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11/1 Whiner Line

Nov 1, 2012|

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    Rotary radio on the way at night we'll talk bills browns would Trent Green former NFL quarterback will be on the broadcaster CBS. What it is thoughts on that again that's at 99 WGR. Our FaceBook page is set up for you to weigh in on our on air debates check this out at FaceBook dot com slash WGR 550. Hills Rollins wall to wall coverage all day Sunday from 7 AM to 7 PM on the official voice on the Buffalo Bills WGR Sports Radio 550 and tell you GR 515 dot com. After successfully digging out of the winter storm pile up the
    you as well. And we'll do that. Coming up at nine with Trent Green he will be on the broadcast for CBS. We are joined by microbe with time rebbe radio brought to buy your question
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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Number is eight point 30234. This is hampering relief to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio 556. Season. You GR well you underlying it Russ do you buy that premier group wind may be easy. But near walked. Out. On the -- -- and purse. -- yeah that's right there's also the ones that products. Forgot about that Dem ago. -- why -- white collar adding up all election about your fingers saying. Bob quick -- -- that are already a golf ball off unit job. You couldn't. Or football. Or on the open. Really -- have a great. Oh. Look at forget. About this scenario where and why an hour. You're not resigning -- -- what you think you get a clue why he wouldn't -- I don't you know. Well I've got all these problem was -- -- not resigning being here and don't see why didn't agree. And history and. Here's an interest in fact Oak Ridge 48 -- -- anti -- -- called. Looks like it hurt. Well all her -- and -- that you work like your facial hair. Are your thoughts -- -- And -- are full PO or hurt I don't think this originally called date. Penalties and while it walked -- also this week it reported won't get it written. I walk or might not -- to look for retreat -- its parent. And they're usually does or doesn't mandate it thirty -- make the decision -- -- as -- -- question is it made it. -- mandated you can just do it you -- go ahead just go to buy out. Elena I don't know that I -- go to some some towns and haven't where you need a -- with the kids I don't know fun fact from every other time as a kid you you to check the candy because people put things in the Andy. Definitely have -- one time. I read a story and -- have at one time it was that guys like sick -- down in Texas today it's his own kids because he wanted to insurance. The only time those urban legend that everybody just let's stay reasonably easy when you hear about it or you never hear actually hear about it I. I had I had four teenagers come in my house just a parking they were not dressed up they just -- -- -- Indian eccentric retreat and I said no I said what are you dressed as. And moved a movie where ourselves none -- a low note I did I said. Sing something you can be then you'll be avoiding an analysis process and make that I what are they saying they well one guy so I'm not saying -- -- put his hoodie on and -- government like that as OK very scared. Now had to do something. Good then you should make them work for -- shouldn't just be allowed to shut up exactly that. It's nonsense. Thank you. Well -- -- local that was. So yeah. This shot oh fantastic the rhetoric -- -- -- -- what -- -- in the pyramid up in church or not yet again you know one or call one back coach offered back. -- which we can't get correct. Like get beat beat -- That's -- -- -- number can be very popular. What we do this you can't. We go probation for like two weeks we've done it he's done in another probation every day. Now law one a day we're talking in -- today in the best of again here by the way. I thought I was gonna have a good day because here I am I've got an apple you do accurately read him the cup honey crisp ready Iraq. During the one on -- Apple's let's announce the weird. What's the what's Mariam. Recourse for returning to the sad story saying I don't think these are honey crisp. I think you change the apples and kept the sign up this server. I know honey crisp apples and this is not. This user are no what is this deed that regulation is no scientist who is now in -- like a gallon. Down now this small the honey crisp early were big I'm upset and it's not right you'll hear from meets our. Big Apple -- and which happens attitude. And -- partner and we were. Constantly on the news. Number three story dog adopted after being shot what is Lester you're doing to dogs so you're -- on players and basically shot it on. Now there was one guy who drag the dog behind this car this what is happening here in any claim to know it was there Hamas believes. And. What we do this you can't -- -- -- -- and remember everybody within a year art school as well I always watch out. Because both holidays we here I'm not really watch out for her. I think road and don't. Want -- oh well what the bark you're -- current -- well. The difference is that last night at 6 o'clock there were thousands of kids walking the streets that wouldn't have to watch out for more kids -- But please don't kids other days how -- apartment and found stadium retractable or. Nobody -- attention of. I'm getting them getting -- deaths there right now -- me three. You're right. The line on brought you by the prayer group one made me see that's line.