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It's. It's. Do you wait to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by now with traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Merchandise there. Good Saturday morning welcome to Niagara traditions just threw it on ESPN 1520. As we further transition to a football season and fall. And so a lot of us are very happy young football back to us that night I was outside. But above the politics dog for a walk. I did not come home Eaton had and on tonight's cool nights me to be different sometimes for not only you know lifting. But also brewing. Makes life easier to be here just like we stressed that higher temperatures duties and so as we get into fall we can begin to brewing season with a critical Cole picked up stork. On so vacations are over. You know where are innocent and stone and tradition getting ready Furl would be a fall bands and all big and both they've ruined. Seasons including during your October we'll talk about global effort today you know last week we talked party gal brewing and stone beer with a guest. How many people came in asking about stone beard did you have a little bit of laws that we have a little bit of applause IA I haven't had a chance to check up with them to see how the event went images he wanted to. Arm but the they did the event I didn't hear about it you know human skulls. That means it's a good. You know Stein gear if nobody gets hurt there's beer at the end of it you know if any rocks explode it took its time beard. Arm in so it's a DN release. He's done that about half a dozen times with Keith with summit. And we went to them that means there's a lot of places to answer a couple of commercial buries it and it. Add some hot rocks that matched academy for who will be the next for harmless station. But nobody that really does fall still be. Something at home. Right and labor intensive beer. Violent right brewing process. As fund doesn't respond to hear about. Just seasonal stuff you guys are closed on labored and them were going to be open on Saturday will be open on Tuesday will be closed on Monday for Labor Day well not be. You know we started to see the change in seasons. On the shelves I saw harpoon flannel Friday. Moon and I've bought it even though it's not quite yet flannel season we're getting there from. You know the pumpkins that's a shipyard. Depth is there on the shelves. Now we're sitting up late night cool campfire the other week and I all of sudden looked over and realized my body was drinking a pumpkin was like what's going Friday. So it's coming in you wanna be ready for it. Now while it's it's a wonderful time here that you agencies aren't so anyway before we get to making an October fest in September. This is for people that didn't make one back in March and when you're supposed to make it or if you did make him a mute well this year I drank it I did not make one in March. I knew this was coming and it'll like Munich callous and I just drinking and gently and so you'll be rushing always I don't always always always I've never had one major from march to October oh lord would get to that. Continued discounts on select items in the door. Yes we got 25% off a couple last minute items we have some ingredients up there that's kind of stack is dwindling. Fast com we may move the discount up a little bit more to get that space back in the next couple weeks as we football season the approaching this these items. To try to make. More space for the new models of these pots in the fall peak season if you're trying to slip in little early and get a great deal on pot at that time. And it. And wind services together we're good to go because falls also heavier wind season yes and and we are already starting to see. I'm a big push for wind so we have all the gadgets and and its future wreaking one gallon batches from fresh whole fruit if you're doing. Fifteen gallons all out of the backyard from whole fruit or if you're doing and all six can't concentrate. We have everything you need from pressures to spammers. Transfer back in Ponce lard from ranchers teams DO last. Op plastic whatever mercurial looking for we have everything in stock for so although we talked mostly about appear on the show. We also are full service wine shop in this and to the summer that really becomes apparent principal fruit. On the grapes in the apples are really starting to right and so they're going to be coming soon. Bomb in the wind teasing kinda. Hits you quick in fast and so if you're thinking about making some back here line this season and have a limited window. On to do it at least to collect your fruit so you might wanna start thinking about that soon and if you're thinking about a common and and tradition we can UT started up. With the right equipment that you only need to go home and harvest. You know your crop out back here. Tonight. The oil oil from Whitman yes until we we've been talking a lot about the on the birds that match from which has been very popular. On the there's another gets up their call the oil coal arm and this is one I looked at intensively when I on my grandfather because. Our we have a lot of props like I mean a lot of repugnant as this well I think it is it some out of a coil that is permanently installed in your group. So if you've ever seen the bulletin NG two really have electric option and severe east and Nancy electric options. Impose 110 to twenty. Arm in you can buy those kits to install on your own brew a pot so what you're gonna get rid of the group or the stainless coil it does a full loop. Around the bottom of the group pot and then ports out the side of the bottom of the pot and then just sticks into regular wall outlet. On the give you an makes complaint. To show we are cut and tells you how to cut. So that you get the perfect shape to install this kind of compression fitting proof or when you have that in salt. All you need to do is slap down a piece of stone. Some taping insulated if you can put it right on the stove top and you can plug in this group putt and it just goes. There's no server static control what comes with that but the big thing about the boil oil. And to be quite honest we probably still outsell master boils would spoil oils. They are a little bit cheaper. Arm but the big thing is is that they keep reading is a lot more. War with the Blackmon having the two when he option if you wanted to do 1015 gallons with electric that's actually an option. And was couple different sizes of soft the boil quote you should be able to fit when that really you know Fisher pot well. Exit lo these exit the whole bottom of the pot you get really good transfer keyed differently even transfer heat. An extremely efficient when it comes to electric so if you already have a bunch upper Potts and there's one that you're thinking about sacrificing. To maybe go for electric this is a nice option to get to use your listings brew product than Muslims who don't have flames licking up or on the side. There are users out there and take it again in the use city gasoline unplug unplug the power supply and put an untrue Bernard still use a pot for gas. But it is by far the hottest electric literally. The hottest electric. Drew pedal. Out there so if you're still going to do 1015 yeah owns indoors in the winter this is a place to look and you can convert your existing pot in two. Electric which is a big savings through I don't have to buy a whole another couple. So it's just another wrong opportunity to make things more convenient more lenient equation inside and it's fun to talk about a bit because we were talking a lot about the percent match from global we actually self. More these Portman boil coral sic and both are kind of going. Two drivers that are already existing powers in Ari have all the formatting them and you are you have like work chiller and that kind of stuff. You're just looking to burying your existing growing inside. And me a little bit easier on yourself and so this is. That the highest BTU way to do that option. Aren't so. Caught up with everything we we need to get to in terms of and housekeeping for now in Boca. Our struggle making October fest in September and here it is it's late August so you wanna make an October fest. How can I. Take advantage of the time I have right now which is not a con there but an off to get one now for October. Well in the here's another thing I meet people you have ploy any time. Com you can get an October fest out in regular area all times you know one week if you're taking two to three weeks if your politics. On soy think a lot of people look at the traditional October fest Mars and and they fail I didn't make it in March didn't hand you know six months a logger. You know I might as well not bother in this absolutely not true refusing spot in this holding on to all of their fast spear from marched all the way to September. I think they don't have the cold sores if they do it's impressive legacy that's a lot of fast girl when plates but they're brewing right up before the event. And you can do that to. Until we often talk about the guy in October fest Mars and soared in the traditional styles right in the march to October. And that's how long it's locker on the festivities starting September of April while these tags in and they start serving. Com. Again it's most home birds don't have the cold space and in even if I want to even if I could. You know force of will power not to Hodge. My keg of October fast through the entire summer that would mean that I would have won that tap. All summer and I don't have the cold stored for that I don't think most covers duke is the common kind of dilemma. And home brewers and if you have brew won in new bottle was in June may be your lucky to have like a twelve pack of six back plus so even if you're doing bottles. It's just some nice beer to drink it anytime year in the tend to go fast. And so Burnett cut just talking about October fest today we're talking about what you need to do what you need to think about if you want me one in the next couple weeks. To serve. In the next month here. Immigrant so the first decision is what type of fast bureau October fest you enemy to enemy the Mars and or you wanna make the fast spear and I think a lot of people are kind of on insurer of the difference. When people think would you say if your to a hundred people. Two Beers in front of them. You taste them which one you think is an October fest is like one of the more thought of absolutely definitely the marks marks the Coca definitely the marks on his daughter so traditionally the marks and with the original those week. Eric in the panic it was sometime in the seventies the eighties com you have all these tourists and locals. Drinking these Heidi I'll call October fest Munich don't cools. And these other years in the street festival all day and this specialties is if you read it cleans the tourists. Or having some problems with these higher alcohol years and I detest having done that in Munich drinking a bunch of higher cocoa serum or soul code via a bit sick at the field too good I think about her Varian Beers I have no wonder at all for. The all time them in it's been so they decided to meet a change. And what they did it's the country to switch button to find another star or basically me in a style that would. Arm Hamm the same quintessential flavors. As he Mars and we're would be a little bit. On the lighter side for the alcohol a little bit later on the collar so would be more purely looking for those who were little bit scared of dark beer. On but it would also be a local lawyer and the alcohol so bad you didn't have people falling asleep in the street. Arm and they still wanted to keep all kind of classic this Katie Graham cracker you know wrote Steve flavors in moderation that you get in a true. Mars and so the true Mars and this one is meeting marched higher alcohol usually has on some roasting alternates and some black malls. Com and would be aids in cold storage anywhere from like six or seven and a half percent alcohol sometimes a little bit later. And you'd be pulled out to traditionally celebrates of that seat traditional celebration and then there's a fast here which is the kind of beer meeting contract. By Spartan to kind of be again tool lighter version for the tourists. Arm. You know and I would say that fares it definitely. Hum. The if you're trying to surface to people if you're serving at an event the fast beer is gonna go over much. I mean if I if I'm thinking October fest I show up and I don't Dumars and I get a pass here I'm really happy on those who don't often drink craft beer don't drink dark beer. Arm are really gonna be happy with the fast pure because of its light collar and it's light looks you're still gonna get some sweetness you're still gonna get some toasty flavors. Arm but it's really going to be a lot lighter in body. In so those people were used to drinking volumes of liquor beer is going to be a little more. Home to their liking. So I often suggest during the past year. I often improve in March in a bruise the Morrison and outlet and then when it comes to fall. Improving fast here partially think of trying to get the last days of summer a Paris to one B trying to drink like fear the weather still really nice during the day. And I don't mind linking later alcohol beer on him as well. Especially with what policies and come into the fast your tends to be. The more popular. The. Mary see you pick your beer and then of course you Bruins will do that on the other side it's not traditions just Pruitt and ESPN 51. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just Pruitt which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition homer was your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need. Irish edition home brewing supply 1296 shared drive near military into I don't want to open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Pay them a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Back here and tiger traditions just grew and he has been fifteenth morning or making a October fest and when we talk about this. Board going to be bringing you said the choice is between a Mars and manifest fear and so you make your choice the choices. I'm gonna go for fast faster on an oppressor we're talk a little bit about both. Arm really a lot of the same rules apply here whenever your putting a recipe together. Armed but we're gonna talk about both and I would occurred more of the fast spear no I'm gonna try to professed beer the next couple of days. Maybe the next two weeks here. Arm but kind of the same. Mostly based rules apply to post both their balance both arm you know have a little but the mall focus to them. And both have a relatively. North they would try to finish the dates there stole immediately have a lot of miles field. Armed they're not. Lakes Wheatley community Don Cole our bock or something like that for refers generally these. Darker German beer Scobee ten to peel open lawyer body so the first a look at with any recipe is what are re any use for malt based. Now the October fest south in the fast appears both and company the kind of full range. Bavarian bohemian. Ingredients. And so you get on all the big central European based months pills or. Bringing lots of honey flavor. On which his theory it will say like finish in lighten caller. You have Munich which tends to have a honey like flavor. On has a little bit more or a little bit more toasty in SP consumer goods or your home Munich and then you have Vienna. On what's Atmel from Austria and goes into via a blog like rusty chain so if you are looking for good example via analog rusty chain as a relief that relief islets Atmel well. It has this. Very toasty almost burnt kinda character to it armed intends to leave a little bit richer or for body. Now these are the three mosser wanna build your base with and you're in depending on what type appear the year trying to make you might wanna balancing differently. So for money fast Buren probably gonna have 50% pills near 20% Munich and Vienna. Arm if you're doing big Mars and you meet him very little pills or you may be calling 25 you know 3030. A bomb on your specialty malts. With filling up that final 20% so. I guess it's looking and if you're doing the Mars and you're gonna tend to go more torts of Vienna. As party or its culture during the prosecutor you're definitely gonna have more pills and the recent flight to bury. Mostly popular beer with your promises because it has set vehicles from all with a familiar flavor for those who drink light beer now other posting. Flavors and there again that's a predominant flea. So depending on which you're gonna do you look at those three based malts and kinda distribute them. You know how we won and fast beer more pills that are if you're during the marsh and you probably leaning more via. Arm you also are gonna wanna end some toasted malts and karma malts and maybe even after during the march and some fully roasted malt. In this is where you can really get creative with it and often what I do is I go to the covered and look at what I have a lot over. Armed so obviously classics are airman addicts special be cure me unit. On biscuit mall which and that was when your favorite and it's heavy gray and Carriker and send you get more and more. In October Fastenal my favorite is German hero Roy among the other German are crystals they put in very small amounts even into my fast beer. Because they feel like it has upbeat notes to a on the other. Especially mile especially for doing the Mars in the your offering gonna see is carafe and for office special. On the both German malts are both about the same color of their theory is different because of how their process. So the crew Rafa is a traditional German roasted com. Should broaden dry environment up to a high heat in the hole. Hard screen and all let's turn just about black and so is gonna have similar flavor that electric rifle one. That your chocolate malts and a rock for three similar to your roasted are. Now normally in these martians fast spears. Nam don't cool license and stuff like that you tend to see more of the cool off a special. Not for a fifth special is that. On and what that does is that seems to take away a lot of the bidder for a full cassis proteins and so what you have happen is to get this morn nobody. Kind of chocolate flavor than you did you know coffee in part. Arm in so if you're looking for that kind of addictive nobody wrote ski you know Mel feel almost from your roasted malt. This kind of like soft. You know toasting it's been really a lot of color that Caracas specials which for. On you see a lot of people were doing stout supporters who wanted me to appear low bit darker without. Giving a lot of roasted flavors too thick rough the special B also seeing a lot of martians. And if you have a Mars it's like almost black. Which a lot of the ones I see now are. In you put a cure what's in you don't get that peek coffee knows you don't get that function your face kind of roasted bitterness that beer was the with a Cora for special. And that's kind of will say indicators and non bitter dark Beers and you can pretty much tell that it was for office. Arms that's and I'd nice. Easy cheap to make it dark beer that's the goal over theory well with the normally non dark beer drinkers prices have you're trying to push. Your house gets a little bit. Maker Mars and make it with thick for office special and on you'll be the least burnt roasted beer that the entrance of that will be. A nice Ken changed her. At somebody who's not used to craft beer OPEC are now as we talked about mold filth. We can talk a little bit about two wanna keep it noble it's not how poked his beer you know in the past you're going to be like twenty I'd be used maybe Mars and media highs forty is all gonna be in the bitter immediate tiny bit in the finishing. Noble hops you wanna keep it traditional Bavarian and so has for her middle through tightening errors Alter. You wanna and stay away from some of these skunk here bohemian hops like size and can keep it kind of those. More on you know woody Minty. The variant cops but that parties. The big part and in the in the beef of course save this for the and we have the least amount of time is what the W and ferment this way it's because this is often. Where people get a limited her eliminated this recipes from the brewing scheduled because they're afraid they're not have time American have that temperature control. And first of all it's not a excuse because a lot of commercial October fest. Our group with an east. Arm if if you think of lard or use this kind of a new world and country and we didn't really have. Lotteries and hill you know wind step honor in the you know after turning century's first mass production. Arm every October fest before them traditionally was made with something closer to all east. And so by using the youth in some ways if you need to justify it yourself umi is something a little more traditional. And so that makes you feel better Gulfport. But it's easy you've done it before just because you're using and German. A lot POL east instead of the British ship lease doesn't really change marks little bit cooler on the temperature. Arm and that's about it it's going to be your regular our schedule so there's vote 1007. Arm which is a German alt this falls 1010 from why he's McCain 97 from for men's tennis. Com there's Dusseldorf. From white laps you have landing. Of choices across of rams for ELU civil ferment. Clinging to the point of really kind of tasting like a pseudo logger. Arm and you can still like her as far as cold storage on you don't hear too. Arm but even in the you know yeast will blogger. On in very well again log going with the process before what's east and so all these traditional October fest where me with daily news. And lark. Now for blogger and it just seems to be the bohemian for a lot of home brewers I've I've timbers who tackled all grain carrying. On sour Beers goes those countless hours and they have still yet to do their first locker. Armed and they're so scared that will happen is that they'll lose control of you know fermentation. And it'll have a completely on drinkable beer which seems to be amiss kind of perpetuated on line. Arm you don't need to have perfect temperature control temperature control cults but even that is not gotten a necessity especially with these cooler nights were. But it is all about selection and he won an and we use it's true to style. But if you're McNamee a temperature control. You want one that's pretty forgiving and that temperature range and actually won a set Connors traditional peaceful from meant very clean all the way up to 65 or 68 degrees. And I have lost complete control for it before in the fall and medical to 7274. Degrees. And what happens when you have that. It ends up tasting like California locker with a steam beer which is not a bad thing a little bit Trier has a little bit of almost citrus. To the nose into the the you know the flavor to it but it's by far not been on drinkable beer. On most first by the time to take on Myers have been green for a while and they're doing everything right in slides have a lot more on drinkable Ailes. And I've had unbreakable bloggers. Arm. If you are gonna start at the cold temperatures again it's not that hard you're gonna start off. In the fifties or low sixties out in the forties and fifties or low sixties. And you're gonna hold of their for five to seven days slowly bringing in up over the course of that week to that 65. 68 degrees and angered a lot like the rest another through three days. And that's the whole. You know difference in the locker vs Felices that first couple days or court. And then your slowly bringing him up or you don't have it consistently bringing it up your rushing it before crashes from the basement floor to the first floor to keep the temperature up. But that's really yet there's this whole kind of misnomer online you have to keep it like 45 degrees or forty degrees you need that big pitch. The only means in that's not often true. Armed. So we can brew beer with a large trees quite fast. Com. You know often regroup your fast to their a couple of things well that we talked a little bit about using a larger east you know what kind of mull fill you want fear October fest. Arm but as of Parisian. Develop a recipe fast Britain when one day. Get the right flavors at the right gravity on time. By giving perfect clarity is another matter so normally when marker the year exits from march to October as poignant time two naturally clarify on its own. On adding gelatin or another refining agent a couple of days before you serve the beer will absolutely drop it to crystal clear in will give you some of that same tactic eking out east by taking a proteins. I'm only fabulous shoe we also have all that sweetness but a little more crisp and in that kind of often. Meeks you know the quote unquote logger feel even for a lot of boomers. Umps I would highly suggest using a argues are highly suggest making up last year in the next couple weeks here he got poignant time. Playing time. But we don't we don't Europe. All right so next week back up again amount reminder closed on Labor Day if you plan on your your brewing calendar. And I tradition is closed Labor Day but yeah bring on fall and best of luck with your October fest does not heard visions just threw it on ESPN 1520. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode it just blew.