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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We. Do. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional blue here's your host Jeremy White. First diced or good Saturday morning welcome tonight traditions just threw it on ESPN fifteen to meet your new wife and her nicer ones off. Not so much nothing much getting ready for learned a home Tuesday next week yes next Saturday yes. Is supposed to you know there's a lot going on so one we have a sale. Going on it and we usually from Tuesday to Saturday the thirtieth two thirds have September to November. And that's 10% off all ingredients here pounds hot sexy green you wanna start the bottom like four packs in Nottingham. 10% off everything. And so we have that going on but it's also big party for us as well kind of kicks off the busy scene he's in his home Parikh. We always talk about the colder weather being the better time to Peru if you're gonna Peru and south of boiling a lot of Beers creating some heat. You might as well you know we utilized that he tap water gets cold chill your peers pastors everything gets easier. More efficient at the weather gets colder. So it's party it's a kick off to the season. And for Austin. We do have the beginning covering possible ebony I mean do need to sign a bottom line of tickets available online and now and then we'll have a tasting at 130. We're not gonna endure usual marine demo afterwards. One of the reasons is that after 4 o'clock it's usually one or two votes there we've been there since 8 o'clock in the morning at a long week. So we're still gonna be ruining. Put words article that I had a time so will be match will be matched out by the time. You know the tasting rolls around and will be born in the beer you'll still be burying remark calling an official class. Feel free to sign you know com. And ask questions of her more advanced you're beginning ever. That starting classes early gonna teach you everything you need to note to dive in and home yeah and for someone wants to come for their first class 11 AM he sign up online how much time should they planned on being there for two and a half to three in the reasoning if we try to keep class rate round two hours. Wrong but afterward it's kind of open free for about beer for you. Group that that shares it and you can have approached the people who were teaching the class or stick around there have some beer we're gonna be there. And so we always tell people leave a little bit of time for follow up you don't wanna be there just like tree wanna be there questions afterwards not. So the sale goes from. The thirtieth for the for the OK so can you to really take advantage that it's starting after the Monday nighter. And bright all the way through to next Saturday which is learned homered. Okay. 10% off all ingredients and keep in mind for your for itself other items I feel equipment on how housekeeping and a couple of weeks in terms like new items and stuff you guys have in or stuff that's flying off the shelves. We have been really we are covered a couple of items and there's a couple of them poking at an organ there are gonna be moving soon as we get into the cooler weather the one with the mark to controller. So the heating cooling controller for fermentation I guarantee that's going to be paired up a lot with the fox boomers keypad. Which has been popular those have been starting to move. Armed really well and that's really gonna help you with kind of went through control fermentation. If you're putting and in your basement chances are you don't need a cold torture and you'll get down all the way that may be 4858. Degrees. Just from the ambient temperature of your basement so if you put a heating unit on it control unit on the edge here. You can then use that the temperature basements and at the floor. And you see here to kind of bring you what effort temperature you want so when the wintry you don't need to fermentation chambers has its ability to cool in order to have full control your fermentation. Bomb and so that combo longer hundred dollars. Net Daryn it's a lot less than Mac com or mean that the most popular control units. The view before the mark for you. Was over a hundred dollars itself. So just to get to control unit you're referring to break the bank of on this is one of the ways at home brewing. Personally because of gadgets I mean I always credit Humber and becoming more popular easier for the common person because of better information. But. Cheap gadgets that make a big difference in the quality of your beer in the ease of brewing. Is really kind of made it. You know keeper Ian and homer and I think that's improved everybody's beer across the board and and so what what's cost you 200 dollars before is now under a hundred. And only huge difference a nuclear all right. Very good ignoring these things online of course. John it's and he homered icon you got it in your gonna pay the same price that you would in store that you would on line there's a few items that have. You know expects to claim that have. A shipping costs added on to them because of their weight you know large wind chips and stuff like that. Arm but otherwise everything that you see our website at the same price online rookie you pick it up in store. Whether you order it to home or whether you're just browsing know that your gonna get the same price on line. That you will in store in as far as the sale goes it goes online to the weather you're giving it picked up where they're living shipped. It won't reflected immediately when you. Cash out we have to override it but it's who he should get the confirmation email back that were processing it you'll see the lower price of American arm so your total will go down. Our shortly after he put in the order and again that sale goes Tuesday to Saturday. You don't have to pick stuff up by Saturday to if you put in more online furnace for picked up and you're there on Monday. That Soka token that works some of the stuff you door online dealmaker yeast if you do some and we got hurt her record with that aren't we weren't sure throughout. Kevin was heating up water Reid. We kind of had decided on her baseball. But for national homer day we always try to do some experiment. A bomb so last year was we did the the year before that. We did three the English bidders on all have the same yeast all had the same mashed temperature. All had the same hopping and oil time these were just completely different base smoltz between all three beer so I think we did mirror Solder. Golden promise and my old and actually think we went on ports as well. So this year what we decided to do is to split they've yet to appear so we used all proximity based mall which is something we can talk about a minute. We use citrus the first war hop. Are we haven't quite decided on a dry hopped up on what we do as we split it up and we used to hot Kennedy's. For one batch and we use the DI EPA that double like here Conan stream for the other split on the back so it's anymore. Came right off the same oil. Cycle theory it is so it's even sugar content it's blew up in the three gallons performance her hand pitch he's with saint century. Same fermentation chamber team everything's in primary times in dry out times everything but peace is going to be the same these few Beers. So they won't give you an in searching representation. Of to the east that we have north seas have been the two top sellers and Omega. But they're drastically different than a lot of people don't know what they're gonna get in the long and those who give you an idea of what those duties. Our panel and Japan south they'll be if you're saying. We were really excited about it we went can't wait to Tampa born American temperamental separate but it per capita come and answer. Learned for learn homered and you got all right very cool so albeit a two for one there. A lot less when we talk about cool ships Jared inning. Yeah you gotta reaction of that because we have we have a couple of people I talked with about it and now only are people making these school ships at home answered absolutely you could mean he could use some other device. But I've talked to some people who are you know personally use them some of them on the regular breaks racist. One of them being mine rather. Which I didn't realize as a cool yeah schools have and he was always a traditional igloo cooler propane burner wore chiller brewer arm but he moved. And he's been slowly taking equipment over there you know with him out of the West Coast. But when he first ordering out there he was doing one gallon on green. On your work and equipped kitchen he was able to get some what chafing Trace of them were all oval speed up clean them up steamed and sanitized them. Hand that he was actually using his cools. Yes so I guess when we are talking about this commercial breweries would have massive cool ships and drew massive delivering five gallons it's probably not. Not now is not prohibitively bay yeah yeah yeah. It's if you're doing five counts of beyond the he has a great idea with the with the stainless steel multiple tries mostly raised. And he's he's got some crazy talk or now about taking it too well -- could end like sanitary reports and stuff like that on it. He was able to grab a matching. Ma lit so it has a really good fit so that if he isn't able to move it over and time if authors giving dusty in his apartment Warburg is he can keep it. Cool with a lit but he's actually not doing it for the cooling. He's doing it for the after production. He wants that shallow fermentation you want to low back pressure Bryant as shell is peaking yet. Armed and this is the big I think kind of benefit to using cool shall we talked a lot about how it's buried Greenpeace to were not new utilizing and the energy. For cooling just letting go of the kind of the war heat dissipate into the ambient air around it arm. But you also get drastically. Different pastor profiles. Out of your use. Especially those in the kind of Belgian range in the English range so you get more and when I'm gonna say pastors and mean that in a positive way don't mean it doesn't. You know cause anybody few balls are you know the burning plastic flavor aren't arbitrary thing that. You know birds read about or worried about sort of you know never encountered. It produces good masters so if you're using likening the failure eastern in the a lot of like peach if you're using. You know like Belgian used in a lot of bubble gum and you know banana. So you get a much different. Kind of flavor profile from these from just changing. The from mentor now I think if there's a lesson to be learned this year is home number and if you've been in this for awhile merely mean. I see him five completely different partners from mantras that I use on a regular basis and it's like the market. I have the glass car when I have a stainless steel Chapman. I have a larger bucket. And I have mine for monster as walls alt glam leap for rent a primary in a five gallon you know better bottle or something like that. Now I will definitely be I always had to have been for the past couple years but I'm gonna be putting a lot more thought. Into what is the depths of my war going to be in there from doctor. So one thing I have never on who is like taking my from interest taken a tape measure measure how old deep five gallons that is right. Because if you're doing like eighteen interest that we talked about for the one from after the negative like kind of look yep before coming to show last week. Com. You're you're grieving over half a pound PSI of back pressure during fermentation. And they've seen what the fact that that there can have say 58 pounds unload those growing here when I mean. I'm absolutely sure from have a big effect on your fragmentation. So the next time you go to ferment a batch of beer if you want. Hi pastors seemed about the shallow its widest fermenter you can get your hands on out of Europe you know out of your arsenal. If you're looking for a predominantly. You know American West Coast IPA or longer and you weren't really low. Pastors sing about a very high blood vessel for a particular point in the Chatman that's very narrow and tall. What comment implies some back pressure too so think about the shape in the size of your from mentor. Whenever you're planning to Peru appear. Because that's gonna have an effect on Astor formulations and justly to penetrate just like your fermentation temperature just like your oxygen well. You rack time so will the top of your from a tour so it's just another variable to consider. You know when you weren't prepared not to write pastries doubts on the other side you say you can defend him in some spots and you can't and others and I'm gonna ask you. What constitutes pastries stuffed. So that's on the way pastry stuffed up next on acquisitions just threw it on ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You listening to just Bruins which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did gives orchid and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need. Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military in title on open Monday through Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brewed dot com and tiger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. I'm back I'm not traditions just Pruitt. I guess in fifteen point you'll talk pastry stuff so yeah. Help me understand what counts as a pastry stout verses what counts as what I like to drink often in the winter which would be. Really good. It's doubts. That might have certain elements of pastry the Seabrook is no there's no style so wonderful pace or he'll be CI via. Like very few Beers that label themselves as a pastry stunt and it says dessert beer pastry style write us at southern tier has thin mint. Yeah and some law. And that I bet if it's named after cookies. I think it's a pastry stuff absolutely I think that's that's a good putt through the pastry stems almost some more from an angular used by the consumer got you I would say now it's like he had a lot on your blog to see a lot of people talk about it. And they'll be talking about the peace reached out and I'm thinking of that as like a milk you know an immune beat Russian victory whistle but I am right leg and I mean B what do. I'm thinking Mora is honored to Scotty break or like yep the evil twin stuff and your bit to the good one for you because you're big in pure audio I love our imperial stout and I don't like them to be too sweet you know I don't like milk stout too much. I wanted to be a dark. Doubt it's an imperial that. I mean you know it's late actually chili peppers in there like chili pepper stuff stuff like that. It works really well too and and I have to say I'm a fan of big steps to but I never that current because I often by these a question imperial and go shut them with in the basement being like. Oh this looks great I'm gonna put this down into the basement like wine and agent and seller for a while some never to. You know current and what is like the latest and greatest. But I've seen this term you don't pacers outlasted all over the place and so beer's been involving the US right. On you know were used to cold refreshing. Dried beverage and only more bitter than sweet there really is only meant to be enjoyed when your you know sweating and hot days or something like that. It's not really debt dynamics. Com. So are low alcohol domestic blogger kind of leaves us lacking in a lot of places. On sort that the coal miter few full stomach after a meal. Arm you're not really looking to gold to that domestics doubt here you know that demands are that domestic light. Arm but one environment will say that beer has recently invaded is the after dinner hour. And it's always been kind of there for awhile. But the common person is really starting to explode in the past and really what you said OK street doubts are liquid desert or deserve beat. And I can defend them that that's that's what I'm an assay as they deserve appear when I buy one I put it in the cellar I have some house passover. You're sitting around after a good meal everybody's really too bloated to consume anything of volume. Boom you bring out your light double imperial chocolate pastry. Meat in it for that they work. Glory and love. Her friend who comes over to watch a football game says he's bringing beer and Soros up with three do users of pastry felt. I can't defend that closely monitoring that area is going to be bad. Arm so that they have a time in the place and I think a lot of people are heating MP threes out I have to say when I see it online it's about 5050 whether people are using that term as a compliment or something derogatory. On right and I I think when you have it in the right context that absolutely can be defended it absolutely can be enjoyed. By a wide range of the people at a wide range times but. If you're gonna force it on somebody. And like middle of the afternoon when they don't have to be thing there's dominate him and they are really looking to get a couple of Beers and on. Is it really doesn't work so there so obviously sue Brian sugar is a very sweet. That's as much as saw it in to be quite honest a lot of what I see in popular pastries bounced. If you just put in its imperial stout I would immediately say it was a low but Chloe. I would say it is overly sweet is giving sickly sweet yours or peace week the point at some point. Easily beer and how much sugar in a pace yourself as compared to and I PA I mean because beer is always about sugar but they're different types of sugars and yes CSS and in we always look at that never residual like sugar now. Arm and so a lot of times like RE. We have almost the same you know on the east used for the West Coast you know I PA. And then we compete like desserts out you get about the same attenuation but because we're so much sugar. In the beginning of the peaks reached out from human to put a lot more in the mountain. Soul. Easily more than double usually. Pregnancy that yeah VO and mean on average thinking about it appears that I know about classic examples are one of the pastries ounces easily. Double the residual sugar of a big. Like IKEA and it's not always double BOU. Two I was like oh you're consuming one for one alcohol one calories that doesn't quite work out that way. Com. Yes so that's really the kind of court took pacers felt doesn't really contain cake or cookies is Alex and we sort of birthday cake and Austin match doesn't mean they didn't but chances are it's need to have some common flavor with a Merkel well with desserts. On the do he said have as much residual short period with a piece of cake. That's for sure and in the should be consumed. Accordingly. Or had an alcohol. Loss of her you know and not something went be drinking and nightly basis. But they are very good right. OK so they usually have a name that's kind of mean accordingly we usually you would just. With an offer be a big lift the guys in the study break even more Jesus. The maple even more Jesus I mean I ain't I appreciate Egan. Russian materials aren't as sweet sorrow those aren't necessarily that way you can lump and so it's not just another rush very bombs and on those. Think of red velvet cake and emperor to be where they're bomb is another one from guess and a lot of pictures to us now after this won't be written here get a deep instructed prairie bomb where the and they pull all the parts apart. Okay in I think the third greet the year to make computers are great appear to aid I love take him I love doing split twelve bouncers abusers. Putting him in the back of the basement dressing up the bottles usually idea black captain indicate anybody what they're in two. Arm but I do love making these Beazer another great year to age because even though they have this high residual sugar content to do H are extremely well so if you're looking to brew one what are we need to do we need to start off with a big so we're talking about lots of chocolate lots of deep bitter black malts dark crystal. On the tree put something in there for bodies usually fully oats. Is the most important. May actually warm man short your trying to create a low from multiple match usually we're talking about these high alcohol Beers like a Russian imperial. On we're trying to we know we're gonna have enough residual sugar we can always at Malta doctrinal or lactose that'll bring it back up so we're usually struggling to try to keep the terminal gravity down even considering like we talked about Russian imperial stout. Ian with brute right PA adding Emily sentenced to kind of further effective drying out the match. Not so much and pastries doubt you know we're talking 15658. Degrees for like 45 minutes after an hour bets that. So for its big of a beer your doing. And it's gonna be expensive match injured and one thing about second running here recently a lot of sugar behind it's actually going to be a pretty short brood is first match is considered says. On you're gonna wanna add something for residuals we blackness is lactose I'm sorry is by far. The most popular. As a dietary concerns he wanna warn people. But ID warn people with time diffuse multitude stream which nobody is really allergic to. While we'll give it the body it's not gonna him that seemed sweetness. So after movement probably to get that equal light you know and ultimately feel you're gonna have to have some milk sugars and they're here have to add some lactose. You also don't wanna keep this low bitterness. In to a long oilseed don't mean much for tutoring cops. And you're gonna wanna use a low attendee waiting English dailies and the provide a lot of fruit flavor which miles feel and think about Nottingham what it does is New England style. If that thick and creamy. Mouth flavor their due the theme thing for year pastry beer. You know and it's gonna really have a good factory went stay away I think from Belgian knees or American dailies. Arm because apologies have some kind of sharp fruit flavors. In the American Italy's. And a tricycle that to march summit stick with the southern English -- In the last thing I think you have to do so if words were setting. The guidelines right now for pastries doubt. These you have to add something's. Can't dispute big sweet it's I have something personal so it's gotta have your idol an adjective that would be on a birthday cake yes he you know some charges cardinal is scared now cookie Graham cracker. And Anna Anna and I think dessert appears I think a better from we talked about him milk sick I PA would being ad stripper. You know and I mean it really kinda it it just pushes the beer yet. You know hop heads I think the pastry stout is inane and given and it means that a big imperial style and bright and again that's not. The general. Right out of everybody can enjoy these people who don't indoors Russian imperial absolutely joy pacers are sure if you give it to and chilled after meal before you for sure. So yeah I think deserve purely keys that is a batter via better terminology Billick. It's like pour wine you know it's specifically designed for this after of wine drink deedrick report once or sugar is very sweet is an after dinner kind of thing. I alcohol. You know warn you often all that. Yet it's funny pastry studies is and I guess and I do drink those and enjoy them but I wouldn't. But the ones that say desserts out I think like I I don't go that far down old radical but I guess but I I do. Milk shake I PA's otherwise that's the aisles are a lot of players and I'm still that I'm not order a milk shake idea. I'm I'm I'm not ordering Romo tried to take IPA Boone anybody ever order one asset that was the opposite of that was I always wanted to try we are way although only 1 July yet. And there are is there are some tasting rooms. On that will serve you. Small samples yet and I'm more than willing to pay for sure to go for answers only worsened service I really do going get that beer cleaning the glass bringing it to meet. Is a majority of what I'm paying for. And I'm happy to pay for for receivable sample. Now we've got two minutes left. Gold forum I'm in me I weave my way coming out for wedding gift rare Bure club membership mentoring plan you pastries and actually no no I wanna be a lot happier if there were more stops in here but there aren't a couple dark Belgian channels and stuff like that. But d.'s I'm getting rare Beers and they are so rare that I think for the next like 56 weeks I'm gonna bring one in. Have you tell me what the hell is up because there's some. I wanna see that cherries are involved an awful lot and some of the stuff you know like it's something that's brewing with cherries or. They're definitely rare after the point bribe I'd take him out of the packs and think well. There will be a date for this and I don't know when that day is but I'm sure there will be a day. It is like the one of the month club to your not going to get a classic. These damp ball you know and I mean. So if you order wine of the month club don't expect look at 2000 name like a profit or Erlich analysts Aetna to pot you're going to get up and coming you know it was a broker thinker be in this case a judge thinks her some you know says rooms thinks is a good. Example could opting coming here. But keep the price down. It's not gonna be like a dark lords to be released or anything like that you're not in the game and we say rear Beers. We're not talking about an expensive beer that you would you know bid for on line. We're talking about saw in me B haven't heard up and I think these great and it's finally you know communal tastings at the year two you know expand. You know and I mean your knowledge and in what you know of beer is there to open up your mind open to something right middle up next week in moving forward. German leopard I think that's it for us not positions just brought on ESPN fifty point. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive tunnel wonderful online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.