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It's. It's. Do you play you're you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just really want to you by now with traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Merchandise there good Saturday morning welcome tonight or just not their traditions just threw it courteous in fifteenth when he weather coming Yale law. In the national home Saturday just the excitement of national home excellent article the store that it's homered days ago would be the last day of our sales rose 10% off all agree. You order in store for over if your on line. So Houston home right now and it's nice sunny days and you don't feature animation tonight tradition go ahead in place that order online. And then on Monday the the deduction will be applied me come back into the store and so the orders placed on Sunday. Will currents are and Saturday will get that discount so even if you can't make it any and so literally lining if that is. On but in store we have an 11 AME ever beginning grooming class which when a lot last night so couple tickets available. And we also have our altering demo and tasting 130s all of any amnesty. A robbery that we have to gravitate if you give us a call you can come on in two. The website you know order ticket. If we fill up that will come down or just give us a call. Prominent. And we do wanna make sure we have a seat for you before. We bring him. Otherwise so demo 130 you don't need to sign up for so clear out the cast classroom won't be standing room only will break out some Beers. The BP tad odd tasting and will be making beer at the same time. On so if you have the time to come down and have a dual tasting with us commando we have Beers on tap we appears shares will ever been usually brings in some. Announcers always more than enough Beers all around bring in projects that you're having trouble with pierce that you wanna show off. Bring it off or interest it sometimes appears to have problems you draw a little more attention because the little bit of a puzzle for all the boomers or rather what might it. And you have. Plans security know what the game plan is for what you're gonna brewing your demonstrations. We made a starter. And we believe we chose the east is always. Every day I feel like you wake up that morning and you think it is. Wait until then for your inspiration yeah we we we we had a user were wrong with for the all grain we gotta ultimately against saudis and and through the to be in the beginning brewing. We opening sales so these are there in that behavior. The bulls have talked of it okay well we wanna use this baseball for the European style beer you know I mean beginning Bruce can be American style or sinking. You know Pelé Ellis from our summer ale. And we're thinking something strong and European we did mixer. Was this the Genesis of the crunch berries Al. A year ago. I think so yes I think so. Eternity used to do not understand you did like it we are actually leaning towards Concord gallery bulbs and triple. All right so low unless somebody's gonna talk as out of that think that we're. I don't know that are had a grapefruit here. And at duke you know there were reasons are pretty common. Bomb. To rethink the like Midas touch has like you know reasons route Cory beat him in the presence. In a heater are like the detailing prevails Ehrlich later years. That has that usually white wine grapes and keep rising too happy. And canons and then there was the no other limited edition I believe it was dog fish. Do one that hit pinot noir added two hours it still. Another other limited edition gears of war two. And so. Concorde that traditional than if for use in the other ones but. Interest and aren't very cool we'll speak to prepare that's were gonna do today before we get to that. On 81 hop rise on who didn't we still have them we did the planting guide last week via Mo at home and it worked for both looking and about a foot high now so if you if you have proper rights alms all of you wanna go find them. And Mimi in trolls thing I'm giving something to climb on. All but we do have. More rise on the bill you can plan MOL told you earlier is better in this is really kind of planning seasons soaking gentlemen now. You're gonna get really you know good plan the first year something final words if your planning in June. You might get eight feet you know when I mean your nursing it along and then you'll be really hoping that it comes back. Next year and given me an early. You better chance to inning the plane coming back next year ago. Pricing your hop rise Holm planting guide if you miss that. Fine and on demand that is back and it's W your pocket to dot com or ESPN 1520. Complete pop rise on planting guide. Last week are making threw beer. Seoul this is a popular thing this is. Definitely the season to talk about this it's it's funny to me because Austin the fruit Beers tend to be the new colors and is one of the harder things to deal us. I don't know why this is you know for -- sometimes are deeply here. For folks to get into better beer so they might try you know like. Blueberry blonde in the union to you know just blonde day goals and Colson and the kind of moves on from there. All but often new numbers are. Trying to make for beer horror in all. Home births are trying to capitalize on fresh fruit for the season. And so fruit Beers are often something company wants to do you know. And there are a little bit tougher in the go outside the normal process. So if you're doing and I EPA you're having more cops mean years here adding a lot of dry topic. If you're doing a pills you're doing a lock in your team unity but otherwise a process of Nash. Boyle. Chill from men really pretty much stays the same. When you're doing a fruit Beers you have to keep coming back to appear over and over again and it makes it a little bit. Tougher so the first thing we can talk about is choosing the base of the year. When you're making any type especially beer for making you know okay age beer from making smoked beer. The first thing you have to do and I think this is something that goes beyond glee the JC peace die Ailes. In goes on to just kind of good planning you have to kind of look at the bureau of its own first that you want me effort to. So first he need to do is decide what to make enemy in what do I need to do possibly Alter this recipe. To. To me it right because the fruit and initially kind of have some negative effects on the beer. Arm so to be quite honest the time and are kind of planning around this beer and where the show is coming up from. Is we wanted to use this new singer farms Concord grape concentrate. On this pasteurized it's in. The you know is in a sealed container there's really don't have to go through a lot of this work we're doing. But it kind of brought up the conversation on how we have have incorporated misses the one thing we definitely have to do. Is we have to choose appear that we think well oh what's the style. So we first panel looked at east and I think this goes to Marbury always I always looking at. You know what do I wanna play around with first time port you know grape juice. Now it's are going start to finish he small pops and so the first thing I looked at was. Kind of what you want to do I want something with a little bit of pepper investments to you know and pastors in the nose. I knew I kind of want ago Belgian with the but I wanna something that was fairly clean and fairly high attending meetings and wanna do fairly dry light bodied beer for us. And so I immediately pointed towards Beltzner patents. And so that's what we're doing. Arm for this year. And then I go on for the baseball okay don't want anything that's going to complicate it wants something's gonna build up the body a little bit and no one can get that out of some of those that European Dalton tolls occurrence that's going to be are based malt. Arm in them when they look at say specialty malts. I want something's gonna build the body back up but because the creeps sugars are actually gonna dry out the bureau so it a little bit more crystal malt. To kind of adapt for that. And so all of this is kind of building appears is gonna add to the foundation for the fruit the plan to put ultimately in the fermentation in the oil where pre planned. But the first thing you have to have to do is have a rock solid foundation. For that beer in the base dial. If you just grab any old you know John he changes here you know that's all and say arm you know for some blueberries on this. You have appear that has a lot of problems. On its own and really was already too dry here you know to bidder in the new and something else to it. It's just gonna complicated and really not showcasing those ingredients while. So equally be you have to worry about how you're gonna process of fruit the U to the beer. You also have to worry about the beer you're gonna have it too and is it an ability that's for. Think all right so now you have to get the fruit so obviously fresh in season is always going to be cheaper but it's actually a little bit harder to deal. Frozen in puree is going to be a little bit easier just based on your own time scale the continue the candor you know Accuray. Or Jews you can take you know frozen Jews horror. Frozen fruit and put in the freezer whenever your birdie is. It's rate ago yeah you know I mean if you want that raspberry your for Christmas pick wrestlers in season and in the freezer. It's gonna meet your life a lot easier you can deal with that you can researcher. You know because often these trips just like for me hey here's this Jews what you do something that it was a Halen we do for the only look when the best season to do this it's. No I wanted to do this. Now now on it also seems like every time we talked about any sort of vegetable or for New York. Usually. In my ear saying go to frozen route gold pure route even though you want him to have liked. You and be able to say you use fresh blueberries it's generally not worth your. Right stuff at that time when I went there raspberry Cezanne in July when I'm picking raspberries. Nat three months later in October. When I you know and anyone who would actually be right in or something like that. On and it also with a lot of these projects if you're up against the wall you're doing it when you don't have the time to really give it to research and attention. That's where your gonna run into problems and you're wasting your time on here have appeared you're not. Happy with interference and by fields. Put ranch in your upper and kind of process you know so. Pre planning is always key to more difficult the pulpit that your you know dealing with the more pre planning that you wanna put into. No good end of freezing the effort here also breaks down tall walls. So makes a whole kind of massing VO restoration process and it happened at a cellular level release more flavor more from multiples. Armed and again he grew whenever you want at your convenience you can just be sitting there every have a root. Arm if you're working with fresh for. You know I mean you really have to work with it then and there you can take and freeze fresh fruit obviously way but if you wanna do fresher right off the line and beat. So the first thing I always kind of say it was for beer is there's a balance here we're kind of surrogate and that's flavor verses sanitize. When you're making your for your office choices on when and how to add the fruit how to process that effort. And often these ways of communal. Purse preservation. Also take away. For flavor. So this evening goes into what's in the development he can make the use an abstract or originally boiled fruit meekly in American soil we hear relief easy. Using fresh fruit off the fine. To me like the forum or are preclude a Belgian you know clone. We're here incorporating the microbes is a lot. Harder. Arm and so think about that it can be as easy as grabbing the you know all package of flavoring or can be is hard is basically making a while fermentation line and ending with beer. If you wanna think about this at a time if you're going to be drinking it rather quick. You're not as worried about oh well all the firm was processed and still have you know sealed fermentation without other microbes in there. If it's something you wanna bodily and eat for awhile you either need what those microbes were on their course or keep them out of process. You're always trying to do this balancing act. To get as much flavors you want but also mitigate. Factions man trying to to lose your fruit flavor. So unless you're trying to on like while fragmentation off the fruit. You will have to figure out some way to kill those micro and that's kind of what we're going to be focusing on for the second half shell open so. You got to build it based beer. And then you got to decide. What you're going to be doing this this is it going to be tags and conservatives. Drink it fast is it something in the bottle. You know and I mean did you plan to hand the ball around for awhile. Okay. Powell when you use the fruit affects all of that is up next on Niagara versions just threw it on ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. OK so more on fruit Beers here and it. Just threw it from Niagara tradition Jeremy White professor were you happy Saturday happy. Summary of spring and summer stuff happy national home drew days. So you can take advantage of us and specials of the store and we're talking about fruit Beers and went to add your fruit and what it means. And this summer fruit will be yet. That's a marine around us all the sudden. So one thing we got our vote for here is why not just you know Boyle really quick. I'm in you could do that you commit from right to the boil. While you're ordering the beer. Thump your gonna be cooking for session do two things one it's gonna change the flavors you let them affirm you know fresh fruit flavor more public and marmalade from high kind of sleeper. When you get a little bit of humble station. On and you rule change and you're also going to get some cool regulation in the effort to get some bits of flotsam and to some. And it might clog up your process or leave. A large lawyer almost like true robbed at the bottom obviously you know it's a lot Nuys analyst at technical word but its active proteins Kuwait leaning. All the bits of fruit. And all the bits of cellulose and sing along to put all the floaters that doesn't mean Belinda in the finish beer. But the Peter the start of either through fermentation and so you have to kind of rack accordingly. Arm but when you and the fruit to the boil you also take aways from the collar and some of the Roma as well seek causal but of you know oxidation and you also cause. Take way of Roma so just like when you're adding tops of the boil. And you take away the more volatile compounds you do that to the fruit as well. So few and just dump the fruit into the boil your low risk for infection. But high risk that you're gonna lose a lot of Roma for the fruit. Armed. Next place you can edit is into the whirlpool of the beer now this is a good balancing act I think it's a pretty popular way to kind of mitigate infection. And it is also very easy doesn't require cleaning out lecturer equipment are sanitizing answer equipment. So what you do is. Crush your fruit Betsy tenants say it like Katie and I golfers you know stainless steel saucepan and any particular measure. And you're just gonna pour it right into the beer once you were 880. Degrees at set point where we start to have that Hector reaction. And then you'll wanna keep that they're so turned off the war chiller. For about twenty minutes over a 170 degrees mean need to turn the heat back on what we're doing is we're pasteurized in the fruit without heating it to a point where we cook it. Which connect so we should keep plugging a flavor she keeps him. Arm. We should keep it definitely looked little blue collar. And we should preserve some Romo although fermentation. Will take some out. So we can edit the fragmentation bomb in your money when edit late into the fermentation process. These are still gonna consume the sugars she saw at the beginning sweetness out of us. But hopefully since effort hasn't been in for the majority of the fermentation if you edit late. You'll retained some of the Roma because it won't be scrubbed off by the CO2 is you have this Vineland amount of gay asking produced into the beer. On the intensity and whole kind of on softer rumors out of the beer so if you have again topped the you're adding. And it says it to a late try competition is because you're trying to prevent all that CO2. From taking off the Roma of the Hopson missed a same same. With adding the fruit. Now if you're adding referred to the fermentation you have to figure out a way to sanitize it pasteurized. On the problem here usually is that the Beers that we want and fruit to. And out than 9%. You know all hired you move you know low PH cattle sour journal cell from producing Belgian meals. That would be most lightly in the anything lightly because if we look at classic Pearson style it's usually people let the microbes run wild. Arm to hold off a serious infection. Arm and there's no guarantee that that's gonna happen and that's never the bureau of super funny attitude is always like a little alcohol blonde or cream in all. The only means. If if you're making it for somebody you know this is certainly doesn't like to be happy appears she may be me in this beer you know out of a fever true you know house made or wife for equipment somebody's says. Hey you know and and you know I want that blueberry Whitman. So. You wanna make sure that it is going to. Again be pasteurized somehow. And you can pasteurized. Fruit in small batches this requires a bit of attention I almost threw something more like candy making. The lower temperatures and you really don't want us courtship. Com or per in the fruit. C wanna take out that same you know same as he'll soft and clean up that she can. On hit any fruit a computer and cherries or peaches you know pitted cut it up a bunch of doing something like raspberries or strawberries are taking up in green elements and just. Tossing them in there arm and then you're gonna go right back for the potato measured you're really going to national mop as best you can. Arm at enough water to cover it in early trying to add enough water to prevent it from earnings in the you can stir it. And the extra water here nattering at this point you're just watering down the year. Armed B you need to go through your pastors patience you're trying to operate a 170. So I usually bring that rate up to 180. Minute taken off the heat and try to keep it above 170s I mean after movement background. On for at least twenty minutes and that's again this week USDA pastors stations into we're trying to do and we had. The golfers into the whirlpool appears Cole down we're trying to hold it that temperature for a little bit to try to kill and he microbes. Obviously we might kill 100% that temperature. Arm but. We should preserve the fruit flavor and organs is always a balancing act you're. Not as worried about fresh fruit flavors in mind over the cook flavors bring that temperature up. He only mean should not worried about watering down. The product go hadn't had a little more water only like oh please and armed. Next question he often is do I need a bad back. All this goes back to the infection oxidation verses. You know how much for using retention of sleeper. I usually don't use it then I was gonna say I lose some beer I would guess you don't because you'd you'd tended. Not use bags period. For most stuff yeah they're big mass and worry about the infections. On I'm always. Ring a little bit overmatched to my secondary from enters tonight tag so armed Marines. A fight you on that to actually shoot for about five and a quarter. So that if I'm ranking him and need to leave a little bit more I am or were you know like I have the ability to do that without worrying about. Losing my a final batch size. Arm it's what always happens with bags one got to use it in the primary agents and hasn't even put into carb we have never expect to get out again. A bomb in what I would do his teeth in retirees. Disposable. Cooking absolutely Texaco England victory but and plus starts in them. And then try to get back out in before it poll by the surface while on Poland and surface to wring it out best I can so not ripping. You suspect him. And then ice still mean if you're winemaking you'd actually arrest of the fruit at that point. But I don't wanna put all that risk and my peers are usually given you know. Barely squeezing is loaded her for a second and then I did it out of there and so one of those reasons I like to just put it in there fueling the more under the root. But. It's. The lowest risk of infection and hate that process of sitting over pocket with a you know big sloppy people like you know now partially consumed in marched up she Aries you're trying to squeeze it out. And then the other thing you really wanted to do was after squeeze that out the fuel and just disturbed it. I lost my CO2 barrier and you know I mean Caroline sit there and settle. But I easier to bury so again a couple of with the blog and so I usually don't mind losing a little bit beer. And I just go ahead put in without any bags when they get down to the bottom of the racking I don't try to Christopher's. So I'm always catering towards the not giving an infected beer most with for beer than me and I haven't. But I've preparers. Armed attack them think that I'm I'm bottling and I'm sitting around for long terms like usually tend and at higher alcohol. You know like Belgium's. And eager that's a bit. Aren't so if you get down to of his dog needed the yeast is an eagle sugars. It's Don from hunting and the proof of what the year. Dried Tammy in bicker all the things were kind of worried about when you were building a recipe. It's okay you can fix these are all hope is lost here you can independently. Bring back all of these things and pretty simple. You can do mall so doctrine for body. Arms and that's that white granulated powder is on for multiple sugar it's not really sweet but it adds mouse feet. So if you're gravity suede gloves that you wanted to end up dead in all twelve for sixteen points grabbed me and you're gonna answer multitude action to get back to there and since its rice sugar and you have no batch size. It's easiest to do this by the numbers would take I drummer reading. Keep your body back. Now kind of evaluate it for sweetness. On and you've two options here you have artificial sugar. Which is very easy you don't have to worry about or carbonation you don't have to worry about it getting reform and didn't causing the team all restaurant later on. You kind of pick your poison on this one you won't need a lot. But also I would usually use who hosts. You're using like eat have a teaspoons for five heels were only trying to build global this week's. With any of these if you use too much. If you go out of control. Now the other option. Is the natural fruit flavorings that we have now these are like non from rentable. All natural fruit flavorings so they won't bring back I told people what fermentation took out they have a little bit the sweetness and there. They have quite a bit of a Roma and a tiny bit of flavor. Com you can add them on their own place he can make appeared you can in these I do it all the time Horry added to a more or might bring over pills were and one parlor and then. You know stronger little store in another Broward and quickly. Do that by just mixing event. But I would always committee has better results if you put some fruit in there and then use these flavorings to kind of balance that out in the end and you always wanted to take these flavorings. And add them to pace because if you follow their recommendations. To get so strong it burns you know they tell you like four ounces we'll do like 45 gallons. Four ounces usually gets me through about fifteen to twenty. So one of these low Ford our natural fruit flavoring things will last too long time you put him away and keep them in the fridge if you don't. All right. Through appear for the summer and everything you need to know to make something for. To quench the thirst once the and now it's up or when your garden finally sort producing two of the you know problems and problems or raspberries or are ordering. From Revere bush appear more for. All right that does have brought us out time happy national home Saturday get tonight tradition for specials for. Instruction. And rejoicing for the tasting yes yes lots going nonstop other shot negated it that it trust happy derby day to. By divorce. But on the once ons a appear name via the pick and you pick your your name from the work that easy easy Dave to come out here and go easy data from any episode is on Amanda WGR pocket dot com or ESPN 1520 dot com as well this is benign conditions just threw it on ESPN fifteenth one. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season through or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to work online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just for.