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It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional blue here's your host Jeremy why they. First diced error. Good morning it's Saturday morning welcome tonight of traditions just brew it here on ESPN 1520 Jerry white and for diced her. How he Mort it's so. All what's the when and past months and some nice rain this week is the glory. Kind of pork time for crop harvesting kind of wanted to write fall we'll get part signaled that later in the program is something we need to get to this year and that you need to be. Thinking about but other than that we're kind of giving inflict fall like mean football's back. Column. We haven't seen in many cold nights but they're coming. Yeah everything through cooler night we're giving into fall. Column grapes are going to be coming early we've heard that from several of farmers with a dry season pad. Local site either grape juices Augen becoming quite early this year so. Despite that it feels like we're still in the middle of summer you need to start thinking about the most fall activities because they're gonna hit shoe. Like a truck this year you know sort and gets harvesting hops but. You know is as we approach fall approach tailgating season. Taking supplies down we always talk about the Nazis who had a pre season bills game you're not allowed to bring tech valuations are now allowed to bring tags. So the bills bills lies but private law written you can make a home rumor and Internet death. Mean it's allowed tags but just checked under certain percent actually keep it under six and after hours after remembering him because otherwise you think beat eggs would be very idea and these trash. You know and I mean. But yet they'll but if you're having people over a year out here definitely out and reap all posting benefits. And decent deal with just that one keg to exchange doubt one record on and so it makes it easier fresh draft beer every weekend. We can we we have. Different types of CO2 than me at hand pumps and all sorts of stuff or. 2530 dollars. We have tons of CO2 capture appear during a 150 dollars if you go for it. On and rightly suggest and if you were looking at here. Keg system that path errors in the lines looked off the adult league team if it isn't quite ready for the regular season. You might wanna come in hand CO2 lines cleaning solution and everything you need to. Back open for. And it. Well you also mentioned if you if you are in the bill lysine a wanna carry. Two liter pop awful it's always been one of my favorites now com you can freshen up at the end. It it's mine and you worry about plastic compared glasses oxidation in the oxidation happens inside the plastic. Surface. That Mexican schools has to move through plastic out in the side wall and then get. You know poll and by action. It doesn't happen for us for filling up those growers in the morning and they're gonna beat on by 1 o'clock in the afternoon don't worry about an oxidation. Alms oh for tailgating and stuff like that two liter pop bottles have always been. A favorite of mine you know when it should be here and role model crushed mop the compact. Easy don't have to worry about the classes at. So to pop. Keep it classy. Right good a single life pack almost in one way. All right so arm before we get exactly low point oh sure sure before we get into all harvesting cops last week we talked about little brewing. So if you wanna find out about that. You can find an on demand but also. It is I was gonna say we have a good response from that and a lot ever seen in popular Max you know fermenter and all purchases are looking into primary for mantra they're looking at. You know when he mean what they're gonna do for car buoys. And a lot of birthers sighting to maybe have one steam CO primary one glass second theory. In the loop to kind of have the ability ago and this so if you are. He's really not new equipment. But different procedures on you do want him bills and the primaries and the secondary. Collapsed ply her glass and stainless steel. Preferably over plastic and grip so. With regard to start thinking about operating some equipment you may wanna think about the logo during each he wanted to and in the future so that's that lol pushing you do stainless steel. Take. Discounts still continuing UV that you had 25% off some certain sub nets have gone on yet we still haven't until the tilt pile stuff wears out. Hampshire is the calm after a follow goes on people get back in neighboring these items start disappearing faster and a lot of them have been moving fast we still have I think one with me and G1. Boiler maker locked a couple of the port where older theories. And a cup alone Johnson so low on the stacks we don't have any of them be like 1520 you know 91. But we have on. Yeah so if you're looking at a new pot. On opportunities that David. All right. Seoul. That this does continue and the the thermal Breaux the brewers edged mash and Boyle still on popular at a popular Erica especially the match from Boyle. That's been popular. So is that purity or chiller few parties have all year fermentation equipment if you already have a pump. In your just looking to move that cooler Q review of the Turkey firm into the basement but it's beginning to winter here this is perfect for 300 dollars you have. You know a mesh basket you have a stainless steel electrical service debt control. In respect to you everything you need an electric cattle electric and ready ago. So those have been very popular course kind of late summer yours people think about more Mormon thing inside. Yeah all right so let's get to harvesting hops and and developing blue pill and which is a term you'll see an awful lot on hoppy Beers a CEO Lou you loop blue popular local and Luke Luke. When you end yes he'll see you'll see it like you know if you look at stat sheet for props. UC used is kind of a buzz word it means selling a lot of hoppy Beers in the early talking about the and how. The the hop. In some proper ruling should be you know few examples for you should be starting to see some Flowers Foods properly non time. To harvest. Yet and so you wanna start thinking about this when mr. putting stuff together suit when you have those rights conditions when you have. The proper Oakland development when your crops are ready you'll be able to turn around and actually are some in process BC got a plea far Earl opened here. It's not quite like green beans bird you know SP gotti's walks for some other crops from mint spices. Regis go harvested and you know and I mean with the meant. You know personally salon throw who's going out there and your viewers grabbing the les of the plant any time that you want. With hops are harvesting flour and looking for Holland to be in a certain state when you harvest it. So it really becomes tying dependent. You so. You're going to be at the mercy of hops. At some point rising one to be ready to do it apparent calm. Denton and we're going to be casting in the next like three to four weeks. The you'll have you'll flowers writing. The hold rise on money not develop all once you may be able to harvest if you have to keep the right now our media it. Some now and some later. Arm and generally when you harvest. Com the plant will keep growing afterwards which is because X trickle flowers off of that if you leave it up. It will keep growing and will keep producing a couple more hours and fall. So what are we need to be first of all we won receive the puddles of these large green clones making clusters. It's pretty is they are after what's in side. So if you go to flowery and you break it open ripped open for it and have your hands sees the loop and warm forming inside the kind of in the senator defuse the key. Yeah a lol op however might just start locally courier white dusting right now but it will start development yellow and sticky powder and it is. The column in the will start to leak out. So you should be trying to capture really the key kind program. Is right before they start to blossom and so Percy develop all the flew Poland. Inside in the in the open it up in the start releasing the expose it to oxygen boasted to community. Any kind of search to be calm. Compromised. So you wanna get them before they start to open and that's really going to be either key incumbent wants opening up again and lose some content that's an oxidized. And this is a real I would say if you wanna just look at it if you wanna go over there ramblin' wreck it opens Mullin and stuff like that. Seen those problems start to kind of curl. Down at the end of each global title. Arm will be your kind of signs. That they're ready if you're starting to see kind of policy frosty tips alone tips to a means restored vehicle but too late in May wanna move our nose in the root that were. And again all of your crops are going to fly hour together. Commercial pop or one trim their rights arms that means season which kind of you know helps keep. All the right from about the same age. They will also wait for majority of their crop is ready to harvest in the angle to all ones. The only pick the best looking cops and meet the what is ready now. While home or like I said you can wait you can pick and shoes she can go up there once you can harvest what looks ready. He may still have some under developed flowers in the week again toward the second our Thursday in if you want to. It breaks up. The Dane to a few loads and if you get through the first one you get some cops put away in the don't get that second harvest day at least she got something that's why would I Lian vice. The kind of like hand harvest of like grabbing the path and flowers. This is often what I do so I'll grab enough for one match. Well you know through that Amy Butte set aside two or three ounces and take pride in you know freeze them. And then I will grow me another beer a couple of weeks later and do the things I give myself a couple of ounces for the bureau making. As well as the story couple says the way. And again we've said this all summer. Cops Ehrlich Mitt scorer partially you don't have to save everything you grow. You know I mean it's okay atlas some of it sit there. You know you're growing it as something harvest but also as an ornament so don't feel like you have to relieve leader yourself and harvest all of your cops off the vine. Because if you have a kind of established. How planned. One low tops off there is in need be more than you know what to do with in the course of one year you don't feel. You have to. Arsenal once you can be beat workday and stick either it's going to be Boggs palms. So nice cool morning when it's nice and drives always have. Answers about when you mentioned that you wanna get them right before they bloom is that because. It is is global and the actual pollen yet buckets of b.s are gonna be well at the Oakland is an element in the bulk power yet either gonna steal it wants of flowers open up blogs are earning an in the air on other things to look out for is. Picnics in nice cool dry morning there's reasons for that too. If it's cool you won't have to fight as many books as well as he won't be as hot as sticky as well. And it's Ron when it's wet. You harvest cop plant. I'm in the start to lose or oils that water kinda replaces and that's for cops release. Turn rancid. Thank Rick for your rights so if you compare them nice cool. You know morning that's always the best time I would advise all the heat isn't gonna affect harvest any it will affect you open. I don't feel miserable you know afternoon can be solved. But the rained you definitely don't want harvester cops in the wet weather and to really humid out you wanna get right into when most. In that Olson and have a little bit harder time trying with the ambient humidity in the year two notre. Let's get a break in and give back on the other side with more on developing deployment and now what to do with the hawks went copiers drying up top story house. It's on the way next on actress is just threw it on ESPN's fifty. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just Pruitt which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season Braugher and Eric can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in tunnel on open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I'm back and acquisitions just Pruitt were developing people and how do one deficit right. These times. The element of the pollen the thing you want out of your hops after harvesting your cops or we leave often. How to ya about developing wind harvest them. And now we should really talk about what to do with them bomb as far as what are your options. So the first one in probably the most enjoyable is doing oh what top the year. On these fears are really special the it's when you. When you try to store hops with their fooled moisture content the really go bad quick. So commercially you only ever see these Beers during. The and harvest season and shortly after. On the pierced themselves when you meet a wet hot beer they really don't last theory of law. Another factor is unless you're poor and working directly with like art form. Unless you are homegrown. Your own hops. Arm I don't have any what props to Sony. Nobody else. Not in small quantities not without a contract. So these are kind of very special because. Robbery you can camp to be prepared for you have to be you know prepped out in advance. And as the home number you were somebody you know has to be growing crops in order to meet these Beers. And we can't tell you we don't have any new name and distribution line in one ounce packages in one pound. Arm so when you're looking for what copiers you have to grow it yourself. Arm and the fresh cops will provide this theory unique flavor it's almost like a vegetable paper a similar to like our cucumbers. Which can be pleasant for some. You know if you're getting cucumber. Melon on it long grass and for some peoples from long grass white line flavors maybe. Off putting. But if you ever had one of these wet copiers they're very kind of distinctive. In their flavor on quite different than anybody who use. You know partially salon to Bailey's you know some spices give up. Vieri different flavors when it tried compared to when there what in fresh and hops are exactly the same. Hops on the vine contain about. 80%. Water. So if you're measuring by the way you'll need five ounces of what topsy about the scene I use or bettering its he would want to drive that's two cities the same amount we're just from moving the water. So adjust your recipes of hoarding. On what your putting in UC as the enemy mass and putting in five ounces. Of hops to get my catering it should write my first four edition. On it and really would if you dried out and only be one so it's not gonna take up that much volume in apple. On the need to adjust her recipes accordingly. On you need to plan and I usually try to meet these Beers on the same day. Armed that they do that first car surfing to web prop I PA. I'm doing the same DA have to harvest yes you can put hops in the fridge or freezer wet for a couple of days you don't wanna do it long. Companies battered take them right off the vine and an ice cool Friday morning. If you have a Saturday off to group and thrown right into the pot there's always the best way. To make a wet copier and you're usually putting in a lot of cops are talking about Felix. You know five to ten ounces to bidder first war on usually another will say. Ten ounces to pounds. You know again that's only about three ounces there was strike at the end of the Boyle on and usually went up with about five ounces or ten ounces about the same. Arm so it's also good way to get rid of pop was how putting in a lot of processing. If you're growing hops and you don't think you're gonna have the time to dry out store packaged and frees her props at least meet the way top B. You know enemies need to come in higher tradition mean to get malts east and you get everything else in the backyard. To start. Brewing the beer before he starts barging. To start grabbing hops off the vine and dumping him into the pot if you to a small batch like this even without any measuring can be quite fund. And you're kind of doing this nice and continually. Hopping mad that conflict some of the dog has had 69 minutes series pierce. That's another one might you know for a fun activities from harvesting crops the superdome right into the beer this is a definite bonus if you're trying to get any but he offered to help you. Harvest on the same day it. On the other option. For your hops is to dry them out and acted and actually stored them and they will keep just like your commercial crops we have the right packaging. Arm and there's a few different methods you can use. When drying out here cops. On the easiest method being a food dehydrated and I have to meant after making just with the new post every single year for years I finally broken down. And use of food dehydrated and I think one of the things the kind of broke me and that was I was always worried about the heat treated by food the Eid reader I finally stuck. A thermometer in there. And kind of read the temperature was only about a hundred to 400 times mr. Philly you're and that's fine OK there's kind of a 120. Degrees ceiling here. Armed that you don't want a passed. And seen me wanna check your food to treat me wanna put a thermometer and Hitler run for an hour to NC with the heat gets to calm. Now when you're putting it in the hat Fuji hiker the American be able to allot all at once one economy trigger even these basis and gaps in between. On you do have to kind of change. The trees out. Usually takes about two to three hours. Salters three trays are ones I'll rotate them about every 45 minutes and usually right after that laughter patient. And don't. Com you can also make a homemade ocean I did this for years in the can are good way to process a lot of hops all ones. The easiest way is to take a few boxes Onebox separated at about halfway up what's of windows screen. And then put it here prior kind of cut into a hole in the bottom of the box and to the bottom sediment flow signing in on it. On in what this is gonna do is dry out the year heated up in them as they're slowly rise over the cops and take away. Com and humidity and again this is a great way if you're planning to keep the ball in your planning to save them. You'll be able to do a lot all once again you wanna give a thermometer in there if your crew thermometer in your uncle pen hall on the top and pulled out from monitors through there. So the you can get an idea of what's going on tighter than a 120 degrees. Is really kind of your ceiling here. On you can leave them out in a hot dry room. In this may take a few days or at least overnight Aussie you know 1224 hours the minimum you know if you're. House's warm but still has a season which really dried mostly can be lucky to get the 24 hours. But this is also easy on but it will take a few days to get the job done whatever you're avoided light. Arms when I do food he Hyder correctly carbo we box it putter on the Fuji hikers and light hits it you're doing and cardboard box post obviously okay. And if you're doing it just out in the open umi Wembley paper towels prevent dust from getting them. All or formally hitting them to try to prevent the and its co ops before it even have a chance to use. On commercial. Copper ores and processors because it's not always the same people drying processing crops that are borrowing it. Do it in the large boats were props rotate the ear rotates in the do is close to 400. In twenty degree mark as possible we went into it as fast as possible. This will help get the freshest props and they kind of think one of the reasons why the food he hyper leader in the host are on. Kind of preferred now over the column. Just laying them out when he put them and that kind of environment to really dry air. They don't open up the dry now but these days clothes flowers. When you leave them out I talked a lot to leave them out two to three days and hit it right they can open up in the yellow. So that speed seems to be released. Big factor here socially you know when you're trying to you bickering crops we have three different factors. Heat time and overall potency. With the cops you're always balancing that Keaton time. He wanna keep the time as low as possible but again and watch out for that 120 degree ceiling. The next thing we often get to is how do you tell their arms. How do you tell that tried them all all ways will be crucial for you anger bitterness if you decide to use them in bitterness but also consistency is well. Stan we've heard a couple of passes that test. Kind of drying of cops and none of them are super easy. And you do need to scale once you've done this a few times will be able to judge certainly humidity count and just by feel if you've been using like packaged lead cops. You can kind of matchup against Sosa knew what those look like you know probably feeling of paper our paper and hand. In this what you want them. So. First thing you want to do is gonna take a sample. I keep that San parole separate and if you want to weigh it out at a time tree get one ounce and we know that we wanted to take away. About 7580%. Water or some factories and the weight almost all the water. I'll. This was really pretty simple if you take that one ounce sample he separated in your post on you'll know. When that reaches 25%. To 2% current or twentieth to 25% of its original weight so 11 ounce. Becomes a quarter point two ounces you know that poll that it is dawn in its time to package you can also do this to get a volume. So that when your harvesting crops off the fine if you know that one ounce dried took up a cop. The water quality and volume when you naturally your props he knows that if you're using fresh copier that one cup is about. One counts and it's actually usually do all important 21 half. Cops to two cups is usually about what one pounds dried will work out to be. So once you have them dried you need to store is probably the most important part of the process you can ask repeal hosting from the mound over night. You can even that take out all the water but if you don't properly stored them. They're not gonna keep he wanna make sure you're using non permissible bags and these are usually labeled as freezer bags. If you can get a bag with Mark Taylor and it kind of metallic coating. Those are going to be even better. They're gonna prevent oxidation like we're talking about the beginning of the program the two liter pop bottles these mylar bags will prevent the oxidation through an immaterial. Arm the nom for renewable also provide an oxygen water from moving in and out. Of the the packaging. Argue from flush them with CO2 which helps the most important things to get as much you're out as possible before you seal. So if you compress them in them. Book you know we get all the air out you kind of creepy kind of flat pancakes are packaging. Com if you have food saver with a vacuum those were great in any have to hit them. More than once because kind of some air search to come out of the center of the cone. On but you do wanna put some work in to making sure that they're properly sealed. In a proper bag. And if you do that if you. Dry them out properly if you put them into a freezer to label them they're good for years and years and years I don't wanna talk about how old. Some of my homegrown. Pierce person has a give these fears of people and I think they're assuming that these cops are fresh to freshest possible hops. You know all that you know for must be able to get its hands on visas homegrown hops and the truth is I only harvest in packet about every three to four years. Arm they keep just fine. One big harvest day is more than an off. To put away a pound and graceful to count packages we have throughout the next couple years. He and and lesser growing. Multiple varieties unless you have a cascade columbus' sizes Centennial east chemical linked. Chances are like I mean you only have one or two varieties and chances are. The Euro Americans see cops so you only really get a chance to use among your big oil wells and I PA's. On Togo were not in the beat the cops for every beer and answered during the same beer over and over again. Com but you will be able to put them away for years seniors are constantly do make that America right PA worker growing English chops because there has medically cleansing whenever you and me having this pale oil. You'll have crops raise ago years on the. All right. To listen governor for years yes we're out of time to tell people in the lifetime ops lifetime of pops if you joined us late go back in time. Fundamentally chair 550 ESPN. 1520s website for this on demand for our whole lifetime of ops. What time when not traditions just threw it on ESP at fifty point. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season through or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to look online at and T home dot com. And be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.