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CLASSIC BITS: Tedy Bruschi

Jan 31, 2008|

The originals are still the best. Jan. 31.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That WGR audio -- as proxy by tell you it a great way to keep moving forward. Doubtful now bill this should be age I guess -- play in the gave will go back to pass it count of the now it will escape oh look at the is no -- It will letting it live in this study it right now is going to the parking lot there's smoke coming from the market fluctuated. Can't to a -- and car and there -- appropriate inside he has saved it and fire -- -- all is it going back and he grabbed their toys this squeaky toy does say oh my goodness. Brought the other back down at the bills. I'm Brian -- they're ready. I now it is sixteen to seven the -- -- only the ultimately right now it up that's portal and -- it does spark is they've wrecked the huddle Brady growing up. That it is at wide receiver. Pettigrew appeared on the back the basketball why are they ever -- -- I've got it back to ever gig -- -- out. And they climate bought it back welcome well it is now that's great. Back there are now on the back. I can't -- -- why why -- -- finally makes that tackle that's our oil wire a lot of Larry it ever okay well. Probably the best person I've ever seen any of. On -- back. Our it still on the fifty yard line and old -- -- imagine that he had a stroke did imagine it almost. Broke out amazing story. The -- -- thing. That he is a golden god that. Little bit awkward but still he is a guy that. Everybody on the field including the bills allowing it to Teddy Bruschi it is some kind of mythical creature half man. How god. Have possible senate are I'm not sure but in a way I wish it -- my -- our eyes dark out and and coming up there. Bought out now the -- second. -- eyes spiral bear caught by Patrick Pass at the 42 -- I want to play don't I wrote there to make sure. You're outta breath catch that that. Policy is amazing there's communications skills he can expect by eight different languages and people of that audit Arabic told them to look at that Patrick Pass while it would not have known to make their way if -- or Pettigrew escaped -- Appealed automatically apply this study group a now I'm being told. -- is well on the library I guess it -- all six numbers and the noise level moderate and is donating all the money -- -- -- in the stadium splitting it up right now everyone gets at least a 150 dollars. What a guy -- or escape or American a century