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It's. Your fuel economy your beer it's time for just. Want you like the traditional. Here's your house anyway. Mr. good morning happy Saturday chairman wiper Dexter on Niagara traditions just threw it funniest in 15 point good morning good morning IA. And sensing fall in coastal so there is there. A lot of indicators yet so what do those things over or go home brewing indicators the whole agreeing indicators is we're starting to see that styles appear change so normally see mostly. People bring later years abstract currents are all green outdoors. Now you're starting to see people from harvest sales talk about homegrown hops. On target their equipment ready looking in or brewing. So people are kind of curing around for the change in the season and it's tap water starts cooling down that nighttime temperatures are cooling down. The whole keeping control your fermentation becomes a lot easier. On so you see a lot of upper start to move into fast spears and other seasonal beer it'll probably talk about. You know in the next couple weeks here. The death for your stern sees this season and the other early key indicators of callers coming pre season's over I seen couple people drinking pop king had already early on it's out there. All on some yet there's a lot of the normal Western New York falls and there are coming now. Yet had I associated with a brewing a little bit. You know fall brewing is my favorite kind my favorite time to brew you can be inside or outside you've done duel the bulls snapped. Them my usual like wait for the outdoor greens when the oh. Yeah when the yellow jackets go away and get out there don't have to fight them from war and I want depressed later don't have to fight for the Jews. Mom and so I kind of way for some nice cool nights are under seventy degrees bugs. And then you can really get to and I've probably transition from all DI PA's and I've been drinking for the summer into something more about like. But ex spice to be years old available moron in the taste like leaves now. Or in my head they do not actually is for the big gamble or multi tejada all yeah yeah yeah. So we're we're getting close to that. One quick heads up you guys are closed on Labor Day week and that's another sign that follows comedy there's certainly those kinds of announced yet who will be closed some labor groups Monday to a place. Long weekend of course we're always celebrating right now labor will be around some more if you missed last week's show we talk about harvesting hops so you can get everything you know about hop harvesting guy. Four fall. Comes football taking supplies if you wanna do your. You're bringing kegs to the private lots at stadium agreement wanna do you guys are gonna go on all pegging supplies can answer a lot of questions have oddities in the big thing that's. To be able to walk in to tighten supplies sword nature stuff meant so the fuel funny tapped vehicle funny Fossett. Were in him the replacement parts to get it going for another season. Just the ring and in his defense we can match up all the parts if you can't bring it and try to find a manufacturer. So that we at least have a shot. It in the race caskets that sent. Well whatever style you have if you bring it in will be taken forward you know take four. In back to the harvesting crops from last week I actually went and it looked this week mine homegrown hops to see how they're doing is only a week or two ago. There was no relief full flowers yet. The error for flowers with pollen now so last week we talked about arcing crops we said both at home you don't have to do it all in one gloat. I can definitely get a couple of bounces off my plane I have a lot of flowers are still kind of juvenile. And they're there not relieve you know developing pollen yet but I could definitely get it probably Afghan Allen. Hops and maybe even. A pops it fully. So if you're looking to do that multiple parts is definitely not the peak time Americans get. The values yield great if you poll book available hops it wants but if you're trying to do it in several small loads. You know you can parties are looking into your for float ops. To. All of also something it may be associated with fall is winemaking you guys are loaded up on what you need to be for the season Uga we have all the gadgets all the edited seemed to me everything from. One gallon batches or lines are with. Fruit art or your pre buying view's order you can go all the way up to fifteen vehicles so back to cover pressures crunch that is ferment terrorist. And all like that jets and for everything in between will be doing six he'll concentrate. You know I mean one gallon from winds fifteen gallons out of incorporates. We have recovered for all the equipment the year in need throughout the entire process and ingredients well we have all the additives we have all the major brands of east from lab and two red star too wide east we have Alter the O line needs and stock. On to what are your looking for and we will and connect. And other these before let's that would unit pretty deep discounts and a couple specially and we actually kind of threw a couple of things up there. That we work kind of on the fence about three a couple more kits that are up there few to extract kits we have some extra kits we won't be carrying anymore they're not old. We just wanna get them off the shelf and then we have a few pots and I think one burner. Laughed there so if you're looking for new large heavy duty group product you're looking for news cast our propane burner or something along those lines. Arm we have some discounted items again these are broken or not scratch and then they're old models that we've been replaced with a new order. Flashier version functionality they work justice thing. Alms and really have a lot of same bells and whistles. With some of them is just again it's comes down to cosmetics so if you're looking for really good deal and a big part we got your proper for awhile but we always got you covered but this is a really good pocket on these cuts the brewers edged mash and Boyle is there a new version of this stuff in new version coming down and on we actually talk because. The groups that match from boils been really popular it's it's really just electric cattle with some static control. And to speak out. From Seoul for poll numbers Murray had worked chiller pumps you matched times registering extract it was perfect. They are putting out a version that for about a hundred dollars more super chipped about 400 dollars. About I would states still what are less than half of price of the green from there from the the other robo gruesome the other beat brew systems. Arm and you will have that pump the kindness is missing from system for a hundred dollars more it's built into it as an ice reached circulation. The other robo perusing grandfather's. Arm and while we think that also be popular I still think the original match from oil and product. It's just a great fit for enacting new rulers by an actual point we're seeing steering tempers buy it. Just for the convenience isn't he here and you know dual burner. Electric cattle with thermostat control as a mash basket and it too so if you wanted to like you know all in one brew it's got you covered. So. Again it's its wallet is a complete system we're not seeing necessarily super scope for not because it has a learning curve is just because of its simplicity. It really calls to the kind of experience for. As like a secondary set up especially for inside in the winter and that and that means we're seen as people thinking ahead thinking defaulting in the winter. Insane and I want like I didn't through January. Bomb in and it includes remarks last year displeased with so bloody cold. Arm in so ghosting people are the judgment from oil. And so we'll still keep both versions so will still have the original versions doctors that seems to be popular. Lot to get Tuesday we were guests coming up. And talk about a stone beer Epstein beer Stein beer. So excited for that yes. And before we do that accelerating bird is a hit that for sure stone bears signed here it's only okay. So I won't get to that in our second thing before that you wanna talk a little bit about party go brewing yes because that's been something that's been coming up a lot. Armed whispers especially as these are demeaning to the bigger so that is also lets a seasonal thing to maybe yeah you could say that definitely tough on so. As super star making these bigger ears and you get these green bills for you 1520 pound changed the gravity of 7080 point. Yours bill leaving it sugars in kind in the match. So party sobering is that really the process and are producing through different years from the scene. On man Action League from the scene in war. If you agree big ears are definitely under utilized. In the action. Com doing the second gear your real legacy a lot of money so vertical Maurer. Equipment required to your gonna need to Apple's. And is gonna be a little bit longer hampered from anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a you're going to be there a little bit longer what it's gonna get Q is and poll packs for that three year. I you know on free beer. Power the year. Mean you know all the calm the equipment. And discard her ordeal finally mean coffee from. Italy three people were all like the pot fueled a different somebody like some elected you know real strong somebody in the middle. So instead of running everything off into one pot he would stick the cops underneath her perspective relief. You know strong stuff next person we get kind of a moderate strings coffee in the person was looking for the panel light bodied. Coffee would put them on in there last. Arm and this is the same thing that you're doing when you're doing party go Bruins and sent running off into all the sub pop into one problem being done with it. You running off in two apples. Or bash pardoning two different falls barges and two different levels. Arm just to get all the extra sugar out of your green. It's not that obviously expensive process you just need more yeast in more hot. You know also for under ten dollars again you can get pretty much best free beer. So while your first batch is beginning to heat up honorable and just simply. Yet another actress our water and take another six and a half. Heated up to 170 and then put it in two year national and it sit there for the fifteen to twenty minutes and fuel with the first batch heating up to a oil now over. Adding bickering and then go back to that seconds ours in check program. At that point you can kind of make that determination. About whether it's worthwhile so you give him up when he points. It's about time you boil law. It's somewhere around 26 point five. Might not be worthwhile from that forty point two gravity senior going to be somewhere around fifty pulls oil to boil law that second match. It is definitely worthwhile to pale. I mean a quarter. On you can always adds up to it too so you can. You know on a year there at junctures he animal extract. You can also add specialty so often when Knight who's a group are pretty evening color lighten our body. And then for the second running I'd dump and crystal. Patent chocolate malt I cycle for another twenty minutes. Ice are urgently take some money and and correct me gravity. The really rose that this is fourth. In all of their Beers so everything from London pride and in order. All calm from the same match but these are out differently steeped in different especially. On mean. US news and times. So that all of their Beers from from you know big roast the ones in order to light body the Fuller yes the all column from. Match. In oh. You're obviously you've different not different east but in the end you can get two completely different Beers one big ones small. On from the match. And so anybody who's doing big years I ruling hurt you to do party ruling because you really throwing out forty year every time you. You know OK so cute thanks for your Cochran and actual are so. Before we get to our guest and what Stein beer. Our guest about Stein beer what is Stein sort of stone stone stone Beers if you think about that so. In my brewing we have a pot. We put flame electrical heat underneath that pot and then you know gives us all BTUs rights of the heat source is easily controls in the jail. Before you know obviously we beat talk about beer beans work for you know 6005000. From conservative estimate where you. You know read a lot of articles he puts it even partner up 121000 years ago Rick run and you know what the revolution was when humans are making beer. Well metal popped around well how do you boil it Anemia ashen. So what they would do in these you know all odds it's they would hate hot stones from a fire. And throw them in. To cattle while and it would be stoned to reread dance that they have a lot of thermal maps and you can get them a lot hotter than 212. Arm so the beaten him in again on his team with a lot more times than I have its rowing a hot rock into a war easily. Throwing an ice ball into friar. It is violent realize it really comes growing up or slow it steam and smoke coming up from us. I'm wallet and like it's an exhilarating. A Saturday couldn't use you can do this people can people do this people do this have you done this I have been a part of it I've never taken the lead on the project. But I've been a part of a few scenes in Hampton and has seen a lot more seasonal on a few. Wallet I mean I'm not gonna say. That Imus start brewing. A stolen beer and the consistent it is something I would like to do. Yeah it's easier to duplicate listings for the home brewers I think you've done at all. We'll talk about a stone not much equipment fire stones all right. Source special guest and violent brew days are up next here and actors and just threw it on ESPN fifty. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just throw it which means either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season Braugher and Eric can count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew it. Are back here and Iger traditions just threw it on ESPN 1520 and we have a guest Dan cassette on the line to talk to us. Meet Jeremy like protester. About stone beer Stein beer so Dan thanks for taking time to join us this morning. Alberta as promised or Boras has kind of previewed this as a eventful potentially violent. Uprooted of the process of making a stone beer and being around the storm Beers the only time I've ever had an adrenaline rush Wilbur. You know only time. It does that and it does add a little elements of danger I guess you could date to to a brewing process yes. Yeah usually we tell people bring us a safe process. Will have to put a disclaimer there that you know Holstein Beers outside the norm. Com while there are a lot of safety procedures you can do to you know wearing you know face mask could gloves a good bid. Any you know it is still pointed dangerous process and that probably I don't know if you agree damp one of the reasons I think people do it. So much as it is well outside the norm and while in the range of excitement. Yeah it's it's getting an extra dimension to did to the normal through. Schools so now you're doing this with the buffalo Niagara carriage museum and people opponent urged members kills you wanna tell us a little bit about antelope than people banned because you're actually doing the storm beer for an event for class. Which in canceling classes are stressful enough when you're trying to make your in teacher and and also be doing its dome here too insecure really tackling. It will hear it. I'm part of the heritage brew were killed which is associated with the buffalo Niagara heritage museum. Formerly the course museum. I don't want to creek road in Amherst. And there were their real interest in the historical aspect of the beer. Or of any beer any Pearson style recipe. And did the brewing technique of the stone period it's it's it's a very historical. Method of doing any title of beer means don't be really isn't but he. Eight pierce sky you can take any dial in Pruitt. The way I wish wish cop rocks. And it's in its very historical because this is how people root beer. Before the battle was widely known or any kind of stainless steel. When you only have a wooden vessel you really can't Borneo your beer by putting a flame under so. You know this is how they they did it they ask you know hundreds of years ago. Now. Is a stupid question ask we're going at the rocks I mean as I know that is a very away Orton and it didn't really get very important that. Do we harvest rocks or mean can you buy them from. And where do you buy rocks. Well true you know you you really needed for safety reasons you need a rocket. The intensity and a high level like he too because you don't wanna get some sort of a superheated rock in Arabic crumble because number one. Debt could be dangerous and also would be you're not gonna be able to really well too well with itself. The traditional rock that they used was an English were called great west. I don't really think you can. Buy it around here it's it's an English rock but we can use grants. And net debt how IE. A tolerance for he won't crumble. When it's when it's heated up. In putting DeBoer. And I think you also I've seen people use. Clark's tungsten metal. To get the same effect right so we'll take a pizza stainless steel a heated up in a fire which is a lot mostly safer. Iranian armed and writes I think have also seen bricks used before. Because of Burke have been killed Kia dealer Burke has been killed. Right and it durable and easier especially if you get one with a hole in it because it gives you wait too attached. Stainless steel bailing wire to that you have a way to get the stones. In and out or after it reached he'd done throughout the process. Right yeah. We we have a a lot of what yours are connected to these proxies tracks will be in a beech wood fire. And we will supersede the rocks. Take him out obviously you are blank. Process with. You know where were what awaits whoever wants safe we have safety first and I don't waste. And we we take these superheated rocks that there are surrounded by wire and we we kind of immerse them spiritual and very carefully. It'll into the sea. The work. Two. Started eating it up and he you do with several times you can take the rocks and put back in the fighter but the super he can you take about you you will burst of wheat problem we have three or four rocks it will be continuously. I'm doing this with into the beer comes up to a fun night Spiegel steady boil. In and I was gonna say so what is that if you can describe the moment that that rock starts hitting a service and I kind of started in the first part of the program. Into describing a B you've seen a lot more times in the and describe that moment when the Iraq first it's with. It's it's it's here it's it can't be silent I you have to. Too would very slowly and it was deep fried Turkey kind knows what I'm talking about. All you have to keep putting putting rocks is very slowly. It in in just kind of watch it make sure you don't want all for float your your brew pot yeah. You know or have any kind of boiling hot. Should read mixture of flying now. 22 if you were anyone else you know in the area so. You know we we do would very slowly and very cautiously. And you equate that the kind of thing that the Lyndon frost the facts when you hit when that rockets the water. At the steam that are created against pushed the water. Way from it so it's almost making the water kind of pop and explode. Yeah I'll. There is serious spirit film. You know he can certainly you're too was long as as well I can't I mean is is seen at her. From its notice you of the guitar licks like parting the seas like yeah it's that. Yet announced how how far the water's gonna move away from you please you can see it a little you can see just like when you put oil and opinion and the idea and wants to bounce around noon the water is trying to do the same thing while war at that point. None of us are going for B two which is is that they're very popular for smoking for smoking malt is well and it provides a very kind of neutral. Flavor is there the thought into the wood that you're using because you get a significant labor from. Yes I don't know borders is traditionally beech wood that they used to use. In its it's. Because one we knew when you immerse the rock this just boiling hot or not boiling hot rock but this superheated rock. Into the work by two things it's gonna look horrible little bit of the beach would smoking this. Into DeBoer. So what is just a touch of of that smoking this sleeper that's gonna finish up in the beer and you're also going to. A lot of sugars that are that are in the work and Herbalife content still. And and then as the rockets in appear first few minutes and still doped Iraq starts to cool some of those shall burst. Problem off the rock and aid in it karma like aces and so we have been a nice car police smoky flavor of the beer. What type of beer are you doing for this event. Well it's the museum this weekend as they are on annual Scottish festival so we're gonna do Scottish jail we're gonna brewer a Scottish jail. And two distinct your demonstration for anyone entrusted to in watching it. And it's different. The style of beer so it's it'll be. Scottish jail with a little bit of small penis and and you know probably a little extra car realization from from the adults. Is there any like pursuit for somebody who's obviously been and I talked to elope looked before today. On I did a bunch of research and and stuff that I even you know looking online. Com for tips and tricks to making its dome beer and even after reading three to four articles in talking Q you had a few more. That you could use when making a Stein -- you want talk a low but those who what you don't see written in a lot of the guys. One border most important things that you don't scene in the guidelines is when you remove the rocks. From the fighter. They have a lot of cash on them. And you really need to. Below wall off the cash. From the rock before you put it into the beer and we we found this help by trial and error. One of the first times that that this was done with our whole group club. When we didn't walk off or blow off the ashes and we put. The rocks and as the small penis in the terrible as a nation go in. So does the ash in to finish Bure was. It was kind of electric in ash tree if it really wasn't debt debt. Good because we did not remove the ash that's probably the most important thing that that we learn from from due to several of these. But it sounds like it too it so it was like or route Spiro smoky flavor. There's not really burned to order in all like from resonance car like flee percentage or even an a stout. Because they keep the oxygen a week away from the ball. While there they're posting it so that that seems like it could be a big disappointment if you put all of us work into the beer and you have something like that. Right happened. Yeah and and obviously is we are we touched on before you do need. To do rock researchers if you weren't that easy you know another most important thing to. I'd to keep in mind is that people rocky use you don't you don't wanna rock it's gonna crumble because. Obviously they knew you Italian bourse this this superheated rock in just appear in and removed it. So that's another important thing that you know have to keep it and how often do you do this. I'm not very offices. This is. You know it it's it's. When you talk about regular. All green picture appear in your talking fight six hours. It's. For just a regular beer but this. Incorporates. A big time players the chance to stoke opened in do or you know run net for a few hours about the rocks him. Have all the extra wondering in the the mechanism to safely get those rocks and the beer removal men and so I we've probably done this about five or six times over the last ought to know dozen or so yours. That when I was talking today and he said was accurate and appear starting your acts in musical talent on the half dozen house like that's more than anybody from that so it. That wallet an expert but I think that the Stein beer. And it is always for those people that seek out. Different styles I mean you you really can't go into storage in body kind beer it's not really. Commercial Wi hi able to to rule will be your dissuade. You know so so what is a very unique. Very unique bureau very unique. Technique to use to brew beer and it's again historical because we're doing it for the museums so it it's it's still historical way of how people do root beer long before. Stainless steel and metal woods was you know easily too tainted to have a. And to set a joining us here that's it for us if you have anymore questions burger available it's a night and isn't if you wanna make a stone Bayern you wanna buy it you wanna get rocks you wanna do this thing. That's it for us our thanks to Dan consider joining us and now if you wanted to do was stone bear I wanna hear about it no doubt if anyone out there doesn't wanna hear about it. If you anyone who wants to promote that you were going to be at the the buffalo Niagara heritage festival on Sunday. Start will probably be yelled through the doors open at 10 o'clock and we're going to be throwing all day hospital I believe until. Outside 6 o'clock. At night will be prone restraint here. Very good. That's it for us and Iger traditions just throw it on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether your season brewer or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just from.