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WGR550>Topics>>11/10 Dan Fisher's Dramatic Reading of Aaron Maybin's Rap Song

11/10 Dan Fisher's Dramatic Reading of Aaron Maybin's Rap Song

Nov 10, 2010|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- This is awesome to me the rap song for -- the -- on these people didn't hear it okay because we know we've got something planned but dot -- the Aaron -- -- Okay. Okay. Parents being broke. -- now being sent back to -- Cravings. Go. -- -- -- And -- wall and alone. It's thought this -- You college right. -- -- -- -- right no no -- that's. You get the general idea now you might hardcore you may have along the way. Actually. Wondered you know oh it's only restrained here lyrics he strained to hear the words to what does -- -- say. Inside of his rap song. The what is his message right tracked her line so much quarterback pressure and somebody's somebody's on the structure so we actually on. We we have leaders on in -- -- a quick we -- -- X. I think I'd just bring this up I used to BA theater major -- -- college. Account on also I studied a bit with mr. Kenneth Branagh ever heard of on the back. I've been globe theater in London up okay so look better does that count as expressed in Jeff Brown -- alive still he is. I -- the candidates of course she does palm so all I'm saying is I have. On. Of the leaders here and I think that I'd like to do a dramatic reading all your going to perform them. Okay all they and theatrical background -- OK I are you and served in -- that we usually police are during this segment if you don't mind excellent I've also heard Dan Fischer to to perform. Maybe in the mayhem. Original artist Erin. When I mean to -- -- fronts pro. Yes -- excuse me. News or. Mayhem. -- Quarterback trade then go -- crazy defense is. Wes Craven. The O line can save -- he -- misbehave then you go hard he go hard not bad. Sergeant slots the bills Boston Joe taught him policy hall it's no pulled them. Com that's like contact that's immune Nike contract. So are rocks at the stockholder. Super stalled rock and roll up to the vote to block depend whom him knew she'd been no moral. No run attacked new running back called the stretcher too much pressure. Can't -- outcome that show us believe outcome gets a defense like precincts everybody laughed out. That -- about gonna need a bail Fulton three he'd -- to fail but -- throw that hail marry. -- come in real scary touchdown sense real thin get up the off that field and just know I go -- guarantee you we will win. First round draft pick 58 fight and and allow. Endorsement deal ninety wild buffalo white meat down. See I'm brushing that goes a blitz show the pinky ring let him know I'm rich Aaron maiden name prince. May -- mayhem thank you. Thought about it thanks you -- something else. And showed up. I feel like you broke character of these -- that I collect her I'm her like a little chuckle well I haven't been. Acting as much thank you -- right right okay so some way. I apologize if and I I've and I've heard that dot games -- Kenneth Braun actually encourages that to humanize yourself for the audience he does it's. Called the -- -- -- it's. The acting teachers just teach it TI and so always studied rarely perfected -- but obviously you've been working on that if you could -- I mean it's. It's been awhile but I I feel strong steal -- -- that I get a sense you put a lot of heart and soul that I did after that I don't like him to be here much longer do you have a favorite line that really just sings to you and there is is there is our moment did you just. You really feel caught up and it while the whole thing really gets you I would say that new Nike contract -- is my favorite because your -- watts. -- my favorite is some so rock super. Vodka yes saw. Comes in a square bottle now. And also. Show the pinky ring I don't know I'm rich in his eyes big quarterback pressure. Pinky ring with your delivery just enhance that -- that sentence that part of it I like thank you elected Judy adware pinky ring for the performance do bug people don't can't see that my usually do I tried to run. With my cape and my top and McCain. I generally. When US that -- -- that every day summit my guess I should have expected that right.

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