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11/2 Buddy Nix plans for franchise QB

Nov 2, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Those gym buddy next joins us here on WTO but it's -- Jeremy good morning Dario good morning gas are you good good thanks as always for your time. But older big picture first night three and four you come out of the body getting ready for essentially it's nine games -- the second half of the season itself. Big picture let's start with what you -- and they'll get to what you didn't like through the first seven games what do you like about your team right now other than -- obvious you don't like the record let's talk about what you like so far. You know I think are optimistic start get in that entity in. And come together I think we I think we -- continued to improve offensively. I think one of the surprises or maybe not a surprise room that are special to dangerous play and did. The disappointment. Parliaments but Carlos even though Kyle Williams. Sandy. Right he said -- we get all excited about hat looks on paper which is. True without love it -- though Arab -- needed as long as I am and try not to do that he steeler influenced by. They gash you did it looks like you've got over there in Iraq and not think. That party has been disappointing for not just me but everybody and you know you dish -- term 18 am by a knee jerk reaction you -- You -- you know it's not -- you eat or fiction carburetor or in the current -- did he got a lot of things it. Are involved in. We just got to stay the course in and get better at what would do. Dave wants that was solid Murphy last night but he talked about you know -- you take the bye we can you basically self scout and they evaluated everything personnel schemes they have the right players playing that they have the wrong players playing. What have what has been identified at this point and terms of the biggest problems on the defensive side of the ball that can be corrected. And season. You wouldn't believe the number of steps that we got from his back a week or Maine it's. Every gap that he gave up a pass thirteen yards every gap that gave up but touch down. They were gathered at that mr. Sam and I missed tackle. Have many times C on first down second barrel what you do arming its. It's been well covered him in what it boils down to in the -- -- on -- ahead. From the start it's it's not more and yes. It's this guy this famine and then now -- -- next and it's consistency in. I know that doesn't answer anybody's questions but it's just not that simple good teaching site we get this guy out here will be. You know we'll begin we data again Amal -- and matter. -- well leg I guess but the question fans listening to this and and it and the same thing I listen to the interview that Dave had last -- -- Murphy I guess the question is. Is it it's you say consistency. Is it consistency because the personnel isn't good enough to be consistent or is it BR is -- some other reason. Well you know why there's no way I believe that they are not good enough to play. Good initially yeah I mean you look at individual gassed. And then you know -- everybody got. When he when he onsite -- look at these guys and say well he's not doing that he's not done about it at ten. And with their history. When we put him over there. These gas. You know they they benefit. They played and everywhere they may and then an all. Young gas. Played a really great college teams and play good so. It's a matter of getting -- mountain together but you probably very good enough and and I fully expect just to get. Better. -- -- let's talk about Mario Williams first off he gets the procedure he's practicing this week chance that he's got offered 90% chance of playing on Sunday. As far as you can tell. You know do you think. Does -- -- different does he seems to be mentally and is he mentally and physically in a better place than it was before the procedure in your opinion yes. You know and I got to go by what he feels and but I think he is in in the big thing is. You know what do well -- with the treatment to it was taken place. 01. Was. And the right treatment in and it was getting through and out but he had discomfort in it was hard foreign debt. And he said this -- dozen times I think it was hard formed Italy after. And with him he's a power again. Any any couldn't lay off so we be worried about that. He couldn't use his left arm Iraqi won't activities play in one armed Saddam. And all those things affected and and rightfully so -- he knows. If it's carton and then in the face discomfort in. This is that it's been relieved a lot of Evan I'm -- feel better about it not thank you like. Let me that it -- again -- that's conversation -- -- last night buddy he brought up. What you just talked nobody says essentially in in his words Mario is playing with one -- since the Detroit game when he suffered the injury. Right if that was the case why was there any consideration to have the procedure earlier in the season rather than drive like -- -- to the -- You know I think that some evaluated every day in the you know the treatment. In the end and our doctors. You know -- bankers. Is goodies you can name. And and I train and -- medical staff. You know they evaluate dead every day they're in and meg -- consult with -- specialist and I think column doubt that this would. They did with the treatment and with a brace in the cast. That this would packs and and obviously whether. Trash in there whatever was it didn't and so -- red -- in hopefully this will move forward and the right time to do it was when we did. -- about week. But in -- your calls coming up at a nominate a 30550. Again going back the last nice conversation it's a defensive line friendly defense and he said. Was that said -- our bread and butter is the front four will live and die with the front -- is how he put it but. So we talked a lot about Mario Williams we know Mark Anderson is hurt he's out for this game. Can you talk about -- targets because I I think I delighted a lot of people had expectations at a very good rookie year that. He would just explode this defense NBA dominating individual and he has not been that player to this point can you evaluate his season at this point. Yeah I you know I think I can't if he started out the first two games of the year. He he really polite way he was he was dominate meant Tim McGee and win and I'm certainly not making any excuses form Betty said two or three weeks where he's been mediocre and he's. He needs to play better just liked that -- in the old days they all need to play better -- My -- Marcel -- you know I've been on the road that I understand Marseilles and his best week in. He's -- he's an excellent player and then you know he'll he'll come right. Do you think. In year two is she won those young guys that you know still learning. What it takes the play on a regular basis the NFL the level of play the intensity all that stuff on a play to play snap to snap basis. You know -- he's -- you know you talked about a sophomore jinx and that kind of thing where it's arm. And these guys are used to playing the laboratory of games and now they're winning games and it -- it is a big difference smut. I think it's more. That you learn how to be a pro. And I'm saying this about you know mentioned more young. That you learn how to prepare you learn how to give Q you first in a trying -- me guilty treatment -- You stay actor you do the extra things this year live it -- it. Mania -- BG fans so. As just like your job do you prepare for it before you start in his state -- prepare we all day and and that's what that's what professionals got to do they may have to. Sometimes -- learning curve for. But in exodus 80305 if you get a couple calls that I wanna get back to Chris Kelsey is comments to from from last week about effort on on defense and get your thoughts on that too. Richard your college buddy here on WG jogger right ahead. I'm Betty thank you for taking my call. What I want toggle this morning that obviously you know that many bills fans have been quite frustrating for awhile now we haven't had a playoff team and well over a decade. I'm yourself as -- change yelling let's brand. All came out at the beginning -- year thing this is that this is here to pick the next step to make the playoffs. You know ultimately we can't seem that the team has regressed. Chan -- records what twelve and 272. With and that its third year right now Welch and be retained at the end of the year we cannot make the playoffs. Richard do you you bring him up a few things and I've heard before I'll say that. I didn't hear any thing and had actually to me and him and there's no way that. That we're looking for a neat thing -- yet we are looking for improvement of art team and we get to right people to get a man. And then and I'll go back to one thing. I never told you you said passes it we'd be in the play I never said. I said we had my goal for us to take that next step up. And be competitive. Throughout the year and if we mean it into the year. Then we've taken the next step now whether we like to play -- but managed to make sane and I know you guys then through. Twelve years or whatever it is and you frustrated mad at -- Listen. The big thing is he that you don't all start over. If you start over you go and get toward a more. So that's not where we it. But he didn't and then again I and maybe this ties into the first question about the big picture where you're at three and four bigger picture I guess going back this point how I use. Have you taken a step forward -- be taken a step back or you're exactly in the same spot where you were last year. Well you know I think. Is it that in some areas. Won't we have not taken a step forward that we don't -- -- we have ten. And you know I think sometimes it you know we expect when we. When you go out and you -- about a gas in free agency and that kind of thing is don't nobody. -- Execs say yes and gratification. That you normally don't work that way you look back over history and I said that came here that that's not. They answer the answer -- drafting good young -- And keep on playing and they keep getting better. But again I'll say. Among re emphasize what I said before war. He -- stay in the course and not start him over and that's what the meals are done. In the highest in. And rightfully so to try to. -- jazz a fan base in that campaign to start over and start. A different you got a different scheme -- do indifference scouting I mean it's amazing that. How big a step back at the scene and I got I got no interest in it. Industrial 550 to join us -- your college buddy -- your WG are right ahead. Good morning thanks for taking my question I mean to get out -- -- were quick listen up here. How many times body or we can see the bills and Burton won and third and two and they pass the ball very seldom do you ever see this team -- when it's third and short. About imposing the well. Thank -- Well you know that's where we want to get to and then. You know obviously did a defensive scheme has a lot to do it there. You know I think GM is yeah I offensively is one of his good demands -- areas in the game. He he's he's done it well offensively. We have been better. I guess in the last two or three years and it worked for the three or four before I don't know what steps are but we moved to -- wins. -- as it probably widen. Quite good enough in some spots. So. I think he's. That play Colin Powell's second yes play countless. You know DM that if you white laughter they run the play. -- -- movie a 100% every time I got to college before. Are more we don't -- -- to prop. But they wanna get your your thoughts your talk about starting over and how that they can such a vacuum a team in your own division in Miami that is just gone through that and Indianapolis as well these are two teams that you know you're gonna be competing with for a playoff spot they. May appear to have started over very recently as recently as this year and and -- very fast track. I just wanted to thoughts on internal teams that do start over and get out fast track. Well it can happen you've got to get you know you gotta get to Wright makes I guess it has happened and normally over the long -- It it doesn't happen and what's so astute team records right now for an throwing thing. Warrants for 313. Hour whose oratory or bogeys -- -- they're both these points they're both foreign three OK so he's -- when games are. I don't know that you could. Qualify that is. Success for the season I didn't think they get good young players. In their build and own -- and so let him but he yen. -- man games left in the air Raddatz 500 so. -- -- -- One of the things might be said about them is they both have good young quarterbacks have a guy in seven games and we'll see where they end up going right. But. When talking about starting over in and going. Moot whether it's starting overnight do you view a new quarterback as starting over or is it there are re just talking coaching Milliken you keep your coach in place and get caught a new quarterback is that starting over in your eyes you know. No it's not enact an -- -- less. We've said. I have I guess from day one and did we wounded draft a good young quarterback -- -- Lula. I don't wanna leave here without our franchise gad for the future in place and I'm never said that before but. I'm saying it now because it's a fact our movement and -- we've been we had so many needs that we would -- to give up. The draft sources Washington gave up. It take to get to -- the same time with Carol and I knowledge Carolina data about losing it. So it's. It's a NATO here word that that is got to follow and a place portion. And hopefully -- But he -- this year the bills GM buddy good luck on Sunday we'll talk again next Friday. Always a pleasure guys thanks buddy.

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