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  1. 9-25 Shift Change Podcast with Matthew Coller & Thom Cich


    Thu, 25 Sep 2014


    washington redskins found at 1:47, 4:53, 5:59

    to start off the episode and then your. Boom right in the Washington Redskins stuff that's vintage South Park the plot if you miss it and you can't watch these on the Internet Hulu in South Park studios dot com already up watcher for free. So what happens on the episode is cartman discovers. That the Washington Redskins -- no longer has the -- trademark or trademark right. And they decide to start as a start up company. Called the Washington Redskins and their motto is we don't care about anything and we'll take your money in people's start sending the money gets popular becomes on the news. But then. Like bad people start endorsing it and Daniel Snyder has problem that's. That's basically the plot right. Shirt and it was it was an evil slam putting I thought -- like kick starter and crowd funded companies to begin with because they wanted to do nothing. And just give money before the Washington Redskins game in which is essentially what kick starter is all about Paul writes startup companies and hoping you'd don't do anything and
    Was the way that they managed to put Daniel Snyder and the Washington Redskins sort of in the place. Of where you would put native American people. Indeed. Argument outside of the show like the Washington Redskins should use that name because it's offensive. And now Daniel Snyder in the Washington Redskins -- downtrodden. Somewhat oppressed he's walking sadly on the side of the road he gets the newspaper. The single tear like those
    to be dead ends probably. They also nailed the -- of the Washington Redskins company. Sort of tagline slogan of a complete view. I was gonna say don't say it on line or on the pod.
  2. 9-23 Shift Change Podcast with Matthew Coller & Thom Cich


    Tue, 23 Sep 2014


    london fletcher was ray lewis found at 4:06

    throw that out while I've got one for men and for overrated. London Fletcher You would have thought London Fletcher was ray Lewis and mean just. The most unbelievable. Ratings on the game he was up in the ninety's consistently. I don't think London Fletcher was very good. But he was an elite player on the game. And we played for the bills my body was just
  3. 9-22 Shift Change Podcast with Matthew Coller & Thom Cich


    Mon, 22 Sep 2014


    philip rivers found at 4:32, 5:29

    he costs. I still think if the bills its court of that Philip Rivers was dominating so much they would've kept the foot on the gas and won that game. But which at least wanted to
    is not -- It's just not equipped to deal with it like Philip Rivers is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
  4. 9-6 The Saturday Slice with Pete Carges


    Sat, 6 Sep 2014


    julius peppers found at 20:53

    Urlacher in in you know Tommie -- up there and you know Julius Peppers is gone this is that that team. They don't have a good run defense. -- strength is the wrong on paper that's
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