I think a lot so never any chlorine. And your drafts off its final plastic it's fine and glass it's great for numbering probably the best sanitize or reaching Europeans on. This via virtual emperor but its ruling not great on the equipment. Iodine is the other popular and tighter which is fine on the stainless. The only problem is its gains your tackle lines so these wonderful new clear tag lines within a couple of meanings will turn yellow. In you really can't get ripped. So while if you only had chlorine and iodine I would definitely be going for the iodine to sanitize. You're tags. It will cause some staining under plastic bits it was one of the reasons why hasn't been as popular in the industry since stars came up. Arm so those are your sympathizers. Cleanser sweetened Canterbury downs three different categories here first or your potassium by carpet standard Indies are by far the most important clones urgent need. So that's Bieber PBW easy clean ones steps for aid age you know any of those white powder guys home every and like planters will do the all kind of hand of the scene base which is tested by carpet so there mineral clients or the help pole off cannons and hope whole loft. Armed proteins in your stone left behind by the yeast left behind by the arm in really if you're only have one chemical. In the house probably having a really good cleanser would be the best because if you strip away all the by Toyota viewing mean even if you don't kill it if you take it away. There's not going to be a lot left to start something the point where if you just used to sanitize or you're just sanitizing the surface you're not getting in there and giving it actually. The buy soda out. That were gonna cause problems along so you need these are safe on scene stealer safe on the plastic perceive fund chrome from all your neoprene watchers. Armed and they'll help you review of the pierce don't in the should be what you're going to time and time again help kit. Your peer stone and cannons audio lines. Another one you often see your strong gases he'll see the fifteenth Arctic acid used in a silly it's citric yes it despite our. The most popular apps that Klein's. Is a saint citric acid the white and the food and hoosiers can donate earlier strategy have a Liechtenstein that bacteria use in Liechtenstein produce a forecast that. As this wonderful right while not the citric. Citrus acid. On it does have a citrus like flavor to it. On air and this will help pole off Andy by carbon it's left over from the cleaners. And he you know by carbon foot from the tap water. On it'll help preserve that I am in balancing need to keep postings deal. Stainless. So well you don't need to do it every time. Italy's once a year I would recommend giving your lines citric acid flocks. To help keep them clean arm and helped keep that you know minerals away because that minerals act is the site that will shield bacteria leap around and cascading problem. On the last group of cleaners and sanitized here. Carter the kind of cost to cleaners who he PLC's super flocks and these are most often used by a commercial cleaners. And one of the things that YE BF TC's commercially that we don't often talks and at home. Is they are caustic in the our food air cold temperatures. So if you're cleaning out a big draft climate as you know elements inside the cooler. Elements you know inside a cold plate in the wall you know what a draft box. You can't give all these things nice and warm what you can your home draft system with a half gallon of water. To help clean out see you need something that's gonna work it cold temperatures and that's where the DLC that's where the super watch Clemson. They're by far the most aggressive. Cleaners. Arm in the won't immature equipment at all epic and damage or closing your skin near our Aso. Again where I protection. Hand and we use them sparingly for quite expensive compared to everything else we just mentioned so you don't really need him every time you don't really need them on home draft system. These are only cleaning fight fee of three sixteenths line. You can pump hot waters through there and you're gonna get does seem a fact out of your be bright PPW. But if you're a bar someplace where you have cold lines that you can't touch with the top rusher or anything like that if needed. On the super flush them PLC's definitely where you want ago. Content so the last thing we talked about Burton building and two wrestling cleaner. This is. Me wonders for me a lot easier for me to clean my draft system it definitely decrease human time they had to stand in front of it. In and I'm putting him last time in and giving a better product so traditionally a little bit cleaner and twit tag. A little bit into a spray bottle. And you spray it through the lines so basically you're limited to how many times you wanna go back and cycle that over and you're losing CO2 each time. On or you know how many do you almost you want me. So obviously the most anybody would ever make is five U wants me to push it from one keg into a pocket and you effort each camp over the course of the night. You're making five gallons of clean air in your really not giving that much efficiency out of the so if you take a pulp and you put that to an adaptors that you can hook it right on your disconnect or even better back portion of the country Fossett. Arm you can use our small fountain or sump pump to clean. Your four. Caps. Now normally if you if you were going you know ball or your meat and whole five he owns the super flushed clean out your cap lines. You really work. Giving like is that it wasn't that efficient you're not really getting much out of it if you take a cheap pop the cheapest pump I could find locally in the store was under fifteen dollars. It's still. Had 240 gallons per hour right and so if you run that for twenty minutes which is. Industry standards. Arm band means that you had the effectiveness of running. Obviously triple that and years to 242. Gallons and power. A clear on who you can make half gallon. And have more efficient and effective cleaning then you would me teens five key elements. In your cap like think you only your life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning the caps and I would highly suggest. Arm because little little work to do this yeah it is a lot of convenience someone you've got a unique one Rome to aid. You know home goods store of some sort to get a you know small fountain comfort garden center. And yet to come into Niagara tradition you gotta get an adapter to hook up to either the faucet. Or the post. After that. You're done you pour the cleaner into the reservoir you hook it up your cap you put the reservoir underneath the the faucet and you let it sit there and cycle for twenty minutes. That's it you've come back you can have some really gross lines if you feel that things like super flush just a half gallons to court. You article for twenty minutes you're gonna come back to some crystal clear lines. I have always been religious about cleaning might tap lines specially made jockey rocks and stuff like that. The first time that I had the draft flowing cleaner and always has been pushing five deals that put through every tap on the fridge. And then every tap on my jockey box every party tap I had. When I mean five you know loans of draft playing cleaner I use it all over the place everything correctly that day. That still did not you know equal the effectiveness that now I can get from one court. And all my lines so it's it's saving you money but most of all it's saving means a lot it. In and I would have to say that I think outskirts notice you know I don't have that one cap off to side anymore this wouldn't touch that and I need to deal with that won him. Are right. Tool episodes basically dedicated to when your draft lines are very important it's important and it's just like the service that you can do a ton of work if you of dirty draft and the bureau is that all the work on the great cynnex we've we'll get to laugh. They can extract takes a dog ran out of that mission as we do that on the day of the they want competition. So get ready next week takes listening we're back next week here and I traditions just Prewitt on ESPN 1520 yeah. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're seasons brewery or just want to get started president at 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.