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8/28 Inside High School Sports

Aug 28, 2010|

Dick Gallagher is back in studio for Part 2 of his 2010 high school football preview.

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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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Even if you're just a Weekend Warriors who strive for peak performance this includes when you have an injury. Go -- the pros go university sports medicine for access to Buffalo's leading orthopedic surgeons sports medicine specialists physical therapists and trainers. Go to UB sports med dot Buffalo dot edu for more information. You GR Sports Radio 550. It's time to take a look inside high school sports now. Yeah Tony Kelly hearing brought to you -- you -- college. -- -- -- -- Phil welcome to inside high school sports. Tony Caligiuri Roger Weis and Dick Gallagher we just haven't some Red Sox talk before the game nobody nobody bothered to tell Boston that they have no business being. Four and a half games out with all these injuries and -- that -- in dank cave and myself are Red Sox fans. Were pleasantly surprised what Russell scratching our head. Emirates. Like -- That's good if the Cincinnati four games that is all September are you kidding me Dan. Can do it the fifteenth anniversary of the last time enough but you can believe that 35 years since. This whole world and the Boston and now an analyst in years what's that next year next year. -- all right we're got we've got a lot to talk about this morning inside high school sports brought to you by ECC. Start here go anywhere am by mighty taco open at 10 AM. I'd like to start the show by. Percent of my condolences to the mayor and only. Family of Lancaster Joe -- and only who some of you may know was my broadcast partner for many many years doing the Lancaster basketball games. I'm not WX RL. And -- -- just wow unbelievable guy one most knowledgeable sports people I've ever met in my life. He lost his mom this past week and this past week in I want it was my best to the family -- my thoughts and prayers. With you and your family and and notes a very difficult time but to hang in their body he -- those PE currently canister Redskins football games that's correct just done a great guy and he's been a I guess multiple times on this program in years past. And -- you had doesn't shout outs that you wanted to. -- going to people on accurate Shell out one -- young and won my agency and believe it Anthony. -- to ten graduate of orchard park high school she was member of the basketball team. She didn't get much notoriety. With the likes of -- recruiting and Taylor's like Jack. Why does she was a campers and opponents did not wanna play against this Julius that she's also sang the national anthem. Before some of the games including the semis and up -- state. While this year does this year this week she's outs -- Francisco. She's trying to become a contestant on American Idol -- and I am pulling for so Brad envoy Tony if you make it you might wanna keep me out of the studio. Although Saturdays during the season because I'm going to be promoting their young lady she's an awesome normally we were -- about us. And others are gonna congratulate Hampshire Kevin Lester would never forgive me if I didn't a friend of -- Bishop term high school classes 65 nice -- turner the actor Carroll Tony this was when they were separates these -- and he's. Tony was so much easier when I have my own chief gimme a Brett quit -- anyway crystal ball ski. Class of 65. At turner class of 1960 -- -- manager. He was actually a -- and a back -- center on the basketball team was ready to step into the starting position. As some enable him here came along -- not walked a mile drop. But anyway he has September 15 will be inducted into the Buffalo baseball. Flame I am so happy rich to -- ski congratulations. Outstanding in our congratulations. Dick last week we left off talking about the -- so gonna pick up this week with C east south. Southwestern -- Don and the. 29 games in a row Tuesday championships. Is your eyes 188. For those games he's posted as a news. He's just an exceptional man and he brings the best these kids play -- they have some quality is back with QB wrong wrong things or is Axel back. They have. Estrada the next as a running back also run back for those two anchors on line 20 candidates -- Langley. -- -- Nick Collison speedy wide receiver. Along with the release of the talent from -- -- so there have been the team to beat Purdue on your calls so lesson -- -- six -- season. They've got statesman that ACL injury last year. Alex -- Leo casting valley -- I'm stumbled new coaches and beyond -- make to be competitive there. Export to 59 -- John Swenson. Think that yet look at hitless in his class not only -- the -- Could -- possibly -- a state title lot of muscle last I think that they have the potential and you look at electorate that that they had the best potential to repeat. This year and only missed the muscle on countless years. When you have -- -- on it now London buses and coaches. The opportunity. And possibility that they do only need the four team and what's in your. A sign your state the football history win three consecutive championships. Now what's the chances -- likelihood that they. Gold mine in no and if they do that. They become the winningest they'll have the -- -- street -- although I. I -- a lot of what 37. Consecutive wins nine wins you're talking get into the semi final they won the first nine their tenth game would be at the Ralph. So I see. The argument could be dominant first nine games is l.'s western is that Roosevelt the visiting but he can't beat him -- to beat themselves you need to know themselves. While I think they they place he needs to -- third week of the season leave at -- I think we've liked it too hard to win that game and originally was scheduled for GR game and that's as entertainers of Watson's laws. And it's difficult place to place I think that that they get over that Tom I think that they could go nine Nolan and Wendell what can happen. In fact it was. -- -- -- Senior year they lost to lack a want and a very good Easter or a team. I mean they might have been about the fifth best team in their class a New York State unfortunately tool that we're -- it won't work. -- want to be sure. So looks pretty good that for southwestern obviously. -- let's get into look at it that where we now the -- Beat north of Pennington -- teams and -- Alden and merry bills. Quarterback. Wallace you -- contenders and he is. A lot of talent around him with the -- appeal -- thousand yard rusher and then you have John -- an outstanding. Defensive player that the medical of them exceptional job going to all the -- of their their fifteen -- -- last two years. And they're fifteen and three I think in the eighty's so to me they'd they'd. The best of the pack. Mary -- has some really talented kids Josh Hamilton 61300. In eighty pound lineman -- -- -- play as a 44340s. When he gets agrees he's gone in -- careers so they're gonna be very competitive. And then if you look at. -- -- Albion. Seventeen and oh the last two years with the what did you -- that led by set numbers. -- has excellent athlete and in the emerald Johnson the board has done them -- model. Not on his new coach in rob Rose. Now at least a coach Cameron's strike right open he's alumnus of -- on missile. He'll bring that program back systems that take a few -- to do that given what's transpired analysts reporters. And at some point in time hopefully -- of the it would be competitive that wouldn't be in that. And that game. The whole -- home date. Quick question no we haven't question -- cellphones are we done. Now we just have been north now going to be centrum okay how what I wanna bring opera at the risk of stepping on someone's -- over -- -- six. Can we get an explanation. This year of how because there -- three divisions. How do they determine which of the 31 place teams and up with the first seed which of the 32 place teams end up with thought. Fourth seed. And which of the 23 place teams qualify for the seventh and eighth. Playoff positions we never got a definitive answer from them last year in class. What exactly a formula it is and if there is a formula I sure wish we could find out what is. I think and he still -- you know next week who's done it still blows section. Be. Mentioned. Okay now are we the central on. Beat central is that if you was mode this year and they have outstanding junior quarterback in here. One was for about players in what's -- -- in the almost Canadian and Emanuel. They have transferred Anthony's a month from Saint Mary's is the explosiveness that when you look at what their. Line is it's exceptional. When you look at the playing. Playing. 67 to five Patriots Saint Mary's -- -- GO 6127. John -- 26237. And might -- was six point 240s so they're going to be average -- about. 260 plus would that now on the back field has huge. Huge -- that they. Ours the enemies although its utilized but -- -- you have any injury we're in the linemen -- I thought I'd read was injured and not sure if he'll be ready for week one. The -- much here but even with even if you miss one guys -- -- it'd be. News nine episode team that -- -- that they play. 222 wives in the championship game in to a three years when one losing -- cuts it does an exceptional job -- -- though Delanie. Stan Utley dated the quarterback back Jake Crosby to him last year. -- -- And Kevin brooks and defensive players whether they're going to be very competitive and if you Halsey to log in previous it is. You Akron has just glory. Thousand rusher rusher and think one some interesting things is that three city teams there definitely NC of these -- -- -- -- outstanding athlete. And it's gonna Harmon who's 66 house 66325. So par. Aaron bank's outstanding athlete. Jack McConnell -- 65300. Pounds. And they also have DJ and -- problem there as wide receivers all more. And then. And they have Bernard. Who was in the championship a couple of years. Physical as an exceptional job of march and outstanding athlete and Sanders victory 295 linemen. Kennedy so evidently to me if you NG to log that make the playoffs. I think to a post three city teams that ultimately the ups and you very -- for the transition with the city team's dominance. Of course we're doing that to Q berg our game week to add to -- Which is going to be an exciting game I don't think it's going to be. Unfortunately for my bulldogs don't think it's going to be a very competitive game -- by the second half. Well you do when you look at that facility then that complexes that you know that they play the All-Star game is exceptional on when you look at the talent. Yes let us schism that the -- garbled the bulldogs will -- To that turf as well as the talent that the wildcats have ranked it'll be -- will be closer -- some people -- -- the big thing is that it is going for the section six schools when they see the bird guards in the Riverside and things like that is dealing with the speed. No doubt though in many cases tonight used it -- that's been in suburbs knows. Now lot different. Lepore and Peppers for five yards reading a quote from one of the coaches and said. You know the big differences you CDC eighty teams they'll have four or five guys that run for a 4440. As opposed they may have won. I'm not and there are teams so that is going to be a big challenge especially when you when you look at the how the game is played in teams that want to get to the outside. If you're not used to that speed you're like an outside linebacker or. What angle the taken all -- that running back is got you beat to the outside your trouble. But when you're just look into what have been the last couple years as we don't. The -- that they've had them both on up as a distance of side of the ball it's not just enough offense defensively you're with the playoffs to win -- championship game in stages were unbelievable. It was going to be key is is for my eyes. Is -- -- the Harvard cup teams if they have a lead they're able to run the ball they're gonna be dangerous. But if they fall behind it's the passing attack. You know it's it's never been -- ask every week so that's where I'm a little bit concern and how we're gonna do as if they -- couple touchdowns behind and the forced to go to the air. And along those same lines -- off. They probably. While they do have to speed -- Dick alluded to. They don't have the experience covering passes these team -- campaign as let's face it you are. Geared -- sapping their run and Harvard cup. -- you might occasionally get a good answer you know a Jason Truman or one of those but they don't come along very often and Harvard cup -- seem to spread offense is exactly so. You know a team like burger. You know Jason Love and volley did was Ron Ron Ron disease billed -- defense for years -- there he gets snapped a run. The question is can they stop the pass and that's going to be though Mike -- -- he'll defensively from Harvard cup teams. Very good point there so to you obviously a favored a lot of people look connect it may be -- Pugh was the school that's gonna break. The get over the hump for b.s to go after a state title you know we've had the eight championships in two years none of them come from beat. I think that. Yeah the the -- -- we -- from Michael wanna. And then -- it was rob was so -- talk about within the last couple years that's right affect your right out of it then Wednesday championships in two representatives. Like one and two YR. Old laws in the -- the Rochester. Our careers -- you never thought it you know result lacked a lot of whatever our guys but -- state title going into -- year that's correct the dollars they know our matches and I wrote it. Speak to -- articles already got one vote for coach of the year. Somehow geographically. All of them which is. Well south of Akron ended up in the out. Class B north and Akron and upper class B central and that's a break for all than me you know not having -- go up to do pews in the Cheektowaga -- of the world that could make you different come playoff time. Yeah really can't any time it's our home field -- this -- continue with Arby's. These cells. Like -- they loaded it up as the ball. With John Brown he majored Christians. And Cheatham and -- and Chris Wells who -- In the -- adjustments and and supposed they could go back them -- and so it -- that they -- 37 game. When streak -- Lines there -- be very. -- We're young last year got to give them their their credit that the added years to develop yeah you're right -- and next and smile that count as bad as well now that's dominant. Transfers he's -- as well as linemen in the area Jason -- 65209. Cody -- for -- Mary's. To play. In Kenya he would field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I think -- tomorrow and look at what they've done the past. Record is well plate up at home -- long. Term and idol. Eaten. Those exceptions. For security and nine won those. In the championship game in Austin on the on his back. So. One. AB's so he'll have them plus the move and upper class so that could be. A challenge right there were down and sees them. It to -- sleeper today. The -- dollars in. Your -- Any defensive player. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And name's Jason reports the move that player of the -- -- the better running backs in any who's -- outstanding athletes also plays baseball and -- -- so I think that one. Will find out after next Friday. Exactly -- let's take a break when we come back but we'll talk a little bit more feature a prediction. As -- take his corner represented b.s at the stadium and then we'll jump -- to -- and double -- he's inside high school sports brought to you by ECC start here. Go anywhere -- by mighty taco opening attending -- ten -- dank heinous acts which won twenty sports. We're back to listen inside high school sports our season preview Dick Gallagher Roger Weis. In studio. Rod this is what we dream about this is what we loved the talk. Football is just a great time of the year you know you get excited for the change in in weather and things like that but then. -- -- speak about in the Blake -- -- the season's over we were -- shoveling driveway so. Kinda depressing to on the other -- Daddy talk about this week monopoly -- three -- the way it pans out with -- Three would usual schools and camera playing on Thursday nights because Jewish holiday that looks like it's sixteen weekend it. Sixer in the seventh six and 730 game on Thursday. All -- one game Friday night how boring is it going to be put it looks like at least three games. Saturday. He has can be a lot of football to take game. I ticker reports on the spot it was going to be playing at the stadium represented in the -- I think I have to fewer now than but it looked like one was in that -- that would surprise me would you treat to watch him be concerned about -- heels or restore. But he right now. In the pre season exceed human element. Along you know would. The Steelers who -- to -- for -- out of Rochester was a favorite Cornell. This or no thirty -- from a year. From her goalie out Cardinals -- -- I'm here at the -- powerhouse they this year and instincts they champions undefeated last year. It's back. Well in Austin. -- Austin rush for. 2400 yards when I'm gone he's gone but there are always exceptional program so that could be be allowed to pews big hurdle if they get past. Rochester they can very well be looking now playing at the at the dome in Syracuse yes. Flowers on the -- got at least one other law all of them. You know let's get a modest section. Six before we worry about section five but again and I blue repeating myself. The key is you know I imagine which first place team gets an autopsy and which fourth place team -- -- Everywhere second place team -- some foresee another critical to that point is second and third you know. The first place team hopefully afford season -- playoffs in theory so the second and third could be a match above. You know elect wanted to pure lack -- want all of them heard a pure Walden depending on again how it plays -- -- CDs -- teams. And by the way if you want to I've posted our FaceBook fan page. Who will win each division if you wanna go win there and test your knowledge and do your predictions feel free to check us out. Put your predictions up there for all the classes in my senior Marten Beatrice and see. Other people's takes on who's gonna do want. Let's get. Oh. By the way I speak of to pew we have to match and it Democrats stepping down. And AD and you're retiring but he's still going to be involved within. Within the athletic so he's not go away completely just kinda like when Jake -- given up his EDD. The Baghdad and Mosul have lineman Dan the dew Lancaster good -- -- it wouldn't be the same without them. When you look at what Damon do matches on the football field -- -- department. The view and Lancaster and the -- facilities in the field house exactly. People there legends. Enabled me wonderfully Agassi and me legacies -- continues and -- and the ball classy guys let's not forget that the great. Great individuals who really care about the kids -- -- Tony I'm still blown away when it went to the -- game this year. Again last time browser to -- high school for football game before and was rated after the October surprise while awarded different -- scores -- -- It really is a wish I could've saw more of -- put down after the way it was treated that night I'm not so sure. Why did the stick around in I didn't -- umbrella next time if I had my umbrella that wasn't the point was getting harassed by the -- guy there at the gate. That's given -- eighties in. See what we have here deck. Okay in the a north sweet home in it and no surprise given the fact that they've got shocked at 26 game winning streak. They have Tuesday titles and they isn't on kids coming back. These two injustice to take over the quarterback. Spot. And and you -- like I'll -- them to me he's one of those players not to soliciting arc in the state. For years starter while most -- players receive close abuse in compromise the football. He's outstanding than they have some speed to burn Kyle Lucci -- Jason Zimmerman. And I think that when you look at the start of the season Dr. John Fowler -- that's going to be their defense to take a little while -- opposite -- Usually does the offense -- you know based they were really wake up midway through the season. -- think it towards the end forget it there and I gear Tony case in point. You do you're -- rankles yielded. West Seneca east sweet home game of the year did you not in your wildest dreams watching that game did you ever think it's real chance of reprieve Tuesday champions. After watching that night no game but we did talk to follow before the game. And he did mention he said you know just like the year before. Worst worst law a lot of the blocks. And felt that they were start to gain momentum. It was after that team that they really started to kick it into another level. As far as offense they played up to their competition all you want to give west Seneca east a lot of credit they played their hearts out that night. That was a great game. Okay let's continue while arms are all embrace home now where clear fight as you Roger heard the same rumor that I did last week. I had mentioned that I thought former former bill. The world currently transfer from Saint Mary's to a Lancaster. I'm hearing no he went to sweet home. -- -- night you know nobody every does want it to -- is a sweet home that's going to be tremendous asset. John valor and offensive line defensive line then just 356. Feet -- fire plug. Do you know really plays a game well and just as was his two year starter. Freeman three years -- over Saint Mary's Soviet tremendous addition to -- Nomar or or school. Henry's is is enrolled in. Is that because of a changing coaching. At saint -- is that we've seen all all all of these transfers. Sometimes it's changing coaches in the season movement. And we've seen some movement. This year could -- -- like Saint Mary's been hit hard with kids leaving this year getting used -- one. Can also go on these -- roar as well ride. And -- -- and and John -- in two months but they they held you know a lot of talent returning. In addition to because of transfer the at some excellent coaches and and he's perfectly with the assistant coaches papers he's going to be in his first year -- chuck. -- and Bernie Els loans and a couple of the other old timers -- there is so negative view B well COLT. As just you know founded there was kinda odd to see that many especially quality kids that are leaving so sweet Holmes really going to be you know not that they needed that help. But it really pollsters -- chances to. Repeat Roddick and we needed to be my age you know sealed emergency -- -- young. Okay but the. Of elegant and theories. Grand Island. To me. They are -- just as an exceptional job. Davis -- tennis and talent -- pat Gallagher Steve patella and then Tompkins and -- mic Rodgers and him -- but the kicker and yeah we remember him from a playoff game there will solve itself the Grand Island always plays -- week on top in 2000. England's we've won the first state championship in the second game of the season. We don't meet and I think my two points segment and mountain to blow over -- times and it's one of those rivalries and even in the stadium last year. Yeah it does immigrant now was ahead at halftime and so anytime those two get together. You do you throw all the records because you know it's going to be competitive so grand now Vikings should be in the playoffs. For -- we don't -- said Grand Island was the best team that they faced. Last year and this -- even recognized in the state ranking coming out of Syracuse they did in the final poll actually. Despite the three losses during the season green and around tapped. Tonight we build who's coming you know from double -- down to a north north they have Adam -- -- Kelly and Angelos is a -- and start points got eight kids on both sides of the ball -- -- that Denver cup. And Brandon cup then. They're they're going to be competitive. Wins released new quotes prisons W former star what is the north as well as a university of Buffalo. Here's what's scary about what you just same -- now you're talking about Christmas Duffy who I coached against when he was nine and ten years old. And now he's -- head coach and will east this is really making me feel good. None -- -- on time I hit it -- just trying to boost yourself throughout banks but. Kinesis Jon Stewart but I think two teams that that could be. His -- it was les Kolb is Ian I think I'd fear. But they have some talent and it was but he did that on them be Christmas tree and the team I'm really looking for Watson -- him. They could be competing replace helper they play well and we at least Grizzlies at least. They have two outs and you know candidates Marco in the 621. Any quarterback in. It Anthony Sanders six theory to lineman -- -- Regard and it confused Anthony Sanders Sanders. In place Hamburg he's he's -- seniors and so when you look at those schools I think right now we don't know. Very competitive in Italy -- He's and so our point could be sleeper. Who do you see at the stadium. At the stadium. That you meet them from going. From. Classy north yeah. Sweet -- is again obviously OK I should rephrase who's going to be plays sweet home at the stadium. You -- so we're. Going to. The. No Latimer rate now -- ease -- he's fine tuning his radio he's put -- -- cranked it up. Combined Dick don't pick will south I think -- report it. Okay I'm gonna jump and there's so in other words. Years on me now law that you don't think Graham down whenever -- is against in the semi final against either will cells or. You're -- Kuznetsova semi -- Side and say OK okay it's as sweet home to me is that classically Norton okay and then Grand Island. They pick in Newport is going to be plan. Grand Island was Italy's -- start -- -- candidates you know those playoffs spots. Once again the playoff spots and it happened when you went to consecutive state titles and league news. At least going into the pre season benefit of the doubt it right to sweep all because they have tremendous talent coming and that's not that they anyway. An island and will grant -- Grand Island defeats were obvious. Anything can happen alright I go to the case out that is does it mean -- because it two team race wins those is. Top quarterbacks in -- Monica -- are committed to -- -- go for records last year passing is another five that he could rent breaks. Andy's got the potential in the ability to break these two of the top athletes here. And Kevin O'Connell wide receiver DB. Kevin was six feet last year he's now 64 he'd gained four pounds before -- grew four inches. Then those days the -- is an outstanding 6219. Baseball player basketball player almost in Europe wide receiver defensive back. Those three form the best passing nomination in New Year's Day. But they -- -- time. Missing to the Broncos on the marbles person players and underrated player all sides of the ball right in lesson here. There -- three linemen who are all playing college ball. The -- Marco Polo it was a basket it was either put well last year you know whistled the play basketball on grass. And it was just an amazing. -- team last year its next year this year I think they've got there worked well particularly -- in your -- Are realistic a break won't come back we'll get an -- Korean and we'll jump and a double -- dank cave his next 220 sports. We're back one last segment of inside high school sports chat with Dick Gallagher and Roger Weis okay so we've taken and who we looked at will solve. Let's lineup -- record here. You equate plays with our host wins assault week five. Earthquake has a tremendous record Friday Night Lights so that's a game that's going to be one one to look. The watch for. Brad Ball and Jimmy Clark Minnesota's mr. Duke is that standout -- and is an exceptional job. They'll be very competitive not just in the playoffs but try to get the stadium. Hamburg next year last year -- scale business export to fifty linemen. -- Lakers. The line was -- Yankees as just Burress back lecturer has new coach in. Took allows you replace bill Moore they've got at Gilman. Lafayette has one of the top athletes and draw. In -- says Keyon globe I think that. -- then. Record at two teams that definitely so whoever wins that that we five game could be. We'll have the are laying up obviously had -- -- though that they should have the league title the most is that so we've done last year's president so Paul Wilson Hamburg came out of nowhere. Grand mountain it was Olin three they won the last five knocks out those playoffs in Everett on the discipline games -- just support cast. Okay. On his -- reiterate Duke's withdrawal from Lafayette watch out for it he's a good one. If he has any -- supporting -- could surprise of the problem is is they're going to be young -- -- on the line in that could that could be. What would hurt them but if they developed you never know you know we'll see let's jump our our job are we done with the a's are endless jump into the double he's in the eight. North. But -- -- state champion Tomasson gamma aside Travis RC. Jordan Mars. -- -- coming back they have some kind of talent -- sunny policy -- are running back now as a quarterback. They'll be very very competitive -- -- on an exceptional job dale -- worked. -- Stewart one of the best athletes and in the year state UB and -- -- -- for him a scholarship. You know Johnny -- runs a 4440. And was his talent coming back three years dollars at a Melbourne Alex -- -- And the -- loved knows a junior. Quarterback in the is very very quick. Like -- loses oh shoot well and adorable oh that'll take his place so moral of this export 240 pound. Linemen curry -- most you know who's going to be. Special by the media and senior. Riverside to me is no candidate contender for the penalty for the playoff spot for the title. Penny Robinson there herald bill under. And -- Mars William Jefferson and last month relocated taxes he was a stunt doubles sizable Islanders on him but they've got enough talent his book. Oakland Broncos beat on cuts -- And who cast -- long. A north. He's a quarterback to replace. Barrett who transferred via in and unfortunately. Korean -- is decided to play girls' volleyball and drank enough records. That are twelve and a stack Christian examined when you look at me. McConnell on the stands out but I think that nice applause roadside in that moment. Three of these LB vying for playoff spots. That would be surprised at some point in time in the regular season -- when streak. Will be over Manny from the competition play quite say that week one -- them between Niagara Falls in Riverside. This can be very important is huge -- -- for the play doubts that when you look at it. Also. Princeton new stadium that's the best in the state scorching service side and put the kids from nine balls available opening game plan -- The city in Riverside. Will be an exceptional memory for them it right whoever wins games and only go write this I moved to Orchard Park Lancaster. This seems like that's gonna be the the big battle that's going to be the rebel he'd take take isn't coming back in public I would -- is as any quarterback hopefully end in assignments last week. He's -- only candidate for those questions he could get it in 2000 abused -- carries and if you look at but you know again Ben Johnson. Wide receivers. They have announced India as a lineman kick -- agrees. And they they have tremendous skill talent. Lancaster has an exceptional office of defense of line. Now also in led by major in my element Austin bar in -- Dombrowski and then in these fire news. To any to a player. In those too late for a week of the season at Orchard Park. What -- park. Is ten and -- and seasonal workers in the last ten years Lancaster supplementary. Lancaster RO two parsing too. Against Lancaster last ten years. -- just -- idiots or to -- in the first game mentally because of the -- in fact that the plan all Clarence is going to be much of this year's us Ella. It's like gilts. -- this Henrik. Excuse me and Dominic prince of -- exports of 25 linemen here. Was exceptional in nine days does that better days tremendous talent coming up that's -- -- Development -- 1000 yard rusher. And enjoy camp in there retire. Frontiers of the players jumping 64250 lineman Justin -- tournament housing. Was on the west is Jon Lester and Bennett as. An assistant coach in Bob O'Connor in all forms and saint Joe's is retired from there and they've got some quality athletes and talent in Paris the only -- I. I think is at a Midas -- good jump up and shocked somebody this year somebody's not going to be ready in -- it's gonna bite them. -- -- I just I I for everything that I have heard and talk with people they say watch out for Bennett -- a lot better than people think. And we tutorial -- imagine. Throughout Friday Night -- players on his lights they will be playing their games Frey nice. But week to Saturday night game OP had clearances should be a big. Baptismal through Clarence opening up their field it is -- nineteen. Concern and that's -- first -- next week you're -- and Clarence Friday night first time Friday Night Lights has played. At Clarence and that's gonna be mobbed last year Hamburg. Had them known feels no lights and that they just fed off -- Frenzy of that crowd beating wins -- among -- 117 and two season making the playoffs and I think when you take a look at that. Number of teams that won state championships eight the last two years 122 when he 122 kids -- Allstate. The number of schools out of -- a number of schools -- now -- turf fields when you look at them publicity there's been generated from New York State and national as far as all the players. Listen you guys that football has finally arrived. As far as I'm concerned and extent of getting the exposure that they need and now we can just look forward to looking forward to. Games players and fans and cheerleaders and mascots. Whole package while of course your being able to catch a lot of games are Friday Night Lights -- here in WGR Sports Radio 550 starting with. Lancaster and it Orchard Park then -- guard at two pew in the and southwestern it. East -- just to name the first three weeks so it's going to be really exciting. And I will not say that we've arrived until my senior Marten as part of section six as well just just my personal thought. Dick thank -- so much Roger -- Q I know you guys are itching to get out to some scrimmage is so go -- don't we'll talk to next week.