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Here it's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer. It's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White man. First dice there. Good Saturday morning welcome to tiger editions just threw it money is in fifteenth when each ambulance. For pester the morning morning Oreo. Enjoying the cool weather yes footballs on the way us it was the late I didn't watch the whole game where he got to watch one. Start a football team in the garage yeah we have many movies that pre season was to opt. On so that's nice in some coal mines and was with I was looking at the percent up its rate Max of the TV. In the garage. Didn't hold out via an athlete he wasn't exactly a great game that you missed on the tonight so if you missed part of it. You know one. On our so what's going on this week with talk Latin winemaking last week the seasonal change means reducing cider today up yet but I was trying to put it off item one a to do. Two non beer shows back to back right the people are Armenian people were already starting and that's kind of kicked me in the butt to say okay we need to get this information out there. Almost been a couple of years and we've touched though your second making episode nine well before we get to that. Seoul city home competition yeah this. A Syracuse Syracuse competition so that's the Syracuse and handled assaults and and in the deadline for that is this Friday at nine traditional C leader. Lines posted online but that's when their coming to pick up the peers that nagger traditions of somebody. From the salt city homer club will come to Rochester to buffalo. Third stop that matter tradition pick up all the entries and bring him back to Syracuse for its you don't have to pay to ship and you can destruct mafia Oklahoma shot. They do a similar I think with amber waves of grain and enter a bunch of Beers into our competition Sony buffalo boomers out there. You gotta represent. He can't just have Salt Lake City Hugh numbers all over axle city boomers all over our. You know our awards we got to throw a couple of Western New York names. Back there way so western your birds and talking to uniter association amber waves of grain. Hombre brown act lady perk of lamppost all of the local group clubs keep your entries and cinema town. Brett present for us and we earned him the kind of the biggest out of the Big Three cities here at home during. We should. We should be we ship we should be their views we should. Be bought was a Russia's Amritsar here's. You know rank and now Munich now and on on our I'm always put buffalo number one okay I'll put buffalo number one area I don't wanna that's often insults appeared so Friday the fourteenth is the and today's the deadline for the souls of the homer competition. So there you go keep that in mind me real competition you didn't know about you can kind of just. And toss in there and see what happens. All right so let's talk about football season with regard to taking materials and taking supplies things you might need for your it's out. Depth and so one thing we had everything you're gonna need to rebuild or build a tagging system from scratch and when you come in your gonna seeing prices EC on line. In your game and be able to touch it and check it out before you buy it. If you have a gasket or park you need to match up between brilliant and matched up against the exact part and take it home and know what you're getting. On if you're just looking for operates. We have everything that a lot of people coming in and buying faucets at the start the football the process gotten growth chrome plating is come off. Arm and said if you just need lines you're talking about a couple box. In you'll make a big difference for every character user this fall so take care of your draft system and it will take your view. All through four policies and so we have everything in need we are open on Saturdays so vote and for. If it's last minute you know needs something before game day coming up aren't you geyser. Your clothes on Sunday that labored thirty happened so regular schedule for a lease to look what Columbus Day probably thinks that Thanksgiving Thanksgiving and then there are hours we'll get leader yes. Later that quality is good for the winter we did one making last week. Any quick notes on the full service winemaking blues we used to put it out their read about everything you could potentially news from choose to me you know one gallon from interest three and a half renters 566 and a 71520. Whatever your looking for we have an all your scriptures to spammers transfer and vacuum pumps and you know anything else workers from the wide variety quarks. We have everything you need to meet her so if you got a bottle up suffer last union on two bottles we haven't stacked up in the front of the store. On if you're looking to start new Jews and you need stuff like oh Muslim bags or did you know juice itself he needs six gallons of pinot noir we got you covered falcons. Very good a hot new item that appears we're back back after almost a year of being on fox boomers heat add. Com so this used to be very popular home right in so there's traditionally the penalties Siegel round from entry in the fox had a heat pat it was a waterproof. Twelve fight twelve hard plastic Patton was quite expensive monthly retail for around fifty dollars. A company keep off a pretty good amount he would intuitively when the highest the heating element somewhere around fifteen to when he wants. On its back. It's improved. In the end it's cheaper. Which is surprising how much of are almost half along they're retailing for about thirty dollars instead of the fifty some dollars and it did before. On its flexible now has a much longer court which I'm sure a lot of people are going to be happy calling it about 234 court on it before. Now it's got a big six foot court. It's waterproof so which should. Degrees resilient and any condensation or anything that you kitten fermentation chamber but the flexibility is also really cool and should really improve its efficiency uncertain Brussels because now he will be a rapid. Around the vessel. Not just kind of leaning up against the cider keep it this side because it was a big flat panel before now it's flexible. On this gonna make a big difference I think for a lot of home numbers. And you and it's just in time. For the kind of cold what. Will that at and hoping it would come in before fall in it at the fox first keypad and last week you told for the first time about the that amber crawlers yes and those have been very popular especially especially if you say you're going to a tailgate. You know you can't bring the last of Taylor roster bottle condition beer or prowler and seeking hampering a cack so there goes your your draft you know when I mean. But amber PE two parlors classify in all those police numbers you can bring your own beer but you can't. Earning laughs so for a number that's big I think for nine. Com Humber street had a couple salesman as well so people heard about on the common they've grabbed him. Just to have a non reachable grower the idea of personally bought one error do you love it. On easier to clean you can just throw it into saint. Via open plastic growers. Also coming soon and I thought the question I ask you before we go on to. The sodomy. But all mideast nominees so that he had this before no we have not we had a lot of requests for so army uses and new new ish we'll say smaller yeast companies slap. Arm and he really specialize in yeast strains. On that most other east labs don't cover particularly wide east and wipe out. Are in so we have decided. That we are gonna start stocking them due to the amount of demand from customers. Arm so the umi he's come on a similar packaging to arm why used on the they have again theory unique strains. Arm re always from here talking about the Swedish farmhouse sales and talked about like keys. Bomb they have three. Why east as non white labs is non these are the leaders in greatest and Omega has. Re of them. They are not just for farm house sales can also use them for IPA's. They're noted to have a wonderful temperature range really clean after profound vary attenuation. I'm almost like he very clean from nineteen in you know northern English dale overseas on east. On but the also have a lot of other stuff there people are excited about particularly. Conan. So they have an exclusive deal where they have the house piece for heavy top which they have available on an active leader. On that these two Conan or the EPA strain and we'll have that and stock. They also have about five or six different for kennel might seize cultures all with the theory drastically. Different. Op profiles. Is Wallace they have odd different lack of back Phyllis brands are quite different than you know along the pokey stuff that you get in the white lamps. Com in the one I yeast. Arm in the also have. Season ones that are her. Extremely high tolerance. Extremely fast acting surprisingly. Mean. In surprisingly temperature power. The big one is to seize on monster so they have these theory unique theory. What's the workhorse strains. Are in will be hearing all of their unique strains all the stuff that there is in light lamps or why he's equivalent we have in stark all. And particularly. If you're looking for recipe the group based on one of these duties. Outlook at that Conan and I would look at those Iraqis those are going to be. The kind of star of the show whether a group. My question that I had for yours was kind of a to BG CP question. Are small German journal coming out question sold buffalo beer week that happened and they have that collaborative fear there are coming. It's coming it's coming okay nexis search using X bursting at like ten days they made that classes in session IPA where they collaborate with everybody twenty different. Collaborators from 42 north employing buys all of our front. It's a session I'd be able it's five point eight. Is session. What is marketing so it would not everyone okay politic. I have to admit I see your eyes and you saw my eyes. When I pick up something that is section. I'm thinking like four point two law or they that's an assumption I'm sure I'd write like if I order and I PA I expected to be happy. Not fruity and below lactose is like a problem with like calling a military IQ of a military IP institutional treat beer. And I think there's some. On who you are little bit lawyers in the night. Average American I PA don't know if that's like not to call session. It's very good though like at a sure it has absolutely I would get along under full bouquet it's like you talk to every Burt western new York and mail through their favorite topic I think I'm thinking that's what probably happened. On but it's very good. I wouldn't call such as soda and a I just want to note the DJ CP had any guidelines force it does not know that no character here is some years that are considered like session eighty goals and you'll see stuff like that Ehrlich cable Beers. Arm and those are like kind of thing added definitions but personally if section. JCT category. Of laborers and the ball your favorite stock ultimately it is not there yet it probably oh yeah well. I would recommend it if you had a it's a good beer I'd pick him up as such not here in the lines of a percent thought this is great and saw that I think it's like point me in the while. Yeah well cheers to mean. All right. Let's get a break in and on the other side we decide are making it got lots to get two for cider making so packed it in. In the second half of the show here chairman white protester on tiger traditions just threw it on ESPN fifteen. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just Pruitt which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition homer was your source for everything home growing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in tunnel on open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I'm back here on night traditions just went and genuine protester were to insider making today so. So is this a draw we haven't touched and a couple of years. But it looks like it's going to be a wonderful type season. As much as we're kind of sitting and enjoying this like I mean all dark days of summer here that really feel like mid August. The apples are ready to eat grapes are ready and all the harvests is coming in you have the analysts and peach festival starting. So this is a time a year for harpist. And what's kind of kicking me in the baptism party sees a lot of customers coming in in starting to make their site so people or are you starting to do that. Absolutely can umi cider all the way up until January shirt until the mills run out of juice depressed. You can unique site in the keep pressing while into the winter is what's the weather gets cold the condition of the you know apples into it abort tote in the impressed some in the Randy. So we're gonna have cider all winter but it's starting to come in now when people are starting to me and so we should we talked about it of the season. Arm there are planning a places to pick up. Fresh local press apple juice this time here and you're gonna find a variety of products are usually mills have to products you're gonna get low sugar. Like caller our juice it's usually intended for drinking from met enough for ferment that doesn't mean you can't meet decider out of that. But it's not really intended for. Then if you're willing to leave a fermenter behind leave the sanitized bucket there and in combat when they call you to pick it up. They will rest a load of all cider apples. On that have higher sugar content a little more cannons or will put more collar long wore pants that are gonna. Once you ferment Mel postal level but more from back while there but they have to wait until they have enough people lined up with from enters two dual whole proxy wants or. The Jews you don't fight you on some risk yet. Complementing earlier. So if you wanna get the good stuff you have to plan to drive there twice and and obviously in the area near Brothers Terry being farms black man's. Read her mail there's a lot of places within an half an hour 45 minute drive from downtown awful. There's a couple of things that you will be looking for when he by outsiders not to say that you can't meet cider. Out of what you find in the grocery store shelves in we have concentrated juice from the West Coast a couple different areas English writers Australian senators. So we'll see we carried the exotic. Juices and tradition there are other things he can meet tighter out of but this is the time year. To get the fresh pressed. Now you wanna read the labels because there's a couple things here trying to avoid one UP pasteurization is okay and actually a lot of Slater curse prunes. You know prefer it it kind of skips. The first 48 hours assault fighting and trying to kill any bacteria in the site the UV pasteurization does that instantly. It doesn't change the sugar content it doesn't in anything. Arm it doesn't change the color so really looks like fresh pressed juice but it's ready to go sanitary ready to ferment. Now after buying and off the grocery store shelf there's a couple of things here and a model for. You're gonna wanna make sure that doesn't have any sodium Benson Nate or potassium. Sort it. A bomb not to say that it won't from and to all cease preservatives in it but it's very hard for not possible to keep the Jews too attenuated. All the way once it had some type of stabilizer and so once you're juice when nature has no preservatives. And that's about it. Now you have to decide to assist hearts are certain people were people that most confused walking in the tradition. What you wanna me who we refer to any. You know all sometimes you'll hear people say apple wine. But otherwise apple Jack which is more like summit distilled product but otherwise menu seesaw later you can get anything from something that 3%. Something it's time percent. To something that's dark and has a lot of brown sugar. Or homily flavors ought to something that spiced and to something that sparkling two absolutely and it still sizzle wide variety. The first thing is if your coming in to talk to us if you're looking at recipes of your thoughts go pick up cider. You wanna look at what type a cider. You wanna make and now you can spicy you can hand colonel flavoring stuff like that leader and means singing wanna decide now. Is whether you wanted Kyle Boller low call and whether he won it still warts are. Because that will determine on the road what type ECUs. How much sugar you dad on really everything about how you treat the site where the treated more like beer you're doing a light alcohol sparkling cider. Where the treat it like why after during a high alcohol still site. Once you decide what you make you need to pick out. A yeast. Armed you wanna make sure that the yeast can handle the sugar content of sort of authority there in any sugar in my and to boost up. That tighter now there are particular starter yeast. Armed you can also use English from Belgium AL east which are very popular food English daily since we've very clean somewhat lower Tanya waning. The Belgian used tend to provide thanks a bubble com ample. And kind of far he flavors like fresh cut pay. Secure little more wise old feel to it. Arm or if you're doing a very strong sector for India at that 1618%. Mark you're gonna have to look at wine used improperly champagne nieces about the only thing up there there will eat through all that sugar. On the yeast doesn't make a huge difference in the final product Apple's unlike your ranking you know and I mean you can take pills from alt. And you can almost make any style become an American beer English beer Belgian beer. A Swedish beer almost missing coal thermal all with the same hops just by switching east. With cider because assure contents it's so simple. We tend to get a lot less pastors from the song no matter what the sluggers like peace through the east into it always almost a penny weights a 100%. In usually for men felt pretty darn clean through doesn't mean that much faster compared to the scene yeast in a beer. So while a lot of people really stress. Arm what east to use it won't make that huge of a difference. You know it so really to make the site where you're going to if you get the UV pasteurized you're going to bring it home. You're going to open up the jokes you're gonna poured into a sanitized from inter. You're gonna check the hide from murder may be at corn sugar heart mean. Brown sugar apple juice concentrate or water to get your desired sugar content. You're gonna sprinkle your east on top. In the near gonna close. And that's basically yet it's for the rest of the process you're either gonna bottle it up like appear so at a priming sugar may be something to backs Wiegmann. And then you're going to bottle it up like beer or you're going to stabilize that again potentially back sweetener in bottle it up like wine. And that's why state Slater is a very easy. Efforts to me maybe easier even than mine now. Kind of like. You're in home to mother for meant to project. It's very easy to get a good product. It's a lifelong passion to hit a perfect one. On so I always incur if you political right headstrong into it on it's easy to make. They're really in just about thirty seconds described the whole full day of work sanitized bucket or in the juice sprinkle east. Close and lock it up with furniture giving UV castrate if you're giving apple look fresh off. All the local mills UV pasteurized. That's how simple it's going to be. Know once you're getting towards the end of the process you can get a little bit tricky depending on what you wanna do if you wanna do this still. It's easy stabilizer in the wide models. If you wanna do carbonated tiger you wanted to try also very easy priming sugar into beer bottles and you're done. But if you're looking for a little bit of residual sweetness in NG one it's sparkling. That can be the trickiest part and this is kind of where we're gonna get into the have been muted show here. So when you do this still product you can answer to a because a sore rate is gonna prevent these firm eating the sugar. When you do a sparkling product if you put in your sugar for carbonation plus your sugar for sweetening. The east which are slowly eat through all that sugar under normal you know circumstances and eventually you'd end up with a at least over carbonated tighter. If not he Bobble off. So if you're trying to do a little bit of extremists who have a couple of different method to most people to want a little bit of backs weakness. Now the simplest message of what I often used. Is to add is zero calorie sweetener. Two decider right before bottling major right per taste. On I use sucralose can remember what name brand they have at home but you know the different artificial sugar makers meet different versions shirt. I usually use to Carlos. Tom morning Heidi usually comes in the oval single use coffee. Care packages and to give you an idea I'm using about one to two of those packets for keying an outsider so I've had no need to buy it in a ball container. One of those like fifty count packages of sweetener has lie. Eating my way through it slowly torture but that's easiest way because I mean zero calorie sugar all multitude ex friend. Off fits in there so desist sucralose in union on aspartame to Wendy's at. On the east will not be able to eat this or prevent the Bible on scenario. Now if you wanna Houston natural sugar exceed you know table sugar. Honey. Apple juice concentrate. To bring back the sweetness and get a little more tricky. You have accounting system if you're willing to be your comment or your willing to put on tap you can absolutely and the sort bait. Edger Barack sweetener. Armed artificially carbon unit and go from here that will be absolutely fine but if you're trying to do a cast condition product something that you can take a bottle up. In sit in the basement for a long time. This is work it's hard. Com through there really only a couple of ways to do this because when they do it naturally. And see if you buy a French site here. On those samples have been inched. Bomb in a certain point that they've actually sweat out some and time. In changed the sugar content and so those apples are already have on Furman temple sugars and they already have some duct streams. From the fact that this tiger for a actually aged. Before they were ferment that. On with the the cider apples were giving here I hate to say it I just I don't think we're ball sometimes we get absolutely right samples. There's no home mail and never what I expect them to. Sit there in age and sweat a bunch of Apple's you know Bure risks are there products Google really bad. In this is something has perfected by you know farmhouse breweries over decades and decades inducted its. So don't expect to get it on the first try. But there are some ways that you can and follow us. The the way that seems most preferred by customers. Is you enter sweetener. Ought to taste for multiple sweetener. And then you'd take it in Hewlett's out at room temperature usually we'll take you know what day or two maybe at most two weeks that every day. You pop bottle when the carbonation gets to where you would like it. You take those bottles Ian and you cold crashing in the French. This will not stop the fermentation completely but you'll significant means slowing down and you'll be able to keep them there for a couple of months. Kind of polling after him as he wants he may be able to meet him last Christmas that way. Arm if you wanna put it in the basement in you wanna let it sit there for years. Now you have to do something to kill the east inside peace sealed bottle she can't just open up again sort that won't work. Armed. You have to pasteurized. The carbonated beer bottles arm in I have to admit. I did this one's. And I didn't break ball. But I was sweating I wish teaching the entire is you're looking at fifteen say it in about fifteen making some time about a gallon. If you're staring at fifteen bottles that you know that are close to thirty to forty PSI it room temperature. All of my beer bottles are recycled. So there be some of commerce in glass of mark sick I tried to pull out all the Belgian beer bottles and although the really heavy like models that they did purchase from the store. Out of there but I'm still sitting over there nervous as hell is like bring up. This water very slow 270 speakers who usually what you do is try to very slowly. I actually like crock pot for this. Bring the bowels up 270. Degrees and you wanna keep it here for about twenty to thirty minutes to make sure that he is able to kill all your east. Now it just is slow leaves you brought the temperature up. You wanna let the temperature calm down on these bottles now hopefully if you've done everything right. You'll be able to sit these bottles in the basement for years and years to come. And they shouldn't. Start over par I would check on him every once in awhile just to feature Vernon. It's a little bit of gambling game yes and yet again I'm just brute I'm suggesting I protection. OK I had protection is probably the only safety equipment you really need in homer all right an extinguisher. That's it for us. After football season happy cider making season of course any further questions you can pop in this Oren and time on Anderson you know indeed indeed anti bombardier dot com for that. Happy Saturday have a football season talked to next week on nagger editions just Brooke. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by an average traditional blue. What are your season brewer or just want to get started president at 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode it just flew.