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It's. Do you wait to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by now with traditional route here's your host Jeremy White and merchandise there. Good Saturday morning welcome tiger positions just broke it on ESP in 1520 jury light and for mr. Loria and the more goods and meet day. Oh international mediate. On the line I think we have national Nike paid this week interest twos so does all. Point six plus styles that BJ CP it the sound it. There's one in six how many of them are there more than that oh I'm going by old south and even tell you how many like the exact number. In the new I still have the old so and memorized yeah not sure the numbers and categories. And but elementary there's just it was which checked in to see companies are now how many different styles by Pierre now. At least throw you in four and a hazy got its own right or however that he's he's got its own now. And so others you know the West Coast there's English. You know I mean I think there's been black IP is also don't believe there's four different true RP AX files and that way. You haven't a few more by the time next year last week we talked popularization rates. This year on that note last year last week this week we're going into low load Oberlin which will be two in a minute but what's going on down the store anything or organ into. The dog days of summer approaching Labor Day in and it's it's all here. And people like a truck and they don't see it coming and it's I did not expect to go home the other night there'd be a pre season NFL game on deck kind of shocked me and just didn't think it was very evident kind of pushing off in my mind effect February and August. But it's here so people are starting to get into the Ali fruit line is kind of passing people or her to think about traditional and if for so if you need anything for winemaking. Whether it's bottles corks bags of us house and courts pelt the bottles. Presses streaming bags we have everything the need for you small scale. Or large scale including some commercial line making equipment if you need concentrate. We have that we have everything you need me. So if you're thinking about getting into that this fall. You're not alone will help you out and we got a briefing at night. So one stop shop for taking supplies winemaking equipment as well. You guys Russell so don't discount so much stuff yes we still have some stuff out there so of some pop some burners have kind of gone past. We still have some pots and we still have a couple of and greeting kits that we threw some of the brewers baskets. Of styles were American be curing anymore. We threw those out there on the 25% ran off to and stuff is moving fast off their we still have some boot process whatever breeze coming in to look at. Bomb but we still have that there a couple of poor excellent Oca. And the cover such mash in Boyle still popular Oca popular got one up and we got one in Stockton won a lot last night. We have enough on display if you wanna come check it out like you said it's kind of an economy green fiber and I don't think its economy and the fact that it's you don't bill to a lesser standard. It just comes with slots gadgets you don't get the account or float short you don't get the pomp. On be get lit get me aid dump valve if you get two different third aesthetically controlled. Heating elements 15100 or 500. So if you're looking for and if you already have kind of a home brew set up so if you if you remembering out on the patio on an burner all summer and you're thinking about when Megan into calm winter are gonna move this endorsed. They're brewers edged Manson Boyle is really going to be up purity of award chiller party apart purity ever managed fund. In your just looking for cattle to do the work inside. That's really some subtle hand at 300 box it's quite the value Jeff smoker. All right so. Anything else to do before to gloat over in which you you. You said it can be boring it can be what it is is it's not it's not the most interesting necessarily subject. Arm in is to definitely it's hype robbery and it was only kinda looked at by a few different stockpiles of people who usually. Brutal late eastern European Beers. In some stocks aisles of English beer. We're off and kind of get into though load though growing where is you know most ever since nine even on there ready to what is the load it to transfer. You know load dissolved oxygen. Arm and what it is trying to control. Oxygen throughout the process of brewing. So the oxygen doesn't steal your cops are still your malts. During process and it's supposed to meet. Peers that have much more delicate much finer Roma's. The use usually only case out of rue the kind of cry technologically advanced math robberies particularly those in the western. Com Germany was giving to a little bigger ox mutual's critical we always knows him in its current. Too much at the wrong times in your beer to taste like cardboard dead leaves and really go stale. If you don't have enough oxygen was reached stress enough. On your bureau will be from knowledge can and under attenuated message really will not be drinkable. So if you look at the economy being in the game you always kind of fever and trying to add more oxygen because a little bit of like Lee for would be flavor in the background is a lot better than having something that's. The knowledge in Chloe in just really un drinkable. Palm sold in load don't bring your really kind of walking a thin line here. Argue trying to control the oxygen at different stages of Furman case station and you're also trying to trap the off gases released during the initial fermentation. It's a lot tend to talk about and dry topic how when you add props to the boy will you add them you know post fermentation. During the fermentation all the office yes the east us all that CO2 also offered Arcsight is coming off the boil. Are the fermentation. Tend to Cary some of the final moments with that so they take away some of these fine malt aroma some of these fine opera. Arm hand in load over knowing you're really trying to get it back now. Very recently load sobering this kind of coverage offers both its traditional styles traditionally your making Munich palaces mean eat all it's definitely pills sooners. Are in the style. While normally the other Beers shoot and I would think this is true from my growing set up as well those abuse files that it everything else has got thrown into a pocket thrown through regular fermentation. But again I key aide drinkers. Army have really been kind of pushing it and bring it on to other styles as well as kind of better links to better information on line. Has caused a lot of American home person trying to pick up these advanced techniques from overseas. Arms. And so what would you do this mean to pick up those final Roma missiles are really what you're doing com. You know while you can at hops late in the process you can have to try and you know hop inside. That Carrick arm you can't really add malt late in the process. You can't take mull things deep into a secondary you're gonna cause infections can be chewy it's gonna appeal eventually template and Tia Mattson there. Who's locked that you can't do with the malts that you can do with the cops. So once you lost these flavor they're gone for good. And really if you look traditionally the kind of load over robbers are kind of like top heads are was IQ is now and they were kind of cool thing malt hat. Arm and they were really kind of looking here can. Really trying to preserve the most delicate Malta Roma some flavors that are really easily lost in our lost a lot of times on. You know US men brokers were not just talking about the you know the Big Three talking about a lot of craft breweries to just don't have the equipment. Don't necessarily have the experience. Or that kind to us hold onto they appear to do this logo growing. Soon the US it's really being kind of you know. Pioneered by home bursts in and I'm sure you're gonna see a lot of commotion over start to bring these techniques and just like an ass of dry hopping and doing like PA move from home murderers aren't too commercial for I think you're gonna see the load brokering. In the US do the same thing. No load sobering which really kind of perfected. By MacWorld westar emperors in Canada postwar award to European economy. And so wanted to kind of sites source speaking get into here is set pulled forward to look you know fall of the iron curtain. While on the western side of the block. You had primaries that word you know hooked up to a large in western industrial supply rained yet you know lot of freedom to brew. A lot of comp you know capitalism Merrill out of you know competition and only released germ emperors competing with other crewmembers are now. Competing with batteries like Guinness you know and I mean full workers. Budweiser. They're really pushing their product and the European market in the release had to step their game up fast. In one of the ways they did that war is by a low oxygen ruined. On it became popular with its commercial person and was German home brewers in German and Oprah overseas see a lot of new handle pubs in Germany. Lot of restaurants making your own small patch of the year. And a lot of home members as well. Really weird assault team to light as far as US sufferers is what they called the German brewing forum. Arm which is agreed resource and if you've never checked it out hit that translate button and get on there because there's really agree. Resource and what's special about this kind of fuels that blog is that on its post numbers in this commercial. All on one floor it's not like in the US for a tend to stick to different forms where you know there's any you know. Pepper to say issues for former commercial person to stick to and then there's like Holmgren talking you know Vijay forms where you know the homers and two flock. In Germany all the boomers are on the same form tackling. The same questions on. So be commercial brewers have a lot of experience have a lot of equipment. While the home server contest stuff out on small batches. In really kind of you know work the scientific method on it and doing a punctual split one gallon batches or fight Gil deficit cast doubt. New techniques. In these techniques are slowly being picked up. By America amber it's kind of keeping an author kind of pioneering themselves as well. So the load over growing isn't necessarily. New it's something that's been being pioneered in Europe over the past you know sixty to seventy years. Arm but it's really starting to make its way strong in two the American home Bruce seen. Particularly. Because tagging has become so popular stainless steel from nineteen vessels have become so popular. In a lot of operas have CO2 have to stop already from their tagging. From the regular brewing to start doing Golota offerings which really not a change of equipment but a change of process. Which usually say is easy bit and applied at times this harder things changed sometimes easy to change equipment you go. Through a couple of patches you notice he's drastic changes it stopped it better. When you're doing something like load over year only changing the process you have all the same equipment is ruling it's hard to kind of you know. Fine tuned some of these things and really change the process if you've been doing a hundred your personal. Right on to the logo brewing is there's definitely something that homers are getting into it is definitely something to watch out for Ortiz especially. If you are lower into the eastern European styles army in German styles. Definitely brings out a lot of flavors that you otherwise only see is the script errors and guidelines. Are you really start tasting honey and pills for normal. The fruity flavors and German hops on and some of the kind of ready notes out of especially malts that you just don't otherwise get in regular. For immigrant. So that's the why of the load Obermann next we'll do the how you've got to write back and other side. You know why which you should do what you might wanna do it. And the fact how to do it load of brewing. On night provisions just threw it on the SP and fifteen are back here and our traditions just threw it any esque in fifteen to be talking something we've never talked about four which is low oxygen brewing. Load over rowing. Which review just missed the whole. Just join us in this dispute or how it came to be. Really aged in terms of beer history and so you wanna you wanna do this year and the eastern European styles and how do you do debt as an add in I don't wanna dig on. Worse in the eastern bloc to. Because you know culture Merkel is still one of my favorite Beers it's been mean traditionally. For 200 years. Is there something to be said for that tooth or something to say that tradition that that you stern. You know law blocked it's capped but the same time the western bloc for really kind of push the envelope as far as they could. Taking traditional styles and making them the best the year that they could be. Art so how our region and actually do this at home. And so we're gonna start off in the mash in Boyle and the first thing you really wanna watch out for this hot side air ration. And see you hear about this life and why you don't want to stir the mash why you don't want to stir the beer on the war of the bureau's most vulnerable. When it's hot it's tectonic analyze this oxidation reaction makes it happen a lot faster. Armed. Good flavors will be lost and add flavor will be required this is wearing effect card port that that leaves. You know awfully hot federation which really gonna bring them out. Bomb. Injure gonna lose some of these kind of a multi tones of a couple of things and one obviously. Don't stir as much. Armed to you can pre boil your water which is what I usually do a triple that the night before this should kick off. You know hopefully any oxygen and as well you can and salt it's a lot of work will have sodium out of myself. On and what that does is it seeks out oxygen and chlorine two different things that we don't want in our water for ruling. So it turns it into sodium chloride regular tables all in sulphur dioxide in air accident death so it's perfect for. So in easy way to get rid of any oxygen in the water to kind of mitigate. Some of these worries is his app that whiz sodium and myself. I've heard anything from ala the normal one gallon dose so that's like with. Sixteenth of a teaspoon for five gallons. Arm from that scene sixteen to the keys going up to about 20/20 five. To think the big factor here is an over one BCC people have been better result was different amounts this how much chlorine. For much oxygen is in your water to start. The only means if you're on well water in your mineral content naturally low. You're probably not gonna need that much. If you're away from the Great Lakes and in mr. Elliott has lots of chlorine in the water Isa slot so zone to get it treated. You're probably going to be closer to that you know one dose for five deals compared to the one dose per point five. But the self whites is a nice petition there to help prevent the oxidation. Once agreements water trying not just stir and if you research it. Make sure that your average circulation holes in the host coming back and the national. It's under the water level with the man she don't want him that water coming back in hitting here and then dropping down in two. The man she don't want their posters being going into the top and fence separating into the top that the cattle. You want them host who want every circulation coming down below the water well. You also want me through the year now we're circulating so fast that you create a world. At all. Alms suck in a little by the air. Now the same goes through the sparks as well so once you're done with some passion you start this barge. You wanna make sure that your hoses going from monuments fund to the bottom of your travel. Also minimize your exposure and W drew republic with just like we talked about what's. How is a great tool for duration compost spoil. And during. You know while the war is hot he can be. One your biggest problems and I think it's the easiest way. That when I was initially growing at a gravity brewing my hoses weren't long enough. A lot of times I would have my sparks trickling. Into my child and that was viewed one times government growing that I had any heart or flavors and he very obvious anyways hot side. Eurasian so make sure that when you sparks your giving all the way down to the cattle for most part here we've been talking about as good matching techniques. Now there's a couple extra things he won it do you. When chilling you when Dimitri there's no splashing no stirring and he's get almost all the way down to pitching aperture. A lot of personal start your ratings start mixing award and you may be about 120 degrees. A hundred degrees but really was slowed over and he that he connect its catalyst. You wanna get down even lower so usually when I'm doing a logo told her I don't start your reading it to start doing my whirlpool and excellent well we count me pitching temperature 55 degrees. And that's when I began. Duration. And just because your logo brewing. Doesn't mean you get to escape aeration. Once you get down to pitching temperatures. So a lot of people think with the logo brewing you completely. You know skip that your region in the pitch a big east packet you hope for the past but that's not true. It's again it's about controlling oxidant in the right points in the fermentation these 21 era of theory mean healthy fermentation so once you get down to is cooler temperature. You steal one here in the same rules apply here trying to get any part per million are trying to use. Much as you can in and so working with here not. I oxygen going Nazi camp over that. So you're still clear even though we call this low oxygen brewing. We still need oxygen in net for people at a prominent Haitians want to make sure you still Hillary wore a heart. Once you get into the primary fermentation the first couple days are going to be kind of normal now there are some people. The use it's funding battles. So to me the process a little bit easier to meet it. A little easier on the ranking times you can get something called the funding out for imperial ball pressure release itself. You can go up to your tag you hook it up here from mentor and what it allows you to do is control them back for sure. Now the CO2 is being constantly created by fermentation start to taper off by having this since funding bill what allows you to do was release the pressure. But trap a little bit had pressure a little bit of dissolved gas in the year. During those last stages of fermentation so it never has a fully a chance to our guests and I have to admit it you're willing to go one after ruling to pick one up. Because nobody selling all over the counter or one for home numbers yet. It really won't make a difference as far as catching the different times I have point eight don't always use it but if you can get today appear. Within the right and it I'm curious if you can relieve lose some of the facts so having that like kind of funding bell. Really makes the difference as far as one you have to catch the racquet. If there's anything that's probably most important in low photos brewing. It is. That techniques of wracking and when you. So the first thing you want to make sure. Is that you're doing that that's rock for Kentucky candy you have that your practicing the past techniques. Just like this barge where nature of the liquid goes all the way down. If you wrecking your primary from enter into tagged some Bruce actually hook it up to the peers out disconnect. On you wanna flush that console is CO2 if you can. In human nature your liquid is getting all the way down the bottom know splashing running down on the side hose goes all the way down to the bottom. And that you feel from the bottom off. Arm so pretty simple but it can be something like you're enemies earlier hoses that maybe if you're used to racking to a you know car Bowie on the ground via quit she. And on that you really want to make sure at this point appear splashing it not only that acquire oxygen but every time you agitate your. Give off some of these gases that we're trying to preserve and relief and treating them. For oxygen a lot of load Cooper's. Dude this transfer under pressure to your Lincoln in the second docile and CO2. Then you kind of slowly release the pressure from that. As you put pressure on your beer in the from actor to push it over into secondary into the act just hearing T. That you're not getting any oxygen. Again the most important part of low Newbury is catching the rack at the right time. Usually you're trying to catch and it and the primary fermentation little earlier than you normally rat. You know we always talk about what the primary fermentation so when you give a couple extra days to let clean up. You really wanted to do cleanup law under pressure in the vessel. So I mean a lot of numbers are cooperating anymore war wracking at the right times beaten go right into bottles. In that the beer you'll have enough fermentation leapt over the track those gas and type cast. In that can be quite. Heart beat your really trusting yourself that you know how much more sugars come out of this year. You know how much CO2 is it you know in the rate now that your American inquiry bow out. So I think one of the things that has me load oh brewing so popular in the last. Is the fact that most homers now keg beer gear moved tags that pressure released. Because it takes a lot of this kind of scary worry about bombs process. You now and say OK am close medium little bit ahead of the game. And you can rack early and put it into the act into what's gonna happen is gas that was produced during the primary for an occasion this holding onto Romans. They were in the war as soon as you keen on on the oil. Are in the Trenton there. Well they're not gonna get and it's rubbed off on CO2. In this really keeps a lot of flavor in the beer and really show us. With a lot of those kind of later European styles is probably why they're so popular. So year fermentation is just about finishing up usually move it right into a captain had pressure on it. Andrew kind of tech conditioning using the final bit. Fermentation. There. If you don't give as much carbonation I need always and little bit you know prime sugar or helped push global. That it had pressure and bring up a little bit more if your little bit Heidi that shall around you put it in the fringe. Yeah responding well. He said that to ten PSI if you don't you just can't keep pulling pressure and eager to write our nation well. But that's kind of the basics of low ago brewing in a nutshell. Now there's. Sort that we can use receiving equipment number it is acting with a lot of these things it's how far do you want to take it. Armed so there is if you get into low sobering is being questioned. Mid tier. On sold Woolsey the true phonetic solo Lou brewery. Only use glass and stainless steel stay away from copper plastic couple reasons why. On the Cerro works with a plastic. So a lot of plastic is still. Oxygen for valuable. And while their positive pressures and oxygen won't work its way all the way to the efforts he gets into the plastic and sit in the plastic at the surface later. Then. It oxidized to severe at this surface layer. On the soul while we tell people don't worry about the classic leaking. Don't worry about Yunel and we massive oxygen exchange or oxidation here are irks light. Slight oxidation through even your best home and plastics even better bottle even your pockets in the long term. So log uncles for three weeks you mean noticed a little bit of color change won't always knows the flavor because the oxidation its own mind. But often you will notice a little bit of color changed whimpering with plastic. And in the Lansing that low dose birds tend to Boyd is copper. Now I have to admit I'm a few best wrecking techniques. I flushed with CO2 I don't always push. I sometimes use an X funding bell I always reckoned with at least keeping the second area may load those Beers. But I have never plays Mike works. There are some things you can try to do to mitigate this. But what the copper does this proper aren't poll oxygen and then puts them into hyper active state. And especially during the hot and these copper diamonds. Holding oxygen in an oxidized. Your war. Sort try to put my work chiller in late entry cleaned up with some starts and to get any oxidation. Off of that song not putting it access but I have not replace. Miami copper or shortly faithful cover or killers have been using for fifteen years. With a metal Immersion fourth load those brewing. He and I don't always burrito might count workflow chiller because is I'd rather have a little bit of color changed my beer. Then spend hours. You know cleaning out an arm. McCown or flotilla. So that's logo during an unnatural. Not the most exciting. You know I mean it's true that technique but in severe advance the guys who does is enhances the hardest things are not on. I would say the logo recruits and once you've been through bad start to finish with this method. It doesn't seem that creed CD is a little time consuming which is why people movement those that funding Mel's. Umps they don't have to catch the beer. You know at a certain gravity before it gives up all that CO2. On but it does mean a big difference especially in the lakers star roles in in some of the kind of tropical fail whales in New England you're starting to see people over. Right time that's all the frost and back next week and I are physicians just bring it on ESPN fifteen point. Here and you've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive tunnel want to look online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.