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John Clayton says an 8-8 team should make the playoffs

Nov 1, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Welcome back to our show here's our friend John Clayton from ESPN heard every Thursday afternoon at five on WG RI John. I don't guys that we're all back together the bye weeks are over everything it quite as good. And churn up missed you last week. -- thing about the straight today. Very curious. And I've been baffled really about four years watching the bill Belichick's doing with this secondary. And I even more baffled me for talent that is the guy that sensational on the to keep toll that the probable talent but he also has a lot of problems off the field. And -- that's not the type the guys that Bill Belichick likes to go for now really taking gambles on. Corey Dylan he's taking gambles on some players that have had some issues in the past. But to me. I don't know why he's now in the fourteen year reconfigure raiding. Secondary and -- move that I think this does it take their best quarterbacks are rookie. Two years ago the went to the Pro Bowl and -- Macquarie. And moved them to safety I don't get an automatic -- they needed to do something week in and week out. One guy goes up -- -- last week goes down was Adrian Arrington. They cut sterling Moore who he only said it in there. Very curious move but I guess it's the move of panic because of how bad the secondary has been this year. It feels maybe like he's like gambler chasing contest with what he's doing what is especially at cornerback -- I think you could see a significant change in how Bill Belichick is running his business because. Belt before. And and this is why I guess probably got them in trouble. They were so meticulous as far as making -- trade and acquiring. Draft choices and don't they had a still about two years where they have like force second round -- most of those guys except for maybe the offensive -- really didn't work out. But most of the -- they brought in on defense have not worked out so now it looks like instead of trying to be the -- maneuvering always trying to get extra picks. They're not trying to quantify getting better players that I think that they see that Tom Brady's not getting any younger he's getting older. And so to give up a fourth round pick for guy that clearly they won't even think about resigning this offseason but very curious. And we all hear you say how New England needed help on defense and thank. My god here we aren't right who needs it more John one last. The 31 ranked defense in the -- coming -- -- to be worked -- war ones. Let what one less thing on on to leave do you happen -- all works he he's been suspended for four games he's only missed three so far. And new England's got a pilot he would have finished off his suspension this week that he stayed in Tampa. Because he goes to New England I would assume he won't be eligible to play against the bill the following week. You would think so yeah because I mean technically yes the Serb board games. And he's now property of the -- New England Patriots who don't have the game so that fourth game have to be -- so I would have to think that he witnessed the buffalo games. -- -- betrayed even Mort you're somebody didn't think it down the stretch. For the second half of the season to have to leave the end there but. You know now they will have him one less game -- -- that they would hopefully hope for. It's too easily -- Hampton -- throw myself on being engaged to leave thinking we really gonna need him to shut down ball OC I was worse than I was there's no -- the NFL thinks of the -- game as another -- that's I was going there but that would be horrible say. -- being able to say it. Page on here's I think you might be exit in the conversation we're having last hour here about the bills. We're so conditioned into getting. Halfway or three quarters of the way through the through a season and then thinking about the draft or who might need to be replaced you know. -- And the way they've looked you know the losses have been all -- Tennessee was different. They haven't looked like a playoff teams were short on Twitter you know hearing our conversation saying. I knew it already this season they were a playoff team based on how the jet game went in week one so. I feel a little bit stock I mean it seems early to be talking about the off season even for these guys given the worst record in the way the AFC is. But the same time -- he doesn't sound like fancier or even very much open. To the idea of them getting Tennessee nine and seven. Well the one thing -- it still it's that perspective of the ANC which. In my opinion this is the worst AFC. That there has been since the 1980s and in this is that. -- -- and -- I think the value judgment is that out the bills aren't a playoff team but there's not six playoff team. In the current AFC if you go around and look I mean this conference is so -- down right now that one or two non playoff teams. We will make the playoffs and that's what I kind of perceive what I was going around saying training camps and I kind of pick the bill says the team that would be filled out one's surprise team. They could do it -- that spot the defense would be better which obviously we are all wrong on so far. And it's still not out of the question for the bills to make the playoffs because. Ultimately it's going to be an eight -- seven and ninety in the could make it and I think that's pretty evident because. One the NF -- nobody agency that's going to come in the play I think take a look at. He'll win this season started did anybody think that we were going to be going into week nine and I'm going to be heading to Indianapolis. Watching Indianapolis play Miami to team that I thought would be five when things. Absolutely not but that's the -- how bad the AFC is. If you have -- you have a chance. And so if the build -- appalled they still have a chance even though he'll -- -- you look at Miami and you look at -- come playoff teams but what might make up one. Since I'm here since I'm here I wanna respond of that. -- I feel a little bit like I missed thinking Miami was better than advertised because of certain stats that I didn't give enough credit to. But I I wasn't. I would've been easily convinced that Indy would be pretty good because of -- that we talked about this specifically. Before we view by John you know when the when the rookie quarterbacks in Miami has won two. Do well as rookies that comes -- especially when they're highly touted as walking Griffin becomes is actually no surprise to me anymore. A much more surprised with they're not good so. True true yeah but I thought on indeed was that they were going to win five games at home. And not have virtually none on the road did not know this is not a not a -- and lobby reluctant. In my opinion and everybody that -- is one of the best quarterbacks they hit this league. In two or three decades and he's going to be fantastic -- fantastic already. So I've never had any doubts about locked but I just -- with their defense which is not very good. And what the problems they have in the offensive line and questions about the running game they were gonna go on the road and lose -- and they go to Tennessee and they pull out an overtime victory. And you know -- -- the played Jacksonville so they have a chance to win another road game. I don't know they're gonna win any more than that. But you know if they win five at home or six at home. Ample two or three went on the road and they are playoff game which to meet the surprise coming just like you look at Miami. The other team that doesn't have a number one and number two or number three wide receiver. They'll being point three they had a good run defense a very good run defense and as they have some decent guys picnic playmakers in the secondary. But what they what they have with the young quarterback that has really grown up pretty quickly. -- I said it I'm sure listed at the US and dozens of times that -- more you better be better in the jets also along and you better be better in the -- Should should I be down just thinking about being better than Miami. The jets. It's dead in the water. I think so I mean that this team still can be better than the -- It's -- you look at the jets and -- offensive talent. And -- -- not -- have great offensive -- but I'll have to think if you had a choice between the offensive talent of the build on the offensive talent of the jets. You would take the bills. May not be any big names but look at that group over there I mean still this Stephen Hill better than ninety Kay Graham I don't know about that still is. You would Jeremy curly better than Steve -- -- Johnson no absolutely not. We that is. -- Mark Sanchez better than Ryan Fitzpatrick can we could probably. Argue that one for a half hour and not what which where we go but I say right now that Fitzpatrick. You better the Mark Sanchez. Yeah I like the way to that running back the bills are excellent so you can do. And the running back the jets are terrible offensive line and -- both teams are challenged. But if you'd like but not two guys on the jets' offensive line. I don't know which it really taken me like what property in two interior guys on the built -- -- -- Because they're good I mean it what is good and but he trees very good so there's two there but I mean -- tackle situation still very much in question. I like how we and he won that game in Tennessee I watched that with the bills off. They don't they tied it pretty late but here's Tennessee driving on them with about a minute and a half left and -- called a timeout on defense. That could've been. Called to earlier that would have been something fans would have set about it they -- in the field goal range -- and a lot of coaches wouldn't have done it. But it worked out for Indianapolis I think what it did. Is it threw off Tennessee's. Rhythm they had a nice rhythm on the field and second third down they. Are in complete and eventually punted giving the game to overtime and indeed a great job on that. That winning drive about the play. To win the game onto that -- that's a sensation. Very creative that's quite the interesting thing about I'm fascinated maybe I'm the only woman though the world it's fascinating going to. Miami in India probably the only one is going to be there is -- the national scene that's what I'm fascinated with. Is what these two coaches are doing with these young quarterback still I think the -- areas is the perfect guy for Andrew Luck. If he's worked with Ben Roethlisberger. And it worked with Peyton Manning's perfect -- form and there's no question in my chairman of the perfect guy for Ryan cannon doormat that you concede. How advanced and it -- is still he's running more than 50% of -- plays in no huddle situations. And -- almost an amazing for rookie quarterback coming up Peyton Manning didn't do it to a second year. What has been doing it only sporadically you know one game here one game there but on a consistent level and it -- is running no huddle that's why. They're the bad news for the dolphins visit the end of the year they they have a very advanced -- -- -- But they also may lose Mike Shannon but Mike Sherman good I think -- -- -- Willow would be a pretty good move for him and I think he would -- certainly respond to it in the NFL. John -- -- -- -- what can you tell us about Houston your opinion are they a as a top. One or two or three team in the league what are you don't want him would he say well. In -- AFC right now and you could almost say they're the best team by far I do not know if they're going to be good enough. To go to the Super Bowl on it -- some questions certain type against. They cannot win if they fall behind by two or three touchdowns. They cannot win that game they're not built to do that. But. What's been two things that happen they'll match shop -- develop toughness indoor ability and that's but it you know he missed some games last year with a list -- -- Still he's been very durable this year they've got a great running back and -- Foster and say what you want about Wade Phillips he has won sensational defensive coordinator. -- he probably is made of much of an impact on the defense as anybody in about ten years in what he did in one season if he goes down to Houston. They if they really wanted to become an of an interim because the coordinator of the year before after -- get fired in Dallas. And how to respect for the current at current coaching that -- that no insult. He comes in the next year they said okay what do you need is that I need -- defensive end Jimmie JJ watt. I need to covered quarterback in the Johnathan Joseph and give me covered Sapient Danieal Manning I'll be fine. They go from statistically at that time the worst pass defense in NFL history to one of the best defense is and it's held. You that that's exactly what I think we both say about Wade Phillips and the team the guy the guy coach's defense. I mean like but few guys. His record is great. As a coordinator. And you know that defense John. Mario Williams only played five games on last year and they they've taken off and not look back at all without him in -- our Mario Williams and it's been. Underwhelming to say the least here in buffalo. Yeah I mean and that's the great I don't know that any player other than saint Michael Vick. Going into this week and a game has more pressure on in the Mario Williams funny because when you think about it. Mean first stop he he wanted to -- said at least in the press conference this week he wanted to stay in Houston that they basically. Didn't even consider making proper beta club walked the Coca fine go ahead and go -- he had five sacks in five games of the outside linebacker which is pretty good. But. They didn't lose anything without them and so he goes back there is that okay we get some good years together but in the best you're that they have going to the playoffs. He wasn't even a factor and so now he comes -- buffalo and the defense gets worse and not better and you know we want to try to put on a show trying to release. Justify what a talent he has but he goes against that probably had Duane Brown who's now develop to be one of the better left tackles in the leg. And so you look at it this same man they continue really get something out of this game -- so much is gonna be a Mario. Houston is six and 1716. And one means there knockout in the playoffs where they split. Means they're thirteen and five. Since he got hurt they were there were three into last year first five games I'm assuming. Worry he was active. And then we have eleven games after that seven in four plus playoffs plus this year thirteen to five playoffs for the. And it is not a that they missed them one bit. And that's -- -- from him because I mean it's -- that -- that he has the all time sack record downpour that franchise did 53. And if he had been a very consistent player but then they went for the 34. And now they're so good in the 34 and you look at -- thought okay. He was supposed to be the star of the team JJ watt. Has basically come on like Bruce Smith he's been that good in -- 34 days. -- like that I like that. Mario signs here and word ignoring certain things were talking a -- were talking and how incredible it is at the bills made such a move. The one thing you would -- though neither side was to not compare with Bruce Smith it's not fair that's one of the best ever know here you are comparing. The guy they drafted to replace him to Bruce and the -- -- just does not get anymore. Rule or incredible. With this -- -- -- having now Wade Phillips. Standing in the way to have success for this state to even cruel world. Walker's release open John I gotta admit I didn't watched Houston play a lot last year if at all. They get to the playoffs and that whole game they had was against whom the Cincinnati yeah. He'd like -- intercept an incredible player and game. And Mattingly who is this guy. While and now this year mean that's who disguises nine Nantz actually guys awhile back and. Well they first thought -- have -- and perhaps activate 34. Defensive end is incredible. Then to come back and -- nine passes. And having what four or five taken back for touchdowns but it does that mean that that's out of this world and that's got to get a Marvel Comics. -- -- John Steve Spurrier said perhaps. Light heartedly that Alabama could be a couple of NFL teams. We don't agree with that. I don't Pete Carroll said likewise. Is does that get any respect. In the NFL. It -- about the same respect that Steve Spurrier had as an NFL coach he gets no respect. I mean he was out of place when he cut in the National Football League is they Washington Redskins and the -- did some good things in his pro career as a quarterback but. I think it's an embarrassing statement and it's like for somebody that sometimes. Steve you know can be a little condescending when talking a little football because I think he thinks that people don't under the doesn't think the game of that important and all that stuff. And it's that's ludicrous I love the fact that somebody. That -- maker. Up odds on what they would do and I think what was it does. Only -- -- we're told 24 point 84 point underdog at Jacksonville. Where. After he says -- thought. Teams beat element be favored against couple teams that's yeah. He's great at you it's quick it's just silly statement. And it shows that you know kind of a lack of lack of respect for the national football lake. But still you need you to credibility first off you have eighteen and nineteen year old guy is going against 25 to thirty Euro got. That this doesn't work. And there's about the depth issue there's not the quality of talent and you're talking about what in any given year. In get a great recruiting year maybe you're getting about four or five or six pros and there but they're not going to be filling out all those positions. Alabama is -- there's no question about it. But you know they wouldn't even be able the last quarter and half against the worst teams in the National Football League. Boom John Clayton any questions for us today John. Are we -- is there any hope that hockey is gonna be back by December. In certain -- November's canceled a little. And I think there's a little. If you're really I think in a couple weeks. -- won't give. -- have a season or no season I think it'll play out like that around Thanksgiving that's my guy. To me that it's crazy business model of course I'm sitting. In the city that's awaiting their opportunity to get. Into the national hockey I -- argue they've which I think could happen now that is a new arena coming and there are so looking forward to a but it like. Would they get this thing done absolutely can start moving ahead because this seems like but all of these. Lockouts and all the labor problems as quick as losing too much not gaining. And that city of course is -- Bolivia. So arrival good luck to them and thank you John. Thank you John in Seattle to see. -- it they're building an arena for sport that's. In Kansas City do that they were build a place or they have a place.

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