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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh. Here it's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer. It's time for just Bruins. Brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White. First dice terror. Welcome tonight traditions just blew it on ESPN fifteen point Jeremy White and worked nicely here with you. And it's been 15 morning happy Saturday happy brewing season house. All happy comfort food come from good sleeping weather right sleeping while there could chilling London it's always easier for rotations for provide a little heat and try to provide some cool so you're trying to work on some fermentation interest and just like human. You can meet key you can't really make that much cool on some makes everything a little ladies here. Well we've got lots to get to today you said you wanted to get right into the meat of of the show new bubble quickly just. Housekeeping meeting you and announcements you wanna make the whenever you make decent stock those have been very popular comments of people are just finding out there we have on. On and so if your coming in to make a recipe you might wanna take a look at their available strains may be even give us a call. And have us to set them aside as we have in the order on the way and we're starting to run out of a couple varieties. On we can police decide for you. On the a lot of people are deciding to build a recipe around these new York new army he's the big ones that they have for the quest keys which are those. Chemicals they elect free Asian almost like farm house sales that we were talking about like weeks and weeks ago. On in the mail from the Conan which is heady properties and then the super Cezanne mercies are monster. Which has been really popular it has the kind of forgiving temperature range to the French cities on all the flavor of the thousand things on which is. Notably not for event. Arms of those have been really popular and if you're thinking about making beer you may wanna take a look at those trains and me wanna build appear around some of those pan and unique keys that they have. So that's something you get to. We also saw have a 64 ounce amber PDT growers and in reordering them steadily. And so we noticed a lot of people coming into picked up a grower or choosing to go to the plastic this and CC over radicalized so we don't really have to Selma and everything everybody looks at it. In Tennessee's all the advantages that you contention. On and so those have been really popular as well and then merit soul. That it. Oral already we were already crawling and Giuliani got other stuff we can talk about two for any time filler and so. This week I wanna talk about green verse amber. Bottles. And to be quite honest this is something the people of scientists and is a question and I've kind of skipped over ignored we kind of did one and like best storage practices in how to seller your beer. But I kind of skipped over the direct question of green vs amber bottle some finally somebody hammered me impersonal so we're gonna talk about it today. Now most bearden Susie is realized that agreeing bottle will cause Skokie beer and that's true. The brown and her beer bubbles. It will help and or block UV light. Arm and that protects a beer the UV light acts as a catalyst. Route as a reaction between all facet in the hops and sulfur compounds from the borrowing from the yeast. On one those to react. V producer compound very similar to use carts for one name sprays it was similar to their self defense kind of chemical air bomb and so wide we still see beer and clear. Or green. Bottles and obviously we see a lot of eastern European. Macros in green dolls we see a lot of like Western European Beers coming clear bowels are sometimes clear and paint inflict some of the Belgium bottles. And so if it's a risk for Bruce wide with the field too and has a little bit to do with the history of the the reason there are still using it. Little bit to do with the kind of history of beer itself. So. Sorry Mike who most recently about this colonel we're gonna we're gonna take a long journey around the directly answer here and kind of first talk about a history of beer in bottles. Com beard appears that around much longer than traditional bottles and so we've heard stories about. How pure is it one time stored and so was lying in fishes swim bladder. So when they would cut the fish it would take a swim bladder which is this heavy air sect in the top and a fifth. It's also where we get easing blast from. And they would put the spear into this sack. On in using glass and actually clarified appear that they put into the sack. We still use that as a personal clearer fire into Israel but most of all wines still today. On other things they would do is they would keep the European potter. So you would have flick powdery meeting within aironet probably not and you would root beer and maybe port over to another one and that would be its storage and it serving docile as well. Well around the sixteenth century. On bottles began to pop up. The bottles would be hand blown and they would be almost equal to works of RNC would be. Kind of functionalities. They had mere word knocks in the worst he could be you know possibly stick a cork in the air. On the because they were handmade because they were blown they could not handle any pressure. Armed they were also not cheap. Which was fine by the time the kind of the you know standard Meehan was not used to being able to bring appear anywhere answer these were an item of luxury. Offer him the upper class in the were also. Are quite expensive so back and priced out a lot of people are also break also followed this would be you know permanent investment on the could operate. Arm wasn't always you know. Apple from most people. Arm. So this would be an luxury so if you were upper class you do in one and two Rinker ale. You know down at the public everybody else you can do a glass bustle you can have him build up in a lot of the cast wooden cat scale not too much pressure. And then bring it back home to you know drinking the luxury of your own home peace and quiet. Then in the late seventeenth century. On number of commercial serving beer and you know that word flat in the began to put it into these Campbell bottles and they were a little more available. But these were only for export. So if you are drinking a local beer you absolutely still take a pitcher down to the Michael liberally and have them fill opera just drink there he wouldn't he Bobble home to say if you just grab your appear with the market. In all items every single day. These Peter bottles that while we were low more mass produced still could not handle any pressure. And so could be susceptible to blowing up throwing cork or just kind of stress fracture in a row they weren't exactly reliable. Either so beer was pretty much at this point op until at least the mid nineteenth century was really just a local. So unless you were buying really expensive high alcohol like some of these regional Russian imperial stout. I'm like you know stop porter's. And you were. Out of the area you only time you'd really see all she had the upper class to be traveling away from home. And you'd be looking after the place actually had some cold storage fees if they couldn't keep this bottled beer cold it would explode. Now during the industrial age during the mid nineteenth century the first kind of are your molds for bottles particularly your probable Patton and in the United States. On in this allowed bottle and glass production to increase. The glass was also a much higher quality more uniform size and shape its thickness most importantly. And these bottles could finally hold pressure. And now this doesn't mean that the bureau that was peninsula which purposely carbonated. But if you carbonated a little bit. It wouldn't blow up in your face and so that was trying to ice in the are you had the idea that appear could be. White struck. Through these original bottles were blown up in arms were priced in black or brown to kind of prevent light struck from the beer so the first original. Borrow me your balls were actually brown and black sorority where the effective in the white could have. Arm on the beer Indy you know reflected that. If you fast forward now to 1870. And was pastor reading his work well points are brewing company. And he found that might also is a good section of his work was actually done working with beer. Or his he was the applications were on to appear in the micro for actually causing the spoiling of the beer and or the over carbonation. With these better bottles. He could use controlled heat. To kill and microbes. Inside the beer while not ruining your teeth and winning flavors are causing anymore remain at large reaction but actually keeping the beer. You know Michael free in this this was revolutionary. And it meant that you could do a little bit more conditioning in the bottle our separate tank and put the carbon and appeared about. He didn't have to worry about it blowing up and it was a little bit more shall stable in have to be kept. In eight colds sour. On all the time in one of the first Beers we talked about the seeing this all the time as an 1899 Manning he'll brewing company wants want to and produce a sparkling Denver ale. All of which would look would be the first you're the universe he would really look. Like a modern dear team in the thick bottle had no sediment news carbonated it was clear he could pop the cap off. On keeping it in a room temperature and shall down right before drinking was the first time that we had something that we know as like a modern. Beer and then there was relief like revolutionary in it it really wasn't that long ago you think about it that you know and you know mid eighteen hundreds. That. There was no option for eight probable beer something to take home put in a cupboard and drink when you wanted to. And so that really was kind of revolutionary heat at that point in it did kind of being the ring mostly exotic appear better beer to the masses. So big development obviously the right and it is funny we think well things all the ways that fear if vault not just like the but how you'd make him but how you get different Beers to different places which would change how they make it in like. You know it's the a loot and I just the evolution of beer and bottles obviously Everett a big part to play in the. Now it Emeka to the other thing to beer being kind of a global or why it stuck around you and I mean we we I don't think there are modern society if your whistle something you'd pick up every single day. They would be as popular to Pepperidge it is but homer would be more popular could become a rat pseudonym to leave the house when extra time but at the time it was just worked out and it has. You know markets kind of changed the year had to follow. So why do we still have green bottles today bombs in this actually comes from what callers who collapsed. During the world war from sulfur. Our era carbon what is used to make brown glass was in high demand if you think about a lot of countries. Had like steel and iron dries Bjorn and you're pretty much all precious metals the rats to breast was a big one for and shell casings. On and so during the world wars. If you really couldn't you know put. Expensive materials that were neither for war effort into beer bottles anymore and it just wasn't really applicable in any way. Bomb but they kind of came up with a bigger operates more established forms are kind of producing more premium beer. Argues chromium. To meet the bottles green. Com it's affecting another model is Houston in the green bottles as well and given that Hugh. Now you can use a little loose chromium which was not being used as for much to offer you've probably actually it is a byproduct in the chromium process. The end that you could use a little bit to me a little a lot of color change. Compared to copper compared iron compared cobalt the other medals that are used to caller the last. On this kind of made a huge difference so a lot of these especially eastern European companies. Switched over to green glass with the Heineken and we think at worst a finer optional Merkel. A lot of these switched over English Marreese switched over to clear glass Belgium breeze which over the painting class. In these still kind of keep. Com that traditional life today so chemists it became a signature of their brand. Even though is on initially out of necessity in having these kind of more rest bottle specially with the green Kenneth it was a sign of the every couple more prestige. And so after they always kept. Agree. It just stuck with. Right. Why this sudden scenario about what you are more to this story and also that we mentioned the meat of the show you also wanna talk about me. But the point where my math we're gonna home brew meat yeah okay that's on the other side and actresses just threw it and ESPN 51. Jeremy White here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com Snyder tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew it. Back here on tiger since just Bruin on ESPN 1520 and we are going to. Get to some meat in a minute but first Fuller more on on box. So for all of you who wanna use your green bottles go right ahead. On you should be keeping your bottles are backs practice to keep them somewhere out of the light completely in the consistent temperatures to even though we have. Better sanitation techniques. It's still in even though we concluded in brown bottles if you want to. On it's still best practice to keep them under the lights keep him in someplace cooler completely you'll be a lot better for your beer. On the you can absolutely use green models on the only problem all want people with his a lot of the green bottles that fueled by. Are from. Europe early heavy European standard top Indy may be a different size camp. But more likely there knocking him back around that a lot of your Kraft American beer bottles and homer bottles. Hand up. And that extra like lip on the bottom that sits about. Failed with three quarters of an inch below the actual lip work camp for us. Allows her butterfly camper the kind of American style home I'll camper that's been around since pre prohibition. On to cap over your beer bottle to put away. So it unless you have a bench camper you mean one look at those bubbles for me wanna try them out. Arm when there. You know empty to make sure that your your campers actually in the cap on the dock and cracked and it because it doesn't have to look to grab on to beat can absolutely. Use. Irregular models. Another thing I think is kind of interesting from this. History of the beer bottle. Is that really the bottle as we know it. Wasn't. Really around until 1899 and in them by the 1960s. Bibles were already beginning to lose their place in the market. Big time in the third to leave the kind of burst onto the seen in the the began to lose market cheered tags in Cannes. Almost immediately. Seven years later now over under attack again by ego rollers crawler metal and plastic bottles. So. Historically in the history of beer anyways the bottles might be. A kind of flash in the pan. Not that there was anything wrong with him with almost like a quick CDs or something like that you know and Mimi crafts all of us we did digital music. Found this you know medium that worked in a dual format while we still keep the format we've lost the medium. And so while we're used to drinking pasteurized clear. Probable beer. There and I mean that the owls allowed us to capture rice beer and bomb that might not be what we see. In the future and this is gonna something interesting to watch at the bottles were really in the history of beer haven't been around that long in me be kind of moving out. Are ready for most smaller breweries really kind of prefer crow earth before prefer can't write. Easier. To recycle more expensive upfront but less weightless storage right slightly and in. I in the notorious bigger and class to. You know I hated in my from managers I IE eight and obviously pushing the classic prowler I'm a big fan of and if temporary if you do have a bottle bomb now you have no glass shards flying. On so they're definitely the standard for the home her for now but just uninteresting to see that ego. He goes there's a lot of disadvantages of tomb as well. And it. So is it time to get to the meat to sir you're absolutely. Can tell your excitement and I'm gonna learn a lot right now. Su vida is whose deed is this business yes so it's a French style of cooking off food and so what you do. Is you'd take your our food now could be vegetables it's most often kind of high elated with big cuts of red meat. You put it in a vacuum bag may be with some spices. In then you cook it in the water after this goes back to Lewis pastor pastor station right now so our our USDA's standards. Are based on some theory short times and so they for the short time fifty some pretty high heat. Right so when you sued V you put your food into backing bag and you put it in this circulating temperature controlled. Water bath in you can control the time to what I did with that. Is I took my mash talent because geez prize a lot of Humber smashed on our temperature control. Water re circulating. Vessels write anything drive agree improper but even my natural gas this was kind of a bullet meant like hybrid system. His fifteen gallons. Of temperature controlled re circulating water. On and so on he's one of my systems yesterday and I put in states into a bag. And iso him for 129 degrees for two and a half hours maybe a little longer. Then I took them out and put him in the refrigerator. When I took them out when it put them in they hit obviously no car realization too when it took them out a bomb in the worse still theory pink. So there absolutely pink but you could tell in the vacuum bag Bieber just about falling. Apart are still holes stake there's no burning there's no moisture loss either personal drying out of the meat has been. Stuck inside this bag there's no loss of flavor but it has been perfectly slow cooked and so now all you need to do. Is taken out there for her couple minutes before your ready and threw an honest hearing how can a girl to give yourself a nice seer and you have clicked perfectly. Cooked at restaurant stay at home. At your convenience and ready. And add to bring this up is something that O'Donnell a few times before and it was a lot of other like Ballmer magazines have put this out there. Now that everybody has easily green frogs and match boy or all with temperature control pumps relief could even do this. In a cooler if you're willing to kinda take out water almost like at the collection re heated if you need to over the course of two hours. But with all the temperature control with all the operas you mean pumps you basically have high and sue visa system. I looked at the I do a quick Google but some of the suit v.s out there you can get some to be war arms for smaller of the work with a crock pot. But the big systems which are doron heater or own temperature control. In their own. You know pump. Are right around this increase is figuring father and hand it don't look like they're. Necessarily that much easier to use it that much user friendly. Or relieve that they're that much advantage to absorb your thinking about getting him to suit you're also thinking about giving and home bring. Absolutely get like a home brew system with temperature control. So that you can also me happier with it because it was really quite easy I would suggest anybody that has the equipment to do it to give it a try. And so is your basically continued its its visited Blake doing a match except the mash is a stake yes. Exactly it's a sitting American you can watch the color change like almost since loses little bit lighter pink. And then slowly you just saw it start separating subsidies all the short muscle fibers break you just have a long muscle fibers holding it together. All the fat had been rendered throughout the state. Even though it was still looks very rare all the fat and record to responding chewy haunts a fat. A lot of them have a lot of him laconic come out of the bag. Sort of put the stakes in the refrigerator and reaching GO around it that these were absolutely. Beautifully cooked steak and it was less work. Than a normal state and all had to do was fill up for improper. Literally take the bags put him into the basket just like us who V machine. Or the best and underneath the water level. On my pre heated at first 229. Degrees. On terror sponsor guides online where you can get all sorts of different times temperatures recipes. You can put vegetables and there are Ian and putting your spices and and refuse to vegetables. You can you know rubble war in a mirror and aid to state journal really kind of in fused to flavors there. And me in my body were doing this were talking about the us. You haven't hit the UB SDA pasteurization. But according to a lot of these guys who kind of have slow pasteurized that. So it it should be good on McNamee any recommendations here wheelers over my refrigerator obviously a weapon worried about that you look fresh means that overnight. But if you know there shouldn't be any reason why you have it in the sealed medically sealed sanitized pasteurized back. Why can't put it in there and let it marinate for a couple of days without the worry of a mess in the refrigerator or anything like that. Got you so it was a nice use of the go home brew equipment. On use over for cocaine as well. Along and so we see time and half kidding here. Beers made you know everything's going in beer. Mere theater him bureau there there's a chicken bear the year I can't remember who's me that had been offered it many times and I just. What I can't bring myself to what I think fried chicken to implement. Scientifically. What is happening you're getting the Brad. It's gonna you know in the name of peace and conversion area and it's parties. I don't know how much chicken flavor you get in your definitely and have a problem dealing with the fat. Right you mean it'll take fat free chicken stock in some reading and through and what you're trying to mimic at all that's over thinking you're gonna X ray obviously what do they do with the chicken to even. I mean that would frighten. Indeed your kinship and as malicious people of your music and so that's a little different. Yeah I mean I'm going to be honest when you talk about the Suzy this who view in the state of about a thing like I mean a lot of won't happen if you do that with a stake at. The bottom. I don't want to yeah to do what poll Port Charlotte either this or something. I was very thinking about this and I was really hoping to find. Something that I could cook with a CV. Where I can hit them matched and richer when I was a little bit war overseer kind of closer downed a protein. Restaurants make sense of Indo protein in the meat on poaching in the game and your closer in those 120s may be a little bit warmer. On but I couldn't find anything that I could double duty and Nash are justifiably double him much. On an after letting this go for two and a half hours literally have time in the morning to and reuse the water at least a throw in. Like to give appear started although the water still sitting there are put a lid on the pot source the chlorinated that's you know kind of loss of minerals like an absolutely facilities that water tempered reviews. But that was fun you know and I mean who is a little bit different arm I think if I do it next time and going to pre make a couple more so that I can freeze them. So that ire we have these like steaks tree or for either saw mount pearl. And so next time I'll do a little bit more but this was a trial front and it worked out really well. So if you if you have this Peru system is not always finding the timer you wanna try to get more out of it if you absolutely. Also do it to Meeks who beat. Com. Possible really aren't really really good faith will be hard for neat too just late. Take a stake sort on the girl resident informal stuff aside. I don't think they'll be able to do that much anymore after doing. You've got me Intersil thing that. Art that's we're about out of time for us any last minute things that you wanted to mention. Kicking supplies I've been big on tagging lately I've learned a lot about. On the different types of taps you that you guys haven't can make life. Not just make life easier but may be your last longer I'm like I'm excited for Max parties alike use the CO2 on the tap instead. Because we can buy better beer down we're less. We have a lot of people are men and is. Our beer drinkers get better educated we've had a lot of customers coming in this time year there rate in the same spot as you are hitting up that 150 kit which is and what we kind of converted your system over to. But 150 dollars. And you have a CO2 powered systems have fever free trader few cold corner of the garage basement. This time a year you can keep track be around with our refrigerator without a big power cap for 150. Arms of that system has been buried a and it alright. Any other housekeeping suffer holidays were clear we've always I don't holidays are over in the brewing system we have teacher friend home from becoming up and that's why until then that's about another month away. November 7 is around that always for November 1 Saturday November 1 for secretary and number should know Aaron. That'll do it for us though nags editions just brew it here Ernie has been 1520 any episode you wanna watch catch up on like our poppy harvesting guide is it too late. Now and I've I was at getting close I was an inquiry where they have pops up and that would they're bursting yet I find monitoring close them at the top for the get the most on in the afternoon those ones yeah are probably gone. But the ones in the middle are still radio I'm still trying to find some time hop harvesting got August 11 you'll find them not to mention everywhere protester happy brewing this has been just Brooke ideas into 212. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by an average traditional blue. Whether you're a season brewer or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.