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It's. It's. Do you like music you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Per dice terror. Good Saturday morning welcome to not traditions just grew at you on ESPN 1520 Jimmy white and protester how are you good morning. Happy post Labor Day right an array with two weeks ago I'm of the weeks has blurred together. Yeah well we got a lot going on this week in the last week and the buffalo be your week so it's your last chance to hit up our sales 10% off fall starter kit for beer. And 10% off all falls sacks of so today's the last day today is also the last day of GAB after American beer fossil Denver Colorado that's wrapping up today to. So a lot of going on in the year anyways in post labor how how long they knew and the great American beer festival on them has always been Denver it's always been Denver. Our mind while over a decade and after I went to a almost a decade ago and it was already well established by that I think was are you going or did decade at that point I think it's twenty years for much like that severe community has been growing in size and pursue it absolutely absolutely. And it is a very cool great beer tasting to go to and it is very overwhelming necessities you know extremely large venue. And the amount of the year there is unbelievable so even if you attended all sections there was no way that you would be able to consume. Even a quarter. Of the beer. There token it's intimidating Brett Keisel lie very very intimidating when you go into GA be epic like you through these big gazing into it collapsed and the mapping your like. Yeah he mini scooter to get around it's that epic by the end yeah all right so it's in buffalo beer week. But is both orders cells don't have results our kids Simpson a sexy grains today's the last day of that. Our hot harvesting guide you like to point out that it's August 11 show that the show we did that was the hop RC gets. We did it early so that when ever it was time to harvest you'd have that showed there and ready to go. And go back and listen driver in my hops are absolutely. You know really started at their peak then I haven't sir to lose any Combs yet but you know two weeks ago. You're looking good they really didn't have the loop when development. Now is they break them open they're nice and yellow sticky and hurry to go inside so most cops are ready to harvest now. It took to to get to it and get to the top three are harvesting. Guide if you want to off August 11 back in our on demand portion he can't find in the rate of art com app by the way some of the apps have now been the podcast that the loading. It's on the actual full website at WH ER and on demand audio that still works for him and were working on that through yet have received your feedback yes you know and that's bounded to a couple of U. In working and giving it back on the right and I can say it's it's not just this show it's every show is not necessarily popular thing on the radio dot com app currently. So what you know yes the fix is potentially open no doubt eventually. On the way all right so taking supplies U a hundred ago. Fox brewers heating pad. Yes so that's that's been nice to get back in good time year give it back it was out of stock all summer which is okay it's heating pad. Now we're getting into winter it's back. And surprisingly it's better and it's cheaper. So it's flexible it's waterproof now she can wrap around from hunter or something sprays army you don't have to worry too much if you need to wipe it off with a white towel okay. So they mean it waterproof they mean flexible still the city and went to about 1518. Watson still one of the bigger heaters. Hope there on the market for number heaters on like the bulk so you can use system power fermentation chamber you can use for Kenya combat. You put on the side of the big stainless steel Carmen colon will give the worked on for so those are back in stock and more popular and work for okay. The PEC crawlers still popular and feel locked people taken into the games and in all that but they're there for two auditors use that your bringing draft the last thing to yes we brought kegs up. Because. We looked. At those old policy and it's not the policy anymore. Because I did I I look at the bill's website try to find if it's not a lot of green tags. There was one thing that said no binge drinking no fall moles. And but I mean everybody please beer pong and lots of stuff happens so. We brought kegs we are also in the camper lot. So like we we knew that if there was a problem we can put them away yet but no one seemed to have a problem so we went drafts him we brought kicks nice. I think there's a basic repeat keep it respectful yes it shouldn't have. And I would say this that on what comes to taking supplies you guys have taps and things like that right picnic caps and all that stuff. Make sure you get one that works because if you don't you can end up thinking your out of fear and then finding out later no we were out of beer now because the taps were you know registered generic. Rentals yet and we've seen a lot of problems the reds pulled from the missing caskets he can actually push and pressure and the carrier and pumped down pushes out the side. Armed we've seen problems with chief team keep pets of people coming and where the lift Ers are long enough or not actually depressing the valves Sicily there's not the right gap so having a good even if it's that cheap you know. Cap system if it's mean in parts. And while Maine and has all the seals and caskets and you need to take care of it. Between ever used a lot more confident for somewhere specially in game India and we're really counting it wearers if you're doing with the rental tactically you don't know what looks like an incentive program that is the last person did to implicit in the bottom of cooler for a week. And it got rinse out the back of local beer store and given to you up. He Albion divide tap soon because I I decided after doing this process that. I buying it take its got a nice you can call any local brewery gonna party get a keg of you know whatever got you habitat Peterson so much fiction yeah in their personal and these afterward Andrea idea I think I I have a draft system. And people bring gears over to my house and I almost looked overlooked or ultimate toll collector myself I love when people bring over exotic restaurant you're but. And d.'s I don't like. Obvious and piling up in my garage with and tedious yup exactly we went camping couple weakness going in every draft your brain myself enabled us. We'll do cans and bottles and that was the sticking nightmare. By the end of the weekend so the draft system makes everything a lot easier clean bodies here taker. I get a quick break in we've got talk about human beast you guys haven't stuck latest reviews on that apparently were rewriting the history of fear them and then you're getting into bracket. Yeah that's on the way and Iger provisions just grew up on ESPN fifteen. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military into I don't wanna open Monday through Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and tiger tradition home brew paid in the visit and remember to just Peru. I we're back here and neither traditions just rude and yes in 1520 verdict gonna get to bracket. And a new date of this Revere it. Before you have the O meg east you you guys have been excited about getting this back and yes yes and in so we have it in its moving quickly we aired yet some people who have a couple of Beers with it and so far creek reviews so little more expensive than one useful work bunch of them white labs. Arm but the real we have the yeast that no other yeast lab has so they have quite keys they have Conan. There TI PA which is heavy proper strain. We have a lot of different routes like five or six different Brett some really cool on. Lack of axle let's disposed metabolize a lot faster. Can't produce a lot less funky flavors and some of these you know traditional ones out there and and they got some really really cool stays on with some really impressive. Steps so they have a lot he says is just not covered elsewhere. And really kind of yeah popular so you know they're definitely working a popular. East here over your regular. Alms strange but I don't have a wine stuff armor blogger almighty god for him and I mean that there's a lot of extremes that they don't hand out. Com but the year old most of their strains are strains that other these companies don't spoken very good company reps so. We're deciding that beer is older than it was before yes and in in there there's a little bit destruction zone I've set on the stereo would your music. Like you know six to 121000 years Coca depending on you ask. Because there was always evidence of that we have the technology we're beginning to grow grain are beginning to stick in certain you know areas of certain seasons for long periods so we were. Starting to give up our nomadic ways or at least turn to carry food with us. And there was a lot of rumors that we had all the tools that we needed to me beer. A lot longer than 5000 years ago but in my was not have been an easy to prove the guy air route if you think you've if you go back by the king Midas Woodman at all. Eight centuries somewhere around there BCE. And you know he think of Midas touch of the that the beer from dog fish had. In what they did Ayers they found. You know beer or some type of alcoholic beverage that was still residual in Cass and it was appear meet with both grapes wheat Barley. Hand honey. In the remake version of that beer as well but it's that we were Ari kind of Surrey to experiment we'll say by that point. And we certainly know that in like in early best team in the air making beer but this. Pushes that back even farther so are safe that was always five to 6000 years. But the new date is closer to thirteen. Thousand for comic confirmed. Beer and so the evidence that according to the journal of archaeological science is they found traces of our early in wheat based alcohol beverages. Found in mortars carved out. Two feet into the floor of caved and leave the cave it's set up like a house or at least vehemently house Bowling Green mill and processing facility. In the floor they had true foot deep Maurer who were victims crushing grinding grain. And what it looked like they were doing is grinding it may be adding water rate they are in from nineteen inside. The cave floor because obviously the presence of certain types of alcohol and certain residuals that mean you. That a bar earlier reap based alcohol was found inside there one point while so. Impressive beard has been around where a long time has always been rumored to to kind of be the reason that we you know moved into more centralized so this is right. I I'm not get too far I'm reading a book called sapiens is about the history of the human race and it talks about a lot of bout wheat how weak was the thing. That made people come together and we it was a thing that you know once you could grow your own. If you think about civilization. It's always around wheat. And the funny thing was a picnic the the concept the book was simply did we'd domestically wheat or did we domestic hate us because he's domesticated right if I have your pizza. You need to go right to be raining down to the view that it could be cold climate like here I'm okay if I look at pizza. You know on beer I'm happy yet in farming communities came up you know that's that's. It was a very inching. Old chapter of this book it was all about the role that we played in the history of humanity. And of course beer be related to that is well Blair these these caves he's this journal morial Israel is also the right in the kind of cradle of life in America and yeah. And so annoyed it's always interesting to hear I think too there there's a connection. The legacy if I have deer Turkey time happy if you look back actually conceive or similar you know they have beer pizza. They were happy yes rob and so is even though we've progressed over the course a Vietnam. Via thirteen centuries. We kind of still have the same ones would be warmed wanna beef you have a good beverage. That's about it right all right so ragged today yeah so a brag it is another kind of historical. Average and have. Our average is kind of combines elements of both need Ian beer. Arm it became theory popular post Renaissance Europe it was very strong. With sweets. In because this trial often wouldn't go bats with her how to apple. All it was an appliance wasn't what you need a beer me to meet in the mix and together brewers are purposely made bankruptcy would. You know mulls bar early on you would then match our early and then add to the man short to the sparks. You would armed honey. So this was able thing a very ancient beverage and was meet all across Europe and the diversity that you see in what is the brag it now is probably more so. Then. Any repeat was still popular quite up until like the eighteenth century so we're told that the mechanization of beer. Bragg it was still very popular and very diverse from area to area. Odd that you went. Arms in the hand this kind of the first property so they can be about any color can use any combination of honey in malls in the can be anywhere from 4% alcohol enlightened and it rise and the only summer effort. Two roof. 18% alcohol and something that drinks morally and purely in imperial early wine pork horror VO brandy. On to its very diverse as far as what they can be. On the have the can be still so big and have absolutely no carbonation and all. Organ can be moderately carbonated as much as you would find an English jail. Or farm spear. So while there's a lot of things that a brag it can be I was gonna say you're gonna define a per get a test at Malta has to have honey has to be fermented. But there's a lot of things it really can not be so for gonna talk about how you're gonna make a bracket I guess we should really talk a lot first about what not to do. Armed and not about what to do. In the first big mistake we see a lot of home for me with the upper yet. Is the bracket Suton the two then it should really operates mount feel. And a big body I mean to break can be sweet almost a point where it's Chloe the world where it's like you know it takes a bolster. On. But which would would be totally appropriate to style. But most burgers you'll see your Mosul say mold better brackets and I've enjoyed. Army have almost no terminal gravity so the right around the gravity of one and may be you know one point 01 excellent bluffs and ten points. A term of gravity. But they will not be a watery or season average they still have a lot of mouse field is still have a lot of fox. Richness to lump despite the fact that they really the sugar content has been drastically reduced. Com. This is I think it bask comparable. Armed may be like a rich. Red wine and if you ever had melt back Ehrlich Austrian league camps offer to really loaded up with oak. It's a dry and snaps sweet. But this is really like rich mouse feel really helps bring help flavors of the great so you know that element of tobacco and what are implausible equally come out. And it's the same thing with a bracket. When they're really clearly drawing in the sugar isn't overwhelming almost and you start at the flavors and Romans out of money in the that the richness and hosting this out of the mall. So. Having that kind of theory delicate dynamic. Of the you know low residual sugar but still balance of the sweet. Really meet some you know and race efforts to our electric and like you said the gold down like pork repeat you know we tried mind. Or something like that so there are almost morbid dessert our efforts in an end kinda referring to the higher. Alcohol range here. Armed. Funny is a very simple short answer would be useful you'd be able to eat pretty much all of that. So when you are putting your recipe to gather you wanna take a pretty big role bus venal mall profile. On as if you're making our early Warren and brown our former Porter. On Edger 56 pounds and pounds of honey and then trying not to worry about it too much arm because of the break it will balance itself out in the long run because the honey is so from mental it's gonna eat all that and that's actually in the closet to eat a little bit more popular culture. As well as the edit alcohol from the the honey will actually reduce the overall gravity. So the high alcohol the simple sugar causes that to really dried out really to the range it should be. Arm in and that's kind of key to make a lot of people worry about putting tethered. Ever brag it. Like how much on the purses mall I always tell people do however much mall your comfortable with smashing. And then add as much unease you want to get year APV. If you're worried about adding in Boyle you can even add that late in the process. But for just about every bracket I've ever done Dayton haven't been quick as far fermentation is concerned. But they've always finish outright in that kind of range in your doing like more. Or equal parts funny to Maltby seems like you're always say on another thing that a brag it shouldn't be is bigger. Arm they are high alcohol they do have only you know toasting ultimate but whether it's from the cops are from roasted malts to brag it should not be bigger. Armed with their kind of delicate balance of low gravity and high alcohol or mouth feel can very quickly. Be ruined by ousted from claims that forecasted or access all facets from hops. And it really will become our quickly stringent. So you really wanna be careful how much roasted Altria and generally stay away from release you know and dark roast of our earlier dark chart that malts and if you're gonna use original brown mall. He really wanna be careful about how much yet that's officer supercharged as well. Usually from mine I would sand under half a pound of roasted malts are usually pale chocolate or you know brown Walter amber malt. In small amounts are trying to give it a little that you know from now and it host the our mouth feel that you really want to be careful about how much you end. The other thing they think it's disappointing. For our immune newer home brewers is that correct it's traditionally didn't have any hops. Armed but that was it at this that television oxidized with anything get infected. You know most modern mechanized purring pops because rain became the default bickering agency peaking at the fall preservative. In beer as well so many modern Bragg it's including the ones I always make have some bickering cops but extremely low. You certainly under when he I'd be used but I usually try to aim for our tent with money. I don't think it's release needed it to be quite honest I've never meet to brag it without cops. I don't think I've ever need more than one or two Beers in my entire life without props period. Because I'm just afraid that I am afraid that it might have some oxidation or that if I don't put any bickering content will be year. Two in the it will really kinda lose those be your qualities so little pushing more towards the ball in the pork trying to arrange. And less from literally strong Hampshire appear so I usually in from ten to twenty. I'd be used from my way. Bring it and they stay away from any finishing cops in most artful you know give you the same advice. Are the flavor of the honey it's really delicate it's usually floral fruity flavors on from the power and and if you put a lot. You know flavorings cops and there also have six receipt tiny. You know fruity or floral flavors who really conflict. With the money. On so I would really if you wanna play it safe I would really encourage you to avoid using any finishing cops earth and need to write ups. You can use spices if you want to so I mean I've seen holiday Bragg it's. Or ones with like juniper screws or older flour is rose hips. In the as long as those spices are delicate as long as they're small amounts I've never had a bad spice. Bracket I've had hot brackets that work. Early on drinkable sort of unite PA. That just didn't turn out the light on the on the others and hot bright up to cop a girl hot meal and Indians beat we should want Asia to number of a long time. Armed but yet hops in to brag it they just don't work too while a problem from somebody's face a lot of them where they just. They didn't taste quite right or the cops really brought the beverage with its high alcohol it's mean it intensely close terminal gravity. All of a sudden it brought in to the stringent range and really not as pleasurable become something you can happily Boland. Oh lead around. Other the next question the most people use is wallet yeast do you want to use most birds flock towards English and Belgian aliens. Armed and if you're doing lower than 10% alcohol their work can work just fine. That he provide wonderful flavors are characteristic for style helped keep that residual up a little that. Armed but if you're going over that 10% mark lieutenant. Going more into the wind. East so usually champagne Easter may be sweet meet east. You can still use your field east you just have to have them both so if you wanna use a belt and farm house Easter northern English or Scottish ale yeast. What you're doing one at like 1415%. Are you can still use that he spewed just have to put in a package champagne knees as well. It's not gonna help compete field east until you get that final attenuation in the match campaigns were really help you were down into that appropriate. Gravity range bomb is farmers. You don't if you wanna use American east. Absolutely you know all on track this he's absolutely. I've had brackets mean with winds to honor our east and they were. Wonderful. And they weren't the strongest brag I've ever had I don't know if you push the alcohol little bit further that it might have caused some problems. Arm but I have had breaks me with every east and so on it and they're just about always good it means you can put on any sports who seems like you can put an. And the east you can use any honey and based B European and our normal malts biscuit. Is always a favorite of mine. You know air mandate he's Campbell he's Munich most of based. Armed but putting in a lot of pops seems to be too mean the only thing you can do. That kills a brat who would raging beautiful especially I'd really like dark you know heavy toasted open there but cops always seem to cause. The most problems. And then the last thing that we want to talk about what's bracket is justly Barley lines just like the ports in the melt back some things they say they compared to. You really. Want to gauge this. On you can do it still that would give it a little bit of carbonation always agent and beer bottles now wine bottles. Armed kind of preserve from protecting oxidation the other reason why given the low carbonation. Armed but I always tried to use them for years in years either definitely barbour's view age morally and wine are more likely need. Then and the beer it's not unheard of to take a very strong there bright and put it away for ten years in power and it just to be. Absolutely wonderful. So how long would you wage doesn't matter if at least one year at least this goes into just like borrowing lines just like. Blix really strongly. You know red wines coming to try to hide some bottles on myself. And I think I was at my last apartment for over seven years. And I was able to find some borrowing lines small amount of meat and small amount of brag that I hit on myself when I moved into those are like nine years old now. I have opened a few in the our wonderful it really comes down to a few sanitize well if you rack while we keep our air. Com the beverage is only gonna get better with age and I'm not gonna push I don't know what is gonna takes place in thirty years. I I don't think many of us would know. And I think it's usually if you with a thirty year old bottle something you're afraid to open adjust to break the seal all of them but I would probably try to. You know I think the most I've ever if something's about ten years from those lines those Beers that I age you know through the entire time living and apartment. Just about maybe that's what's those cave dwellers are doing with this stuff to feed into the floor. Now to aging at the NATO hole put the book but the what I treasure is like a Thursday through another human tradition of tidings. Food or beverages on yourself because you can't trust yourself musical William talkies and sake being Easton. You know Japanese beaches the F bombs. Be honest beer wine hidden in caves. And I think the Germans took the whole thing to him and worked there are right no you're not allowed to touch this from you know march to September right and I column and so that's the biggest another human dilemma is control. All right very cool. That's it for us on inauguration is just wrote last week we talk about Beryl maintenance by the way didn't mention and so if you if that strikes your fancy find that on demand WGR 550 dot com prix cart drivers Asian barrel per work even better Asian girl alternative like chips are states they're government at all that stuff in there. Last week is also much as Perelman has been all your different options if you didn't want necessarily. Have a barrel or in a bilateral little girl. That's it for us back next week and I traditions just brew and on ESPN 1520. You've been listening to just Bruins. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel wonderful online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.