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11/1 Paul doesn't mind that Mario Williams discussed leaving Houston

Nov 1, 2012|

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Morning Paul. -- -- are -- -- and so Paul how emotional as Mario Williams do you think hard in Houston as he was he was he -- I mean. The the reaction yesterday it seems like he's a guy that. Let me Citigroup this ball he's got -- that he doesn't care -- people think he seems -- -- people think. It certainly did yesterday as a question about that but. Yesterday didn't didn't bother me at all I mean -- you know a lot of the things he's that publishers -- the wrong way but it. Yesterday not at all it was -- careful to point out. That that all of these he's always talking about. Happened before freeagent Stephens started. So that was well and Houston's so I think exclusive negotiating rights and at that time he didn't -- we've been. That's kind of what we know we didn't want quote we watch Chris jury decision and wanna believe and we wanted video Blair to say he didn't wanna leave. And then embryo has given no choice. The Buffalo Sabres didn't want to negotiate with them. So he had probably. You know those same thing with the Mark Williams. Houston didn't offer many saying they didn't wanna negotiate with animated wanna bring him back so. They give -- figure out the door then he moved out but he was very careful to say don't don't twist this around. You know I I was just at the time. For free agency started he you know I want to stay there but once I couldn't he goes out I'm very happy to be here and you know that's going to be a Bill Clinton when he was that the proud you know -- -- peace if you know this is an extra special game where Israel -- reporting goes. Yeah I think I'm looking forward to and he talked about the team. And he answered no I he says it's it's special -- program -- used to playing better and for the teams start playing better. That's what let's look at the battery goes. It matters -- -- seem to win not that dog or beat my whole team because it's and I thought that that was a the good good answer. So bomb on the -- yesterday. And probably the wrong way at all. And all I know this happens a lot but it seemed to me more than yesterday I was out there with the union now. -- when he said -- things when guys say things and then. That the fans and we play the audio back here in the radio sometimes you don't get the top contacts I agree with you that maybe yesterday. The the what he said really kind of was lost in translation for the way he said his demeanor and I heard you say this and I agree with you when you say he's in more. Better spirits this week he seems like is there a better mood and it just seems a little bit more upbeat -- play football. Absolutely absolutely -- two times voice spoken to times without an off -- -- are required to speak wants. And -- mother held to that form but you know he spoke towards this weekend. -- does seem like at a much happier place and and an opinion as to what Mario he does always speak one which. You know I think is ridiculous but whatever but. He will answer every single question. Seems like he'll answer it honestly. And you know he waits until everybody's done with the questions and and he -- patiently stood there and and then an answer them and that's what yesterday was about he was being asked direct questions. So he answered them used and how. About -- read a prepared statement. Before. You know it seemed to have an agenda. -- the first few questions about his wrist. And you know wasn't like he was an early to get to the I didn't want to leave Houston thing or whatever you disaster -- questions. So he gave directly answers. And assume that. He seemed very aware even mentioned at one point he said he stopped. And I believe it was a question UN asked him where he said. Look I don't want Avery -- changing in -- twisting this -- I know how -- gonna sound he was very aware of how easy answers would come off to the buffalo media and the fans especially. Yes and that's not what I'm saying I'm saying. -- -- unhappy here don't wanna be in Houston you know and that's basically was would just -- Hussein it quite well but that wave that's that's what he meant. Is certain however people are gonna come twist this around him whatever and so. It was just basically well yesterday was says he was asked -- question and answer. Paul Hamilton here on WGR your phone calls talk of an 8030550. Paula got a chance do you give the bills. To win this game in Houston on Sunday. To some of the well let me put it dyslexia. We've been being told sentence before training camp even started but I. But he -- by -- to believe that this. The winning best start now they've had their chance to you know kind of RAMP up to it. And the winning has to start now and they have to start improving now and you know they're they're staking their reputations. Well. It's actually been a few steps backwards and I'm not really -- forward okay. Yeah you wanna you wanna impress me wanna show me that this organization is moving forward. Which one of the next two games. You know go out on the road. And take what we've what we've there's like a signature win which is one of princess -- hasn't had been over ten years. Go on the road. And go beat somebody that you're not supposed to be and show me that this organization is moving forward -- that is not the same all same all. You know in the -- and -- that's where I'm looking forward as well have been looking for for a long time now. If if if -- there really has been progress in you guys believe only invests. -- go do something that we're not expecting. So go win this game more. If you lose just one goal in the New England game. And come back and play the dolphins out of Thursday night 500 dolby three and six when that game starts that's that's what I'll be impressed. Paul Hamilton here on WGR. 8030550. In 188 by fifty. 2550 elected join us on. Vault with regard to the game plan. The Texans come -- -- -- good run offense the coming of the wrong and good run defense as well. And Spiller and Jackson. I cannot say more Paul the I want to do is go to the ball a lot more and I don't think it's gonna happen and they were gonna continue to see -- -- twelve carries aside or fifteen carries aside. You get the sense that the running backs at least if no one else that goes to a 100% on board with the way things are going. They are trying to be good teammates. May have one happy about it. But they're trying to make the best of it is what they're doing. And front start Spiller. As far as I'm if I guess that's one problem I don't really care which one. Starts somebody. And I just don't think now it works fine against Tennessee people that they both ran well -- the old one at 71 a 71 yards. And that that's the first time like if -- is that I thought it worked pretty well. And that's why -- sport about it that I come to find out the -- shows up to move and so let's stop this ultimately your reserves put to -- two -- slowly that gives them a little bit of a chance. Figure into the flow of the game about every. Six series Paul -- a one game and one game and I -- -- Yeah -- thought about just starting somebody about at least some -- and I was starting this guy in -- you know. And then work the other women or whatever Pacific sparked -- -- -- I really don't care. I just think it's important. That one of them become the starter so one of them can -- into the for the game and give -- production. You know they're getting good production after two recordings of production. They got good production against they may have had good production war. One went Fred Jackson was the starter -- -- -- with CJ Spiller was the starter. And that should tell you what you need to know right there. We went in their back was these -- starter. That and much better. So -- Dispel one home. Quickly it's -- Greg and Greg you're on W Gerald Paul Hamilton. I'll call it a certain. Great great. One. At a question. But the -- they want. I can't -- -- because when they were trained. You don't want that -- You know players. Look we are not become a national glaciers. Like they're all up by it or leave it to the bowl people and they all agreed to appear in. Played not the coach you know that my -- Well on although Greg's our -- -- in the -- polls are educators -- sorry I don't touch up from injuries went on. Oh and and then my second point would be. I hope tackler contraction. The problem with giving what got below is that they're arguably gotten the -- You know carpet your military. From the completely other you know you've got a trumpet or portrait one. Right on the I want people on the Mario point in on the but the point about the defense being simple simple doesn't mean good -- this means -- understand. Symbol could mean that it simple for offences debated as well right. Man doesn't mean that the players are doing the wrong job legitimate could mean that the design of it is -- and on -- could be going that you be going -- percent Paul not believing that because they think like I did it ever was exactly what we're told the deal and the system is flawed. But they're not doing and that's the thing. All I keep hearing about it well the guy's not in the gap is supposed to be here and G daily and nothing illustrates that more macro shots and Iran. Well Chan -- said that he's he's got to evaluate whether -- asking guys to do things they physically can't do there's one thing you can have a system and plug players into -- regular pitcher players and built the system around on the as the two. Where. Are these guys not put off that at least football bombs went up because they've got and what they're -- but. Why seven weeks in the scenes and are you taking. It was Nick Barnett IMAP play. Instead of you know standing there and began filling the he got sucked in side. Metal outshot -- that -- 83 yards later he's going to that's what it was talking about yesterday that. You know guys aren't there to fill the hole. You know our guys played the wrong technique or whatever. They just. Not football badly I mean let's. How -- W this incident you're you're that. You're at City -- in your gap why you moving why you coming audio gap and allowing these big runs that work. It is giving it makes him look so easy -- the time. I mean why can't you guys got to seven weeks. No you're supposed to fill that gap by that that's what I don't that it isn't that confusing. Error -- I mean it just go. Giving -- your cap and staying there and not being sucked the idea GAAP. The -- -- that doesn't seem confusing but it's certainly used to these guys. Ball thank you. We -- the bottom line. Thirty seconds a quick policy think oddly static kill it at this -- -- to get to go to the -- the trade deadline is today is there any doubt at all you've heard that could possibly happen maybe a team shopping for a linebacker Kirk Morrison's like that. If you want one of the bills linebacker right -- and equipment. That would help if it's your call at about one billion shopping for a you couldn't -- -- but I have uttered an adjustment each night thanks Paul -- on Hamilton on -- Malaysia.

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