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It's. It's. Do you play here you'll learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by now with traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Clijsters. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight positions just ruin your audience again. Fifteen point. Jeremy White advertised her happy Saturday. At the weekend before memorial Tuesday a lot of people trying to get wrapped the to get the year candidate trying to get the curtains in order. The weather's been great. Everything's great yeah everything's god how things you could cut last week we talked about and your new brew a pot so lucky wanna. The market in new brew a pot all the things you have to consider you'll find that it does. Our audio vault on demand this week we're gonna go into making a would appear before we do that. Memorial the next week and the sense this is the turn of spring to summer really it's not. On the calendar particular mine's and everybody's become summer to summer brewing in drafting some. Supplies you need stuff yet you guys are right. So anything friendly a party tapped to Calgary eater from version or fuel economy Curome built in Calgary to reach that all that equipment. If you're looking to get out on the patio and serve brewing. We have to hide the cue pro came burners beat war chiller salt for two group policy talk about that last week. And everything and need if you just need to keg cleaning can we have that. So anything kind of beer related first summer we have the cover a little bit except for the actually derby. And on TV the hotspots like you got to meet. Gotcha but we have to cover for all of your summer kind of beer brewing needs on so come on and check it out very good you don't Humber opinions and wraps up in some parts supplies. We have. Top prize homes and how planting guide we did that on April 28 a few even weeks ago at this point. So when it comes a hop rise alms where where things stand now with whenever buddies I was going you know plant and two months ago in your hands on and if you can get him in the ground gore had planned to Merle. Now's the time year when everybody's actually thinking about Clinton from now until. You know relieve midway through June. Is when people actually start giving out of the car yet you kind of want it ready by memorial maybe you don't wanna be out there working in this known. Trying to get the soil ready you are so amounts of time do you actually. Start gaining two guard in and we are starting to run out of some varieties and believed tightening. Of nugget I think were out of sterling. We're out Priscilla planning of cascade Columbus Centennial hall plug power house. But we are starting to run out of duties now so if you're looking to get in get in soon because atlas is only you know. And when it comes to. The the varieties that you've got. They're all party all necessary all pretty hearty good and there are some differences to something or Chanda talked to a lot of people about solely with some of these but the English in the American hockey Tennessee bigger flowers baker leaves. Are bigger. Actual rise homes are kind of grows a little more media group our panel but more equal slate tree trunk cash burn if you look at kind of Smart some of the more German right onto your finer. Flowers are really you know smaller you know smaller leaves in the rise on the itself is actually smaller doesn't girl was being good woody. Arms we have lots of different options we always encourage somebody if you're looking to plan to multiple locations plant different hops because they don't always do well generally the rule summits all. The United States meet American cops. They're gonna do well and depending on your soil type that's not always true animals and people with some very PD loan me some oil English cops tend to do a little bit better. And I know some people who tend to be up on you know hillside a little bit. More sunlight in the tend to do better with some of the German for these so. Play around with you might find that one takes better than hovered around four dollars apiece so. You know Max your feet side to rip it out and plant more of what it works. Recommend costs and let's get to today's topical talk about making a wit beer. Which is from where it which is from Belgium belt arm and it kind of used to be the and overall Celso plus one let's talk about. Wit pierce who we call it generally wit the year in the French bomb. Part of the altar on the college your blue arch. What appears from from war with the Flemish speaking particle and and then it's also synonymous with you know Belgian white able Yunel white the year that these are all the same. Sty in one of the reason I think it's so many names is an old style and it has many different variety off many you have versions of what you could call. With the earnings release a 400 your old Belgian style. So it's been around for a long time but then died out in the 1950s. And and kind of leader revived by pure solace we'll talk about the level. But it's the first written about all the way back in the fourteenth century and like a lot of other me compelled hamburgers and really built from breweries. It was controlled by monks and so is brewed in monasteries. In relief came around from living in Belgium. So that's for receive the start of these pale in all white spikes Beers. At that time they would have been fairly. Farm. You know and mean and maybe even the fermentation borderline why. Although they were reconstituting he's kind of re pitching at that point. Hum but the spices. In the with beer kind of covered up. A lot of you know problems are pastors might have been created during fermentation. So bells and was kind of a big trading port. And I think with the western under one of the western and to the so Rhoden and so what you saw a lot of exotic spices BC news you know and I mean you know we think of you know slog stories from partially. Really known to grow in Western Europe same thing with orange peel. You know and any parent so. You had exotic seeds you know being used in eighty relatively local beer and sometime around the sixteenth century. A number in Belgium formed to guild of commerce and poker in the small town became kind of epicenter of beer. Focusing really kind of around the you know wit beer. Armed he had all be emperors and are you know coming together in a kind of educational format and it really kind of brought up. Everybody's games hole curtain Alton became known. As silly police to go. For movies you know style spikes Beers. But then the eighteen hundreds Kaymer. Were talking about pre wall concrete pour position. But it still really changed the brewing seen in Europe you've had this big industrialization. As everything else industrialized so did the beer. Malls in techniques got better she could do better converting. You know later collar dry your finishing malt. Hops kind of start to become a standard time figuring agent because the blogger anti oxidant properties. Pomp and most historically all Beers kinda started to get it will save watered down. You and I mean English move to later bidders you know Germans moved to. You know more to pale lockers. And so really the whole piercings started to get watered down but not really the wit beer. And this is where Belgians kind of I think it their kind of classic. Label as having the exotic appear so when the rest of Europe kind of one industrialized. And kind of went to macro locker. Belgian held fast to a troops. Palm the dam wall warts pull forward to the whip pierce. Began to disappear. There began to get placed by light pale loggers and other imports that now due to capture station had better part of the levee. So you to do you know transport. Again this from Ireland all the way over to Central Europe. In only pills in her poker come all the way from you know Czech Republic in possibly tastes exactly how it. So this kind of being this cultural person being this kind of center of Europe. Arm in Belgium they kind of got flooded by import Beers from all sides. And a lot of these with producing birdies actually closed down. Arms you fast forward to in 1966. And a very famous milkman and our board oriented most famous milkman ever. There's only one I can ever think of no really missed his white males and this is pure cellist. And he missed some so much he decided to move out of being a milkman plan that was decimated by brewing east side to do something about it and he started brewing. White males ago. It was really quickly hit with bureau offers some not only could import loggers be transported into Dalton but now with better current techniques and in New York sum up I think what he kind of brought over from the milk entries for pastor based on probability. Now these whales could be transport it. All over and so they became a hit with beer lovers all they still have the kind of in no small bats kind of far army field. Arm in Rome that was really otherwise. Kind of you know. Populated with beef in home Peru loggers. And you can still buy it appear today that there are suspects all sworn. Arm. From holder drew so there there and brown in this is really your. Going back to we talk about how what is our enduring governing make whole garden the holder you know who excels white red is Seles white. That's not that I believe that's the original that's that's what I've always thought oh my favorite. It's becomes in the you know get in the peak bottled Cilic downed relief coal which let's really hot get on two fronts over. And that's how you should that's not the same beer is the one that if you went to a bar and put a giant glass definitely orange slice and right monitor vital or are all whole garden. That's not the same here can you know noting the need to make a bunch of different opponent are you sure that hold our news from whole garden brewing but I'm not sure yeah yeah -- the year off from the thing. I thought I guess is that that's one of the first craft Beers that I would drink consistently like coming up to. From its schools Syracuse coming to Niagara Falls though world appear what was what was called the there's a place up there aren't that. They have like all these taps winner falls Ontario yes yes yes weighed before. I wasn't world of fear with some nine world Gerson yes you know so I remember being up there and get no hold garden like when I was. One and this is way before the credit bureau with Griese to know it was a proof and it's getting killed you'll have what it was I'll think of it. Yup but it will wasn't in tropea fraud people who is while there's a lot of kind of similarities. Wolf say acting. It's you know more and alcohol. It's pale it's refreshing personal overpowering flavor that's a great summer here it's in it's a great year for kind of to really throw somebody who's into will say. You know in your vehicle are. Into the world of craft and kind of small batch beer be there no be offsetting flavor soon mean it's crisp it's refreshing to lighten collar. Palm in so it's a good beards and people. Into the Whitner has a big history and it's had many different kind of variations. On that that there's you know kind of a few. Will say requirements that it always has had to happen in mean obviously you were talking about you know. Tell us what you hear stuff like that but there's obviously a lot of other you know kind of macro elephants in the wrongly blue moon from the course as probably the one that everybody. Thinks of and for awhile mean that kind of had that same advertising campaign. If you think about it you know I mean what they're low slogan craft fully pollute the root. Or something like that and it was a you know we kind of throwback to small batch craft appear before the canopy American craft wave. All but making your own would be your its theory easy and I think here he rewarding it's definitely. I think something bad. You don't non craft beer people see as exotic mean it's craft beer fans especially because there was an intro appear for can be accused of Leo it mean. On Burberry familiar with that to damn it's still theory exotic. And I think it's a very good year to kind of brew. Will say in your own small flashlight so it's something you can easily. Adapt to problem. Two will say your own. You know case in your own mostly carton as well. It. I got think more about which appears when I'm out and I'm ordering Beers everything you described as like such as this time here in the summer like. You know why don't I just go to those lot more often there hmm and they've got a great variety in taste in refreshing is consistently how you feel about oil market it would appear. Yeah all right. Well that's the history workers have a making your own would have been on his side we're half which of jokers are we to break making your own. With fear that's on the light on night traditions just threw it on ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions to give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need now Irish traditional home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open Monday through Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew paid him a visit and remember to just brew it. All right welcome back tonight ambitions just threw it on ESPN fifteenth when he talked about Chris refreshing. Ice cold which figures out how to make one for yourself and your friends and family suits are the show in the summer. Yeah and in so we could just give you an easy souls like Nancy had some wheat the most dramatic mall pills in her Volcker Chris bill. Veering mile hopping in the battering you know coriander orange peel paradise seeds in the trees which east and that wall. Keep chew if you grew everything right that we'll get to mid thirties BJ CP beer every single time you very classic. Example that I think everybody will. The familiar with the never easy for us that fingers like first page and Google you'll get like you know five really good clone recipes but I'd be of more time to open that Ian and so we wanna give you kind of the bill the kind of the kind of spear economy that would beer in your own spirit. So what does it would be your kind of have to be or has to be late inviting him to be kind of light in color. Wolf they that's very common between all album. It has to be lower our horses a summer like like body drinking beer sold. If you're bring something that's by Easton 8% 9% you're into the Belgian tripled in mean really strong Cezanne in two out of what you can't really call a white. And there has to be something local I think with the Belgians and had really worried. Farming soil release are well known for their malls. So they would throw all these wonderful relief flavorful local mall senate but they were also bring in something exile. Usually in the form of spice things I think if you're doing your own what are you kind of have to do the same story got to have something local so I would start off with local grains. In an hour move over to something exotic on the spikes and in he has to be refreshing that I think that's probably. The most important character to anywhere appears it has to be clean has to be refreshing SP complex. And so that's for your shooting force you don't want anything overly bitter you don't want to overly sweet you don't want the mouth feel to be to date. But that pretty simple bill. Carry its part putting the recipe to earth and then there's two things they think kind of intimidate Purcell. One if you wanna use the wit style ale yeast you wanted to choose a general Belgian male. Or general Trappist. Does the whip your youth usually have a little bit of pepper club over the usually don't have as much fruit flavors from the other Trappist style yeast. Arm in the attack new week well. So when the peiris said and done darkening your view that dry finish they're gonna give you that subtle kind of peppery nose keeps the beer nice and refreshing. And they're gonna do all that without trouble over range of temperatures if you get into using. Like art dams are stayed on it that are tends to cause me to really good with ease. You really have to do a lot temperature control if you go with slow exe Steiner you know just Belgian Trappist QB fighting. All the time to keep like the man and public masters out of beer. You know and mean and trying to keep it in that spicy isn't so the wind east will cute that really really well for you. Com the next thing we want to do is talk about this bicycle. And I don't want it you know there's obviously some classics buy things for the Belgian wit. I'll orange pill you know is definitely one of them. And the Korean terrorists while you can really mix up so I usually meet mine with actually lemon lime peel and Kirk. Column. Or just line peeling are. And it definitely makes it different when you give it to somebody it's light bodied it's lightly spiced. They know what to whip. However doesn't have the necessarily classics placing that goes into winter and you see damp I think a lot with emperors and it really opens up. The style. With displacing. Always keep it light if you put in a touch and you compete early taste it probably still have a really good beer. As soon as you go to too much spice it becomes that hurt my only beer becomes that alarming graphs. You know be your personal long wet which should be balanced you don't mean should be able to perceive all the flavors. In a little bit. So pretty simple wrong. Pick up you know light colored base of mix grains. Take it easy on the cops and spice it up but. Always just a touch a touch of spices is always nice too much. There's always two entrant. So you can always meet minimal but more than next time and the recipe I used to whip every spring. Kind of fallen out of that habit. On as I've gone more more towards draft beer a problem with the bat I always bottled. Arm and I would like to enemy number one missed and think well. But I would encourage any hole number that's looking for something to be you know really have a home touch he all. You can really get creative with her own whip your recipe. You can use spices from your own cardinal. Which will give it a very unique flavor. You know and you get very unique here. One that was still should be. You know a good crow the future as well. All right you know much more club presumed them the other we're appears to store your McRoberts right much more. You know and juniper sat there something like that and so. Right do this again for the home over the seems pretty tame this severe than most people. Kind of fell in love Wednesday in a lot of people when you tell them army of Belgian white appeal like old blue moon is much is that makes you cringe and side. If they're blue moon drinkers say. Yeah late bloomer Brian via credit mean right in in new be a good one to come well if you're having people over so quick route to achieve Peru. It's easy and to be easy to get at him. Elect for this because she likes Allah gash white she lives. White beer issue with beer shoot shoot any timer out someplace in charge from a Revere. She can always fall back to that knowing she's not gonna ever disappointment like I PA's our soul to reverse that there's some children when I'm not like it but it would appear. It's a crowd pleaser as saying you've got. Even though there spice from your talking about appears that pair well with food. Because that's balanced because all the flavors or rattled caprice and do you mean first bite spear. It matches just about anything compare with just about any food. You know when I mean even if you been drinking I PH he still picked up flee deeper. In a way to also if you need something lower alcohol move you know two in the afternoon a memorial is a sudden hit to the white males take good choice. There's a good fit for summer drinking and a good fit firm focusing non craft beer fans you know. One other thing you would mention you written now we didn't talk about the Concord grape triple yes. That also bottle and how to go well that's a great beer if you know one blow off in the mass per action is you know not enough for you you wanna be scrubbing your fermentation chambers twice. I suggest is cutting corporate so there yet but don't you don't get a blow off we let that settle we have about 25 point two gravity it was still actively fomenting. Here comes the Concord grape. He only had just got all the round. Out of the fermentation chamber yeah when in the Concord grapes team beard no more yeast and that word up again and blue purple. All over the fermentation to all. And so really active but we've heard he tried little samples imitates really gotten to meet him and any other spice in their re really wanted to. On sister doing about belt and triple but we kept it simple to you know a lot of Al Jamal's you know Belden Trappist east. And corporate in the slots account lots of is is the one you at the learned homered to we started there it came back in me that are. Gravity for adding the kind court on Tuesday sort of party been wrong for three days by the time we put the court. So the kind corporate concentrate that was pasteurized. There was nothing we needed to do to stabilize that or anything like that so it was just cracked the fresh CO. Pork right into the from men Turk the beer with me be bubbling like once every minute within a half now it was back up to. Four fold role in the law tube and came right on the mark Klaas. All over fermentation chambers dislikes blacks. And and the taste is good so far yeah so far frets over a second area sort itself is sitting there it's clarifying things. It didn't blow up again we moved him over no renewed fermentation. Subtle about it we've got about five minutes left here one I think we we were cardinal for the show is. This. What what was that the mud veered to other mud here yeah I know says monolith it if they're Bassett and you're good nickname that it hopes sticks for us with the PC and on line we are talking about the well Jeremy you brought up an image thing about ghost and I'm like on the set toasted coconut fair receive here. So if if you wanna look at doctors. A new beer out it is from a where was it. And are three brewing. On deep in the end that is the ugly as beer that they may have made the biggest one of the battered tasting. And that is a toasted coconut fair roach de goes. And if you wanna look if your poorer. It looks like about the first three inches. You're from renting bucket and she cries. It is muddy it is cloudy. There seems to be some type of flock in the foam for joining me is not just like Chris Boyd had a phone your father's plea. It's like yeast that seems like actively flock deleting in this year. And got looks to me like like if you order a mud slightly. You went to the grocery ago it was pre made mud slide makes those of the vodka. Port that it glass and that's appear. Applicants is it looks talky military somebody looked out white Russian you had a how are you is that Saudi showed up with a deal in the Milken cool in the and their pitcher glasses looked out of town over yeah this separated. And I'm not saying it doesn't. It's gonna take bad I'm not saying that I wouldn't try it I wanna try it but has all visual appearance MP urban office. Well I guess this is the opposite end of the spectrum from glitter beer because there yeah letter beer. So let's try to think you're just trying to make it bright scenes that you wanna make it look a certain way and this one's the opposite on the spectrum. I'd try to goes the other day it was watermelon Cecil so I wanna save like at the end of the insult is appropriate and goes fast yeah crucial longer yet. But that ends of the how lot safer theories for the party were talking with tears all days the crowd pleaser that goes on the other side is not exactly that might pick him that conclude. Your party for yet it's like if all of a sudden you like I had all appear say that draft trial but I have this goes up. That can clear party if your looking yeah I mean you're gonna get a couple you know. Hard fashion lovers probably stick along you know wait longer than you'd want to for that goes slowly slowly sipping. All but. He will clear parties. Yeah I not a popular styles and have a good one to throwing for our present there are some years that I think's looked in the air you know what I mean. So the the New York your project yup they they do one that the Q with like passion fruit very very good. It's slightly sour no big funk to it some of thinking you're really cheesy really funky and then also to release salting. T fruit salt cheesy. You really gotta be you like you know somebody who looks like apple and cheese and you know anything. To love these kind of hear it right and and I think you're always good in moderation. If they were trying to make a splash. In the immediate splash in the got some promotion out of will be interesting try yes that'd the real test will be is that still around next year. You know I mean do we see you again yeah. Which I mean I am going to find it I'll try it yeah all the things you mentioned it. Hazel not charming like yeah sounds like a south I would like I'm going to try anything that as like those elements of it. In a very different style of course there. The personally even goes from the look like this it would not be serving to people I mean on the senate hardly be in the basement I would be hoping for some subtle. At least get the flock out of they don't mean. McCutcheon and Canada that eats dog biscuits that they looked relieved and all of a triumph so me I'll try that here yeah like I can't throw stones I've taken about a dog biscuit a dog cook because it looks really tasty I've I've never have on purpose. I do admit I smell all my dog's food before or if you if you smell something it's just cool this is. You know awful when you wanna make him what do you do if it's Ellsbury was that we had to contemplate for months and months about. Year we had chicken jerky and I I thought it was for me my wife bought I thought I'd want to open it and it about to go by and I look I see there's a dog on the package that ul. This is this smells delicious I wanna eat this on the back into the snapped you out I buy one brand of dog Turkey that might give some leaders in Austin doctor to remind them those are dark trees. These are not people jerky and also give to the dark. Those are dark trees. And if you try to please let me know I'm a free. One. All right that's it for us were back next week. For a moral. Big blow Memorial Day sales all that stuff it's good stuff with what's going on with Memorial Day and after growing. It's. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season brewer or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.