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    phil kessel found at 0:08

    mean all those things going on. And accorsi compound it by trading Phil Kessel so you're you try just got the bad nauert noting. I don't think have been that bad yet this kind of. All right well good stuff we appreciate you coming on your eyes short notice. Your thoughts on on the Phil Kessel trade to the Pittsburgh Penguins . Our heart X one about one but it probably work out for both teams being. After Pittsburgh I can understand that they
What day should be known as "Eichel Day"?
  April 10 Sabres lose at Columbus, top 2 pick locked in
  April 18 Sabres lose lottery, will pick 2nd in draft
  June 26 Sabres select Jack Eichel in the draft
  July 1 Sabres sign Jack Eichel
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