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Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer. It's time for just Bruins. Brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy why they. Per diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome to tiger traditions just threw it on ESPN. 1520 German lawyer Bert I sir how are in morning. Happy belated fourth yes and doing this after four shoot a lot of other than just perfect yeah we've had a really like he worked for a couple good two weeks of really nice weather. To this point and. I guess it depends on how much you like it but it's been not not cool off a bit. Created too much stuff today a last week we talked about a white style. Which is something that you don't see a lot of and you mentioned the way whites out of theaters yet so I think it's kind of hazy definition of what it is yet find a couple different things when you see it worked white stuff. So if you wanna find out all about that it's in our last week's episode this week we're gonna talk about a a radler. And on a word that I still I'm not ready to try and say what's that again your mutes get trunk and okay. It's it's like beer army gets drunk with your extra Texas Lou. Are you that the translation there's a couple of Bob buffalo during companies doing revelers this year so it's a good. Good time to learn about me there going to be than they keep the fans for the summer whose panel like she Indies were a couple of acres Oakland. Before we get to that what's going on the store anything we you know about summer Bruce applies stress applaud you have everything in stock and so we we've been kind of focusing on party tapped keg courier convergence and we'll still have those and so as we get into the fall and football season goes will be there. On high protein you know or propane BTU burners works alert pot all those things were also start to see a good push on through presses. Screening bags large from entering those people start need to do for ones with all the heat that we've had a lot of fruit is ready early sort Clark open about fruit making fun winemaking. A little bit in the the second half the program with so we have all your draft stuff still we have all your big all of lingering stuff for starting to opera stock already. And some of those end of summer items just because it's kind of giving them away. And from his right and people are starting to me that and once we have that stuff in his while mr. looking to bottle stuff from last year in your mind. We have big stocks of bottles and stabilizers corks ready to go contract tag line cleaning kits media votes. Those have been popular a lot of people if you left it you know and you try to especially coming into the holiday weekend. A lot of people were coming grabbing those music and touch there you know Perry earned about six months. On that can really clean up your car or while you don't have to fully disassembled system if you don't want to. And you can pump sanitized or through there that the pressure the flow in the fact the year soaking it in on the air will release of those lines. One thing on site tracker permanent. The taste of Buffalo's this weekend and following up we knew about the Holbrooke competition which the winner got an entry into the face the buffalo so. Now I'm. Congratulations to the winner I think it was at its Heller beer that that ultimately want to with a collar Keller color cal Colorado Allison Keller mix makes him. A Keller beer that I that won the composition and if you want if you were in that competition if you wanna. See what won it it is. You go try and Nelson listened to the state fair does the same thing as wealthy can enter into a competition. And if you win you're beer will be the official bureau state fair serve and track. The other thing the school flying bison has a limited release of bottles and it's almost like locations of that too so I don't know if your enemy to fair view on price and beer you can give it at a time authority made it if I brewed beer. Want competition and it was like featured at the state fair of face off floats go there in the beer tent I would be drinking the beer and time I saw some and I'll streak and it's and we think it is like Aetna and I made it to be able to put that it's. Right well like the sixth or seventh here in my field that punch of anyway that that's something cool it's going on this weekend if you did wanna follow up on that count on that opera competition if you were in on that. Speaking of drinking Beers on the cake draft systems over hand pumped at Cuban Cuban hammering this a lot lately I am. And we get a character spending a 120 dollars and Carrick. We sell simple CO2 systems for under 150 dollars. Omnia a couple of different options so if you're trying to just push out your Pierce's they keep sweet weeks you don't buy keg. You know by hand cap for sixty dollars anyways and then after he known I wanna drinking it starts ago off armed. Get a CO2 system. It's gonna keep your beer for the long term in your American have that's tale tag and attacks on Sosa a little bit more money but no pumping. No stale beer. In this is not anything disposables something you'll use season to season. The keg king brewing control has been very popular and given the temperatures all Alia and great reviews from it easy to program easy to control. Could display. It's been really popular and so makes a big difference for a lot of home number. When you can actually keep your form and Haitians. Coal. So let's get to this rat now excited about the Suzanne that. Like local breweries or start to make rappers yes and in they've become. Really popular in national unity were all really familiar with the English in the the kind of you know beverage that's a mix of light beer and lemon lime soda and this became popular actually in the early. Nineteen hundreds and about the same time the Germans have their own equivalent that they would call them radler. Radler in German means cyclists and in the become a legend goes that these were creation of a small op pub outside of Munich Germany. To draw it in kind of cyclists who were mostly calling on him hot afternoons and have a nice refreshing. Bob Baffert for them. In the original name it's actually think radler romance of the original pure mean cyclists leader meaning speaker your leader appeared to keep you moving. You know when I mean on your bike on and may be came quite popular. It's fairly easy it's very simple clue the chance you're doing at 221 mix of beer soda. Arm but unlike the industry to choose a woman lime soda they would usually use the grapefruit. Soda. Or extract mix was pills in her half of vice. Arms while the English would use a bitter tribute to slightly sweet and handled the collective carbonated sort of your little bit more of the bus and the global more sweetness. On the command to when your mixing like you know Greek troops and already. You know kind of been in strong half price in the you're gonna get a relief dirty treaty. In trusting. Will say victory now full disclosure I've never actually. Meet one myself together had a king on before of radler Brett never actually made one. On the putting Kurtz people who go ahead of me pick your favorite beer ads and grapefruit soda to it. There's a couple coming out twelve gates is gonna camp on so will thin man. And five in twentieth let's field also have some of Seville gonna be around you'll be able to try and it's something that maybe even par would mix up for you. You know if they have recruit soda around you have to see at the park you order. A light beer but of behalf bills are half a vital national fluent and tossing grapefruit soda. Yeah like now for a Shandi so this is just Cheney but instead a Lemony is lie and lie and why is he local Lebanese morbid US thing and actually the Germans would put lemonade. More into pairs and I think originally was carbonated. You know sweetened lemonade that was used. On the burial like kind of flick weak version and the lemon lime soda quickly. Became more popular. On the yet they would use grape fruit extracts for grapefruit soda is. To mix in with the pills or half of licensee abusers who just pouring in the food cute first. And then putting and again that two parts appear on top of it. And how they do more than just grapefruit soda and Kohl's arson likelier target of fingers this whole. Kind of like our former classification. Of drinks or worse in the US we don't usually see your use much in mixed drinks unless it's a novelty. In if you wanna go online there's a whole list of very popular beer. Mix drinks so few of a weak beer and call missile ice and coal pills that are Cole while most popular ones is called a diesel. Com another there tons of these times kind of picked out a couple Swartz spear and champagnes whole lot higher in the air is called up his mark. Armed and obviously we all know of the year prompts. Which is. You know Jaeger Meister hand the year that they were also I think there's something called Turbo yarder in mix Red Bull. In suppan three part while your mixed drink I mean normally I would not being purging it's gonna stuff but how how did spend sure yeah need to stay hydrated. You might have some bigger Beers in the basement that economy you have. You know all like that uncle bison sitting around in the basement and really hasn't been going that while on this ninety degree weather lunch of pulled out mix it with some you know grapefruit soda. And give that a try to him like bringing life back into bigger peers have you sitting into the cellar even a dark. You're like that you're saying you can put him to do it absolutely absolutely UG UB creative with that you mean a comic it's Selig imperial stout for you'd like for email. You know and demeanor like you know I'm not free email appear McCree mail the soda or cream so okay. Now or something which cost cream soda into it imperial style depth. I'm not and I got bottles around yeah and try and lighten if it doesn't work out issues at the ball in the interest of our past. But in this heat I think these are gonna be really you know popular in the definitely your strings sister and at some effort essence yes at some if your goal lateness and pop your offsetting any of the malt throw it like it's all going to be much much. Alec watered down but sure. So are rightness Hester after reading about the timeline I think I'm trying to head to local grocery store pick a financial mini six pack Keenan's. To tried mixing in to with some of the Beers and now this is beer Michigan strong year Mitch get trunk and beer Mischka and Chong and pink number I mean who knows. So for a radler if you want to make a radler is the same as making you Shandi word you make the beer there and then you appear you make of him. And now commercially use he has done a lot of times VO. On where they the meek which kind of to be year in Minnesota all in one. But I can tell you I think the it's specially home or tried to do like Cheney's post. You know brewed in the mixing them the polls mix is always a lol but battery and the reason I feel like that is. Is because you have that higher carbonation. On mean you have pitcher curt and tennis so. Words if you brewed in the air it usually ends up a little bit dryer or you find yourself using with an artificial your trip this week to back up. When you mix Lemony remakes on the lines over grapefruit soda. With an artery from rented Marty condition the year I think the effect is lol it. There. Your mission to try and that's close Banja mask. And the radler is aversion of source US open. So revelers you're gonna see around here the other stuff you might have to try to room maker tonight I'll break it will talk about. Line on the other side in the ninth season maker of right exactly exactly. It when you say for what does that include saint Marie is that is that different carriers this'll kind of right. Since alternate Singler is more of a punch yes yes OK I could Dole Food. Very tasty aren't making for one that's up next here and I traditions just. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Dual sided give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military Intel wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew. Back here and I divisions just threw it on ESPN 1520 genuine professor ours were talking fruit wines today and making your own roof line. Yeah and so it we're talking about this because it is that time me. Ibex sorry already lost only blueberries in the birds in the backyard I got a few that I picked only would eat while watering it are in the morning. But they've already ripened and girl gone. Bomb black raspberries are kind of going along the same Wayne now in red red raspberries and strawberries will be doing the same shortly. So we're right in the middle of kind of summer early early summer fruit season you'll see stone fruits like peaches and plums. You know later in the year closer to fall but right now is that time from mostly kind of smaller here again strawberries blueberries. On blackberries raspberries are all coming into season and some of them are actually kind of coming holed out. But it is it time to make for one if you want to and it's an easy way to get rid of a ball of fruit. And unlike making GM now it's for me this point you'll actually consume it all into will get become better with time not. Grows so often like you we grow all these communal you know and raspberries by raspberries blueberries in the backyard mostly just for picking eating when you have this big bumper crop and you know those birds are gonna come in right away or squirrels or whatever is getting them active in the dark to actually watch too much by the blueberries. Com. It is. Yet you have to get them off all in one bowl ball load all in a hurry and a lot of people don't know what to do so you do the easiest thing which is me GM. But from my personal experience and never go through all the jam you know it can and all my full jars and put in the freezer. I always forget it's there. Where as wind you know wind Amal often peaking four in the basement exact opposite in trying to search for whatever you have digging and every backcourt. So my suggestion is when you have this big load of fruit and you don't know what else to do with the meek. One now first we wanted to do was collect as much as possible because you're always surprised at how much fruit you need perpetual line we're talking about at least sleek. You know its first a lot of like bears X drivers humanly eat twelve. Pound per gallon. If you can afflict when your holding the whole fruit you have been crushed it crested or anything like that you be using as much is like eight to twelve pounds per violence that's a lot. On so. We don't wanna sign up from making you know fight he owns a strawberry wine unless he got it cheap or free. Source strawberries and I mean we do sell plenty concentrate for will be a lot cheaper than just walking into it tops in you know trying to buy. Like fifty pounds let's talk Ares or something like that which is just knock me happened. But if you do have that source again you're gonna mommy and a pizza to wait to get rid of a lot of fruit so collect as much as possible. These if you need to meet the batch Lowber bigger water and sugar won't be easy to come by later. More fresh fruit fruit will be harder so try to get as much as possible and the first thing he wanted to do. Is wash the fruit with warm water just usually springing it. You know in the calendar in the saint. Final audit drip dried trying to get off and eat dirt to bugs in owning mean you know fuzz or columnists you know drifted by. In at this point you could actually freeze at. You know pretty much indefinitely. To hold on to use for beer and wine leader so if you don't know what. When you're gonna have the time protect values and you have the extra room in the freezer you can take all the effort off. Gently watch it now and then freeze that so that you know. In the fall when the temperatures you global cooler and you don't mind spending it is much time. Com. You know in the basement you know with fruit in the fruit flies aren't as bad in the Los have. You know finally yellow jackets and gone away in the colder nights you can put away NC event. For a number right now I just wanna get at least that far so very brief listing you can to mountain out to back into the show and six months and procrastinate. But you least want to watch it and then freeze it now this doesn't do anything to pasteurized. You're gonna have to do that later have to process a little bit when he hit it out. You can meet you know through wine for beer offer frozen for two if you don't. But what else to do with it due to a before the birds unlike me and put in the freezer. Aren't so once you have all this for. You need to start processing and you're in need a small stainless steel pot or bucket to Russian and and here and I want up. Pulverize a living hell lot of that the more you crushing to Mort TM and some more flavor and the more sugar you're gonna get out of that so crush it I usually use a potato man sure. And release go to town on it. Armed then you do have to sanitize. It to we talked about this hollow but earlier in the summer and spring we're talking about making fruit Beers. On you can sanitize it with heat or with salt fights. Now sanitizing with heat is definitely easier you just bring it up once seventy try to keep it below 180 hold their for at least twenty minutes and cool it down. Armed but that will change the flavor global in Mimi the global bit cloudy so a lot of people choose to do all seem may have liked. A little bit of water NC in alms. Again on and half of crush fruits you've won a K enough for Ehrlich he Galen half a liquid and treat it. Now we've let it sit there for 48 hours before adding the east and with the salt fights gonna do this is gonna grab oxygen it's gonna move oxygen from the fruit wood doesn't oxidized. And increase sulfur dioxide gas which is gonna kill and he backed career which will prevent it going to vinegar leave Iran in the process. So you definitely wanted to do something. To kind of pasteurized that whether that's all fight through that heat. You're gonna have to do something now he can start adding water and sugar to get to a desired following human and desired the great TV. On so you will need a high parameter I would suggest going in the ten to twelve range exact kind of makes. A better wine fuel relief I am the oak hall and and you're trying to make them for Andy's often come off you know for knowledge. You know sickly sweet candidate who see so I would suggest making something in the ten to twelve to if you want a boost up some of the bash later. You can always at the very neutral alcohol when your problem he can kind of fortify it. You can even back Sweden that you know portion of the match even law that more to try to meek you know a little bit different about efforts you can have. Some kind of like in struck nearly corps and some kind of light refreshing. Arm strawberry wine out of the scene you know batch of strawberries. Number I can use the full details necessarily fermentation because this is a home brewing show in the winemaking fairly easy in the fermentation is going to be fairly close to what you see your gonna spend. You know about less than three weeks anywhere from 23 weeks. Inside. You know your primary fermentation gonna move it after it stung come pocked completing fermentation. Into a secondary and we fraught with everything to drop that will drop. Then you're gonna add a little bit more sulfate some sort date back Sweden Claire fire and then wait a week and bottled. On so it's fairly simple compared to your peer making whenever I try to do here is talk about. Some of the common problems that you run into. When working with the fruits of server you know fermentation you know pasteurization. You know bottling you know ranking. On the working with the whole fruit can be intimidating. First thing I would suggest when you're pouring the fruit into the ferment her use of theory large streaming back. Arm because we use a very large for any bag you put it around the bucket kind of like like he wouldn't trash bag into a trash can. When all this kind of sloppy mess goes in there and everything's said and done after they won a pole with skin some poll offered after two weeks. You can just lift out the bag in ring at all out there's no more like pouring the pocket through urged trainers. We're trying to get to meet hold in the screening bags over second bucket. Or our youth and try to get away without using oppressed and if you're giving cheap fruit. Not having a press will really only a factor efficiency. So you can definitely do this with out. The other big question I think one of the big kind of intimidating factors for boomers going to make one point. It is the worry of acid being out of balance. On into this is can be an issue and and depending on the fruit generally you're going to be a little bit high or low. But even if you're low but higher lol one you don't need to invest in a massive power gas and test it you'll be able to paste it either. The wind will be kind of muted. In in not really have. You know good side of the tongue flavor. And you know really want the bickering. Aspects of it won't come out that nature usually property asset low. If your asset high its sharpest stringent and burn society your tongue comes off very pepper. In it will be very obvious to fuel while outside an appropriate range you if you're an assembly line you'd do that need to go get. Enhance that task at first say if you taste something injury having problems now's the time to look at you know something simple. You know PH papers or something like that to see if you're in a range. General leaders and things you can do to kind of prevent some of these problems from low acid to. Sole off then if you're making city you know blueberry wine collector one you might be a bit low on yes and you'll see a lot of home recipes and it to like this. Have you in sliced lemons to prevent oxidation. So if you're massacre is low. What will happen is that those acid usually take away the oxygen before we get to the cannons and if you don't have enough acid it war oxygen your hands. So what is a beautiful red lines slowly starts to become kind of the Amish are hampering collar. Arm by putting some slight laments in at the beginning. You can kind of Perot spent at least see oxidation you mean have to yes that balance leader for flavor. Arm but the lamentable help prevent kind of and the oxidation color loss. Arms if you have kind of a very sharp line and you have high acid you can get in massive reduction powder that you can also. Had a little water to two in you can take off the sample and tried this trial but acid production power try a little bit of sweetening an interest try watering it down because. Offer not even to look a little bit high pressure up 16%. When you and some water principal asset level down and all of a sudden becomes your wanna use distilled water. In the last problem the brewers have is that beer wine will not clear. With wine enters ninth uses many provinces was beer problems creep in an already emperors. Especially a lot of tension in the men rushed for brining. Chill days. On with the one main author and they kind of and he's is coming from packed in proteins which were not broken down on the fruit in the pines when it's not your files nothing that you did. And it's real easy get rhythm and that's just by having hectic and times he can edit at the beginning of the fermentation. On hand that won't Kieran key that you won't have to leave Iran. Which is what I like to do but if you do discover lately around you can absolutely still use CN side and hope for those proteins found in an ice clear. So I just always wanting. Kind of give it a lot number into Miami and exit is fairly. Easy it is kind of act and think outside the box. In and a lot of the panel lessons and flavorful. Rule work well for home especially if you're starting straight jacket in two. You know Belgian Beers to use your high amounts of fruit. On its nice to play around with a couple one gale batches of wind just to keep yourself in the media processing. In the fruit wines are fun thing to play around with with summer wind east generally like to ferment a lot warmer than your east. On injured usually doing these and one Keeneland and they don't require any heat you can heat to pasteurized that you've known him to. So that's the middle of the summer you have all your beer set aside you're looking for something to cute Friday one gallon Patrick for one on again there's no heat. There won't be a ton of mass in the one gallon at least. In you can always freeze effort to kind of put off later he took. All right. Making a room one kits ever had. Had a from one that's not grapes yet. It's it's age when it's that I had an apple wanna contain that hit the apple wine Peary you often find relief that once. It's like I think part of the problem is that most of us have. An association with fruit wines with grocery store or discount partly lines in an anemic and you know missed in farm winds will call them. Of cursory stores but there are a lot of very nice neat. Especially you know to enjoy during the summer fruit wines are made more like traditional. The net for a you do see some local ones you'll have to go to that are lines sort of find some trim. Fruit wines and you often find them more in this hockey's action. Much more popular in Asia especially with long line. So you gonna track it is the season if you're stocked up on beer if you don't wanna be sitting around not cattle the so nice fermentation project beat you won't need any year for. And for torrent stay cool out there this weekend. Will be back next week and our traditions just threw it on ESPN 1520. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel wonderful online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.