WGR550>Topics>>11/2 Jerry Sullivan is asked if the Bills have the talent to compete against the Texans, while answers the question who should start- C.J or Fred?

11/2 Jerry Sullivan is asked if the Bills have the talent to compete against the Texans, while answers the question who should start- C.J or Fred?

Nov 2, 2012|

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Terry Sullivan Buffalo News columnist mr. Sullivan. Are you expecting a horror show on Sunday. I know I've I think in the paper picked the built with the points. Plot what what the -- that that hadn't while below play games and I've been a lot of them. -- gander when they could've destroyed in the physical and people expect. I think they're great. You know parity of the NFL oh the content to play at some point and -- to go to news great looks it looks really think that. They -- down there. Played well today I'm gonna get a turnover and and lose but haven't met but again I just. Don't think -- quite that bad but. To -- parents say that when you look at their defensive numbers immunity agreement. I think that maybe Marlins. And I was a little bit. Feeling better and it will make them play in the -- the coaches. Show up the next few adjustments and -- doesn't turn the ball sort of unload at the most optimistic or do well but you're talking about signature games mean. At a lot easier time -- a signature road losses and spend a lot of. I was in about you actually what -- -- when we're discussing signature road wins in -- I think Jeremy dried I think the Houston win might be yet but I was I was like. I and they have a lot of really bad road games Kansas City in Houston an island not that I'm not Houston but Dallas and Miami in the anyway point it's Ali if they if it. I think they're gonna get destroyed I think this one of those games Rican island at it in the second half you'll have your hand over your eyes you wanna watch. If that's the way you just played out the scenario that if it turned out to be a close game what I mean anything. No not not out there -- don't lose next week and a beer -- and anchorman -- in. I -- think their moment and it didn't work you know law that -- -- and in. And teams they'll play better or worse than we expect from our church Bruton David good as people make make about me they were a great team with Cushing. And they look probable impact and it got a lot lot of -- under crystal and I would feel a lot more companies build on because they do it like. -- -- little weaker immune to indigo or maybe they went down or two points. I'd like -- to the build up and so. You know they've got some weapons and the view open client able helped make multiple could create a haven't totally given up on a memo currently I don't expect -- to be carrying that team. Well I'm I'm trying to beat pretty optimistic -- -- that maybe it could have been a way. This but I I've. Armed road -- where everyone picked the bill pollute with a bat but there are thirty and only going on games and Coke later in the game. -- -- well I mean. If you containment not -- There is some of the pain would pass -- on -- bill -- wrote when might depend. But let road playoff went. The third Super Bowl title in Miami. I really struggled the banquet signature -- that used to -- our great expansion payment. -- Ever get to define what the meaning that it that the team can really do anything -- equipment at our -- equipment. That it didn't define a medal winning team are really resolve an Arctic and the team -- beat or anything or at ONEOK and you know -- up. Well and got it over. Yeah I'm Janet think then maybe selling somewhere in 98 or nine in 98 when they got off to the bad start and they came back and they made the playoffs. Somewhere in 98 or 999. But I guess 98 and if you're like 013 came back made the class I would I would try and I can't think went off the -- my head where they -- on the road that year but a signature road win there because it would -- helped her turn around and got you back into the plants. Art department partner Aaron and I often bring up I looked it up now in the dignity dignity. And drove -- I was. 99. Will be beating Baltimore because that Baltimore defense a year later it was over at the ballpark. I think again that the -- defiance but Flutie was parent makes -- more outrageous that they pulled them as the starter but. Although they may not battles throughout and went -- came out how big was that. Admittedly you're not are struggling to define what it means book the lord -- dissidents such a long road futility I've been covered them. Primarily at the -- and collect all warm and they're gonna what not and I'm I'm a road or go to that looked a lot. But since beginning of the you know kind of falling apart you'll win on the road I want I came on Christmas Eve -- -- five. And when in Philly or aren't. They went in Philly one year -- like Jason Peters somebody blocked -- yourself that are that was in Cincinnati. The think of it might of America. -- the -- of the -- northern Philadelphia forget it's only. Let me go to -- -- and I'll let go of the club -- every member or more it's like there's a lot of road wins you know he figured keep track of a better. Slight tension. And I get back to the defense and the problems and and some of the things they want to talk about last night. You -- Phillips at all. I was thinking about him this week he was not. A beloved head coach -- but he made the playoffs twice we know the whole headset -- headset and Ronnie Jones and firing Bruce Dehaven and all that stuff. He can but but it's the last on the -- -- the playoffs and he had winning seasons and he was a very good. Defense of mind you miss him was that we always say I wish they -- never governor Paul -- -- away. Argue about it coach Sutton -- -- go there with the I would wavered never the defensive coordinator. Look at that the head coach I met him at the defensive coordinator that's what you're so. And to think that code and you Wade Phillips now it would be no better security suitable -- -- -- The bottom bad people do it on organized so don't even know there was. -- -- Gonna make and -- Ted Washington. Pat Williams. -- Ruben Brown. And it floated -- -- goods and I already did not -- -- -- Thank you that note let's get back to this defense because it's talent right and me for sitting that we shouldn't be sitting here talking about if that if there in the wrong gap. If they're not executing. And it's now the midway point of the season or there are the lack of fanatical effort is Dave Wannstedt called last night. That basically we have overestimated the talent on defense. Right. -- -- -- polluted back coat an older player who wants certainty and in the bottom half sure but it. That this could start a performance speaks the one buried under that's talent up front office. That's another just -- double putting together a roster and overestimating certain players and not deal and others. The biggest problem with immigrants -- talent and we badly overestimated our McCourt put the barrel and. I AM. Yeah I guess I guess that's the you know Ike and not incidentally I like but once that's done I don't but I think. I think that if they're gonna put other -- in the front four and that that you got one guy on the front four who has been consistent this season it's Kyle Williams. They have nothing behind them in the line backing core to help bail out the front four if they're having a bad game and now in the secondary. Beyond Stephon Gilmore -- bird there isn't really anybody making consistent plays back and secondary. Not out there have been a problem for years and I mean we all -- -- and -- look at. You know he's just a very limited player. And if not make up -- it's. You talk about -- and throwing. -- -- outgrew their problem public that we. Overrated band. I think public more under -- and -- cooperate and help people. They don't bookmark it could sit back and conceivable at what. And George Edwards did get fired because he didn't then third and I'm not the mission that could be run out of here -- -- -- think they're gonna try. A bit different because again throughout the week. Well you can't you gotta do something different because what they're that's why it was frustrating listening to the interview last night -- -- -- -- -- -- that and the game plan out to everybody that the listened to. But you'd think out of that -- -- they've got to do something because what they have been doing isn't working and you have to try and change it up you can you can have a philosophy as a coordinator offense or defense. But at some point you have to adjust that philosophy and you realize what I have in front of me. What kind of players do I have what can they do what can't they do and -- what I believe in isn't working it's on meet the trying to come up with something else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- rip and had set up the defensive coordinator and I'm going to be -- themselves very -- -- the vote total list of state coaches who have total authority announced. Become more common carrier red -- And have command over the whole operation. And it should be Chan Gailey ordering him to bullet points and you've got to do better are all but he fired. Instead of like Bob that's that's that's his responsibility really is that what -- head coach is supposed to be an earthquake. And it goes right property organization I'm David -- it would go in there and repent -- -- -- poll and -- it. No it's not a whole Mike outnumbered -- -- in the in the blue Angel. Watching over the shoulder that coordinator here it's gonna want that's. What -- LA and maybe -- going to be some of that. 8030550. To join us Jerry Sullivan -- -- 888552. -- fifty I have won't let me get a -- is selling that I wanna talk you getting back your hole you think it's going to be a close game. I do want to ask you what you think is going to happen when the bills offense lines up against JJ watt and the Texans defense. -- -- on WG -- Jerry Sullivan go right ahead. Warren gentlemen. To report prepared to kill and they are mean Houston -- -- -- -- friendly so. Who would like you -- look at you want to but would meet. You know what annoys you most about this team in the franchise there's no accountability. Within the last time they cut somebody. I'm not doing their job Brian Norman. Ryan -- yeah that's that's right. Felt that that would -- that that's all yet to say about this team that's that's the thing will metres north probability personal commitment to excellence. Like every come -- about the billion electric about. To meet Greg what's the name John Vittorio. Actually got to always come into an epic about this team and I expect ridiculous. Was the commitment to excellence with accountability. More -- have been -- weeks ago. I think yeah I think it's an issue with coaching quite honestly I don't know how many teams. Cut players during the course of the season because they still have to fill that roster spot they still have an answer there but. You know the Eagles fired their guy and who knows the charges may fire. That they Eagles by the defense according to the charges they fired their head coach so what do cut if you're asking about accountability that you're pretty much talking about in season coaching changes. What -- bringing guys back David bring back Merriman because literally nobody's gonna get that -- right -- me talk about accountability. The general manager there who who's holding him accountable for -- -- he's done. The golf balls and those people probably think -- and a job. Me again people are getting fired and called out I mean in Cincinnati. Coach just called up quarterback and linebacker that's a -- spoke about elsewhere. Garrett played well written you know not be too hard one. -- JJ watt. What do you think six sacks on Sunday. We don't have a couple. Not against Chris Hairston. Actually worry more about you know deflected passes and colonel Chris I think they need to look in and -- You know it's a little bit it's a court Wednesday. We have taken a move that morale -- and do more things on the move we've got a mobile quarterback and better and they don't really. Into planned for that very often but it's can be big news flags. Roll roll away from -- and I would certainly run allowed the way of -- -- ran away from Merrill. And it got -- running back so it just kind of the other look you're a game plan hosted the attitude being sent culture. But you know put together a plan that kind of strides neutralize him good -- door to it but. You'll understand there and throw and have him back at -- and -- the intercepted. -- really got they've got some people would have got a pretty mobile line early in the year. Well not according Blanton will be treated and what we're pull out total effort Spiller everybody would just love the neck and -- linemen were running. Run and left -- let's -- a little bit. So our athletic ability with this offense and try to out -- there and of course when you're. Now and then just run straight Adam. -- game -- -- -- -- -- Jackson this in the column yesterday. You got to go out and acquire one of the better running games analytic. Going -- show you think you can you can play with them so if I'm kind of -- These -- all these global peace match up but -- the maps to mix it up and get him on the heel print you know they're they're not that they're not but 74. Pittsburgh Steelers their weaknesses. That this offense. Is book which we thought it was anything -- looked out and control at least thirty minutes of the clock did some running. Nixon playbook to let and it can be in the game that's not too much to ask if the paper but it just destroyed. Well you are there are one of the things you mentioned Jerry. Given the Fred. Up the middle I'd like to go to CJ every time can we negotiate that in anyway or is that dollar question. Because he leads the league in yards for carry it's not on ten carries -- he's done this he's significantly. Leading the league in yards per carry he's averaging four point seven after work contact. That's a good yards per carry to begin -- it. After the first person touches him he averages four point seven. So. Like I I would -- -- they are banging our heads against walls people tell me he can't handle the load. He can't run it between the tackles yet is best numbers are between the tackles. So I meanwhile the city or keep saying give all the seeded 25 times give organs Sega with the -- that are or do something different because. This team could win a lot more games that they just gave the ball CJ -- more often. We'll find out -- that won many games of them. You know the marquee guys in the -- marquis jet but I would love to see him carry the ball twenty times against their real defense. On the road in the and that's succeed I'm I'm not sure that that'll happen I still think they hit two good running backs they can use them altogether. The way they did. It against Tennessee. Against Tennessee -- Spiller gets more carries they might not only be up by six. But why. Why why are we stuck on this why why did any I know that they need to because Spiller might need a break why are we stuck on Fred Jackson. Spiller has been the better running back the entire season. So like this I don't wait till I know all I know that Fred had a good game against Tennessee and I know that he's important. But just because he averages you know six per carry and game. I should think Spiller would average Maurice mastery makes guys miss he's better. He's better and every time you give it to Jackson you're signing up for in theory potentially not as good of Iran. Select I want the better running back to get the ball more he's not getting enough. I'm I'm open for the better. Is there room and and pass protector and I'm a part argue though its ability yards per carry people around the league must be looking and that's when you're. -- key players do and why aren't around anymore that's the point -- they make a decision at some point maybe that columnist comment. You know I I still believe in -- and the ball every down back. But you can't deny that you -- a great weapon there at some point this. You know happening happening this just doesn't work it's it's not enough time for. I do think though I in the short term they can still. If they wanna get afforded such as between good luck this week. But that that's stories is gonna is about I have to agree that you. The guy can average and -- Carrie at the very little precedent as to wait for not -- -- guy. All more about -- when JJ watt come in and blows up seed Jana on a pass play. And -- and forced a fumble. Get back in and out of that still want her to be -- guy. In Tibet and the actual play. And Jackson have more fumbles and CJ this year. Arnold like not about why are we talking about these myths. Why is CJ gonna get blown up in fumble by -- Fred's not. And -- has had a big important aspect recorded on pass protection on tracing the Fitzpatrick in a fumble. OK don't Spiller didn't -- pick up a blitz nicely on a touchdown they scored in what Arizona. And Tennessee. I haven't got much better at Expos got much better at picking up and if we're talking pass protection and find Fred Jackson can be in -- pass protection but. Man I'm looking at the -- though the leading rushers in the league Spiller is thirteenth in the league in rushing he has half the carries on Adrian Peterson. And he's behind him by 250 yards. Half the carries. 72 carries for Spiller 151. For Peterson. I look -- that they that they've announced. Next week that he gave the number one -- I wouldn't object was put it that way. There are things that I like better about Fred but this does speak and it -- just in general. Lack of you know firm decision maker invited by the people like who who else well there -- -- -- that you used to backs but I have met a guy averaging seven yards to carry. But the and then there's that. Happens. You're not number on -- I think so too and I and again or if he -- they did get to CJ you know twenty times this week -- didn't break out that doesn't mean he goes to the back on its employees have a look at and say this -- our best guys. And I think that that we've reached that point the Spiller is the better running back the bills may be sitting on the best running back in the NFL but you talk about indecision guys stop me if I'm wrong but in the story that Fred and CJ went to the coaches and said at least let the scotus hear that shouldn't happen right that's like right we're seeing a dramatic decision even decide. I just have wrote. We're gonna go to series for Fred users -- Where's the coach where's the strong coach to say it's our guys both discussed what we're instead it's like you guys work it out yourself. You know we believe multi -- let us know what you decide like that. I don't know what's good story and all that is that comes across as weak to me. -- column -- selling. And it's going to be account at some point and mobile Q what happens moved forward I don't know. Which of them as healthier they've they look pretty popular game Wright -- -- yeah probably and -- -- Mario knows what -- what's true about Andrew Morton you know -- I laughed when I hear some -- talk about Mario I'm not I'm gonna -- away from my belief that he. He hasn't been that badly hurt and had to think that a little proceeded to make a huge difference this -- people will. Army think he just happy that you know he had this surgery in the sort of validate the fact that injuries the main reason for it or like. -- think within that -- there -- a lot of voters look -- conference final are you kidding me. So lot of lot of story out there and I'm yet inevitable plan calls -- -- McCain would not be something. Well a lot of much better football Monday that I'm planning on at this point will that really important under mourner and aunt. -- -- right to skip the old article about what -- -- game day column in the news and we will I thought all folly on Twitter animal doctor on Monday. Are beyond that I could happen -- leave at 5 o'clock okay thanks I'll have a safe trip but it.

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