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It's. It's. Do you play here you'll learn how to make your own beer it's time for just threw it brought to you by now with traditional blue here's your host anyway. Clijsters. Good Saturday morning welcome to and acquisitions just Bruins on ESPN fifteen point. Genuine birth nicer happy have Hebrew day and yesterday. Next week and national poverty we can. So. We're getting ready. We've got the boxes we have going stacked up the store we are ready for use in next week. We will start on Tuesday irked some percent off all ingredients sale connect goes from Tuesday. All the way through Saturday and have to be a club members. You know there's nothing special on the you have to do just come on in and you get the discount. So and if you're coming in. Determined that discount you might wanna think about bringing in some you know ha. Dropbox so Wednesdays at that line for the unit time of course the fortieth annual upstate New York home numbers association competition. Arm in the deadline is it's on Wednesday. So after trying to do both nature you're channel early he can drop off your trees but other than that 10% off all week. All the ingredients or anything on taxables goes from. Fifty pounds are triggering pounds hops yeast whining kits out it is you know sugars. You know if you wanna pick up a fifty pound bag of concert pressure cooker to store that's in B 10% off Tuesday through Saturday. And then on Saturday we're gonna have the full round of festivities so we'll have a beginning during class at 11 AM there tickets available online for that. And then at about 1:32 o'clock we'll start an all green tunnel so if you were thinking feeling and altering brewing. I'm will be doing an altering during demo in the afternoon along with our home root keys thing. So if you have a time if you are available for asking about giving and a home brewing. Saturdays this war will be America for learning home and tons agree mines in their. You know teachers for both classes. And tons of people you can drink beer with and picked. All right that's all next Selma except at the sale goes all week and then the tasting the classes all and so. And tickets and he homered icon you're gonna open. All right so will the weather we've been tracking what the weather breaking into we are officially. Into. Mostly spring in summary temperatures about where there were earnings notion our Allan bulls wasn't hurt and those of us number I think we're getting closer like you know the fifties in the sixties so that's a good sign a last week we talked about your extract. Making your extract tastes like all right except once and tips on that find that on demand. At WGR website Aureus in 1520 a this week the hop plenty guide it's about it's a perfect time to do that you got it for most people are now we get into the warm weather. Even though we've been saying like my upper house personally growing for about two weeks now they're really starting to take off we're giving into the planting seasons when people start thinking about it as we're gonna do quick item what you need to do to play some nights we'll get to that in a moment but again. May second deadline for the unikom. The fourth fortieth annual homer competition yet upstate New York home association. That's may second the deadline may fifth you mentioned is national department seconds right corner at the data is so that's this. What did a circus this Wednesday Wednesday fifth is set right some Wednesday's deadline for the homer competition. And submissions at Niagara tradition. Actress and we'll stack from companies want to stress that that is one state not. Saturday I usually feel like it's Saturday it's Saturday it's taking losses out of town competitions somebody's got to combine tradition and pick them up. He would give that extra time before the deadline so. The the deadline elsewhere might be later but the drop off deadline and I tradition it's may second nuclear. Good on pop rise alms. Top write songs they are still available this is part of a we have planned yup. Com and if you were interest and so we always do kind of brief explanation ops are the the you know flavoring agent appearing agent Kennedy anti oxidant in here. But they are also very pretty ornamental flowers. Grown approve an annual fine. Arms so the the starters you know a root base in the every spring bring up vines that eventually grew these big Corey like leaves and these wonderful clusters of tunnel like color ankle flowers and the flowers are slightly different to between rightly so yeah your English premier content to produce. The Combs curl up at the end police he German varieties tend to receive small plate flower symbol clusters. So there are some differences whom if you if you just enjoy them as the flowers to your own garden ornamental. Not just cities spice and finally growing a lot of spices like you know minter parsley onions or something garlic. You don't have to save everything you grow you eventually get more than you know what to do with it and you know we can use for every one every year. On to work talk a little bit so we've been talking about the benefits. Free hops for a lifetime you know and and you look wonderful or mentally you have to put very cool in a little work in two. But what do I actually need to do when putting cops and the excellent work talk about the and the first thing that a lot of people have I think the most trouble with isn't aware they want and they know how they want him to grow. On the don't know what hop seek yet arm and your first thing the people are always worried about is what will do well an area. Who were in the cop. Just like there's a coffee belt in tropic zone in the decision to zone there a hop and merely point smack in the middle like cold winters and nice warm summer's so Wii Fit that perfect. Armed. Different soils down and tend to grow different crops up. And for the price of rise on I don't think it's worthwhile to go round here RT in soil samples and send it in. To get a buzz the answer about what might do best in year. Climate I would say planned a couple of its option. Plant the rise on that you most want most often it's not a matter of you know will rise on growing its oil that's how well her restore it not a commercial or you know not too worried about the hearts that said if you have one. And it's not doing well after three to five years you may wanna try a new one in immediate different results but what I always look at. It is one hops to our use some now so my primary. Location at my house. He grows clumps. Which is perfect for New England IPA's and you know in the top bombs. Even though that's not mostly what I make and Molly mostly European Beers you know English bidders gold medals. Bomb German wheat some pills nurse but the fight me the pills or I'm lucky to use one on top throughout the entire process that I meet one New England Nike eight. I'm using eight ounces props. Especially at home grown so. I meet Beebe through Google search a year and meet one New England I PH music a lot more cops and then new wrinkle. Meek used to hop that you use the models because you're gonna get a ton of if you're trying to save some money for trying to get some use out of these. Pick one beer that you use a lot of Hopson implant that Friday. So if you make English our early march planned a ton of you know chemical linked to meet Palin tells a lot you know meaty cascade. And if you are doing like Belgian triples all the time in using a lot of play in own European noble bearing optical and go for power accountable for the political. Com but plant what you use in not use often I think it was a mistake for me it started out growing sides. In tightening in using half amounts to an outs each time I hit packages and these little packages of the which worried. You know about how long with the media use and how fresh it was going toward goes out. Put in the Columbus economy and four ounce packages you know and means that half ounce of one ounce packages. So that it packaging is easier and using at all and it like having them be you know harvests New England IP at the end of the season you know there's about that there so plant what you're gonna use don't worry too much about what you think is gonna girl your location. Arm can implant them into plot this is something we always ask a lot of people are trying to don't know where they wanna put them yet he might wanna put him in the ground and a couple years. Or they just don't have the ground space department and they need to put him in a pot can absolutely put him into poppy you're absolutely and limit. On their growing space in years to come so for the first couple years should Americans see a lot of you know restricted growth after that. They're gonna kind of hit the ceiling they're not really been much more a pot in looking for ornamental with the local harvest. And you don't mind a little bit of extra work absolutely from plant and popped. Whenever you play attempting improperly have to worry about that putt drying out it's above ground appallingly stratus oil tends to get a lot hotter gotten hooked in the stock. So you might have to water and or like the one from our source who we have. The plan and probably the 25 to thirty Galen planter. In the front of the sort and we have to water deal. Com's summer it's not a for Fries and we've made the mistake of not watering it daily in lost two other guys so we finally playing neighbors called. I think we learned lol but more about what it felt there and and we water every single day when it gets. He can plant them into a pot. You're gonna do a little bit more work fort in your gonna get better harvest if you do put them up actually into the company absolutely living in part manually you'll also undergo any. You can absolutely put them into a pot this year. On just know that you're knocking me get the pounds of harvest that. People play team at the ground and what about instead of like a pot. But a planter and those can be great we've seen too big and long enough that there could replicate yep we still have very shallow soil so electric you're talking about that. Humidity losses it deep pot is really nicely and for over wide pot. But I'd seen it done plenty of time to team that don't appear cartons of we think of on people flying Eisenberg. They had Hopson planters on the back you know probably either inches wide. Ten inches deep relief long planters. In the produce wonderfully cops for for to grow horizontally right so many ways. Arm in so that gave him plenty of horizontal growths so. While they were definitely have high workload of the meeting to water all the time. You know needing to supplement in the soil nutrients your year when he spent green to do that. Those cops really took off and I think it was because they were given so much and horizontal space suit planter extremely work better than the big thirty pot. From personal experience so it's going to be a little bit her trip to water the absolutely either will work and again at. I'm dollar's rise. If you do kill us you know anybody who curtains you kill some plants. It would mean try again next year he wore a little bit Star Trek. So next question we get is do I need to augment my soil and that depends a little bit and your art. Mean they don't recorder anyhow he nutrient load. Or require. You know and he is he standing water anything really difficult. Arm but if you have compacted clay soil. You're really gonna limit how they're able to grow. So I would suggest giving some type funeral upkeep material or Pete newer mix. The kind of mix in with your topsoil. Kind of on compact it and give the routes will be easier target kind of spreading out into the soil. I don't suggests augmenting with any type of like three part. Fertilized. Often the cops will actually pull those fertilizer elements right up and before in sold. If you look through the horror stories he hears somebody's Miracle-Gro. Especially if it's not an first year plan. And they go to smile there. Rise on the arsenals like nature and thoughts to economists and you can almost smell the fertilizer. In the flower the writes poems so that's generally when he's compost when he knew where he Wendy's moths are trying to augment your soil if you opt to. When you go to plan to that's going to be a big difference how you do it. I'm usually when they do with that date about 266 to eight inch trench mix in my augment its oil and then level. Implanted the top prize levels soil back with Marie art that I put the top prize home on top. In put about a three inch mound over top of this is gonna help your you know kind of crowned staying near the surface in future years but we're also will do. Will hope you from over watering a plant a bomb in it prevent it from getting new century in the art. But putting ground global putting amount over top of it hopefully reason it up out of the water table. So while it's young you'll have to water often but it won't get grounded. You know when in Munich and burst borrowing rates so if you can do this amount will make it easier to identify and find crown in later years. The rule also. Prevent you from. Kind of floating it out in the first season. So they help a lot. Do the mound. On a usually soon as I get ready to put the top prize on down. I punches the air so that way can tie something that state to help it start climbing in that and nowhere is effort copper up whistle. And nowhere to be looking for spots you know. All right. Return for break. Vote we're about halfway through and it which if you want to wrap up the hot planting guide and a fever okay her appearance and so it was a journey when you to a few more things aren't. We'll continue on the other cell activity suggests that night vision just through here and yes in fifty. Jerry white a year for Niagara tradition home growing supplies you listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara traditional brew is your source for everything home brewing. Dual sided gives Arctic and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military into I don't wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And anti homer dot counts and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. Hi welcome back to back traditions just grew and any us in 1520 week give back and hop plenty guidebook before we do that we never went to us in the thing Julia you guys have at the store the proclaimed. Nerves everything we kind of we've been doing this techsters terminal attack. Deadlines. Past I hope I'm not the first person to tell you that. He's inaugurated a tax. Deadline is pastors about a release of their tax returns and and so we kind of talked about in giving agreement last week things systems or respect powerful chiller. Your arm from monster grandfather items he might not purchase of part of your regular brewing supplies. They can really make like a lot easier so if you're trying to Alexis spending money and for this week I thought we talk a little bit about a propane power armed not necessity you know an Indian and a lot of times in the show we talked about trying to brute insider trying to brew in the garage and propane to obviously I'll. But the weather's getting nicer. Arm in if you have a choice to. In in the winter obviously the basements grade but in the summer. Don't wanna be on the backyard in the sun listening to birds and the bees and you know and I mean he fueling the sun hits she was born award. In you need a pro paper to do that. So it's one of those things is absolutely not in this the necessity engine need depending if you don't have a garage or some type of outdoors basis kind of covered in the wintry may only be using it for the summer. But if you never patio brute like while you're barbecuing. Is definitely. You know a good afternoon on the path. So a propane burner you're looking anywhere from you can get some cheaper ones out there I think most of our start around seventy dollars or bit tiger BTU and you know Turkey Fryer but if you even if you have a Turkey Fryer. Plan a day planned a weekend ago brew out in the backyard it's a splash room for days hose everything off at the end. Yeah it's wonderful and ordering outside beaver short summer targeted out there given attract. You know Pete's brewing in the basement for sure Bryant. Also the singer farms Concord torture concentrate yes so we we've had that tart cherry have really been in advertising. But has been selling relief wells we should get the word out there that we do happen so local farm into organic kind court in and cherry concentrate we have both of those and the chair the ironing concorde we see a lot people suffering with which a lot of people consuming and as Jennifer Hudson tells us benefits and an accident but. It's also very interesting for poor who see a lot of people doing concorde needs. In Concord ma PA's and few people doing like you know Turk tertiary weeks hand to you know Belgian creeks. So we have those in the air on their in the refrigerator after looking for them and we will be and carrying them continually. All right so let's get back to hop glancing at about nine minutes ten minutes left in the show here. We left off with soil old how Heidi can grow. Hum how Heidi don't they need to grow on offense you're you're basically talk mom managing your ups this point. Then it. Indo com. The other thing we're talking about as we your question is when to plant and obviously movement saying ours are growing for two weeks are ready. Earlier is better you're giving that rise on as much time to build up as much glucose is account in the rise on sought help survive the next winter and has all that extra energy to growth expert. But you can plant them all the way out. Ended June July and affect the Bruce gold to we have. In the front of our stores you'd do until well now. Was planted after real loss of rise on to not watering it sometime in July we still have worn rise only to wanna sell anybody kicking around in the fridge and that's how we ended up getting the upper school. He can plant them very late in the season and they will survive even under Buick tough conditions growing basically on Sheridan drive stock in the sunlight all that. Bomb but earlier is. And you also want to give them something decline right answer another question how high do I need to try Los. You can grow along a chain link fence you can only grown you don't fight keep hiding for a few tight if you wanted to honesty have. And offering too little bit of you know horizontal growth than this well. But they need something soon to start. Growing on so it's Sunnis unum into the ground given something to climb they're not gonna root into wood fence are not going to root into the side gear house. Arm which is one of their benefits that you also need something early on. Because once they come out of the ground they're gonna sit there a couple of inches for a week or two. And then once it's their release to build up some energy they're gonna come shooting and they're gonna grow you know feed a week. Up in you want him that you know troll set strolling whatever your gonna grow them on. In place so they can start growing up media. There so one other thing that's really all you need to do once you have all that on in the spring time you sit back and you watch him grow. You know and I mean that's it and that's gonna be just about it every year how fast of a grower is it. I he think about 25 feet out of mind last year and like you said it's. You could come back after work in the will be noticeable OK so there covering like the couple inches over the course of one arm away nuclear work. I'll once it kind of hit that light peak growing season. You know calmly may. Com. And yet who do you wanna get an end you wanna get in early giving something decline in the at that point you can just sit back and relax I've only about the people here. Who authorities are growing cops and anything they need to do for their existing hops. Arm and really there's not a lot out there you know if you're getting good production giving him gross you have something fruit truck lost. These wanna check on the rise only every couple years make sure that there's no. Palm lake rotting portions. And then you mean wanna consider if you're growing on. More for harvest and lust for you know ornamental. They see you do wanna cut off some of the first sprouts knowing never incurred somebody doing this on a first year rise and are always worried about. You know kind of helping them build up energy in you really taking away energy that they used to grow plant as well as for taking away potential for more growth. Whenever you trim fresh plant. However those same elements and an existing rights are more call at the pump more nutrients in two. Those sprouts just conflict you know great fine. You trim the vacuum this big old root system you trim back the top portion so pumped all of its energy into those tips if you do that was tops that have been around for awhile. They're gonna pump all of those energy into producing flowers. And so yes if you have an existing is on in your trying to get more harpist. You probably should be trending down the first later sprouts and trying to keep rise on to maybe we'll say three to five runners. You know in the middle of the season. Arm but from personal experience I get more than nine even giving a good open asset and I'm worried about cover to space I wanna see this big plant taking over my back yard. And so I don't remember it's Oprah excellent. So that's it that's their crop planting guide for the spring you know people come back to that if you end up being a person planting in June and you listen to strong late. You're still time you can still plant it's better to plant late in the season than to wait shall next season to pitted in the current. All right. And then let it just wrongfully you let it run for a grip so you're complete hop planting guide their and you guys have rise homes at the store pneumonia rural. Up we get something else joined Iguchi some from the take all the rage right now yes two weeks ago we talked about the sweetest. Farm house sales and sot key in their kind of strange yeast practices well it's becoming more popular in America hole number are. Starting to get more and more interest in us as well as you're starting to see a bunch of commercial paper start to source yeast on. That is returning from some of the sweetest person what we're finding out has some Vieri in trusting properties so we're talking about. The you see some exciting that's the juniper beer now juniper theories. Generic per twigs and sprouts are much different flavored exe June or something like that and they do put some theories and but that kind of up to the upper. Arm and hard about that farmhouse ale that's from Renton very quickly and if anybody remembers it was a one where they were storing the yeast on the war. So either and sticks that they are putting into the match or. If they were during an old oil or onto a block of ward leader asking me would call he used logger qui flock. On the through the yeast now the third inning in him to mirror American person some American yeast labs are starting to see some of the properties out of until the first one that works seeing is they have. Extremely high fermentation temperature. With how producing any off master's team all's. Or kindness all twenty or slippery alcohol. And we're talking about high fermentation temperature we're talking about like a 10005. Degrees. Well outside the range of any previously kind of vehicle sold brewing east. Arm but have those temperatures theory clean piercing very high attenuation. Theory fast articulation. Arm into high alcohol tolerance in above all of this week it's a clean fermentation. In the C east is like easily reused so whether you're saving it like how we traditionally do animation jar that works out fine. You know if you want us you know stored on would like they traditionally do or be very interested in that. Arm but if you wanna check out more information industries is kind of exploding. A bomb the place to go is large block. On which really kind of talks all about this kind of tradition of Swedish farmhouse brewing in really gets in has some wonderful pictures. To show like how this farmhouse brewery has done. On what you will start seen I guarantee you some more yeast strains available. So traditionally there's only three Swedish she Spain during bill Horry now a performances Swedish logger. Arm there is a white labs Swedish it'll which. In the URY east ring would fail troublesome very similar. Neither of them have these properties of these farm policies the more the traditional commercial. Batteries. So we will be looking for you know some availability DC's weather comes from the white labs you know vault where you have to pre order your east. On the when they get enough people running culture they run it whether and why he's comes out with a seasonal strain hoping they would do it for the summer. I guarantee you'll see. On these he's. More readily available first for commercial purse and then for home. So I can tell you something I'm waiting for a lot of numbers are kind of excited about and will be released in trusting. To play around us in owning mean especially when you'll be trying to ferment to de beer in your attic that hunger this kind of taking off from popular taking off and interest. And so be on the watch and it's pronounced. Squeak squeak. I believe when you think you'd you'd type that in to Google you know speech conceive of all the different plagues things that it comes back that you need the EIK week yep dominated the fanatic you know pronounced KWITE. So we. We hope were sent their answers we've any Swedish listeners that would like white correction could be quite could be quite. Kind of sound like with computers when those. Let's adjusting and I used but you're seeing all the more that we're seeing more that we're seeing a lot more interest. And of course in this hobby when there's interest there dollars would be spent and the big east banks will start to take interest. So. Be on the lookout it would be awesome mom called up while he's here to see something like this for this summer. Arms so that Bruce can get it while still listen. Usually what happened go below behind try and look at this he's informants have a hundred victories come November. These predictable. That'll do it for us for an Irish missions just brewing are on ESPN 1520 any episode you can always find on demand. At a Webb said WGR or ideas opinions 1524 protester and Jerry white. And a happy growing Bieber and. It's. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel wonderful online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.