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  1. 11-17 UB All Access


    Wed, 19 Nov 2014


    great performance found at 11:28

    the second half and it would that you would. Wow what a great performance and right now Manson next New Hampshire was watching that that is atom and who plays and that's sent off the people's
  2. 11-15 Saturday Slice


    Sat, 15 Nov 2014


    bobby petrino found at 13:19

    every Pete Carroll on for every Jim Harbaugh others there's a couple Bobby Petrino is out there but it. Call me maybe maybe Kevin someone that I you know bills defense is pretty sad. They don't
  3. 11-8 The Saturday Slice with Pete Carges


    Sat, 8 Nov 2014


    alex smith found at 8:57, 9:37

    are one of the best teams in the AFC. I senator AME Alex Smith is now playing like an upper level quarterback. He's not making mistakes. They've got two good running backs down on just Jamaal
    and a war. It's funny that when. The niners. Got rid of Alex Smith a couple of years ago and brought in count camper bank. Game in a out Smith you just not all well you know hills are now with the team and he'll be okayed. He's he's a game manager eaves and number one on corporate and pan out. I don't know that I wouldn't take Alex Smith at this point I'd have to think about it I'm not saying over count cabinet. Announcing that I wouldn't. You know I would take one or the other at this point I think it probably still lean towards camper but maybe for one game. Depending on the matchup you cabinet just. Is it hasn't been when he wasn't Alex Smith and has now looking like a legitimate NFL quarterback. And that's and that's one of the main reasons why and I think
  4. danny white show 11-4


    Wed, 5 Nov 2014


    buffalo bills found at 0:15, 19:06

    Good evening and welcome to the business of college athletics here on ESPN 1520 my name is Howard Simon joined by Danny white the director of athletics the university at buffalo. The business of college athletics is brought to buy new era fly your own flag. And by add pro sports official team dealer of the Buffalo Bills sabres and UB bulls and by State University of New York. At buffalo athletics we're going to be talking facilities tonight on the show get to that conversation a moment we'll also be joined by a special guest. John name is director of sports Americas at eight aecom. Will also wanna remind about a couple of big things one football team midweek game tomorrow night the bulls would be at Ohio University to have the game right here on ESPN 1520. And the
    get back we'll talk fieldhouse with Danny it is the business of college athletics on ESP and 1520. OK hey John thank you very much. Appreciate you get measured time yeah it's not. Have a good day. Welcome back to the business of college athletics brought you by add pro sports official team dealer of the Buffalo Bills sabres and UB athletics my name is Howard Simon. Here with UV's Danny white director of athletics remind you that football is in midweek mode now the a football team will be at Ohio University that is tomorrow night we'll have the game here. On ESPN 1520. And a women's soccer has