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1/13 Shawne Merriman on The Howard Simon Show

Jan 13, 2011|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back here on WGR Howard Jimmy -- with few and we are talking bills football Shawne Merriman who recently decided to stay on with the Buffalo Bills and -- this year. On WGR -- welcomed the show first of all thanks for coming all of us. -- -- what was big news when you -- your contract extension was announced with the Buffalo Bills give us your thought process there because it caught a lot of us by surprise you if they'd thought you might just go out on the market and head elsewhere why you wanna stay here in buffalo. What would you do read you I'm not look it's a fact. Walk bailout. -- people had -- to hurt the -- wanted to go. Debacle mock her popular -- -- about a tribute. To your children your your options but it wouldn't wanna go to -- the one who. It is you know all the way to witty and -- you know -- -- record all of electric market book lowered it's if you're really. Eight -- -- -- an outrage. They want to without well probably one of the big. John on Twitter. Someone asked the question. Months ago. Would -- sign a buffalo and I remember reading you wrote something along lines of if I did it because the guys are great how much did you get a chance to know the guys. That -- that you didn't know before. A lot you -- and that is given no Norman mutt you know watching American and while retractable it didn't know partly it. They they knew that they were probably a couple got what do you you know couple caught after Kabul many apple. You know may go up mayfield we'll ask -- whatever look a -- -- It is the way can be a pretty good and they're pretty indignant at a look at my you'll what you got to walk around the building and who look and loop -- which gate. And debt problems are you more aid being. Actually my out rewarding you know they're -- -- -- -- -- know. I could understand what although why he's got a little bit because -- not awarding equal -- So are treated your idea -- only create Ahmad or -- that we could possibly do what -- well. You know -- and that's why I'm actual refund that's why I'm. Predominant position -- now. Sean mentioned the players I'm curious and and and that might be the biggest part of the the answer to the next question. What but but I'm curious what your perception. A buffalo and the franchise. As an outsider and you mentioned so many things changed for you and what are some of the other things that changed once you've got the view from this side of things. What can happen is most people from our other. Eight date look at mitigating military. Are -- look -- number they'd look with a contrary say. Or whatever the acres there -- A little bit you know contribute so now -- it is if you if you look at it like. You know -- country and although bring their -- what you call it virtual auto football player politically. You know there are four update the way you know compared not Republican victory. Easily so. And I really strict regiment in Pope greeted -- -- -- few people will -- How much -- decision to stay is based in here. Faced in buddy nix is a talent -- value -- result is going Ford. Body's gonna be putting this team together -- third pick in the draft and and ultimately trying to get the defense and the offense ball better and you've had a relationship with him in football for for quite some time so. I wondered did that play much oral. Yeah let you know a great expect willful audio -- even out and Diego -- Are no clear cut you really mean you're they're not declared other people -- prepaid. It ink -- beautiful we need to go on the ultimate -- reporter correct position. Article -- to make a big -- so let -- while more excited you know what there look we don't trying to figure out. You worker he wouldn't come get her load you know well all while our -- Soviet could be really. He really -- there. It in an equal amount you can get they're. They're gonna make a better and anybody thought about kidney well. Are -- I'm extremely economic cited of -- and I get a chance to go our complete what Obama let you know here too slow to get you up to circle back. They go back for the people it looked. You don't -- -- -- overplay it. -- -- let me show you what happened. They are operating me -- Obama ordered out of the art. Do you anticipate being fully healthy for the start of training camp or mean or you help the pretty close healthy now. Absolutely. You'll see it -- been opened they're about to get your full year. You know it is. To cook refused col or or you play -- it and -- -- local. Our go to it was called their local law album -- come up every ever really can't to a record. Auburn had -- To you know let repeal it and and really -- cultural can help vehicles will be used what did you see partly. All -- about a lot of data pull out a lot more paper called walk don't gain. Is -- album -- republic what my new pink. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're they're open look you right back we're trying to Randle appeared to autograph for a while probably what other art and so. Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman -- this year on WGR -- having said that. When you get back and start playing again we have a chip on your shoulder -- up a point to prove to a lot of people. Well art portrait of god we don't know you know what -- -- to -- the focal. -- awarded -- the one year old or whatever people. Richard Marshall -- that there. The beauty of how to get full blown up but one particular. Being what happened in their troop deal go to last year -- I have a -- -- whatever -- do a minute Jim. Probably did you wanna go to rehab. Or black -- -- walk around chips -- actually. You know it washing it to Rico should. Look good Specter -- -- you know what relevant logs -- well. -- impairment this year on WGR. -- my partner Jeremy is a big fan of Arthur -- going back to training camp and certainly yet he -- in big plays for the bills as the season went along I know he talked about how. You're one of the guys seed -- brains and tried to you know learn from some of the veteran guys on the team. What can you tell us you know watching him what can you tell us so far that you like about Arthur moats and what is potential is in the league. Well coordinated I -- look we don't -- movies. You want look at hopeful that it could your dedication. Ambivalent retreat into the ball out of work habits and all of -- it ought. Back in visual prevent coverage chemical company not shared. You know politically -- to do it had already all of -- don't know what to look like -- kind of shoulder slump they've got no doubt pick up a long long -- painful all. Eight compared reported -- got a guy like that who can play you know commitment you know allowed people Bellamy reluctant to -- people may it may be a place. You know they're completed they're you know. You know you've got out the color game football and learn how to play football everything else in the -- but want to they're -- people ought to want to clear. Article are -- all in never figure out optical belong to learn how to do. You still have that you are still face in in maven and a lot of people are considered are are definitely down on him. Draft that the first round me physically. My most bills fans are probably think the abilities there somewhere but for -- for whatever reason it's not coming out you have faith you think that it's just a matter of time for hammer one. I think you have to learn how to play. We'll all have our biggest such quality report updates. On your got -- no -- some years ago. And but what to a they're not likely work the work the -- the local paper here. We've -- to drop it that early April all you -- for gonna go for a period you know people properly labeled the leader. You don't need at our -- -- people will be a critical look -- -- never warmed up they're they're they're here. Our outlook it searchable and create you -- acute -- well would it hurt look what are out of football. Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman with a -- one thing I wanted to do ask about four let you go. Do you watch much college football that we've been talking a lot. The last few weeks about the draft the -- getting the number three pick the other night we all watched Auburn we're talking about cam Newton in -- fairly how much college football do you watch in -- any of the guys but you've been watching that you think yet you know liked that -- on our team. Well you know -- -- -- -- -- gonna -- you know -- you're open what I would all the all the market look more clear. Are. You -- a remote what I -- it would only got the comp -- from -- card right. They're really -- cannot delete. All of opened it got a great former speaker of the outcome would do the creeping corporate level well -- -- want a little more secure. Around the ball traveled all make moves or anybody who caught your eyes. All get your guy about all -- you've got bomb. You know that the late for a you don't pick they have -- -- up about Russia they're. They'll -- pretty good. I think you've made law on Miller yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- approach particularly public. They delegate from Trammell children of the compact popular and every PM new Kmart Kmart are now -- not -- -- -- -- probably an -- for council what are. -- change will demonstrate that we. So we look into traders -- gastric problem that occurred up earlier. And it we will go up there or radar. It's funny you mention you know guys in the and the draft being kind of weird like that -- one of the examples on people saw them. Ask me about the draft. I remember looking in a book and you were listed in this book as the second best linebacker to come on the draft the number one prospect -- linebacker was Dan Cody. So no friend no no offense Dan Cody but yet it's just an example of how it art house gonna work out because you're ranked tide -- you're gonna be good. It's -- it's about results and to get their. -- absolutely in the united looked back Iraq in -- from from from the -- pepper -- it bought one for alchemy. You could you milk diapers the awards who economy it would not element of the candidate got mad at me to a guy who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have you seen did you see any cam Newton or nick fairly and I'll -- -- did you watch Auburn play argun at all. Would you think of the of Newton and fairly. You look at him and that game. You know you're good enough to win and comfort around authority. You know what are they climate did it. Looking to get a cup should step forward and no one puppy mill worker -- look it'll -- out school. He'll look looked very warm -- here today. Their championship -- -- support. I lied to you shot I have one more thing that just popped into my head. It because we brought this up last week we heard your comments -- -- a radio station in. In terms of an impact on free agency. This is you know this is not the most attractive place the plane they have made the playoffs in forever. Would you pick up the phone. And called guys do you think the fact that you signed here and you know maybe you'd pick up a phone call guys do that any any impact. Would you do that could help the bills and attracting. Players who might not normally give buffalo the time of day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What quality. -- a lot of entry. Our own or. In low a lot not going to be in it. In the a lot but it -- What. It. -- -- -- -- -- You know not be right now where I'm appreciate. If not right now. And create a trip -- great now and it. Didn't do you -- it will be pretty. But you know -- time -- -- you know share of those names of those you just let us know okay. I don't did you get it. Yeah that's our you don't get find for tampering at the front office single in the worry about that stuff. It we'll show we appreciate it coming -- thank you very much for your time. Enjoy the rest of the offseason and obviously looking forward to seeing healthy and in the bills uniform. --

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