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It's. It's. Do you wait to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by an average traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Robert dye Easter. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight divisions just threw it is in fifteen point. January and mr. orient the morning good happy Saturday yes all right all. Put one ball behind me up real well yeah us yes we did. And think. Just watching the tap water drop via on assert during the loggers and stuff like that again I'm just waiting for the cap Watergate down in the fifties to me political easier. And feeling will be performing how long is it normally take for the water to drop wearing it's usually sometime in late November. You and I mean an end if you bring Ailes is absolutely equal enough now for. But if you're brewing loggers to meet the difference of being able to. You know put on your work chiller watcher war dropped your desired temperature buried pitch. Compared to. Watcher or drop down to his followers that won't go either pull out an ice bats speaking in your fermentation chamber. And then come back in the morning and do your theories and stuff like that to a means he can finish the job all in one which is huge for any home you don't like to have to go back. And do anything more than we can watcher project in the power you don't have to go back and actually do more work you wanna come check up on it and move on. And so though we have a vehicle for all new all right good charge sketch of a few things I'm in my head spinning all via. Traveling this week and lots of lots of stuff going on but the second annual homegrown competition at the Youngstown arts and music fast and we got I'm sorry to. The later we we didn't get this information until just today or two ago OK so we immediately expand our council for media an email trying to get the information out there. We just got our hands on at the deadline for the armed found an arts music and arts festival is this coming Tuesday October suck it. On their also only taking two stock sales this year American IPH in British reporter I know this is a these are kind of just a crapshoot whether you have one of these beer sitting down already conditioned in serves no time to brew with an Ali we're getting this to you. But I just want to throw up some local competition and there's some cool prizes for the winning Beers gonna be brewed. And for your bring company but the other thing that this competition has for prize is cash. Well yeah and not you yeah I'd seen some awesome beer prices really expensive comical from enters a competitions. Arm I remember one year one of the was when the bigger macro ordering companies if your competition. Was of a certain size. From your best of show winner they would do custom. Mir are bad. So big like behind the bar Mir with you and your team in in the competition. That you want and all the other and trees and stuff like that they would do this giant. But after a few one but the show but I have never ever ever seen the cash price and appear competition. And from somebody rappers competitions and complaining right right beer costs mean you know money to me Kean and you know it's a little at a break. When the competition and move up very good. All right so that's coming up that's October 2 Tuesday this coming Tuesday he three days if you have the American IPA. Which probably a lot of people have or a British Porter. On that's what they're looking for in the competition they're looking for new recipe to Peru. On third two minute accounts which are up so so it's all those two style only those who the president is not a BJ CP competitions of the got kind of a style binder. You know we Miata New England style or IKEA and shake PA. Sure I guess that counts and heard and there will be panel lenient because again it's kind of a you know popularity competition. Not necessarily be ACP competition that opened a recipe. Troubled deadline. Tuesday the second winning beer to be brewed at brickyard. And there you go to the second annual Holbrooke composition of the Youngstown arts and music fest very cool. I was gonna have like new annual competitions and joining the fray you know yes no definitely politically easier. Armed and for people who you know aren't her only the big competitions it gives you an a chance to get some feedback before a warrant before unique. To the chance to. Take a recipe give feedback on it. Make changes in re brew it before the next competition side and all right. So taking supplies the sex is something I can speak to this week because I bought some tightening supplies. From you guys this week I bought what what what's the name of Lima you you to Odyssey he tapped in a picnic. In this is a great thing about buying mean bland quality taking stuff it's all interchangeable seniority head home brew draft system for this standard Cornelius caddies and you know all locked. Arm bite you needed to be able to serve some commercial beer when Euro tailgating right so. You're CO2 saw under torture regulator work your poses work your faucet works all you had to do was buy the saintly copper missing missing keep app would be wanna call it. And that was what 35 bucks. 38 dollars yes something like that yeah your in and out your converted her serving commercial beer. And it makes it a lot better if you want to describe some of the effects he got you know. From going from an air attack immediately over to CO2 from one week to another. Big difference via the oxen as a box that equipment oxygen is Asian oxidation oxidation thank you know over the oxidation and and you tell that stuff we're gonna affect an IP more than any other style always Kanye coming your lifestyles to really get affected. Arm but it's weird via copy silence and really lights seem to be most affected her own notices much anti imperial stout are writing like that so I mean so what I've learned quickly is that. Not only is that I had some CO2 leftover in my canister which was early nights I mean I haven't used a canister and the time so. Plug right into the tap the you've got me and only to realize that might keg can keep longer. But you're gonna have a party with a -- this kind of set up with the CO2 instead we'll make it so you don't have to worry about anybody over pumping you or anybody just like. Not really understanding who really want a pompous talk about putting a bicycle pump Max just flagging system not hooked up to anything just what the hostess appear. Does he really wanna go over there and they want to pump. But like with the thermostat in office building like Pia go and change the heat is a good it's not actually hooked up to anything yup yup you've got to make some feel better yes solely. Between opt out of the yemenis are maybe being converted to. Buying kegs of local breweries and bring my own course to believe if I wanna buy a keg a local brew this thank you template I get a lot of beer for good price and whenever. I think you can kind of encourage you to brew your own that way. To go maybe from bottling the kicking yourself because I've been one to keg all the time with home brewing. And nobody in my we're talking about brewing this weekend he'd been bottle all the way. And now he wants to kind of go to Cory Texas and solar say all your taking supplies it's not just saying he tapped but the corn cakes in the two Salma got a there's so much you can do. And it really is. I think its soul much more convene yet. If you're if you're just thinking commercial appear there's a couple of big advantage is one because you're not directly pumping oxygen into the beer. Armed it will keep up more will be a lot fresher sour as fast. Arm and you get more reliable ports you don't mean it's not the speak foaming mass because somebody over pumped in the innocent you come back a couple minutes later now it's a trickle. It's always serving in an ice even flow. Even pressure and then last of all you don't this is my biggest and you don't have and these to deal with. Bomb immediate need you mind. We both have pick up trucks it would mean a huge vehicles up and we're probably gonna go we still it's it's not like we have big trucks that have tons of extra space. But you probably still evolving empties is I know I get a whole idea that you know well and I don't think they're just from our group I think I'm accumulating empties. You know at these events from other places and I hate I don't like taking him back it's you know not that the people wherever you go lower that room but it's not fun sitting there counting through sorting out all be speaking of these. Arm hand in hand like you said you pay a lot like us as a home. You've saved an ungodly. Time every single match receiving 22 and a half hours of Al cleaning rinsing scrubbing. You know drying sanitizing rinsing again filling you sanitizing hold of their vessel you can go right from the car brewery the primary from enter into a tag. We have to do was sanitized kegs sanitize wracking to wreck the beer you're done in half an hour so if you give it tagging system. You'll only have more control over the carbonation your your last justice along but. You're gonna save two hours per batch that's two hours of your own time you know back in your pocket to you to make or whether. It's pretty good and stuff all right so one stop shop for carrying supplies and Neal asked some questions there are so many different ways to do it that will really I just think make your beer your beer experience better. Other stuff that's in stock the PET brawler gas. And if you have your cutting system you can fill your own hours and another affair on the other is amber PG growers have been really popular we just have him up on the counter we have to release anything and besides here on the show persons are road because I've been so personally excited about it and we've had amount on the counter and people coming in have to look them in that like oh my god like I'd been waiting for this yeah I know it seems simple. And it is and it but he wanted it in it was cheap and probably for the manufacturer easy to do. But it just took so. Gamal Bryant but we gotta also amber 64 PET growers Revere filling them yourself and taken to a parade to consumers ago unfilled. We have them on in the recovery on the no glass for a lot of different effects which helps. Fox brewers heating pad those are back in stock now that the temperatures dropped beer moving quite fast and so we'll keep ordering a mental try to give a good supply. In cases start to run out of socket as it gets into the cold weather. Up of people open rarely are happy with them they were unavailable for the summer. Our fox commit discontinued saying that they were gonna make some changes in that we're gonna get a new and improved version back and we definitely got a new and improved version. But surprisingly we also got a cheaper version which isn't often what happens. Are so used to be hard plastic patsy if you tried to put up against the side of fermenter really didn't want ST January happily keep it in owning your. Own bucket and you got a flat you know piece of or basically to growing match up he had to put him underneath from mentor. With the newer one it's a soft water proof. Off flexible. So you can put it along rapid release alongside your from mantra still put. A car we shield or Parker over the top of that. And really get everything he can the year he pat at arms of those have been very popular start to move fast and when I was in I did CDO make beast that's in stock and that's starting to get a lark. More movement so. The first from me first got him and we didn't announce that we're giving them in into we actually have him in her hands. Com and then it took about a week and sure that was people kind of formulating some recipes on but they're now really starting to move. And they're not quite we're gonna put another power consumed ethernet quite moving the way that we thought they would so we assumed that the most popular frame would be called and that the IP if it did heady proper. Your ultimate house stream. Very famous very popular among home brewers. We thought that was going to be the one that moved but to be quite honest a lot of those laborers get a happy medium using some combination of thirteen eighteen in Nottingham. Dry eighty's so would have really been moving. Theory fest is I had quirky east so that's like one of those in the region. Farmhouse failure it's more popular. Actually for Mir can IP is particularly New England but also those milk shake I PA's. And then the super cities in the cities on monster which I don't know I really got into march in any previous so. But that's one of their unique strengths now what they did is the created a hybrid between the very classic French Cezanne in the Belgian citizen. French Cezanne was always really reliable. Are ahead of wide temperature range would do high alcohol projects as well as low alcohol projects and wouldn't stall out a new. Problem was it had more spicy clove the aftertaste. Then the often kind of bubble gum or late peachy fruit flavor that you get from the Belgian serious problem with the Belgian Cezanne it's finicky. Doesn't like temperature drops a pleasantly low nutrient low oxygen. Awe and it doesn't always wanted to finish coat without the help of a secondary conditioning east. So can be tricky and finicky for home amber who's used to being able to pitch he said the temperature and for Canada. This yeast hybrid of the two disposed to have. The tolerance you know and kind of adaptability of the French Cezanne but the flavors of the Belgian cities on the everybody really wants. Arm so that's been kind of special and that's actually the two that are moving fastest so we ordered an M rumor so they're they're moving like nobody's buying. Who we ordered a big stack of it DI PA thinking that was going to be the most popular yeast but it's actually hot head indices on mobsters have been real. Moving fast and people party turned out from peers from which is impressive after a couple of weeks and then bury it let's get a break in and. Back in the senate pumpkin Beers at the time here that's the pumpkins I guy I have been able to avoid them at the grocery store up at the Helm beat work ethic gas stations seemed side. Room. There are right over here let's talk pumpkin beer on the other side of Niagara positions just threw it on ESPN 1520. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military into don't wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Welcome back and act traditions just threw it on yes and 52 point all right Jeremy White poster we talked a lot about. Taking supplies second annual Holbrooke competition at the Youngstown arts and music fest. Travel deadline is October 2 for that. But let's get to pumpkin Beers it's it's October pretty much so it's time to talk pumpkin beer yes and in that we you have to acting just like. Every. Micro brewer every hole number is obligated to peruse some type of pumpkin harvest place here. Were obligated to talk about it every year. And so that this show please don't tuna. Okay I'll and so I think there is like an obligation in its perfectly when the obligations come from. Meet keying the calm a pumpkin beer is not that your super excited about it. It's that other people are super excited about having a few. During season now we do know people who will absolutely slammed down a whole keg of licking a pumpkin beer but most people. It's kind of like the pot puppet by slot it may be you're gonna have one or two. In the season you know and mean kind of for the nostalgia. Arm but other than that it's really kind of a bearish room today. For the home pumpkin does not wanna be beer from the wants to be a Jack senator wants to be high it doesn't necessarily really wanna make a great. Armed beer. And so really what you're raking in the long run is the spice beer. With pumped it. And there's a lot of different ways you can do it and some things you can kind of avoid too so first look at. Is what the pumpkin is gonna give you and sadly the answer is really not much at all. Armed it's gonna give you some sugar some there's going to be a lot of cellulose from indecent a lot in this material at I think everybody is familiar with. On but it's really not committed give you much flavor. Arms he really don't want to stress too much in the super people to put in the most stresses how much pumpkin views and we are at that. Bomb in I would like to say it's really only ceremony actually you don't have to. Have a lot of pumpkin in the bigger or use it in the right way to make a great harvest pumpkin. That's not the important part. The important part is one having your spices sorted out having a good blond but also having a really good based Iowa based beer. Kind of pumped. So that's what you should really be putting your time into looking for your recipes finding one. The kind of fits the mold of what you need to make a pumpkin beer or trying to find one that could be. You know PS cell. Arm and so you want something multi you need a big rich miles feel him out all the spices. Com there's really mean I would say no other restrictions for what you can news besides that needs to be spiced and he needs to be multi. Traditionally you're gonna see a lot of like imperial red ails and your rounds maybe ease in some stout. Arm I personally usually go with the Belgian quad. Arm ice spice it up slots of cinnamon. And pumpkin pie spice maker really strong. And then I usually also survey of the same year as mine ain't Christmas sale later on in here so I am only have to prove once a bottle it. And Dick it's mean through Christmas in potentially gets me through a couple christmases if you were really strong appear to have a fair. He and all like a bitter backbone with the hops. And you've sanitized really well then you can. He yourself covered for your for hope here to pumpkin beer for the next 34 years or however long. Other bottles laugh so I would always suggest doing something and bottles and something high alcohol. In saving it for years to come incurred now if you really wanna use pumpkin and you really wanted to. Frye to squeeze as much flavors you cannot it would still might not be much there's a couple of sings in the a couple of ways you can use them. The first thing your wanna do is get the right pumped him on you don't wanna go for just your old Jack and turn here. On unless you actually use the pie pumpkin for your pinnacle entered thinking. Com and your normal harboring pumpkins. Have some really. One they don't have much sugar content too they don't have much flavor and apartments don't have much of period. Are indeed do have this kind of sharply. Stringent sleeper in the background and now. Very strong vegetable instead of like ninth year down. You know when they mean rich high flavors that you wanna watch out for. So we're gonna do this and take your iPod and you're gonna cut the guts into cubes. And then you'll want to roast them in this fall hopefully cause a meal our reaction and help. Retain some sugars is on from mental and wallow poachers become unpredictable we're also gonna grab other elements out of the pumpkin. Aren't in the long sugar chains. And what that does is kinda helps you give a little bit more flavor. When I think he went Roxy who won a rose and insular and ice in the dark brown you're trying to create some molasses trying to create some are more. On the outside of them you really wanna watch the temperature because it's just like. You know broiling you know vegetables or something like that it seems like they're doing nothing there doing nothing than all the suddenly start to burn. He really wanna keep in Ireland you can try this in a stainless steel saucepan. With a little ballistic brown sugar if you're feeling parade if you got a good you know Gaspar. You're comfortable with almost making McCain and he like solutions her Marmol leader champ. You can go for radar here stove if you weren't too. I usually going to be open because I don't trust myself and I'm not the candy Jim Baker so I'm not gonna recognize. How the solution is changing knowing they need to start bringing the heat down lol at that time. Com once you have your now like roasted. Will think karma wise pumping God's you have to decide how we're gonna put him and implicates that. It really doesn't matter as much for flavor but he can make a big difference for how hard your day's going to be. Arm if you put them into the Nash. Congratulations you have chosen the most difficult he's an option. And the pumpkin usually. Falls apart into little pieces of hair like cellulose Egypt from July this blonde forming and then all of this usually GM's. Now he can do all the things that help for a stock she can use rice calls. You keep a looser Nancy's a little more strike water and you can keep your flow rate really really low. But those two Loch Ness blobs seem to be able to break apart and find their way to different parts of the mass in really cute she stock quite easily. So Lockerby wants to go into the trash because you have and times here there's more sugars to get out of the pumpkin you're gonna give them. The other thing though is if you spend all this time roasting pumpkins. And then you throw it into an ice cool match full families and time. It's gonna start breaking down those seem RNC you do spend an hour in the oven and power on the stove trying to create. So I always really try to avoid. Putting it into my first running. Or putting it into them in trees I wanna try to keep those pumpkins plays Herbalife sugars and I've created away from podiums and so I try to avoid them nationally making it more difficult. You might actually be using flavor as well. On the boy this is most often wary going by far the easiest option. On remember this is just ceremonies are not trying to actually get a ton of pumpkin flavors we should not counting. So the Boyle is very easy even though we're not gonna be in the air for long. That you're gonna have this robbing a fact of all the vapor coming off. It's still going to be the easiest option is take the pumpkin mock tournament with straining bag let him boil on there for like the last 1520 minutes. Wring it out best you can once again you're returning to a July and as Bob insiders you know straining bag. And then you're done with that but if you put it in the boil it really won't cause any problems. The last place you can put it is in the fermenter. In this makes for some great pictures. Public and Beatles theory partially be. As we're talking about with you know pumpkins ability to me a lot in this blondes especially if you evidence are we hear from Clinton Euronet. Government for its gonna wanna come up through the top so you're doing it's definitely wanna be using a pocket Chapman from intra from monster something with a big open top. The you can get to and you're probably gonna wanna put it into a bad because he's basically pumpkin trouble call them that are locked over. Arm are very fine and they're not very tense and archivists at like hard packed. Like your usual at the end of the second theories still gonna sit up there in suspensions he wants something. On. To hold. The last thing so we we talked about this and I did this two years ago. The last thing you can which I thought this was the most fun is I took my carving pumpkins. Sanitize the outside to sanitize tonight I drilled a hole and for an airlock and IE fermented. A portion of it inside the pocket. On the bottom of the pumpkins stayed nice and firm did get some flavor. I trained that wish that I had seen other people who opened up the pumpkin. In seared the inside almost the humor charmed appear with believe which butane propane torch I kind of wish I'd done the same. But it definitely made for good pictures of that before. You know and I mean pumpkins and brighter work bench in the basement just bubbling away you know stuff flying out of it. Our Ali had to do with you know cut that standard Jack interleague drove a whole scoop up the guts and I didn't have to sanitize that his whole fruit it was sealed. It was sanitized. On I do wish that I kind of killed. The inside of it need be to get a little bit arc for flavor but that was they killed the inside like. Arnold right should've played a analytical but it whiskey barrel through it and their own fire okay but I think it probably safest way would be to take like and settling currently you know. Butane torch. Especially if you have one right this is cynical agents don't you know. And go in there alone almost are formalizing inside a little bit yet secure analyzing the would have a girl or something. On but that was really fun and I would suggest that. Then the trick so that the big trick to making a good harvest pumpkin Beers. Is not using a pumpkin but using sweet potatoes or yams and Stan. In this is no big secret may be it's a secret hidden in plain sight. But if you start picking up Beers that are pumpkin Beers harvest spears and you actually start reading them especially the ones that have a lot of corn and hope pumpkin flavor. They're going to be filled with sweet potatoes are going to be filled with yams not. Armed there's a lot more flavor there. You know Brees is kind of trying to make it up it's like is a sweet potato pies this. You know pumpkin pie I don't know what Scott Simon has gotten out made it close got in this has got this measurable flavor. Idol so focus on the spice. That's the most of part of the price process and he pumped in new ad is going to be completely ceremony this. What you really want for flavor is sweet potatoes yams and you'll treat them exactly the same. Initial treatment option. Who can be the easiest Peru that you've done in popular or can be ours to all right. That pumpkin fermenter though you got in pictures of that and possible blood center's opening up a couple of think Obama Twitter and the source for control myopic and the time yeah or better yet. Can economic. And and so I'm out yes I'm out it was and it wasn't a big pumpkin pie hole. I was I brewed I was starting in Peru that was carving. Arm I think it only held about two and after okay. Cole in stormont. I that's it for us happy full brewing in a good look at the pumpkins on night intrusions just brewing on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel wonderful online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just for.