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And do you like your you wanna learn how to make your own beer. It's time for just Bruins. Brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White. Perfect diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight at traditions just brew it here and yes you know 1520 year wait for those are the stretch of amazing weather continues from. As it will never be bad apple again. -- eighty and sunny for the recipe for a no no never. Everything's going great. So congratulations to us on that if you missed last week's show we talked about revelers. Also known as or including a lick of him bro loss of your Mitch get trunk and yet I was gonna try and say it but I'm glad I didn't have to I ran through this last week. I went out my morality in last so it's thinking about going to the store and buying a bunch of small bottle selector for soda be a lot of these differently bureau mix drinks out there. And a tribal. So rundown Buddha and everything from like the the diesel. The vote diesel have sent me the pills turner and Coca-Cola. I tried another one he had tacos who is. South American drink which was appear hand orange crush. And I have to admit. The radler is by far. Superior spoke at the radler is just it's the one that really doesn't him that kind of sewed. Six pack. You know alcoholic sewed a six pack and east to it. A lot of when he put in like a cold lower eighties orange crush. They just Cunningham that's non beer flavor that was like really ringing through in dominated appears. Where is the handler of the kind of likely amount of grapefruit soda and complimented. The pierce and Nixon and Nike gave him accident pills that are weak beer reap we were. Generous as what we Nixon and over the week announcing that I'm gonna be mixing soda and practical beer now. And I don't think it will happen much the rest of the summer after this you know every night this week trying a different one. On but it was interesting was worthwhile and when it was really hot this past Sunday. Those rattle for. So I would highly suggest rattle him out there and try want a third one I think it's really worthwhile that was their second place Soria. Will. A lot of second places were other grapefruit. Soto won so you an accident when I PA console console boosts himself like that. I think the orange soda and tells her. One one over while the roots beard too and just to touch yeah you know when I mean the people said that it was Amber's Olympic mixes like it's 2.2 2211 and you were doing murderer like splash and the one you Alec splash and Micah wheat beer wit community exposed to pills and we did pollsters while but. Just a splash with some nice tie auction would do it. So that's last week show if you wanna learn how to make those and get all there is to the those are mixing beer with other. Carbonated drinks that's available free on demand WG website for. This week we're gonna get to come blue chip in a minute but before we do it's you guys going some discounts on some stuff yes yes and so we. We pool we've had a kind of staff. Discontinued items so they're one of them is accompanying this kind of stop catering. Two home brew equipment. Some of them are extracted kit line to American Pete hearing anymore. Arm and then the other big on the one of people were really getting excited about. Is we deep discounted our old marble Blackmon in polar ware in and grew pots. So if anybody you know you you don't follow home brink with a lot of the brewing equipment they kind of put our models bomb just for Q what do car. Right in the end like post bulletin and Paul were in the past you know couple years. Have completely with the revamp the entire line where the pot have a different look there are different fittings. Armed if you know completely different kind of functionality to them on the nicer for sure. But and we won we found out about that we ordered a lot of the old appointments awful lot of fuel port stuff because people who would put together a system with. G1 pot want it to have the whole system have G1 pot so if you already bought you know just your cattle and you know we need to get louder Tom leader. You were kind of in a pickle we actually bought a bunch from it the and of run that the G1 line. Com but it's a sales have slowed down on it. Lot more sales and Jeep to stuff now. Lot more sales and the new poor's Baston polar ware stopped and so what we're doing is for taking all that stuff and it's deep discount it's we have. Large group cut small group pots of kind of competing in fifteen gallons went really quick so I think we still want her to the polar ware. Com Ian we also have a lot of farmers so we you hear me talking about. You know Ian bill the Whitman birders. You know elements burner. And all these different brands are really oriented at all Humber there were also keen hook her up there previously in their there still existing. But they've kind of focus more on cooking and less time to ruining. Recently. It's there's more brewing burners out there and so we're selling collapse of our stock off on those we've a couple of jet models locked. They're big like brook park suite so a lot of those now but we still have some items and there. We put all these discounts out first on the email newsletter. So if you're looking to have your first dibs on things like the sign up for the email newsletter those were the first folks who heard about this kind of on. Armed but yet know people are really excited about it people giving. You know be kind and pots you know it up to 25% off I think it's the biggest discount for doing. Armed but I have. The Jennings on something and it's anywhere from two to 300 dollars right and these are not things that are obsolete by any stray known only in you can still departs forum on. There is one of the reasons why we we did this big by on the G1 when they switch over to cheat too with the were actually a lot of home owners. Who really preferred the G1 had higher polished. It simpler valves. Are low but some or construction was quite a bit like your. Arm in so there is when they first came out there was a lot of people kind of holding over on the G1 missed a lot of people that prefer. The G1 pops over the PG to. But we need space. Seoul. Have a lot of you know fall winemaking during stuff coming in we need to me that's base now so we got a big scandal stuff that's you know up to 25% off the current move and speaking of that one making equipment it is the season migrants were getting into the starting Zora and I'm making fruit wines your bottling or you're racking your. On you're giving your wine moving along so that you have open from anchors come fall. When the great carpets command or maybe your for one meeker show your you know doing the same thing to your little bit ahead of schedule. Will we have everything you won't need for summer and fall one me asking whether that's prices and screening bags or for working with whole fruit. On if you're not we have to concentrate we have from nineteen equipment. Arms we have everything to cover you no matter what kind of level one making you're doing with the union leader pressing your own. Runs of 250 pound the grapes or whether you're working one gallon batches of concentrate we have everything the need one right. Now what is the Chapman thermal barrel that's in new gadget that has been really popular Wii sold a couple of them may have been talked about this no no down on a we we've always we talked about other Chapman brought. Exe of a lot of cool products so they do. Homer in products pretty much only work with stainless steel. And I would say that their equipment is very simplified. In a very good way. Through they have like they're formal barrel is the basically rusting steel. Cooler preset up Fermi national. So that you go walk up to him it looks like a big group site too with thermometer with the port on it in a big. Locking latest the first Tenet knew what that what is the deal here. In then you realize that lead is insulated the whole barrel since late Axl looks like attend Yale and apartment increment and 1525. You know. Armed but it's actually a cooler Mary can't provide direct heat to pass he stills you know strike confused just like you would. But since a lot of person moving on to firms moving on to rims system the whole need to keep your louder target is kind of running out also the availability of coolers. And really good to. Persian cats is running and I have to say. I think the life of mine igloo cooler after almost fifteen years the blurring is starting to run out. You know if I go to use of false bottom to fit in the air the classic this change shape overtime it's become for roads become stained. Well you and I can have any of those problems with stainless steel. Our salute Chatham internal girls about the same price of trying in about 300 dollar becomes fully rigged with a false bottom and it'll matched on. On him because a stainless steel it's like time investment with the cooler she kind of know you're only gonna get so many years out of an emotional in the decades were talking about. But one of these championship and really heated up Angel habit for. Life immigrant side of the really popular they have really good inflation values much better standard plastic cooler. Arm so they've been quite popular missile a couple of them. In their kind of one of those items we've always stocked with the other Chapman stuff but I just feel like a lot of people are running this summer so I should mention that they're out there. Mean we have them in stock and we have a couple of out of the boxes he went on to you guys also have everything you for tagging supplies from the I want I was real for one stop shop for earlier cuttings off so. Whether your you know starting fresh repairing clean out old tap lines are trying to trust a pure carburetor. We have everything you're gonna need in the big advantages mentally you're gonna pay about the same price VCR line is you'll be able to touch it you can feel that you can match up fittings. Before you by. On to come on into the shop again you can play with that in touch it can open up the box see exactly what you're inning before tapering at home. It we're gonna do come boot to today we saw a bunch different things I mean there's beer of course but you drew Kim Gucci you make. We talk about wind sometimes we don't need them right. But also we don't. Know why main calm up on two different historical peers yeah Chris Voss and so for kemba coach. You know I receive the phrase Trace alcoholic is a little bit alcohol how much alcohol does your general could come Bhuj usually under one person which means that you don't sleep button. It's not quite negligible. You know an Iranian. People I think there is like the USDA. Definition of what the negligible amount I'll write all this prison to store bought them which have a 1% or. Is that merely even if it might be pasteurized and removed out of time so few heated obviously a call comes offer so. It's very easy to get rid of Trace amounts alcohol if you want. Arm but it's not enough to worry about. And it well under 1%. It's not something thinks Serbian radar. I would be giving it to oops kids that's for sure though and I mean com. Partly because one it's a lot of work and American and join hands off. But armed. It it's it's not something I'd be worried about myself obviously you know and coaches like oracle lunchtime drink or something yeah for sure in anything discussions summer I think yeah in with I think you know listeners of this show. Armed. Would understand that just because something has oak hall and it doesn't mean you need to drink it to get drunk right you know and I mean now that sometimes you do to get trumpet just because it has alcohol in it doesn't mean. It has to be an average of coverage solely. You know for the point have been deeper age can also be purchased enjoyment which they definitely would fit into account boots are unique fresh. You know and I mean. Server fresh. In here and it's very refreshing what's the shelf life for them go to. How Long Will Lumix opinions mean some people sort of effort for weeks you know when he mean I'm and maybe a couple of months. Acting most hardline Suzy this would say it's best to during after a couple weeks so. Yes we're listening to wanna make it home an enemy French. And I always have that kind of a rural and culture will get Indo how to make it as you say it's very easy to make it home and easier than bear. Yes I would I would definitely easier than one. No one's he's fine line is I think by far the dvds so can boot you wanna get back easy to make it home you make it you drink it. It's got a lot of positive health quality service as well your gut and a beer hurt your gut from which culture. Mean they're both me into it from someone to be sure you care. You drinkers expect temperatures in main main street and explore how to make it when we get back and I divisions just threw it on ESPN fifty. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition homer was your source for everything home brewing. Dual sided give saarc it and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need the Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military into Ottawa and open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. We're back on acquisitions just threw it and rulings from the action today. Which is easy to make it home easier than beer and a lot of similarities in the process a lot of differences as well how to make kimbo Chad home. Well the composer first like what are what is it so it's it's a team that's informant that was supposed to culture of bacteria and yeast in the foreign this large to Loch Ness. Blob and com and on non sounding. Two appetizing here but I'll. And behind the suit to be good it's a lot missed Bob that's referred to as the Scobee what that is is a colony of both east in bacteria. Kind of growing some radically. Arm and this is that the kind of like the heart and soul of your boots up. On once you kind of what the scope be loose the kind of result wonder if he if you go by one animal source health. Is this kind of semi sweet talking ET is currently completely sour like biko was not. Arm all the PH is very low total ass that count is not extremely high. Armed so it doesn't come off is like a stringent but yet it is kind of taint heart. Arm in usually sold in enjoyed kind of cold and carbonated. Sues you can see it's only the very refreshing. Kind of light partly in almost ten is it like a soda. The only mean with a lot more earthy tones and not nearly all of the you know sugar and other carbohydrates. On what you said there is a very small amount of alcohol or yeast and there. Arm and so it is gonna have some alcohol but these are actually doing good portion of their fermentation. A rope and so when they're doing and rolled it fermentation. Armed you don't get nearly as much alcohol. So that's one of the ways senior controlling so even though you're dropping. Paramount Pictures you're not giving his much alcohol. As you would because it's if Scobee does not actually produce alcohol smudges that produces a CO2 water. Com. That's about it I mean it's the Scobee is easy to teach therapists who won meaning green figures say and in need from office. On its very easy to me home as we talked about earlier to Basilan consume one really fresh. In is another good excuse kind of like the Belgian wit beer Cezanne. To get rid of some leftover fruit or spices because usually your having large amounts of fruit or in large amounts funerals vice. To your Scobee economy you kind of the unique flavor so only Cezanne like with beer. Armed you can treat kind of unique back your flavor using the spices army in the fruit the you have available to you. So let's get started in economy and the first thing you wanna do is is asleep beer from boot shot. Is you know mostly water armed so start with filtered water I mean you know kind of off flavors and your water at the start of the process. Are gonna kind of continue on tortilla and so if you have really good cap or if you have applicant osmosis. Worry you know in mind charcoal filter going to Newser tap water. But if you taste and the off flavors wiretap orders specially as it comes up to room temperature. You will wanna filter first and a simple carbon filters and is is is our our off labor's income which are more likely to come through than they are in beer. I'm not the multi high near term depends on the appears you do have the T you do have the apps that and I would the one thing I would say if there's not as much potential for awfully. With a beer making thing create a lot more off flavor whispering process where they were found with smooch as long as ingredients are you pumping good quality going end. Armed only theory you can have at call ingredients going in in this long through that process fermentation. You have you know Goodyear coming out. Armed with from boot so you can him of really good ingredients going in and okay process and still get. The kimono okay product in only mean you really wanna have good like I wouldn't wanna start with. Fruit there was already starting to spoil our or something like that key bags were already. You know fairly oxidized concern to get kind of what a year leaflet flavor to them. On so was from Boudreau it's really about ingredients going in kind of similar with wind. With beer it's often you can really take some come bottom of the barrel anger against this traditional. In only green to work quite suitable for bride yet in me wonderful beer out of with some boot showed you really wanna start with. You know high quality stuff and not having much to it besides Scobee some sugars and T says start which really good water. So if you have a preferred brand of like filtered water. Yeah you're gonna wanna watch some general antenna on that arm but tap water through carbon filter. Or boiled the night before should be just fine should help take out all the chlorine and help remove some of the minerals. On so that it doesn't come often generally wanna kind of flow mineral content. On Connelly you know goes finally in all within eastern European beer is O'Hara helped bring out certain elements and kind of highlight some of the more youths. Bring out sweet elements hide beer elements. Arm so we are filtered water Leo whatever volume we want to make I would suggest starting small especially if you're starting out with a young Scobee culture. Remembering your water to boil meeker T says engine bringing the water approve boy earlier enter key bags fruits places. Any of this in the near gonna add sugar that he had a lot of fruit you might wanna take a high drama or reading beat usually kind of folks can Bluetooth and be a little bit Lucy Lucy with it. Injured at about two cups of sugar per gallon or choosing you know maple sugar using honing. You wanna get to gravity of about one point 018. So now monsoonal relief about a third of what you would see for your average beer. Once you get your gravity street wants you got all your spices in there. You let it cool down to room temperature now you can put in a water bath just like you would be year. But to be quite honest you don't have to you don't have to worry about the scene of protein Parikh Ehrlich I don't thwart spoilers like you do with spear. He can simply turn off the stove in comeback to it the next morning keep a lid on it. On to make sure you're acting any sports oddity here you can just leave it to cool aren't. The soft top which is very convenient. Arm. Once this chilled room temperature we're talking about well under ninety degrees and ninety degrees. It's kind of a marker a lot of east you know don't like it over. Seventy degrees the Scobee cultures do not like it and really start to die in about ninety degrees so really checked your camp spot temperature. Before. Giving it rates moving to a fermenter mr. Tran transfer into a sanitized fermenter and intra Scobee a couple of things are looking in with this kind of fermenter. Are you don't want too much had space be won the Scobee to be able to the regional so if you're making. Say you know three leaders of Scobee UN obviously the three and a half four liter containers are a foam up on you. Lake of the year willful political but it's not gonna go crazy piece still want that had space. In a chance to give it oxygen also want something that's easy to clean. In easy to eat your Hanson too because at the and this prose process you're actually gonna have to retrieve your scope reader at least you should be retrieving your Scobee. So the most popular bustle that we have in the stores for leader kind of wide mouth jar looks at the giants beat Gotti to. Odd does come with a lid you can get the lead with a Gromit with out. Com and it is seems to be kind of the perfect kind of size and shape for me in the Scobee. Once you have a down room temperature. For the kind of you know T that you need into the from and Turks and when you dig your Scobee it's usually. On if you get from somebody you know so if you know somebody else who's already been doing with they're gonna have to cut away there Scobee finally trimming of bush. So you can go ahead and pick some problem injure gonna get Justin to allotments bought the ticket allotments bomb. And you just put in there that's. I'm a college a lot as easily to cajole mold you. Yeah Jolo. Jello with the slightly more protein. You've always yeast cake at the bottom all the protein and hops. I mean I have to meant I'd love it now sometimes tasted a fuel in my hands. But the first time they opened up a primary fermentation. Doughnuts on the slimy. You know massed on the air I questioned did I do this right arm and with that the Scobee it doesn't look the most appealing and sure you've actually probably accidentally forms scope seasonal. You know keys is kept in the back there for courier for ranchers left half filled. So these things can appear other places you may have seen him before but they are a it's a lot missed block they shouldn't beef Hillary you're anything like that. But there are two Loch Ness kind of cream colored. Now when you bite culture from our us. What you're gonna see is like that kind of mix of bacteria something looks like and mother in cloudy water which is the east. When he poured into the fermentation or the first will say. Four or five days is gonna kind of format colony in the top of the fragmentation. Humble when they cultured it they cultured the two separately. At the lab in the mix them in to a pitch pack. On that they sent sealed while for us and now Coby. Us Colby is expensive so. If you can find somebody to kind of pass to offer. If you can find somebody that also does that. Even if you don't keep your initial cultural for a bomb. It's great to have somebody you know that you can kind of pass off Scobee or you're gonna go away from a time and care for your camp pollutants while slick from the Mike you know traffic for reputations. Like them. So having a look at kind of come boutter body is a good in L com. Decision to make if you're taking access. So once you get it into the from countries putting your Scobee you're gonna cover with chiefs clocks again because we want your organs we don't wanna put in a fermentation lock. And traditional let's. In your let that sit in a cool dark place at least under ninety acres some people do quite a bit cold early into the sixties. And that's gonna sit their from anywhere from one to two weeks similar. Fermentation time is the year. Armed when you're done with us you're gonna sanitize your hands and actually. Pick up the Scobee out of the fermenter and move over to a sanitize trade zip lock bag get out of the way for a moment seat insert dealing. On which are from boot you're actually going to. Pick it up and wrap it as far as the fermentation you don't need to racquet or anything like that you can just pour it in usually. What do you do with them and pour it through it she's cloths and the hat in a file also take church these cost. Our rants are really well put it into the top of a sanitized funnel. On an important Scobee through patsy you're using the chief clause like a filter you can go right in two bottles. Now you don't need to add sugar it's usually not necessary to get the carbonation sensor so much residual. But if you're trying to speed the process along a little that you certainly count. On there is a lot of residual sugar and yeast eats this rehearsal slowed inefficient. Leave its release still fermenting. When you consider it done and move it off into bottles he just simply need to follow him into beer bottles camp. And and storage room temperature looking for fast carbonation that most people agree with flavors butter if you leave him in the back for it from one or two weeks. And finally slowly bring up the carbonation. That you want now once he gets a carbonation I want you definitely just like drinking soda pop. Have to put the bottles right into the French so every couple of days go back check on the carbonation CO it's doing. That's the best way to prevent bottle bombs is to track on your projects open one up. Every once I want. Com now you definitely want to save this culture. The Scobee cultures are expensive arm and they're very easy to pre used to receive police and teachers tenure Kampuchea. Put your arm Scobee interest sanitize fossil that you can some merchants we've Ehrlich is that block badly and force out the air. Or like some decent. You know. Can't completely cover leave no air in there and then just place it into the back of fridge. You wanna stored between about thirty eats 34 degrees you don't want a lot of freeze and you don't world let it get above ninety. Arm and simply just next time you'll be used at take it smell it on people and sit in and through your scope into the next batch. With the bulls smell like. Not horrid okay zucker spoke great but it's got to like your fermentation you know when you've had your first event Furman page which is open it up in just baby garment hitching your feature like yup it that's no that's not a little urged the final four. You know that the file was not farming it's vial. Alright. Have become boutter brewing. It is that's across her back next week. Every Saturday same time same place Ernie has been fifteen point this is not traditions just threw it on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season through or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to look online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode. Just from.