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WGR550>Topics>>11/1 Paul doesn't mind that Mario Williams discussed leaving Houston

11/1 Paul doesn't mind that Mario Williams discussed leaving Houston

Nov 1, 2012|

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    Climb on the treadmill strap on some boxing gloves and hit the heavy bag until the guy watching on the sales floor that you're just looking to now pick up the nine shots on second thought go wherever you're the man. You've just tests that the team we portion of the fitness here for selling the Chilean sea. Whether you're enjoying your favorite cocktail while watching the game or hosting the holidays with a great red wine and friends and get wholesale direct outlet prices on the wine and spirits you enjoy his New York's only outlet liquor. Right now stocked up on five varieties of Bailey's Irish Cream and put in the new chocolate cherry flavor one liter box is just 1999 a savings of ten dollars. Stock up and say why your holiday entertaining and gift needs how would liquor George urban your Dick broad appeal. And it may. Phil's Rollins wall to wall coverage all day Sunday from 7 AM to 7 PM on the official voice about the Buffalo Bills WGR Sports Radio 550 and WGR 550 dot com. Mike Patton head coach the Cleveland Browns brings his team the buffalo they are seven and for the bills are six and five course. The former defensive coordinator of the bills. Big playoff implications for both teams in this one you start at 1 PM. Kick off at 1 PM I should say the pregame coverage begins at 7 AM right here. I'm to be your Sports Radio by that the breakfast with the bills at 7 AM and of course Howard Simon and Jeremy White blood kick off for you in the post game reaction. And phone call the game also. Highlighted buyer return of Donte Whitner to buffalo after his Twitter spat with Darryl Talley in the offseason and then some unfavorable things he said. On Twitter about the bills and their fans. Some bills is not this week Aaron Williams one of them yesterday I went in the locker room. This is Karbala who they they welcomed me here on our guard drafted. And for some light at bats. On a city just because you know your performance was lawyer here. And hand and ruined. Arms and why we do that but. It does not tell you assess the person. They'll ground getting ripped up a little bit. And it will be Sunday at 1 o'clock in the sellout by the way what you're here and a BGR. The bills made a move Wednesday they claim a world war at wide receiver Marcus Thigpen off waivers he primarily kick and punt returner picked the NFL puck return. Average eight the kick return average back in 2012. Think that has been with the patriots dolphins and Bucs so far this season yesterday the NFL. Lions they beat the bears 3514. They gave Calvin Johnson two touchdowns on a 46 yards receiving. Mark Sanchez two touchdowns throwing one running for the Eagles they beat the cowboys 33 to ten. And late last night Richard Sherman had two more interceptions. He picked up in cabaret twice as he walks up the 49ers 193 cents Richard Germans and the NFL 2011. You know as 23 interceptions or eight more than any other player. In that tiger sabres are home against the Montreal Canadians tonight is a 7 o'clock start well at pregame Cory here at six and of course the puck drops in all the post game. I'm Debbie your portrait a fight that deep in the Buffalo Sabres radio network it is time for Golden Nugget bingo here on WGR. Winner gets fifty dollars and bingo cards golden Doug gaming center pick out gifts are to be happy Jack's restaurant forty year. A chance with 5500 dollars and Patrick contest if you have bingo. Call 6449878. The next two numbers. Feet twelve. And Jeep that before that speech well in G that the four that you have bingo call 644987. WGR. Sports Radio slide fifty. Downfield well it's definitely. We've okay. Okay. I didn't. Good news out and then then this. Okay. Darryl Talley. My patient friend who endured. Part of the last week that it continues as my roommate. You're the most unselfish player on our team. You never hesitated to sacrifice your own personal statistics. For the overall good team and I thank you. Highlights from Daryl tell his career and end up Bruce Smith. Speaking about tallies well part of what. We're right about learn about that article from Tim Graham of the Buffalo News about there'll tallies just what an important role Bruce Smith continues to play. In in his life. So if you haven't read that article recommends occurred that's it's great piece from Tim on about Italian that the battle that he's currently waging against. I don't know Fe new you know what happens the football players. What's their careers were over especially guys that. Played positions whether high contact positions and there's a lot of physical damage is to support takes not only on the body on the on the joints that. What learning is you know the brain obviously as well 803055188550. To 550 I'd mention. Before. Last outlet that there's an article in time magazine recently about a young kid that had died from multiple concussions second concussion. In as good I don't know maybe a week or maybe even a couple of basement incentive to to remember the summary these stories that are out there right now. But you know we asked what about football cannot. Long term make it make it through all this and you know so you mentioned that they're the NFL's doing things for moms to try and tell them that they in what became dollars. For character how to build Carriker all that stuff that that's all true it that one thing that the the NFL really can't do. Is hide. What concussions do to people later in their life what CT. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Is what it's all. And Chris I think guy and I think sausages but no real quickly. On the EU can't. Hide what that is doing to its former players and what responsibility as the NFL have or responsibility of the bills have to tally. Well we didn't get into that too much know the bills issued a statement they said it believe it to be all the things in history factually correct. Or accurate I should say. And he's reached out of the bills Bruce Smith a number of others had mentioned reaching out of the team and that the response have been less than impressive essentially. What do you think the bills are. On the hook for because I could understand. Bought guns in the sex aspect of it if they do. Reach out and held for players that is to a degree admitting responsibility for a former player and and how many do they help. And they continued each and every time someone wants to be helped they do that. And its image that that that's that's the issue that's probably well blurred by so many alumni. How do you pick and choose which ones you reach out and help. You do that you don't wanna do adjustable famers that's right right right exactly can't differentiate between who's who has more value some people have. Bigger issues and problems that others do and some meat. Well played the organization for many years were not all papers how do you differentiate that. I think we can all agree that there are tell is one of the best bills that relent and play in the uniformed Natalie elite disagreement that. The problem is the point is from a team standpoint. How do you all of a sudden say lower gonna help him by doing this we're not out this other guy doing this how do you differentiate its its its hard. But it is on the league to do that. They work for a leak. Yet another part of team but this is a league and they Google routine TV contract that part of illegally and not really just the part of the team. That's on the leak in the league should step up to do more for all of these guys. Not not just while famers are guys play assert my time that's where the issue really comes. But then I'll I'll I'll confess to not knowing the ins and outs of the policy they have for their health care cell. When you plainly EU to get a certain number of games played her parents is to get like lifetime and it's. Basically average I think it's four years or an up enough for four years worth of games. And then your copper I think so yeah and yearly cover for certain time period and it goes away years on the well these are as it starts at a certain time maybe it doesn't you know but yet it's not it's obviously not the great that's what I'm. Right in the settlement with former players many of them point out that like this is just another example of how that settlement did you know it's a pittance doesn't do anything it doesn't actually address the issues that there. So 8030551. Your thought on that. Feel free love to hear your hero on this Black Friday it is. Well the roads are probably getting better. There's some lake effect snow scheduled for himself towns appear in the north ounces of snow on the ground there snow on the roads in the way and so amid the yourself little more time. As you make your trip and 21 degrees. Mostly sunny. Some clouds throughout today and doubtless know maybe later on so. It's not Black Friday were taking your phone calls bills that coach Doug were on joints in an hour to the sky in about twenty minutes to update on the bills who didn't practice yesterday the most talked about Donte Whitner. Eyes he makes his return to buffalo and of course were so happy to see him. Well owing notes or not. The opposite. Because he talks trash about buffalo for whatever reason. It's getting it's it's we haven't had one of these allow the right and I was not I was content to forget I was existence altogether private it's good I mean we like having a rivalry in a villain. Relative they'll cheer and it only. Whether the team is bad it doesn't really say whatever they want it's not worth it because these bad alien and you. But also with the teams have become dead in a winning record by another team with a winning record title rival city. They are on the scene it's not ill late. And very similar to us Rust Belt. Bowl teams have had their share of hard times not winning championships. Those kinds of things. I take those that this is it is that he is ramp up a little bit. The question is does it matter in the locker because this is the first time. That. I heard really guys respond to stuff like this as it does matter in this case it seems like they're there they're talking about their galvanized by but. I just hope that translates on the field obviously for the music. It is exhibit their cell. Though that they're talking about it ever hear that stuff. No you don't often hear them much for Fred Jackson the same things that he said that you know witness immediately that's that's strong well I won't have any respect from for the things that he did like that signal. That's pretty interesting. So it's a storyline for Sunday mark Sanchez's performance yesterday Matthew brought this up Matthew adjusted request needs just ask is and thinking about it further. Yes this in the break I think it's its offer. Well we came here. I'm fairly little bits of news or something yes so then we get we we we got invasion of aliens or some. Here I don't know microns economic. Like it the Thanksgiving often isn't ready for a reason I'd always ask the question. Does mark Sanchez's performance make you thinking differently RG three get a guy who is pushed out of one market off one team. Onto another team and you get better results. Because RG three might be done in Washington many people say that I'll week talked about it a little bit on Wednesday. And much over the analogue I joined them on Wednesday from seven point six part of their sabres pregame prep for that just popped in and talk about RG three cell and I said I don't like the idea relief much at all. But Sanchez going to. Philadelphia joining the Eagles and throwing for 300 yards in his first two or three appearances yesterday. Twentieth organized to seventeen a touchdown rushing touchdown but. Is what Mark Sanchez is doing in Philadelphia. Prove that. With the right coaching. A lot of these quarterbacks can be better and I would say yeah it it probably is. But at the Eagles had their choice of record reckon league they wanna that would be picking Mark Sanchez. Right it wants three else. That they had nick polls and he did well and now they've Sanchez and he's doing fairly well but. In passing to wide open receivers is half the game the other the other half is you know squeezing in his tight spots when you need to maybe but the point is Sanchez looks good. Could RG three. Beat brought back after the rookie year season where you're so dynamic and brought into the playoffs since then he has it and he'll stay healthy and it's been a major problem. The fact that the the Washington is so close to it parting ways with him is. A lot of times that scenario will play itself out and I'll say I don't care. There's a red flag as his team doesn't want to write like a hockey players of elementary and select while his team has a lot of why would you want. Sure I hear that play in this case. In this case it means more ago just because they spent so much on them they invested so much they fired eight. Two time Super Bowl winning coach abroad and about another coach and now. This guide dot Jay gruden to me it's like he's done nothing that from head coaching standpoint he's been successful coordinator. They bring up energy gruden who. Always is like a guy he's a Chip Kelly he is Jay gruden they lose a lot they lose that multiple quarterbacks and they're gonna ditch. RG three and stick with a group and the three that that's an indication that you should not want anything to do with Archie tree. The the draft and the franchise quarterback you face of a franchise and it's just part ways at that for the next any old grand Ol coach. Offensive coordinator coached a music is like the biggest right flat reply at all. Well look there are five guys in this world maybe six in the entire world. That. Are the kind of court if you want right and it. Let's let's face it there's parts of this world that can do what we all which is go out there carry genes BE Lee year after year you know who they are. Lock stock barrel go out with some ovals. It's hard to get those guys it's really really are there aren't very heart and. When you think you have one for one year almighty god we have or you that you get when you again they thought he'd be one. Here's the one that gets it amortize your quick to the whole city lot in street discussion we had over the last week or so because owed a Beckham and all rookie wide receivers. A year after the Redskins beat the deal for RG three. Lots of people said while they made a good feeling heat he's going to be superstar in this league. He's a rookie of the year over injured over Russell Wilson. What do playoffs you know maybe these over paid at the time because the Taiwan but they're they finally got their guy in this league meeting that. Two years later. Everyone says all of my god what a horrible deal they they give up so we pixie cute even now only because they don't have that. And he can't play he kicked the field edge that you have to let these things play out with him specifically what do I want. RG three to go to buffalo. Sure give a shot don't give up anything be beat yet. I'm gonna go out and try and trade warming and give up a ton of stuff but I think I think there's that there's still a lot of talent that body. The problem is the body is available to play because he's hurt all the time now because the way he's. Even now that Mike fixed even though. I've been on that side of things like if you don't have to give up much why not. There is a little bit above its intriguing thing well there's a little bit of a Tebow factor two years though because RG three's sort of brings zone circus along with him right like that's a different from Sanchez. Goes he's a back up sort of obscure. You know he's that guy play quarterback. But if RG three comes here for a fourth round pick trade. In Kyle Orton is still going to be the starting quarterback has to begin next season he has two bad games from one bad game. I mean it becomes. RG three's got to play and all that right. Yeah I was Chelsea's problems. Major quarterback is good that never happens right Tony Romo as your quarterback is two bad games they don't call the backup like because he's got. Peyton Manning has a bad game that call for the back up because they don't like he's good so I don't know I don't wanna be. I don't wanna live in a world well remarkable team where. I'm scared if my quarterback has a couple of bad games my fans are gonna wanna replace you'll wanna do that OPEC cuts I think that that's one of the things the bills would. They be afraid of the controversy a little bit and teams act like that right a lot of teams act like that's not worth the trouble you know the browser team that. Went out and decided to deal that. They just went 74. But I go to Johnny men's only time soon in men's L waited too weak candidate you know get some sort off the field. Whatever. What is entourage and such but don't the browns decided. We'll take that first round pick and when Brian Boyer plays poorly and they win people call commands album they don't seem to care. They just keep going. So I just. I not. And not too keen on the RG three idea if they do it I'm not gonna sit here and tell it's gonna ruin everything I'm not afraid of it because what it would be for Kyle Orton. Now now now let that bit the problem I have is. If the investment and the always that the scare and the worry that okay. You can read this I am but I mean seriously what does he have left now what you need you considering the injuries he's had the way place. He's not gonna change Waite plays a mean that's the reason he was really good even his rookie year erratic he ran. He's he's got a run in order for him to be effective as a player and he can't run like that in and stay on the Feeley just. Not only that but if it's now getting to running at the expense of the passing. The running in his rookie season came as an addition to the passing you returned from 3000 yards ran for 800 yards he was dynamic as a two way threat. And now has a passer he's just he's like. Read any article all about RG three worries right now it they're the they're raising their use you talk about him is quarterbacking 101. Like they've got to start over with him. Yes exactly that's exactly hit the reset button he's so far beyond the he's gone backward yes that he's like a rookie coming in again. So you want to project it's three years Italy with a knee injury history and is already being pushed out the door by the team at spent a lot of like. I just use that fourth from technical reckons that Ari let me ask you this now. Given exactly the freezing huge asset. I wouldn't call the project anymore but a guy's head injuries they spent. A lot of the San referee or would you be put up with that now with I'm more interest to be 202 I marched in Bradford I think. I think he could become an option for the bills I think he's gonna get caught. He has one year left that is geely schedule make thirteen million accurately and as he's the last guy before the rookie wage yeah writes yes he has that last. He has that balloon you know contract. That those guys they don't have anymore because that's the old TV day. I can't see them spending that money can run for one year knowing you can. Cut him now and move on and save the money to try to trade him now it's of equality and contract I don't think that's gonna happen. Is Sam Bradford gets cut which I think is going to happen I'm not sure. I think that would be eight option that I would be willing to look at and think the bill should want to at least take a look at we we don't know what Howard and attempting to remember. Let's get a five game. Uncle trial like a play out how does he finished the next five games of the play this week journey he could say the bill isn't real why he's. How to take option advocate cutting yes but. He takes his option he comes back don't go anywhere else only it's Ivan half he could say I outward more on the open market. You could try. So so a lot depends on that you know respirator was on. Here this week I heard him say they have contingency plans they have plans in place for Jerry Hughes and guys like that he said earlier. This year they have plans for cal or give an all scenarios they at least the quarterback position they are planning for these things. I think you have to plan what he says I wanna come back what he says I don't wanna come back you have to know these things seem rappers out there here's another option you just brought up his name. I don't think the bills are that high on him but. I'm Brian Hoyer. He's an idiot freeagent. I politics having the browns bring him back war I don't know about that he's gonna. Right if you're if you're right lawyers agents now you are gonna watch starters money and if the browns are gonna give him starters money they're gonna start on an RT draft John immense articles started. Okay they'll they'll key demands on the bench or yeah try to move them. I don't know what I do our Booth I mean there would be foolish to rush an insult this point. Brian Hoyer winning games he he might be erased now that they're winning. 56% completion percentage I think which is a great but he is when I. Windsor Windsor Windsor death last week. 44 seconds remaining their own twenty yard line on the road he drove them to the other twenty are clinic kicked in one. I like him I'll say this I. From things that I've heard I don't think the bills like him that much but I don't know I. I don't see whether I mean with this or what. It was funny guys out there the can win a couple of games and they'll Hoyer does look like a great quarterback wouldn't bend over backwards form a power. The browns it would be too worried because I don't think that too many teams will be knocking down the door for Brian Hoyer. I think where he's gonna go to market. Maybe it is a fuel cell like Alice artists money will go somewhere and start and has been the browns should say where. Who who's gonna who's idea. Well well. Let's person Jeremy I don't know the team but somebody always goes in pay over pays a guy like that to commit because they think that he can be the next guy. I don't shop. Match I'll one pack I entitles I know that that. I'll pass to Matt that jobless weight better than Brian lawyers government let Ryan Fitzpatrick got two more jobs after buffalo but not huge money. He got signed in. Houston. And now he's a slight these are you only pay progress with the back I don't think anybody. I don't think anybody what with the San Vick had with Fitzpatrick when his contract came up one of the things. Would pointed out or an article like at a website which would be immoral but it can be sold. I went on team by team like who's gonna pay Ryan Fitzpatrick write the bills. Are bidding against themselves here. You know they paid market rate it's like fine here's some money because your start I think Hoyer wrote the same thing and it Orton might even if he goes. And says I wanted to deal a lot more years my guess is it would be it would seem like a lot of money vision NFL starter money. He's 31. I could live with a for the other couple years I could I know that doesn't sound great to a lot of fans they want the next but I don't see where you gonna get the next guy. We're gonna get it I could draft markets very Oda urgent as Winston. Well I mean unless you think seemed records coming here he's gonna not be injured all the sudden throughout his career how important to me is the best option for the next couple years until you do find somebody. Feel real fire fifty Joba sky updates us on yesterday's bills' practice that comes up next. Until that coach Doug Brown at 810 here on football Friday at WGR. I let's Google another nugget bingo it out once again to having they'll call 6449878. The winner gets a. Fifty dollars and bingo cards Golden Nugget gaming center for the dollar gift certificate happy Jack's restaurant. 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And she home brew dot com Niagara tradition it's a great place the located on Sheridan drive you won ninety. And Black Friday special ceremony specials as well they're opened today. And he homered on account become a brewer get involved gift certificates available as well get somebody else started if you're like you started yourself but Niagara traditional growing supplies. And pills. Rollins who wall to wall coverage all day Sunday from 7 AM to 7 PM on the official voice on the Buffalo Bills WGR Sports Radio 550 and WGR 550 dot com. Bills rounds on Sunday at the Ralph big playoff implications for bolted the bills win that even the two teams record. That put them ahead the browse the wild card standings. The game also highlighted by a return of Mike Patton the four bills offensive coordinator and head coach of the browns comes about when he knows how good. Bills defense is also defense he has right now has safety Donte Whitner he returns the buffalo. After eight tweeters back and say some things about the bills organization players including former bill Darryl Talley getting into with them over the offseason. That's been a topic of conversation in the locker room or the last couple days projecting that's what about it. Let the cup for here just a moment but the bills made a move yesterday. They claim or awarded by the C markets think that off waivers they been primarily a kick and punt returner is that the NFL punt return. Averaging eight and kick return average back in 2012 this year he spent time at the patriots and dolphins in the box. Already this season and you think you're giving gay games the NFL the lions get a 146 yards two touchdowns to Calvin Johnson beat the bears. 35 to fourteen Mark Sanchez very cute he's running for another. The Eagles beat the cowboys 3310. Last night. Al cavern it throws twice to Richard Sherman on the other team Germany with two interceptions. And the Seahawks stuff the niners. Nineteen to three outscored their sabres home tonight at the marcher Canadians to 7 o'clock puck drop created six doubt tout the first Niagara center and of course. All pregame coverage all the gain coverage in post game reaction phone calls. Here and have major Sports Radio by fifty and along the sabres radio network sports update the top and bottom of every hour or it's fortunate breaks its out of Roger that EGR Sports Radio 550. It's Jewell was Kelly what is that JBoss. Well that's my save it right it must have buzz cuts to notebooks Airbus boss. Talent JBoss plus better on WGR. Sports Radio 550. And. Joba sky it was not up yesterday the bills are not off yesterday. Thanksgiving and a in Opel ballplayers plight. It's Rickles aside yourself how come. We are. Totally outraged. That they gallery is open on Thursday and Friday totally outraged. Knives and other we finish this discussion and a lot Michael Ball game. Yeah listen this is not the reason is that a concession workers at usher is it ever works game day or some Thanksgiving and is that how dare the mall reopened on Friday I'm gonna watch football. Not sure any any area they appear in Detroit or Dallas. Or in San Francisco we had to work if you're a worker at the stadium and that is the issue that people are having we are outraged because people are mad. That the gallery is opening in telling their workers it to commit more when somebody don't want to let its Connecticut did a lot. And some of them football players don't want to it's enough to have you have to a guy that maybe sells hats at Dallas Texas at Texas Stadium probably TT Texas probably rather be home right he's no longer. Where's the outrage. Of me wonders. Joseph disguise joins us here Joseph had to work yesterday right Joseph. Where's the outrage about Joseph having to work. Well where else where work where's the age I was outraged you had to work Joseph writes I internally had my outrageously you know. That's either they. We'll show what happened yesterday's bills' practice of course the players Lotta the players are obvious enough near the man had a little Thanksgiving deal on their own Richard you don't stories about that they did indeed practice and prepare for a game comes on. At its mostly given the fact that. It bit they've lost a day this week because of the rescheduling of the jets game. And if they were going through a normal couple of pat a couple of weeks here. You would have seen the bills probably. Not take Tuesday off what they normally let out and then did during the Thursday offered figuring I think that's what Doug wrote it last year and I think that's probably what this year by. With a condensed schedule this week. Agents. That they decided it did Tuesday. The day off said. Because that was there the game they were traveling got back late ams and so. They they held a power apps launch section on Thursday and you know they they went through the pages just like they normally look at. There'll be without three players and it is none of which. Impact the starting lineup so jerks we seriously and what Chris Wragge in the car Rambo are are the three that didn't practice of of that. Everything outside of the standard they have it was there's just a day a practice they get. Joseph where's the team right about now in terms of the way that they feel about. I don't their own gain I guess they had two losses that were really tough losses and just about every itself against the jets the bills especially this twice but it literally get. Good feelings going by a virtual playing the jets do you do you sense that there is I don't know. That those those two losses are in the rear view mirror what what where does that he ultimately feel. I honestly I think this team Canada. 81 game at a time now I will say. The Kansas City lost probably. Stuck without at least a little bit especially with the kind of quick turn around they are against Miami just. Really days pastor of that. Heartbreaking loss they were they were back at it figures are any but I think what that's happening waters. With the snowstorm it kind of took her mind off what they have ever certain. And help them I guess refocus in a way that they were able to come together and in. Pick up the victory over the jets now I think it's just. I think they're not resting honorable or anything like yeah. I think it just kind of going about it and trying to take it one game at a time as cliche action and that's doubt that. I think that try to be approach that they have at least right now not act changes they have a bit of a lingering loss survey the day. Kerry so the pot the play. June 3 weeks in a row plucked but for me here now I think Kurt kind of thought about it what data type. Joseph Marcus Thigpen claimed off waivers on Wednesday. He's obviously primarily kick and punt return guy Leodis is out CJ is out. But they do our peace Goodwin does this kind of signify that they may be done with markings that when he was healthy scratch last weekend. I would I would and I think that yes look I mean vicious. As this situation with mark he's been where and where he had have been able to stay healthy. Doug morrow has made it known publicly that he has really happy with the fact that he had been able to stay on the field of and so when he would ask about it I think the bump or so ago. Said well you know what you have to be able to stay on the field and any time you're a young player in the mid stride with. It's spread its record it set you back but it's going to. It's going to allow others to kind of hit that hybrid your opposite. I do not think this is a bear to look for market bitter at all use. We ask. Doug moralistic then could step in right away and returned. Returned a punt for a big gap in good. And with marquis can live working. Special teams. Dark with market it would working at special teams that can and working on the scout team this week I think. We could be seeing another week it can be an active which would that be. It pot with a gain or am I mean he's started getting into like Williams territory near where there they're on the scout team and it doesn't appear. Unless there's an injury. And it till the he'll be up with the active roster or even a few years that will be making an impact on the off that side at all. Joseph this guy here on the lead you are joining us as we prepare for bills browns which is a sell out. Of course the game will be on television. On Sunday 1 o'clock jolt when when you look at the browns. They've had a good defense for awhile they hire Mike Patton without the browns defense the pellet the bills in a way like a team that is that nothing going on offense may be good receiver weapon here or there. But offensively they've been respectable about this year what they stack up in relation to the bills. Well I think the defense has been good but it hasn't been as good as the phils however. I think the Cleveland. Offensive line and and it has really been able to. Do well this year and trying to. Credit monopoly and 2014 because by and large teams around the NFL have not been good up but on the off a flight so I think. All in all this this we wouldn't change. Included both flow are quite similar in a lot of ways I mean there there are very similar which helped it pick they have some. Oh weapons on offense. You know the defense says as he showed up in in a big in a big way for buffalo and Cleveland has been able to. Have their defense at least perform well in. In some weeks. As so I think this is a forty even matchup between these cute seems good. And it it really it would might come down to something as small as. Or superiors as significant the turn over or or anything like step by. I would that ground game they are talent that they have some playmakers on offense and they were the pills. But I think that the advantages that they each team has. Are. That's the big advantage of each team has. When you talk about. Upfront. I think the build the pipeline is very good I think. Throughout the offense and targets are looking forward to that match recommend seeing how much that could affect it's potential playmaker. Roll or got to judge Gordon Gordon cabinet that has figured out on the field so. These these two teams are pretty good in DiMarco. Josh Gordon comes back PRD makes a big impact in the game against Atlanta last week Catholic 120 yards receiving or something like that. How the bills you know try to counter him because without Leodis McKelvin. I got some really clicking is that some weapons on the other side of the field they match of Stephon Gilmore I think I'm Gordon. Well Gil or was asked about that is that is enough of that about in general. Maybe he's just. Having that gamesmanship. But. Knowing knowing that bug aboard talking with the SE years. He's not really want to play those games but it it is direct about it but. I think what they might end up doing exists having. Courtroom but once sidestep on Gilmore on the other perhaps low and coverage over to Gordon tried taking away at. Try to make guys like Hawkins Lyle lost and it and and Gabriel beat them. Jordan Cameron going to be another one that that they have to be talked about it a big step in. You might end up being. Played by Eric Williams or or be put posters so. That they are they do you have some weapons for sure and Cameron has that attitude that every year this year it did last year he's been injured a bunch. But he still be super athletic. This match stick tight end and your jobs or boosters maps will freak athlete there is probably about and it felt. And then one of the bill that's the goal against those two guys. He assured that they're going to be giving a lot of their. Detention Sudan which might open up some space for a guy like it off. This guy here on WGR. Joseph. Sunday. Beautiful day it's going to be 57. It's a huge climbing every time looking up in line and what did you I have that Libya and Yemen five technical I'll. Now it's gonna be like in your 55 degrees at least Joseph and hopefully the rain holds off it might. And we might have some showers a little bit during the day but hey can ask for better late November Ian buffalo right. Now Medicare and only. Second the last hole and now with the kind of weird to think about but yeah it's. It it certainly got unexpected. Good close game retreat she came because I like it before I think they're pretty good in match. And a lot of boos for Donte Whitner. I thought this out of the yeah that that's going to be a thing. Joseph have you have you had a day like the locker room was the other day where I mean. It's just so prayer in this league to hear guys talk about opponents specifically. Individuals. Like. Fred Jackson apparently that even CJ Spiller to a degree did it in your release. Add that before the bills' locker room. We're not talking trash about a guy like like that before but. I will say that with projections. When he says something that's outside of the row boats. You know. More of these cliche type answer or that and that's it's that'd billion battery because these have a lot of good stuff it's just. Usually doesn't really go bottle him too much when flick but that type of stuff usually avoids. Those that question but. When he does. What are your ability does face stuff like that any better before. It in doing it corporate and because he wants represents an about what in the you know that they were this respect it and and he's not the type that are not that are trying to take kindly to some disrespect them. It feels the people Buffalo's city that day word. He responded. Amply so yeah I he I wasn't expecting net how to word I was just. I just want an interview to keep going we stepped actually questioned that. And chip bring me Arab so what when you have the captain of the team saying things like that. You know that the whole team must feel certain way in credit CJ Spiller set as much you know I have nothing more bad. Because it's spread summed up exactly the way to open wheel in the Arab and so you know this statement now or product out there weather what is that. That'll have to see how come out and oh outplayed out on the field when those two meet maybe you know one on one matchup where one guy charitable over the other. He'll discuss here and Debbie sheriff Joseph thanks for all the time and good week animal puck just Sunday. Thank you that's your discussion. Here and a leisure are bills that coach Doug Rowland joins us. In about half hour a little bit less than that and stay tuned to join us for that one a line on the way lots EC chairman whites of popular happy Black Friday drive safely the roads are. And there are more people up there too because the shopping stuff so. Be safe and anonymous. I mean I think any parent that situation again you know cause the unifying effect. Working go the opposite way to go I think for us it's been more than unifying in all type of effect. And you know you wanna see that type of thing you don't carry over but. You know it's hard to two. To recreate those type of circumstances again. To have that same environment. Fills that coach Doug wrote a join us coming up in about twenty minutes here on delete your stay tuned for that time for the WGR want to align its occupies the premier group. And their one of the week which is bread and butter riesling. Ten to nine for a 750 milliliter bottle only six dollars each view by tuber during premieres dollar sell it got a line and back that got a gift idea. I know what I'm gonna get Mike Schultz for Christmas. One not say them now let's say it RK. Taste buds. Why he you know like he's just really have is busily as the worst opinions on food and or candy. Of anybody a lot he's also got the worst opinions on sports while you know it op. On Wednesday if you miss that he was trashing the cons and pecan pie all. I mean that's just not a good look I'm I'm more Republican person I ahead three pieces of pumpkin yesterday you know. But the kind of solid I mean like to boot right what's not to love. And a chocolate pecan plight at that. Mean you know. He didn't know what star burst for. Me yeah so. The eat what you weight then hello real heated there's no no it no there's no that's the joke noted attorney Mickey injured at any draftees pretty much unfamiliar with half the Katie the overdraft. So that that's literally amazing the things. That is one of the more amazing things I've heard lately in my life I got a wind might show did not know what's harbors work you know what. I also learned about a new UK and he called cruise missiles that cat and other. Kazuo souls they have at it's. But the movie theaters and it's a good to whistler with plate. Sour patch kids in the middle. But it. Not yet to Hitler but if there was more of a World War II in the minutes ago they think it is again it was filled with stuff. In its tastier too to the got a favorite movie ones the wife goes for snow caps often well. Now when Harry met and is not now I just think the popcorn here's my wants last night Edmonton played Nashville. Yeah Edmonton in Nashville things here. The key and Keaton a defenseman for Edmonton was skating toward the net with the pocket four on four in overtime. Approaching a scoring chance. He fell over a broken stick which created a three on one. For the Nashville Predators went down on that same rush scored the game winning goal in Edmonton was cost the chance. Getting an extra point they also got a penalty shot and overtime which packer and stock. So Powell thank you pecker remains for being great one nothing overtime win and think you're stupid broken stick pro winning Edmonton's chances at it doesn't. I know he ought to be mad about an instant losing bought. I just think that they got a point these teams averaged less than a point per night. For Edmonton to get a point that. That's that's a success story but a third a lose lose the budget. Lou I can't quite literally they added that you'd be better are they that they should not be in this race that there. Shouldn't their record against the western conference's 011 and that's just ridiculous that's an east they'd like in the playoffs right there. Then I better than half the team ideal line it relates to the sabres team on Wednesday night I was there aren't as a spectator like I was also yes we saw each other and look I understand that tactical and has brought a lot of the stuff in his career that happened it on himself. No doubt. But man the first shift of the game he gets into it a little bit every minute and then he just finishes his check linking normal. Regular hockey player does and he gets a roughing call. That was completely ridiculous I'm sorry reputation call all the way and a one game suspension for Adam Lowery purge really him into the boards. Face first that he almost broke the shield is where. What's the book is suspension of colliding and it's Lowry right it exactly right twenty I mean really wanting free Patrick Cole had a your right to say that he does come around. Your right to say that he deserves a lot of it he deserves extended suspensions what he did the Jack Johnson going to help right person who's head and that was not that gave Wednesday night. That was all referee say they were gonna Wear let him know right away when this game starts were actually taken from you now but because he was the victim of it. It shouldn't mean the other guy got threats of a suspension I'm okay with them suspending him more every time the guy. But. When he is the guy who gets hit. It should be the same exact suspended for him get the wrapping penalty and that at early shift. Joseph called once he finished his check. There's nothing wrong with that you see it every single shift in national. We don't line and those are my. Those are lines 8030551808552. By fifty. It is July the premiere are getting ready moderates like you got it he heard on batteries just ten. 109 average 750. Milliliter football Friday by the numbers and bill that coach Doug our own next here on the beach here.

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    donte whitner found at 7:00

    has been a lot of talk this week about the return of Donte Whitner your players have said some things in the locker room obviously defending the organization and some of the things that went all
  3. HSS Hour 1 11-28


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    sees its job that this offensive line does just an excellent job Evan Mathis he blocks the backside Jason tells he comes off the ball. Little bit of not sampling from New York Thursday football. Three
  4. 11/26 Howard Simon Show HR 4


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    55550. Howard Dean all. We talk about mashed potatoes and suffered a Trent Green coming up in a minute I have a list of the fifty states in the most Google term. Most Google. Thanksgiving dish in each state. We're gonna get to that the coming up in this hour and a music mash potatoes or anyone here. Not a New York State now stuffed artichokes. The number one Google Thanksgiving food in New York State stuffed artichoke ever make fun of me for not have a match but it is that the number one Google. Ask Fritz read about a that he is it like you have feet finds a little let's not tell him about this Trent Green CBS NFL analyst joining us here. He's gonna be at the stadium on Sunday were in the bills browns game credits aren't
    previously mentioned quarterback pressure. That's going to be hard to get accomplished. Trent Green with a CBS sports NFL analyst he'll be on the broadcast Sunday from Ralph Wilson Stadium bills browns. Before lets you I
    guy here Matthew ala. Your. The man we just spoke to you. Trent Green played quarterback for Washington like RG three way obviously in and his his that's considered a good. It starts out like I trip for me like Trent green is not is that the guy got injured and Warner took over in one of deliberately for the chiefs for awhile area there. A 113. NFL starts with the chiefs started. 1234. Five and a half seasons at a thirteen and three year penitent and six year. I guess I'm saying I didn't realize that you know Trent Green at at many starts and had some good season like that. Are it's a Trent Green led to Washington in passing in 1998. Between green and current can you name. The fellows who have led Washington in passing Rex Grossman Rex Grossman and his faith. The first choice 2000 a lot of RG three RG three is right twice but does not currently leave

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Morning Paul. -- -- are -- -- and so Paul how emotional as Mario Williams do you think hard in Houston as he was he was he -- I mean. The the reaction yesterday it seems like he's a guy that. Let me Citigroup this ball he's got -- that he doesn't care -- people think he seems -- -- people think. It certainly did yesterday as a question about that but. Yesterday didn't didn't bother me at all I mean -- you know a lot of the things he's that publishers -- the wrong way but it. Yesterday not at all it was -- careful to point out. That that all of these he's always talking about. Happened before freeagent Stephens started. So that was well and Houston's so I think exclusive negotiating rights and at that time he didn't -- we've been. That's kind of what we know we didn't want quote we watch Chris jury decision and wanna believe and we wanted video Blair to say he didn't wanna leave. And then embryo has given no choice. The Buffalo Sabres didn't want to negotiate with them. So he had probably. You know those same thing with the Mark Williams. Houston didn't offer many saying they didn't wanna negotiate with animated wanna bring him back so. They give -- figure out the door then he moved out but he was very careful to say don't don't twist this around. You know I I was just at the time. For free agency started he you know I want to stay there but once I couldn't he goes out I'm very happy to be here and you know that's going to be a Bill Clinton when he was that the proud you know -- -- peace if you know this is an extra special game where Israel -- reporting goes. Yeah I think I'm looking forward to and he talked about the team. And he answered no I he says it's it's special -- program -- used to playing better and for the teams start playing better. That's what let's look at the battery goes. It matters -- -- seem to win not that dog or beat my whole team because it's and I thought that that was a the good good answer. So bomb on the -- yesterday. And probably the wrong way at all. And all I know this happens a lot but it seemed to me more than yesterday I was out there with the union now. -- when he said -- things when guys say things and then. That the fans and we play the audio back here in the radio sometimes you don't get the top contacts I agree with you that maybe yesterday. The the what he said really kind of was lost in translation for the way he said his demeanor and I heard you say this and I agree with you when you say he's in more. Better spirits this week he seems like is there a better mood and it just seems a little bit more upbeat -- play football. Absolutely absolutely -- two times voice spoken to times without an off -- -- are required to speak wants. And -- mother held to that form but you know he spoke towards this weekend. -- does seem like at a much happier place and and an opinion as to what Mario he does always speak one which. You know I think is ridiculous but whatever but. He will answer every single question. Seems like he'll answer it honestly. And you know he waits until everybody's done with the questions and and he -- patiently stood there and and then an answer them and that's what yesterday was about he was being asked direct questions. So he answered them used and how. About -- read a prepared statement. Before. You know it seemed to have an agenda. -- the first few questions about his wrist. And you know wasn't like he was an early to get to the I didn't want to leave Houston thing or whatever you disaster -- questions. So he gave directly answers. And assume that. He seemed very aware even mentioned at one point he said he stopped. And I believe it was a question UN asked him where he said. Look I don't want Avery -- changing in -- twisting this -- I know how -- gonna sound he was very aware of how easy answers would come off to the buffalo media and the fans especially. Yes and that's not what I'm saying I'm saying. -- -- unhappy here don't wanna be in Houston you know and that's basically was would just -- Hussein it quite well but that wave that's that's what he meant. Is certain however people are gonna come twist this around him whatever and so. It was just basically well yesterday was says he was asked -- question and answer. Paul Hamilton here on WGR your phone calls talk of an 8030550. Paula got a chance do you give the bills. To win this game in Houston on Sunday. To some of the well let me put it dyslexia. We've been being told sentence before training camp even started but I. But he -- by -- to believe that this. The winning best start now they've had their chance to you know kind of RAMP up to it. And the winning has to start now and they have to start improving now and you know they're they're staking their reputations. Well. It's actually been a few steps backwards and I'm not really -- forward okay. Yeah you wanna you wanna impress me wanna show me that this organization is moving forward. Which one of the next two games. You know go out on the road. And take what we've what we've there's like a signature win which is one of princess -- hasn't had been over ten years. Go on the road. And go beat somebody that you're not supposed to be and show me that this organization is moving forward -- that is not the same all same all. You know in the -- and -- that's where I'm looking forward as well have been looking for for a long time now. If if if -- there really has been progress in you guys believe only invests. -- go do something that we're not expecting. So go win this game more. If you lose just one goal in the New England game. And come back and play the dolphins out of Thursday night 500 dolby three and six when that game starts that's that's what I'll be impressed. Paul Hamilton here on WGR. 8030550. In 188 by fifty. 2550 elected join us on. Vault with regard to the game plan. The Texans come -- -- -- good run offense the coming of the wrong and good run defense as well. And Spiller and Jackson. I cannot say more Paul the I want to do is go to the ball a lot more and I don't think it's gonna happen and they were gonna continue to see -- -- twelve carries aside or fifteen carries aside. You get the sense that the running backs at least if no one else that goes to a 100% on board with the way things are going. They are trying to be good teammates. May have one happy about it. But they're trying to make the best of it is what they're doing. And front start Spiller. As far as I'm if I guess that's one problem I don't really care which one. Starts somebody. And I just don't think now it works fine against Tennessee people that they both ran well -- the old one at 71 a 71 yards. And that that's the first time like if -- is that I thought it worked pretty well. And that's why -- sport about it that I come to find out the -- shows up to move and so let's stop this ultimately your reserves put to -- two -- slowly that gives them a little bit of a chance. Figure into the flow of the game about every. Six series Paul -- a one game and one game and I -- -- Yeah -- thought about just starting somebody about at least some -- and I was starting this guy in -- you know. And then work the other women or whatever Pacific sparked -- -- -- I really don't care. I just think it's important. That one of them become the starter so one of them can -- into the for the game and give -- production. You know they're getting good production after two recordings of production. They got good production against they may have had good production war. One went Fred Jackson was the starter -- -- -- with CJ Spiller was the starter. And that should tell you what you need to know right there. We went in their back was these -- starter. That and much better. So -- Dispel one home. Quickly it's -- Greg and Greg you're on W Gerald Paul Hamilton. I'll call it a certain. Great great. One. At a question. But the -- they want. I can't -- -- because when they were trained. You don't want that -- You know players. Look we are not become a national glaciers. Like they're all up by it or leave it to the bowl people and they all agreed to appear in. Played not the coach you know that my -- Well on although Greg's our -- -- in the -- polls are educators -- sorry I don't touch up from injuries went on. Oh and and then my second point would be. I hope tackler contraction. The problem with giving what got below is that they're arguably gotten the -- You know carpet your military. From the completely other you know you've got a trumpet or portrait one. Right on the I want people on the Mario point in on the but the point about the defense being simple simple doesn't mean good -- this means -- understand. Symbol could mean that it simple for offences debated as well right. Man doesn't mean that the players are doing the wrong job legitimate could mean that the design of it is -- and on -- could be going that you be going -- percent Paul not believing that because they think like I did it ever was exactly what we're told the deal and the system is flawed. But they're not doing and that's the thing. All I keep hearing about it well the guy's not in the gap is supposed to be here and G daily and nothing illustrates that more macro shots and Iran. Well Chan -- said that he's he's got to evaluate whether -- asking guys to do things they physically can't do there's one thing you can have a system and plug players into -- regular pitcher players and built the system around on the as the two. Where. Are these guys not put off that at least football bombs went up because they've got and what they're -- but. Why seven weeks in the scenes and are you taking. It was Nick Barnett IMAP play. Instead of you know standing there and began filling the he got sucked in side. Metal outshot -- that -- 83 yards later he's going to that's what it was talking about yesterday that. You know guys aren't there to fill the hole. You know our guys played the wrong technique or whatever. They just. Not football badly I mean let's. How -- W this incident you're you're that. You're at City -- in your gap why you moving why you coming audio gap and allowing these big runs that work. It is giving it makes him look so easy -- the time. I mean why can't you guys got to seven weeks. No you're supposed to fill that gap by that that's what I don't that it isn't that confusing. Error -- I mean it just go. Giving -- your cap and staying there and not being sucked the idea GAAP. The -- -- that doesn't seem confusing but it's certainly used to these guys. Ball thank you. We -- the bottom line. Thirty seconds a quick policy think oddly static kill it at this -- -- to get to go to the -- the trade deadline is today is there any doubt at all you've heard that could possibly happen maybe a team shopping for a linebacker Kirk Morrison's like that. If you want one of the bills linebacker right -- and equipment. That would help if it's your call at about one billion shopping for a you couldn't -- -- but I have uttered an adjustment each night thanks Paul -- on Hamilton on -- Malaysia.