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Nov 3, 2018|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here and do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer. It's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White man. First diced her. This Saturday morning and welcome to tiger citizens just threw it and popular home brewed nature we like him for honest with you here on ESPN 1520. We're just it's. Christmas. Her home brewers kinda. And it do we say happier with the airy home area. I change jolly habits now. Maybe it's like Christmas but it's it's the it's it's our anniversary about that yet it's home Bruins anniversary this has been I think I was reading in as I murkier BYAO. Talking about the pays eons. Or to brew the age A in homer he's in Europe for forty yours. So when people say this in to hobby. You and I mean we've been in the game over seven years you know. 25 or location. It means there's been forty years. Home. Legally right. So in today's a day were if you navy learned on a previous learned a home Saturday may be today yesterday that to learn and home brew so. There was last night were still few tickets available for the classes so you get online it yet and he homered our company. On so we do you big set of festivities including the beginning entering class and sign up outline and after that will taste in about 1:30. PM. And we have those Beers with the committees it's a week ago a single work split up into a couple of from interest pitched different to me he's meant. We do how had we did that the IPA. In kind of public policy section. You know new England and mean. CO a turn in line so we cared popular works. So some tickets available beginning growing class arts this morning at 11 AM so you still have time to get tickets and and to get there. You sent a line a tasting at 130 you guys have sales as well yeah. And that's in story unlocked so he can't meet it in today and you Ehrlich are really want to pick up tactical team or pound hops Oreo something of that nature. Activists call war. Place your order online. Offer in store picked up. And the discount will be applied to. Correct it is have to place the order by this week. Now for the beginning brewing class what can people expect to get a handle on a fool I mean you were ruling in the try to have everything set up with a lot of the communal prep work dawn. See you get to see if pool room. You know from start from power water and you know back greens to a Buren from her as well as the kind of a double and capping racking up like me yeah. Hold matches but also operating camper how to do bodily. A bomb. In and during that time Arby's everybody's brewed there are some down time. And during that down time which currently utilized it to give you the best background we can and so. You know we'll talk about and I'm utilization in Mueller reaction while coming up to a boil. While workers you know boiling we'll talk about hockey utilization in the different ways in the autopsy flavor Roma bitterness of the beer. Minutes were waiting for the beer chill. Almost are talking about sanitizing the past racking techniques and then finished fourth generation impossible. Armed and all that yeah. It's a lot of big words in there on ha Powell. Who would you say is someone they hear is all that says wallet that's on the golf fancy terms that sounds intimidating. It's only two and a half hours. By the end of that everything that's that will make perfect sense right once you've seen it done in front of you explain now. On the makes the world and there's enough time in the bring process it's a busy process there's enough time waiting where here you have a window took kinda explain what something is you go out and I would I would say in my experience probably easier to understand the broad. Brewing process now Brooke as you you're watching and having you you're you're learning not only how to do it what it looks like what stage of the processes. And why you're taking each step that you're taking them. So that's that that's like a comprehensive look at what to expect today at 11 o'clock at the beginning of requests. And I would say there's a growing. We need an area OK very good. It's very good order and after workers covered up during an official demo below have smoldering going are calling an official demo one starter. All that earlier in the day than we normally do we saw of people in the in the class. All of which means will be getting out of here before 7:8 o'clock on the word you know finishing up the Peru. After the tastings over. So we will have a beer going. Com. Note says that he got a lot of you have got this friend to this week procrastinate. Sure this until the last minute will be. If we can get to a general consensus between you know three or four opera which is off. We'll try to get liquid he's activated if we can agreed in May before we didn't. Illiquid east activated well known using parties then it will literally be practices and whenever you're going off to be using it won't feel complicated. No doubt that that's one thing is we return to keep appears for the class simple. We you know not that many competitions. In the a crazy amount of grain or anything like that. Just so that the we don't have that much worry about what were also teach a class and that certainly makes life easier terms ago worse style that. Teach the first time now would it. You're definitely not doing eight. We can I can tell you two are so we've ever done enough that there are appears super group Republican mall cops stand West Coast. I key day. But as your. Talking every five minutes two minutes is going often have more options another one that was the real linger with the Belgian wins for the scene. On reason we have a bunch of different spices to baton in approving amount we realize we proceeds need to be crushed and I think this was supposed to go. That said. Even though the schedules got screwed up for both of those Beers and wonderful thing about sobering they still turned out wonderful Beers and Mimi anymore. Exactly what we're intending its first cup schedule. And you know worse you know exactly spicy. It's worth it would appear that appears worked with sanitary and everything is kept in all. While temperature while fomented. On TV appear. One of the also could license at home things go wrong in the east to the right. Good miss sometimes. So that they'll learn a homer today it is today yeah and you can pop into ninth edition if you can't make the classic and also just gonna pop in the 130 tasting. And you know talk about. Begin markets you guys always have beginners kits and I would always say that what you guys have that no one else really has is. 24 hour that's where before we don't think Augusta. On hand customer support you know it's like apple care for your brewing or whatever you guys provide that the genius bar there. Where if anything's going wrong with your first batch or ever question you you can possibly gas that's were you guys commend. Down with you one bit of advice to talk about. He while we do have like the you know our email and we do answering emails after work. Are especially if we see in import order you know it tying sensitive question out there. Don't ever bump a batch before talking to Austin a lot of people fear that they may have screwed something completely up to the Beers ruined there's no savior for it. And so old they'd dump it and then the come and talk to us. Talked to us first before you dump the appear usually it's not especially if you're Newbury it's usually not as bad. As you think it is the numbering for a decade mucus that that is right but if you're just starting out it's probably not as bad thing it's going to be. All right. Sell under some other things for those that are wanting to learn to home brew or maybe they already learned a little bit to do wanna expand. We've been talked the last few weeks about the maggots of almighty switches and stock. I'm still in stock and still don't. Great reviews yes and in and we restarting its and so. Well attack in this were always promoting based on what we read now we've had a chance to kind of get a lot of heat packs a lot of people actually take computers full circle. With the nominees and especially that hot head has been theory popular. But scene with a DIP ace and how has been popular fall flavors it's producing. A bomb but the that the IPA hasn't impressed everybody with its quick fermentation quick flock. And so I've gotten out to be years under my belt I. You know started up the hot head into a big pitch so that icy sums up enough to pitch another two to three years with the on which makes life a lot cheaper and a lot easier peaks at east started ready to go and ready to pitch. Talk about saving money leader and a program that we have got an idea that's Europe that's our ways to error topic today is how to save money in home rink without buying more equipment. And the way to Nazi money but to maybe make things more convenient for yourself there are. Hundreds of ways to do that if you wanna cable extra for whatever might be. If you wanna not follow you wanna do keg guys alone opened carrying supplies which I can report I can report back. They went really well the keg. Attachment that you gave me. That offer you guys those were you take the CO2 from your Gregory her home and put that on a keg at a football game yet and it keeps the IPA that you got. For the next week yeah we didn't kill the keg so we've got a little bit more common for tomorrow. And this is added that kit the you have heard through what you did and in this where we tell people if you universal technique equipment you can mix and match so because herself was universal arsenal funny fittings. You're able to take your CO2 system from her home cutting system. And put it right on like a cap system that you would normally be pumping with air which of course makes your your almost. That kid is a 150 dollars but big keg of right PA. Sometimes more than a 150. Dollars and so if you let the second half a decade ago stale. And you end up buying in new tact the king system would paid for itself in one. Weekend up. So cute CO2 on the. Right and it's also easier if you find it after one beard that it's over pumped he just piled on the pressure a little bit and it can make it it. A delicate recover quicker when it was overly comfortable that are older over pressurized with circle up too fast would be to fall we use dial it back in it it on you know kind of regulates itself out. And that is one of the biggest keg beer party foul some and there's a lot of them out there but one of the biggest to me is walking up to back check in pumping it before you figure out what the bells and went up. Pour first then pump if you need it in little air and they appear possible brain matter gonna CO2 system. And ought to be letting just off because they wanted to come out faster now realizing that they're actually doing damage unrest there aren't tons. Any Austria to get to before retail harbor cheaper we talked of the the fox burst heating pad the market neutral or green father you get through controller that's been really popular event. On. The there because of the weather I mean we always talk about this being lowering season and it absolutely is and although this weather's been miserable and I met super happy about it has been good for grooming. Because you're stuck inside. Injured trying to find something to do. And so the tap water and cold basements or some reliable temperature and I'm stuck in the house. So I've been making tons of beer the one thing is as the and heat's going on and off in the house. Temperatures have not been as reliable as who would like so that combo of the mark to controller which does hot or cold. In a brewing heat and or brew bell is essential and the price via fermentation control. Is come in week. Out. So you're looking in the yet I think the mark controllers like sixty dollars fifty dollars and group at around twenty bucks. And so for 175 dollars you have full control but the temperature of limitations. On that epic. And that's been big for a lot of boomers I think this time here and I know when the weather like this. I'm afraid. Beer and ways to have anything going outside the control. Fermentation not semi fermentation champ chamber Horry do have a back up controller. Just as hot. With a small heat pad that I can use on the side I'm really afraid to start anything routine controlled temperature. It is learned a hole birdie here and Iger editions just brew it head to the store at. The address Tommy and his twelve man Musial and twelve what's 1296. It's share in the Meltzer at their pretty much of the organizer Rick there so popping today. Ask questions go online to get tickets and the union beginners brewing class. Which starts at 11 o'clock in 2000 and you Albert dot com wanna give back and this are retirement how to brew cheaper. We are talking about ways to make it more convenient maybe maybe you wanna find a way to save money. First off home brewing saves money to begin with him. So let's talk about saving even more money in the process how to get your beer for a less of your dollars that's coming up next night versions just threw it yes in 51. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need now Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brewed dot com now Iger tradition home brew paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. Welcome back to just throw it chairman like Lester it is again national national learn homered and yes finally you said it agreed. I always advertise it as my only frugal hobby. Com you know a lot of green beans blocked me dose of a lot of zucchini. And the garden with the hours and time spent and how much top oil bought I don't know Favre really actually saved any money. Gardening would be like me sector and most Bobby. Like fishing and stuff like that that week and that that I don't know what I pay for full day and I don't want and oh. I'm official I've caught on but for home Marie you are what you said you are always save money so even if you're not trying. Even if you do acts act. And you're spending money here and you're gonna get two to three times what you could buy a that 150. Dollars you know tag of late Heber. All of a sudden comes down to about late sixties. Dollar 65 bucks for recipes. All the sudden you start doing all agreements seem recipe comes down to. Thirty to forty bucks so now you're getting anywhere from three to five times depending in the beer from the light bloggers are actually. Saving a little bit more money. You know what you could buy otherwise who won hole numbering off the gecko. As long as you're not trying to you know room off for basically a off. In all suffice thousand dollars sap ecosystem something like that you're gonna save money at this hour. Arm and two in our defense brewing better beer is always gonna save you money because and you'll actually trinket. If you're out there are trying to bring your dream add beer you're not gonna during that year Nazi yourself any money so one. Brew better beer investing in it especially you know information and learning. On about how to make your beer is always be good investment in them I'm what were none of the things we're gonna talk about today. Involve buying new equipment. This is a hobby. It's like to feel like excitement level you know nonessential money every once in awhile so don't feel bad if you there's certain gadget out there you want. Yes some volleys are more expensive than others and this one news. Expensive if you wanted to be yeah and time armed sorry and money saving if you want to be is what you make of it. So one. You don't have to do all going to save a significant amount of money. On the one point you know it's me too yes that makes a batch is a lot cheaper but if you had to pay yourself as a poor. To do an extra two hours to do the man rushing to do this arching every time. That would really offset any money saved if you don't buy you going from extract. Tall green. So you don't have to but this again it is a hobby if you wanted to altering do it the batches will get significantly cheaper usually saving about ten box. Per batch in the longer. On the other thing I always want to make appoint two people were thinking about giving and altering. On. Nice equipment. And doesn't necessarily get you. Better efficiency. I would put a very experienced were with igloo cooler. Up against an inexperienced or not whisperer with a big fancies abaco breezy system. To get better efficiencies and any style beer and it is the week. And I don't think there's many XP experts who disagree with me. To you don't have to have fancy equipment he could be your and you don't have to have fancy equipment to you good efficiencies it will make your life a little bit easier in the are so first thing you need to do is meet the Beers you drink if you're only making like pastries to notes in repose in your drinking one bottle of a week. You're not really you know actually getting any money back out of your regular you know beer budget so many Beers you drink on the night earlier at least on the weekly so if you're sitting down to dinner and having a pale ale. You and I mean meet the pale ale. Body than people buy the one weird Bobble a week you know when I mean you'll be spending five to ten dollars on beer. At the store and then 25 dollars will what you drink for two months. So be your blue what you actually drink. The other big thing that I seat people to the can really. Especially if you're doing New England IP is me your beard really expensive is if you plan to use a liquid these. Plan to do with starter. Com or at least three use are jump up duties were a couple of fermentation. If you're drinking appears skipping out on the starters and you're buying you know 34 liquid east you to be spending thirty dollars. When I'm spending money and tiger batch your spending and just you're yeast because it is actually. One of the will say at least expensive overall in the recipe. But most expensive by weight element to your putting him there you know and mean you're buying the rams at about like five box. If you planned useful equities especially to a starter with the dried Easter should be doing starters anyways was any Beers should be the starter. But if you're gonna do liquid east it's gonna break the bank if you don't start doing starters. On also behind your baseball. Or your abstract for them ever in ball. Arm body everything else is needed. But buying those in ball if you bring extra don't ever buy the one pound package of extract always just go ahead and get an X three pounder you citizen expect. If you're brewing all green you don't have to have a male can buy a whole sector going we will crush a whole sect agreement to dance for you it's good for over a year. Arm but the price per pound on the extract Ian on the green goes down significantly. By almost half. When you buy it in ball. So by your based mall. By. Your extracts in ball in the singles for cleaners are your cleaners and all you're gonna use the bury your gonna use tar sand. Every single batch every single rack neither of those go bad in the package so Bynum ball don't. Keep cheapened down on the three dollar for dollar containers. Go for the twenty dollar containers. You will be surprised how long the last few I've had it seemed five dollar tub be bright. In the same Starks hand for well over a year you know when it means that one purchase instead of buying a nuclear news sanitize or every two to three catches. You know I mean it gets me through a couple of years worth of brewing and I grew a lot so by your cleaners and ball. On another thing they really don't think people are gonna wanna hear is chains styles. Or les. Chains are recipes that you grew when it comes to some of these B hop Beers especially once the call for really expensive cops. Com. America say that doubled dry hopping with eight ounces galaxy told Los knock in the case good. But it's going to be ridiculously expensive your gonna mantra cop go through all those going to be spending 25. May be more for you know any mean. I'm just hops along. So you money want to change the style of Beers at your brewing when it comes to these big IPs or at least trying to find every way you can. To reduce he amount hops are using in dry hopping. Some of these Glickman systems a hot rocket with three circulation have been really really popular for that so actually instead of just sitting. The bureau and the cops for a couple of days cycling the beer through hot filter for overnight or even twelve hours and YouTube. Better extraction so maybe we actually won them by us and something like that. But those would be. You know New England PA's can really get expensive another option is to grow crops. But you're really going to be making about the scene Friday that over all. Another thing is in the while this might not be the biggest. Financial. It definitely is it time waste her. And the morning that you brew in that is don't buy your water. Try to find a water source it's free or next to it. Also municipal works boring water source is going to be a lot more reliable and it comes to dissolved oxygen and mineral content. Yes you might need to prepped at the night before. But if you're boring fight in the water that mean and I've never I don't know what accosted by a fight to water but you have the field trip out to big box or trees or hit the water you don't know what's in there and find out what's in your home water. Work with the free water Bure will be better and it will be cheaper. In the law and this is one they think all of new numbers. Media out of you know successful advertising from primaries in distillery is talking about the quality of the water. You know showing a river or stream wherever they rue. It's not they're not pulling water correctly rookie if you're taking municipal water running it through filter may be. The only means to bring it out overnight their heating it up there doing their standard and moral judgments and just like any experience. Does. And you should go ahead and mimic the same rate from the start don't buy water. On another thing that I went up in an all our friend here in his very guilty of those in don't by top simple enough in the use the people. All this kind of weird hops are hard to get hops out of season I mean I've called on him too when galaxy was out local paper. Had Beers got into the national competition. You know and I mean. And got into the second level the national competition problem once the payload they entered use galaxy and now they couldn't get anymore. Aron had some sit in his for it. Happy to get rid of it you know had more than what he knew to do it so it only. Works to buy Hopson ball if you're actually using them in all nobody actually wants to sit there and use an old hop so by your cops fresh. Wasting greeting it's never. Improved efficiency. In here's one I think Macs that I am most guilty of I often find myself using a little bit more bettering out the pounders so green in the match. To try to skip down to sixty minute. Here's I do a lot of West Coast IPA's to a lot of German polls for some while those Beers are completely different. Both really like ninety minute in under one minute whales. In spite doing those the year boils and basically me he'll later be year in the boiling it down so yes I'm using basically sneaking India. It's part Otis forty points fifty points is gonna be a lot more efficient than trying to go right to spark to fifty. Seventy points and only boil off 1520%. Fumbling for two hours hour and a half and really gonna get better efficiency and I notice that across the board. So. Do yourself a favor if you can. Prop up the extra half hour and costs appear for fifteen minutes in the match. -- bit longer to a little bit longer owned oil and recipes where you can and it will really show in law. And then the last couple things. We always talk about in I think I have like this and off. If you have an empty Calgary earth you got empty from enters sitting in the basement because you don't have the time to the room all in. Because I like to subsite whole morning whole afternoon to brew all green with a little bit of extra time if I want a clean up the next day. Com do an extra. You know and I mean you're not saving any money by a not. Agreeing with the equipment you're out. And the same goes for buying new equipment buying new equipment doesn't see if you any money you're means gonna cost a little bit more time to put it altogether you might have some efficiency problems first time through. But the room with the equipment you party after if you don't have the time to all during our extract if you don't have time to. Extract with keeping Graham's. Brick in cat. You know I mean he gets something loaded up and your home Edwards is that your equipment is not sitting here under utilized under utilized equipment will never. Save you money. And that's all the way assets and you mentioned earlier hops. And it once we did OK your. I mean I've I hate to say with that group growing your own hops beer. A wonderful perennial. On the are easy to harvest and wonderful harvest. I think it's speak for most numbers that I'm using different just a reduction and you know I mean in one beer a year at my home grown cops. And I don't actors receive much more. But there are wonderful argument. Four by a box you're in need tighter colonial it's come back. Year after year Felix seven friends each growing one brand of hop from one type upon us and years ago now. All right that's it we gotta go learned a homer day today to an anti homer by comfort tickets this could still be some available. And classes at 1 o'clock sign up online. That's it for us 10% up all ingredients all the way to the third of its from its that's an accident. Opus today today's the third Africa which is sober so blessed to take advantage of tempers and up all ingredients tucked next week and I existence just brew an audience in fifteen points. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive tunnel want to work online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode it just blew.