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Do you feel they're. And do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White. Birth diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight exhibitions just threw it. Yes in fifteen point genuine effort to mr. Gloria good morning last week we talked green be amble bottles and stuff like that anyone follow up with questions or anything like that any. More on that. And it and I think it interest about how modern. Our standard probable ones yeah an end to be quite honest so. All the stuff that I kind of throw out there on the show us. I might know lol but I know where to look I don't know all this information about a week you know what was the first carbonated beer in my head and stuff like that. But as I go and do their research I have to admit that I was quite surprised. About how modern carbon needed beer and a portable ones. Muni mean not so much agreement as we know those classic examples of Russian imperial stout but again how few and far between. Those peers were. As a percentage of what was being served at the time and so basically how old. How rear bottled beer was I think with the the one thing that people were surprised about. In the long run. Yeah I'll feel I hear that episode you can go back and find an on demand as you can and any episode of this show. Coming up in a couple weeks of god. November 3 is learned homered Dayton missed a teacher friend that's learned only change in name. Well it's the same day. This is wily consists of a hole I'm sorry I'm confusing their home brew day with learned homered and got clothes altered date nor used to be called teacher friend to homered. And I guess there's a day. And the American home homers association. Got you so it was that one time kind of built from a combination of publications. And trade association. That doesn't exist anymore. In two you'll Tennessee in the national. It wouldn't call it a club. Necessarily though they have elections the only means and choose a precedent governing bodies and stuff like that. You can become a member. On the key vote publication and the organized BD CP. Help organize beat PCP in the United States and more remorse in the league do alive for a copy. Com and they're also wants the lobby you know and mean and and stuff like that and it important for abused him again were only in. Under forty years of legal guys home we haven't hit in half. A century of legal home I'm so learn homered is coming up November 3. I'll look you guys updated on what is well outclassed in the morning no absolutely have a tasting in the afternoon. Arm so your peak in number and you really need those basics. Go online sign up for the class on if you are just looking at some questions. Come for the pacing that will be about. 1:32 o'clock got you. November 3 so keep that in mind. On the other things. One of urged or when they can order online yeah tick up in stores have listened to us and you hear us talking about. The brewers keypad you can or aligned yet and income you could be go look yet sure while we're talking about. And dirty probably listening to the show online swine output in order. We see a lot of people take advantage of it in exceeds the Malacca and the biggest thing we feed people do is order online to pick up in store. You consider it home put your recipe to govern your favorite recipe builder slowly add those ingredients to your car checked he what you have at home. And then a lot of people would stop just short. Print that whole page out you know an agreement is going to be the same price if you buy it online if you buy it in store and you just mean to. Click that chuck are to pick it up in store boom arm and it will save a lot of time and so come and ask about two questions and stuff like that make a couple impulse buys. But that way. You know all the you've gotten everything on your shopping with CU absolutely. And that's a big thing. Bar and we talk to customers who use it on the regular what does for them while their home while we're putting their rescue together. They can check CU what they have in stock and a lot of time to put that online order in just for the stuff they absolutely need you know the other stuff they wanna look at her impulse buy a look at that later. But the look at the ingredients that they need for the recipe postal maybe some sanitized or whatever Europe's stock of at home. In the put that in India and our association a lot of time after picking up on Saturday mornings are greens will be pre crushed. Ready to go. When you come and pick and aren't. Other stuff to get to that's kinda new and exciting the Omega yeast that you guys have processed and we are actually putting together and fermenting now. Different Beers with some of the new Macy's we're gonna do are reduced one big war. And we're gonna split that ward off into a couple of different from enters and use a couple of their new yeast and highlight. Are some other strains have you've been reading a lot about these cities and in doing a lot of research and trying desperately trying commercial Bruce with them to see Benjamin tried. Comment toward tasting November 3. Saturday at the shop 1:32. O'clock cash only say that because. The we absolutely are ready for you at 1:30 at 2 o'clock is usually when the class lets out in the end the tasting. You know kids in full force before axis at the back room. A bomb. But yet if you wanna try one of these. You know. He's come on and give it a try and no we're going to be gathering with that we wanted to. The quacks. Where actually brewing the beer if they haven't started on right now. And what kind were thinking home and then they debts don't look too you know. OK and we'll look at the rest later aren't so it's a new. Manufacturer. Yet that that you're turning to exploring in branching off and a lot of times what what's really special why so many homers in commercial verse two are excited about these may he's. Is normally you get a new. Companies that produce he's in their advertising about their pit trade and how fresh are you start but there really are giving you the same strengths. Armed with O may ease they have really interesting constraints and they have the part he's with our won't shut up about. Armed they have the Conan they're DI PA which is heavy copper house strained. And then my other one it is really popular to seize on monster so you get the properties of the franc stays on as far as. Tolerance for temperature alcohol. In and you get the flavors of the coveted Belgian c.s on which is. Ridiculously usually hard to for rent because of its intolerance for temperature change and lack of oxygen and some like that. Arms to get the best of both worlds on their cities on and that's been very popular as well. Wanting to get to before into the meat of the show earlier hello to meet conversation last week did you lottery actions assume my PSA have and I have not. Eaten any red meat that wasn't put through security. Is closer it's taken over. If you what you're saying all of your meet you all writing means that I have eaten it all we in the last week and a half. Has all been sued home Peru equipment yup Su V me yeah. So after we talked about it reverend Wright's and Jennifer you my idea whatever what was my first time with my first time and a longer. And be quite honest bomb when I hand. A fifteen gallon. Match system that didn't hear of smirk controls and you just sit there and look at the temperature for the swept. The did it once or twice but it was too big of a pain. Because I had to sit there and watched temperature over hours. But once I hand the grandfather hooked up. And I've been using that and I'm looking at liquid that is fully automated can absolutely do this with two meals water in the bottoms on him to heat up. Five he owns a water in this were really kind of gave me the push to start doing it again with the fact that it could be so much easier sword I did it. During the the bills came last week and ways that stakes when he did that. After being on the show I did a couple more packs that was able put into the refrigerator. And then later in the week. I had to do with trauma onto the growths your mop and the rate ago. In not only is it easier but I would have to say it taste and I've had house gusts over for one of these meals you can kind of confirm plate and he would you think of state. Really good head on their for like five minutes. Report on so. Yet there's been there's been a lot of fun. I I think a minute take a break to salute it doesn't. Take over and it's also been needing a zero anybody down if there's I mean it's also taking up your brewing equipment and gas Nazi. The incidents while and so are monitoring equipment has been up in the kitchen and so on need to give it back Sartre and down into the basement and beckon truthful for area where it belongs I guess if you dukes who beat down there as well I am denies having a set up in the kitchen. Radio interesting new stuff all the time. We're stilted or. We talked last week the state beer when that won't happen. That's been happening yet Hulk and happening only in I feel bad because I don't wanna waste all the water can absolutely and all the guys that if I don't. Sue V that's at the coronation. You know I mean to brew with the water the next day but I haven't had the pine. Two to. Even though sodomy and the remarkable walk away for me and their for the entire. There's there's probably a million dollar business idea and theirs to be had a stake in a beer special and like the state was cooked but the and they severe wouldn't you a couple of weeks the statement. Yeah I would the timing might not match up for that and a but whatever is that the ninth idea yeah I mean there's something to. The gentlemen are acting you wanted to with three. I so today we're getting into a cool ship yes what is a cool ship fuse. One talking about cool ships these as I mentioned. Cool shipping network. Between a couple of personal conversation netbook powers like oh in the winter repeat Pacino cool sept. The beer to meet a lot more environmental don't worry about having a war chiller. And a lot of people looked at me answered with a double a schools which is something we really have not seen at all. In. Both in North American ringer at least not on a large scale. It's so to describe it as something to Houston traditional Belgium in English Ailes. So we are used to using two forms of war chilling and Immersion more chiller right which is what most hole number shoes and applicants who won that you put in there it with proper quote things you quote you run cold water through. Takes a lot of water to cool down your Wharton a super environmental also requires pump pressurized water Lotta water and demand. On the other option is a colorful chiller to you have beer flowing in one direction across the plate on the other side of the plate. You have either cold water order usually. Chilled glycol from actually powered compressor. Chilling down your war which requires energy but it is not a water Easter. In Dan has really been the standard. For Americana and commercial boomers. Sense. Mom. Holes in 1970s okay. And in that was always the standard. Instant that's what we're used to seeing. Now a traditional Belgium and English Ailes and still use today they would use a cool show. So instead of late pumping war rule works or you pump it into a giant metal. Pan. And we're we're talking about like you know forty barrel ninety barrel patches soon. All the batch fits into this giant metal pan which is really only about twelve to eighteen inches. At its deepest point so it really is a shy guy and if you are sitting there if you are not in the cards and you have your phone. Grew wolf some of these just Google image search cool ships. In what you're gonna find there these long urged fermentation vessels. In sometimes works beautifully beautifully done up rooms especially with some of the Belgian in the English. Bring companies who really. You know have wonderful stained glass windows. You know in annual fees and kind of sterilization to these schools are really. Take up the whole room. Arm and they're kind of quint essential to getting the unique flavor out of these English. And Belgian Ailes. Debt and into the really spectacular and if you've ever been in a cool ship if you had the privilege should go on the brewery Toro won these traditional buries. They have a lot of you can tell there's a lot of magic happening they they're very very all these rooms have been touched in a long time. In this you know what is a cool room when they pump this hop war into it just fills. With steam. In humidity and in the fifth you know overwhelming smell of fresh like Wharton. But they are bare veering important very environmental. And so we kind of want to talk to him although there NAFTA super practical. Further home for there are people out there who have made them they are as something as interesting to know about and an interesting to know. What you get from a cool ship in terms of changes the flavor. In the finished the year one. Al Ahram looking at once so it basically looks like a giant. The year kiddie pool yes yeah I was gonna say picture you're an aquarium and there's a petting apart recon helical compared sting rays yeah like it looks like a cool ship would be able house sting rays if you think it's that big. I was on the look like a Turkish bathhouse yeah exhibit at the of this be click publicly go to the pool. And then maybe a little bit of alleged around the outside. On these tanks really take up the whole rule your right no space left news poker. So. Our let's get a break and talk about how they're used why there aren't more of them. All that as we continue a cool shipment and something new pretty cool you're nice traditions just threw it on ESPN fifty points. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just Pruitt which means. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition homer was your source for everything home brewing. Dual sided give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I look back here on night conditions Joseph screw it honey us. In fifteen point and talking about cool ships so what we got from cool ships we've explained they are giant. Vessels in his success as chip on some small ships soul. Again I'm cool ships and and why we're not seeing why we don't see more than I would imagine size. And that and that that the big factor and I think that's probably one of the most important factor into your room for. So armed with a global more about the so if you're given Google it you'll see a couple of windows if you like and that's it there's no temperature control if you start zooming in a notice a lot of these pictures. That there's no screens. On the he spoke Sione mean they're just usually shutters style windows. And is open completely to the outside so it's not like this room is temperature control. Orders from medically sealed. A bomb. In so the bureau usually a naturally not only with some of the house seasonal usually at some more to. But all the lack of back host amber panel might seize it needs. Just from being in this world to the men and me sound. Gross to use it that this room has system and micro flora presence that as soon as you put fresh war into it. It inoculate and starts at ferment. But I would like you do know that some of the world's most famous Beers. Are her Michael Norton. Believe old speckled and not. As humane and a lot of the Trappist I'll Ailes. The most famous ones are just about all produced. In this manner and still are today. I went for tour for Norton and I got to be there when they were you know bringing the peer into the cool ship. Com Dave you know started pumping the beer and a guy came around. He had a poll that went around all the windows opened up the shutters and ends he did that he was also kicking all the pigeons aren't. Armed. It was wonderful beer it did that piece but outrageously infected nurse hour or anything like that tonight he flicked pigeons. On and was really kind of wonder facetiously traditional 500 year brewing method. So even though this sounds kind of see you have this room that. You know rumors. Inoculate their peer with and in some of these valves numbers are afraid to change anything in the room are freed to clean the ceilings to get rid of cobwebs. Because by cleaning your disinfecting accidentally the room. They can also ruin the micro four that's in there that produces these wonderful pierce. Arm so when I say that these rooms are kind of the collapse study history. They absolutely are there really on change much over hundreds of years. So why if they've worked well for hundreds of years and in some of the world's most classic beer come through cool ships why don't we see them. In the United States in the biggest reason is the first one you said. Is the require a lot of space. You know and I mean when you're looking at floor space for operate right you're looking at horizontal force base and you see these BI a thirty foot forty foot ceilings. Because the furcal space has already paid for and free you don't leave some vertical space you're just lease or purchase. The horizontal space of land and you can go up just about guys who want. And so. To maximize on base in America embers kind of like a lot of western German robberies. Dayton utilized this vertical space as much as equipment why in the United States she CDs would be twenty foot high tank and he girl you know tanks early probably why aren't important feet. Arm. But it wasn't the standard if you think a lot of these farmhouse Parise had. A lot of space the year production what does you know not as big of a lot of matter robberies are. Arm and so this wasn't as big an issue for them but the space is definitely the biggest factor. Com also another big thing that we look at. Arm and something that we should look at for the future here is these breweries were able to do this because the area that these breweries are in. Really have a consistent. Climate. Don't mean. If you think about how rare a real hot day is in some place like you know southern England. It's also super rear to have a real easily cold today renewed its snow or something like that. In their consistent. Temperature. Can countryside of you know armed England in in the areas in Belgium. Allowed them to do these rooms if if the ambient temperature was gonna get too hot in the summer in just too cold. In the winter you couldn't do this who you had to have consistent temperature and this might be something looking. For the future are earned the Beers are producing cruel chips and become even rarer climate changes and all of a sudden you don't have to wait. You know the season that they use two arms will be still be able to do it. On the other big thing. And why you don't sequel ships in the United States if you have no control. Over these microbes. On. It's what's there there's no lid on this open to the year would ever the microbes are there. Falling off the Dustin feeling in all on your surfaces in the air that's what you're gonna get into your beer. Bomb you don't have a lot of control over and that's why the numbers are so afraid to change anything with processed. Tried to move or expand to Parikh. On this sneaking Beers in the style or even like it's I mean the cobwebs. On. And so. That you really have this week almost micro climate the you're trying to preserve in this. You know in this cool ship wreck and so for mass production. This is really. Nothing is sound appealing here particularly if you're trying to pump out a consistent product. With age single microbe in their descent from crises are bases. And your. Trying to do it on a schedule and you have limited space it just sounds impossible. And in it really is kind of impossible. Task for the com. You know for the Mac or upper yeah it's not really possible. In the long run. Com. And the union there's other disadvantages to effect the government agencies don't have control over oxygen have to move your beer out of there fast you don't mean personal sealed with a fermenter. So was it stops from hunting camp blanket itself. Always was more you know with more CO2. You also have more or Rome is carried off so if you think of what American IPAs and stuff like that. You actually lose and cools more Koppel Roma more Malta Roma because. That's being carried off by the CO2 sisters easily escaping the effort because it's just write their personal back pressure. Com no and so all of these disadvantages of why the double would be robber with modern technology. Still choose to use one. One their dreary environment. There's no water or energy using cool I mean maybe energy to pump the beer up to the core chip but that's about it. Otherwise he Ian Ian your toes a cooling for you in because you put it in this. You know why aid shallow vessel it doesn't fairly quickly arm and the ruling usually just start the fermentation as it cools down right into the cool ship so put in their hot. Which pastor writes this the pan. You know when I mean you are so giving micro from the air you pitching your own he's on tickets on temperature. But it's usually pretty darn quick but again no water use no. You know no energy no real glycol system underneath the pan or anything like that cooling down it's just Japan open air. Arm in your reefs award really well. As well because you have this big surface here access to put down so it's a flat area. They keep some work here rated until fermentation takes hold so you know we always talk about east. Need oxygen. You know four hours six or eight hours out. And really until they start commenting until we get through lying face. With guarantees them oxygen available until we start producing TO two so they get. Available oxygen rate up until they start from and through is a big advantage there. You march. Quicker. Fluctuation. The east doesn't have to fall. Twenty feet thirty feet Liggett doesn't have big American chemical is trying to move these Beers how fast. The yeast literally own the means to saint. Eighteen inches it doesn't need to fly actually down twenty some feet of a massive V in all ninety girl from enter. It only has ago fought. And so that means your bureaus will all clarify it'll drop out a lot faster so after trying to move it over again. Haven't in this for just a short 340 primary. And then over into cast or something like that. He really can get through quick because really leave a lot of solid. Doesn't have that. Far to fall. Now the biggest effect. Of cool ship at least I think is the effect that it has on back pressure with yeast fermentation. You have a shallow depths. Which causes Lance back pressure. On the east in the air for you get more pastors. Now we've talked about the effects of pressure and fermentation. More than a few times especially when we're talking about the load goes like style from renting German bloggers where you're really. Tweaking by increasing the back pressure. We can increase the temperature and cut down on the amount of pastors FEMA alls and kind that would. You take to ferment to locker. So instead of two to three weeks you know 48 to 58 degrees. I'm able to ferment traditional locker threw in three to four days at 65 degrees monthly Q would in jail. Because increasing the back pressure has allowed the larger east to produce lots add flavors. Now by increasing. The height of liquid you also increase the pressure we have a column of water stacked up on top of the molecules. The press down on the molecules before you've ever looked at diving or anything like that. You know that for every foot you go down you and about the little bit last. Then five PSI. The only means so we have a bomb. You know. Twenties a vertical from enter the it's almost twenty feet tall you could look at ten PS hire more down at the bottom. Arm because you never have more than half a PS I. Inside a cool chip fermentation there's almost no back pressure on the east. Andy really start to produce these wonderful pastors in a lot of these Belgian Beers of bubble gum and rooms and so that. Also there is a big advantage to cool ship when it comes to flee. So very unique process but something that maybe hadn't heard it before yep pretty cool. All right you guys don't sell them know that you have estimate there are equal ship. All right that's it for us if you join us midway through and hadn't ever heard of cool ship before episode available on demand at WH ER website ESPN as well. That's it for us happy brewing here on tiger editions just brew on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're season brewer or just want to get started president at 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.