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    Sat, 25 Oct 2014


    cam newton found at 5:09

    comes out and as a game like he did against Minnesota with Kyle Orton so sling in the ball so. I mean. It's good that you might not but I mean if anything. Right now he's about on par for offensive rookie of the year halfway through the season with Kelvin Benjamin at saint. Right gravity if you look at it just talent alone mean you have to take into account the the components excuse me components surrounding Watkins vs badge yet Cam Newton vs EJ Manuel -- art in the same league as far as quarterbacks ago. Neither Skylar either right or. According. Between him and in Cam Newton so I'm an eagle pretty impressive you know yards wise I mean or is right up there it's Austin you know earlier this week I think Lewis and Howard Simon Jones won the first the first quarterback you know since the eighties to throw for over 280 yards in his first three games that's. He's that you know he's done a fine job though again. You know what I think and I looked at like completion percentages there it's just completes these 2% it's. Isolated I'm not I'm not all open to the football advanced stats here but I mean Kyle Orton when I looked. After three games of quarterbacks have thrown over a hundred passes he's third in the league arm behind only
  2. 10-18 The Saturday Slice with Pete Carges


    Sat, 18 Oct 2014


    notre dame and florida state found at 17:54

    here a little bit because there's a cute college football game tonight. Notre Dame and Florida State and you can check on my piece out of the car just college primer. Every single Friday is release style at the
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    reese witherspoon found at 9:51

    head that they like oh it's on late. And walk the line Reese Witherspoon element Johnny Cash is like yeah I'll I'll terribly OK I walked no line and they just like. And and easily in
  4. 10-6 Shift Change Podcast with Matthew Coller & Thom Cich


    Mon, 6 Oct 2014


    kyle orton found at 0:54, 2:05, 5:25

    if it's a good or bad opinion. We will start off with Kyle Orton Kyle Orton and the bills. Not only can make the playoffs should make the playoffs that's my opinion good opinion or bad opinion. Good
    game Monday -- Harper's field goals her blouse and that's very possible Kyle Orton had a making a 58 yard kick the winning games pretty insane he's a sniper -- that -- you is that do
    right now on the slate you know what this guy. Maybe with Kyle Orton and now he can help us win this here he helped win that game. Yesterday maybe they don't get to that spot
Kyle Orton could be a free agent after the season. What should the Bills do?
  Long term contract extension ASAP
  Short term contract extension ASAP
  Wait and deal with it after the season
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